Masseuse lesbian rims babes butt

Masseuse lesbian rims babes butt
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-1- Gerald was struggling to stay awake. It was a Monday night, his homework was finished, he was home alone and his cock was ready to erupt. He was watching porn - video clips on his favorite website. He was there every night, but lately, with his mom working so late these past few weeks, he was there far more often than usual. Gerald would randomly look at various types of porn clips, or sometimes hone in and search for a specific pornstar or fetish.

Tonight it was mainstream movie sex scenes. There were no cumshots, no penises or vaginas to be seen, no loud, overacted, faked orgasms. It was simple sex scenes featuring various actresses he liked, in R-rated movies that Gerald never saw in the theater.

He didn't care that it wasn't hardcore pornography. It looked fairly realistic in his mind. The production value was better than the porn clips he watched. Gerald liked searching for and finding actresses he liked, then seeing them naked, having simulated sex. After another clip played, Gerald scrolled down, seeing thumbnails of additional videos in a suggested or related listing. They were all movie sex scenes as well. Most of them featured the same actress.

Gerald watched most of them, deciding to scroll back to the top of the website to search for another well-known actress. However, something caught his eye, preventing him from doing so. He did a double take, looking to the small thumbnail feature a dark-haired woman standing nude in a low lit room, with what appeared to be a fire blazing nearby.

"Um," Gerald said out loud, his mouth hanging open. "No. Please no." Gerald looked to the title of the video right below the thumbnail: "Krongor The Konqueror - Sex Scene." He re-read it several times, shock overcoming him.

Gerald connected the dots, glancing briefly at the toned nude woman in the thumbnail. "No! No, nope," Gerald excited out of the browser window, left his room, his erection flaccid. "Nope." He went to the kitchen, pacing around a bit, his mind racing. "Can't be. She's not in porn." He sat down at the kitchen table, tapped his foot, and then stood right back up again, pacing.

"Those were related videos. Sex scene clips. Not from porn movies." "Crap," he sat down again, running his fingers through his dark hair, then immediately stood up, resuming his pacing. "Ok, calm down," Gerald stood at the sink, splashing water on his face. "I'll make sure it's not porn." A minute later, Gerald was back at his laptop, going to another website.

It was a popular movie information website. It listed pretty much all movies, performers, crew and so on in a huge database. Gerald searched the term "Krongor The Konqueror." Hardly any information was there, seeing as how it was a cheap rip-off of Conan The Barbarian. What little info he confirmed was that it was a low budget, direct to DVD, movie about a warrior in ancient times, rising to power, and uniting various clans to fight a common foe. "Right, so it's not a porn," Gerald told himself.

He kept reading, looking for terms like "sex scene." There was nothing. He did see some user submitted reviews. "Total shit, stoopid lol!" was one user review. "Dude doesn't even look like Arnold," another review read, referring to the actor portraying Krongor. "Fight scenes were dumb, but that one chick, with the dark hair, was really hot," Gerald read, he shook his head, assuming who the reviewer was talking about. Gerald saw nothing to indicate it was porn. He clicked back to the main article about the film, seeing the list of cast and crew.

Most of them didn't have a profile picture, one of them did. She played the woman from the video thumbnail, standing nude by a fire. He saw her headshot, brown hair, brown eyes, smiling at the camera; he read her name. "Ok, Mom, so I guess you did a sex scene in your first movie," Gerald shrugged. "Whatever." Gerald clicked her name, loading her profile. He saw a list of five movies she's been in, in the two years since getting into acting, including her first about Krongor. Gerald clicked each one, gleaning as much info about them as possible.

In "Alien Bank Heist" his mother was listed as "girlfriend" in a movie about two brothers that rob a bank which happened to contain a powerful extraterrestrial artifact. No indication of porn. When Gerald read, "Saturday The 14th," he nearly burst into laughter. His mother was listed as "Amanda," a senior in college on a camping trip, in which a maniac hunted down the campers for sport. Gerald rolled his eyes at the low budget rip-off.

Two more movies weren't rip-offs, but appeared to have slightly bigger budgets. His mother's roles were larger too. "The First Year" was about a newlywed couple who struggled to conceive a child, eventually adopting one. "New Lives" was about two long-time friends bonding after leaving abusive boyfriends. They then had to team up to defeat them. "No porn. Good," Gerald said, sitting back, thinking of how embarrassing it'd be to learn his mom was a pornstar.

He closed his lap top and went to bed, trying his best to remove the thumbnail image of his mother's nude body from his mind. -2- "Ah yes," Gia, Gerald's mother whispered, on her back, grabbing the face of a man on top of her, kissing him passionately. "We have to hurry," he said, rolling over, taking Gia with him. He sat up, his hands grabbing her breasts while they kissed. Gia arched her back, her long hair reaching her butt, while grinding herself against the man.

"Yes!" she cried out. He held her, watching her breasts jiggle with her, grunting and moaning. They fell back on the bed, heaving, and out-of-breath. "Thank you," Gia said. "No, thank you. You're amazing as always," he kissed the top of her head. "I'll be back tomorrow," Gia said, rising up to kiss the man once more.

They smiled and stared into one another's eyes for a moment. "Cut!" the director said, six feet away. A towel was thrown at Gia by an assistant. "Good job you two, that's three takes. Hopefully that'll be all we need, then we're done!" Gia smiled at the actor she was working with. She wrapped a towel around her body; he sat on the edge of the bed, pulling his boxers up.

The crew moved about, not looking at the actors as they covered up. "Whew, bout time," the actor said. "It's getting late!" "I know," Gia said, sitting next to her co-star on the bed, waiting, hoping that was it for this movie.

"Paul," a production assistant smiled, touching up his hair, in case they needed another take. Someone did the same for Gia. "I think she likes you," Gia whispered to her friend and co-worker, when the assistant left. "Better tell your wife about it." "Heh, yeah. It'd be just another person from work she'd have to worry about me being around," Paul put his arm around Gia.

She rested her head on his shoulder. "Oh I know. She has a lot of reasons to be jealous of Krongor," Gia joked, referring to Paul's role on Gia's first movie. They had their first sex scene together there, and a few since then, as the small studio reused the same actors.

"Huh uh, go on and joke," Paul shook his head. The two of them watched the crew reviewing the footage, hoping it was all that was needed for the final scene of this movie. It was late, they both wanted to be home. In two days, they would start working on another film, one that Gia wasn't so sure about. "That's a wrap!" the director cheered, happy with the final shot. "Finally," Gia lowered her head; Paul patted her towel-covered back.

They stood, hugged, and told each other they'll see one another on the next set. She was tired. She'd been working nonstop for the production company since they signed her a couple years ago. Gia was a fitness model for a long time, having been approached by a friend to audition for a small role of a female warrior.

She nailed it, worked on the Krongor movie and a few others; the tiny production company locked her in a contract which was set to expire in a few months.

Gia considered not renewing it. The money was ok, nothing compared to true Hollywood, huge studios, where millions of dollars were flung around, but it was nice.

Gia saved up a lot, hoping to have enough for her son, Gerald's, college tuition - should he finally make a choice on where to attend. With each role she'd done, there'd been a sex scene.

Most were small, some fairly long. Gia was lucky Paul was a frequent co-star in these small movies. He was very easy to work with, making jokes, lightening the mood. The next job, however, Gia wasn't so sure of. She recalled the day a few months ago where her and Paul met with Howard, an executive at the studio.

"Sit! Sit!" the native New Jersey, older man, greeted Gia and Paul when they arrived at his small office. "I'll cut right to it. No chit-chat. This ain't a porn movie," Howard said.

"Huh?" Paul asked, to which Howard laughed. "This picture you two are going to star in, Adulterous Obsession, it ain't a porno. Alright? No porn," Howard said. "Ok," Gia said confused. "You two know what it's about, you've read the script. You play husband and wife. Gia, your character goes crazy, blah, blah, blah, has an affair with a college guy, and all that good stuff.

It's not a porn. With that said, there's been some re-writes to the script." Gia and Paul shot each other a look.

"What this picture could now be referred to is: an erotic thriller," Howard said, making quotation marks in the air with his fingers. "I see," Gia said. "We've made some decisions, this'll get purchased by some of the late night, cable movie networks, all that. It'll be great. There are slightly more sex scenes in this than, say, the standard one you two usually have per picture." "How many?" Gia asked. "There's ten. Now then, with - "Howard said, but was interrupted by Paul and Gia.

"Ten?!?" they both said. "It's not porn, it's not porn," Howard held up his hands. "Yeah, but - " Gia said. "No private parts, none of that," Howard said, adjusting his clip-on tie.

"What's involved? Nothing out of the ordinary?" Paul asked. "Nothing out of the ordinary. You two would have four regular scenes. Gia, your character would have five with the college guy she's having an affair with. Then one with the private investigator Paul's character hires," Howard explained. "Holy shit," Gia's eyes widened. "It's not porn! Trust me," Howard said once more. "Hey, it'll be fine," Paul said. "We'll have some beers on the set.

I'll do something silly to make you laugh. It'll be fine." "Yeah," Gia nodded. She thought about her careers goals. This whole acting thing was an experiment. She figured she'd do it a while, then return to fitness modeling. If starring in an erotic thriller hurt her acting career, it really didn't matter.

Howard reminded her of why she went along with this role that day in his office. "Remember, the payday, you two. I know for a fact it'll be the most you've been paid so far," he said, looking at Gia.

Gia nodded. "Yeah? Here, take the new script, read it over. Relax, and enjoy the money you'd be making. It ain't millions, but it'll be nice." Gia and Paul stood to leave, Howard stopping them, "Oh and thank you. Thank you for the work you've done for this studio. We're not Warner Brothers, or Disney, or Universal over here, we're small, but we really appreciate our actors." Gia and Paul nodded, and took their leave.

Outside at Gia's car, Paul gave her a hug, wrapping his huge arms around her. "It'll be fine." "I know. I don't really like those scenes though. I mean, working with you is easy, but still. I'm naked, all those people are around." "Yep. It's not fun, that's why I try do what I can to ease the nerves - mine and whoever I'm acting with." "Alright," they ended their friendly hug. "Get home to your wife. I need to get home to my son, make sure he's doing his homework," Gia said.

"Goodnight," Paul waved bye as Gia got in her car. Here she was a couple months later, driving home after a long day. The production of the erotic thriller, "Adulterous Obsession," starting later that week. Gia thought of the extra payday, the money used for Gerald's tuition. She shrugged at the final stoplight before turning into her neighborhood. "It'll be fine, I hope." Gia peeped in on a sleeping Gerald, smiled, then took a shower.

She felt bad this movie would be filming during his Spring break, but she accepted it, further considering not renewing her contract when it expired over the summer. -3- "Oh hi there!" Gia beamed at her son when he arrived home from school the next day. She was in the kitchen after her workout session, in matching, neon green spandex shorts and sports bra. She set the protein drink down and hugged her son. "Mom, come on," Gerald flinched when the sweaty woman threw her arms around him.

The thumbnail image of her naked body had been on his mind all day. "Sorry. Just excited to spend the rest of the day with you. After you finish your homework," Gia reminded him.

"Then we need to talk." "Talk?" Gerald asked, thinking maybe she read his mind, figuring out he found out she did a sex scene. "Yeah, it's about your Spring break next week." "Ah. Alright." Gerald got to work, glad he didn't have too much homework, wondering what his mother wanted to talk about regarding Spring break.

He wondered if it was a vacation somewhere. He thought about her nude body again, this time, walking toward him. "No, stop. I REALLY wished I hadn't seen that," he thought, slamming his pen down.

They ate dinner together, chatting about school, his college plans, and plans for the summer. Afterward, Gia led Gerald to the couch, telling him to ignore cleaning the kitchen.

She sat next to him, sliding her arm around him. "Mom? You ok? Why are you so affectionate?" Gerald asked, perhaps noticing it more now for some reason. "I want to talk about your Spring break next week. I'm sorry, Gerald, I have to work the entire time. I was hoping I'd have a few days off, but no. They are moving from one job to the next. A new movie starts filming tomorrow." "Oh," Gerald nodded. "I see." "This weekend though, I only work half the day on Saturday.

That night, we're going out to dinner. Someplace special. There's a restaurant in Beverly Hills that I want to take you." "Uh, sure. That'd be cool." "I'm sorry I haven't been around much," Gia hugged him. "It's ok, Mom," Gerald awkwardly patted her shoulder.

