Large dick is in an dilettante

Large dick is in an dilettante
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Divorce, a Job at K-Mart, and the New young Black Manager An older divorced white woman with what she thinks are few prospects goes to work at K-Mart where they have just hired a new manager and the fact that he is young and black has created several awkward situations! She is a 34yr old divorced woman named Ashley that needs to work in order to make ends meet. Her two children are now living with her ex or his parents. She is alone devastated and insecure from the divorce, has few friends,thinks she is unattractive has no prospects and has recently moved to this new city in order to start over.

This is where she gets a job at one of the big Super K-Marts. Her divorce was nasty and one sided. Her husband is well off and has done everything to turn his children away from their mother. He was from a rich family is spoiled and is use to having what ever he wants including other women. He was several years older when they first met, than she at seventeen. Her parents had passed on when she was a child and had been raised by an elderly aunt that is now also gone. Her first date with her husband was in high school, and she was a virgin, but after her first time this had quickly escalated into some wild sex and had promptly led to her getting knocked up!

What followed was an unplanned marriage that his parents were not pleased with and did not approve of! She had tried to make it work even having another child. But he becomes more involved in his families business, is an uncaring womanizer and has numerous unfaithful female encounters! Soon they grow apart from his infidelity, and the fact that he is gone most of the time. His parents have little to do with her, and then only to be with their grand children.

They have been separated for years and her whole family life has been her children, and when they are old enough to choose, they ungratefully go to live with their father who has offered them everything!. Shortly there after he files for divorce!

She upset dissolutionedand decides to move away from this unhappiness and start a new life in a different city.

This leads to her applying for, and being hired as a sales clerk at this big old chain store! Most of the women that work at K-Mart are younger and not very reliable. This store and many like it after merging with Sears have been struggling to survive and become profitable. They hire a young black male as one of the new junior managers, he is just out of college with a degree in management!

But this is not the only reason he is hiredhe has so impressed the human resource manager with his ability to interact and motivate others that this H&R manager is more than happy to hire him! His name is David and he has an incredible gift with people, especially women.

One that can inspire others to go above and beyond their normal work ethic, and in a short time has been able not only improve sales, but also attendance and the outlook of every one that works around him.

Of those working in his section of the store, most are women and they love him. Mostly because he understands women, what they want, how they think, and has this wonderful personality.

Soon these employees are coming to him not only for problems at work, but many have confided in him about their personal lives, even what they think are their sexual inadequacies! They find him so easy to talk to and pour out their most intimate and erotic feelings.

The fact that he is a young 24 yr old black male to most, means little as this does not seem to bother any of them at all. The other fact that he is a hansom young man also does not hurt. His very self assured demeanor and genuine concern for others quickly endears him to most all he works with, and they, view him as more than just their boss, also a friend.

He could easily be a ladies man, and has enjoyed the company and sexual favors of quite a number of attractive young women both black and white! But his interests do not seem to be young women as he prefers to be around older white women.

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To him this woman named Ashley is quite appealingand he sees her as an attractive brunette! She has sparkling green eyes, but wears the most ungodly looking thick glasses and dresses in even more unflattering and very plain clothes! She is slightly over weight about 130 lbs stands 5' 5" tall has 38" DD breasts a 26 " waist and hips that are packed into a 37" attractive bottom.


Food has been one of her vice's, but this has not yet taken its toll. Her only relief has been masturbation as this is the other of her addictions. This has helped even though it has been more mechanical the last several years as her thoughts about romance and erotic sex has been tempered! She thinks of herself as being old over 30 unattractive, and that few men would give a second look, let alone find her attractive or ask her out!

At first she has no idea how to act around him, for her it is a very awkward situation. He is young and black! She has problems with race do to all of the well known stereo typical things she has heard about black men, and is unsure? Not having any first hand experience about someone of a different race and has formed her thoughts only by rumors, and innuendo.

She has led a sheltered life in many respects only hearing about black men on the news and mostly in criminal or unflattering situations. Plus the fact that she has had few male acquaintance since high school and has no real idea how to act, or what to say when around them. But she is so lonely, and he is so charming.

Nothing happens as he is unsure about her, and does not pursue his true feelings. He is also the perfect gentleman, and it has not occurred to her that he could be anything other than just her boss! One night both have worked late and by chance they leave together, in the lot he notices that she is having car trouble, as it will not start!

