Dude Slams Two Horny Latina Shemales

Dude Slams Two Horny Latina Shemales
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Jelly Bean and her Bail Bondsman-Chapter 4 Beagle9690 July 2013 'We're going to Florida!' I was thinking as Danny picked me up and spun me around, 'September is a perfect time to go there as it won't be too hot.

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It will be wonderfully and gloriously warm and sunny to enjoy the sand and the surf. Danny told the client on the phone, his ex-partner Duke Marion, and of course Danny wouldn't accept a fee, that he was bringing me, his fiancé, to meet him. I adore thinking that, 'fiancé, fiancé, fiancé and fiancé!' "Can we make it a vacation sweetheart?" I asked excitedly as I put my arms around his neck to kiss his lips, "We will dance on the beach in the moonlight" KISS, KISS, "but I have to buy a bathing suit and some sun dresses first," KISS, KISS, "I'd love to see manatees in the wild.

I know! We will visit the Everglades and ride on an airboat and." "One thing at a time, Anita," my grumpy bear said laughing, kissing my lips and then putting his finger on them to keep me from talking, "I love you and your enthusiasm is catching. We'll talk about it on the way home, deal?" "Deal," I agreed kissing him again.

Mom, Dad, Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bart got out of the van taking this opportunity to stretch their legs and Dad asked me, "What was that telephone call about, Anita?

Will you two love birds stop kissing long enough to tell us? Is it good news?" "Were going to Florida on business; Duke needs Danny's help. He has a fiancé and I have a fiancé; isn't that fabulous, Dad?" "It's fabulous for Duke Marion, whoever he is.

Who is he?" "Duke Marion is my old partner from my bounty hunting days, Pops. He taught me the thinking man's way of doing the job." "Well, I hope you aren't going to chase down fugitives with him again; you might be hurt or killed!" Mom said alarmed, rushing over to put her arms around Danny to hug him, "I won't stand for it. I absolutely forbid it!" "Yes ma'am, I won't.

I promise, so please don't worry," Danny replied hugging Mom back. "Thank you, but I'll always worry because that's my job," and Mom kissed his cheek, "What kind of business trip is it then?" "Duke retired five years ago.

He became bored with all the free time on his hands and started doing volunteer work to keep busy; however that's not the amazing thing about it." "What's the amazing thing?" Dad asked.

"Duke found his "soul mate" his words, at sixty-one years of age while working for Literacy Volunteers of America." "What's so amazing about that?" Mom asked, "That's how it should be." "You have to know the man, Mary. Although he's a gentleman, Duke is shy around women. He get's tongue tied in most one-on-one social situations with them. My partner fell in love with a retired Librarian. Although I've never met the widow lady, I doubt Sarah McGovern is anything but shy.

Poetry and her church are Sarah's passion." "Well then, I definitely want to meet, Sarah," said Dad. "I'm sure his fiancée must be a special woman to draw the shyness out of him," Mom added. Duke is also a voracious reader; just about anything he can get his hands on to improve his mind and broaden his knowledge of the World.

He reads Westerns for fun and some poetry." "Poetry for the soul," Mom said knowingly. "Yes, it is poetry that brought them together." "That's all well and good but does he read the Bible?" my Dad asked, "Is Mr.

Marion a religious man?" "He can give you a run for your money there, Pops; Chapter and Verse. Let me put things in perspective. Duke was born in Oklahoma. His father, deceased, was a Baptist Minister of the fire and brimstone persuasion and they didn't get along well, although they did make their peace in the end. He now attends a Methodist church with Sarah." "I'd like to meet both of them someday. Invite them to the wedding" Dad replied. "Who's wedding?" Danny asked. "Anita's and your wedding, son", dad replied putting his arm around Danny's shoulder and giving a brief hug.

"I take it I passed the muster, then." "What muster?" Mom asked. "That's between me and my future son-in-law, Mary. We men have our secrets too you know. You were saying about Mr. Marion, Dan." "They are considering purchasing an established bookshop with a coffee bar located on prime real estate. There's a large four bedroom apartment above the mentioned store. There are shall we say some encumbrances. They want my legal advice on how to proceed." "Encumbrances; now there's a thousand dollar word if I ever heard one," my Uncle Bart broke in, trying to make a joke.

"Encumbrances or as some may say, suspenders; or as the Brit's call them, braces; to hold up Tiberius's trousers underneath that ridiculous white tuxedo, ha, ha, ha, OK, don't laugh. I think it's funny, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.ouch! What's that for Joyce?" My Aunt Joyce pinched his ear. "That's for never taking me to Fort Lauderdale Florida!" "Oh, really, I see.

so obviously I deserve that pinch," Uncle Bart replied while grinning from ear to ear. "You certainly do, Bart!" My Uncle Bart put his arms around my Aunt Joyce's waist and kissed her lips. I've been watching them act silly like this from the time I was a little girl and noticed such things. "So, Blondie," Uncle Bart tugged her thick long blonde braid, "you want to go where it is warm and there is sunshine and lots of water?" I noticed that Danny was watching them intently so I squeezed his hand.

Danny leaned over and whispered, "Do you want to invite the family to join us?" I whispered back, "Later, just watch." "Yes, and you know what that means, Bart; lots of amore'. "Well then, Joyce my love; your wish is my command." Uncle Bart scooped up Aunt Joyce in his arms and started walking down the road with her. "Bart! What are you doing?" Aunt Joyce shrieked laughing but not struggling as she put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, "put me down; do you hear me?" "There's a secluded pond up the road surrounded by trees and it is sunny and warm out," Uncle Bart explained walking away and winking, "I'll see you folks in a bit; I'm going to throw Joyce in to get some amore'." "Give me a hand with the ice chest will you, Dan?" my father asked as he opened the back doors of the van "They're going to be gone for at least an hour and we might as well have a bite to eat while we wait." Danny lifted it out by himself saying, "It's all right Pops, I've got it." After Mom and I put down a blanket on the grass to sit, Danny put the ice chest down and asked Dad, "Are they always like this?" "They have been this way for as long as I can remember; Palmer women!" Dad explained throwing up his hands kiddingly, "Don't you get any ideas, rubber duck; you're not married to my daughter yet." Danny and I landed at the Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport with a rental car waiting for us.

Actually it was a Jeep Wrangler 4 x4 with a removal hardtop. Think of it as a go anywhere convertible when the top is off. I chose this model so we can drive right down to the ocean if need be.

As Mr. Skinner's personal secretary I'm in charge of scheduling his appointments and making our travel plans. Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bart will be driving down in the van to meet us in five days and spend three more. We will then all drive back together.

This means five days of making love anytime we want too. or at least until they checked into the room next to us. Dad is planning to have it out with my Uncle Bob and we also heard something through the grapevine about Danny's mommy dearest. We heard that Susan Douglas left her husband and is filing for divorce now that their son is married off.

We won't be meeting with Duke until Wednesday afternoon and I wanted to go to the beach which incidentally is a few minutes' walk from the first floor patio of our hotel room. There is a small beautifully landscaped upscale mall close by with interesting boutiques that I want to explore for my bathing suit. There is also a shop selling diving equipment. Danny promised to get us masks and fins to do some snorkeling. I went into the bathroom after we checked into our room to change into one of my sun dresses.

I wanted to surprise Danny.actually I have a few more surprises in mind for my love. One of Anita's surprises for me as she walked out of the bathroom was the dress.

It's white with pink roses and green leaves with a v-neck that buttoned partially down in the front. It has a white lace collar and lace on the short sleeves. Anita's dress is form fitting without being tight to enhance her five-foot-five-inch dancers figure. My beautiful Anita is also curvy and round in all the right places besides being quite strong for such a petite woman.

Anita's thick auburn brown hair was put up in a loose sexy curly bun with stray tendril curls strategically hanging down. My precious jelly bean was wearing little or no makeup except to enhance her soft brown eyes.

Anita's beautiful eyes make my heart melt, as does her laughter that I liken to the tinkle of little silver Christmas bells. "How do I look, Danny?" Anita asked putting her arms around my neck to kiss my lips, "do you like my new dress?" "You look beautiful, jelly bean. Of course I like your new dress; you're such a girly-girl," and I put my arms around her trim waist to crush her to me gently to kiss her sweet lips long and deep, thinking, 'sunshine and little silver Christmas bells.' "You forget to say, Sir grumpy bear, that I'm a tough girly-girl," Anita said in deep voice like the Papa Bear of a well know children's fairytale.

She messed up my hair vigorously and then smoothed it back, "not to mention I love you. and you love me. and we're engaged!" "Why of course, baby," I replied, stroking the soft hair at the nape of my neck, "you are the sunlight of my soul." Danny was dressed casually when we left our room. I bought him two pair of tan cargo shorts for our little vacation to go with the muscle shirts that I adore seeing him wear; both are perfect for this climate.

