Hot milf amber chase fucks teens in threesome

Hot milf amber chase fucks teens in threesome
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Fbailey story number 786 It Was All My Sister's Doing My sister Katelyn is younger than I am by almost two years. Our birthdays were a week apart. It all started in that week. Now for a teenage girl my sister was unlike any other teenage girl that I had known. She was way more mature physically and mentally.

She had won local beauty pageants, spelling bees, and athletic awards.

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She was an honor student and she had just won a science award. Katelyn was exactly five feet tall and weighted a hundred pounds. Her hair was a reddish brown and her eyes were brown.

Her bra was a 32-B and her panties were all thongs, like Mom's panties. We were out of school for the summer, so the night of her birthday Katelyn had a sleepover. Mom let her invite three girls. I was shocked that she invited Rochelle. She is older than I am and in my class at school. She could pass for someone much older with her boobs, face, and hair. Every guy in school wanted to date her. Well, they probably wanted to do a lot more than just date her.

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I know that she had been in most of my jerk-off fantasies. That is up until that sleep over. That night I had my curtains open so that I could watch the full moon from my bed.

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Outside of my widow was the back porch roof. It extends across the entire back of the house past my sister's bedroom window too. My room lights were off, I was watching the moon, and then my naked sister walked by slowly, as if she were sneaking around. She was followed by the Downy twins.


They were younger than my sister was and they had their pajamas on. I waited for Rochelle but she never showed. I went to the window and watched them all climb down Mom's rose trellis, the one that she made Dad build but never used. To this day Mom has still not found the perfect rose bush to plant.

When they got to the ground they quickly disappeared. About twenty minutes later I heard them climbing the trellis. I watched them go across my window on their way back to Katelyn's window. The next night again Katelyn crossed my window naked. Then she repeated it each night until the night I had my birthday. On that night she tapped on my window and said, "If you come with me I'll give you my special birthday present." I said, "But you gave me one earlier." She giggled and said, "Not like this one.

Now get naked and come with me." So I stripped off my shorts that I sleep in and climbed out my window behind her.

We climbed down the trellis and walked around to the side of the house.

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We cut through two backyards then crossed over into a yard on the next street. I followed my sister the whole time in the fading moonlight. Her cute little butt looked great. Then all of a sudden I found myself following Katelyn around a house and she was tapping on a window. Rochelle popped her head out and Katelyn said, "Okay I got him here. Now pay up." Rochelle said, "I never expected you to get him here naked. How did you do it?" Katelyn said, "That doesn't mater. All that maters is that I got him here.

Now put your mouth where I shit." What! My sister had lured me there so that she could get Rochelle to kiss her ass…literally. While Rochelle was going to her back door to join us Katelyn said, "You get to fuck her while she licks my asshole.

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She is a virgin so take it a little easy on her." I said, "I'm a virgin too." Katelyn said, "I know that, so am I. Here is your chance to change all of that." Rochelle came out of the door naked and she looked amazing. She had a glow about her, she had a bounce in her step, and her breasts jiggled as she walked toward us. Rochelle said, "Okay!

Okay! You got him here and he is naked. You win!" Katelyn said, "So you get to tongue fuck my asshole while he fucks your virgin pussy." Rochelle kissed her and said, "Actually, I'm glad that I lost this bet. I enjoyed you licking my asshole so much that I couldn't wait to return the favor.

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Besides I've wanted his cock in me for a couple of years now. I see it as I'm the big winner here." My sister knelt down on the grass and leaned onto her elbows. Her knees were spread wide to allow full access of her pussy and asshole.

Rochelle knelt down behind her with her face close to Katelyn's butt. I knelt down behind Rochelle. I was nervous as all get out. I held my rock hard cock in my hand and I aimed it just below Rochelle's brown puckered asshole.

I smiled knowing that my sister had licked that hole on her last birthday. I waited until Rochelle got her tongue on my sister's asshole and she had let out a soft moan. That was when I slowly slipped my cock into Rochelle's wet pussy. I went in an inch and brought it out a little just to push it back in a little further.

It felt so good that I was in no rush to end my insertion. Katelyn kept moaning into the grass as Rochelle gave her a good working over. Finally, I was in all the way so I started a long slow stroke into and out of her very nice pussy. As I looked down her asshole was making cute little shapes as my cock worked her over. Oh, I just wanted to take it out of her pussy and slip it into her ass. After all, I knew how much she liked to have her asshole licked and how much she was enjoying licking my sister's asshole.

I gave a little chuckle thinking that not only was this my first time for sex but it was in a threesome with my younger sister. Then to top it off we had walked two blocks away from our home while nude and we were having sex outdoors.


That had to be the best first time of anyone ever. I could feel my cum coming up from my balls. Before it shot out of me and into Rochelle, Katelyn cried out, "Oh God. Rochelle keep going. Please keep going. It feels so wonderful." Then my cum started to spill out of my cock and into her vagina. Rochelle moaned as she felt it splashing inside of her.

I could feel her wiggling and squirming. I knew that she had joined my sister and I, in an amazing climax. It was simply incredible. Katelyn rolled to one side and Rochelle rolled to the other side while I settled in the middle. We jockeyed for position and I wound up with my arms under their necks, around their shoulders, and resting each of my hands on one of their breasts. Katelyn said, "Wow, that was great. Thank you." Rochelle kissed my cheek and said, "Wow!

That was great! Thank you!" I gave both of their boobs a squeeze and repeated their statements. Rochelle asked, "Does this mean that I'm your girlfriend?" At least I managed to say, "Yes!" Rochelle let me put it in her a second time, from the front. It felt good but for some reason the first time was exceptional.

I got to cum and then watch the two girls going at it in a very nice sixty-nine. Our walk home was slow and leisurely with no incidents…or so we thought. In the morning as we sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast Mom said, "If you two go out naked again tonight, can I come along?" Katelyn looked surprised but all I could think about was seeing Mom naked so I said, "Sure." Then out of the blue Mom asked, "Will Rochelle mind an extra girl coming along?" Katelyn asked, "How did you know?" Mom smiled and said, "Her mother and I are lovers and she saw you three last night." I said, "Let's invite them over for dinner tonight…and a sleepover." Mom laughed and said, "How about we invite them for lunch and get started early?" Katelyn said, "You two both have someone…what about me?" Mom said, "Why don't you join your brother in a threesome with Rochelle and let him have your virginity.

Then later come to my bedroom and join her mother and I in a threesome?" I smiled and said, "Now that sounds like a plan. Can I join you ladies in the morning for a threesome too?" Mom laughed and said, "If the girls leave you with anything left…yes…you may fuck us." Katelyn said, "I wouldn't count on it if I were you." The End It Was All My Sister's Doing 786

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