He only wanting to help offers to drive her home, saying that he knows someone that can come get her car in the morning, and fix it! But she is reluctant, especially to get in a car at night with this young black man, however. he is. her boss! It is late and she has no one else to call, or any other choice! This is where the fun begins.

He again as a true gentleman only wants to make sure she is safely at her door. She in the dark doorway of her small apartment having no idea how to thank him. innocently raises up and tries to give him a peck on his cheek ! But just as she is about to do so. he turns his head and purposely kiss's her full on the lips!. She is shocked speechless and has no idea how to react or what to do and thus does nothing?. This is all it takes at least for the moment to melt most all of her inhibitions, as the kiss lingers on it becomes even more passion filled!

His arms are now tightly around her, and his hands have descended to just below her waist, but are not quite on her bottom! Her heart is pounding as he pulls her up tight crushing her big soft breasts against him!

She can also feel the bulge of his manliness against her? Then she says after this long kiss finally breaks, no.we shouldn't we can't this isn't right and tries to push him away. She is so confused her mind and her head is in denial but her body is quickly moist and her pent up sexual feelings of being hugged and unexpectedly kissed leaves her wanting.

She has had little male attention for quite some time!


But, has been masturbating on a regular basis, although it has been more mechanical, and with little real romance. She is so sexually pent up and flustered from not having sexual intercourse in years that she is ready for any kind of sexual attention! Laying in bed that night, she tries to put all of the forbidden thoughts of what happened out of her mind.

But her thoughts keep drifting back to this hansom young man that has made her feel so alive and desirable. She not realizing that her fingers have found her sexuality and are most ardently pleasuring herself, and this time is not so mechanical! She has been subconsciously fantasizing about the other black stereo type, and has heard other women discuss in low hushed tones that black men possess large and distinctive male features! Again her feelings are about this most forbidden and now sinfully delicious thoughts of romance and sex with this new young black store manager!

How she masturbates and pleasures her self is incredible to see, this as David will find out is a very erotic and stimulating thing to watch! Ashley likes to lay on her back and bottom!

Then stiffens her legs and points her toes out a little to each side and down at the same time! She then hugs her big breasts with her upper arms squeezing them together turning her head off to one side and half closing her eye's! Then her fingers descend to just above her clitoris where the fingers on one hand really start to manipulate this soft flesh next to her clit as her other hand twists and pulls one of the nipples!

It is an incredible thing for one to see! The next day he has called a friend that has quickly and easily discovered the problem with her car. He has taken care of what little expense that has incurred.

She again is indebted to him a situation that he likes and that has made her feel even more uncomfortable. At work she has avoided him for most of the day and as much as possible do to the smoking hot kiss last evening.

But cannot get the thoughts about him, and the fact that she had been helplessly in his arms. out of her head! She finally has no choice and needs his help, this is do to some stock items that are incorrectly marked and priced!

He as her boss asks if there are more of these items, she says yes and that they are in the store's large warehouse.

He then says show me where they are, and that he will take care of the problem. This leads, to him following her into the warehouse at the back of the store. But his eyes and interest are not on business or incorrect prices as he is already fully aware of this particular problem, but does not want to let this chance to be alone with her go by.

He is now more interested in her shapely bottom as buttocks move up and down so sinfully provocatively as he follows her back and in between the rows of stacked merchandise. She finally turns down a long row and at the very end is where the boxes she is looking for have been stored. They are at the very top up high.


With him close behind she has reached up, standing on her toes and has innocently arched her bottom back and up against him! In doing so has shown several inches of white bare skin between her blouse and her skirt! He then has placed one hand on hers and with the other has turned her around facing him! At the same time has pushed her against the boxes and is still holding both of her hands over her head.

Lust filled sinful thoughts about her have been on his mind since last night, and he is not going to let this opportunity pass without doing something!. She gasped out loud as he presses himself against her! She in her haste this morning, not to be late for work has quickly dressed in clothes that do not go well together.

The skirt is loose fitting and is of thin material, she has worn white modest bra and panties that are easily outlined under this dress. These are the only things between her soft shapely body, and nothing, do to the fact that also in haste has worn no slip! The blouse she has chosen is also unflattering, a little tight and is missing a button, this is bad enough, but also has neglected one! This leaves much more of her ample cleavage easily exposedand those buttons left and the material around them straining!