"I love you. We'll have a great weekend," Gia said, kissing his cheek. "Yeah," Gerald put his arm around her, thinking about the scene in Krongor, wondering what it was like. He wondered what other scenes his mother did too. They sat on the couch the rest of the evening, watching one of her favorite old movies, Gerald struggling to stay awake.

When it was over, she led him to his bedroom, hugging him goodnight. The next day, he rushed home from school, getting on his laptop. He went to his preferred porn video site, staring blankly at the home page, filled with newest uploaded video. He saw all sorts of amateur thumbnails, a few well-known pornstars here and there, and a few interracial clips.

Gerald took a deep breath and typed in his mother's name in the search bar. Nothing showed up. He breathed a sigh of relief. However, he recalled his mom had roles of varying sizes in five movies. "Ok, keep digging," he thought and typed in the specific name of a movie. He searched for "Alien Bank Heist." "Oh crap," he saw a thumbnail, a single result found. "Yep," he nodded, seeing a close-up of a man and a woman - his mother.

It was grainy, but he could her eyes were closed, her mouth open. He couldn't see their bodies, but could tell they weren't wearing shirts. "Saturday the 14th," he typed next. "So stupid," he thought of the movie.

Another result was returned. "Shit!" Gerald looked away. The thumbnail was a dark-hair woman, by a campfire, a part of her top was removed. He looked to it, he couldn't see a nipple, but it looked like she was in the process of taking her shirt off. He kept going, typing in "The First Year," adding "sex scene" to it.

Two results were returned. His mother was in both thumbnail images. The first showed her on her back, a look of pleasure on her face. The second was her full body in a shower, with a man behind her, his hand on her tummy. "Crap!" he looked away. "Why am I doing this?" "Curiosity is killing me," he rolled his eyes, typing in the final movie his mom acted in. "New Lives sex scene," he pressed enter. "No way!" he nearly fell out of his chair.

The thumbnail image for the video was his mother and another woman. They were clothed and kissing. "No way," he got up, pacing around the kitchen. He sat at the kitchen table. "Every crappy movie she's been in. Each one had a sex scene," he said, immediately standing back up, pacing around.

"They aren't porn though. I know this for sure," he sat down. "But why would she do this?" he stood back up.

"This is dumb. She's an actress, sometimes there's sex scenes. I was jacking off to Julianne Moore sex scenes the other night. I know she has kids," Gerald sat down again. "But they probably never stumbled upon her scenes," he stood up, pacing again. "I gotta leave." Gerald took a walk around his Pacific Palisades neighborhood.

He found himself getting angry, but he couldn't explain it. "Is she a slut?" he wondered. "Why am I so bothered by this?" When he arrived at home an hour later, he saw he missed a couple calls on the cell phone he left in his room - they were from his mother. "Hey, sweetie, we're taking a break here. Things aren't going too well, probably have to work late.

I'll call later." He listened to the other one. "You there? Text or call me, let me know you're home from school." He sat on the edge of his bed and texted his mom back, "I'm here. Will see you later." Something caught his peripheral vision - his open laptop, the screen saver going. "Maybe, they, no," he wrestled with himself. He wanted to watch them.

"I'll just click at different points in the video, I won't play it," he sat down, clicking the browser's back button a few times to the search results for "Alien Bank Heist." He clicked the video, the player appeared; he clicked in the middle of the progress bar. It showed a still image from the movie - his mother kissing the guy, she appeared to be pinned against the wall.

Gerald saw no body parts, other than their shoulders and heads. He clicked further down the progress bar; he saw the guy's back and ass, with his mother in front of him, on all fours.

He could only see a little bit of her side, including a slight view of her hanging breasts. Gerald clicked again, near the end of the video. The still showed the man's front, head thrown back, with his mother, still on all fours, with a facial expression of pleasure. "Ok, so nothing really crazy here," Gerald thought. "Maybe I could watch it. It seems tame." Gerald took a deep breath and clicked at the beginning of the progress bar, then clicked play.

He covered his eyes, peeping through his fingers. "Can't believe we did it," the man said, sitting at a table across from his girlfriend played by Gia, looking at a huge pile of money.

"I told you it'd be fine," Gia's character said. "We should celebrate, go out, get a nice meal," the man, played by Gia's frequent co-star, Paul said. "Or we could stay in," the girlfriend suggested. "For what?" Paul's character looked confused. The video clip jumped to Gia being pinned against the wall, some kind of rock music playing, Paul kissing at her neck, her eyes closed, her mouth open.

"Good idea," he said, resuming his kissing. Gia tore his shirt off, as he pulled her tank top off. Gerald didn't see breasts, but knew the part with them on the bed was coming up.

He watched Paul lift Gia, the camera still focused on their shoulders and head. Gia was bouncing up and down, Paul kissing at her neck, her fingers gripping his hair. Paul pulled her away from the wall. The scene jumped to the bed, Gerald cautiously looked away for a second. When he quickly realized most of the nudity was the man, he watched with no fear of seeing his mother naked.

He could only see the side of her thigh, body, and breasts hanging, jiggling from each impact. The camera was probably ten feet away from them.

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He watched this man and his mom have simulated sex for several seconds. He could hear his flesh slapping against hers. The clip entered the final portion, showing the man's muscular frame. He threw his head back, presumably finishing. Gerald watched his mom's face, contort with pleasure, his eyes trailed over what little he could see of her back and ass.

It wasn't much. "Yes! Yes!" she cried out. The clip jumped to the next scene. It was of another man talking on the phone. Then the clip stopped. "Wow," Gerald said. "That wasn't so bad. I've seen worse in some of these R-rated movie clips on here." He scrolled to the related videos, some were thumbnails Gerald already saw from his searching earlier. He saw other movie sex scene clips listed too, not featuring his mother. They all appeared to be uploaded by the same user.

Gerald clicked the user's name, 'SexSceneLover', then navigated to their uploaded videos; some Gerald had already watched from the other night. It appeared this user uploaded many sex scenes from mainstream movies and softcore porn movies.

Gerald got bold and clicked on the thumbnail of his mother on her back. He went ahead and clicked play. "Keep going," Gia's character told Paul's. "I wasn't done," he said. "Relax." "Huh, the same dude from the first clip," Gerald noted. "Besides," Paul's character spoke up. "If I finish, I'll rest up, and we'll go again, and again, and again. We're making a baby, right?" "Yes we are," Gia smiled, kissing him, some tender music playing in the clip.

The clip turned into a montage of sorts. It showed Gia and Paul in various close-ups. He was on top, then she was, then he was behind. One was her looking over her shoulder, moaning. Gerald gasped when her breast came into view, glancing away. When he looked back, the clip showed his mother sitting on her co-star, moaning, presumably cumming.

Paul was doing the same. Gerald watched him lay his mother on her back, trying to focus on her face, not her breasts. They both moaned and Paul laid down on Gia.

Sweat, Gerald assumed sprayed water, was covering them. The music changed and the clip quickly jumped to a clothed Gia doing dishes before stopping. "Keep going," Gerald clicked the related video, another sex scene in this movie. The camera slowly panned to a steamy shower. Gia was on her knees before Paul, her hands running over his chest, her head obscuring his crotch. "Oh shit," Gerald said. "Is she - " Gia rose to her feet, Paul's hand slid over her lower back.

Gerald looked to her bare ass in the shower. "Wow." They were kissing. Paul suddenly turned Gia around, her hands on the steamy shower door. Gerald looked to her breasts, gulping. He watched hands grope and grab them from behind. "Ah! Ah!" his mother moaned, Gerald having a good, slightly steam-obscured view of her body. The clip jumped to Gia turning around, in the shower, grabbing Paul and kissing him. The clip ended with Gia guiding him down into sitting position in the shower.

"Whoa," Gerald exhaled slowly. "I shouldn't be watching this," Gerald stood, leaving his room. Ten seconds later, he rushed back into his room, sitting at his laptop searching for another video. This time of her sex scene in "Saturday the 14th." This was a definite R-rated, straight-to-DVD, release. Gia's character, a college senior, was sitting around a campfire with other people who, like Gia, looked to be in their 30s - a bit older than college students.

They were all drinking booze. She stood, downed the rest of her drink and sat on the guy nearest her. "You ready?" she asked, kissing him hard. "Mmm, sure am," he said. He stood, taking Gia with him. The clip jumped to them in a tent. "I've been wanting that pussy for a while now, Amanda," he said, removing his shirt and belt. "Come and get it," she said, spreading her legs after pulling up her skirt. The guy dove in, his head between her thighs. Gerald's eyes widened, watching the camera pan to his mother, licking her lips, removing her top while a guy was in between her legs.

"So good," he paused. "Shut up and fuck me," Gia said. "Holy shit, Mom!" Gerald exclaimed. "Damn, Amanda, my buddy told me you were easy," the guy said, lying top of her.

"He's right," Gia and the guy kissed. The video clip jumped to two friends lighting up a joint in the woods nearby. "Hey. You hear that?" one of them asked. The other took a puff, shaking his head.

The music turned ominous. The clip jumped to Gia on top of the guy, riding him, hard, her tits on display. "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried out. Gerald covered his mouth, watching his mother's breasts jiggle, as she continued screaming profanities. "Ah shit!" the guy said, squeezing a tit. That's when a sharp object, an arrow, protruded through Gia's chest, in between her breasts.

"Amanda!" the guy screamed. "Amanda!" The camera panned in on the guy's look of horror. He held his hands up, screaming 'no' over and over. Then the clip ended. Gerald took a deep breath, "Glad it was fake. Wow." He clicked another video. This was as clip from "New Lives." "What!?!" the clip immediately started with his mother making out with a blonde woman.

He could see their tongues briefly colliding. Gia pushed the woman back against the wall. Her arm moved, Gerald could tell her character was sliding her hand down the woman's pants - even if the camera didn't show it. They broke the kiss, holding each other by the back of the other's head, the blonde woman moaning into Gia's face.


Slow piano music started, the scene faded to the women in a bedroom, slowly undressing each other. It showed Gia kissing the woman's back, working her way down to her butt. The camera focused on her face, reacting to whatever Gia was doing to the woman's ass. Both woman naked now, the clip showed them rolling around in bed kissing, groping one another.

Gia landed on top, looking into her face as the scene faded to black. Gerald was in slight shock. He looked to his crotch, he was erect. "Um," he said although the clip wasn't done though. It now showed the two women in the shower. Gia spreading suds over the woman's back, bruises visible. "I'm sorry he hurt you again," Gia said, holding the blonde from behind.

"Not your fault. I never should've met up with him," she replied. Gia kissed along the woman's neck and shoulders. "You're safe with me now." The blonde turned, kissing Gia in the shower. Gia's hands glided down the woman's bruised back and the video clip ended. "Ok, Ok, I'm done," Gerald said, ashamed of his erection. "No more," he shook his head. He sat there, staring blankly at his laptop.

"Actually there's one more. Krongor," Gerald clicked to play that related video. Paul's character, Krongor, was standing by a fire, wearing nothing but a leathery loincloth. The hugely muscular man was distracted by someone - a tall, brunette, wearing some sort of tanned, leathery bikini. It reminded Gerald of a sexy, albeit somewhat stereotypical, Native American costume. "You fought hard for your clan today," Paul's character, Krongor told Gia's character. "Our clans are united now.

I must fight for both of them," she told him. "But tonight, I give myself to you." Gerald watched his mother remove the bikini, standing nude before Krongor.

Gerald recognized the thumbnail image used for the clip. He was speechless by her beauty. Paul removed the loincloth and approached his co-star, grabbing her face, kissing her.

The scene then jumped to close-up of Gia's breasts, with the fire roaring in the background, Gerald covering his mouth. Paul closed in on her nipples, kissing, licking them. The camera panned up, showing them kiss again. Next the camera was zoomed out, showing the man on top of Gia, his hand on her thigh, moving up and down on top of her.

The orchestral music was playing; Gia was moaning every few seconds. The next part of the scene showed Paul behind her, one hand on her breast, the other on her tummy.

The two of them moved as though Gia was getting taken from behind. The firelight was illuminating their bodies. The scene jumped to a close-up of Gia looking to her left, at Paul over her shoulder. They stared into one another's eyes and the scene faded to black. -4- The next evening, Gerald was standing in his doorway, staring at his closed laptop.

He received a text from his mom earlier, stating she was running late, assuring him that they would still go to dinner. He wanted to watch those sex scenes again.

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He fought with himself all day. He did yard work, homework, he drove around, he walked around; he couldn't sit still. Gerald was tugging at his cock, "I'll watch them again. If I jack off to them, to her, so be it." He took a few steps forward when he was saved by his mother. "Gerald! I'm home! Let's go eat!" she called out from the front door. He breathed a sigh of relief.

