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Blonde dressed in Asian masturbating
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"You are up shit creek, David. And I don't mean without a paddle. I mean without a canoe." Mike had been David's accountant for years and was extremely concerned for his friend. As they studied the numbers from David's car audio business, all the trends were down. "Its the fucking Internet. All these low margin fly-by-nighters. And new cars come out with such good hi-fi systems that the owners don't need to upgrade them." Mike looked at his friend and was even more worried.

The David he had known two years ago wouldn't have complained about his problems, he would have done something about them. David's appearance also concerned him. He had put on a lot of weight, his clothes were old and increasingly disheveled. Mike knew that David lived by himself in a rundown room above his car audio business. He had stopped inviting David for meals after his wife complained that he was half drunk when he arrived. "David, we've got to get your sales on the up.

I know a marketing consultant who would do a great job." "Mike, you know I can't afford the fees those people will hit me for." Mike nodded. "There is an alternative. The graduate students in marketing have to put in six months practical experience part-time. I know the college is looking for positions for students right now." David and Mike interviewed three applicants.

The first was a confident young man who took one look around David's premises and said that he was looking for a position with a multi-national. The second was another young man who sent and received text messages throughout the interview.

The third was Gabrielle. After the first two interviews David wasn't confident. Gabrielle was tall with orange-red hair tied in a tight unflattering bun. She had a gaunt look. She was thin and gawky, had prominent cheekbones and large green eyes which were accentuated by her white skin.

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She wore an ankle length loose dress. It seemed to David that she was all skin and bones with no figure at all. Gabrielle was extremely nervous and didn't smile during the interview. Her lips were tight and narrow. At times she looked almost haunted.

She spoke in a very measured, restrained way. "It'll have to be Gabrielle," said Mike afterwards. "She likes music, she's bright and is recommended by her professor." "Mike, she's so nervous she can hardly talk. And what the hell can a kid like that teach me about this business?" Mike was fed-up with David's negativity. "Someone's going to have to teach you about this business. And Gabrielle is the only one you can afford." Mike's irritation was aroused.

"And lay off the booze David.

It's fucking killing you." David didn't know what a marketing student would do, but gave her a desk and computer in his office. Each had politely said good morning to each other and David had shown Gabrielle his very basic facilities.

Gabrielle wore a another long, loose skirt and a shapeless jersey. He did notice two slim ankles. Gabrielle settled down to work at her computer. Her golden-red hair was drawn into an untidy bun so tightly that her hair seemed more like a skull cap. She asked David about his computer file structures. He started to go into a detailed description but quickly she interrupted.

"I can see how it works," she said and turned her back to him. He noticed how she tried to avoid looking him in the face. David was busy tidying his showroom. When Gabrielle arrived he had been embarrassed at how untidy everything was.

When he returned to the office, Gabrielle was gone. "What the hell has she done for all that money I'll be paying her?" wondered David. Later in the afternoon Gabrielle's professor came to David's workshop. "I just wanted to talk a bit about Gabrielle. "Gabrielle is one of the best students I have taught for years. She will be a great asset for your business.

"But David," the professor looked at him sadly. "Gabrielle is a troubled young lady. It's none of my business, nor any of yours, to know what has happened to her. Just please understand that she is very fragile." "Holy hell," thought David. "Two emotional cripples in the same place. And it has to be my place." GABRIELLE'S STORY Gabrielle couldn't remember her father. He had left the marriage when she was two and had soon remarried and moved to the other side of the country.

Her mother was a withdrawn woman, who always seemed to feel she was suffering life's worst misfortunes and blamed other people for it, usually Gabrielle. She had a constantly harassed expression which made Gabrielle feel guilty, as though her mother's unhappiness was her fault. Her mother reinforced this, often moaning at her, saying that Gabrielle should do more to help, how she should understand how difficult her life was.

Gabrielle had a lonely childhood. Her mother's miserable demeanour meant that other children didn't like to come to her house. Whenever Gabrielle said she wanted to visit friends, her mother said she didn't approve. When Gabrielle was 12 her mother gave her some very explicit sex advice. She showed Gabrielle a life sized picture of an erect penis.

"This what every man will want to stick inside you Gabrielle. However nice you might think he is, whatever he says, rest assured. All he wants to you is stick his disgusting thing inside you. Then dump you when he's had his way. Just like your father did to me." Gabrielle was horrified by the picture. The vein covered lump of flesh revolted her.

She agreed willingly to her mother's demands that she did not go out with boys, let alone be touched by one. But in her last year at school a change occurred.

Gabrielle's girl friends were interested in boys. When Gabrielle met them in a group at cafes she enjoyed the company. She started to mistrust her mother. These boys were so nice, good fun and polite. She went to the movies with a group, telling her mother it was just with girls.

Her best friend was Maxie a a vivacious girl who always wore shorter skirts than the others. Maxie was in a steady relationship with Bob and Gabrielle felt envious when she saw them holding hands.

She was surprised when Maxie told her how she had been on holiday with with Bob's family, how she and Bob shared a bedroom with Bob's parents' encouragement and how Bob had "done his best to fuck my ass off for two weeks." "Gay, it was so great," breathed Maxie. "I had orgasms every day." "Didn't Bob's parents mind?" "God no. From the groans coming from their bedroom his mother must have come as many times as I did." Gabrielle pondered. It all seemed so different to what her mother had told her.

And Bob's parents had encouraged it. "Gay, we've got to get you a boyfriend. You know Brad thinks you are really hot, don't you?" Brad was in the school football team and drop-dead goodlooking. He was always talking and laughing at the cafe and all the girls seemed to like him. "Really?" said Gabrielle. "He does, he's crazy about you.

Let's go to the movies on Saturday, just the four of us." Gabrielle had a moment's indecision. But all her girlfriends had boyfriends. And most had said how they wished they could go out with Brad.

"Gay, just unwind. Forget all what your frigid mother has told you. Get a life." Maxie had found Gabrielle's weak spot. Her mother. All her life her mother had stopped her from having fun. She agreed.

"Now don't give it to him on the first night. We don't want it to get around that you are an easy lay." Gabrielle was shocked. Surely she wasn't expected to have sex. It was a good movie and all four enjoyed it. Brad was good company and Gabrielle didn't mind when he held her hand. Afterwards, he dropped her home. He kissed her in the car outside and Gabrielle panicked.

All her mother's words came back. She remained motionless as Brad kissed and put his hand on her breast. But before she could react Brad stopped. "It's been great Gay. Let's do it again." "Maxie, he put his hand on my tits!" exclaimed Gabrielle the next day.

