Babes amazingly tight fuck aperture fills fellow with delight

Babes amazingly tight fuck aperture fills fellow with delight
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Dave had lived near the beach for the last 15 years, and was a bit of a beach bum. He had retired at 40, and now spent his time on the beach or hanging out in the local bars. It was a touristy beach town, but it was a bit more expensive than most, so it wasn't too bad. One day he was on the beach, and a family settled next to him.

At first he was annoyed that they were only 10 feet away from him, but then he saw their daughters. It was a mom and dad, and their two daughters. The younger one immediately ran down to the ocean in her bikini, but the older one kept her sarong wrapped around her chest. He wondered why she seemed so reluctant to uncover her body, she looked like she had a really nice one.

Her sister certainly did. He kept an eye on them, since he was wearing sunglasses it wasn't obvious. He heard the mom say in a bitchy tone, "Kate, go down to the water and keep an eye on your sister." Kate said she didn't want to, which started an argument.

He could tell there was a lot of anger between them. Finally her father said, "Kate, do as your mother says." He seemed to be a strict dominant type asshole, and she got up. The mom said, "Take your wrap off first, you can't get it wet." Kate said, "Mom, I don't want to, stop trying to control me." That clearly angered her father, who got up, walked over to her, and grabbed her arm.

He said, "For the last time, you obey your mother!" He ripped the wrap off of her, which she clung to. But she couldn't, and soon her young belly was exposed. Dave and her parents all realized at the same time that she was pregnant! She looked like she was about 5 months, she was showing just enough for it to be obvious, but enough to hide with baggy clothes. Her mother gasped, and her father said, "How dare you!" he was trying to keep his voice down to not cause a scene, but Dave was too close.

He said, "After everything else you've done! You haven't caused your family enough embarrassment? All the other things we forgave you for, you do this to us?" She said, "I'm sorry, it wasn't my fault, I didn't do it on purpose!" Her mother said, "Don't give us that, you're a disgrace!" She was nearly crying, and her sister was running up at the commotion.

Her mother said, "Come on Becky, we're leaving." Her little sister looked confused, then saw her sister's belly. Kate said, "We don't have to leave, it's ok!" Her father said, "We aren't leaving, you're staying here.

I'm not going to be humiliated by you anymore, and I won't let you be a bad influence on your sister anymore. I'm done taking responsibility for your sins!" Becky tried to defend her sister, "She's not a bad influence!" Both girls were pleading, but their parents wouldn't listen.

They packed their things and headed to the car, the mother dragging Becky along. Kate stood there, not sure what to do, since her father kept telling her to stay. She tried to follow, but he would stop until she stayed. Dave didn't know what to do, surely they wouldn't really leave her. They'd get to the car and come to their senses and calm down, and come back for her.

He finally spoke up, "Hey man, you shouldn't treat her like that, she needs your support!" The father snapped at him, "Don't you tell me how to raise my daughter, she's nothing but a whore!

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Stay out of it." He wanted to punch the guy, but Kate stopped following, clearly hurt by his words. Kate also thought they would certainly come back, and stood there as they went over the hill. When she saw their car driving away she was on the verge of tears, but Dave could see she was strong. He got up and took a few steps toward her, and said, "Miss, are you ok?" She wiped her eyes, and said without taking her eyes off of where the car went, "I'm fine, thank you." She seemed in denial, so he took a few more steps and said, "I'm sure they'll be back.

They're just in shock that's all. I'm sorry you had to see all that." He stood nearby, not knowing what to do for her. Then she scoffed and said, "No they won't be back. I know my father, he means it.

I thought they might be bluffing, but they're really going home. I'm stranded here." He said, "Listen, you can come over here and wait with me, I have some water and some food, let's share." She stood there in shock, and he asked her again, finally approaching close enough to touch her elbow gently. She jumped at his touch, finally looking over at him, seeming to come out of a daze.