He has plucked these most ungodly glasses off her face and sticks them in his pocket ,and asks? Haven't you ever thought of contacts? As she is even more beautiful and appealing with out them! She say's yes, but I can't wear them, stammering. my eyes. are sensitive, going on to say that she cannot see without them! His hand is now on her bare tummy and then slips inside the waist band of this loose fitting skirt as his fingers descend onto her panties!

He feels they are wet, and she is trembling as her breathing becomes halting.his touch has left her breathless!. He again kisses her fully on the lips as he still holds her hands over her head!

There is just something about a woman with her hands over her head, the way it perks up her breasts that is so perverse and helplessly appealing! Then after their lips part she says, no. no we shouldn'twe can't its wrong please don't, but offers little resistance other than this vocal plea!

This, does not slow him down at all as he kisses her again with even more obvious interest and desire! Her cheeks are flush as she tries to fight these feelings with an inner battle she knows she will loose! His hand is now doing more than just touching! It has found the wet panty folds and female bulges of her most intimate sexual being, OMG! She does not care about anything as his pleasurable grasp and play has left her knees weak, she is breathing heavier now, with her eyes half closed.

He senses she wants this, he is a master at this sort of perception. You like this don't you, he whispers. she at first, also in a whisper says yes. quickly followed by no! He knows now that she is his for the taking as he continues to tease and torture her with his wanton advances, then asks do you want me to stop?

At first her reply is no, and is again followed by another no, and then a yes! Followed by a more wanting and demanding as her trembling body responds to his most tender and intimate touch! Her skirt is down to her knees and his hand is now inside her panties and has a full firm and much harsher grasp of her wet pubic hair and genitals!

OMG! She cannot believe what is happening as an incredible toe curling orgasm rushes from her inner most and virtually untapped feminine being! The sound she makes is one that will draw the attention of others! He quickly pulls his hand out turns around and leaves her there trembling with her panties soaked, and skirt around her knees! She is left in helpless ecstasy as she tries to catch her heart stopping breath, this has left her breathing ragged and very slow in returning to normal!

She hears footsteps and quickly pulls her wet panties up followed by her skirt and is just barely presentable as one of the store warehouseman that David has passed going the other way rounds the corner, and walks down the aisle towards her!

She is still flush and excited, he asks could be of help? She says no, and that everything is just fine and that there is no problem, he then gives her a very a strange look? Saying okay, Ashley, and walks off! She hurries off and into the ladies room to settle her nerves and straighten up, when she looks in he mirror is shocked to see her lipstick and make up smeared! But what is even worse.

her blouse is all but unbuttoned!

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As only one is left at the very bottom, and this has left a good portion of her bra and a very large amount of her ample 38" DD cleavage easily exposed for him or anyone to see!

Apparently the warehouseman was treated to more of her than she had first imagined! She is even redder and embarrassed now as she realizes why the warehouseman had been looking at her so strangely!

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Once she has straightened herself up and recovered her composure has returned to her sales area. Her thoughts are mixed? Her body that has had little male attention for years is wanting, and very appreciable to be touched like this, but her mind is struggling with what she thinks is forbidden, he is young and black!

She again tries to avoid being around him but it is difficult almost impossible. This time it is he that says he needs to see her in the back warehouse! She has made every excuse to herself not to go, but finally asks another clerk to take care of her sales area and finds herself again subconsciously slowly and deliberately drawn to a more secluded place in the big warehouse!

This time there is little hesitation on either, as they passionately embrace and he openly gropes her as his hand is quickly and firmly back on her pubic folds OMG she melts and is helpless as they kiss again and again!

Over the next several weeks and under the guise of checking stock are spending more time in the back secluded part of this big ware house!

During the days at work she is kissed romanced and boldly fondled and in the evening in her tiny apartment she has gone to sleep after masturbating with the thought of his hands all over her most tender female charms! They have become more open and careless, and neither at this point seem to care!

One of the warehouseman at first only wanting to help has followed them at a distance and when he watches David turn her around, kiss her and then stick his hand down the front of her skirt has stopped to watch! There have been rumors by others about them having an affair during business hrs and now someone had actually seen them together. So when ever they would clock in or go to the break room the gossip conversation about them would instantly stop with their presence!

Most of the women though are envious and the few men especially the warehouseman that had watched ,seemed to enjoy what he had witnessed. It is obvious that something was going on and on top of that the security people had several black and white grainy video of them together on more than one occasion! So it was apparent that more than just checking the stock was going on! Finally the store manager had been informed by the security people what has been going on between them!