"Lucky you. Half the girls in our class would do anything for Brad to touch their tits and everywhere else. What's the matter Gay, you two seemed to get along just fine?" "He's nice. But I'm scared about the sex." Maxie put her hands on Gabrielle's shoulders and looked her steadily in the eye.

"Gay, all your life your mother has repressed you. You haven't enjoyed life at all. Do your own thing. Sex is so great. Just do it. Give your cherry to the best looking guy in the football team." After the movie Brad drove to a deserted park.

He kissed her. Again, Gabrielle didn't relax, but she didn't resist. Brad leaned over and kissed her some more and his hand moved to her breasts. Gabrielle felt a mixture of fear and resolution. She must break away from her mother. Nervously she passed Brad some condoms. Brad couldn't believe his luck.

He had noticed how she hadn't responded and thought that night would result in him jacking off when he got home. Gabrielle lost her virginity in the back seat. She still didn't respond but let Brad do whatever he wanted. Brad was puzzled but as Gabrielle didn't seem to mind when he took off her panties he rolled on the condom. It was painful for Gabrielle.

She wasn't lubricating and the condom was harsh against her vagina, she had cramp from the awkward position. And when her hymen was broken she gave a gasp of pain. Brad mistook this for passion and pounded away until he came in half a minute. "Of course it hurts a bit the first time," explained Maxie.

But the next two times were no better. All her mother's talks about men were in Gabrielle's mind as Brad thrust painfully into her non-lubricating vagina. He didn't bother about foreplay as Gabrielle didn't seem interested. After the third time he didn't call for a week. Gabrielle plucked up all her courage and called him. "Gay, it's been great but it's time to move on." "But I've given you all you wanted." "Honey, you're frigid." It was even worse when she next went to the cafe and saw Brad holding hands with another girl.

Gabrielle felt everyone was staring at her. She never went to the cafe again and always went straight home for the rest of her school days. Her confidence was shattered.

She knew that boys were saying she was an easy lay. Her first year at college continued her lonely life. Her mother praised her for not going out with boys but continuously criticized her for just about everything else. Gabrielle concentrated on her studies and became an A student. At the start of her second year Gabrielle met Jamie. In many ways he was similar to her. Shy, a bookworm and with few friends. They met at the college library and spent most evenings studying at the same table and not saying much.

Sometimes they went to the student cafe together and talked. After a month Jamie tried to hold Gabrielle's hand and she didn't mind. After another two weeks he kissed her on the lips when he dropped her home. Gabrielle found his softness nicer than Brad's. It seemed quite pleasant but she wasn't really excited. She didn't really like or dislike Jamie, he was just some company for her.

Two weeks later Jamie progressed to stroking her blouse over her breasts. Afterwards she reflected that it did feel quite nice. Her problem was that she didn't feel that Jamie was the right boy to do it with. But loneliness and curiosity kept her with him. "Above the waist only," she resolved. The twin memories of her mother's picture of a penis and the pain from Brad were firmly fixed in her mind. At Jamie's flat next time he was surprised and pleased when Gabrielle let him put his hand inside her top and undo her bra.

Gabrielle felt his inexpert hands on her nipples and wondered what the big deal was. So she relaxed and felt her body enjoy it more and returned Jamie's kisses.

His hand moved to the top of her jeans but she immediately put her hand on top. "No please Jamie, not there." She pushed his hand back to her breast. "Whatever you say Gay." They returned to kissing and fondling.

Later Gabrielle thought some more. "It was really quite nice. What a pity it's with Jamie. He's OK to study with but he is so boring. Still, at least he stopped when I asked him to." But she decided that was the finish with Jamie. But Jamie told her that they had been invited to a party being held by a member of his basketball team. Gabrielle relented. She could see how important it was for him and he hadn't done anything wrong.

And it would be nice to mix with other people a bit more. The front room was filled with young people all having fun. Both Jamie and Gabrielle felt a bit intimidated at first, but Jamie's teammates were pleased to see him come and made an effort to help them feel at home.

Some of their girlfriends came to talk to Gabrielle and she started to enjoy herself. Someone passed her an orange drink. It was nice but seemed to have a slightly different taste. "That's vodka you can taste," said a girl who saw her looking at the glass. Apart from an occasional glass of wine with her mother she had never drunk alcohol before.

She hesitated then sipped some more. "It's quite nice and everyone else seems to be drinking. One glass won't hurt," she thought. She enjoyed herself more and more with her new friends. Jamie was more relaxed and confident than she had seen him and was laughing a lot with his friends.

When he came to talk to her she found herself liking him more. "Another vodka and orange, Gay?" She held out her empty glass without thinking. The music was turned up louder and the laughter and voices became louder. Gabrielle and Jamie started dancing. The room was crowded and they danced close together and their bodies sometimes touched. Gabrielle was carried away by the atmosphere and the next time their bodies touched she spontaneously put her arms around him and kissed him.

Jamie's arms came around her waist and pulled her hips into his. Gabrielle's glass was filled again but she started to feel giddy.

She clung to Jamie for support. She giggled into his ear. "Jamie, I think I've drunk too much, I'm feeling dizzy." "You had better lie down for a bit." They left the main room and walked down a hall. Jamie guided Gabrielle into a bedroom. Gratefully Gabrielle collapsed onto the bed. Jamie closed the door and joined her on the bed. When he put his arms around her she returned his hug and kissed him without hesitation. The vodka she had drunk had taken away her inhibitions and she helped Jamie take off her tank top and bra.

Now his touch seemed so much more exciting and when he pushed his hips into hers Gabrielle thrust in return and kissed him more urgently. Jamie's hand moved to her buttocks and squeezed. Gabrielle pushed her hips in harder and Jamie's hand moved down then came up her skirt and inside her panties and squeezed her ass again. Gabrielle's mind was hazy but she felt a thrill with his hand on her skin.

Without thinking she lifted her bum to help him remove her knickers. She held him tighter and kissed him more. Gabrielle felt Jamie wriggle but in her drunken state wasn't aware of what was happening.

Until she looked down. There was his erect penis. Exactly like her mother's picture. Huge, vein covered and with a purple knob. It was revolting. Memories of what happened with Brad flooded into her mind. "No Jamie, I don't want to." But the sight of Gabrielle's naked breasts and pussy, the long arousal and his own heavy drinking were too much for Jamie.

He pushed himself forward. "No, Jamie, please no." Jamie's face contorted in anger. He couldn't take being denied what he had worked for so long. He tried to push Gabrielle's legs apart.