She said "Ok, thanks." She came and sat on his blanket, and he said, "Here, drink this," handing her a water bottle. He tried to break the awkwardness, and said, "Sooo, your name's Kate?" She nodded, and he said, "Mine's Dave. Sorry for eavesdropping, I couldn't help it." She said, 'It's ok, he's always had a temper. It doesn't take much to set him off." He looked at her belly, and said, "Are you hungry?

You must be I imagine." She put her hand on her belly, rubbing it lovingly, and said, "Yeah, I am." He said, "Sorry if you don't want to talk about that." She said, "Why wouldn't I? The whole town will know soon enough. I knew I wouldn't be able to hide it forever, I knew this trip would be a bad idea. I tried to get out of it, but they don't trust me out of their site anymore." He said, "If you don't mind me asking, what happened that got them so angry at you?" She said, "It's a long story." He didn't want to push it if she didn't want to talk about it, but he did say, "It couldn't have been that bad for them to treat you that way." She shrugged, and said, "They've always been like that.

When we obeyed their ridiculous commands, they tolerated us, but when we disobeyed, they punished us." After about an hour, the sun started to go down. She said, "They're not coming back. I'm stuck here, and I don't have any money. I don't even have any clothes, just this swimsuit." He said, "Don't worry about that, I'll take care of you. You can stay at my house tonight, and we'll figure it out in the morning." She looked reluctant, and he said, "Don't worry, I won't try anything." She said, "I don't have any money." He said, "You don't need any, I don't want payment.

I just want to help you." She finally said, 'Ok." They walked down the beach to his house. It was a large beachfront house, where Dave lived alone. The living room's front wall was all glass and looked out over the beach.


They went inside, and she marveled at the house. She said, "This place is very nice." He smiled and said, "Thank you. There's an even better view upstairs, want to see?" She nodded, and he took her upstairs. Through his bedroom there was a balcony, which overlooked miles of beach. The sun was going down, and they stood watching the sunset.

He said, "I never asked you how old you are?" She looked at him and said, "I turned [18] a few months ago. Does it make you nervous having a [18] year old in your house alone?" He said, "No, I'm not going to leave you out on the street. Does it make you nervous being alone here with an older man?" She looked at him and said, "No, I trust you for some reason.

I feel safe here." He finally said, "You can take a shower in my bathroom if you'd like. I'll go make dinner." She said, "Yes thanks." He showed her to the bathroom, which was large and had marble tile everywhere. He said, "I'll get you a shirt and pants to wear. They'll be too big, but it's all I have for you unfortunately." She said, "No, that's not needed, I'd rather stay in my bikini, thanks." He said, "Really?

Are you sure?" She nodded and smiled, and he said, "Ok." He really didn't have a problem with her staying in her swimsuit. He went down and made dinner for them and by the time he was done she came down drying her hair. She was grateful for the meal, and they made conversation as they ate. He said, "So where does your family live?" She seemed sad, and told him the town, which was about 5 hours inland, in the middle of bible belt territory. He said, "If you don't want to talk about it, that's completely fine." She said, "No, it's ok.

It's just bad memories, you're being completely wonderful, you deserve to know my story for taking me in." He asked, "They seemed to be mad at you for something that happened in the past, aside from your pregnancy, what happened?" She said, "The short version is that some pictures and movies of me having sex with my boyfriend and some of his friends got leaked online, and everyone found out about it." Dave was surprised, and said, "What's the long version?" She looked at him and said, "Are you sure you want to know?" He nodded and said, "Yes, I'm sure.

I want you to feel safe and open here, this is a safe place. I won't judge you like your parents. You can say whatever you want." She said, "Well, I started sleeping with guys when I was [18], the same age my sister is now actually." He said, "Becky?" She nodded, smiling. She clearly loved her sister very much. She said, "I met Carlos over a year ago when I was still [18]. He was a chaperone on a bible study trip I took with our church, I still don't think my parents know that's where I met him." She grinned devilishly.

