Milf rides stepsons cock and gets cumshot while teen watches

Milf rides stepsons cock and gets cumshot while teen watches
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She knows she is a dirty whore. She takes pride in it. She loves being used and abused as an object for sex by almost any man that wants to take it from her. She will fuck just about any man who is man enough to take her.

She enjoys it most when they fuck her in the ass while she resists. Yes she loves to be raped up the ass. Got friends? She will eagerly be fuck meat for you all. Fuck her face, fuck her ass or pussy. Hell you can even fuck her with a variety of household object… vegetables, candles, want to fuck her with a 2 liter? FORCE IT IN THERE and listen to her cry.

Whatever, and I mean WHATEVER, you want to do to her she will allow you to do either willingly or by force. She is nothing but a piece of meat for you to act out your deepest deviant desires with. Please hurt her because she will come back for more every time. Tonight is different, tonight a new man is coming over and he talks about a cleansing. He has assured her that it will hurt and hurt a lot but she will be clean enough for his deviance after she has been thoroughly cleansed.

She hears the door open since she left it unlocked as he instructed. He comes through the door and the man standing before her is her father. He immediately orders her to strip.

She hesitates, unsure of what to do because this is not what she expected and has always been terrified of disobeying her daddy. He moves quickly, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her to the wall. "You WILL obey me you fucking dirty whore!" he bellows all the while tightening his grip on her throat.

The world starts to go black when he finally releases his grip and she stands there panting. She wastes no more time doing as she is told and removes her clothing.

Standing there before him naked and vulnerable he inspects her. He caresses her all over and then suddenly pinches her nipple so hard she squeals. Not being in the mood to waste time, he immediately grabs her hair and drags her from the front door to the bathroom. He is holding a duffle bag that he places on the counter. "You really are a dirty, filthy whore," he says "but you are going to be totally cleansed now.

Inside and out." Still having a tight hold on her hair, he pulls it downward until she is bending over the toilet. "Stay there, bitch!" he commands and she is not about to disobey. He reaches onto the bag and pulls out an enema. He roughly shoves the nozzle into her asshole. Then he squeezes the bag to put the solution into her rectum. He grabs a second enema and repeats the procedure telling her that she better keep the solution in her ass while he continues. "If one drop spills out, you will regret it slut." She just nods in agreement because she is concentrating on keeping her asshole clamped shut.

He sets a timer for 30 minutes as the package states for the medicine to work. He steps back and removes his leather belt. Without warning, he starts beating her ass with the belt. He relishes every single welt that comes up on her ass. She is still trying her hardest to keep the enema in her ass while being prepared for the next blow to her ass. He keeps beating her ass as hard as he can.

Soon, her tears begin to flow and she loses control of her ass for just a second but it was enough for him to see. He reaches into the bag and takes out an enormous butt plug. He puts it in front of her face and forces it between her lips and into her mouth. He fucks her mouth with the butt plug roughly. She makes sure to get as much spit on it as possible in the hopes that it will provide enough lubricant when he shoves it up her ass but he has other ideas.

He removes the butt plug from her mouth and takes a towel from the rack and makes her watch as he dries it off completely. He walks behind her and smacks her ass a few more times with the belt, then he lays the belt across her back and roughly pulls apart her ass cheeks exposing her tender, tight asshole.

He commands her to hold her cheeks apart. "Look at that tight rosebud of an asshole.

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The dirty whore couldn't control herself so now she must be punished." With that, he puts the tip of the butt plug at the entrance to her ass. She is clenching it so tight, it would be hard to get a pinky into that asshole but that does not even slow him down as he forces the butt plug into her ass.

He has to push with all his force because of the lack of lubrication. The dirty whore cries in pain and Daddy just laughs. She begs him to stop as the butt plug violates her sensitive asshole but his response is to pull it out a little and slam it back in. He retrieves the belt from her back and once again begins to beat her ass with it.

Welts are coming up and her ass turns redder and redder from the assault. Sometimes the downward strokes hit the end of the massive plug in her ass and force it in a bit like a mini rape on her poor, stretched asshole. The beating continues for 20 minutes.

The slut is crying heavy now. Tears stream down her face and onto the floor mat. Her chest heaves as she tries to control her weeping. He is enjoying every second and relishes every tear that quivers as it drops off her chin onto the rug.

His hard-on rages in his pants but he knows that he must wait for the cleansing to be complete before the dirty whore is pure enough for his depravity.

When the timer goes off, he pulls her to a standing position by the hair. He pushes her onto the toilet and reaches between her legs to remove the plug from her ass. The whore is still afraid to go and he views this as a small victory. He tells her to vacate her bowels so they may continue.

She does as she is told and feels so much lighter as the waste leaves her system. He reaches over and unscrews the head from the hand held shower and turns on the water, testing the temperature to make sure it is almost too hot to handle.