Danny wears these shirts strictly to be comfortable; on the plus side they show off his barrel chest, lean ropey muscles and flat washboard stomach. Add his thick black hair and blue eyes; mix everything together and you have scrumptious eye candy and he's mine. We went to the dive shop first to get our snorkeling equipment and then to the boutique to get a bathing suit for me. Many people don't realize how much easier it is to swim with fins, or the distance one can cover with much less effort than without them.

The mask and snorkel have their obvious advantages; particularly in salt water. We also bought several maps and charts, planning on exploring the shoreline to look for secluded little beaches inaccessible from the shore. The boutique carried some of the "Victoria's Secrets" line of clothing and a nice selection of bathing suits. I didn't initially intend to select a skimpy one that showed too much skin, let alone wearing one in public; such minimal garments are for Danny's eyes only.

Nonetheless, I'm a Palmer woman; therefore, I was going to tease my man to keep things interesting as well as keep him on his toes.

My handsome grumpy bear sat patiently in a cane back chair outside of the women's dressing room as I walked in-and- out modeling different bathing suits for him. All of them were reasonably modest; his favorite was a one piece bathing suit in teal green. I didn't tell him it was mine as well; pretending I couldn't decide. Now for Danny's surprise; I came out of the dressing room into the busy store wearing a scandalous two piece that might as well been two pieces of red string for all that it covered.

"Anita!" Danny exclaimed coming out of the chair like a cannon ball from a double charged cannon and grabbing an oversized beach towel from the shelf. Danny wrapped the towel around me. He quickly ushered me to the changing room, closing the door and giving me little or no time to react.wow, so far so good.

"There is no way you'll be wearing that in public. I'm surprised at you, Anita." "But I look nice in it," I replied, trying to feign hurt indignation, "I'm just trying to look sexy for you." I put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing while imagining the look on his face. "Of course you look sexy in it; too sexy!" "Then what's the problem?

My Aunt and Uncle won't be here for five days; when did you get so puritanical and prude?" "Jelly bean, I don't want to argue with you. You're my fiancé and I simply won't allow it." "Allow it!

I hardly need your approval to buy a bathing suit, Danny. I'm buying it. Furthermore I'll wear it anywhere else I feel it is appropriate and that's final!" "Anita," Danny said quietly, and I know that serious tone well, "Will you please be reasonable. There is nothing wrong with the teal one; you look lovely in it.

I'll buy them both. You may wear the red when we are alone together." "I am being reasonable? You're the one who is being unreasonable when all I need is one bathing suit." At this point I had already changed into the teal green bathing suit when I heard a female voice on the other side of the door, perfect. "Excuse me, you're not allowed back here, Sir. There are ladies waiting to use the other dressing rooms." "Yes, of course you are correct and I beg their pardon and yours," Danny replied.

I was standing on a chair looking over top of the door watching them. Danny's back was to me as he turned on the charm with Debbie the salesclerk. "Please give us a couple of minutes. This is our first trip together since we announced our engagement and we're very much in love. I'm sorry I got a bit carried away.

My fiancé' will take both bathing suits. Here's two hundred dollars," Danny gave her two one-hundred dollar bills; "we'll meet you directly at the register." "But, Sir." Perfect.I threw my dress over the top of the door causing Debbie not to finish her sentence, bingo, it landed on Danny's head and he took it off not missing a beat as I quickly got off the chair.

"There you see, ma'am, my lady will be out in a minute. We will also purchase two of the extra-large beach towels on sale on the shelf to the right of the cash register. Any color will do and I thank you for your patience." "I want red ones to match my bathing suit please," I said from behind the door. "My lady prefers the red towels and again my apologies for any inconvenience I have caused." "Well, I suppose it won't hurt to give you a couple of more minutes.

I remember when I was first engaged to be married. I'll have everything rung up when you get there." "Danny, I'm coming out," I announced sweetly; Danny put his hand on top of the door to keep me from opening it "Are you wearing the teal green bathing suit, Anita?" "No, I'm wearing the red one and here's the tag," I replied, reaching over the door to hand him the price tag.

"Why don't you wear your dress and then you can change into your red bathing suit after I take you out to lunch?" Danny suggested as he draped my dress over the top of the door. "No! You let me out right now, Daniel Skinner.

We're in Florida now and all the women dress like this. We'll find a restaurant that has a patio and dine outside." "Very, well, Anita," Danny said as he stepped away from the door, "apparently there is no reasoning with you," and he walked out of the boutique with our diving gear heading for the diving shop as if he was going to return them for a refund.

I quickly got dressed. "Danny, Wait!" I shouted running after him with my packages and his change. "I don't want to talk about it, Ms. Jones," He replied, raising his voice slightly as he continued walking into the dive shop.

"But Danny, I was just having a little fun with you, see, I'm wearing my dress. I'll treat you for lunch," I said now walking beside him; he wouldn't even look at me. "Right, some fun," he replied eyes straight ahead, "you behaving badly and embarrassing both of us. What a reasonable way to start our first vacation together," he was angry and I felt terrible; apparently my joke and teasing went a little too far.

I dropped my packages and got in front of him to put my hand on his hard chest to stop him. My grumpy bear stopped however his face was very stern and uncompromising.

"Please Danny, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you." Danny stood there studying me; contemplating to choose his words carefully as he always does. Danny hardly ever raises his voice to me even when I stretch his patience to the limit.

"Will you please talk to me," I asked while thinking, 'He's never been this angry with me before," I thought noticing some customers watching us very much amused. "Fine, Anita, we will discuss this unfortunate incident here and now. for the sake of our relationship." I was thinking, 'Our relationship? Oh Danny, you're scaring me, what do you mean by that?' "I'm." I started to say, when Danny took his index finger and put it over my lips to silence me; as he did during my interview on the first day we met.

The day I spilled coffee on him and broke his crystal candy dish. I dropped my hand from his chest looking down. "A man can take only so much, Anita," Danny said sternly, lifting my chin with his thumb and forefinger to meet his blue eyes, but I didn't dare, not when he is like this.

He used this same tone in the restaurant with those bikers. I closed my eyes waiting for him to admonish me. "You almost had me, baby," he said laughing and my eyes popped open to look at him. Danny wasn't angry at all; he was grinning from ear to ear with nothing but good natured mirth and love for me in his baby blue eyes. "You.you." "Grumpy bear," he suggested in a deep gravelly voice before he grabbed and tickled me to make me laugh and squirm, "Really, Anita, puritanical and prude?

I wish I had a camera to take a picture of the look on your face a few moments ago." "How did you figure it out?" I asked putting my arms around his neck to kiss his warm lips. Danny returned my kisses, crushing me to him gently.everything was perfect with the world again. "When you stood on the chair, baby," I saw you out of the corner of my eye on the floor-to-ceiling-mirrors on the walls opposite the dressing rooms." "Do you want to know what I think, Mr. Skinner, Sir?" "I'd love to hear it, Miss Jones." "I'm horny," I whispered as I messed up his hair and then pushed it back, smoothing it in place.

"What a coincidence, Miss Jones," he whispered back, "so am I, and since we're here I'll purchase the diving knife I've been contemplating." We returned to the hotel room and Danny unlocked the door to let us in, closing it and locking it behind us. As I was walking over to the bed, Danny playfully swatted my butt making me jump and drop my packages. I spun around to look at him as I rubbed my smarting bottom. "It's my turn, Anita," he grabbed me and threw me on the bed holding me down on my stomach with my arms held firmly but gently behind my back.

Yes, Danny taught me how to defend myself, including how to use firearms; we practice weekly. Include every dirty trick in the book to use in a pinch if I can't retreat to safety; however this was just our usual playfulness.

"Yes, Sir", I replied meekly going along with the game, "Are you going to ravish me?" "I am," Danny replied as he held my two small hands in his much larger left hand, pulling up my dress and pulling my panties down and off with his right.

What a scrumptious and saucy defiant little morsel you are Miss Jones." "Yes Sir, I am, and you adore saucy and defiant." "Yes I do," Danny replied letting go of my hands and getting off the bed," come here baby." I did getting up and walking to him to put my arms around his neck and kiss his warm lips. "I love you," I cooed, "Do you love me?" "I love you more than all the stars in the sky, Anita; you make me complete," said Danny while taking my hair out of the curly bun but leaving it in a curly ponytail.

"Turn around," and as I did Danny unbuttoned and helped me out of my dress followed by my bra. Danny put his arms around my tummy to hug me and nuzzled and kissed the side of my neck and face, sighing with contentment, whispering, "Mush, mush and mush, Anita my love." I squeezed his hands saying," It's your turn now, grumpy bear," and I turned to pull his tee shirt over his head followed by removing everything else until we were hugging and kissing with roaming hands, bare skin on bare skin.