"He was 20 at the time." He jokingly said, "Oh, so you like older men huh?" and she gave him a sly look that said I know what you're implying, but she didn't acknowledge it. She continued, "He introduced me to a side of sex that I'd never known.

And to a side of myself I hadn't known either. All the guys I had fucked in my own school had no experience, they'd just get off and leave. I enjoyed it, but they didn't ever satisfy me." He was watching her with a shocked look, but listening intently. She said, "Does it make you uncomfortable hearing me talk like this?" She seemed genuinely bothered that she might be making him uncomfortable, but he said, "Not at all.

I'm just not used to hearing a girl as young as you talk like that." She said, "Well I'm not really like most girls my age," with a wink. He said, "What's the side of you that you discovered?" She said, "He and I had lots of names for it, but I liked being submissive. I learned to love letting him have his way with me, and abuse me.

I got off on giving him complete control, and going along with anything he wanted to do. That's why he started taking pics and filming it. He'd get a few of his buddies together sometimes and we'd have a party. My best friend Cynthia was always willing to lie to cover for me being away. She'd tell my parents that I was at her house." She was reminiscing about these memories, and she was completely different than when talking about her family.

She seemed to only be truly happy when thinking about this. He said, "Where's Carlos now?" She said, "He ran off two months ago when I told him I was pregnant.

I went to the doctor and got tested, and he split as soon as I told him. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, he had a history of using young girls. He asked, "Are you bitter or upset?" She said "No, I just hope to meet a real man one day." She made a meaningful eye contact with him, and he understood the implication that she thought it might be him.

He looked away, and said, "Is Carlos the one who put the pictures online?" She said, "No, that was one of his asshole friends." She showed anger talking about him, and she said, "Pretty soon someone at school found out, then the whole school knew, then it made it's way to my father through church gossip. If there's one thing they love at church its gossiping and judging other people. My dad's a minister at the town church see. Or at least he was, he got fired when the pictures of me surfaced." He said, "I'm sorry, that was cruel of the friend." She laughed, and said, "I'm not even upset about that really.

I honestly don't care who sees the pictures and videos, it's just the way my parents reacted. They said I had dishonored them, that they were ashamed that I was their daughter." He said, "I guess I can see why he's so mad at you, not that you deserve it." She said, "He blames me, said he was responsible for me, that my sins reflected poorly on him and the family and that I was the reason his life was falling apart.

No compassion for how I felt or what I wanted, it was just about him." He said, "Don't feel guilty about your dad's job, anyone who could treat his daughter that way doesn't deserve to have it.

And you didn't commit any sins, he shouldn't have punished you like that." She said, "But he did punish me. He said he'd beat the sin out of me. When Becky and I we were bad he used to spank our asses with his belt, and he really let me have it then. He made me take my pants and panties off and bend over his lap.

He'd make mom and Becky watch too. He beat my ass red, spanking me for hours at a time, always asking if I repented my ways, if I was ready to ask for his forgiveness." She laughed bitterly, "But jokes on him, I actually enjoyed it.

I used to let my boyfriend Carlos whip me. I don't think dad knew I enjoyed it, but I'm positive he enjoyed beating me." She paused, dwelling on those memories, then hesitated to continue. She looked at Dave searchingly, as if trying to determine if she wanted to continue telling him this part of the story.

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She finally decided to, and said, "The irony is if he would just come out and admit that he wanted to fuck me, I would have let him." She looked at him, "Does that shock you?" He shook his head, "No, you were attracted to a strong dominant male, that's not surprising. After he treated you lovingly growing up it's only natural." She nodded, glad that he seemed to understand fully.

She said, "It's so sad, I would have done anything for him, any depraved thing he wanted. I worshipped him when I was little, but then when I started to grow up and become a woman, he changed. I think he wanted me to stay his little girl forever. He was clearly attracted to my body, it was obvious, but instead of giving in to his desires, he turned to anger. I'm worried that he's starting to treat Becky the same way." He said, "Wait, you mean he's abusing her too?" She said, "I don't know, but she tries to protect him by hiding what he does from me.