He takes the now empty end of the hose and shoves it up the whore's ass then turns the shower on to make the water come through the hose. He keeps filling and filling until she feels like she is going to explode before he turns off the water. He tells her to once again empty her bowels and she does. He continues to rinse her bowels out five times until he is satisfied that she is completely clean.

He once again pulls her up by her hair and this time puts her in the tub, telling her to get on her hands and knees and prepare for the next step. She cannot see what he does next, but he steps back to the duffle bag and removes the next cleaning supplies. He removes a new scrubby from its plastic wrap. It is a very stiff scrubby designed to remove stubborn dirt and this whore had plenty of that.

He also removed a very large bottle of hand sanitizer. He puts some hand sanitizer on the scrubby and starts working on her back. He scrubs very hard making sure to remove as much of the dirt off the slut as possible.

He makes sure to cover every inch of skin on her back. It hurts the whore because he is rubbing her skin raw, but she loved every second of this because he was cleansing her.


And why was he cleansing her? In order to make her over for himself so that he could then do whatever he wanted to her and dirty her all over again.

When he finishes with her back, he goes back and cleans her arms. Scrubbing away the sins of her past along with her skin cells. He scrubs her all the way down to her finger tips. Then he goes back and scrubs her legs the same way, making sure to avoid her ass, tender from the beating and her slutty cunt.

He uses a lot of the sanitizer and scrubs her entirely raw. Her entire body is bright red from the irritation. He relished the thought of what he was going to do next. It was going to hurt her and make her cry again.

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He loves her tears. He loves being the one that causes her tears and pain. He wants to hurt this fucking dirty slut worse than she has ever hurt before and have her thank him for every second of it. He will break her and she will be his fucktoy to abuse and enjoy until he was tired of her slutty ass.

And when he was done with her, she would thank him for the opportunity to serve. From the bag, he now takes a bottle brush and covers it with the sanitizer. He walks back over to the whore, using one hand to pull apart her butt cheeks, with the other he puts the brush up to her asshole and starts to scrub. Just the outside at first, making sure that she is clean on the surface.

The sanitizer burns the sensitive area around her asshole and she cries out. He has to stifle a giggle as she begs him to stop because he is just getting started with the fun part.

He hesitates for just a few seconds, enough to make the whore think he was done, when he jams the brush into her asshole. He stops when the bristles are all just inside her ass. The whore screams out in agony. She is now rethinking the entire deal but it is too late. She belongs to him now and his fun is just beginning. Her screams are bouncing off the walls now. He drinks in her painful wails as he begins fucking her ass with the bottle brush watching as the stiff bristles go in and out of her tight little asshole.

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The bristles are poking her and the alcohol in the sanitizer burning her poor abused asshole. Her screams do not subside so he leaves the brush in her asshole and leaves the room. When he returns, he is holding her dirty, used panties she took off when he ordered her to just inside the door.

He makes sure that the crotch is on the outside of the balled up used panties and shoves them in her mouth. This muffles her cries so he can continue with his work. He goes back to her asshole with the bottle brush sticking out if it and grabs the handle. He yanks it out then shoves it back in. He rapes her poor asshole for several minutes, losing himself in the torturous act and forgetting his greater purpose while enjoying her screams and struggles.

He picks up his phone and makes a phone call so others can partake in the joys of a screaming bitch. He asks the person on the phone to bring the rest of the party over for a little surprise and he gladly agrees.

The man goes back to gleefully raping his whore daughter in the ass with the bottle brush. Every once in a while, he adds more sanitizer and just keeps ramming the brush in and out of her ass. He leaves the brush in as he grabs the scrubby and sanitizes the rest of her welted, red ass. She cries when he starts scrubbing her sore ass.

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His erection is throbbing in his pants at her tears and screams. He finally pulls the brush out of her ass and orders her onto her back. He tells her to stay there while he answers the door. When he opens the door, the dirty whore's 3 brothers and grandfather are standing there awaiting their orders as to what they are to do with the slut. He tells them of his plan and leads them into the bathroom where the whore awaits, dazed from the pain she has endured, she barely registers the small family reunion, but suddenly remembers hands groping at her in the dark when she was young and remembers that she has been a playtoy for them in the past.

But that is a different story. The men all walk up to the edge of the tub, all 5 of them. The man orders the whore to close her eyes and open her mouth. She does not even question the order and promptly closes her eyes and opens her mouth. The leader looks at his sons and father and tells them that it is time.

All 5 of them unzip their flies and start to piss on the broken whore in the tub. The man she will soon call Savior is at the end where her head is and aims for her mouth and orders her to swallow his piss because that is all a dirty whore deserves to drink. She greedily swallows his piss because already, she wants nothing more than to please him.

The streams of piss never seemed to end but she swallowed what she could and allowed the other men to piss on her if only to make him happy and perhaps make the rest of the cleansing more bearable. Oh what a stupid, dirty whore… she would learn. After the piss party was over, she laid there in their stink wondering what could possibly happen next. She hoped that her brothers and beloved grandfather would leave as quickly as they came, but she was not going to get her wish.