He as the manager had no choice but to intervene and say something. This was brought to a head when the regional manager on one of his tours called them both in for a personal meeting! After they are both in managements office the store manager has confronted them! David freely admits what has been going on and is not all that concerned about what has happened! Ashley on the other had is embarrassed and terrified that she is going to loose her job!

The store manager is not sure what to say or do? As the store that was just barely breaking even when David was hired is now doing much better over a twenty percent increase and mostly from the area that David is responsible for! It is obvious to the store manager that this sort of thing has to stop! As it is, and has created a problem he has asked them both to tone down what they have been doing.

The regional manager settles it by citing the stores recent productivity much better that all of the other stores that he is currently managing. He goes onto say that not only has this store performed well, attendance has been almost a hundred percent! Meaning that they have not had to pay overtime and bring in extra help!

Quite surprising and the true mark of a regional manager that is concerned only about making a profit and the bottom line. Tells the store manager that he does not care if David fucks Ashley's brains out in the warehouse as long as sales and attendance stay at the current rate or improve! Every one but David seems to be shocked by what he has just said! David of course already knows that they would not be getting rid of him.

But the big boss goes on to say that he would appreciate if they could spend their more intimate time together some place else and away from the store! He has also given David a bonus check from the stores profitable sales with the stipulation that they, he and Ashley be more discrete while at work!

After this they have been told the meeting is over. With the bonus check in his hand and both of them leaving the managers office David puts his new plan into action! When they are leaving work that night he hands Ashley a list of things to do and tells her to take the next several days off, and to make sure that she does everything on his list!

She is not sure what to say especially after what has happened in the managers office and the fact that she still has a job is quite a relief! The list ends two days later with her ready and waiting on Friday evening for him to pick her up for their first real date and night out together!

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She did not look at the list until she got home that evening, but as she does there are four things on the list. One is an appointment, that has been made on her behalf, for laser eye surgery the following morning!

This surgery will require less than a day to recover, do to this new and incredible technology! Friday the following day she will spend at a hair styling salon get her hair and make up professionally done she will also get some intimate personal attention that will shock her older straight laced attitudes about her sexuality, and will finally be sent next door to the clothing store. She is to patronize this upscale women's clothing store!

All have been arranged by David her boss, and new intimate male friend! She is surprised the next morning at the eye surgeons office as she fills out papers for the laser surgery, to discover?. That once in the Doctors office he is a young black man, and also a very hansom one. Apparently she learns that he, and David had attended college together and are good friends and that he apparently was instrumental in helping the good doctor find his new young bride! This has left him indebted to David so that this doctor friend has offered to help.

So David has taken him up on this offer by sending Ashley for this normally delicate and expensive eye surgery!

After all of the preliminary tests, it is determined that she can indeed avail herself of his services and that that this corrective laser surgery will be most beneficial! Thus after this surgery, will no longer require her to wear glasses, especially the most ungodly ones she has been stuck with for years! After the procedure is complete she is told to go home and rest, and that she will be fine and back to normal by the following morning.

These are incredible medical advancements in eye surgery almost unheard of only several years ago!. Once Ashley is in her small apartment she has little to do for the rest of the afternoon and evening, But her thoughts are of him, are interrupted by a phone call! It is from her ex husband he is going to be in town the following evening and has the final divorce papers and would like to drop by and have her sign them!

This is something quite unexpected, and without thinking tells him sure, it would be okay to stop by. Normally her contact with him, especially after divorce proceedings were started had been very painful along with loosing custody of her children was even more traumatic!

But the thoughts of seeing him this time did not seem to rekindle the same feelings?. Thoughts about her new young black male friend that seems only to want her, has muted any trauma from her ex and is quickly forgotten. She just cant seem to believe that a young hansom man like David who could easily have his pick of almost any other attractive young women would be interested in an older divorced woman like her!

This thought about him wanting her though is very appealing, but she is still having second thoughts, although they are considerably less of a problem now, about her being white and him being black! Her thoughts and feelings about sex, especially some of the wild and crazy things she did as a young horny teen age girl in hi school were snow starting to return! Later that evening as she tries to sleep her thoughts are about the list, going to a hair stylist, and buying new clothes.

She has not had her hair done professionally for years nor has she even entertained the idea of buying clothes that are meant to enhance her feminine beauty? But the other thing that has so unnerved her was the last thing on the list!