He survived jacking off to his mother, for now. "Hey!" Gia arrived at his door. "Get dressed. Something nice. I'm going to change too." "Ok, sure," Gerald nodded. He threw on some khakis and button up shirt. Several minutes later his mom met him at the front door, wearing a tight, short, tropical pattern dress.

Gerald couldn't help think how hot she looked, given that he's seen her naked and in sexual situations - even if they were simulated, or so he assumed. "Hi," he nervously said. "Hey," she hugged him. "I'm starving. I'll drive." They ended their hug, Gia grabbing Gerald's hand, walking to her car. On the way to restaurant, Gerald made a decision. He would talk to his mom about her acting career.

They rarely ever discussed it before. Gia only telling him it was small, low-budget, movies - nothing special. He recalled her telling him he wouldn't be interested. Gerald concluded in hindsight it was because of her sex scenes. It made sense to him, but he was curious about them, about her, about all of it. Was she a slut? She didn't seem like it. He wanted to talk with her about it. Gerald came up with a plan during dinner. He'd tell a little lie and see where it took him.

"I've been wanting to try this place since it opened," Gia said, folding her napkin, placing it on her lap. "It's so nice too. I'm glad I'm here with you." "Thanks, Mom." They ordered appetizers, Gerald ordered tea, Gia wine. They divvied up some bread sticks. Afterward, Gerald decided to tell his fib. "Hey, Mom, I have a friend at school. We'll he's not a great friend actually.

He was picking on me about something," Gerald started. "Oh?" Gia glared. "About what?" "Heh, well, it's silly. And I wasn't too bothered by it. But it did make me wonder about something." "What is it? You can tell or ask me about it," Gia reached across the table, patting Gerald's hand. "He said he saw some of those movies you were in." Her eyes widened, "Oh, I see. Ha. I didn't think anyone saw those." "Yeah.

Anyway, he was picking on me about certain scenes you were in." Gia withdrew her hand from her son's. "Oh. I see. Certain scenes." "Right. Anyway, well - " "So your buddy saw me in those scenes, maybe saw me naked, and got his jollies off.

Then he picked on you about it. What a little snot. Ignore him." "No, no, it's fine. Really. He wasn't mean to me. Just complimented you in a way to try to embarrass me." "I see. Well, yes, those movies I was in had some adult themes, and adult scenes," Gia said. "They are rated-R, straight to DVD crap." "Right," Gerald could see his mom was embarrassed and angry.

"Sometimes movies have those scenes, you know? I mean you aren't a, uh, porn star, right? Or a stripper. You're not a slut. Are you?" Gerald asked, lowering his voice. "Oh, Gerald," Gia grabbed his hands again. "Is that what you think I am? Did that kid make it sound like I was?" "No! Not at all. I was just saying you weren't.

Just because you had sex scenes in a movie doesn't make you a slut. Right?" Gerald hoped. Gia laughed, "Right. Want to know about what really goes on in those dumb scenes?" "Sure." Gia leaned in closer, "There is zero, and I mean zero, romance, eroticism, or anything sexy about them.

We're in a room full of people. There's lights, cameras, equipment, crew members and so on. I have never, nor has anyone I've had a scene with, been even remotely, uh, aroused. Do you follow me?" "Yeah, I do." "You know about the birds and the bees," Gia continued speaking in a quiet tone.

"There's never been an erection. And I, well, I've never been, you know, aroused." "Uh - " "I've never been moist down there. Never had increased blood flow. I've never been hot and bothered," Gia chuckled. "In all honestly, it's us remembering a choreography of sorts, going through the motions, and hoping it ends ASAP." "So you don't enjoy it?" "Not really.

I figured I could handle it, so I went through with it. In my first movie, it was such a small portion of the film. I got to use a sword, a shield, fight - all that stuff made it worth it. There was one sex scene and I was scared, but I knew it was my job and I was getting paid a decent amount. The guy I worked with, Paul, is a veteran. He was giving me tips, helping me relax, telling me it's just like a dance, even cracking jokes. We have to remember the choreography. Once I saw there was nothing sexual about it, at least on our end, I was able to relax more.

I still don't like being naked on a set, with all those people around. But I know now, that they are there to do their jobs too. Be it, lighting, makeup, or the director - they're just trying to tell a story." "I see.

Sounds like it can be awkward." "Oh it is. Every time. But when I see no one is getting turned on by it, they're just trying to complete a scene, I relax a little." "My friend was wondering if it was like porn.

I was hoping it wasn't. Sounds like it's not." "Not at all Gerald. Not at all. However," Gia paused, eyes lowering. "This newest role I've taken on, well, it's not a porno but there's a lot of sex scenes in it." "Really?" "Yes. I was hesitant, but the job is paying more than all the others I've had.

Plus I'm under contract. It's being referred to as an erotic thriller." "Oh, I guess I can figure out what that means." "Yeah," Gia shook her head. "The production is struggling too. This guy they've cast is difficult to work with." "Paul?" "No, not him. He's awesome. A good guy. He plays my character's husband. The younger actor they've cast as my character's," she paused. "What?" "The movie is about a woman who has an affair with a younger guy. She goes a bit crazy too. The guy they cast to play my character's lover isn't easy to work with," Gia explained.

"Oh, how so?" "He doesn't take direction well, he over acts, he does things his own way. Anyway, there's been script rewrites, the movie is behind schedule. I'm really, really hoping it works out. I could use that money. It'd easily pay for most of your college. It's not big, Hollywood millions, but it's a very nice paycheck." "Sorry, Mom. I hope it works out." "All these silly sex scenes on top of it, makes things harder too.

Plus, next week, I'll be working so much during your week off of school. I feel bad." Gerald shrugged, "Well, I understand.

You need to work." "I think I have an idea. You can come to the studio with me!" "Oh, I don't know if that's a good idea." "No, it'll be great. Ride with me on Monday. They are always looking for volunteers to help serve food, clean set, move equipment," Gia explained.

"They're cheap!" "I don't know, Mom." "Don't worry about seeing in an intimate scene. Most of the ones with Paul have been filmed. Somewhere at various other locations. The ones that remain will be with this other guy," Gia shivered. "He's creepy too. I'm not a casting director, but they should've cast someone younger and who could give off a shy vibe." "I guess I could come in on Monday," Gerald said.

"Yes. Please do. You can walk around, explore. If anyone asks, just say you're a volunteer or intern. We can have lunch together." "Alright, I'll do it," Gerald agreed, remembering her sex scenes, hoping maybe he'd catch a glimpse of her in action in person. *** After their meal, mom and son headed home. They changed in pajamas and met back on the couch, Gia's orders. "You don't think I'm a bad mom, do you?" Gia asked sitting next to Gerald, her legs lying across his lap.

His hands were on her knees and thighs, rubbing them over the sweatpants which covered them. "No, why do you say that?" "Just haven't been around much." "No, I understand," Gerald smiled at her, finding it difficult to look away.

He knew watching those clips of her did something to him. "Good. Hey, do you have any more questions for me? About my work; about those scenes?" Gerald laughed, "Maybe." "Well ask away! I've already told you those scenes aren't very enjoyable, are awkward, and not sexy in reality.

What else would you like to know?" "My friend said he saw you with a lady, Mom!" Gerald poked her side. "Oh dear. Yeah, there was a brief scene. But I loved that movie.

I got to fight again and pretend to beat up a guy. I guess you're wondering what it was like. It was nice. We were both scared, but tried our best to live in our character's minds. We took a couple shots of rum, encouraged one another, and well, went at it!" "Wow." "Yeah, probably won't do that again.

The movie turned out great though." "Have you seen anything? Like private parts?" "Sort of." "Huh?" "Oh shoot, we're both adults. There was a scene in a shower where I was on my knees in front of him." Gerald knew exactly which sex scene that was - the second one from "The First Year." He played along pretending he's never seen it. "I was moving my head back and forth, you know, making it look like I was," Gia bit her bottom lip.

"Fellatio?" "Ah, yeah, I've heard that term." "Ok good. Anyway, my eyes were closed, so I didn't see him like that. I counted to ten or so in my head, then stood up to continue the scene.

Paul made a joke right before we started filming - it nearly ruined the take. It was about how I'd need a magnifying glass to find it. His penis." "Oh, heh, funny." "Anyway, I've only seen stuff in my peripheral vision. I make it a point not to look directly at anything like that." "Have they seen you?" "Sometimes it's unavoidable.

Especially if the scene calls for them to, well, touch or kiss certain things. Plus, that sort of stuff tends to happen when two people are being intimate anyway. Paul would usually ask if it's ok if he touched me here," Gia nodded to her chest.

"Sometimes I'd say stuff like 'You could lie me down, then get on top to kiss around here. The camera should be zoomed in on us at that point.' He'd agree, and we'd work out the choreography together." "Does it feel weird that he's, you know," Gerald glanced to her chest.

"It did at first. Still does, all of it, but nowhere near as bad. Maybe if there wasn't so many cameras and crew around. This new guy though," Gia shook her head. "He's rough, he doesn't ask, he doesn't coordinate a scene with me. He does his own thing. Usually it's not what the director had in mind for our characters. He's supposed to be shy and sort of scared; he doesn't portray that at all." "Maybe they'll fire him." "Maybe!" Gia rose up, her legs still on her son's lap, and hugged him.

Kissing his cheek. "I'll be glad you'll be around on Monday. Maybe we can chat between takes or set tear downs." "I'd like that," Gerald replied. She kissed his cheek again, then went to the kitchen for popcorn. Gerald watched her tall frame walk away, eyes to her ass, thinking how gorgeous she was, how lucky Paul was - even if it was all pretend. When she returned, she propped her feet up in his lap.

Gerald instinctively started rubbing them. She smiled, leaning back, her eyes closed. "So you knocked out a few steamy scenes today, Mom?" "Heh, steamy. They'll be steamy in post-production. Yeah a few. Paul and I filmed them back-to-back" Gerald kept rubbing her feet. "Sounds like you were busy then." "Mmhmm," she let out a soft moan. Gerald's eyes widened. "What am I doing?" he asked himself. He stopped rubbing her feet, focusing on the movie playing on the TV instead.

He chastised himself internally, guilt overcoming him. He kept his hands to himself the rest of the evening. That night in bed, Gerald struggled to sleep. "I gotta get over this. It was wrong to watch those clips. I'm not the intended audience. She's my mom - a great mom. I can't watch them again. I can't look at her like that anymore. If she found out, no telling what she'd do. She'd be so angry." He rolled over, deciding to try to forget what he saw and move on, knowing he was in the wrong for looking.

However, some things can never be unseen. -5- Gia was called in the next day, Sunday, for some quick re-shoots. She was annoyed, but drove in anyway, wanting to get this film completed and get paid. A few hours there, she was on all fours, naked, hoping this was the final take of one of her sex scenes with the actor playing her lover. He was in his late 20s, playing an 18-year-old, and was ruining take after take.

Gia tried to remember to moan when the part where he wrapped his arms around her from behind happened, but the guy never did it. He slapped her ass instead. He continued slamming against her hard from behind.

Gia thought if it were real sex it certainly wouldn't be very pleasant. Finally, the director yelled cut, a big towel was tossed to Gia and the actor. She quickly moved away from him, wrapping herself, and walked toward Paul, who was nearby, munching on a donut. "Geez, I don't think Krongor took you that hard," Paul joked, having watched from afar, on stand-by in case he was needed. "Ha. I could use Krongor to save me from this situation right about now," Gia said. "Well, if they have any money left to make a sequel, maybe I will then." "That guy is horrible," Gia said, referring to the actor playing her character's lover.

"Does what he wants, how he wants. He actually pulled my hair earlier. If he's supposed to be playing a shy, nervous, young guy - I don't think ass slapping and hair pulling would be involved." "Nope," Paul chomped down on a donut, handing the box to Gia, who declined.

She watched the director and various crew members review the take and converse amongst themselves. Several moments passed, an assistant director approached Gia, pulling her aside. "Hey, go ahead and get dressed, we're done for the day.

Just so you know, we're recasting someone to play Eric." "Good!" "We'll be talking about it and figuring something out. Hopefully tomorrow, we'll be set. I'm sorry about all of this, I know we're rushing to get this finished up," the assistant told her. "No, it's fine. It really is," Gia said, thankful the role of Eric would be recast. Gia left the assistant, waving bye to Paul, letting them discuss shooting a few of his scenes at various locations that day.