My small hands were all over Danny's hard muscular body, feeling his long ropey muscles move underneath his skin as I worked my way down from his face; tattooing him with invisible tattoos; my kisses, marking him as mine. I took my time.there was no hurry.so.in my own sweet time I was on my knees ready to lick and suck on his hard cock.

I looked up into his blue eyes with mine of brown while he took my long brown hair out of the ponytail in preparation for his cock in my mouth. I started licking the tip first, looking up and smiling; looking into his blue eyes, while moving my tongue in a circle around the circumference and fluttering my tongue on the tip.

Danny's hands were in my hair and he was looking down on me, smiling. I was sucking as he taught me, feeling his hard cock throb in my mouth as I licked and sucked. Danny had other ideas and tugged my hair gently, motioning me to stand and pointed for me to get on the bed which I did. Danny got down beside me and kissed my lips.


He kissed my face, behind my ears, working his way down my neck kissing to the base of my throat, returning to my ears, licking and nibbling on the lobs, "We're engaged, Anita?" He whispered. "Yes," I whispered, "please, Danny, let me suck on your cock some more," he silenced me by kissing my lips, his tongue seeking mine.

'My god,' I was thinking, 'he is making me so horny, and I'm almost ready to come.' Danny continued kissing and licking me all over, especially my breasts, licking and sucking, tasting and probing with his marvelous lips and tongue. My head was thrown back, my eyes closed shut…my god it felt so good. I could feel the moistness between my legs flowing as he worked his way down to my stomach, before arriving to the final destination.

I was caressing his back and shoulders, feeling the muscles moving underneath his skin. "Mm, I can smell you, baby. I can smell the sweet honey of your flower," and he started licking and sucking on my plump aroused pussy, his tongue darting and stabbing; he knows exactly when and where to lick and tease. Danny knows exactly how I like it and takes great pride in knowing every one of my erogenous zones.

I was so aroused I could hardly stand it as Danny got on top of me, supporting his weight with his arms. My wet flower welcomed Danny's cock as he entered me, slowly and carefully until his cock filled my entire uterus.

Danny made love to me slowly and gently at first, his cadence and thrusts increasing in force as my first delicious orgasm was rising. My hips were gyrating as I thrust them upward to welcome his cock, slowly at first and then frantically thrashing as I moaned and squirmed, timing his orgasm with mine; the only sound he was making was a growl in his throat as he pumped his rich, creamy seed deep into my flower, our orgasms mere seconds apart.

Danny rolled off of me onto his back, however, I wasn't finished with him quite yet. I straddled my handsome grumpy bear, supporting my weight on my knees, "Yes baby," he said.

"I want to be on top this time," I said leaning forward to tickle his face with my long auburn brown hair. Anita straddled me impaling herself on my rock hard cock while leaning back with her back straight. She shook her head so that her hair fell forward over her face, neck and breasts.

The mere sight of Anita makes my heart melt, and I know I'll always feel this way because she makes me complete. I reached up and caressed her firm round perfect breasts as Anita slowly rode me. Her beautiful brown eyes were closed in ecstasy. Soon my sweet jelly bean was bouncing up down and down and squirming from side to side. I moved along with Anita, matching her rhythm and thrusting upward while helping to support her weight to let her second wild orgasm wash over as she squealed and panted and moaned loudly and definitively.

My beautiful Anita is as light as a feather and when I could not hold back any longer, I held her waist and pounded her, thrusting upward. Anita's hands were in her long hair holding it out of her face And she was smiling and watching me as I came in her sweet little cunt. She collapsed on top of me kissing my mouth and stroking my face. I held Anita for a time as she lay on top of me with my arms around her waist and bottom just enjoying the closeness; there was no need to talk as our mutually beating hearts were the only sounds necessary to confirm our love.

After a bit, in our own sweet time, we got dressed. We had a light lunch of cold lobster salad with a refreshing cold tomato basil- garlic soup from the Bistro in the strip mall.

We then went back to our room, changed into our bathing suits and grabbed our gear to spend some time on the hotel beach. . After a few hours in the water, testing out our masks and fins, I was sitting on the beach in one of those low beach chairs under a large umbrella the hotel provided where I was slowly sipping and enjoying my one drink for the day; a Mai Tai.

It is a delicious tropical drink made with light and dark rum, cream de almond, sweet & sour mix, pineapple juice and triple sec.

Danny was lying with his head on my lap nodding off when I had a wonderful idea as I twirled the little paper umbrella that came with my drink between my thumb and forefinger.we will build a sandcastle.

"Danny?" I said putting my drink down and rubbing his face, "I love you." "I love you too, baby," he answered not opening his eyes, "keep it up; you are putting me to sleep." "You know what will be fun?" "Yes, you'll let me nap for half an hour." "It will be fun if you let me bury you in the sand; may I?" "No," and he still didn't open his eyes.

"Let's litigate; may we compromise?" "Yes; I sleep for half an hour first and then we'll build a sandcastle?" "How do you know I want to build a sandcastle?" "As Sherlock Holmes might say; "elementary my dear jelly bean", while I say, snowmen and snow angels in the winter as well as all the aquatic soap bubble animals or yellow rubber ducks indigenous to our bathtub." An old platitude states, "money talks and bullshit walks". One of Duke's favorite sayings is, "While money won't buy our way into Heaven, it's certainly noticed there when spent on the simple things in life to bring joy to others." I convinced the bartender at the outdoor beach cabana to let me borrow a large aluminum ice scoop, a plastic ice tub, plus an assortment of different size plastic glasses to made spires, towers and parapets.

He gave us plastic spoons, forks and knives to cut and shape the intricate details. I will state emphatically, building that sandcastle with Anita is one of the finest moments of my life.

Danny and I decorated our sandcastle of love with the plentiful and often overlooked gifts from the sea; shells, driftwood and pieces of colorful broken glass polished smooth by the sand and surf; a shared kiss for each shell or glass gem provided by providence, with the little paper umbrella decorating the tallest spire, pretending it is our Royal Bedroom.

Afterward we sat out on the beach well after dark on that warm Florida night. We ordered and had room service bring our dinner, turkey/bacon club sandwiches and ginger ale, dining quietly on the mostly deserted beach.

We sat and talked quietly as lovers do, watching the waves return our sandcastle to the sea. Afterward we selected one glass gem about the size of a quarter as a memento. Mine will be made into a sterling silver pendent and worn on a silver chain. Danny's will be made into a watch fob. Danny knows a jeweler/goldsmith in Alexander Bay, NY located right on the St.

Lawrence River who will create our sandcastle jewelry. I was quite tired when we returned to our room after all that exercise and fresh air. I got into bed first and waited for Danny to come out of the bathroom and make love to me; only to fall asleep and then wake up next to him late in the morning cuddled up close.

I woke him with a kiss and was rewarded with a sigh and a smile. We didn't remain in bed long that morning for we had to prepare for our adventure on the high seas.or to be more precise, the shallow reefs off shore. We spent most of the day in the open Jeep with the wind in our hair exploring the coast roads and taking notes; highlighting the possible points of interest on the sea chart and land map we purchased at the dive shop to coordinate the locations on each to explore the coast by boat.

We will then anchor and explore the warm waters with masks, snorkel and fins. We spent the late afternoon and early evening walking hand in hand perusing a few downtown shops after dinning in a small seafood restaurant celebrated for their crab cakes, Caesar Salad and coconut shrimp. I've come to the conclusion since meeting my jelly bean that despite having free will, some things are meant to be; large events in our lives or simple unnoticed everyday things we might not give a second thought too.

We were walking by a haberdashery, MILLER'S TOPPERS, when Anita saw a mannequin displaying a particular hat. I've never been much of a hat person except a wool watch cap in the winter to keep my ears warm. My scuffed up ball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes is now the property of Frankie our snowman who like Frosty the Snowman of the popular Christmas song will return every winter. Perhaps you think it's silly to name a snowman or delegate a perfectly good hat for such.

I might have agreed with you until I met Anita; the warm sunshine of her smile melts my heart as the warm sunshine melts Frankie to mush, however, I digress; speaking again of hats, the haberdashery was closed. Anita saw someone moving around inside and took my hand in a death grip; she wouldn't let me leave, tapping on the glass and waving to get the attention of the man inside.

The proprietor is a distinguished looking older man at about five-foot eight inches tall who moved about like a much younger man. He has a deep Florida tan to contrast his thick full head of white hair. Mr. Miller was dressed in tan chinos, a button down white shirt and was wearing leather sandals.