Gabrielle made one last effort. "No Jamie. I can't. I truly can't. Please no. Please, please please no" She held her legs together. Jamie's slap on her cheek hit her like a thunderbolt. First the pain, then the humiliation that a man would do this to her. The fight went out of Gabrielle. She didn't resist when Jamie forced himself between her legs. She gave an ugly grunt as his cock thrust into her. She lay totally immobile as Jamie pounded into her body.

She closed her eyes and remembered her mother's advice. "Just lie back and wait until he has finished." Gabrielle was vaguely aware of Jamie's grunt and shudder. She lay on the bed, tears trickling from her eyes.

Jamie felt a mixture of triumph and guilt as he looked down at her. He solved his guilt by blaming her. "Do you know your problem is Gabrielle? Your problem is that you are frigid." He pulled up his trousers and left the room. Gabrielle lay on the bed and sobbed for ten minutes, then she dressed.

She walked home, tears streaming down her cheeks. Tears from the pain, tears from the humiliation. But most of all, tears from her loneliness. Six weeks later Gabrielle discovered that she was pregnant. The only person she could turn to was her mother who quickly organized an abortion. "You little whore, you got exactly what you deserved," said her mother after she had forced Gabrielle to tell her everything.

"And don't bother going to the police. You stripped like a whore looking for a buck for a fix. The cops won't bother about a whore." Gabrielle couldn't stand her mother's incessant and strident abuse. She rented a room from an aged widow who was deaf. They couldn't talk which suited Gabrielle perfectly. Apart from her studies she lived the life of a recluse. A year later Gabrielle came to David's office.

DAVID'S STORY David's first two years of marriage to Lucy were bliss. They were hopelessly in love and their sex was uninhibited and frequent. The change was gradual. Lucy was a property lawyer, extremely successful and motivated.

She was soon offered a partnership and developed a wealthy client base and her income grew rapidly. David had 40% ownership of a car audio business. His partner died suddenly and he realized he had to buy out the other 60%. He was already in debt from the 40% and could only get finance on expensive terms. He and Lucy had an agreement that they shared joint expenses but each kept the rest of their income for themselves.

They had bought a rundown old house in a top suburb and much of David's spare time and spare cash went into it. After their daughter was born Lucy decided to hire a full-time nanny so that she could return to work. Her career and income continued to flourish. Interest rates went up and that together with the house and nanny costs put David into a cash bind.

When their daughter went to school Lucy insisted on an expensive private establishment. Her tastes had changed. She now only drank expensive wines and chose upmarket restaurants. Instead of camping at local beaches for their holidays, she her taste now turned to international resorts. Her clients were high-flying property developers and banks. Her beauty and her sharp legal brain made her sought after.

They started to have quarrels about money. Lucy often worked late and became "too tired" for sex. After eight years she had her first affair when she was away at a legal conference. It was an exciting fling but on the flight back she was filled with guilt. She didn't tell David but made a real effort for the marriage. But the difficulties didn't go away. David found Lucy's new high-flying acquaintances boring. Lucy felt she had "outgrown" their friends from early days.

She bought a new BMW and David kept his 6 year old Toyota. She devoted herself even more to her career and frequently travelled out of town on business.

Her next affair lasted longer. It was easy to say she was on a business trip when when she was staying with her new lover. David spent lonely evenings and after their daughter had gone to bed, started to develop a relationship with the whisky bottle. He learned of Lucy's affair when a friend had told him he had seen her in town when she had told him she was at a conference in the tropics.

Lucy cried and promised she only loved David. He still adored her and unwisely stayed. But their sex was never the same. Everytime they made love and Lucy said how much she loved his cock, David wondered if she had said the same to the other man.

Lucy was racked by guilt, but also in her heart didn't find the sex nearly as exciting as on her illicit flings. Her time away from home resumed and so did David's affair with the bottle. His business started to go downhill.

Unwisely he borrowed more money at even more expensive rates. His monthly repayments were crippling and he told Lucy he couldn't afford more money on the house or to go overseas on holiday. Lucy made a conscious decision. She stayed with David because he was a good father for their daughter. But she spent more time at work and having affairs. David was suspicious He tried phoning her at a conference she said she was going to.

She hadn't even registered. He packed his belongings and moved into a dingy room above his car audio business. He was heartbroken and lonely. His only friend was the bottle. He put on weight, took less care about his appearance and less care about his business. Any doctor would have diagnosed him as depressed, but he didn't go to a doctor. BACK TO THE PRESENT Gabrielle arrived on time for work each day. She wore different clothes but each with the same theme of concealing all her body from her throat to her wrists and to her ankles.

As the days progressed she continued to avoid David's attempts to be friendly. They spoke very little as Gabrielle spent most of her time on her computer or studying records. She did ask David some questions and he noticed that when talked about business she became quite confident. But when David attempted some social chat, asking her about college life, the nervousness returned, she couldn't look him in the eye and would turn away to her computer.

David became impressed with the intelligence of her questions and how quickly she had understood the technicalities of his business. After a week felt he should try to see how she was progressing.

"Can you you show me where you've got to so far please Gabrielle." "The report will be ready next week." She frowned at him and turned her back as she returned to her computer. David was starting to feel irritated by her lack of social graces. Did he need someone who was costing him this money and couldn't make an effort to be polite? "This report had better be good or I'll sack the kid," he thought.

In the evening he pondered. For some reason he felt confident and optimistic for the first time in years. He went to the fridge and got a bottle of wine. Then he hesitated when he took the first sip and poured it down the sink.He walked to his mirror, took off his shirt and studied himself.

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His fat paunch and bloated face. "10 kilos overweight. You fat slob." He went for a two hour walk. The next week Gabrielle handed him a thick folder. David sighed inwardly. "Surely this kid doesn't expect me to wade through all this theoretical clap-trap." He looked at the cover for a moment then turned to some other work. "Thank you Gabrielle, I'll look at this when I can find the time." Then he looked at her face and felt guilty.

She was so nervous, seeming to be pleading for some recognition. "You really have worked hard to produce all this." He was rewarded with her first open smile. As soon as she was gone David picked up the folder to study it. He quickly became engrossed. A lot of her suggestions were plans he had thought of, which she had acknowledged.

Why hadn't he put them into action? The next morning he asked Gabrielle to sit opposite him at the table away from her computer. He needed to talk and didn't want her to have her computer to escape to. "Thanks Gabrielle.