She still thinks he's the hero he used to be." He said, "Do you think he'll take his anger at you out on her?" She considered that, then said, "He might." "We need to get her out of there then." she said, "Yeah, but how?" He said, "Would she come here?" She said, "You mean come stay here? But she doesn't have any money either.

I can't impose on you to support us both. And for how long? We don't have anywhere else to go." He said, "That's exactly why I have to take you in, you have nowhere else to turn. And I told you I don't need any money. Look around at this place, I can easily afford to support both of you, and you'll always be safe here." She jumped up and hugged him, and started crying she was so happy.

She said, "I can't write or call Becky directly, I know my parents, they won't let her have any outside communication now that I've been kicked out. But I can send a letter to my friend Cynthia, she'll see that she gets it." They came up with a plan.

She writes the letter, "Cynthia, by now you've heard what happened I'm sure. You were right, they found out about the baby at the beach.


But they flipped out and abandoned me here. This is the last straw, as far as I'm concerned I have no parents anymore. But I am worried about Becky.

Will you please see that she gets this letter and the attached bus ticket? If she chooses, she can use the ticket to run away. We'll be waiting for her if she does.

I'm sorry I can't tell you where I am, there's too much risk someone will intercept this letter. But know that I'm in a safe place with someone who's taking care of me. Love, Kate." He buys a ticket online, and they put it in the mail.

When they go back inside, Kate's on cloud nine.

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She stops when they get inside, and he says, "What's wrong?" She doesn't say anything, she just walks over to him and gives him the biggest most heartfelt hug. He hugs her back, both enjoying comforting her, and also feeling her breasts and belly pressed against him.

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He couldn't help but get an erection, and hoped she couldn't feel it. She finally broke the hug, and said, "You're the best man I've ever met in my life.

Not many people would do what you have for me. I don't know how I can ever repay you." He said, "You don't ever need to repay me." She gave him a loving smile, then looked down at his dick, as if she just thought of something. She clearly had noticed his erection, and before he could shift to try to hide it, she grinned and said, "I think I know a way to repay you." He was curious, and she said, "If you want, I know where to find the pics and vids that got leaked of me." He said, "Those are still online?" She said, "I made sure to save a copy of them all.

I get off on people seeing them, and pleasuring themselves to them." His erection was rock hard hearing that, and she knew it. He said, "I guess there's no point in lying about it now, yes I would love to see that." She grinned ear to ear, and led him to the living room. He had a computer hooked up to his big TV, and she found the website. She pointed at the big windows in front of the looking out over the beach and said, "Can people see in here?" He nodded and said, "I'll go close the blinds." She said, "No, leave it, I like it." She pulled up her earliest pics, which were her posing solo in a cheerleading outfit.

He said, "You are a cheerleader? I didn't know that." She laughed, and said "No, that was an outfit Carlos had from a girl he had fucked a few years earlier. She was a few years younger than me, so it's a bit small, but Carlos liked the way it didn't cover much of my ass, and my tits spilled out." He said, "Yeah, so do I." She went through the pics of her stripping and posing. She smiled coyly, and nudged him with her elbow. She was just wearing the pleated skirt and vest, with no shirt under it.

When she opened it, he saw her beautiful pert breasts for the first time, and saw that her nipples were both pierced. He said, "Wow, I had no idea you had pierced nipples." She touched her breasts, and said, "I wear a padded top most of the time to hide them from my parents. Those aren't the only piercings I have by the way. I have 4 others. Want to guess where they are?" He said, "I can only imagine." She smiled and said, "I don't think you have to only imagine." She fondled her tits in the pictures, and she said, "I didn't have them when these were taken, I got them later.