Is that she is be wearing a dress picked by him and ready at six pm Friday evening sharp! He has not asked her, he has told her, this is frightening in one respect but she is a true submissive and is almost giddy with the excitement of being told what to wear and what to do!

Her fantasy's though, and her body conspire as she finds herself again helplessly masturbating to some incredible thoughts about not only him, but that in this fantasy she is in now in the company of other black men! Lots of them, and that in this fantasy, she is the only white woman being aggressively sought after by all of them, as she drifts of into a restful sleep after again pleasuring herself.

The next day she has taken a cab to the address and is surprised that it is in an all black business area of downtown! The place is not rundown at all, but is very classy and quite upscale for this part of the city! This is a place that she would never have chosen or thought of on her own, and is conveniently next door to the clothing store where she is to go next in order to receive her new clothes.

After entering the salon she is met by both of the owners one is black and the other is white! Both say almost at once that they have been expecting her? They are women in their late twenties and are also very attractive. The place is very busy as all of the salons hairdressing stations are occupied. Ashley tries to help out, by commenting that she would be happy to come back later?

But one of the women says nonsense, you are special takes her handand leads her into a more discrete area of the salon telling her to get undressed and handing her a smock! It is similar to those used by doctors when the patient is to be examined, and leaves the back open! Ashley is not sure just what to do as no hairstyling she has ever had before has required her to be almost nude and dressed in only a smock!

She is a naive woman even for her 34 yrs,and has no idea about modern hair styling! But assumes that it is something new.

The woman tells her not to worry, and that it is only precautionary in order to keep her clothes from being stained from the hair shampoo, rinse and dye? Ashley is further confused when she is pushed back and up against what appears to be a doctors padded examination table, and told to step up! Still wondering as she is told to sit on the end of this table! She has done exactly what she has been told, this has left her bare bottom on the edge and her legs dangling over the end!

Then one of the girls easily helps her lean back and tells her to relax. Her head is now hanging over the other end as she feels a metal wash basin slipped under it. At almost the same time someone she cannot see lifts both of her legs up! She hears a clicking sound as supports are being extended from that end of the table followed by her ankles being placed into U shaped stirrups!

She is more than concerned at first, but the confident voice of one of the girls reassures her by saying relax you will really enjoy this? She is then told to close her eyes tight, and the next thing she feels is some really warm almost hot shampoo solution being slowly flooded through her brunette hair.

Not only does the warm solution feel really good the smell is a combination of orange blossoms and vanilla! The feeling is wonderful and the smell of the shampoo is even more enticing!

Hands start to massage her scalp and are pulling at the roots of her hair. Gawd, this incredible feeling continues. She is so relaxed that her mind is only able to comprehend the scalp massage and the enjoyable washing of her head!

Ashley then feels her smock being pushed up off her legs and against her big breasts, did someone just barely squeeze them? Her hands are at her sides and are holding onto the padded table. She can feel the cool air on her bare gentiles as the stirrups holding her ankles are pushed so far apart and her legs are so wide it is uncomfortable.

OMG! She has never been this wide before! This has made her panty less mound and hairy pubic area very exposed and easily accessible! Then she feels more warm soapy liquid on her pubic hair!

She starts to protest, and at first asking what are they going to do? One of the young women then says that this is what David wants. wants? Wants. what. she thinks?, Oh the young woman then goes on to say, your pussy shaved bare, he really likes his girl to be bare! Again she starts to protest and is shushed saying don't worry you will like it I promise! Ashley's hands are clutching the padded table even tighter now as she thinks, his girl, I am his girl! She has never shaved or even trimmed this part of her anatomy before!

Not even for panty lines, and especially no one else has ever done something like this to her! It is new and exciting experience, as she no longer protests and allows them to continue at both her head and genitals. It takes less than five minutes, along with several applications of the soapy solution until she is shaved expertly and completely bare, they take their time around her folds, labia and especially around her clit! All of her natural brunette pubic hair is gone, and I mean gone!

She is then wiped and washed clean with warm damp wash clothes ! What was that? There it goes again!.As she feels. did a tongue, OMG she is tonging me! Oh wow!. No one has ever done this to her before, either, and especially another woman, and one that is now really sucking on her clit! Ashley is beside herself and frankly has no idea what to do as her neglected and naked body easily starts to respond, she is again clutching onto the padded table so tight that her knuckles are starting to turn blue!