He let us in and relocked the door, saying, "I'll be with you folks in a moment." My jelly bean led me right to a mannequin head wearing a hand woven straw Montecristi Panama fedora and insisted that I let her buy one like it for me.


"You know I'm not much of a hat person, baby; what about a fitted ball cap?" "Please grumpy bear. You'll look so handsome in it!

Besides, your beat up old cap belongs to our snowman now," She then put her hands around my neck and kissed my lips, "Please, pretty please, for me?" "The young lady is correct Sir, this style hat will complement you" said the old gentleman holding up a measuring tape as he recognized a sure sale. "If you'll just let me measure your head, I'll guarantee satisfaction and a perfect fit.

My family has been here for eighty-five years. I can assure you; I know hats." "You heard what the gentlemen said, Danny; you'll look handsome.please?" "Marvin if you please," he said to me, "so if you'll just allow me, Sir." "What a small world!

My Dad's name is Marvin, Sir," Anita chimed in delighted at the coincidence as she formally introduced us, "I'm Anita Jones and this is my fiancé Daniel Skinner. We're engaged and this our first trip to Florida together." "Marvin Miller," he said warmly shaking her hand and then mine; Marvin's handshake is firm and sincere, "My pleasure to meet you both. I have a granddaughter about your age, Anita, she's also engaged," and he took a photo out of his wallet to show us the other happy couple.

"Mary-Beth is my pride and joy in the remaining time I have left on this earth; isn't she beautiful?" And of course we agreed. I made an instant judgment about the man and my instincts are generally correct. I like the old gentlemen. Mr. Miller genuinely likes people and takes great pride in his business and a tradition of eighty-five years. We made small talk discussing families; Anita and Marvin doing most of the talking. Mr. Miller was in no real hurry to make a sale and after a half hour or so, "All fiddle-fuddle or malarkey aside to make a sale; I'm telling you the truth.

This fedora or any fedora will look good on you." "Who am I to argue with tradition, Mr. Miller," I agreed respectfully, "I bow to your expertise." They were more than right. Plus to top it off, please excuse the pun, Anita was pleased to no end to purchase it for me; why not a straw fedora in the summer instead of a ball cap. We were up bright and early the next day for the 90 minute ride in the Jeep to our destination. Once there, we went on a private tour on an airboat to explore the Everglades.

We visited secluded places few people ever see, and Danny and I were privileged to swim with the manatees in a hidden spring fed lagoon. Our guide is a dark haired man in his late forties; fit, trim and tanned who seems to glide quietly and effortlessly with no wasted motion as he walks.

Our guide, John Smith, is full blooded Seminole. Danny knows John's Seminole name having heard it at the funeral; it's Holata which means alligator and was given to John when he passed into manhood at fifteen. I also know John jumped bail and didn't meet his court date. John was accused of murdering a young man, a judge's son. He claimed self-defense which was proven in court to be true.

It is a long involved story. However the fact remains the judge's son pulled a knife on John. During the ensuing struggle, the knife wielder was wrestled to the ground where he fell on his own knife. The unfortunate tragedy occurred after midnight while John was sleeping on a bench underneath the trees. John's knapsack was his pillow. He was on a Church's property with permission after having dinner with the pastor and his wife in exchange for doing chores around the parish during the day.

The judge's son and his friend were roaming the area looking for trouble in a drunken bravado, both having extensive brushes with the law.

They mistook John for a homeless vagrant and tried to pulled off the bench while he was sleeping; a big mistake on their part. He knocked out one of his assailant's before the fool could blink. Never mess with a man who hunts and traps alligators let alone who is named after one. Did I mention John is licensed with the State of Florida to trap and remove nuisance alligators or other large dangerous reptiles to return them to the wild?

In those days John liked to hitchhike. He was neatly dressed and had more than adequate funds and/or identification with him when the police arrested him.

The only thing that might be considered a weapon on his person at the time of the arrest was a Swiss Army knife and a hard nylon dog bone with his keys on it.the first of his assailants was knocked unconscious with it. When Danny found out about the hard nylon dog bone, he borrowed the idea and started carrying one. To complicate things, John's mother died while all this was going on.

John could make the court date or take the bus home to attend the funeral, choosing the later since the prosecuting attorney, the judge's poker buddy refused to change the court date, incensed that John was able to make bail to begin with.

Danny and Duke captured John in bus station's men's room after dropping off a jumper to the Sheriff's lockup that morning and then checking in with their bondsman to collect their fee. John surrendered peaceably after a brief but violent struggle with Danny; Danny dislocated John's arm.

Danny received a badly bruised instep from the brief struggle and a broken nose where John smashed it with the back of his head; hence the bump on his nose where it didn't heal properly. They kid each other about their injuries now and jokingly talk about a rematch, head to head no holds barred.

After Duke put John's arm back in place, John then gave them his side of the story. Duke called in a favor and did some checking. As the senior partner having the final say and against Danny's better judgment, they drove John to the funeral allowing him to be with his family for the day unshackled on his word of honor to return with them peaceably in shackles.

John could have easily slipped away and disappeared into the swamps never to be found, however he kept his word. After our tour, John invited us to his home and we sat outside under a large oilskin canopy that is used for the porches roof. He served us cold and refreshing fresh squeezed juice from his small grove of orange and pink grapefruit trees.

For dinner we had hotdogs on sticks roasted over a wood fire in a brick fire pit. We had canned pork and beans right out of the can from the fire. John poked two small holes in the cans with his Swiss Army knife to keep them from bursting as they heated up like little pressure cookers. While the beans were heating, John fried up onions and garlic with mixed hot and sweet peppers in a cast iron frying pan over the wood fire and they had a wonderful smoky taste.

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When the beans were done, John opened my can and poured them into a bowl were I mixed in cut up hotdogs with the smoky fried onions and peppers; the beans were delicious. He and Danny ate theirs right out of the can with a spoon mixing in the peppers and onions and ate their hotdogs off the stick; we had toasted marshmallows for dessert.what fun.

I should mention that John lives in a small neat and tidy two bedroom house with a large semi-enclosed front porch that was originally his deceased mother's. It is located out in the middle of nowhere next to an inland canal that leads to the Everglades and open water. His home is constructed primarily of insect resistant cedar wood split into boards from logs taken from the plentiful cedar trees on the property and was originally built by his grandfather; his mother's father.

He keeps a Remington 720 bolt action rifle loaded chambered in 30-06 with 180 grain soft points near him when he's outside just in case of alligators and we saw some huge ones on our tour. His homestead is simple and unpretentious as are his needs because John pretty much lives off the land, hunting and fishing; particularly alligators in season, and he is a master carpenter by trade; alligators are a hobby and sideline.

John's kitchen is simple and austere; a sink of course and the usual kitchen cabinets and counters; a small drop leaf table with two chairs; a refrigerator, a chest freezer where there was once a stove and a microwave oven; the brick barbeque pit is his year round outdoor kitchen weather permitting.

There is a small window air conditioner in his bedroom while the rest of the house is furnished as minimalist as his kitchen.

Not that John is poor man mind you; he's not a material man and prefers to be outdoors most of the time. That night I was privileged to learn what an amazing public speaker he is and was spell bound while it lasted. He built up the fire in the fire pit until the flames were leaping high and kept it well stoked. Using the fire pit as his backdrop, Holata had our undivided attention as he regaled us with the history and legends of the Seminoles. We learned of the different tribes and peoples that intermingled to be known as the Seminole, the "unconquered people" and he sang for us; first in English and next in the native tongue in a rich tenor voice.

I fell asleep in the Jeep on the way to our hotel dreaming that Danny and I magically stepped back into the past to attend a feast as honored guests of Osceola and Abiaka. With all the activity and fresh air, this was also the second time I fell asleep in bed waiting for my lover to join me. Danny was wide awake and in his serious business mode. He was up for a couple of hours going over the case and its complexities so he was ready to meet with the seller's attorney in the morning. I was aware how much Danny was looking forward to seeing Duke again.

Since the old judge died, Duke is the last of Danny's old friends. He hadn't seen his ex-partner in six years although they talk occasionally on the telephone. We met one hour early in the opposing attorney's parking lot and I was not surprised that Duke's appearance hadn't changed at all since I last saw him. At five foot five and weighing about 150lbs, Duke is anything but imposing until he gets serious or angry.and then watch out! Dressed in a blue suit, Duke looks like an accountant or bookkeeper and always uses average to blend in.

Duke allows people to underestimate him too their disadvantage. He did something out of character.something he never did before after we shook hands Duke hugged me.what the heck. I hugged him back.