Gia stopped by the security guard on her way out. She explained she was bringing her son tomorrow to volunteer and help a few interns. He gave her a guest badge for Gerald. *** The rest of Gia and Gerald's Sunday, was spent hanging out, making up for lost time Gia felt she missed out on due to her hectic work schedule.

The next day Gerald asked his mother if she was sure she wanted him around while she was working. Gia hugged him and told him of course. Gerald flashed his badge early the next morning to the security guard.

Gia hugged her son, telling him she had to change in the dressing room, and there'd be no sex scenes filmed on the set that day, jabbing his side. Gerald blushed and nodded.

She led him to a group of interns, waiting around, clamoring for work, hoping to get into the business. A little later, Gerald found himself, sweeping floors, and moving equipment. Gia was in a meeting with Howard, a casting director, and Paul.

"Ok, here's where we're at," Howard started. "That overpriced, overrated, little shit, that was playing Eric? He's gone. We are holding semi-auditions for younger guys. We put the word out to the interns if they are interested.

We don't need a professional actor, we just need someone fresh and willing to act scared out of his mind when an older, sexy cougar like yourself seduces him." "I see," Gia nodded, ignoring Howard's assessment of her, still in her dress from an office scene filmed earlier. "We are re-writing parts of the script, removing some of Eric's dialogue, making the focus on Karen and her adulterous ways," Howard added, referring to the name of the character Gia was playing.

"This new guy, he won't have many lines." Howard dismissed them; her and Paul were driven to a location nearby at Venice Beach for additional shooting. Upon returning to the studio, Gia found Gerald setting up catering. She chatted with him, telling him of her day, thanking him for helping out.

After a rushed meal, Gerald found himself alone, walking around the various set pieces in the studios, exploring. He saw sound stages set up, all looked fairly cheap. He saw a few makeshift rooms resembling bedrooms, kitchens, and so on. Then he saw a line of several interns he recognized. The line extended into a hallway with offices. Gerald walked past the line, arriving at closed door.

He turned and looked around, wondering what the guys in line were waiting for. The door opened, a woman popped out. "Next!" she yelled. Gerald, startled, turned to face her. The woman pulled him into the room and closed the door. *** "Name?" the woman asked, the casting director sitting next to her. "Uh, Gerald?" "Are you asking me if that's your name?" she asked.

"Um, no. No ma'am," Gerald replied. He watched the two people whisper amongst themselves right in front of him. "My name is Gerald." "Sit," she pointed to the couch against the wall.

Gerald complied. "Age?" "I'm eighteen. What's this - " "Do you have any commitments this week?" "Huh?" "Commercials shoots? A role as an extra?" "Um, no. I'm on Spring Break." "So you're still in high school, great," the woman said, taking notes, and then whispering more to her colleague. "Um - " The casting director shushed him. A moment later, he spoke up. "Can you recite this line for me? Say it like you are very nervous.

The line is 'What are you doing?'" Gerald realized what was happening. The line outside were people wanting to audition for a role.

The woman mistakenly pulled him into the room, thinking he was next in line. His forehead started beading up, he got scared, the two people watching, waiting with emotionless expressions.

His eyes darted around, he cleared his throat. "Um," he licked his lips. "W-what, what are you doing?" They talked amongst themselves again, Gerald wanted to leave to get back to wandering around. "Yes, I agree," the woman told the casting director.

"Wait here," they stood, exciting through a side door, connecting their office with another, leaving Gerald alone. A few seconds later, they reappeared. A tall brunette, in a white, strapless dress was behind them. Gerald's eyes met hers, he started sweating more now, his heart beat racing. The woman said nothing, her jaws clamped shut with anger and confusion. She didn't look at Gerald.

"Ok great, Gia, we're going to do a quick chemistry test. I saw you two chatting outside earlier, during lunch. So go ahead and kiss, Harold here," the casting director said. "I think it's Gerald," his assistant, the woman who pulled him into the room said.

"Right, right. Gerald, act scared, nervous. This beautiful older woman is going to kiss you," he instructed. Gerald glanced at his mother, his nostrils flaring, his breathing erratic. Gia was glaring at him, facing away from the casting director so he couldn't see her order Gerald to stay quiet and stay put - all with her eyes.

"Um, I, uh," Gerald backed away, wanting to stop all of this. His mother lunged at him on the couch, grabbing his face, kissing him hard on the mouth, leaving him breathless. Gerald wiped his mouth and whispered, "Wow." Gia watched the casting director and his assistant talk among themselves.


After a moment, they smiled, stood, and told Gia and Gerald to wait right there for a moment. "What are you doing here?!?" Gia hissed at Gerald. "They pulled me into this room. I was outside, walking around." Gia rubbed her temples.

"I can't believe this." "Believe what? What's going on in here?" "Gerald, they thought you were auditioning for a role in this erotic thriller I'm in." "Oh geez, no I'm not doing that. I was just outside that door and got pulled in." "The role is for the character of Eric. My character's lover," Gia grit her teeth. "Oh no, no," Gerald stood. "I'll leave now." "Sit! You sit back down on this couch, young man." Gerald obeyed his mother, watching her rubbing her temples.

"Think," she said. "They told me you were perfect." "What?" "When they came and got me. They said they found the perfect guy to play the scared, shy type. Ugh, I can't believe this!" "Mom, I'll leave, it's fine." "No.

This production has suffered a lot. More delays could ruin it. I want the paycheck. You're staying. Just humor these people. You'll talk to Howard, the studio exec, next." "They don't know we're mom and son?" "You have your father's last name.

I reverted to my maiden. So no," she sighed and shook her head. "But, but, I don't - " "Quiet!" Gia said, hearing the door open. "Gia, Gerald, come on in," the assistant motioned them to follow.

They'd be meeting with Howard next. "There she is," Howard greeted Gia. "And you must be Gerald," he shook the younger man's hands. "Ugh, same height and everything. This is perfect!

Sit." Howard sat across from them in his fairly small office. "Geez, what was your mother thinking naming you Gerald? What are you, 60 years old? You an old man like me? Did you get your colonoscopy done this year, Gerald? Heh heh, I kid." Gia rolled her eyes and shot her son a look. "I'm sure it's a family name. Is it, Gerald?" "Uh, yeah. My mom named me after her dad." "Wonderful!

Ok, let's talk about this picture. As you know, we've had some budget, scheduling, and casting problems. There's been some rewrites too. We don't need some big, hotshot, trained actor in here for the role of Eric. We need someone not as experienced in more ways than one. Right?" Howard winked at Gerald. Gia rolled her eyes again. "Eric being seduced by the older, married Karen would be far more realistic with someone truly nervous.

That's where you come in. I know you haven't done much acting before, but I think you'd be a great fit for this. What do you say?" Howard asked.

"Well, I don't know. I think - " "It'd be a great opportunity," Gia interrupted him, looking at Gerald sternly. "The sex scenes bother you. I understand. Tell you what, we'll reduce the crew numbers when filming them; maybe just you, Gia here, the director and the cameraman." Gerald looked to his mother, she was nodding at him.

He was so confused. "We're struggling here. We could really use your help," Howard pressed him. One final look to his mother, and Gerald nodded his head 'yes.' "Perfect. Now then, Gia channel Karen for me real quick and kiss the young man you'd be cheating on your husband with," Howard motioned for them to move closer.

"Not again," Gerald thought, wiping his forehead, glancing to Howard, licking his lips nervously. A second later he was met by his mother's pressing against his. His eyes were wide open, he tried to talk, but couldn't.

"Yes! That's it!" Howard said when the kiss ended, Gia wiping her mouth, looking to her lap. "Gerald, wait for my assistant for paperwork.

I have another meeting to attend," Howard said, shaking Gerald's hand, taking his leave. Gia stood too, Howard giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek. When Howard left, Gia closed the door. "Mom, what is - " "Quiet!" she paced back and forth. "I'm trying to think." Gerald watched her walk back and forth in her small, tight dress. He stared at her legs, butt, and chest.

The kiss was incredible, but guilt once again found him. "Ok, just go with it," she said. "Go with it?" "Yes. We'll talk more later, but for now, just," she shook her head. "We'll get through this together. The production can't afford any more setbacks. We'll be fine." Gia and Gerald shared a look before she left him alone in the room, his mind spinning. He was joined a couple minutes later by an assistant with paperwork.

She thanked him and told him to report back in the morning. Gerald sighed, thinking, "I rode in with my mom." He stood outside at her locked car for a few hours. Gia emerged after a long day, unlocked her car, and mom and son got in. "Mom - " "No. Just no. I want to get home, get in my pajamas, and get some wine.

We'll talk later," Gia silenced him. -6- Gerald was in his room, his lips still tingling a few hours later. When they got home his mother headed straight to the shower. Gerald warmed up some leftovers, never saw his mom reappear, and eventually headed to bed. The thought of kissing her again was appealing, but filming a sex scene with her seemed unreal. He thought about watching her scenes again, but made a vow to himself. Gerald couldn't fathom pretending to have sex with her on camera.

He had no idea how to go about it. He knew how sex worked of course, but he felt he'd look ridiculous basically dry-humping her on film, pretending like it felt good. He thought about what kind of noise he'd make, which led him to thoughts of his mother moaning like she did in some of the clips he watched. She sounded incredible. His door burst open, his mother slid in. "Gerald," she said, her eyes looked glazed over.

"Huh?" "Am I really that gross to you?" Gia asked. She was drunk. "What? No," Gerald sat up. "Is kissing me going to be so yucky?" "What are you talking about? I never said - " "Can it be that bad?" Gia plopped on his bed. "Mom," Gerald patted her shoulder. "It was fine." "Just fine? I know it'll be difficult to do on camera, but you don't think I'm that gross do you?" "I never said anything about you being gross. You're not gross. You're gorgeous." "You mean it?" Gia hiccupped.

"Yes. I do." "Good! I want kisses!" she lunged at her son again, pushing him to his back, smothering him with kisses all over his face.

"Mom! Wait, Mom," Gerald tried to resist, to move away. She was on top of him now. She grabbed his head, holding him still and kissed him hard on the mouth, he tasted the wine she'd been guzzling earlier. Gia let out a long moan, kissing Gerald; his hands eventually found her back, patting it a few times before resting them there. "Mmm, see?" She asked, wiping his mouth. "Not so bad, right?" "Mom, it's not the kissing part." "Then what?" Gia asked, kissing him several times on the lips.

"I love you," she kissed him again. "You have such nice lips. You must take after your mother." "Mom," Gerald was silenced once more by her mouth on his. He managed to push her mouth off his, Gia accidentally nibbling his bottom lip. "You're drunk." "Yep," Gia agreed. She closed her eyes and moved in for more kissing. "Mom! Wait! It's not the kissing that bothers me as much as something else," Gerald practically yelled to avoid getting interrupted. "Well what is it?" Gia sat up, straddling her son.

"The other stuff?" he asked. "Ohhhh, I see," Gia nodded. "You're worried about pretending to have sex with your mom. See a boob, seeing a butt." "Right, but also, you know, 'interacting' with those parts," Gerald said, using air quotes. Gia laughed, her hands sliding under Gerald's t-shirt.

"Grabbing, kissing, licking," she tickled him. She lowered herself again, inches from his face, the wine on her breath swimming through Gerald's nostrils. "You'll just have to relax and pretend to be Eric. Don't think of me as your mother. Think of me as Karen, a woman who is obsessively in love with you, a woman who cheats on her hunky, sexy husband every single day - just to get you inside her." "Mom, mmph!" Gerald was silenced again with another hard kiss; he could've sworn he felt a wet tongue against his lips.

"Look at me like that. If you do, we can make this work," Gia said, stumbling off her son, nearly falling on the floor. She made her way to his door. "There's a lot at stake. A lot of good money for me, and a nice chunk for you too. If you can't handle it, if you want to ruin it, you know what you can do?" Gia stared undoing the drawstring of her sweatpants. Gerald watched her slowly turn around, pulling her pants down.

"You can kiss my ass," she said, wiggling her hips, exposing her bare ass to her son. Gerald's mouth hung open as he watched his mother slap her own ass a few times, before stepping completely out of her sweatpants, leaving them on his floor.

"Hmm, not a bad idea. Maybe that could be part of a scene," Gia mumbled making her way to her bedroom to pass out. "Holy shit," Gerald whispered, his cock hard as a rock. *** They drove separately the next day.

His mother barely spoke to him, most likely feeling the hangover effects, and embarrassed with herself. Gerald was rushed to wardrobe and then was taken to another location to film a basketball scene. What little lines he had were fed to him before the scene. Near lunch both Gia and Gerald were at a park filming a scene where Gia's character, Karen, observes and watches Gerald's character, Eric.

