Lovesome girl is gaping tight slit in close up and coming

Lovesome girl is gaping tight slit in close up and coming
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I always had a thing for my special Monica's dad he was good looking. Dark short hair, even darker eye, and he had the body of a Greek God every time I see him I melt. He was a man in the military so he knows what he wants and when he does, he goes after it full force. So, when he got back in the states he became a man in the blue suite. I spent many sleepovers at Monica's house. I woke up in the middle of the night to go down stares in my undies for a glass of water.

I had no need for a shirt because everyone was asleep.


I went to the bathroom first and when I came out I seen Monica's step dad in his black boxers. He was reaching for a class out of the covert.

I walked on the wooden floor softy not to spook him and I press my body in to his reaching for the cup next to his. He doesn't say anything about me needing to move and I go over to the refrigerator from some water. I take a long sip of water and some of it drips down my chin and into the cups of my bra. "You have a napkin?" I said looking at him and in two steps he had me pinned to the wall and licked the water from between my breast working his way up to my mouth.

"I always had my eye on you." He said whispering in my ear and at the same time unclasping my bra. He immediately put his hot mouth on my left nipple. I wrapped my leg around him and I can feel his dick hard in his shorts. "You want to fuck me do it?" I challenge him, his eyes got darker, and right now, he wanted to fuck me. I smiled at the fact that he wanted me. "I'm going to fuck you so many ways." Then he kisses me with the most powerful kiss I ever had.

I was uncontrollable it had raw emotion his hands was moving the thin underwear off. "You sure about this?" He said pulling his mouth away from mines with his heavy ragged breath. I noticed for the first time it was as if we were both holding our breath.

"Yes." I said moving his boxers out of the way and his dick sprang up out of them already aimed for what it wanted.


It was big and the blood rushing to it and when it was exposed it twitched a little with a little cum already on the head. My hot pussy needs him inside me, just like how I needed to kiss him to breath.

When he inserted his dick in to me the walls of my body was stretched. He placed his lips over my mouth to muffle my sound he kissed me deeply as his dick got further in to my walls of my pussy. He trusted into me slowly he smiled and looked in to my half closed eyes.

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He cupped jawbone with one hand, leaned, and kissed me while still thrusting me slowly. He place that hand on the wall thrusting me a little faster. I closed my eye and listen to the sound of our two bodies coming together as one over and over. He grabbed my leg that I could no longer keep in place that was wrapped around him.

Held that leg and he gave himself more access to go deeper there he was before. The heat was building up, I was ready, and there was one last thrust that set my whole body on fire. My pussy milked his cock for all it was worth and the look on his face made me want to make him cum until dawn. Then he let my leg go and unpinned me from the wall my whole body felt like Jell-O and covered in a sheen of sweat.

He lifted me up in his arms still ready for more and that made me even wetter. He laid me done on the long wooden table near the near the head of the table. He sat at the head of the table like I see him almost every night I come over. Then an evil grin started to spread across his face. "I think I'm ready to eat." He scooted his chair closer to the table and he started to feast on me like I was his last meal.

It was just like our kissing full of pure lust. He spread my legs wider and held my torso down. His tongue was like magic I was happy that he was going down on me while I was on my back. He had me cum twice before he started finger me with three fingers.

It felt real good and after he was done and it was getting lighter outside. He picked me up from off the table and we walked over to the next room.

It was kind of like a sitting room with a push comfortable couch with big pillows. "Get on your knees." He commanded me with his hard dick in my back. I did what he said getting on my knees holding on to the rim on the couch. He came up behind me and his head of his member grazed my pussy.

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"Flatten your back and push that ass out." He whispers in my ear. He traces my curves starting with my breast and works his hands down low. Then he inserts his member inside my pussy he was like steel cutting in to soft folds of butter.

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He was giving me the full length of him in this position going all the way down to the base on his nine inches. I was ready to burst on his fifth thrust. He had me coming until his dick was nice and coated with our rewards. He slowly pulled it out and without warning, he shoved it in to my ass.

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Something I never had before it felt so painful and pleasure offered all at one in the first trust. "Your ass it tighter then your pussy." I can almost feel him smiling. He fucks my ass till he cum in my ass and it oozes out and once it hits my pussy I cum.

I can no longer hold myself up and he is right their behinds me catching me when I fall. We lie their next to each other until the sun comes up our legs enter twine.

"Does that thing ever cool down?" "Not when it's in you." He said with a smile.

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"We should go back to our rooms." I said getting off the couch and without him inside me, a little piece of me is gone. Sneak Peek It was another day at Monica's house and everyone was in the house doing their own thing.

I was on the couch watching TV with Monica in the sitting position.

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I was laid out across the couch in a big shirt that goes all the way down to my knees. Then her Step dad walks in and he has his eye on me the whole time. I reward him by opening my legs to give him a little view. I stop watching the TV so I get up walking past him and he stops me grabbing my ass. I give him a little smile and looks towards the stares.

Monica's knows about her step-dad sleepovers and since I told her, she keeps her mother out of the way. I look back at Monica, she has a smile on her face I go upstairs, and then I wait.