Horny blonde Jessa Rhodes fucks with her masseuse a lesbian slut with

Horny blonde Jessa Rhodes fucks with her masseuse a lesbian slut with
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My name is Geeta and I am a respectable Indian lady recently married to a prominent industrialist. I have a voluptuous figure with ample breasts and a narrow waist. My skin is very fair.

I am also a slut. I love cum. I love to suck big black cocks. I love sex any way I can get it, and getting married was not going to cramp my style. This is one of my sluttier adventures because I was able to cheat on my actual wedding day. Well, actually it was the night before, but since we were still fucking after midnight, it technically happened on my wedding day. This erotic adventure began two weeks before my wedding when my girl friends organized a hen night, a bridal shower, as I think Americans call it.

I really wanted a raunchy bachelorette party on the night before my wedding, but that wouldn't do for a respectable Indian wife. So, we pretended to have a bridal shower, but instead of tea and cakes, we had it in the evening and went bar hopping after enlisting some friends to cover for us.

It was 4 years ago and I was 28 at the time. Ashima, my best friend, organized everything. Most of my friends knew that I have a thing about black guys, but Ashima especially knows about that weakness and everything else that turns me on, and I do mean everything. We have shared many a night when we were getting down and dirty fucking guys all night at her place or mine. Knowing what a slut I was, Ashima organized our night out to end all prenuptial nights out.

We began clubbing in another town not too far away, but far enough. She booked a mini bus, decided which were the best bars and nightclubs for us, and even booked a male stripper! I suspected something was up when she insisted, that of all the bars we were visiting, we had to be in one particular place at 9 p.m., exactly. I also suspected something when she told me to wear sexy clothes, but nothing too expensive, meaning my clothes might get messed up.

Little did I know how much my wardrobe would be trashed, but I had dutifully dressed in a short black leather skirt that was sexy, but old, a loose silver top, very open at the neck and not allowing for a bra, a black thong and black high heels. There were 12 of us chicks (or hens) that night, working our way from one bar to another, laughing and flirting with men, having drinks bought for us and having a great time.


Eventually we were in this particular bar and had taken over a corner to ourselves when the stripper arrived. I couldn't have made a better choice myself! He was dressed as a Policeman, looked around 25 years old, tall, well built but not too muscular, shaved head, and skin as black as coal. Exactly the kind of guy I go for! He began his routine and Ashima whispered to me to point out that I was smiling from ear to ear .

Keeping his cap on, the dancer stripped off his top, invited me to rub oil into his chest, which I did willingly, then he asked me sit down in a chair and handcuffed my hands behind me. He had a long truncheon, a nightstick, which he was swinging around suggestively. Then he took his pants off to reveal a pouch with a sheriffs' badge on the front. I could tell straight away that his cock was a huge and all the girls were shouting to encourage him.

He told everyone that I've been a bad girl but if I behaved he's let me go in time for me to reach the marriage ceremony on time. Well, I had two weeks, but didn't tell him that.

All I had to do was show him what I would do with his truncheon, as he held it against his crotch like a cock.

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I was on him in a flash, giving him a mock blow job but showing him that I know exactly what to do. The girls were laughing and taking pictures and the stripper was smiling and told me to keep going.

Eventually he told me that I was free to go, and unlocked the cuffs telling everyone that my husband should be very pleased with me on our wedding night. As I stood up, he thanked me for being a good sport and presented me with a prize, a 10 inch black dildo. He said "this is what I look like, and what you will be missing after you are married to your pencil-dicked Indian gentleman." Ashima asked him to stay for a drink and, luckily, he didn't have another job on that night and could stay a while.

He and I ended up at the bar talking. I had imbibed a fair number of drinks by then, so my memory is a little hazy, but I was also feeling rather brave and horny after being on the receiving end of his erotic routine.

He told me to call him Tej and he told me that Ashima had told him about my thing for black guys, and asked if that is true.


I told him that it was very true, but that I would be marrying a light skinned Indian gentleman in two weeks. He laughed, saying that it was a shame that I was getting married, and taking all that good stuff off the market. I told him that the dildo was nice but I preferred the real thing, and would probably find a way to get it. Tej smiled and told me he has his car parked around the corner and there was enough room in it for me to have one more fling, if that was my desire.