After lunch there were a few more location scenes shot, Gerald saying simple lines, trying to act natural. He wasn't scared - yet. Near the end of the day, things became difficult for Gerald. They were to film their first of five sex scenes together. This would start off with Gia the aggressor, seducing, kissing, and then taking her younger lover.

Still embarrassed from the previous night, Gia didn't go over what the choreography would be. They were in a bedroom set - Eric's bedroom. They were given no dialog only a premise. Eric's parents weren't home, Karen invited herself in. Gerald was told to resist as best he could. With the cameras rolling, only the necessary crew around in order to ease nerves, Gia sat on the bed next to Gerald.

He had trouble looking at her. Hair and makeup done by a professional on set, made her look even more stunning. "Are you nervous?" Gia, as Karen asked. "Yeah," Gerald, as Eric nodded. "Don't be," Gia whispered, tipping his chin to face her.

Gerald gulped, looking into her eyes. Gia closed hers and planted a soft kiss on Gerald's lips. "Uh, um," he backed up, standing, moving away from her. Gia followed, pushing him against a wall. "You're uh, married, right?" Gerald asked. Gia thought how awkward it sounded, sure the director would yell cut any second now.

"Don't worry about that. It's just you and me here." "I, I, I don't think this is a good idea," Gerald had trouble breathing. Gia remained calm, laser focused on completing a scene she was sure was ruined by Gerald's delivery. She said nothing, quickly pulling her top off, unhooking her bra, and exposing herself. Gerald's eyes widened, he looked away, having seen those breasts on his laptop, but was now seeing them in person. He didn't know what to do.

Gia shook her head, "you gonna call cut?" she asked the director in her mind. She kept going, taking a slow deep breath, reaching for her son's hand and placing it on her breast.

"Oh geez," Gerald squirmed, too afraid to look, but wanting to more than anything. Gia acted fast, hoping to get as much filmed as possible before the director intervened. She grabbed Gerald by the shirt and pulled him away from the wall, practically flinging him on the bed. He backed away from her, frightened, watching her quickly step out of her shorts and thong, the camera directly behind her, capturing her and his reaction.

She climbed on him, kissing him over and over, breathing heavily through their noses. "Sit up," she ordered, Gerald did so. Gia pulled his shirt off, tossing it to the floor. She pushed him back and slid down his body. The camera was practically in Gerald's face, capturing his reaction watching the actress, who happened to be his mom, pull and tug his pants off.

Gia remained professional, not looking directly at his privates, maintain eye contact. She ignored the erection Gerald was sporting, and climbed back on him, straddling him. Gerald brought his knees up, hoping it'd obscure his erection, forgetting the camera was focused on his and his mom's upper bodies. Gia reached to her crotch, pretending to guide his cock in, all while still looking at him.

She let out a soulful moan, pretending he was inside her now. She ran her hands through her long, dark hair. "Oh wow," Gerald whispered looking at her breasts, as Gia slightly arched her back. "Give me everything," Gia told him, sliding her finger down his chest, referring to his cum.

Gerald gulped again and quickly nodded. His mother got to work carrying out the scene. She moaned, kissed, ran her hands all over Gerald's face, chest, all while grinding against him, simulating sex.

Gerald felt helpless watching this woman work. He felt like his character of Eric. His erection bumped against her butt cheeks several times, during the scene. Gia grabbed his hands, placing them on her tits again. She sat up, grinding, moaning on her son. Gerald couldn't say anything. He just held her tits while she worked. A few minutes later, Gia nearing the end of the first sex scene with Gerald, pretended she was climaxing on him. "Yes!" she cried out and collapsed on Gerald, kissing him and moaning, leaving him on the verge of cumming from the tip of his cock banging against her ass.

"I love you. I loved you the second I saw you," Gia said. She remembered Gerald was Eric and added, "out there on the basketball court." "Do you love me?" she asked. "Uh huh," Gerald nodded, patting his nude mother's back. Gia took a depth breath, moaned again, turning to face the camera, lying in Gerald's arms. "Cut," the director quietly said, tossing them a couple towels.

She got off Gerald, not saying a word and wrapped it around her. She stood by the window, as the director reviewed some notes. Gerald sat on the bed, covering up his erection. Gia assumed they'd have to do it several more times because of Gerald. The director surprised her. "That was perfect, you guys. Really great stuff. I could feel Eric's fear of the situation. Next time," he turned to Gerald.

"Eric will be a little more hands on as their affair progresses. Alright? Great work, see you two in the morning." Gia quickly left the set, heading to change. Gerald calmed himself down and slowly did the same. They couldn't look at each other at home, both of them headed to bed, not saying a word, Gerald somehow willing his erection away.

He was not looking forward to the next day. -7- Another long day followed. Gerald was moved from set pieces and locations, one of those was an oral sex simulation in a car.

Gerald leaned his head back, his mother's head bobbing up and down in his lap. He didn't have an erection, since there was no actual contact and it was for only 15 seconds. Gia just moved her head up and down in his lap; Gerald did his best to pretend he felt something.

Their second sex scene was that evening again. The director told Gia to be on the bottom and let Gerald's character make her his. "Gerald, I know you're new, but don't worry. Gia will pull your pants down again and there will be a couple seconds shot of your butt.

They'll be no shots of your privates. Got it?" The director said. Gerald said he understood. He and his mom took their position in another bedroom, this one representing Karen and her husband's.

"So you're going to kiss, undress, Gerald will get on top. Remember to ask about Karen's husband," the director said. "Ready? Action." Gia pulled Gerald into the bedroom, kissing him frantically.

She leaned against the tall bedpost, Gerald's hands on her waist. "Wait, wait," Gerald whispered. "Um, Karen," he nearly forgot his mother's character's name. "Your husband?" "He'll be back tomorrow.

You're mine tonight. Now unzip me," Gia turned around, Gerald unzipped her dress. She pulled it off and gyrated her bare ass against Gerald's crotch. His mouth dropped open, he watched his mother grind against him, waking his cock up. Gia turned around, kissing him again, helping him remove his shirt. Gia placed his hands on her ass. They turned around a few times, arriving at the side of the bed.

The camera showed Gia's legs and upper body. Gerald was blocking its view of her pussy. "Well?" she asked, Gerald getting nervous about undressing. "I'm waiting." He undid his belt and quickly undressed for her, the camera capturing a couple seconds of her naked butt before focusing on Gia's face.

She watched her son climb on top of her, her legs wrapping around him. His erection firmly pressed into her lower abdomen.

Gerald reached down and moved it so it faced downward. He had to hump her and didn't want his cock rubbing against her soft flesh - causing him to cum all over her. That's an embarrassment he never wanted to experience.

It'd make this entire ordeal even worse. Gerald propped himself up on his hands, his mother's hand traveling over his arms, shoulders, chest, while he moved his body up and down hers. "I love you," Gia caressed his faced as he moved his body across hers.

"I, I love you too," he closed his lips, nearly making an "m" sound, saying "mom." Gerald went to his elbows, closer to her face, and said her character's name of Karen. They kissed more and more, the bed shaking slightly. Gerald had trouble concentrating. His cock wasn't in danger of being stimulated, but he could feel something against his lower stomach. It was his mother's trimmed tuft of pubic hair. He didn't know how long he needed to go. Luckily his mother brought the scene to a close.

Staring in his face, she whispered, "Cum for me. Cum inside me." Gerald thought she looked so beautiful telling him that, he had trouble focusing. "P-pregnant?" Gia grabbed his head, causing him to stop his humping motions.

"I'm on birth control for you. When the time is right, when I leave my husband, then we can focus on creating a family." Gerald nodded, they kissed passionately again. "Fill me up," Gia whispered. Gerald pretended he was inside her and went through the humping motions harder and harder. He listened to his mother moan, their eyes fixated on one another.

Her moans powered his own; he did his best to imitate hers. When her eyes closed for a second before resuming their gaze into his, Gerald decided to bring the scene home. He stopped moving, pretending to be filling her with semen. He buried his head against her neck, looking away from the camera. Gia held him against her naked body. The scene ended a few seconds later. "Amazing work. Very intense," the director said, handing them towels again.

Gerald covered himself, Gia doing the same, heading to the dressing room. She flung the towel off after arriving, looking down to her blood-engorged clit. She was so wet. Gia rubbed her temples, pacing around a bit, trying to calm herself down. Since they drove separately, Gerald arrived home sooner. He took a cold shower and avoided his mother - too embarrassed about all of this.

He was getting more and more afraid. He was wishing more and more he never watched clips of her and talked to her about them.

Gia was in her shower later that evening, also avoiding Gerald. Thoughts of him penetrating her in real life, wondering what it'd be like, wondering if his face would look like it did that night in the scene if he was really ejaculating. She dried off, didn't bother putting on pajamas, and thought about finishing this film and moving on. She held a pillow against her, wondering when they wrapped up shooting, if things would ever be the same between her and her son again.

-8- The next day Gerald was sitting naked on a wooden chair. It was on a kitchen set. His erection was tucked uncomfortably under his thigh. He held his legs together, hoping it wouldn't pop out. Mainly because there was a woman sitting on him, straddling him. She was naked and avoiding eye contact - his mother. An assistant poured warm water on them, practically drenching them. It was to make them appear sweaty, as I they had been fucking all day. The scene was to start in the middle of Gia's orgasm.

"Here," was the first word she said to her son in a few days when she guided his hands to her waist to assist her with bouncing.

"Alright, I'm going to say 'action', you two will start. Go at it for a bit. We'll do close-ups of your breasts Gia. Then after Gerald plays with them, you'll order him to take you to the bedroom where he'll get behind you. We'll cut at that point, adjust the lighting then resume. Gia feel free to use a little foul language, alright?

Your husband is away, you are with this young stud." Gia looked at Gerald, her hands on his shoulders. "Can you?" she looked to her breasts.

"I think so," Gerald stared at them, mesmerized by them - his mother watched him and waited for the director. "Three, two, one, action!" he called. "Ah fuck! Shit! Yes!" Gia startled Gerald by squatting up and down, screaming out. "Yes! I love your dick! Fuck me!" she grabbed Gerald, kissing him, then continued squatting up and down, pretending to ride his cock. He didn't do anything other than hold her waist and watch her tits jiggle. Gia cried out more, pretending to cum, throwing her arms around Gerald.

"Oh yessss, fuck!" A few seconds passed, Gia sat up, grabbed Gerald's head and pushed his mouth to one of her breasts, "Come on, baby," she whispered. Her nipple raking across his lips, Gerald quickly grabbed her breast and sucked on it as hard as he could. Gia threw her head back, moaning, while Gerald's hand squeezed the other one.

The camera was right next to them, getting a close-up of Gerald sucking her nipples. "Bed," Gia ordered a few seconds later. Gerald stood, the camera behind him, following as he carried his straddling mother to her character's bed. Gerald slammed her on the bed, crawling on top, kissing her, the camera getting a close up of their tongues meeting. Gerald or Gia didn't notice or care. Gia broke the kiss, "Fuck me from behind." She was on all fours, Gerald pretending to guide his cock into her.

His erection was outside of her pussy. Gerald watched her butt bang against him. "Fuck me!" Gia ordered. He nodded and went through the motions with the camera circling around the bed. "Cut!" the director said, mother and son stayed in awkward doggy-style position. The lighting was adjusted so it looked like daylight faded. Gia lowered her head. "Almost done, we're almost done. I'll get paid, I'll pay for his college. The movie will be done, he and I can go back to normal," she opened her eyes seeing her body before her, upside down from her viewpoint.

She saw her breasts dangling and something else, beyond them, something resting against her stomach. "Oh no, no," she thought. "That's him. That's my Gerald," she closed her eyes, looking away from his erect cock. She looked again, her heart racing, watching his cock twitch. "Gerald," she mouthed, licking her lips.

"Ok, ready? Lighting is good. I'm just going to spray you two with some more water," the director said. "Karen has been cheating all day, working up a real good sweat." He sprayed Gerald next, "You're doing great. Both of you. Go ahead and finish on the count of ten in your head. Gia you'd turn around, Gerald you fall on top." Gia imagined his cock inside her when the director said action. She imagined Gerald's cock, not the character of Eric, inside her, cumming.

The camera went by her face, she gripped the sheets, closed her eyes and moaned again. Gerald's cock banged against her tummy and clit. Gia nearly cried at what she and her son were doing, but also at how incredibly intimate the real thing might be with him. Gerald let out a moan he hoped sounded sexy. He went still, pretending he was ejaculating. After a few seconds, his mother rolled to her back, held out her arms and held her son, rubbing his shoulders, back, kissing his head.