It's a tremendous effort." Gabrielle looked painfully embarrassed. "I've sent an email to your professor saying how pleased I am. Here's a copy." Gabrielle read the paper and looked even more embarrassed. "Now I need to go through some details. Where did you get this figure for website development costs?" Initially Gabrielle was defensive, thinking that David was criticizing her.

But she realized that all he wanted was information and explanations and soon talked freely. She didn't mind when he pointed out some minor errors. "I can be so dumb," she said. "I don't think that's true at all Gabrielle," said David. He was rewarded with the second smile he had seen from her in a week. David stood up. "OK young lady. Let's do it." He held out his hand. Gabrielle shook his hand. "Let's do it." David noticed that although she hadn't minded shaking his hand initially she seemed to recoil after a second.

In her bedroom that night Gabrielle thought things over. Her first impressions of working for David was that the place was an untidy dump and that he was overweight. When she saw his shaking hands and bloodshot eyes each morning she realized he had a drink problem. She had thought of leaving but there was no other assignment for her.

However the more she worked, the more she appreciated him. He was always polite, had an engaging sense of humor and she has never felt threatened physically. As she went through his records she had seen that this had been a good business but had run down. She read David's plans and saw a bright business mind. "What's caused all this change?

Why didn't he do the things he had planned? Must be the booze." She never considered him in a sexual way. He was 20 years older and fat. But she had enjoyed his praise for her report. After a lifetime of her mother finding fault she wasn't used to this. That handshake? Was he trying something on? Of course not, it was just a business agreement. The first stage of Gabrielle's plan was to auction David's old inventory on the internet.

David saw the logic; this stuff had been hanging around, unsold, for years. But he doubted they would even get a bid. The next stage was to target the youth market.

The young men who had old cars and wasted a fortune doing them up. David had an audio room designed for up-market customers with a leather couch and polished wood furniture. David and Gabrielle drew up plans for an empty stock room to convert it to an audio room for the boyracers.

He worked hard on it in the evenings without his drinking to distract him. He also found that without being hung over in the mornings he was able to clear up his admin work in a couple of hours.

Not the six hours it usually took. Their conversation when they were discussing business was relaxed and open. However David noticed that whenever he asked Gabrielle anything about her life away from work, that haunted expression returned and the conversation stopped. "You're going to need another salesman once the advertising kicks int?" said Gabrielle. "You're looking at him. This may surprise you young lady, but I was a hot-shot salesman in my youth." "But that was so long ago." Gabrielle giggled at her joke and then was horrified she had been rude.

David looked at her, started to smile then roared with laughter. That afternoon Gabrielle watched through the two way mirror.

David returned waving a credit card receipt. "Maybe not too long ago. The old three card play, it never fails. Show him some gear in his price range. Then demonstrate one costing three times as much. Even someone stone deaf can tell the difference. While he's in sticker shock, offer a mid-priced compromise. Never fails." He smiled at his own cleverness and Gabrielle enjoyed seeing his boyish enthusiasm. Then her frown returned. "Your clothes let you down." David looked at her in her usual shapeless neck to ankle clothes, but restrained himself from commenting about her clothes.

But she was right. His old clothes were hanging loosely with all the weight he had lost. "One more week when I've lost the rest of that weight," he said to himself. Later in the afternoon Gabrielle bent over to pick a folder from a low shelf. David was surpised when the shape of a small, but nicely rounded backside showed through her all covering dress.

Gabrielle hadn't seen his stare and by the time she stood up he was studying his computer screen. As she drove home Gabrielle reflected. She squirmed with embarrassment when she remembered laughing about his age and talking about his clothes.

But he hadn't minded, he had laughed. She also thought how he had changed. Lost a lot of weight, no more trembling hands, bloodshot eyes or bags under the eyes. He looked a lot younger, especially when his face was enthusiastic. "This is just my assignment. He's far too old. And no man will ever want a woman whose frigid. And been raped." A shiver ran up her spine as she remembered Brad and Jamie and her abortion "She really is very beautiful when she smiles," thought David as he went for his evening walk.

"I wonder what happened to her to make so scared most of the time. It really is so good to have her around and already the business is looking up. "Hell, that was a nice ass," he recalled the shape.

"Don't be stupid. You're far too old and fat." The next two days brought back all Gabrielle's old reserves. She didn't laugh, she avoided David's eyes and was almost rude the way she quickly finished conversations. But on the third morning she turned on her computer as soon as she arrived.

Their first auctions of the old inventory had closed the previous night. David had forgotten. "David come and look here," her voice was excited. David leaned over her shoulder peering at the screen. The prices were far better than he had expected. "Gabrielle, you are so, so smart." She turned to look at him. "No I'm not, anyone could have done it." He frowned at her.

"Listen here. I'm the boss and when I say you are smart, that means you are smart. Understand? Or do you want me to spell it out?" He gently tapped her on the shoulder. Their faces were only six inches apart. Gabrielle was looking up at him, her face glowing with excitement from the sale and David's praise. She saluted. "Yes Boss." They both burst out laughing, then stopped and looked at each other for a moment. David saw her haunted look and went back to his desk. David cursed himself.

"For fuck's sake don't touch her. Remember what her prof told you." Again their conversation became limited and purely business and David made sure they were always a meter apart at least. A week later David was happy with the weight he had lost.

And with the cash saved from Jeff and the auction proceeds he decided to go shopping. Gabrielle took a moment to recognise him. The well fitting and fashionable clothes showed his slim figure and his new, shorter, tufted hairstyle seemed to make him look younger again. "That looks better," she frowned outwardly, but thought how attractive he looked.

When David got to his desk he sorted through the paper work. He found a high priced sales invoice. "This looks strange. That isn't Mal's signature on this. Did one of the workshop staff make a sale?" "No," said Gabrielle. David looked closely and worked out the first three letters of the salesperson's signatute.

"Gab. ." "Did you do this?" "Yes. Mal was busy. I hope you don't mind." "Mind? Of course not. That's the best sale we've had all week. How did you do it?" Gabrielle couldn't retrain her smile of pleasure. "Well, I listened to what my instructor told me. He says he used to be a hotshot salesman. In his youth." David laughed.

"I must have a guardian angel who brought you here, Gabby." The "Gabby" just slipped out. She didn't react, but inwardly she liked the sign of affection. That brought down one of the barriers. Never again did Gabrielle retreat into her haunted look. They never touched, but often laughed when they spoke. The "Gabby" stayed and each she heard it Gabrielle felt a glow. The next week Gabrielle had to go back to college for a full time course and for her professor to review her work.

