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Attractive chick feels ding dong in ass
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The Halloween Party Halloween is a great time of the year to party hardy. My wife Renee and I throw a big Halloween Party every year in our barn. We renovated an 1882 farmhouse that has historic ties to our past. My grandfather's grandfather built it. This year it became a hundred and twenty-five years old.


The renovation took us five years and a lot of money, time, and effort but it was worth it. Five years ago we held our very first Halloween Party in our barn. It is in much better shape now. I think it is almost in its original splendor. My fourteen-year-old daughter Nevaeh helped my wife plan this year's party. We chose Nevaeh for her name because it is Heaven spelled backwards. This year thanks to my daughter's suggestion all of the women would be dressed alike and so would the men.

The men were to come as Tarzan in a little loincloth and not much else, in fact nothing else. The women would all be dressed in very skimpy yellow polka dot bikinis. String bikinis no less. They would also be wearing gorilla masks that would completely cover their head, face, and hair. My wife liked the idea of the men not being able to even recognize their own wives or daughters.

My wife ordered the thirty-six bikinis and gorilla masks for the women and thirty-six loincloths for us men. On the invitations the women were told to shave their pussies bald just before the party so that no one could see a blonde or a redhead. They were told to bring makeup to cover any tattoos or scars also.

The whole idea was for the women to all look the same and to become anonymous. Everyone seemed excited about this Halloween party. Renee and Nevaeh kept teasing me for the whole week before the party.

Nevaeh said that I would get so drunk that I wouldn't be able to tell one woman from the next. Renee said that she was going to get very horny this year and attack me right during the party. I was told to lie out some nice fresh straw on the floor in all of the stalls and small rooms in the back of the barn.

Renee said that they would get plenty of use this year. People started arriving early. The women all went to the house to change while we men were sent to the barn to change.

I had been helping out all morning setting up things in the barn so I opened up the box of loincloths and showed the men their customs. One size fits all. As Renee had suggested we each had a big glass of her Witch's Brew before getting dressed.

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I had helped her make it so I knew just how potent it was. It was more than seventy-five percent alcohol. It had rum, whisky, gin, vodka, and even tequila in it.

There was some beer, fruit punch, and wine in it too. There was a ten-gallon container with a spigot at the bottom for filling our glasses.

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It was labeled Tarzan. With thirty-six men drinking from it we could all have a quart to drink with a gallon left over.

Hell I doubted if any of us guys could drink a whole quart of that stuff without passing out. The women had their own barrel to drink from that was labeled Gorilla Jane.


I knew very well that it was far less potent than our barrel was. It contained ten gallons of wine that one of our neighbors makes himself. I was told in no uncertain terms that we men were supposed to get drunk and not the girls.

After drinking a glass of our Witch's Brew we put on our loincloths.

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I don't know why we bothered to find someplace private to change because once we came back there was very little left private after that. The guys were good natured about it though and figured that if that was what the girls wanted, then by God that was what we were going to give them. When the women came down from the house it seemed like a parade. Those tiny yellow polka dot bikinis were fantastic to watch. As expected they all mostly looked alike. Of course some had bigger tits and some had smaller tits but there were enough women so that I couldn't tell for sure which one was Renee or Nevaeh.

After they entered the barn one woman came directly over to me and reached right between my legs to cup my balls and fondle my cock until I was semi-hard. I in turn felt her up too. I slipped a finger into her small bikini top to flick her nipple, then her other nipple too, and then I slipped a finger into her bikini bottom to run my finger up her slit.

I sure thought that it was my wife. I fingered her hole and was rubbing her clit and really enjoying it when another woman came over to me and she left. That was when I started counting women. When all thirty-six women had played with my cock and I had slipped my finger into all of their pussies I then knew that one of those women had been fourteen-year-old daughter Nevaeh. Then I also realized that every man there had put his fingers in my daughter's pussy too.