Gerald loved the feeling of her breast against his face. The scene ended with a view from above of the characters Karen and Eric, played by a mom and son, wet, tired, and exhausted after lovemaking.

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That night at home, Gerald tried to talk to his mother. She held up her hand, still unable to look at him, and shook her head.

She retreated to her room to do her best to resist masturbating to thoughts of Gerald and her actually having real sex. -9- It was Friday. Gia and Gerald's fourth sex scene was getting set up. Gerald's character was to perform oral sex on Gia's. She would return the favor.

They would be naked, in bed, with morning sunlight shining through a window onto them. Having arrived to the studio just before dawn to capture the morning light coming through the window at the perfect time, Gia and Gerald were fairly tired.

They sat next to one another, still not speaking. "Listen," Gia broke the silence. "Just move your head around down there. Make it look like you're, you know." "Yeah. I know. Will do." Gerald watched his mother disrobe and lay on the bed. He stood before her naked body, admiringly while the director told him to count to 30, move his head around some, and let his hands roam her body.

Gerald was half-way paying attention; he was staring at her body. Gerald broke protocol when the director said "action." He climbed on top of his mother, naked, kissing her mouth, her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

She whimpered as he kissed his way down her body, over her breasts, kissing the nipples, down her tummy, trailing his tongue across it, finally arriving between her legs.

The camera was positioned so it couldn't see what Gerald was doing, just that his head was in her crotch. Her pussy was right in front of him. He ran his nose over her trimmed pubic hair, smelling her, while his hands traveled over her stomach and breasts.

Gerald looked up to his mother's eyes, listening to her erratic breathing. "Do it," she whispered, nodding at him.

"Please." Gerald gave a soft smile, eyes back to her pussy, opened his mouth and drove his tongue as far as he could inside her. "Ohhh," Gia arched her back, moaning, not acting, at the feeling of Gerald's tongue in her.

She grabbed her own breasts, and closed her eyes.


"Yesss." Gerald licked all around inside her, he licked outside too, around her clit and lips. He didn't care who she was, he only knew he loved her and wanted to make her cum. She gripped his hair, holding his head in place, her legs trapping him too. It was only supposed to be 30 seconds of simulated pussy eating, but it ended up lasting more than a minute of real-life pussy eating. The director had no idea, through Gia's moans of pleasure, that her son had his tongue buried in her.

"Cut," he finally said, throwing them towels. "Ok, that went on a little too long." Gerald came up for air, wiping his mouth clean. "Sorry," he said covering up.

He glanced at his mother, she was still breathing heavily, trying to calm herself down. A few minutes later, Gerald was on his back, covered by a towel, getting ready for his turn. He wondered if his mother would be even angrier at him now.

The camera was positioned diagonally facing him, so Gia's back, butt, and head would hide his crotch. She climbed on the bed, into position, they removed the towel. They stared into one another's eyes, Gerald's erection on display.

He gave her a look as if to say "sorry." His mother's look was one of pure determination. "Action!" the director called out. Gia immediately grabbed Gerald's dick by its base and started sucking it. He tasted delicious to her. She didn't care if they heard sucking and slurping sounds, she wanted to suck his cock dry. "Oh geez," Gerald whimpered, throwing his head back.

He watched her suck his cock, his face wincing with pleasure she was giving him. Up and down her head bobbed on him, not simulating oral sex, but performing real-life incredible fellatio on him.

He moaned again, grabbing a handful of her long air, watching this woman work his cock. Jacking and sucking it, not breaking eye contact, begging for him to cum. "Cut! Ok, great, we got enough from this scene. One more to do!" the director said. Gia slowly removed Gerald's cock from her mouth, looked her son over, and mouthed "I'm sorry." She grabbed a towel, throwing it over her shoulder, not bothering to cover up as she walked down the hall to a dressing room.

"Damn," Gerald whispered, lying back on the pillow after covering himself. *** The evening was a repeat, mom and son avoiding each other. The next morning Gia left early for a half-day of shooting. Gerald wasn't scheduled in until Monday. It would his final long day of shooting. His mom didn't seem to care that he'd miss a day of school. Gia had to shoot the final sex scene with Paul. In it, her character, Karen, was to have sex with her husband while thinking of her secret lover, Eric.

Gia was instructed to make the orgasm be really loud and intense, since Karen would be thinking of the man she truly loved - her son's character, Eric. Gia straddled Paul on the bed. He was making small talk, silly comments, but Gia's mind was elsewhere. They squirted water on her and Paul; got her hair wet, making it look as though Karen and her husband had been having sex for a long time. Gia rested her hands on Paul's chest. The camera set to follow them.

The director called action and the scene began. Gia was moaning, her hands slowly traveling down Paul's chest and stomach, resting at his lower abdomen. "You're incredible tonight, honey," Paul, as the husband, recited his line. Gia bit her bottom lip and nodded. She closed her eyes and kept going. The scene called for Karen to have sex with her husband, all while thinking of her teenage lover, Eric.

She would have a huge orgasm, picturing herself and Eric having sex. The actress portraying Karen, Gia, was not following direction.

She wasn't Karen then; she was playing herself on top of Paul. Gia wasn't thinking of the fictional character of Eric, she was thinking of the accidental actor who portrayed him - her son, Gerald. Her eyes closed tight, licking her lips, she ground her clit hard into Paul's stomach. It happened all the time, but in those sex scenes, neither of them were horny. They were remembering lines, if they had them. They were remembering what to count to in their head before moving to another position.

They were remembering where the camera would be so they would know where they needed to position themselves. As Gia gyrated her hips, grinding her clit against Paul, she didn't think about any of that. The only thing in her head was her son. She pictured undressing for him, climbing on top of him, sliding his cock inside her and riding him until she herself came. She was practically dripping pussy juices on her co-star, Paul.

Then it happened, nearly a minute into grinding against Paul, she felt a real orgasm come over her. "Ahh!" her body tensed up, her stomach muscles tightened. She nearly doubled over on Paul. "G-G-Ge-" she nearly said her son's name through clenched teeth. She cried out again collapsing on a slightly confused Paul. "Cut!" The director threw a towel her. He spoke to his assistant in private.

"Uh, Gia? You ok?" Paul asked the out-of-breath woman, rubbing her back. She took a deep breath, sitting up, grabbing the towel and climbing off Paul, leaving a wet spot on his stomach. Gia headed toward the dressing room, still naked. Paul wrapped a towel around his waist and followed her. "Gia, are you alright?" he asked. She sat down on nearby chair, running her fingers through her wet hair. "I, I don't even know." "Hey, I know this has been rough. This entire experience of, let's face it, a softcore porno.

I know Howard said it wasn't porn what we are doing, but it's softcore. It's difficult and intense, but don't be afraid of what you have with Gerald." "What?" "I heard about the previous scene with him.

The director heard you, you know, blowing him." Gia rubbed her temples. "Yeah. I figured they would. The slurping and sucking sounds. So stupid of me." "No, it's fine. Look a lot of people meet on movie sets and fall in love. This movie is a softcore porn one, where it's very sexually charged." Gia couldn't admit to Paul, Howard, or anyone there that Gerald was her son.

She sat there, naked, listening to him. "You know, maybe you and that lucky, young guy should come out with my wife and I tonight. She'd see you with Gerald and maybe not be so jealous of me," Paul chuckled. "We can go to dinner." "No," Gia immediately said. She didn't want to be in a situation where conversations about Gerald and his life could occur. She didn't want people to figure out they were parent and child. "I mean, I don't know. Sorry," Gia added. "Think about it.

We can go do something else, doesn't have to be dinner." Gia thought for a moment about her and Gerald out somewhere, holding hands, being romantic, acting like a couple. She smiled softly.

"Give me a call later. I'm going to get dressed and head home. Maybe the four of us could have a nice Saturday out. You and Gerald could be away from work. It'd be nice," Paul suggested. He walked to his bag, removed his towel and rummaged for a pair of boxers.

Gia agreed with him; it'd be great to go out with her son. The only problem is that she hadn't had a real conversation with him in several days - ever since he joined the cast of "Adulterous Obsession." -10- That entire day Gerald was at home watching uploaded sex scenes, on SexSceneLover's page, of his mother. He was jacking off, edging himself, resting, and going at it again. In her first scene with Paul, Gerald would pause the clip right as the camera zoomed in on her breasts, with the fire roaring behind her.

Gerald nearly ejaculated, watching that still image. He pressed play and kept watching over and over. When Gia arrived home, Gerald closed out of his web browser and shut his laptop down. He lay on his bed, avoiding her as they had been for the past several days. He had no idea what would become of them after this movie was finished. Thoughts of her eyes on his eyes, with his cock in her mouth made that very same cock sore with desire for her - his mother.

Gia showered, put on a tiny, silvery dress, no underwear or bra, and then softly knocked on her son's door. Gerald opened it, then looked away, "Hey." "Hi. Paul invited us out with him and his wife tonight." "Us?" Gerald said, pretending to organize his sock drawer. "Yes. He doesn't know we're mom and son. I told him maybe. I thought it could be fun, you and I hanging out, outside of work." "We could've hung out here." "Gerald, please," Gia paused.

"I know. But it's so weird at work, with you there, and then back here, I just wanted to be away from the situation. I couldn't deal with it. Maybe we could try to be," "Be what?" Gerald turned around to face her. Gia shrugged, "Close. Like, you know, have some drinks, talk.

At least I'd drink." "It could be a date?" "I suppose. I don't know. This is so crazy." "Mom, just," Gerald thought about it. "Let's just go with it, then. I'll change." She waited for him at the door.

Several minutes later, Gerald arrived in khakis and a tucked in shirt. Gia attempted a smile, held his arm, and followed him to the car. They were mostly quiet on the way there. At the bar/dance club, that allowed 18 and over to be admitted, Gia introduced Gerald to Paul's wife. Paul and Gerald nodded, shaking hands. They chatted a bit about Gerald's goals, acting or college. Gerald was careful not to talk about his family. They sat at a table, Gia ordered drinks for herself, talking more and more, acting more and more friendly as she consumed more alcohol.

Gerald noticed her hand on his thigh under the table as she casually talked to Paul and his wife. The married couple left to dance, leaving Gia and Gerald alone for a bit. "Mom - " Gerald said, feeling comfortable enough to refer to her by her title. "Shhh," she pushed her index finger to his lips. "We aren't talking about what's been happening this week," she slurred. "You and I are here, we're having a nice night. I love you." "I love you too." "Good," Gia smiled, grabbing his face, pulling him in for a hard kiss.

"Um, what are you - " "Having fun," his intoxicated mother said, kissing him again, slithering her tongue into his mouth. Gerald went with it, loving every second. He wondered if she was too drunk do anything more than kissing. "We're not talking about the other day, we're not talking about you and me filming sex scenes together, we're not talking at all," Gia kissed Gerald again, her hand finding and rubbing his thigh a moment later. "In fact, we're leaving," she said.

"We are?" Gerald watched her grab her purse, pushing him out of the booth. She made her way to Paul and his wife, saying goodnight. She returned, grabbed Gerald's hand, gave him the keys and they left. "We're going to cross the line, baby," she slurred in the passenger seat, reaching over to rub his thigh.

She fiddled with his zipper. "Mom, what are you doing?" "Shut up and drive," Gia said, reaching into his pants, finding his erection. "Mmm, there you are." Gerald glanced down, "Oh geez." He watched her jack his cock before a car horn made him pay attention to the road. When they arrived home, Gia tried to open her door, but had trouble in her drunken state.

Gerald met her on the passenger side, helping her out of the car. He was met by more kissing, Gia pushing him against the car. She pulled her dress up, revealing her bare ass, and then guided Gerald's hands there. "You, you aren't wearing underwear?" he nervously asked.

His mother took a step back, pulling her dress up over her head, revealing her nude body there in the driveway. "I'm not wearing anything underneath." Gerald was in shock, staring over her body. "Take me to your bed," she said, placing her hand on his shoulder. He nodded and extended his arm. He walked the naked woman across the front yard, to the front door, and unlocked it. Gia attacked him once more with a flurry of kisses. He was pulled into the home, his mother's mouth on his, knocking a small lamp over, pushed against the wall, his shirt nearly torn off.

