Gays boys bdsm tube and free daddy spanking stories Camping Scary

Gays boys bdsm tube and free daddy spanking stories Camping Scary
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January 9, 2003 Today marks the six month anniversary of my pregnancy. For this reason, for the last four months or so, my boyfriend hasn't given me the good, hard fuck that i have needed. For this reason, i have turned to masturbation. Today, as i lay naked on my bed, finger-fucking my swollen, pregnant pussy, i thought back.

As my finger slid in and out of my dripping cunt, i imagined my boyfriend's hard cock. It had been so long since he had cum in my pussy, and as i thought about it, the more i wanted it. I slid my finger out of my pussy, and began to focus on my clit. As i grasped it between my index finger and thumb, and lightly squeezed it, i thought of stopping right where i was, and calling my boy at work.


By the time i had given this a good amount of thought, my pussy was tingling, the sign that i was very close to cumming. This was enough to keep me right where i was, energetically fucking myself to orgasm.

A few more seconds of this, and my pussy released a load of cum. Panting and moaning, i continued through four more orgasms. Realizing that i had only one half hour before my guy came home from work, I hauled my shaking form up off the bed onto quivering legs. As i always did after a hard cum, i sat on a straight-backed wooden chair that was always cold, and always felt good on my burning thighs.

I wiped the sweat off of the chair, and went to shower. On my way there, i licked the fingers of my right hand and started swirling my swollen left nipple between them.

All the while, I thought about having it sucked. My body had stopped shaking by the time i got into the shower, but my cunt was still hopelessly wet.

I lathered my hands up with soap, and washed my swollen breasts, my bulging abdomen, and then, my crotch. I took my time with it, not caring that i could be caught for having done the one thing that my boy forbade me from doing: jerking my pussy. Washing each of the lips of my pussy separately, and then rinsing my whole steaming slit with the warm water of the shower head. Right as i got out of the shower, my boyfriend walked in the door to the house. Fearing that i would be caught, i decided that honesty would be the best policy.

I decided to tell him. I finished toweling myself off, and wrapped the towel around me. I went to tell him. I started with idle chit chat, asking him how his day was, and then i confessed. I told him that i had been masturbating, and he seemed to let it pass.

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we talked on, until i told him i was going to get dressed. "No you're not!" he said, in a voice that was not loud, but nonetheless demanded respect.

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"Drop your towel." he said. You need to be punished for disobeying me. I had no choice but to obey. My towel fell in a heap behind me on the kitchen floor. The air was cold, so my nipples started to shrivel. "Grab the back of that chair." He said, pointing to one of the kitchen chairs.

I knew that he was going to spank me, and i was scared, since i hadn't been spanked since my sorority initiation. I did as i was told, and soon felt his cold hand on my soft ass cheeks.

Even though this was supposed to be a punishment, i couldn't help getting wet again because the touch was so close to my pussy, and with every slap, my bulging tits jiggled.

After seven or eight spanks, I felt like my ass cheeks were on fire. I begged him to stop, and he did. He told me to go upstairs and dress in a housedress, and that i was not to wear any underwear or bra.

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The idea puzzled me, but turned me on, yet again. As i walked up the stairs, my ass burned. I sat down on my favorite wooden chair, it felt better. by the time i was dressed in my housedress and had gone downstairs, the pain was gone.

We ate dinner in silence. i imagined that my boyfriend was feeling some remorse. At the end, he asked, "Why do you frig yourself off??" My answer was simple. "Because you refuse to satisfy me." "Oh." he said with some embarrassment.

As i cleaned up the dishes, he went upstairs. He was up there for quite sometime, when i decided to join him. As he was taking a shit at the time, i decided to suprise him. I laid myself on our bed and took off the dress. When he came out of the bathroom, i observed two things, one an immediate smile on his face, and two, a lump begin to appear in his gym shorts, as his flaccid penis hardened. He glanced away, and then a smirk replaced the smile on his face.

"You say I don't satisfy you?!" "Close your eyes." I did as i was told. Seconds later, i felt the hands that had shortly before been punishing me grip my ankles, and pull my groin toward the edge of the bed.

At first i was startled, then, just happy. "You can open your eyes now." he said.


There before me, in between my legs, stood a strong man with a raging eight-inch erection. He pumped life into my tight, swollen pussy as my heart raced. "FUCK ME HARDER!" yelled out, in between moans, pants, and screams. I came twice, my cunt walls gripping tight onto his erection. the second time was too much for him to handle.

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He came hard into my pussy, bringing on a sensation that i had been wanting to feel since he had stopped fucking me four months ago. I vigorously blew his cock until it was back to size, and went on, until he came in my mouth.

"Swallow." he said.

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I did, greatful to have his hot load run down the back of my throat. He told me to keep going until he got his erection back. I didn't think he would go at my pussy again.

HE DIDN'T!! He grabbed a tube of Vaseline from a cabinet next to our bed! He slathered some on his cock, and i gasped when he thrust his love rod into my tight ass. I was filled up. I felt the twinges of pleasure and pain as he thrust in and out of my virgin ass.

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When his cock and nutsack tightened and released their load, i lost control, and bucked. I knew that i was in the throws of my first (but certainly not my last) anal orgasm.

I was sure that with that, he had finished, but he pulled his limp cock out, started rubbing it, dropped to his knees and gave me a full blowjob.

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As he sucked on my clit, and thrust his tounge into me, i lost control, i came hard for the eighth time in one day. WOW!!! We repeated this cycle three more times, finishing at eleven thirty tonight.

He rolled over, and went to sleep, and here i am, writing in my diary. WHAT A DAY!!!!!!! love and kisses.