Fodendo a Preta Bunduda e Safada

Fodendo a Preta Bunduda e Safada
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After a dinner at the beach I can see anticipation in your eyes. There is so little time we watch the clock as hours turn to seconds. Our evening is still ours so we go back to our place.

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Entering the room I am overcome by a yearning one that is unique to being with you. You turn to face me stepping a short step back to me. I feel you next to me a sensation that is almost overpowering. You put your arms around my neck and look into my eyes and it is you that kisses me as I remember from our first kiss some time ago.

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We are in each other's arms inseparable as one. We kiss and exchange little comments reinforcing our wish to share our lives. We just stand, kiss, and hug in embrace. Not in silence but short half sentences that we can complete in our mines. You taste so sweet each kiss like the finest wine; one that god could only create. It is a flavor that does not have a match, unique to you and fills my craving if for only now.

You have moved your arms around my waist as our foreheads touch. Somehow your smooth hands have found their way under my shirt to my bareback. There is no need to know how they got there because it feels unbelievably good. You tongue touches mine as you slip it between my lips.

Together, our tongues lightly caressing each other, we are savoring our love.

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When we separate for a second I look into your eyes and with a smile say, "I've waited so long for this" A smile passes your lips and you kiss me again, harder and deeper; your arms wrapped tightly around me, pull me close.

You feel one hand leave your back, as I caress your cheek pushing your hair aside so I can see your pretty face. You take a little step back grabbing my un-tucked shirt pulling it over my head.


You look so beautiful in your outfit but I need you too join me flesh on our flesh. I slowly remove your top we both notice my hands shaking in anticipation. I reach behind to unclasp and your breasts fall free released from their enclosure for me to see. Not fully naked our breathing is hot and hungry. We have been together intimately already today, however there is still a feeling of youthful innocence sexually eager as we prepare to undress. As we continue kissing the temperature seems to rise.

I feel your breast to my chest as we kiss again and again.


My hands move to your breast. I kiss down along your neck, while my hands move from your waist to lightly caress the side of your breast. One hand touches a nipple it is sensitive by your reaction. That encourages me to touch each lightly stimulating them hard. Lowering my head I bring my lips to the end giving it a kiss. I feel your arms wrap around my head seeming hold me there for your pleasure. I enjoy licking and sucking feeling you chest rise and fall with each of your breaths. Relaxed dropping on a knee I slide my tongue between your breasts then across your tight tummy.

I unbutton your shorts un-zipping them, then lowered to the floor.

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Your bikini bottom are all that are left as I stand back up running my lips back across you; stomach, breast, then neck. Standing, I remove my shorts so I am nude to bring you back into my arms.

We spend more time kissing something we seem not to tire; which I am glad. Even as we stand in loving clutch we talk and talk. Somehow yearning ultimately gets in the way and we retire to our bed.

You lay back looking at me in the eyes holding both hands out in front to welcome me to join you. Lying across the bed you look just gorgeous and I wonder for moment how I could be so lucky you and me. As I join you one knee sets between your smooth toned legs, with the other just outside your leg. My firm penis and tight scrotum lay on your leg leaving a wet line of excitement as we engage. My hands rise under your two arms that you have around my neck.

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My thigh presses your vulva pleasuring you I know as I can feel the wetness grow leaving your own mark. My smooth shaved legs have the same benefit to you and yours bring me hard touching your thigh I shaved in the morning. Our smoothness allows us to touch without even a hair getting in the way. Again we lock in kiss I am happy we are together two souls mated in body and mind.

You then roll on top of me straddling my waist placing your two hands on my chest. You have a gleeful smile. As you move down my torso one hand touches my firm penis.

I watch as you kiss and give me pleasure without the slightest in hesitation.

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You take me deep, again and again engulfing it all. Looking up I see that smile something meant for me. The warmth from being deep in you only matches the warmth I feel being with you.

You carefully continue giving me oral pleasure just to the brink of ejaculation. Oh it feels so good. Saving it for later on.

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Out of a haze, "let me taste your nectar, my love I want to indulge you too". As you lay on your back I come between your legs. Your panty is still on, so I gently pull them down your legs.

As they pass your sculptured feet I kiss the top of each. You open yourself looking into my face moving to consume the nectar I yearn.


The tip of my tongue searches for the clitoris. In route I cherish and taste each rose pedal engulfed in its evening dew. The tip touches the spot and I feel your electric current.

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Its charge keeps me hard. I bring my lips over sucking just a little. You let me know exactly what you want. I like the guidance so I can bring you to the fullest. I am not submissive I truly want to give you the most and telling me I am right on, building my pleasure too. You last to an explosion giving me a flow of your sweet nectar. A benefit I really adore. You still have the taste of me in your mouth, as I do you. Somehow that mixture charges our next kiss our tongues getting entangled.

As I pull up you open your legs and labia "lips" for my hardness to enter joining us in sex. Wet from my stimulation we quickly lock engaged. You feel so good. My shaved pelvic is wet with you placing repeated pressure on your clit adding to your pleasure.

As my penis fills your womb with sperm I can feel it contract. My manhood is not large and we are again a perfect fit. We rock together into a world together climaxing again and again.

I cannot describe all the emotion it is almost overwhelming, but it is love. As we separate some of our juice flows free. You are so filled you lay satisfied, as I drink the froth with lust in my head. As we finish in each arms our minds mesh in thought. I can tell you I love you true as you have told me too. Exhausted we fall asleep still in each other's arms dreaming of the one love next to us. As we wake the next morning we plan the day, but first we make love again.