The pleasurable sensations of oral stimulation quickly overshadow everything else! OMG! This woman's lips tongue and aggressive oral abuse is going to make me. cummmmm! As a trembling spine tingling, and helpless orgasm rushes through this most sensitive part of her body! Ashley is trying to catch her breath and is pleasurably shuddering, when the young woman that had just pleasured her says yep, I think she is ready, and will be perfect for David!

She goes on to say he is really going to like her, she is really nice, I could just eat her again! The real styling is starting to take place now. She is helped up into a setting position Ashley unsure and still mildly trembling is trimmed, cut with a modern and in vogue style something she, again has never had before. Her hair has had an even more appealing reddish highlight applied and this is a gorgeous hairstyle, specifically for brunette's.

Thick, wavy, and medium to long, this cut is fantastic and will work for both day or night, it takes another thirty minutes before it is finally finished! There are several mirrors on the wall, with her vision restored and her ability to see so much better she looks?.

The woman she is looking at in the mirror is stunning and beautiful, even with no make up! She just cannot believe, that who she is looking at is really her? This experience alone makes her look and feel even more incredible.

Not only has she just received and incredible hair styling salon experience, she has also enjoyed an unbelievable oral orgasm to go along with it! Still wearing a smock that is open in the back and is completely naked and bare under it especially her pubes! She is helped up and taken to an adjoining door that connects the two stores.

The name of the place is Sexy Dresses & Really short Skirts! She is then introduced to of all things, an older fatherly looking black man that is the owner, along with several young women sales assistants that are also young attractive and white, talk about integration!

This is another thing she could never have imagined! The women's clothing store has a large line of moderately priced current and popular styles along with some rather risque female attire!. They too have apparently been waiting for her arrival, apparently more of Davids friends, and influence? The two young women have taken her hands, this is an area also at the back of the store that is discrete and separate from the public.

They have led Ashley into one of several changing booths and quickly go to work. Lingerie, clothes shoes heels, lots of them, more that she could ever imagine are brought. It is a whirlwind of fashion that she has never experienced before, fittings adjustments and a few alterations! These have taken into consideration her full figure and large 38" DD breasts! As many of these incredible dresses are for women who are slimmer and have much smaller breasts!

She has ended up with a dozen new outfits and over half of them are quite revealing and risque! Some even leave her looking like an up scale expensive street walker! But the one she is finally fitted with is called forever young!

It is a red strapless angled wrap around thing that is body hugging. This dress could not be anymore stunning! It fits Ashley's hour glass figure perfectly. This along with the fact that it really shows her full figure and is apparently made from some sort of exotic bright red, velvet material is quite distinct! But the best is whats not underneath! She has been fitted with a white lacy garter belt and tight patterned close knit stockings along with a pair of sheer white bikini see through panties.

These panties are special as they they have two small Velcro attachments at either side unknown to her, but makes them quite easy to remove ! She has been admiring herself in one of the mirrors, this has made her feel so sexy an attractive, a feeling she has had only once before when going to the hi school prom!

Her dress has now been fitted for the last time and she wonders how in the world it will stay up and keep her breasts covered as they have been somehow pushed up by this incredible dress, leaving more than just some ample cleavage? She has given herself one last look, and even she was quite startled by what she see's! Some incredibly bright red lipstickjust the right amount of eyeliner and blush has been added!

The shop owner this older black gentlemen has called a cab and taken her hand, leading her out into the front of the store. The customers stop what they are doing, to gawk! OMG! As she sees herself in one of the full length mirrors for the first time, she is still awe struck, and feels like a cross between a slutty Las Vegas show Girl and a contestant in some sort of erotic beauty pageant!

She has been given a stylish courtesy wrap in order to make her look less revealing and more modest on her trip home in the cab. She notice's the driver looking her over approvingly in his mirror, it is late after noon almost 5:30, and she is suppose to be ready for him to pick her up at six!

Ashley is just barely in her small apartment, and has removed her wrap. Her heart is beating faster, she is still apprehensive about her looks, and her date? What if she is not what he wants? Pangs of insecurity and the feelings of being inadequate are running through her mind, but if anyone could see her as she is, there will be no problem, as she is absolutely stunning!

She has these thoughts running through her head when the door bell rings. who can that be. it can't be him, its to early? Her mind is blank with wonder as she opens the door with no idea who, it could possibly be? She is absolutely shocked as the person at her door is her ex husband!