Before we were done hardly anyone had their costume on. Once the initial 'hellos' were out of the way it was a free for all. I knew that my wife had medium size tits and that my daughter had smaller ones.

So I went after the ladies with smaller tits. I started licking their pussies to try and tell which ones might have softer fur but it really didn't seem to help any. I started asking them if they wanted to fuck.

Only one of the first three women shook her head no, so I just stopped asking them after that. I just took them somewhere close and slipped my cock into them. I didn't get any objections after that. I didn't really want to cum in them because then I couldn't fuck nearly as many of these women.

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I systematically went through all of the women with smaller tits and slipped my cock into each one of them. I knew that one of them had to be Nevaeh. I thought about going after the women with bigger tits next but I decided to fuck all of the small-breasted women again.

There were only ten or twelve of them I knew that I had already had my cock in each of them once if not twice in a few of them. That second time around the women were even easier to take by the hand, walk them off just a few feet, and then slip my cock into them.

I just leaned them against a few bales of straw, held one of their knees up to my waist, and slipped my hard cock into their wet pussies. They all had wet pussies that second time around because I wasn't the only one fucking the small-breasted women.

Also that second time around I asked each of the women their name. Some told me, some didn't. If she didn't tell me her name I would pinch both of her nipples hard. That usually did it. If she still wouldn't tell me her name then I would poke a finger up her ass. Eventually every woman told me her name by the time I had that second finger up her ass and knew that I would put the third one in there too if she didn't tell me, including my daughter Nevaeh.

When Nevaeh told me her name I just had to cum in her! I learned to identify a few of the women from freckles, a slight birth mark, or even a smudge of dirt on the back of their leg.

Nevaeh had the smudge on her leg. An hour later I was ready again so I took Nevaeh into my private room off in a back corner of the barn. There I asked her to remove her gorilla mask so that I could look at her as I made love to her. Nevaeh removed her mask, smiled at me, and stood before me in her birthday suite. Nevaeh was so pretty in her naked glory. I asked her how many men she had allowed to fuck her so for that night.

Nevaeh didn't answer my question right away. Instead she told me about all of the women getting ready up in our house for tonight's party. She told me that right in front of all of the ladies Mrs. Lewis had asked her to lick her pussy and that her mother had nodded for her to do it. After licking Mrs. Lewis' pussy Nevaeh then wound up licking all of the women's pussies, long before any man had gotten to them.

Nevaeh said that she had done the best job that she could and that it had been her very first lesbian experience.

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She had licked every single woman from her asshole to her clit and back again several times. She made sure that she gave each woman a good orgasm before she left them and went on to the next woman, including her own mother.

As her reward for doing such a good job every woman then took turns licked her virgin pussy before sending her into this den of inequity. Nevaeh was pleased that her mother had been the first woman to lick her pussy. When the women had entered the barn it was Nevaeh that came over to me first. Mine was the first cock and balls that she had felt, followed then by the other thirty-five cocks in the barn. My finger had been the first one to slip up into her pussy and as luck would have it my cock was very first one to slip into her virgin pussy too.

After me she had let Mr. Lewis and Mr. Johnson slip their cocks up into her too and fill her with their cum. Nevaeh said that it had been a very exciting way to loose her virginity and be introduced to sex. She had two more men already picked out to fuck her before the party was over. Lucky bastards! As I slipped my cock into my daughter's pussy for the third time that night, Nevaeh said that my cock had felt the best to her. I was a much better lover than her other two men were so far that night.

I felt proud! I had been very lucky that night that I hadn't tried to cum in all of the women. Poking my cock into them was almost as much fun. I knew that I had poked my cock into ten or twelve of the smaller-breasted women at least two times each.

However this time I knew for a fact that this was my beautiful daughter Nevaeh. Her gorilla mask was off, her tiny bikini was off, and she was lying naked under me enjoying having my cock in her pussy.

We both knew that this was just the start of a beautiful relationship. We would be much closer than just a daughter and her father after this. We would be lovers. The End The Halloween Party 90