They made their way to his room, Gia pushing him on the bed, climbing on top of him, pulling his shirt open. She slid her breasts down his bare torso, arriving to his pants. She fished his cock out, grabbed it by the base, and sucked away on it, moaning at its taste. Her fingers found her clit and rubbed it furiously as she sucked Gerald's dick. She watched Gerald watch her, the state of shock mixed with pleasure on his face. Gia was going to do what she couldn't do during their last sex scene - suck his cock dry.

"M-Mom," Gerald said. She was covering his cock in drool, licking it off, sucking the tip as hard as she could. Her cheeks were indented, and his room echoed in sounds of her moaning. "I'm, I'm - " "Cum," Gia ordered him, rubbing herself, approaching her own orgasm. She stared into his eyes, waiting for his cock to fill her mouth.

Gerald moaned, throwing his head back, having a real orgasm, not a fake one, in front of his mother. His cock erupted in her mouth, filling it to the brim.

In that same moment, Gia had a real orgasm in front of her son. Her fast-working fingers bringing about her own climax while Gerald's cock filled her mouth with cum. She moaned, sound waves bouncing off his tip, making Gerald tingle all over.

Gia was done. She swallowed several loads of his cum, rubbing her clit, through her orgasm. She sat up on her knees, looking at her son, breathing heavily, eyes to the ceiling. She wiped his semen from her lips and chin, then quickly hopped off his bed. "Mom?" Gerald asked, watching her storm out of his room. She was crying as she slammed her door. Gia sat on the edge of her bed. "Why couldn't I tell them he's my son?" She thought about the money, it would help pay for college.

If she could simply finish her contract, she would be done with this and get back into fitness modeling. She cried herself to sleep, feeling as though ruining her relationship with Gerald wasn't worth it. -11- Gia rose early the next day, Sunday, gathered her dress from the driveway and went for a run. She got a call to come into the studio for a meeting around noon.

Gerald didn't see or hear her leave. It took him a long time to get to sleep so he slept late the next day. Gia arrived with Paul and a few others. Howard was in his office on the phone. "Ok, listen, we've screwed up." "What?" Paul asked. "This whole project of ours. 'Adulterous Obsession.' We've spent way too much money on it. This goes for actor fees, set designs, all that. We will be able to finish this and pay you what you are getting, but afterward, when your contracts are up for renewal, there may not be as much money involved," Howard explained.

Gia nodded, she didn't care, she simply wanted out. "We got several other pictures in development, so that'll help with getting our investment back. But once we get those wrapped up we're going to change things a bit. Gia, you and I will talk about an idea for you. Paul, that's all I have. You can go back to work, you have plenty of roles in the pipeline." Paul took his leave; he was already working that day filming a small part in another movie.

"Gia," Howard closed the door. "They tell me you are on fire for this movie. I mean, burning up the sets. That's how hot they are telling me you are. You and this Gerald kid are knocking it out of the park with your scenes together. But you, you are the real star.

You've never been better." Howard sat across from her, sliding a few scripts her way. Gia read the titles. "The Sex Therapist," "Tribal Lust," "Three Women," "A Wife's Girlfriend," and "An Erotic Roadtrip" were a few of the titles. "More erotic movies, or just plain softcore porn?" Gia asked. "Or are these full-blown hardcore porn?" "All erotic movies, you could call them softcore if you like," Howard answered.

"We are learning from our mistakes on this one. The money won't be as good, budgets will be lower, but we can film them quickly and sell them quickly. You'll end up making more, via mass production. It'll even out. Plus, you'll be working more, having more fun. I heard about you and Gerald in that one scene." "Oh, um, that was - " "Incredibly hot? I wished the camera caught a glimpse of it. It's fine. Listen, you can be our queen, our flagship actress in this new direction we're taking.

It could help you break out into bigger movies. Or go the hardcore route if you want. Maybe even pose in Playboy, you aren't that old." Howard's phone rang, "Think about it, get back to me next week after we wrap up 'Adulterous Obsession.'" Gia wandered around the studio, visiting various set pieces.

She thought about Howard's offer, wondering if taking it would prevent her from continuing down this terrible path with her son. She made her way to one set where filming was in place. She watched from afar, two people in a sex scene, moaning loudly. It was for an erotic space adventure the studio was filming. She watched the man on top, the woman moaning, her legs holding him there.

She pictured her and Gerald in that position, except in real-life, in his bedroom. Gia sat alone in a dressing room, contemplating Howard's offer.

After a few moments, the actors from earlier, naked, the woman straddling the man, barged into the room, kissing. They completely ignored Gia, walking by her. "Fuck me, fuck me," the woman said. "I wanted this pussy out there on the set," the man said, slamming her against a locker, still not caring Gia was there. "Well take this pussy and finish what you started," she added, they kept kissing, Gia quietly leaving.

On her way home she wondered if that could be her and Gerald. "No, it's so wrong," she said, pulling into the driveway. "Me and someone else though? I could have a lot of fun like that actress did." She entered her home, Gerald was cleaning the kitchen for her. "Hey," she said standing at the kitchen's entrance.

"Hey," Gerald nodded to her. "Sorry about last night." "It's fine." "No, it's not. It was horrible. Sick. I'm sorry about all of this. About this movie. Tomorrow is your last day, our last scene. Then after that, things will go back to normal - I hope. No more kissing, no more drunken nights.

You'll go to college and we'll go on as normal, mom and son," Gia said, not completely believing her own words. "I see," Gerald turned away from her, cleaning the countertop.

She could tell he didn't want things to be back to normal. He waited for her to leave him alone and sat at the kitchen table. He knew she was right; all of this was wrong. -12- The next day, Gia was wearing a tiny red bikini, standing in front of a bed looking at other bikini options. Paul came up behind her, held her by the waist, his hands sliding up to cup her breasts, while he kissed her neck.

"These all look great," he said. "Thank you, I thought you might like them. I think I'll wear the pink one," Gia said. "Good idea. We got time for a quickie?" Paul asked. Gia turned around, removed the tiny bikini top and kissed him. "Absolutely." "And cut!" the director said.

"Awesome. Ok next let's move out to the pool area." Paul followed the director, leaving Gia to quickly change into the even tinier pink bikini. The final few scenes, hopefully to be completed that day, consisted of Gia's character, Karen inviting her lover to a pool party under the guise he was a coworker's son. At the pool party Karen and Eric would sneak away, running to the nearby beach, swimming out a bit and have sex up against some rocks.

Gerald was already in place for the scene, he was supposed to be chatting with another attendant, while shots of him ogling Gia would be filmed. Mom and son traded looks throughout the hour or so of filming around the pool. He watched her dive in, emerging wet and glistening. The character of Karen's husband was to grill hamburgers, momentarily turning his back on his wife. Karen was to jump out of the water, grab her secret lover, Eric, and together they would sneak away to the beach for sex.

Gerald glanced at his mother, while they waded in the ocean water after filming a shot of them running together, holding hands, toward the ocean. The cameraman was already there, holding his camera above the water. He was to film Gia and Gerald's final sex scene. It would consist of Gia, topless, straddling Gerald while he held her up in the water. Gia was to reach under the water and pretend to guide his cock inside her.

All this would be captured above the water. "Alright, I'm gonna just say action. The pansy director didn't want to get in the water," joked the cameraman, wading in stomach deep water.

"I'll film a bit. Just improvise, we can edit everything later." Gia climbed on Gerald, her legs wrapped around his waist under the surface. "Last one," Gia whispered. "Yep," Gerald agreed. Their eyes remained fixated on one another while Gia removed her tiny bikini top.

Gerald watched her splash some water on her breasts. "Ok, countdown from three. Just have fun with these two characters, improvise a bit," the cameraman played temporary director. Gia and Gerald nodded. "Three, two, one, action!" he started filming. Gia and Gerald were motionless, silently staring into one another's eyes. "I love you," Gerald told his mother - not the character of Karen. "I love you too," she nearly cried, thinking of all they've done in the past week.

"You're so beautiful," he caressed his mother's face, saltwater droplets streaming down her cheek. Gia was at a loss, she kept herself from crying. "Kiss me," she managed to get out. Gerald did just that, pulling her to him, his mouth on hers. His hand cupped and squeezed a breast next. "Everything we've done and been through," Gerald said, not speaking as Eric. "It was meant to be. All of it. I know it's wrong, but it's meant to be." Gia wiped a tear, "I agree. It's been so wrong, but nothing has felt more perfect." It was the most dialogue Gerald had in a scene and he made it up, speaking from the heart, speaking to Gia his mother - not the character of Karen.

They kissed again. Gerald spoke one last time, "I want this, I want us to be together forever." "We will. We will," Gia paused a moment, thinking in the context of the movie's plot, her improvised dialog would work. "Get inside me," Gia said. She remembered to reach under the surface of the water and pretend to guide his cock into her. She did something else though. She removed her tiny bikini bottoms.

She tossed them aside, the cameraman thinking nothing of it, other than Gia making the scene hotter. She reached under the surface once more. Staring into her son's face, she clawed at his swim trunks under the water. Gerald figured out what she was doing and he reached below to assist her.

Gia whimpered, her lips shaking as she stroked his cock under the water. "Yes," Gerald whispered. Her pussy lips parted, the tip of his cock pushing them apart, driving itself into her. Gia bit her bottom lip, and closed her eyes, feeling Gerald's shaft slowly penetrate her, deeper and deeper, all the way inside her. "Oh fuck, yes," Gia whispered, nearly cumming right then and there.

This was real, no pretending, no acting for a scene in an erotic thriller. Gerald held and kissed his mother for several seconds. "You feel so good," he said, holding her face, kissing her. "So do you. I love you," she told her son. The cameraman having no idea his cock was embedded into her.

Gerald grabbed her ass and she rested her hands on his shoulders. Eyes on one another, they began having real sex. Their forehead's touching, Gia gyrated her hips, banging her clit against Gerald. A few seconds later, he gave her several thrusts.

His didn't sync up with his mom's grinding, so he paused, watching, feeling her grind against him. Gia caressed his face and whispered, "Fuck me." Gerald took that as an opportunity to thrust happily away, bouncing her up and down on his dick, holding her up by her ass.

"Yes, that's it. That's it," Gia moaned, water splashing about in the calm sea, as her son took her. He kissed and licked at her neck while grabbing a breast.

Gia reached behind her with one hand, hanging on the rock, while the other hand gripped the back of Gerald's head. An orgasm was building. The first one she had on camera was with Paul, but he wasn't penetrating her, and she was thinking of Gerald.

This second orgasm to be filmed was having real sex with her co-star - her son, Gerald. Gia clinched her teeth, her lips parting, appearing as though she was going to make a "g" sound, saying her son's name.

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She moaned loudly instead, throwing her arms around him, shaking in his arms. He stopped thrusting, his senses returning, with his cock still inside her. He wondered if this was enough for the scene. They held each other; Gia's head on the other side of Gerald's, away from the camera, resting on his shoulder. She said his name, whispering it into his ear, over and over.

Gerald closed his eyes, holding his mother up in the water. "Ok, great, I think this will work. That's all I need here," the cameraman said, turning off the camera, making his way back to the beach. "We're, uh, we're going to chat a bit about something," Gia called out to him. "We'll catch up in a few minutes." "Alright, see you two later. Amazing work," he said, turning to leave mom and son alone at the rock.

"Finish what we started," Gia ordered her son. "Over there, behind the rock." Gerald understood what she was telling him, slowly making his way to the other side of the large rock so no one on the beach could see what they were about to do.

Gia lay on the other side of the rock, on a large flat area, out of the ocean water. Gerald fell on top of her, kissing, his cock finding entry once more inside of her. She locked her feet around his ass, keeping him there, where he belonged. He thrust into her over and over, working toward his own orgasm and thus, filling her with his seed. On that nice, sunny day, on a rock out in the ocean, close to the beach, mother and son mated.

"Ah, Mom!" Gerald winced with pleasure, his cock reaching the entrance of her womb, deep inside her. "Yes Gerald! Give me everything," his mother cried, holding him, waiting.

Several more hard thrusts and Gerald exploded inside her. He rose to his hands, arched his back, and filled her pussy with his cum. Gia watched him climax, rubbing her hands up and down his chest. He collapsed on her. Gia kissed his head, running her fingers down his back.

They heard seagulls above them, a soft breeze caressed their wet bodies; they rested for several minutes. Gerald slid off her, wading through the water. He found his swim trunks floating nearby and put them on. He found the top and bottom of Gia's bikini. He tossed them to his mother. She put them on and together, they walked to the beach where the rest of the crew was. Lunch was served; they sat next to one another, eating sandwiches. Gerald was dismissed for the day after being thanked for his work.