"Although I've never told you, I'm proud of you, and proud to have had you as a partner, Dan, just don't let it go to your head; what's rule number three?" "Rule number three; duct tape is your friend," I replied smiling and stepping back while taking a new roll of duck tape out of my pocket and handing it to him, "although, rule number nineteen is the most important rule of all and the best thing that ever happened to me to pave the way for all the good things that followed." "What are you talking about, Dan, there are only five rules?" "I was nineteen and woke up with a splitting headache on my way to Oklahoma when I first learned about rule number three.

You took me under your wing and taught me the right way of doing things when you beat that darn dictionary over my head; twenty new words a day. You are like a father to me, Duke, so how about another hug?" "Don't spoil things after six years by getting mushy with me," he said clearing his throat and pretending to cough, I'm paying you to be a hard nose. I don't want you distracted with touchy feely and getting all weak kneed before the negotiations start; what hourly rate does a big shot lawyer like you charge." "Hells bells, for a miserable old curmudgeon like you, nothing; I told you on the phone your money is no good." "Watch your language in front of a lady, boy, we'll discuss it later," and turning to Anita and smiling, Duke said, "You must be, Anita, congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding," he held out his hand and shook Anita's gently, "I must say, you do have a striking resemblance to Audrey Hepburn." "Did grumpy bear tell you that?" What else did he tell you about me?" She asked, giving me the "I got you look".

"Did you call him Grumpy bear?" Duke commented amusingly, giving me a sideline look, raising an eyebrow, a sign of surprise from the original poker face when he wants to be. " The fact that Dan allows you call to him grumpy bear confirms to me everything Dan told me about you must be true, Miss Jones, and all of it is good. Isn't that right, grumpy bear?" and he slapped me hard on the back. "Thank you and congratulations to you too, Mr. Marion. I'm looking forward to meeting your fiancé.

I assume Miss McCarthy will be meeting us here?" "Good manners, too, but Duke will do. Sarah will be here shortly. She insisted on bringing fresh coffee and you should taste her fresh baked croissants.

You must when she gets here; speaking of which." Duke looked as Danny described him except for the tall light gray ten gallon Stetson Duke wore in their bounty hunting days which was Duke's trademark. Duke is an ardent admirer of Elmer Keith, a legend that many knowledgeable handgun enthusiasts refer to as the father of the 44 magnum handgun round developed from his heavy 44 special loads. Danny chose the 44 special as a defensive caliber for me, although I practice weekly with Danny shooting a neat little Smith & Wesson 22 rimfire Kit Gun revolver to keep my shooting skills in tune.

There is still that ever present quiet authority; just as Danny described; and when the two men hugged; genuine love and affection. Sarah McCarthy is nothing like I expected.

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She is a generously proportioned, large bosomed, strawberry blonde woman with a precise chin length blunt cut bob haircut. Sarah is at least 4 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than her fiancé; a marked contrast to Duke's compact and whipcord thin physique.

They are five years apart in age with Duke being the older of the two. Sarah was wearing a plain and modest dark brown dress for the meeting with the attorneys and the only jewelry I could see was her diamond engagement ring and a small gold cross on a fine chain. Sarah is as outgoing and very polite; she is also light on her feet for such a substantial woman; while Duke is slow moving and quietly reserved and very active in her church.

It's obvious that Duke absolutely adores Sarah for his face softened markedly when the introductions were made. The croissants where light, buttery and delicious; Regardless, I took and instant liking to Sarah and her to me. We not only shook hands, but Sarah hugged me as if we were friends for years. The final outcome of the meeting with the attorney; Duke and Sarah agreed to pay an additional ten thousand to satisfy the final upcoming balloon payment of a private mortgage held by the original owner.

This will allow them to have clear title to the property. In consideration for the said ten thousand, the seller will buy out the current tenant's lease, and or evict them if necessary.

Another consideration is they also own and may continue to use the well known and established name of their new business "Lighthouse Books'. There was more to the case that were ironed out, however both sides left the table satisfied.

On a personal note, Duke asked Danny to be his best man for their upcoming spring wedding in May; I will be a bridesmaid, Sarah insisted. Danny asked Duke to be his when our time comes. To celebrate everything the four of us had a lovely dinner at fine steak house. Mine was a thick medium rare porter house, although Danny ate most of it.

They promised to join us at the beach for a midnight dance and to meet my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bart. I had a wonderful time seeing my old partner and was very happy for him. We hugged briefly before I left. Sarah and Anita seemed to hit it off and I've never seen Duke as happy. Anita couldn't sit still on the way back to the hotel and kept looking at me and smiling. She was acting like the first day she rode in the Corvette when we left the restaurant for her job orientation; my jelly bean was gathering her courage to kiss me.which she didn't.

Out of the blue my Anita said, "Danny, pull over up ahead and follow the access road between the power poles," Anita turned around to see if there were any vehicles behind us. I stopped 300 yards in and I put the Jeep into four wheel drive to enter a gap I saw between the palmetto bushes into an open spot completely out of sight of the road.

"I want you to talk dirty to me. Do you want me to suck on your cock?" Anita asked, knowing that I did. My spicy little tough little girly-girl put her hand on my erection to feel my manhood straining against my suit pants. "Do I have to talk dirty?" I asked. "Yes." "Are you going to talk dirty, baby?" "No of course not; I'm a Palmer woman.well maybe just a little bit, when we fuck." "What do you want me to say," I asked. "First, I want you to call me your bitch," Anita said, covering her mouth to hide a smile.after a few seconds of getting her composure."I want to be your bitch." "Fine, my love, however we are going to do this the right way so don't be shocked.

Do you trust me?" "Yes, Danny." "I want you to suck on my cock, bitch;" I said gruffly, "let's put that saucy mouth of yours too some good use." "Yes, Sir," she replied, meekly. "Don't talk back to me, slut," and I cuffed Anita head lightly, "I don't want to hear another sound come out of your cock sucking mouth except moaning panting or sucking.got it?" Anita nodded, looking down. "Good, now take off your panties and hand them to me so I can smell and feel the moistness against my cheek, thinking, 'my little jelly is incredible.

I you love more than all the stars in the sky, Anita.' "I can smell your sex, bitch; your cunt is wet and willing to be fucked?" I took her hair out of her bun to stroke her ponytail." You're my fucking slut and my property. Just remember; if you are a good little cocksucker I will reward you with a good hard fucking." "Who are you?" I asked, taking her face in my hand between my thumb and for finger, "answer me!" "I'm your fucking slut bitch, Sir." "And don't you forget it," I opened the driver's door and we switched sides.

Anita lay down on her stomach the long way across the driver's seat with her feet hanging out the driver's door. I got comfortable by leaning up against the passenger door and waited for my jelly bean to start as she pulled my zipper down and pulled my hard cock out giving it a little lick, followed by a kiss. Anita started by kissing and licking my stomach, working her way towards my cock. It was standing at attention for her patiently waiting to be licked and sucked. She started licking the base of my cock and then moved to the tip, rolling her tongue around it, "that's it you saucy little slut bitch; that's how to respect a hard cock." Anita continued to lick and suck while I took her hair completely down.

I buried my hands in to her long thick auburn brown hair, as she took my cock deeper into her mouth. "Very good, bitch!" I praised wrapping my hand in her hair to pull her head away, "Give me a fucking kiss you little slut." 'Oh my, god," I was thinking as Danny thrust his tongue into my mouth, his hand pulling my hair, pushing my lips against his to keep me there, 'I absolutely adore being his fucking cock sucking bitch,' was my thought, as our tongues caressed with minds of their own.

When he let me go back to licking and sucking, I teased him; bringing him to the brink of sweet release and then backing off. I did this several times until he growled, "Enough, bitch" Danny took control of me by my hair, setting the cadence.

"Enough teasing; bitch, lick and suck and you will swallow it all," and I did as he controlled my mouth and tongue with my long hair. Danny's breathing increased, becoming deep steady breathes and he was making a low noise in his throat, a low deep primal growl that turns me on so much. He hiked up my dress and gave my ass a couple of sharp slaps, making me all the more aroused. I was squeezing my legs together, pushing my pussy against the Jeeps seat, trying to stimulate myself.

I wanted to come so bad. I tried sticking my hand between my legs to rub my swollen clitoris but Danny grabbed it preventing me, growling, "None of that bitch, I decide when you come!

Keep on sucking, cunt." I looked up at him smiling; Danny was really getting into it as was I; I squeezed my legs together and sucked and licked harder, knowing when his orgasm came to pump his rich and creamy semen into my mouth to swallow, mine orgasm would be close behind it. And it was, because my orgasm burned through me as I was swallowing his seed.

