Hot young lady is drilling her tight vagina

Hot young lady is drilling her tight vagina
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My girl left for the day to meet up with one of her friends. I had the afternoon to myself, and I was going to take full advantage of the downtime to spread out and relax.

I took a long and very hot shower to wake up, and in the midst of absentmindedly playing with my balls, I decided to shave them clean. I can't tell you how good the cream felt on my skin, but my balls tingled the entire time, and by the end my cock was hard as a rock.

There's just something about the sharp blade on such sensitive skin, plus I know my girl will appreciate it too. She keeps herself immaculately groomed. I threw on a pair of boxers and an old tee, and then I settled into the couch to watch the game. I must have drifted off, because my next memory is of my girl loudly returning home with her friend in tow. They both had been drinking -- no surprise -- but her friend was clearly distraught over something.

I had little to no interest in finding out how or why, but I knew that I was going to get roped in so I recorded the rest of the game and turned the tv off.

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My girl is pleasantly plump, curvy in all the right places. Her tits are good-sized, but not obscene. Her friend is a little heavier, but her knocks are humungo-bungous. I've always fantasized about losing myself in them, and I'd be willing to bet that she's like a caged tiger in bed, but never really got the sense that she'd be game.

She's always just a little too shy. They came in and sat down next to me, with my girl in between. She proceeded to tell me all about how her friend had a fight with her boyfriend.

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He said some nasty things so she was in a fragile state. They tried to drink her pain away, but it was still there. I could tell by the look in her eye that my girl had something else in mind. She excused herself to the bathroom with a smile, leaving me alone with her friend.

There was no way to hide my interest in her body, especially with that impossibly short skirt she was wearing and her skin-tight buttoned up shirt. In fact, from where I was sitting, I could see the rolls of her belly along with a good part of her breast in a beautiful lace bra.


My cock was clearly straining at my boxes, not to mention that a pool of precum was starting to show. She saw it too, and I could tell that it was increasingly difficult for her to ignore it. My girl came around the corner and in her typically direct fashion said, "Baby, it isn't going to suck itself. You are." I pulled her close to me, mashing her tits into my chest, and kissed her deeply. My girl came over to help her friend out of her clothes, taking great care to tease both of us with her painfully slow striptease.

Off came the shirt first, then she removed her bra, only to cover her massive rack with her hands. She revealed her nipples, first pulling on them and then squeezing them back into her chest.

I couldn't wait to get a taste. Her friend stood up so my girl could unzip and lower her skirt.


She immediately became shy, and crossed her legs. My girl rubbed her pussy through her panties from behind until she loosened up, and then it became clear why she was so demure: she hadn't shaved in quite some time and her bush was full!

I stood up, turned her around, and slid her thong over her bare, beautiful ass. I couldn't pass up my chance to eat her hairy pussy, so I knelt behind her and buried my face in it. My girl never, ever has even a hair, not even around her asshole, so this was a real treat for me. She reached down between her legs and started to rub my cock. My girl told me to sit down so her friend could kneel before me. We did as we were asked. She attacked my cock like she hadn't seen one in months, pushing me deeper and deeper down her throat until she packed the whole thing in.

My girl was as shocked as I was turned on. Neither of us had any idea she had it in her. My girl unceremoniously stripped, which never really takes long anyway as she rarely wears panties and doesn't much care for bras either.


Even still, I could tell that she was dying to join in the fun. She knelt next to her friend and wrestled my cock free from her mouth.

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They kissed a most sensual kiss, before I reminded them that my cock wasn't going to suck itself. They were. She was out to prove that she was the more talented and tenacious, but then again she was always escalating to prove her case.

I was more than content to have them try to one up each other on my cock, but after a while I wanted something else. I stood up, pulled them up one-by-one, kissed them individually, let them kiss, and then joined their kiss. I turned her friend around, bent her over the back of the couch, aimed my cock for her hairy honey hole and slammed it without any warning. She was so wet I hit her cervix on the first try. She let out a yelp and then slammed her ass back into my body.

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My girl wiggled underneath her so she could suck on her friend's clit as my cleanly shaven balls brushed across her forehead. I'm not religious, but this sure felt as close to heaven on earth.

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I pulled my cock every so often to throat fuck my girl. After all, she was in the perfect position for it and she loves to gag on my cock when she's on her back. Her friend flipped around to snatch my cock from her and put it in her mouth. My head was spinning so I sat down and pulled her friend on top of my cock so she could ride me. I grabbed a handful of ass in each cheek as she did.

Just then, I noticed my girl standing before us with an evil, evil grin. I knew exactly where this was going when she unleashed a stream of hot piss from her beautiful hairless pussy all over her friend's tits. I nearly burst when it hit my cock and balls. Nothing, nothing is more slippery than piss, and my body went in to overdrive as it washed over me. I turned it a pure fucking machine, relentlessly pounding her friend's pussy until I couldn't last anymore.

My girl was furiously fingering herself as she licked her piss off of her friend when I announced that I was about to blow. She pulled my cock out and milked me all over her friend's hairy bush as she both girls exploded with orgasms of their own.

I must have had seven or eight thick gobs of cum shoot out of me, mixing with my girl's piss, matting in her friend's now tangled mess of hair. My girl slurped every last drop of it off of her, as her friend begged for it in her mouth.


Here I was watching my load being swapped between the two of them, each one begging to get it back so she could be the one to swallow it. Her friend was the one to finally take it.

It was only fair then that I stood over her and fucked it down her throat with my cock. She collapsed in a heap when I pulled out, and my girl dutifully cleaned up the trail of cum and saliva from her mouth to my cock. She then went back to licking her friend's body clean, while I knelt behind her to lick the piss from her pussy and inner thighs. We finished with another group kiss, sharing all of our tastes on each other's tongues.

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