Then she remembers OMG! That she had told him to come by and, do to all of the things that have happened to her today, has completely forgotten! She is even more shocked as he stammers at her incredible and unbelievable beauty. and asks is Ashley in? Going on to say, I did not know she had a roommate, after regaining his composure, and in his confident and normally aggressive style says, especially one so beautiful!

OMG! Ashley thinks. He does not know it is me!. She, now realizing that her ex thinks she is someone else, goes on to say his name! There is no doubt about it, she does look younger and quite different! Then, she says you idiot it is me! Ashley your wife, he steps back in wonder and has the most inconceivable look of disbelief on his face, and then does more than just a double take! He is speechless and shocked.

no electrified as Ashley now with total command of the situation for the first time in her life, takes the divorce papers from his almost helpless hand! Picks up a pen on the phone stand in the hallway and signs it in the two required places. She then puts the papers in the envelope and hands it back to him! Saying, "Ex! Wife"!. At about the same time a new black Lincoln Town Car Limousine with a chauffeur comes to a halt in front of her apartment! David has gotten out and has walked up ,and into this most interesting situation.

he of course has no idea that this man is Ashley's ex! He is dressed impeccably in a suit, is even more hansom as he offers his hand pulls her to him and kisses her most lovingly, asking if she is ready?

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She does not bother to introduce them, picks up her wrap, small purse, locks her door and again takes Davids hand! Leaving her ex standing there with his mouth agape and with an even more unbelievable look on his face!

Once in the Limo he has told the driver where, and asks, who the man was with the most peculiar look on his face?

Ashley says oh no one important just my ex! David in one of the few moments when he is not in complete control, almost chokes!

She then says quite proudly that she has just signed her final divorce papers and that she is a legally free woman! As she quickly reverts to a submissive one that no longer wishes to be in charge, and quite seductively says to him the words he wants to hear, that she is "his" to do with whatever he wants! The drive is much longer than she has imagined and wonders where he is taking her? It does not matter as she is still pleasantly amused by what has just happened.

The limo is stocked with some of the best and most expensive champagne not only is it the best it is also some of the most wonderful tasting. David always the gentleman, has poured two glasses as she hears the sound of glass touch. They toast and drink to this most interesting and wonderful evening that is just starting as they cuddle and kiss! Ashley is not, nor has she ever been much of a drinker, but with all that has happened, and this new found freedom, of feeling young sexy and more attractive than ever.

This along with not eating anything has let just one drink leave her vulnerable submissive and helpless, and two glasses of champagne have removed what little inhibitions she has left! David always a planner when thinking of things to do to and with his women?

Will start the evening off, by pushing Ashley's limits just to see how far she will go and what she will do to please him! The fact that she has already drank several glasses of champagne will make what he is going to ask, much easier!

He has pulled her to him, and to feel her incredible warm body next to his with little except the thin material of this short red dress, makes it hard for him to be gentlemanly as she is so soft willing and inviting.

They hug and kiss more passionately as each time the feelings are even more intense! Erotic thoughts of her have been on his mind all day. Her short dress with her setting, has easily exposed her lacy white garter belt knit stockings and even her see through panties! David always wanting to show off his women has acquired this Limo and the driver on purpose and at no expense at all to him.

The chauffeur has taken care of everything in order to watch what ever goes on between them and is a perk that the company he works for grants to their drivers on occasion! There are three big rear view mirrors and all are adjusted and directed to where Ashley is sitting! This has given him different angles and an almost unobstructed view her! He then whispers in her ear and says, I want your panties!

She is not sure what to do and thinks how is she going to get them off! Now feeling even more of an adventurist, has with little effort and a little squirming of her bottom. and much to her surprise has easily pulled them off, and is quite proud as she hands them to David! In order for her to do this she has had to raise up exposed her bare well shaven pussy to not only him, but also to the limo driver!

He has taken the see trough's that are damp with her ambiance (The Shampoo Solution of Orange Blossoms and Vanilla)and folded them up and placed them in his suit pocket like a hanky, thinking that they may be of some helpful use later!

Davids left hand is now in between her soft thighs He has worked his hand up and is rubbing her folds that are becoming wetter by the minute! He can feel her pulse on his finger tips each time her heart beats as he touches and then grabs hold of her rather stimulated clit!

At first she says please? He says please.please what? She again says please. I want you to? As her voice trails off, the meaning now, is quite clear although no words are spoken! To be continued in part 2