My little game; and apparently a shared fantasy seemed to arouse Danny as much as it did me. What power I have over my man if I use it wisely and lovingly. Aunt Joyce confined in me during one of our ladies nights when we do our nails that she likes it hard and rough, stating; "Most men, including husbands who are gentle and thoughtful most of the time are willing to accommodate their women with this aspect of shared sexuality.especially with the right coaxing because having a submissive woman is a fantasy with most men." Danny was still hard and aroused, "Out of the Jeep, bitch," he demanded, "I have a promise to keep." We both got out and Danny pulled up my dress and dropped his pants, making me bend over and lay across the passenger seat.

Danny started playing my with my still wet pussy with his fingers arousing me all over again "Tell me who you are." "I'm your horny, bitch, Sir." "Do you want me to fuck your cunt?" "Yes, please, Sir," and without further comment, Danny impaled me slowly with his hard cock, making me moan with pleasure," 'my fiancé.my fiancé,' I was thinking, 'I'm your bitch.yes fuck me fast and hard, I'm your bitch.' Danny continued, fucking me harder and faster until I had to brace my hands against the dash and steering column We became lost in the moment focused only on our own pleasure and I could feel his cock convulse as he pumped his thick hot seed into my cunt, making me shudder with pleasure as my orgasm overtook burned through me.

He left me limp across the Jeeps seat, almost too weak to move while he dressed. I eventually got up, perhaps a few minutes after he was dressed. "Where are my panties?" I asked as I smoothed my dress down. "Brush your hair and leave it down," he said quietly, handing me my hairbrush. As I was brushing it I asked again, "where are my panties?" "You're my bitch, remember? I have them in my pocket for now." "When will I be getting them back?" "You'll get them back when I say so." "Danny." "Anita," he replied, "come here, baby, let me brush it for you.

With all the heat we just created, we need to cool off with an ice cream cone." As he finished, "You are beautiful my love.

Will you allow me a kiss, please?" I turned and put my arms around his neck and kissed his lips long and deep, as he held me in his arms gently and tenderly. He was my sweet and patient Danny again and I was his little jelly bean. "May I have them back, please?" and I kissed his lips again. "When we finish dancing, jelly bean." "What about the ice cream?" "First the ice cream, then we change out of these sweaty clothes and shower together." "And then what?

I asked, messing up his sweaty hair. "We are going dancing." It was raining hard by the time we got back to our room; a brief deluge. By the time we finished our shower and changed into fresh clothes, the rain had stopped leaving the hotel beach deserted except for a man walking his dogs.

Danny and I danced barefoot for an hour in the wet sand to the sounds of the sea that evening before bedtime. This was our last night alone until my Aunt and Uncle arrived.

Mom sent me a text message when we were dancing. They were leaving early and we could expect them tomorrow in the early afternoon. Mom and Dad also sent us their love. We made slow and tender love that evening facing one another followed by many more gentle hugs and kisses until we fell asleep in each other's arms. We spent most of the next morning working out in the hotel gym. I did my usual stretching followed by aerobics; next the treadmill followed by light free weights while Danny was working out on the weight machine.

I left Danny there to shower, leaving my wet hair loose to air dry after put on a new light green summer dress for him. I returned to the gym to find Danny, his hands a blur, pummeling on the heavy bag intensely concentrating on converting the sand into micro dust. Danny was stripped down to his gym shorts and sneakers and his bare chest dripping with perspiration; the wetness making the muscles on his arms, legs, washboard stomach and barrel chest stand out all the more.

My love had an audience.to be specific, two rather attractive ladies with nice figures who appeared to be in their late thirties to early forties peddling their exercise bicycles.

From the conversation I surmised they were good friends. You should have heard the sexual comments they made about Danny; particularly the redhead with the short curly hair.

I sat behind them and listened knowing that my grumpy bear's heart is mine and mine alone. Finally with a plan in mind, I walked up next to them, "Hello, ladies, I'm Anita. Do you know who he is?" I asked, taking a sip from my water bottle, "the man is so incredibly built; why he's simply scrumptious." "No but we'd like too," the other lady with the shoulder length black hair replied, "If you know what I mean.

I don't see a ring on the hunks finger; I wonder if he does private parties." "Do you want me to ask him?" And I walked over to Danny not waiting for a reply while saying loud enough for them to hear, "Excuse me," my back was to them so I winked at him, "Are you a male stripper?" Danny glanced at the women, catching on, "Why yes, how did you know that," and he took his towel and wiped his face with it. "I'm also a registered masseuse". "How much do you charge for private parties?" "How many people will be attending?" "My two new friends and I," I replied trying not to smile.

"How does thirty dollars each sound? I'm really new at this." "May I test out the merchandise first? What about a free taste?" I asked, running my index finger down his chest and then tasting it, pleased at my performance.

Danny told me afterward that while I was talking they stopped pedaling and the redhead was fumbling with her wrist wallet and dropped her money on the floor. "Yes of course; the customer is always right; we'll use your room and then you can decide if you want to hire me for your party." You could hear a pin drop as we walked out together, arm in arm.

Joyce and Bart arrived around four in the afternoon. After Joyce hugged me and kissed my cheek, she greeted Anita and they went inside to register them.

"Welcome to Florida, Bart," and we shook hands, "Let me give you a hand with your luggage and I'll show you to your room." "Thanks Dan; good to see you, but when do we eat?" "Well what do you have a taste for?" I asked as we walked into the lobby carrying the luggage. "I'm thinking lobsters. Did you and Anita find any good seafood joints?" "As a matter of fact we did." "Good, your treat; better yet, my treat." "I'm ready for a nap, my love," he said to Joyce, "and then we're taking the kids out to dinner." The one thing I'll say for Bart, he doesn't have short arms and isn't afraid to reach into his pockets spend money on his dinner guests.

For the first time in my life I actually had my fill of lobster; we all did; what a feast. After dinner the ladies went to my room and talked. Bart and I looked over the maps in his to plan our day.

I already had a boat rented for us at a local Marina. We all turned in early to get some sleep. Tomorrow we were getting up bright and early. Anita and I spent a pleasant and laid back day on the rented boat with Joyce and Bart. We swam and lounged around; we snacked. I'm not surprised they are more than familiar with a mask, fins and snorkel; they brought their own from home. We showed them a sheltered beach we discovered along the coast inaccessible from the road.

While Bart and I just chewed the fat and told dirty jokes, the ladies collected sea shells walking the beach or diving in the shallows. Much to their delight they found a pristine conch and many nice cockle shells; they found calico scallop, true tulip, whelk and Scotch bonnet shells; they found olive shells; they found a nice triton's trumpet. Their greatest find was a lion's paw shell which rarely washes ashore, although it does turn up occasionally in fisherman's nets.

My beautiful Anita is so smart. While Joyce knew most of the common names for each shell, my jelly bean knows the names and/or variations of each plus the genus in Latin. It did my heart good to see the women return with their buckets full of shells as if the buckets were full of pirate treasure.

It was around eight in the evening when we returned to our rooms. Bart and Anita decided to nap before our midnight couples dance on the hotel beach. However I was hungry as was Joyce. We decided to meet in the bar/restaurant in twenty minutes after we changed for a bite to eat and let our better halves nap.

We would join them later and then nap until almost midnight. I was walking through the lobby on my way to meet Joyce when I heard a voice behind me whisper, "Dan, I'm over here." I almost didn't recognize the striking redhead in the form fitting green knit dress waiting in the alcove to the restaurant.

It was her voice that gave Joyce away despite the sexy and expensive curly shoulder length wig she was wearing or the sultry, almost exotic way she was wearing her makeup. If I didn't know it was a wig, I would mistake it for real hair, "What can I do for you, gorgeous and excuse me for saying so, but you're one hot looking babe" "Dan, there is no time for teasing; Susan Douglas is here and now's your chance to tell her off once and for all." "May I pay you a compliment first?" I asked feeling the curls of the wig, definitely real human hair.

"Yes, but we must hurry before she leaves. My cousin Thelma left a text message on my cell-phone. The tramp is living in their condominium. I want to be there when you tell her because I despise what she did to you." "You look very sexy in the dress. Actually the whole package is nice and I like the hair." "Thank you," she replied taking my arm, "Let's walk while we talk.

Bart likes variety and I have several wigs to spice things up. If I weren't married and met you before Anita, I just might; but back to business. "Does Mary wear wigs?" I asked. Never mind that now; I'm dressed incognito so as not to tip Susan off. You as an attorney should know it's best to have a witness on your side just in case, so here's the plan." I casually strolled into the restaurant before Dan as planned to find the despicable woman sitting up all nice and cozy with her toy boy.wow!

Talk about a walking stereotype for a fun in the sun male gigolo. Susan's toy boy, and that was obvious from first glance is younger than Dan. He has curly shoulder length hair processed with dye to look sun bleached. Eric is tall, thin, tanned and handsome. He proved by his demeanor to be as shallow as a dinner plate, although it was evident he worked out in the gym.