He was extremely impressed. "You've done well, Gabrielle." "I've learned so much from David." He professor looked at her. She had changed so much, seemed far more confident and often had a radiant smile.


That evening he visited David. He was surprised at the transformation in him also. "I just came to say thanks David. Gabrielle's work is Honors grade and she's the most confident I've ever seen her." "She's worked wonders for me already." The professor looked at him closely.

There was a clause in the agreement with the college which prohibited relations between employers and students. He thought about reminding David of the clause. "Why? They won't admit it if they are.

And if they are, it isn't hurting her." During the week Gabrielle was away David closed his business. He and his staff worked hard renovating the showroom and finishing the new audio room.

During her week away Gabrielle spent many lonely and anguished hours in her bedroom. She missed the vibrant atmosphere at work, she missed the challenge and stimulation of her marketing plans.

And she missed David. Sometimes at work she had strong urges for him to hug her. She felt them even more now. But each time her memories of her mother's words, of Brad and Jamie and being frigid overwhelmed her and brought her to tears. David and his staff worked long hours. They had to keep to a timetable as Gabrielle had placed advertisements for the grand reopening.

He often thought of her, her smile and laughter, the conversations they had. And frequently his mind dwelt on the shape of her backside when she had bent over. "For fuck's sake! She's out of bounds. Absolutely," he lectured himself. Gabrielle was excited when she returned. She wanted to see how the renovations looked, how the new audio room worked.

And David. Both deliberately didn't smile when they first saw each other, but soon Gabrielle was "Ooohing" and "Aaahing" in appreciation.

The show room was painted all in black with big posters of pop stars and classical composers picked out by spotlights. Display cabinets were also spotlighted. David had upgraded the sound system and beautiful music wafted through. Gabrielle stood in the middle, transfixed by the atmosphere.

"David, it's a wonderland. Far better than I imagined. You have done so well." "We just followed your plans," David replied. They went into the boyracer audio room. Two black leather high sided bucket seats, a large screen showing a Mon Def concert with the sound system blasting out.

Gabrielle's eyes glowed with excitement. "Let's sit here," she pointed to the bucket seats. Without thinking she took David's hand. They separated when they each reclined in their seats. Gabrielle lay back and immersed herself in the atmosphere. David glanced across at her profile and thought how beautiful she was. They went to the office where there was an email from Mal's wife. He had been in an accident and was in hospital being operated on for a broken arm. "Bloody hell," exclaimed David.

"I need him for the grand opening. I'd better get a casual in. Though they are always hopeless." "There is an alternative," said Gabrielle. David caught her meaning. "Are you sure Gabby? All day selling is tough." "I've got a good tutor. He says he was a hot-shot salesman in his youth. Many years ago." "Why not," thought David. "She'll be better than a casual and I can train her over the next two days." He pulled out some high value banknotes. "Here's your clothing allowance and commission on that sale." He paused and frowned.

"Your clothes let you down Gabby." As soon as he sid it he regretted it. How would she react? Gabrielle initially recoiled, then giggled, poked out her tongue. "Yes boss." She spent that evening studying fashion magazines and the next two evenings shopping. She was a willing and fast learning student. She quickly picked up a grasp of the audio techicalities and even more quickly picked up David's sales techniques.

She still came to work in her baggy, all covering clothes. David arrived early on the day of the opening, checking that all the gear was working and doing last minute tidying up.

The music was loud and he didn't hear the door opening and didn't hear Gabrielle coming up behind him. "Boo!" David turned and his mouth dropped open in amazement. Gabrielle's hair was at last released from the tight bun and flowed in orange-gold curls to her shoulders. For the first time she had some lipstick and a little make-up highlighting her cheek bones. She was wearing along sleeved green satin blouse, but in contrast to her baggy tops this was figure hugging.

Her waist was tiny, her breasts weren't large "A-B" David guessed but they stood out proudly and firmly from her slim body. Her dark blue skirt came to two inches above her knee showing slim and shapely calves. The skirt was a fine material which seemed to cling to her thighs showing them to be a perfect match for her thighs. David had known many beautiful women when he was younger, but none like Gabrielle. It was if she had been transformed into a Vogue model.

An innocent beauty with an undertone of eroticism. Gabrielle started to worry at his silence. "The blouse isn't too tight is it?" "The blouse is absolutely perfect, just like all of you. Gabby, forget marketing and selling. You could be a fashion model. You are exquisitely beautiful," he whispered hoarsely.

She smiled with pleasure, then became embarrassed so she frowned and looked around the immaculate showroom "Why haven't you tidied up? This room is like pig sty." She repolished a chrome fitting which David had already polished to perfection.

With her back turned she smiled as she remembered his words. Her advertising worked well. A steady stream of boyracers arrived and all looked around in astonishment when they saw the showroom. A pattern quickly developed. David served the boyracers who had brought their girlfriends. The others were more than happy to be looked after by Gabrielle. She was able to quickly work out who had any money and then they seemed to have no escape.

Gabrielle's sales were far more than David's. During a quiet time he took a coffee break and watched through the two way mirror as she worked her magic in the audio room.

She asked her customer what music they liked and agreed enthusiastically with the choice as she put it on. Then she lay back in a bucket seat which was fully reclined. The boy couldn't take his eyes of her as she laid back, eyes closed, seemingly carried away by the music. When it was finished she enquired, "Which one will your girlfriend like?" "I dunno," stumbled the youth.

With her eyes wide open in innocence Gabrielle whispered, "I think any girl will go for a guy with this system in his wheels." Pointing to the most expensive. Sale. They didn't have the opportunity to talk much during the day. Finally David closed the doors as the last customer left.

Gabrielle studied the computer to see the day's sales results. "Look David, we did almost twice as much as we targeted." "And I know why, you were brilliant Gabrielle. I watched you once and almost felt sorry for your customer." They laughed together. "Can I have some wine please?" David poured her a glass and a lime and soda for himself. She noticed but said nothing as they went into the executive audio room.

David put on some relaxing music and sat on the sofa beside her, but not touching. They sipped their drinks and listened and relaxed in silence. Both were tired after the big day. David glanced across at Gabrielle.

He was still as in awe of her appearance as when she had first walked in that morning. He thought about why she had always used to dress in a way which covered her completely. He couldn't work out why. Gabrielle had noticed his glance but hadn't reacted. She worked out what he must be thinking. She thought what a perfect day. The selling was exciting, working with David was exciting and it was lovely just sitting here with him now. Then her old fears resurfaced. Her fears of how other men had treated her.