I did the nipples myself." She was staring at his rock hard cock straining through his linen pants, mesmerized by it. It was clear from the tent pole that it was large. In the pics she bent over, and pulled her panties off, showing her pink pussy lips from behind.

Her pussy had a little blonde hair on her lips. He gasped, and she smiled and said, "I'm glad you like what you see." The next pictures had her laid back on the bed, and spread eagle. The series ended there, and he found himself craving more. She said, "What do you think, do you want to see more?" He was nearly begging, "Yes!" She pulled up the next series, this had her on her knees in front of Carlos, and she started sucking his dick.

She said, "This was before I learned to swallow a dick deep, I'm much better now." She was driving him wild as she blew him, then he came all over her face.

He said, "I love seeing you covered in cum, you're even more beautiful." She said, "You think I'm beautiful?" She seemed genuinely surprised, and he said, "Of course, you're gorgeous." She said, "I don't think anyone's ever told me that. Thank you, that means so much to me." Next was a video with her in the bathroom, naked on the floor. She narrated for him, "This was on the bathroom floor in the girls' locker room at school. We snuck in one Saturday to film this.

This is after he started training me to submit.


There's a thing about being submissive that lets you swallow a cock as big as you want. You have to let go and welcome the violation. I just kept thinking that it wasn't my throat his dick was ramming, it belonged to him, so what right did I have to gag on his dick?" In the video she had a large dildo with a suction cup base. She was all oiled up, and was sliding around on the tile floor.

She stuck the dildo to the ground, and started sucking it. It was about 7 inches longs from what he could tell, and she slowly started swallowing it. She took the whole thing, and he could see her throat bulging as it penetrated her. She was glorying in it, proud of her accomplishment. She said, "Fuck me Carlos! Please, I'm starving for cock, I need a real dick in my mouth!" He obliges her, shoving it unceremoniously down her throat. She was loosened up and took it like a pro, swallowing it down to the balls with no resistance.

He fucks her throat, then cums down her throat, telling her to swallow it. She does, then after he's done, she waits, spread eagle on the floor, her mouth open, showing him how she swallowed it all like a good girl. The next video had her in a motel room, on the bed wearing a slutty maid's outfit. She told Dave, "We did some roleplaying with some of his friends." Carlos behind the camera said, "Who are you?" she said, "I'm just the maid, I'm here to clean the room." He said, "Why are you wearing such a slutty outfit?" She smiled at the camera and said, "Because I'm a huge slut, obviously!" Carlos and his 3 friends fucked her, and Carlos fisted her.

She writhed in pleasure, and Dave saw her other piercings. She said to Dave, "I had just gotten them and wanted to show them off to him and his friends. She had one in her clit hood, and three in her pussy lips.

Her pussy was now shaved completely bald. He said, "Holy shit, that's so hot. How old were you when you got them? Who would give you those piercings?" She said, "I was [18], about to turn [18]. Carlos had a friend to did piercings. He came to his house and did them for me. Carlos let him fuck me as payment. And Carlos first made me shave my pussy when we started fucking. I like it though, so I still keep it shaved to this day. Do you like a shaved pussy Dave?" He was feeling light headed, and said, "Yes I do." The next vid was her alone on a bed.

The room was dark, and the camera was handheld. Carlos zoomed in on her face and said "I'm Kate!" she used a childish cute voice, turning Dave on even more.

She continued, "I'm a piece of fuck meat, all I want is to be used for your pleasure!" Carlos abused her, slapped her around, spit on her, threw her around, and she played dumb and young, and naïve the whole time. She said to Dave, "I think this is the night I got pregnant, but I'm not sure." He said, "That's so fucking hot, I love your pregnant belly!" After the last video, she says, "That's all of them, there's nothing left but the real thing now." He knew she was expecting him to dominate her, and he was more than willing.

He said "I've never met a girl with nipple rings before." She smiled, so happy that he was going with it. He patted his lap, and she crawled on him, straddling his thighs. She rocked back and forth, her ass cheeks on his legs, her pussy forming a camel toe where the bikini strained against her rubbing. She said teasingly, "Do you want to see mine?" pretending she didn't know that was exactly what he wanted.