I also observed Eric constantly glanced at himself in the bar mirror.vanity must be Eric's middle name.still, he's too good for the tramp. Eric was wearing a fashionably tight red satin shirt with most of the buttons unbuttoned down to his navel to show off his numerous gold chains. He was also wearing tight white Capri pants and brown woven loafers without socks.

Susan was wearing a sleeveless leopard print sun dress. Up until then I had no idea such things as leopard skin print sun dresses existed; apparently the mother of the groom does. The tramp also had on enough gold jewelry to put an Aztec Princess to shame. Susan was trying to placate the obviously bored Eric by running her fingers through his curls and telling him just another half-hour or something like that. Surfer boy was actually pouting like a spoiled child. I contrasted the two men as Dan confidently walked into the restaurant.

Dan's thick black hair, styled in a businessman's cut was a bit is worn a bit longish for Anita, and neatly combed back as always. He was wearing dark grey wool trousers and polished black brogues. He was wearing an honest white cotton dress shirt with the sleeves partially rolled up.

Only the top button was unbuttoned Dan was devoid of all jewelry not counting the antique Elgin pocket watch Anita gave him. My future nephew is naturally masculine in his uncluttered, unpretentious sense style. Many discerning women find such a look in a man sexy as hell, but then I'm prejudice as far as Dan is concerned; we have an understanding and I trust him like family.

"Good evening, Susan," Dan said quietly walking up next to her but not sitting down. He put a fifty dollar bill on the bar and ordered a club soda with a twist of lime. "My, aren't you the persistent one. How did you know I was staying at my condominium, Daniel?

Did you hear through the grapevine I'm filing for divorce?" "Who's this guy?" Eric asked looking Dan over and frowning," is he the reason we've been here so long?" "Actually no, I had no idea he was in Florida," Susan replied, "but what a pleasant surprise." "Daniel Skinner," Dan replied holding out his hand for Eric to shake.

"Yeah, whatever, dude," Eric replied not taking his hand. "Eric is my escort and bodyguard for the evening, Daniel. He tends to be abrupt and standoffish with people he doesn't know; his hands are registered deadly weapons." "So, you're a bodyguard.

That sounds like an exciting and dangerous profession. I can assure you I won't cause any trouble. " "Yeah, damn straight it's dangerous," Eric replied, trying to look intimidating, oblivious to the fact Dan was mocking him, "But on the plus side I break heads and I get paid for it!" "I'll leave such matters to the experts," Dan replied, gravely, "Susan can vouch for me; I was a guest at the wedding.

May I buy you a drink, Eric? You strike me as a man who knows his way around. Perhaps you can tell me where the action spots are in Fort Lauderdale." "Yeah, sure, why not, thanks" Eric said smiling at the compliment and they shook hands, "Let me tell you about." Dan patiently listened to Eric, feeding him questions so he would brag about his prowess and exploits.

After about forty minutes the tramp sent Eric back to her condominium with a sultry suggestion followed by a promise. Some obnoxious jerk tried to hit one me. I told him I was an undercover vice cop to scare him off.

Danny noticed and smiled. Susan thought he was smiling at her. Because of the jerk, I didn't catch all the words but her body language transcended all spoken languages.

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"Well, now that Eric is finally gone," Dan announced, "bartender, please bring the lady your best 30 year aged single malt Scotch over ice and make it a triple to celebrate the grapevine." The bartender did, refilling Dan's club soda and adding another twist of lime.

He served Susan's in the traditional heavy short and thick low ball glass. Susan got off of her barstool and stood as close as possible to Dan, leaning forward to smell his cologne.

They raised their glasses, "A toast to the grapevine," Dan offered; "a toast to the grapevine," Susan repeated taking a sip of her Scotch, "and a toast to liberation." "A toast to liberation," Dan agreed, taking a sip of club soda, and then asking, "what or who is being liberated?" "I'm being liberated; I'm taking my limp dick husband to the cleaners," Susan replied, laughing.

"You know Susan, as we stand here together, I'm feeling liberated too." "Another toast to liberation," Susan said, and they both took a sip," I've never asked, just what is it you do, handsome?" "I'm an attorney. My arrival in Fort Lauderdale is twofold.

I recently adjudicated a very difficult real estate transaction for a client and now." "You handled Eric well, Daniel, although he's not much in the conversation or brains department, he's a party animal and satisfies those tastes for me along with other needs; nightclubbing for example.

You on the other hand impress me as a man who knows exactly what he wants. It's obvious you are an educated man of sophisticated tastes.


The young woman you were with at the wedding is absolutely stunning by the way." "Yes, she is," Dan replied, "My fiancé is that and more; did you know Anita is a member of Mensa?" "How charming, but getting back to us; it's also obvious you like to play the field and enjoy variety as do I. Monogamy is for dull unimaginative drones and life is short; don't you agree?".Dan didn't answer and Susan continued taking for granted that he did agreed.

"I don't believe in coincidence so I'll assume I've made an impression on you. Let's cut to the chase. I'm available and I'm discrete. I can show you a good time and I'll soon be a very wealthy woman." "You've made an indelible lasting impression on me, Susan, please be assured of that fact," and as Dan said this I moved closer until one empty bar stool was between us; the women's eyes never left Dan after the toy boy left. "What a charming compliment. Let me pay you one.

It's obvious that you come from a good family. No doubt your parents are professional people; your education and breeding shows. You made an impression on me the moment we met." 'Boy did she just leave herself wide open and step in it,' I was thinking.'any time Dan, now's your chance.tell her what you think of her.lower the boom on the tramp! Don't hold anything back!' "Do you believe in irrevocable fate, Susan, or does a higher power such as God direct our lives?" "What are you talking about, Daniel," she said moving closer and putting her hand suggestively on his crotch and alarmed I was thinking, 'Dan, what are you doing!

Follow the plan.' Dan gently and effortlessly picked her up and put Susan on her barstool surprising her and me. "Good things always will come to those who wait. Please hear me out, Susan." "Anything you say counselor," Susan said picking up her drink and taking a sip, "give me your summation and then I'll sentence you to an evening you'll never forget." "I've thought about it for a long time, Susan.At first I couldn't fathom why you turned your back on me when I was eight years old.

I simply didn't understand. What did I do wrong? As a result I hardened my heart. I thought unkindly of you for years.

I walked alone and I was content. I saw only one set of footprints in the sand. Anita came into my life with the sunshine of her smile and her laughter of little silver Christmas bells. She makes me complete. I understand you now Susan and I forgive you. I genuinely wish you well and the best of health and happiness. I forgive you in part because I'm inspired by the love of a woman." Dan took the well worn picture from his wallet when he was eight years old with his dog, Patsy.

He handed it to Susan and she looked at it, confused momentarily. Then without further comment, Dan turned and walked away. The once pleasant continence of the tramp's face went through a metamorphosis of changes and contortions mirroring her thoughts as Dan's identity became apparent to her; shock, shame, anger and embarrassment to name a few. As a leopard can't change its spots; Susan's arrogant, selfish and grasping self bubbled to the surface with fetid frustrated meanness when she spewed, "You.you.

don't you dare walk away from me. I know who and what you are, you motherless bastard.shove your forgiveness up your ass because nobody wants you. Yah, that's right looser keep walking.

You'll always be a bastard. I'll fix you good. I'm going to tell your fiancé and her family exactly what you are and then I'm going to ruin you! If you're really a lawyer, I'll have you disbarred!" That despicable woman gulped down her drink and threw the heavy bar glass hitting Dan in the back. Dan continued walking giving Susan no reaction or acknowledgement which enraged the tramp all the more. Susan was shaken to the core by the revelation, forgiveness forgotten because she was made the fool.

She shoved the photo into her purse and fumbled inside trying to get her cigarettes out, dropping the pack on the floor as she left the restaurant. I followed Susan into the Ladies Room where she went right to a toilet stall closing the door behind her to smoke a cigarette.

I have to admire Dan for forgiving her; Marvin certainly will be pleased, however I can't forgive Susan that easily. Mary and Anita told me the whole story. Mary might not approve of what I was going to do; however Dan deserved that photo back.

I will deal with my older sister when the time comes and accept my admonishment as is the custom of us Palmer women. I will assume Mary's mantle in time, as will Anita. I waited until Susan came out. At first, I intended to punch her in the face; however I needed a reason. Perhaps she would swing at me. I snatched the purse out of her hand and removed the photo putting it in my bra between my breasts. I threw her purse over top of the toilet stall on the far right hearing a satisfying "SPLASH".

"Who the hell are.?" and I slapped her face hard, not letting her finish her sentence. "You don't deserve this photo of a dear sweet little boy," and I slapped her face twice more, stepping back to see if the tramp would swing at me; 'Just give me an excuse to punch your face, tramp,' I thought.she didn't swing but cowered instead.