They were not going to participate, merely watch as payment for their piss. He asked her if she felt dirty and she replied yes. He asked her if she liked being dirty and she replied no. He showed her that the penalty for lying was quick and severe and slapped her hard enough that her head bounced off the tub then grabbed each nipple and twisted and pinched them. When she screamed, he then slapped each nipple at least as hard as he had slapped her face. Fresh tears were mixing with the piss still dripping off her face when he asked her again if she liked being dirty.

This time she answered yes and he slapped her again and once again punished her nipples. He then told her that he believed her but just really enjoyed hurting her. She replied simply with "Thank you." He enjoyed that immensely but did not let her know that. Instead he put the shower head back on the hose and washed her hair. Then with the scrubber, he washed her face, taking care not to get the sanitizer in her eyes. Then he reached beside him and grabbed the bottle brush.

He put fresh sanitizer on it and proceeded to force it in between her lips and use it to scrub the inside of her mouth.

He asked her how her ass tasted and he and demented sons and father laughed heartedly as she tried to pull away and get the brush out of her mouth. Knowing that it was the same brush that had been in her ass almost made her forget her directive to take whatever he decided to do.


To stop this behavior, he grabbed the belt and started beating her tits. After several blows landed directly on her nipples, she finally calmed down and he continued to scrub her mouth out with the brush that had so recently been used in her ass.

After he was satisfied that he had broken her even more, he continued with the scrubby and sanitizer on her stomach. The only areas left were her tits and her very dirty pussy. He used the scrubby on her tits but made sure to stay away from her nipples. For those, he once again went to the bag. Out of it this time came a very stiff scrub brush, only a little bigger than a toothbrush but almost as stiff as a wire brush. Once again, he covered the brush with sanitizer and proceeded to scrub her nipples and areolas.

He invited his observers to step closer so see the damage he was inflicting on her nipples. He scrubbed and scrubbed, harder and harder. His friends encouraged him to do it harder and harder. He drew blood on one pass and eased up just enough not to break the skin again. He spent several minutes scrubbing her nipples, removing all traces of her being a dirty, slutty whore.

Now all that is left is the whore's cunt. A cunt that loves to be abused and hurt but that had no idea what was about to happen to it. He had her move so that her cunt was facing the side of the tub and had 2 sons each grab a leg and pull it as far apart as they could.

They didn't have to worry about hurting her because they didn't care so they pulled them so far apart that her pussy was wide open. He spread her pussy open even farther with his fingers and exposed her sensitive little clit. He grabbed it between 2 fingers and pinched it until she screamed.

Then he flicked it as hard as he could. Then he raised his hand and slapped her clit as hard as he could. She was screaming and crying all over again. All 5 men in the room were wildly turned on by a crying whore so they were all as close to irrationally turned on as a person can get.

It was the hottest situation any of them had ever been in and it was not even over yet. As soon as she had composed herself a little bit, the great one then grabbed the brush he used on her nipples and covered it with sanitizer and went to work. He scrubbed her little clit raw. He was not listening to her whimpers, cries or screams any more for fear it would drive him over the edge before he was ready. He scrubbed and scrubbed all over her tender little pussy.

He worked tirelessly and slowly. It was agonizing for his sons to watch but grandpa had done this before and was just enjoying seeing his whore granddaughter pay for her sins. But for the whore, it was painfully agonizing to endure. He drew blood a time or two but did not care anymore. It was imperative that the whore's cunt was completely clean.

It felt like it took hours but actually was more like 30 minutes of him scrubbing all the dirty off the whore's cunt but never, ever putting the brush in her hole. When he was satisfied that the outside was clean, he then went back to the bag for his final tool.

The whore was physically and emotionally drained but what she saw him take out of that bag caused her to struggle once again. At this point, the other brother and grandfather joined in to help restrain her. They are slapping her and threatening to hurt her but still it takes several minutes for her to calm down. The object that caused this reaction in the mostly broken whore? A toilet brush. It was obviously brand new, but she knew what he planned on doing with it.

And she was not disappointed. Her savior took the plastic wrap off the toilet brush and completely covered the bristles in the hand sanitizer. Then he steps up to the whore and with no warning shoves the toilet brush deep in her cunt. The bristles are hard and scratch the tender skin inside her pussy and the alcohol in the sanitizer burns her pussy and causes her to scream and buck away from the toilet brush.

He doesn't care, he slams the toilet brush into her cunt over and over. He fucks that sore pussy hard and fast not caring that he was hurting her, that's not true, he loved it. Loved every sadistic minute. When he was finally satisfied that she was clean inside and out, he pulled the toilet brush out of her destroyed pussy. He then turned on the cold water and rinsed her off from head to foot.

Then he took a towel and completely dried her off.

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These actions were tender, almost loving. He had broken her and although there was more intense pain and humiliation close, very close, she deserved a little bit of tenderness. So he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He put her down and told her that she had a little time to recover and then he was going to break her in his way…