Gia had a meeting with Howard, when she arrived at the studio. He talked to her about the next small role they had for her before her contract ran out.

It was a sexy assassin, in a non-erotic movie, and would be a couple days of shooting. Howard also reminded her of his desire for her to be their main actress for the studio's erotic movies. Gia smiled and told him she was still thinking about it. After their meeting, she grabbed her bag, changing in a dressing room, and drove home. -13- Gerald sat in his room, collecting his thoughts. His cock was still tingling.

They had sex, real sex, on camera. He didn't know what would happen. He expected his mom to get home, ignore him, and then have a serious conversation with him about the ramifications of their actions. When she arrived, Gerald stayed in his room, fearing the worst. Gia headed straight for the shower. When she finished she towel dried her hair and body, and left her room, not bothering to put clothes on.

She knocked on Gerald's door. "Come in," he said. He was shocked to see his nude mother enter. "Mom?" "Hi," she walked around his room, looking out the window. "I don't want to talk about it, Gerald. I don't want to talk at all. The only thing I want to do is make love to you. I'm guessing you feel the same," she said, her back to him. Gerald rose out of bed, walking to his nude mother, sliding his arms around her.

He kissed her shoulder while holding her breasts. "I want it more than anything." Gia turned around on in arms, "Then do it. Take me to bed." Gerald led her to his bed, she went to her back, opened her legs, and he went in.

He slid his shorts and boxers down, threw off his shirt, guided his cock in and fucked her. It was just like earlier in the day, on the large, flat rock. His bed banged against the wall, his mother's face filled with lust and passion.

She stopped him, sat up, pushed him back and straddled him, kissing him. They rolled around on the bed, onto the floor. He picked her up, turned around and slapped her ass, before taking her from behind. Eventually they spilled out into the hallway. Gerald was pinning her against the wall while fucking her.

Picture frames were knocked down; another lamp was too. They went at it like animals, finally arriving at Gia's bed where Gerald slammed her down and climbed on top of her once again. "This is your bed now," his mother told him. "Every night?" "Every night." Gerald smiled and continued making love to her.

They playfully recreated every sex scene they had in the movie, substituting real penetration instead of pretending - all except their final scene in the movie. They fed each other dinner, afterward, Gia bending over the dining room table, offering her pussy for her son's dessert.

They were in their bed, Gia on top, riding him, grinding against him, cumming on him. Gerald loved watching her run her hands through her long, dark hair, keeping her eyes on his in a sexy stare down. They fucked until they were sore, tired and covered with not sprayed on water, but real sweat. The next morning, Gia's back was to Gerald. They were in the shower; he was getting ready to go to back to school. He lathered up her back with soap, watching it trail down to her ass.

His cock was firmly planted into her pussy from behind. He loved listening to the noises she made. Her sexy, soulful moans echoing in the shower. It reminded him of the sex scene with Paul in the shower, where she played his wife trying to conceive his child in "The First Year." He pushed his cock in and out, her pussy fitting around him. "Will we do this tonight?" "Of course," his mother looked over his shoulder. "Please try to concentrate at school. I'll be here when you get home, naked, and waiting." "I'll do my best, it'll be hard though," Gerald chuckled.

His friends at school wouldn't and couldn't know about the insane, life-changing Spring Break he had. *** Gia didn't have to be at work until Friday. She had a small role in another movie that would take a couple days to shoot, wrapping up Sunday night.

She played an assassin that was unable to kill her target - a man she slept with, and was then drugged, allowing him to escape.

The small sex scene wasn't with Paul, but another actor. Paul was working that day, but on another movie. The camera captured them kissing, removing clothes, a brief shot of Gia's butt, his hands covering her breasts, and a close up of their faces as they pretended to climax. That was it, other than a few lines of dialog, and a small choreographed fight scene. After the filming of the sex scene, Gia threw the towel around her shoulder, not bothering to cover up, and headed to the dressing room.

Someone had just started up the small shower in the bathroom. "Hi," Gia startled Paul. "Whoa, hey. Didn't hear you come in," Paul said, glancing at her naked body. "May I?" Gia asked. "Uh, sure, I guess," Paul moved over, allowing Gia to enter. She rinsed herself off, grabbed Paul's body wash and lathered his chest up instead of herself. He grinned, watching her. "Thought anymore about Howard's offer?" Paul asked. "How'd you know about it?" "Word travels fast around here.

Just like you really blowing Gerald that day," Paul answered. "I see. Well, I haven't thought much about Howard's offer," Gia rubbed Paul's chest and stomach with soap. "A softcore sex scene queen. Think of all the hot scenes you could do. So much fun," Paul smiled. "Oh yeah? Sounds like you want me to do this." "Well, it's up to you. But it could be a good move for you, maybe even the company. The pay per film would be lower, but you'd be making so many." "Yeah," Gia washed his shoulders.

"Plus you had a lot of steamy scenes with Gerald. You'd be a natural. All your scenes are steamy," Paul put a hand on her waist. "Do you miss working with him?" "Nah," Gia answered. "Really? I thought you two had some great chemistry." "We do yeah, but he and I are together now. So I don't miss him since we're, you know, a couple." "Heh, I see. Well congratulations." Gia stopped washing him. "I already know my answer for Howard." "You do?" "It's been great working with you the last two or so years," she smiled and lathered up her own body, rubbing soap over her breasts, tummy, pussy, ass.

She rinsed off and stared blankly at Paul's cock. It was the first time she ever saw it directly. "Nice dick," Gia said. "Tell your wife I said hello," Gia reached around and slapped Paul's ass. *** "Got a sec?" Gia knocked on the side of Howard's door. "Gia! Yes, please come in. Great dress by the way," Howard directed her to sit. "I'll cut right to it," she said, slightly imitating Howard.

"Not interested. I'm not going to be able to be part of the erotic, or softcore, films this studio is making soon. In fact, when my contract is up, I think I'm going to move on." "Gia, this is sad news, I'm sorry to hear this.

Can we change your mind?" "No," she stood, removed her dress, and tossed it at Howard. Wearing only her high heel shoes, she blew him a goodbye kiss, and left his office. Traipsing naked through the hallway toward the exit, a few people whistling, Gia smiled, knowing what was waiting for her on the other side of the door.

Gerald smiled, standing by their car, waiting to pick up his mother. She emerged nude from the door, sashayed over to him, grabbing him, kissing him. "Take me home and take me to bed," she ordered. "Yes ma'am," Gerald obeyed. She sucked his cock the entire way home. -14- Gerald graduated high school several weeks later. His mother couldn't wait to provide congratulations sex until they got home.

They had sex, the windows steamed up, in the parking lot of his high school. He could hear several students laughing or pointing out the rocking car as they walked by. None of them knew who the hot older woman was. A thought occurred to Gerald.

"Oh shit!" Gia cried out on top of Gerald, her tits bouncing as she rode him, later that day. "I love it, I love you," she said, as the orgasm subsided. "Mom," Gerald held her naked body against his. "There's something I need to confess." "Oh?" she rose to her elbow, a concerned look on her face. "My friend never saw or found your movies," Gerald said. "No surprise there, hardly anyone has." "No, I mean, I told you a friend found them.

Saw your sex scenes. Picked on me about it," Gerald reminded her while casually rubbing her ass, his fingers dipping in between her butt cheeks, rubbing her asshole. "Um, yeah, I think I remember that. We talked about it a few months ago. I invited you to the movie set, then it led to this." "Right. Well, there was no friend. I lied. I found video clips of your sex scenes, by accident.

But I chose to watch them. It made me curious about your work. I'm sorry I lied," Gerald admitted. Gia was quiet for a moment. "Mom?" Gerald asked. "If you hadn't seen them, you'd never be curious about my work, I'd have never suggested you hang out at the studio, you'd never accidently get pulled into 'Adulterous Obsession,' we'd never film sex scenes together, we'd never end up having real sex.

Then this, this love we have, would've never been uncovered. So don't worry about it," Gia smiled and kissed his lips. "But don't lie to your mother again. Or else I'll punish you. Maybe tie you up, whip you." "Ha, I might like that," Gerald smiled, pulling her in for another kiss, and then rolling on top of her. *** When Gia's contract ended that summer, she and Gerald moved away from LA, into a nice neighborhood on the east coast. Their home was a few minute walk from the Atlantic Ocean.

They were in bed, naked, holding one another after a long day tanning, playing, and fucking. They were watching a movie. It was a movie both of them acted in - Gia's copy of "Adulterous Obsession." Their favorite scene was the sex scene in the water that captured the two of them having real sex for the first time.

The last scene of the movie was playing. Gia's character, Karen, was dragging the unconscious body of the private investigator Karen's husband hired to follow her. She pulled him into the living room, next to a bloody and lifeless husband, played by Paul. She poured gasoline all around and on their bodies. She poured a trail of it to the front door, then tossed the can inside the home. She lit it on fire and ran. The house exploded a few seconds later.

The movie ended with Karen and her lover, Eric, in her car speeding away. Gia recited the line, "Now we'll be together forever." The credits rolled. "Damn!" Gia said, rolling on top of her son.

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"That is one crazy bitch!" "Yep, she sure is," Gerald grabbed her breasts. "Can you go again? Or are you tired? It has been a long day," Gia said. "I can go once more," Gerald said. "Great," Gia rolled off of him, went to all fours, and wiggled her ass at him. In that same moment, on the west coast, three hours behind Gia and Gerald, user SexSceneLover was beating his meat at his computer, watching a sex scene featuring Pamela Anderson in a low-budget movie she did in the 90s.

He was waiting for a video file, a sex scene featuring Gia and himself in "Adulterous Obsession" to upload to the porn site he posted to. Paul received his copy and got to work extracting various sex scenes to upload. Paul's phone rang; it was his wife. "Hey. Yeah. Just looking for my shoes," he lied. "I'll be leaving in a few minutes. Ok, great, see you there." He put his phone down and checked the progress of the file upload. It was done. Paul grinned, while jerking off to the thumbnail image of Gia that he used for the video clip.

*** "Ok, this should be it," Gerald said, sitting his phone against wall on top of a table. He had the perfect view of his mother's naked body, on all fours. "Ready?" "I am," Gia answered. "Ok, one, two, three, action!" Gerald tapped the record button.

"Get over here and fuck me you little bitch!" Gia recited her line. "That's no way to talk to your son," Gerald came into view. "Oh yeah? Well ever since your father left me last month, I've been in a bad mood. Now fuck me!" Gerald slapped her hips, guided his cock in and thrust as hard as he could.

"Geez Mom, your pussy is so loose. How many men have you been with?" Gia looked over her shoulder, playing along, "I've had three a day for a month - around 90." "Wow, you're a huge slut," Gerald said, pumping his hips against her. He pulled his cock out, slapped her ass with it, then slid it back in. "Whore." "I'm your whore. The best dick I've ever had was right under my nose." Gia added a line, "Now show me you're the man of the house." "Wait, Mom, hold up," Gerald pulled out and stopped the footage.

"You just called me a little bitch, then man of the house? Doesn't make sense," Gerald said. "Whatever, I thought it sounded cool." "How about we just have sex, no lines or stories," Gerald suggested. "Good idea. Hit record and get back over here." Gerald did just that, his phone recording him kneeling behind Gia, still on all fours and licking all over her ass.

He pried her butt cheeks apart and licked all over her asshole. He re-entered her, his camera phone, recording real sex, real incest between Gia and Gerald. After her climax, she pushed Gerald away, went to her back, held her tits together, and Gerald sprayed her with semen.

She rubbed it into her breasts, licking a few droplets that landed on her lips. Later in the shower, they were kissing and talking. "You going to upload our special videos to that porn site?" "No way, Mom. Those are for you and me - just us to enjoy. Real sex scenes," Gerald answered. "Maybe, just maybe," Gia leaned in close, licking his ear. "I want you to." "Really?" "You said yourself, none of your friends from high school know I'm your mother.

I'm done with acting, so I don't care if it's uploaded. I have no acting career it could hamper. All I'm doing is a few modeling jobs, personal training, and sex with you." "If you want me to, I will." Gia nodded and kissed her son in the shower.

Later, Gerald created an account on the popular porn site. His username was "GiaAndGerald." The footage from his phone was grainy and not high definition, but it was real and incredible. "I love you," Gerald guided his mother to her back in their new home. "I love you too," she smiled at him. The kissed, their tongues swirling around one another's. As Gia guided her son to his back and climbed on top of him, guiding his cock inside her to ride all night, their first of many sex videos finished uploading to the website.

The end.