I said I would like nothing better. He told me where to find his car and to be there in 10 minutes. Then he finished his drink and said goodnight to everyone before leaving. I waited for 10 minutes as requested and asked Ashima to cover for me as I made my way out of the bar.

I reached to the corner where the car was parked. Tej saw me and flashed the headlights. We both climbed into the back seat. Without wasting any time, we started kissing and sucking each others tongues. Soon his big black hands were all over me and one hand was roughly pushed straight up my skirt. I responded by grabbing his trousers and rubbing his cock through the material. Groaning as we kissed. I unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out, and went straight down on him, sucking and licking him like a prostitute.

I tried taking my time but I was just too horny and soon I was sucking him deep enough to lick his balls while I worked finger into his tight asshole. He reached down to squeeze my tits through my top with one hand and pushed the fingers of his other had up my skirt and past my thong.

I almost screamed as he touched my cunt, but luckily I had my mouth full!

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My deep-throating had brought him to the brink, and I told him to come in my mouth. He soon erupted into my throat and I pulled back to catch the rest of his sweet load in my mouth so I could swallow. There was so much cum that it drooled out my mouth all over his pants and my blouse. As I cleaned us up with my hot mouth, I found he was rock hard again. He whispered that he wanted to fuck me and asked me to move around.

We awkwardly adjusted our positions in the constrained space so that I was able to get on my back with my legs drawn up and he's was on his knees above me.

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Tej pulled his trousers down a bit more, hiked my skirt up out of the way and ripped off my flimsy thong. Our positions were awkward, but I wanted to get in position for a hard, prenuptial, fucking. Pushing his cock in as he leaned forward he entered me all the way with one jerk. God, he felt good.

I felt myself stretching to take him, but he was all in and bottomed out. The thought of condoms flashed across my mind only briefly, I was way too worked up to stop him now. He began to fuck me while kissing me as best he could, although my drawn-up legs blocked his access somewhat.

He groped my big tits, kneading them and pinching my stiff nipples. When he occasionally came up for air he talked dirty to me, telling me that I was a whore for black cock and a dirty slut. He sure knew how to sweet-talk a girl., and I knew I deserved everything he called me.

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I was now on fire and my cunt was a veritable swamp as I waited for what I was sure would be wonderful climax. As he quickened his pace, the car started rocking. I felt my massive orgasm building and dug my nails into his hard black ass. I was getting closer and closer and begged him not to stop, to keep fucking me hard. Then I finally came hard and loud, shaking and moaning like an animal. I was just calming down when I realized he had started to pump again, harder and harder.

He was swearing as he fucked me and then he came inside me - flooding me to overflowing with his wonderful seed while his cock bottomed out, spurting right at my cervix.

I came again and he ground to a halt. We kissed and cuddled a while, but then I told him that I needed to get back to my friends before I was missed.

I wiped some of the cum off my dripping snatch using my ruined panties, then shoved them in his pocket as a souvenir. I tried hard to compose myself and rearrange my cum stained clothes while he zipped himself up.

As I was about to get out of his car he handed me a business card and told me I could call him anytime. I took the card, kissed him again, and whispered goodnight. I got back to the bar as quickly as I could, and when my friends asked where I had been I told them I just gone outside to call my fianc?. Ashima grinned at me, because she knew exactly where I'd been and a few days later I told her all the details. Anyway we spent the rest of the night going from bar to bar until we ended up in a nightclub where we danced until the early hours, teasing a few more men before we collapsed into the minibus around 3 AM.

That should have been my last fling before marriage but as my wedding day got nearer I kept thinking about Tej - how much fun it would be to have one last fling before tying the knot. Usually, if a guy gives me his phone number I never keep it, I tend to have one night with a guy and move on.

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But somehow I kept Tej's card and I took it out of purse. The card had his mobile number on and eventually I decided to sent him a text message just to say hi and to say I was getting married on Saturday. With trembling fingers I asked if he wanted to join me for a drink on Friday. I thought it would be clear to most men what that meant and when the reply 'sure' came back later on, I knew exactly what was going to happen. We swapped a few more messages to arrange a place to meet and the time.