She panicked about being frigid. She really wanted to be cuddled in David's arms. She was aware of feelings she never had felt towards Brad and Jamie. But she was afraid of what he would think if he thought she was frigid. Tears came to her eyes which David noticed. "What's the matter Gabby? I was sure you were enjoying yourself." He reached out and stroked the tears on her cheek.

She said nothing and continued to sob. David took a risk and put his arm around her shoulder. He almost withdrew when he felt her recoil, but then she cuddled in and rested her head on his neck. They listened in silence but her tears still flowed. David guided her so that she sat on his knees and again she snuggled her head into his neck. He put one arm around her shoulder, the other around her waist.

Gradually she relaxed. She became totally confident that David would never be like Brad and Jamie. "I'm sorry. I don't know how you can put up with someone like me." "That's easy. Keep selling like you did today and I'll put up with anything." Gabrielle picked the joke and giggled. Feeling better she started talking about the day, still with her head against his neck. David kept his arm around her waist, but stroked her hair with his other hand. Gabrielle became more relaxed and put her arm around his shoulder.

"Do you really like these clothes?" "They are fabulous. And they suit you perfectly." "I've never worn anything like this before." "Always wear them when you're selling to boyracers." She giggled and snuggled in closer.

David became very aware of her right breast touching his side. He sipped his lime and soda. "Don't you ever drink alcohol?" "Not now." "For how long?" "About a month." She thought for a moment. "That's about when I started here." He nodded. "Strange. If anything you're the sort of person who would drive a man to drink." She giggled again and tightened her arm around him.

Her perfect breast pushed in more. "Did you stop because of me? Why would you do that? You hardly knew me." David glanced down and saw that her skirt had ridden two thirds of the way up her thigh.

A long, pale skinned and slim feminine perfection. Gabrielle noticed his glance and stiffened. Her first impulse was to lower her skirt, but she resisted. She stroked his cheek. "Why did you stop drinking at that time." David sighed.


"It's a long and not very glorious story." "Tell me please." David looked into her face. "Only if you kiss me first." He saw her fear then saw her relax. She pecked his lips. David told the story of how his marriage had collapsed, of his financial pressures, of his loneliness and depression. How the booze had taken over. "I was in a deadly spiral. The more I drank, the more depressed I became and the more the business went downhill. So the more I drank and on it went.

I'm not proud of myself." Gabrielle thought for some time. "Well, you're not drinking now. And your business is coming right isn't it?" David held her tighter and Gabrielle pecked his lips again.

"And you don't seem very depressed right now." "Not with you kissing me." He bent over and she lifted her face. This was a longer kiss. He felt her relax, then stiffen, then relax again. He knew she was battling something and pulled back. "I think you should be very proud of yourself, pulling everything together." "With more than a little help from my friend." Gabrielle was becoming more relaxed and happy.

The longer she was in David's arms the more comfortable she became. She had total confidence that whatever happened he wouldn't force her to do anything she didn't want. She noticed him glancing at her bare thigh again. Again she resisted the urge to pull down her skirt.

Then she had a strange feeling of enjoying him looking at her like that. "My legs are so skinny aren't they?" "No they're not.

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They're perfect." "They're skinny." "Gabby. I'm the boss. I decide whether legs are skinny or perfect. Yours are pefect. Understand? Or do you need me to spell it out?" "Yes boss," she saluted and they both laughed. David instinctively turned her face and she instinctively kissed him. David ran the tip of his tongue across those soft full lips. He felt her flinch, then relax, then tentatively Gabrielle ran her tongue over his lips. He opened his mouth slightly and slowly her tongue explored.

David was aware that each time Gabrielle advanced she flinched them seemed to relax. Softly he sucked her tongue into his mouth and played with it with the tip of his. Suddenly Gabrielle thrust her tongue deeply in.

They savoured the moment although David had to fight hard to resist the urge to put a hand on that perfect thigh. But he now understood that she was fighting some demons and he pulled back. Gabrielle was confused. She was confused about herself. Although she had brief moments of panic, she was loving his touch and kisses.

She had never felt like this before. She was confused about David. Why did he stop? Did he know she was frigid? David was in seventh heaven. He had felt a great relief as he had told his story and his inner feeling for the first time. And that Gabrielle hadn't been shocked.

All the affection he had felt for her over the month had built up and was now reinforced by her lovely kisses, the breast touching him and the semi exposed thigh. He had a raging rampant hard. He glanced down and saw the tent like shape in his trousers. She followed his glance and saw it also. She stiffened and pulled away from his arms. David saw a look of terror on her face. Gabrielle stood up and burst into uncontrollable sobs. David was bewildered but stood up and gently put one arm around her shoulders.

"It's alright Gabby. Don't cry beautiful lady. I would never hurt you. You know that don't you?" After a moment Gabrielle nodded. "If I tell you, you'll hate me." "Gabby, you've saved my life. I could never hate you." She looked through her tears at his gentle face and knew this was true.

David poured her another wine and himself another lime and soda. With a little hestitation she sat on his knee again, but kept apart. She swallowed a big sip of wine, took a deep breat and began.

"This is far worse than your story." She talked about her repressed life with her mother, about her sex education and the picture of a penis which still haunted her, how Brad had used her then thrown her away, how Jamie had raped her and about her abortion and how her mother had condemned her as a slut.

Tears streamed down her face, she never looked at David, but her voice was steady and matter of fact. She turned to him.

"So there you are David. Your innocent Gabrielle is a whore, she's dirty because she's been raped and she's frigid." She burst into tears again. David said nothing but just stroked her hair. After a while he said " A whore is someone who takes money to have sex.

Did Brad or Jamie pay you?" She shook her head. So your mother just used it to abuse you for whatever her reasons. You were persuaded to have sex with Brad by Maxie and you had no choice with Jamie.

"I can't imagine how horrible it was for you to be raped. But that doesn't make you dirty.' Gabrielle started to protest. "Yes it does, my mother said. . " "Gabby, your mother seems to have said a lot of things to hurt you, but that doesn't mean she's right. I don't think you are dirty, you are the most marvellous, warm giving and tender person." "But. . " "Gabby, I'm the Boss, remember." That brought a small giggle. "But I'm frigid." "You probably were with Brad and Jamie.

How could you be anything else? You didn't really want to do it with Brad and you were scared with Jamie." "So I am frigid." "Gabby your not frigid. Calling a girl frigid is just a cop out by men who are lousy lovers.