He said firmly, "Yes, take your top off." She untied it seductively behind her neck, then let it drop down off her breasts. Her breasts were perky and full, swollen from her pregnancy.

He touched them, cupping them in his hands, squeezing them. She said, "The piercings amplify the sensations. I love having my nipples stimulated, and with these it can became so intense as to be almost unbearable." He said, "Do you like that?" She nodded emphatically, "Oh yes, I love it. Especially when I can't do anything about it." He pulled her toward him, and licked one nipple. She cooed and he licked again.

He sucked it into his mouth, toying it with his lips and tongue. She was shivering with pleasure, waves of pleasure racking her body as he flicked her nipple with his tongue harder and faster. He sucked it hard, biting down, and flicking it until her moans turned to screams. She started to push his head away, but he stopped long enough to say in a commanding voice, "Put your hands behind your back." It was in her nature to obey a dominant male, so she did, and he said, "Be as loud as you want to be, no one can hear you." He went back to attacking her nipple, and she grinded on him, trying desperately to rub her pussy on him, but she couldn't.

Soon she screamed, "I'm cumming!" And she cried out. When she subsided, he relented, and she caught her breath then said, "That was so intense. I've never cum just from my nipples before!" He said, "Put your hands on your tits." She did, playing with them, alternating squeezing her nipples, and rubbing her breasts. He reached down, rubbing her pussy over her bottoms, and said, "What do you want?" She moaned as he rubbed her and said, "Only to pleasure you." He said, "Your ecstasy pleases me very much." She said, "I'm so glad." He pulled her bikini aside, exposing her pussy.

Her delicate pussy lips glistened with the moisture flowing out of her pussy. He touched her clit piercing, sending lightning bolts of pleasure through her. He rubbed her inner lips, parting them with his finger, finding her juices. She grinds against him, trying to get his finger inside her pussy. He untied the sides over her bikini bottom, and tossed it aside. He told her to stand up, now completely naked. He looked at her and said, "Kneel." She dropped to the floor, her hands still behind her back obediently.

He stood and pulled his cock out of his shorts and flopped it down on her face. She goggled at how big it was. It was bigger than her face even! She said, "Oh my god, it's the biggest one I've ever seen!" She held her arm up to it, and said, "It's longer and wider than my whole forearm!" She was amazed, and he said, "Prove to me you're a good cocksucker.

Take it all down your throat." She smiled, but looked apprehensive, "Yes sir, although I've never tried anything so big." He didn't say anything else, just shoved his cock in her mouth. She stretched her jaw and managed to fit it in her mouth. She shoved her face down on it, swallowing it down her throat. She bounced, forcing the first 7 inches in her mouth, but stuck on the last two. He pulled it out, and slapped her face, "Try harder slut." She drooled spit all over her chin and down her tits and swollen belly, then nodded, and dove onto it again.

This time she pushed all the way down, and even stuck her tongue out to lick his balls. He started cumming down her throat and said, "Swallow!" She gulped down as much as she could, but when he pulled out, a bunch more spit and cum drooled all over her. He stood back, admiring her, and said, "You're even more beautiful like this. I didn't think that was possible." She smiled and said pleadingly, "Was I a good whore for you?" He nodded, and she said, "Good!

Your cum tastes so good." He said, "You've earned a present too." He sat on the couch, his hard cock sticking straight up, and said, "Come ride my cock." She scrambled up to the couch, and straddled him. She plunged him deep into her pussy, screaming in pleasure. She rode him, both of them cumming over and over. He filled her pussy with cum, until she was dripping. When they were finally spent, she rolled off of him and fell asleep on the couch. She was covered in cum, and exhausted.

He picked her up and carried her upstairs to his bed, where they fell asleep together. …TO BE CONTINUED