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We decided on his place at 9. Then I texted Ashima and asked her to cover for me by telling everyone I was having a quiet night at her place before the wedding. My fianc? was sleeping at his parents' the night before, which meant our place was all mine. I did draw the line at cheating on my soon-to-be husband in our bed, though. I turned up at Tej's flat at 9 p.m., sharp, bottle of wine in one hand and my sweetest smile on my face. I had on a pair of jeans on and a casual top, black bra and thong.

They weren't on for long! We opened the wine, talked for a bit, then we just started kissing, unhurriedly this time. We knew there was no rush, took our time and did what we wanted. Eventually Tej stood up and took me by the hand to his bedroom where we undressed each other slowly, before I went down on my knees to repeat the show I had given him on hen night. I really took my time sucking his cock, I licked his shaft up and down slowly, I sucked just the head, and played with his foreskin running my tongue around him in circles, sometimes looking up and him like a whore, sometimes moaning with my eyes closed.

He warned me he was close to coming but I just kept going. I wanted to taste his cum, and there sure was a lot to taste. When he came he gripped my head and just seemed to keep on pumping the stuff into my mouth and I'm proud to say I swallowed it all!

After that he stripped off the rest of my clothes, and went down on me. God he was good, better than Ashima, and I came pretty quickly. He licked and fingered me firmly but slowly while I played with my tits, teasing and pinching my nipples until I came even harder than usual.

When I came back to earth we were kissing wildly and I could feel his hot hard cock sandwiched between us, I wanted it badly and again the thought of condoms and a little black baby crossed my mind but I decided not to .

I wanted this guy bare! Tej shifted a little and I felt his cock nudge my pussy lips, then he grunted and slipped inside me, making me groan and arch my back as he filled my pussy for the first time this evening. He started fucking slowly this time, as we felt each others bodies, kissing wildly as we undulated on the bed.

The bed began to creak as he moved a little faster, but I slowed him down to make him last, telling him I wanted to ride him. We rolled over so he was on his back and I climbed on top of him, grabbing his sticky cock and easing myself onto him. His black hands came up to my tits and he mauled them roughly as I rode him, my eyes fixed on his as he began to talk dirty to me again, calling me a horny slut, telling me I was a great fuck and asking me if I loved black cock.

This was getting me hornier and hornier and I told him I wanted him to fuck me raw, that I wanted him every way a woman could. And for the next three hours he fucked me like stallion and I received him like a mare. We fucked like animals, every way we could, every way we wanted. Me on top, on my hands and knees, on our sides, on the floor and back on the bed. The room was filled with gasping and swearing, the sound of skin slapping skin.

Now and then I could see us in a mirror, his lean hard black body pressed close to my fair skin, his fingers in my Indian black hair, his mouth on my body, my legs wrapped around him and my fingers all over his body.

We could have made a fortune from a video of that night. When he asked me if I wanted it in my ass I replied by rolling onto my front and using my fingers to pull my ass cheeks aside. He laughed out loud then he took my ass. He didn't use any lube and it hurt like hell but I loved it, every minute of it! He took it easy going in but once he'd been in a few minutes he started to fuck my ass harder and harder, I thought he was going to do some permanent damage with a cock like his but I took it .

and I loved it! Every time I came he just kept going, and every time Tej came I'd give him a minute to get his breath back before I was on him with mouth and fingers to get him up again.

But all good things must come to an end and around 1 a.m. I told him I had to go. He watched me dress and we kissed again, long and hard before he showed me to the door and let me out. I thanked him for giving me such a lovely send off and he laughed and told me to call him when I got back from my honeymoon!

I didn't, but I sure thought about it a few times.

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Then just 14 hours later at 3pm, I was walking up the aisle, dressed in flawless red choli-lehanga (traditional Indian wedding dress) with heavy gold jewelry and traditional makeup, looking like a virgin princess to say my vows, with the cum of another man still warm in my pussy. As I reach the altar I bowed to the Pandit (priest) as he gave me a lecherous stare at my burgeoning breasts which were oozing out my cut blouse. I blushed and Ashima noticed it. She guessed what had happened but I couldn't really talk at the reception and she had to wait until after the honeymoon for all the details.

She laughed and called me a slut too and I agreed with her.


I kept the dildo too. Hubby muttered about me throwing it out but I told him it was just a bit of fun from my hen night. He doesn't know that I use it now and then when he's away but as I say, I prefer the real thing and when I want it, I know exactly where to get it!