It's easy to blame the girl." "But I know I am. I'm scared of men." "Sure you are. But that's different. I know better. I know from the way you kissed me, from the way your breast was against my chest, from the way you liked me looking at your thigh." "I didn't like that!" "Maybe, maybe not." Gabrielle thought for a moment. Yes it had been exciting when David had looked at her like that. But she didn't say anything.

David stood up. "Let's go and see that new Woody Allen movie." After five minutes in the movie David put his arm around her shoulder and Gabrielle relaxed into it.

She didn't watch the movie because she felt happy that she had got a monkey part way off her back. He drove her home in her car and after a brief peck on her lips caught a cab back to his office. Gabrielle spent a lot of time deciding what to wear the next morning. Her first choice was an old baggy pair of jeans and a large woollen jumper.

She put them on, felt comfortable at first but then felt empty. She put on a tighter skirt which came to four inches above her knees and a tank top. She let her hair out and shook her head until her hair was in flowing locks to her shoulders. She studied herself in the mirror.

She liked the look of the new Gabrielle, but she was still worried. "Gabby, you look gorgeous. Come here and be molested," said David when she came into the office. She almost ran into his arms and they had an all embracing hug.

David felt her breasts against his chest, her tongue enter her mouth and the firm shape as his hands caressed her ass. "We can't do this all day. I'll go broke." He reluctantly pulled away as he felt his erection rising. Overnight he had worked out that Gabby's basic problem was that she was scared of cocks. No wonder after her mother and what those two bastards had done to her. Gabrielle looked up the results of the latest internet auction. "I don't think you'll go broke.

Look at this." David came and stood over her shoulder. "Where would I be without you Gabby?" She thought that was about the nicest thing she had ever heard. They worked hard during the day. The had to process the paperwork from the grand opening and had to service the customers coming in.

David looked down through the two way mirror. If it was a man by himself, Gabrielle went down. If it was couple or a woman David went down. Gabrielle came up waving a credit card receipt for for the most expensive system David sold. "This is so easy David, why couldn't you always do this?" He looked at the shape of her nipples showing through her tank top and knew the answer. "Aren't you pleased? Aren't you going to molest me?" For the first time he put his hand on her breast when they kissed.

He anticipated her reaction.

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At first a slight recoil, then enthusiasm. He massaged those fascinating niplles between his thumb and forefinger and felt her thrust her hips into his. Again his hardening cock caused him to pull away and caused Gabrielle to pout. It was the same after her next sale. Gabrielle stiffened when he touched her thigh on her skirtthen relaxed and sucked his tongue as hard as she could.

After the staff had left they returned to the executive audio room and Gabgrielle poured her wine and his lime and soda. When David put his hand over her breast he was thrilled when he discovered that she had taken off her bra. He lifted the tank top from her body and her two firm uplifted breast were there for his eyes. Pink aureoles with jutting nipples. "I'm sorry they're so small." ""I was worried they would be too big.

Gabby your boobs are perfect. See an exact handful." He bent and licked then sucked the right aureole. After a moment she put her arms around his head and held him there tightly. His hand drifted up the outside of her thigh. Gabrielle's clasp around his head jerked tighter then relaxed.


Then the inside. Another clasp and relax. David moved his head up and she kissed him urgently. Slowly and patiently and tantalisingly his fingers danced over the silken smooth skin of her inner thigh. Gabrielle didn't need prompting to part her legs. But when his hand came to her knickers she put hers on top and pulled back. "David, I'm scared. I don't want to have sex." "We won't have sex Gabby. We'll only do the things you like." He kissed her nipple.

"I hated it the other times." "You've liked what we do together?" Gabrielle nodded. "Liked" wasn't the word she would have used. "Adored" maybe. She realized she had total confidence in David and was wanting more of his magic. After only a small hesitation she lifted her backside to help him pull down her panties. His lips returned to her mouth and his hand to her lower thighs which she had closed. But with his gentle pressure she again spread her legs. She felt his fingers drift over the top of her thighs and impulsively spread her legs wider.

Then those lovely fingers were combing through her pubic hair. Now Gabrielle lost all detailed knowledge of what was happening. She was only aware of a glowing sensation building at the front of her pussy. She stopped kissing him and hugged him tightly as her hips started to writhe and the glow became more intense until it seemed to burst.

"Ah. . aaah. aaah. aaaaaaaaaaah." Her first ever orgasm. Before she had recovered David's face was between her legs and his hands were pushing them wider.

Gabrielle had a momentary panic that she was dirty down there but then sensations even more intense took over and she lifted her knees, opening all her femininity to him.

David's lips and tongue lapped her clitoris, two fingers slid a little way into her vagina and her massaged her G spot. Gabrielle's next orgasm was even stronger than her first and left her quivering and shaking. David came back up beside her on the sofa and hugged her. After a few minutes Gabrielle sighed, "I've just been to heaven twice, darling Davey." She kissed him and noticed the taste of her vaginal juices.

"How could you do that down there on me. Wasn't it disgusting." David laughed. "Gabby your pussy is as beautiful as the rest of you. And it tastes and smells so sexily, arotically and intimately wonderful." "Truly?" she was surprised. She kissed his lips again. It did taste quite nice. She was reclining on the sofa only wearing her short skirt which was bunched up around her waste. She looked and started to push it down. David gently stopped her.

"I want to look at you." He eased her legs apart again. Gabrielle felt awkward for a moment. "After what he has just done he can do whatever he likes." She looked at him. He was still fully clothed. David noticed her glance at the tent in his trousers.

But this time her expression was more of curiosity than fear. "Can I touch it?" David guided her hand to her trousers. Tentatively she squeezed his cock through the material. "It's very hard." "That's because of you," he whispered in her ear.

"Is it?" She tentatively explored some more. "It's huge. How big is it?" "About average size I guess. Six or seven inches maybe. I haven't measured it." "Does it have big veins like in my mother's photo?" "I suppose it does." "And a big knob?" "I guess." Gabrielle started to laugh. "Davey, was that a photo of you that my mother showed me?" She laughed hysterically at her own joke.

So much that she squeezed far too hard. "Holy fucking hell, that hurt." "Oh Davey I'm sorry." She kissed his lips. "It's no good saying sorry to me.

Say it to my cock." She hesitated, then gently rubbed. "Sorry, cock." She burst into laughter again. She continued to giggle as she snuggled into David's arms and continued to gently stroke his erection. "Does your cock like that?" She laughed at herself for using the word cock.

