Beautiful raven haired hottie rides a big dick

Beautiful raven haired hottie rides a big dick
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Black Ruled World Part I I awoke from my cryogenic sleep and recovered nicely after what felt like a two week hangover. I couldn't believe my waking eyes as my vision was restored. A lot of things have changed in the many years I was absent. The year is 2075 and society seems to have transformed into a wonderful place. There are so many new things to see and do but there was something that immediately drew my attention away from everything else.

I didn't see that many men, with the exception of blacks. There were people of all races. Black, white, Asian, mixed races, etc. But there seemed to be a lot more women as well. Upon scrutiny, I noticed that some of these girls were probably men in women's attire that, at a glance, appeared to be women. It quickly became the norm to see these 'supposed' men in skirts, high heels, and other such feminine clothing.

They were often slender with girlish figures, wearing make-up and jewelry. I soon learned that whites and other men were put in their rightful place by the black race. I thought, "What did that mean exactly?" I visited a library to investigate. I found that this new black world order was accomplished through demoralizing exposure and aggression of the black man's strength and dominance over all the other races.


As it was put to me, the process started when all 'lesser' men were exposed to their inferiority to black men sexually. Eventually, all races fell to this domination but being white myself, that's what I concerned myself with.

While at the library, I found a journal from a self described white man, that briefly recorded his rather explicit experience as this evolution was occurring. The journal read like this… Once again, I was humiliated by a black man on my way home from work. Black men have become rather aggressive towards white men. I am continually shamed in public by them and to see them dominating other white guys is routine.

I have seen white girls dump there boyfriends on the spot after such an incident and walk away in the arms of the black aggressor. The few white guys I've seen that had the courage to stand up to these attacks were immediately beat down by the black men. Just today, I saw a black guy bitch slap a white guy right in front of his girlfriend. The white guy just stood there and groveled as he answered the black guys humiliating questions. The white guy's girlfriend was shocked at first but she soon burst into laughter seeing her boyfriend completely man-handled.

A month ago, a friend of mine said that a black guy at their grocery store pulled his enormous cock out of his pants right in front of him and his wife. They were of course both shocked by the unprovoked incident but a few days later that same black man was fucking his wife in their bedroom while he watched. Most white guys do no not even put up a fight when challenged by a black guy but they often tremble in fear with looks of confusion on their faces, crying as their girlfriends walk away with the alpha male.

It has become normal to refer to black men as being superior and refer to white men as weak pussies. As a white male, it has become embarrassing to be seen in public. Interracial cuckolding has become very popular among those whites that have given in to their domination by the black race.

Black guys insist that we refer to them as 'Sir' and some even demand to be called 'Master'. White guys walk around with their heads down as if they were in perpetual defeat. Truthfully, we are.

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We quietly whisper amongst ourselves asking, "What can we do?" The usual response is not one word but the shaking of our heads in disbelief. Black men are seizing upon our weakness and intimidating us into servitude. They are taking our girlfriends right out of our arms and fucking our wives right in front of us. Black men are outnumbered ten to one by whites but they are easily taking us over. I don't know what to do about it. I flipped a few pages back and began reading again… Black men have beaten us into complete submission.

My ego is crushed now and for some reason it get's me excited sexually.


I get hard every time I see a white woman with a black man. I've given in to my inferiority to black men by kneeling before them and gratifying them orally. What has come of me? Every white man has been completely defeated because of the simple fact that black men have bigger dicks than white men. I have seen quite enough evidence to know this is true and I am too weak to fight it and remain in denial. I am faced with an undeniable decision, as there is nothing left to do but to embrace my sexual inferiority.

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I've tried to deny it but it's no use anymore. The facts clearly point to the black mans dominance of other men in all matters dealing with masculinity. Black men dominate sports, they are physically stronger, their physiques are naturally more muscular, they have larger cocks, and they can satisfy a woman sexually like no other.

Now that white women know how superior black cock is sexually, black men have taken almost all of them away from us. There seems to be absolutely nothing any white man can do about it. The white race has been conquered by the black man. White guys are not seen or referred to as men compared to the black man. In fact, I don't consider myself a man any longer. I'm a girl, or a boy at best compared to them. The power of big black cock has compelled me to be a girl.

It's so strange because it is the most natural thing I've ever felt. I've been wearing dresses, skirts, lingerie and I have become fascinated with high heels and nail polish as a means to look as much like a girl as I can to serve black men.

I have grown my hair long like a girl and I have even considered getting breast implants and taking hormone pills. I see more and more white boys every day turning into girls through this black sexual superiority. I now understand that my place in this world is in total submission to black cock.

I went further in the journal… My wife brought her black lover home tonight. She was dressed in a tight black top squeezing her cleavage, a short black mini-skirt wrapped around her plump round ass and sexy black heels.

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She is beautiful. When she walked through the door she immediately told me to go get girly for her and her lover. She demanded, "Do not jerk your puny penis off either!" She knows how uncontrollably excited I get seeing her sexy body being loved by a black man.

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I went to the bedroom and slipped into some lingerie and pink heels. My wife's lover makes me where pink polish on my manicured nails and toes all the time.

Then I applied my make-up, brushed my long hair and made sure I looked good and dolled up. My wife's lover came in to the bedroom, pulled his pants and boxers down and sat on the edge of the bed. His long muscular black cock hypnotized me. He said in a stern tone, "Suck my dick white boy!" Of course, I immediately dropped to my knees before him saying, "Yes Master." He said, "Kiss it like you're in love with it pussy!" I did so enthusiastically.

He constantly humiliated me and I loved it for some reason. I felt my little penis growing as I kissed his big black cock all over.

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"Good girl!" he said. My wife walked in and reiterated what he had just said. Then he stood up and said, "Suck the cum out of my black cock you punk bitch white boy!" I grabbed his cock and began to suck on it as I looked up at him in awe. My wife just sat back and smiled while she watched this black man dominate me with no resistance on my part.

He blew a massive load of cum all over my face, in my hair and in my mouth. He held the top of my head as he slapped my face with his cock, degrading me even further than he had already done. He let go and I remained on my knees astonished at what he had just done to me. How could I be any weaker than this?

I have completely given up all of my manhood and self respect but there was nothing I could do to change it. Oddly enough, I didn't want to change it.

Now he was focusing his attention on my wife. To be continued…