"Dan genuinely forgives you, although only God knows why. How dare you throw a glass at him! He meant every word," and I slapped her face again. "You don't understand," she cried putting up her hands, I." "I understand everything so shut your mouth." I advanced towards her with my hands clenched in fists. I backed the tramp into the stall where Susan tripped, falling between the toilet and the wall. I heard another satisfying splash when Susan's arm slid into the toilet bowl as she caught herself to avoid hitting her head.

"You're pathetic. Your husband is well rid of you," and with that I turned and walked out intending to go to my room, hesitating in the lobby with second thoughts and a premonition. I walked down to the beach to find Dan standing at the water's edge looking into the horizon and the almost full moon illuminating the waves as it lapped gently on the sand and I put my hand on his shoulder.

"It's over, Joyce," said Dan turning to face me, "a new chapter in my life is being written. There is something to be said for forgiveness and the ensuing peace of the soul; despite it not being accepted by the one who is forgiven.

It's out of my hands now." "I have something for you," I offered reaching into my bra and giving him the picture, "Susan doesn't deserve it." "Joyce, what did you do to her?" He asked grinning, "Come clean with me." When I told everything."You bitch slapped her," said Dan, chuckling, "I would have never guessed you, a Palmer woman, would be familiar with the slang term "bitch slap.

Thank you for the picture back though." "Well, it's not like I was cursing or using foul language and you're welcome," I said relieved Dan was taking it so well. Despite the fact I was worried more trouble might become of it and adding, "Susan did come clean in a sense.well at least her purse did," I joked adjusting his collar, "You'll let me tell Mary in my own way?" "I won't say a word to anybody, Joyce.

Hopefully everything will die down and that will be the end of it." "I should be getting back to my husband and you, Anita, besides we can both use a nap." I stripped down to my boxers and got in bed next to my jelly bean. Anita rolled over sleepily and touched my face, "How was your dinner date?" she asked snuggling up close to me. "My dinner date with your Aunt went fine, baby." "I was dreaming we were making love on the beach with the stars as our witness," Anita said, running her fingers through my hair, "I'm still a tiny bit horny from it." "Do you want to make love now?" I asked.

"Love too," Anita said kissing my lips, "and then we'll go dancing on the sand." "Lie on your back and get comfortable, baby, first yours and then mine." I got comfortable and waited for his warm kisses as he kissed his way down to my plump wet pussy. "I'm going to taste you first, taste your pussy and drink the sweet cream of your arousal.

There is nothing I like more than the taste of a woman, and you are my woman; spread your legs for me Anita." Danny parted the lips of my pussy and started licking, and oh my god this was nirvana.

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I woke up from a little nap dreaming of making love and now I was doing it. I touched myself, enjoying the silky smoothness of my denuded mound, one hand caressing and rubbing my mound, the other Danny's thick black hair noting the contrasts. Yes this definitely is where hair belongs, not here, hiding my glorious womanhood. I lay back closing my eyes, inviting the incursion of my lover's tongue as he teased and tantalized, pausing to taste and savor the succulent cream of his woman…his woman.Danny's fiancé'.

At first his tongue was like a warm pink butterfly fluttering about and fanning my desire with his wings, further rousing my imagination as he thrust it in-and- out, side-to-side. His tongue was inflaming my arousal in ways only a woman in love can experience.

Sensing my urgent need as the heat of my smoldering orgasm was rising, Danny's tongue became a stalwart and stout, darting, feigning and pummeling my clitoris as he stroked and caressed my breasts and nipples with one of his warm strong hands. Danny's pink tongue was savage and remorseless; conquering and resolute in the unrelenting purpose of my pleasure releasing the rising heat from stoked flames of euphoric rapture as my volcanic orgasm erupted and overwhelmed and overtook every molecule of my being.

Danny had me moaning and panting, squirming and thrashing; my hands were in my long brown hair as I thrust my hips upward to push my dripping wet pussy into his face for his tongue and lips to ravish me. He had to shift his hands to hold me from sliding off the bed such was my abandon as I surrendered to him; surrendered to the throes euphoric passion to my future husband.it was an unrelenting burning passion because he is mine; heart and soul.

Afterward, I lay back drained and limp lying diagonally across the bed with my head almost hanging over the edge of the bed with my hair hanging over the bed and wishing it was long enough to touch the floor like Mom's or Joyce's definitely will; I momentary thought about my impulsive short boy's haircut; lamenting that foolish mistake. Aunt Joyce says a woman's long hair when unbound and loose is often referred to as "bedroom hair'' and a delight to the hands and eyes of their man.

Danny moved me back to the center of the bed and had me get on my hands and knees to do it doggy style and entered me roughly from behind, pausing only to grab my long brown hair and twist it into a ponytail to hold onto while he fucked me. I braced my arms against the bed anticipating what would follow.the pulling of my hair arousing me all the more. He started ramming my still wet pussy with his hard cock relentlessly and forcibly, increasing his cadence and forcefulness of his stroke as his orgasm started to peak.

I adore being fucked hard and rough like this.actually I adore getting fucked period and oral sex. well oral sex is Nirvana.

I was practically screaming as I encouraged him, "Fuck me harder. fuck me harder", as my second orgasm washed over me; I use words like "fuck" only to express myself when we love because they are so primal and animalistic.besides, sometimes I just can't help myself when my glorious orgasms wash over me.and.I'm his bitch. Danny growled deep in his throat making me shiver with pleasure at the sound when he achieved orgasm, pumping his hot rich creamy seed into my welcoming cunt and groaning contentedly when it was over, rolling off to lie on his back and leaving me there still on my hands and knees thinking, 'You're such a wild animal, sometimes, grumpy bear and I'm your she bear growl snarl growl and that made me smile.

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I was now well rested and not sleepy at all, looking forward to introducing Duke and Sarah to my aunt and uncle. I wanted a shower and wanted Danny to shower with me so I got out of bed and pinned up my hair to keep it from getting wet noticing my love was nodding off. I went into the bathroom and reached into the ice bucket to fill my hand with ice, perfect, and when I put them on his chest and rubbed vigorously, "Anita!" he exclaimed sitting up abruptly.

"Do you want to take a shower with me?" I asked innocently. "You've got the bed all wet," said Danny quickly pushing the ice onto the floor and glaring at me, "and you could have simply asked me." "No, just your side; I'm being playful. I'll meet you in the shower." Danny got into the shower to stand in front of me adjusting the showerhead higher.

He handed me the shampoo bottle and said, "Please," meaning he wanted me to shampoo his hair. I adore showering with him and I did invite him. "I don't want to get my hair wet," I said as I started lathering his hair and giving him a nice scalp massage before I rinsed out the lather. I took Danny's bar of Kirk's Castile soap and lathered him well, another excuse for me to feel his barrel chest and lean ropey muscles, paying special attention to his manhood which was standing erect and hard for my pleasure.

Danny adjusted the showerhead down and we switched places. He returned the favor lathering me well, especially my breasts and pussy. I closed my eyes enjoying my soapy body massage and my rinse, feeling the tepid water from the pulsating showerhead make my skin tingle.until.the water went ice cold giving me arctic goose-bumps with tingle being an understatement followed by shivering. "Danny!" I exclaimed laughing and shivering because I had this coming after the ice bucket episode. "Anita!" Danny exclaimed, "I'm just being playful, baby." He had me blocked in with his hand on the facet handle and there was no way I could turn it to get the water hotter.

Fortunately the ice cold water was on briefly before it was tepid again. I turned to face him, putting my arms around his neck to kiss his warn lips long and deep, "I love you Danny." "I love you to baby; shall we towel off since we both have playfulness out of our system." "Wait," I said, kissing his lips again.

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"What are we waiting for?" I gave his hair a little tug and pinched Danny's naked butt, "OK it's all out of my system now." I took my nap content and at peace while Anita started writing the stack of postcards she intended to mail to various family and friends.

We met Joyce and Bart in the lobby as planned. I was disappointed that Duke and Sarah couldn't make it; perhaps they had car trouble. The four of us walked out to the beach barefoot with our blanket and radio; Bart carrying a small cooler with four glasses inside and a bottle of white wine, chilling. Our ladies were wearing matching flouncy light yellow cotton dresses.

Their long hair was pinned up in buns to tease us, knowing we would have it down and loose over their back and shoulders before the night was over; a simple yet erotic pleasure for our hands to enjoy; ah the joys of bedroom hair. We had just put our blanket down when we heard the faint rumble of glass-pack mufflers getting louder as five dune buggies with their headlights turned off approaching us from different directions in the attempt to surround us and keep us from leaving.

To be continued in Chapter 5.