"Mmmmm" David undid his fly. Gabrielle put her hand on his briefs. She could feel his erection in far more detail. They sat in silence as she explored his shaft and even cupped his balls. "Davey?" "Mmmm." "Were you a hot-shot lover? In your youth?" "I don't know. I guess I didn't have all that many complaints." "You're quite a hot-shot lover even now." Looking earnestly into his eyes she eased her hand under his briefs.

She saw him sigh with pleasure as her fingers traced up and down the shaft. "Does your cock like that?" "Quite a bit." Gabrielle grew in confidence. She had had those marvellous orgasms, she could tell that David adored her body and here she was stroking his cock and not feeling afraid. Even enjoying it as she could see David's pleasure. She thought more.

Here she was, almost completely naked, her legs apart and with her hands on David's cock and loving it. She thought back even two days ago and couldn't imagine how she had changed so fast. She kissed David passionately. "Davey, when you were a hot-shot lover, in your youth . . " She giggled. "Mmmm?" "Did you always keep your girls waiting all night before you fucked them?" David laid her on the Persian carpet and put a cushion under her head. Gabrielle watched as he undressed, saw his erection and felt a little bit afraid.

Then she remembered how she had liked stroking it and how gentle David always was. David pleasured her body with kisses and touches, he sucked her nipples so they came to hard peaks, he tantalized her thighs again and gently explored her sodden vagina. Gabrielle's delight and anticipation mounted.

She was momentarily scared when David knelt between her legs and raised her knees. But as soon as his knob easily slid between her labia all fear was gone and delight filled her body. David was delicate. He was still worried about Gabrielle's reaction. Would her terrible past experiences take control? But he as he felt her reactions, he felt confident and thrust more deeply into her tight canal. "Oh my fucking God," shrieked Gabrielle. Horrified, David immediatelty withdrew.

"I'm so sorry Gabby. I got carried away." "That is sooo beautiful. Put it back in, right now." That was the end of all restraint. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust her hips to feel him more deeply. She came quickly again and was thrilled when she felt David thrust deeply, felt his body stiffen and heard him grunt with his orgasm. Twice more they made love that night. More languidly, more passionately, more emotionally. Mal came to work with his arm in plaster the next morning, just as Gabrielle was leaving to go home and get changed.

He didn't recognise her at first. The flowing hair, the high fashion clothes, the model's figure and most of all her radiant smile. "Hi Mal, how's the arm?", she asked as he did a double take.

He spoke to George. "Have you seen Gabrielle?" "Yes I didn't recognise her for a moment." "Me too. God what a stunner. Why don't you try your luck with her." "No chance," George sighed ruefully. "I arrived here at 5am to catch up and she was in bed with the boss." "The dirty old bastard. . The lucky bastard." It was as though Gabrielle had been released from chains.

She couldn't really understand why David worshipped her pussy so much. But she loved it that he did and to make it easier for him, she had a Brazilian. Her fear of cocks was completely erased.

She loved bringing him to excitement with oral sex. She loved swallowing his semen or having him come over her face. She loved taking his cock deeply into her throat.

Her favourite position was kneeling over him facing his feet. After she learned to control her gagging she pushed her face down so hard and pushed his cock so far into her throat that her nose rubbed his balls. David was doubly blessed. The unbelievable sensations from his cock and the sight and smells of her pussy only a few inches from his face. After he had come in her throat, he pulled her haunches back and licked and nibbled her genitals until she squealed in orgasm and ejaculated over his face.

She bought a book on sensuous massage and they spent long hours caressing and worhipping and delighting each other's bodies. Gabrielle noticed that he was totally unihibited with oral sex and often licked her anus and tickled it with his tongue. She was thrilled and excited by the intimacy and the sensations but hadn't even heard about anal sex. She did some research on the internet. The next night in bed she lay in his arms, her pussy still tingling and feeling his semen oozing from her pussy.

"Davey, darling, when you were a hot-shot lover. . in your youth. . " she still couldn't stop giggling from this joke. "Mmmm," murmured David bracing himself for whatever was coming. "Did you keep your girlfriends waiting forever before you fucked them in the ass?" She bent down and sucked his cock back to a hard erection then passed him some lubricant.

David slowly intoduced her, first with his tongue probing her ass, then one gentle and lubricated finger and as her sphincter relaxed another finger. Gabrielle was in heaven. The forbidden excitement, the new sensations, but most of all David's tender and delicate devotion. It was uncomfortable for just a moment as his knob pushed in.

David ever so gently and slowly probed deeper into her bowel and she sighed with excitement, feeling his cock against her tight rectum walls.

When Gabrielle's ass was completely relaxed he started a gentle rhythm and found her clitoris with his fingers. Gabrielle has experienced dozens of orgasms by now, but nothing prepared her for the intense pleasure sensations though her vagina and and rectum. Her hips took a life of their own as they writhed trying to get that lovely cock in even deeper.

David lost all self restraint and pounded harder until her body seemed to bounce as though she was being electrocuted and a joyous wail came from her lips. The next morning Gabrielle brought some paint and curtain materials. "I'm spending just about all my time here so I might as well live here. But I'm not living here with it looking like a dump." She frowned as she surveyed the bedroom. A week later Gabrielle's professor came for a final assessment interview with David. Gabrielle's written work had been first class and the results for David's business were remarkable.

He had seen Gabrielle's transformation and was delighted to see this confident and beautiful young woman emerge from that haunted shell. However, when he interviewed them in David's office he had a serious problem. The clause which forebade sexual relations between student and employer. The prof didn't care, in fact he was pleased for both of them, but knew he had to protect his own position.

"Gabrielle, your student records show you've changed your address." "Yes," she beamed. "I've moved in with Davey." "We've got a problem." He pointed to clause 46. David studied it. He hadn't read the form. "That's not so good. What does this mean?" "I'm afraid Gabrielle will have be withdrawn from the student scheme with your firm." David pondered. "Well, she's finished her assignment and you've said it's brilliant. An honors grade." The professor nodded.

"Yes the academic committee have agreed a first class honors." "So, she gets her degree?" "Yes provided her employment here under the student scheme is terminated forthwith." "Gabby. You're fired. Fired for flagrant breach of clause 46." David frowned at her. She beamed even wider and poked out her tongue.

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Relieved, the professor handed a form for David to sign. He read it carefully and saw that Gabrielle would still get her degree. "Professor," asked David. "With the firm growing so fast I need to take on a young marketing director. Do you know a graduate student who might fit? Someone who is bright, isn't afraid of hard work and accepts discipline without question?" "Bright and hard working, no problem," said the professor.

He smiled at Gabrielle. "Discipline, well, perhaps you can work that out yourselves."