Strap on blondes afternoon delight

Strap on blondes afternoon delight
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I guess I'm sort of naive. I laugh with all of my friends at the jokes, but I really don't have much experience.except this one. It started when I discovered a website with some still photos of naked women on it. I've never really gone to one of these sites, but since I found that one, I can hardly look at anything else. I'd seen some x movies before, but there is something special in these still photos that I can't resist.

To be honest, from the few times the boys at my high school had shown me photos trying to flirt with me, I was expecting older women with huge boobs and lots of makeup. Wow was I surprised. This girl I found that started this passion was about my age.

She was very athletic and cute but seemed so relaxed while showing EVERYTHING off. In most of her pictures, she was arching her back to expose her butt to the camera. I took off my shorts and compared myself to her in the mirror. I arched my back to see if I looked as good as she did. Although it was hard to tell from the only angle I could see myself in the mirror, I thought that I had just as nice a figure as she had.

For the next few weeks, whenever I was alone, I found myself constantly cruising the net, comparing myself to the cuter, younger girls and trying to look as sexy as they looked.

Then one day I had a scary but exciting thought. My dad is seriously into photography and had a really fancy camera. I could take some pictures of myself to see what I looked like from all the angles and no one would know. I grabbed his camera bag and some bright lights and headed up to my room.

I put a camera on a tri-pod, set up some lights, and grabbed the remote trigger so that I could operate the camera from the bed. I was most interested in what I looked like from behind because I could never see that angle well enough even using two mirrors. I put a bunch of pillows under my stomach, push my butt up toward the camera, spread my legs as far as I could and pushed the trigger.

I wasn't impressed.

It wasn't that I didn't look good, it was just that I didn't get very good pictures. But, since you can just delete digital pictures and try again, try again I did. Eventually, I started to get some pretty good shots. The pictures looked especially clear when I downloaded them onto my computer, but something about my pictures was raw - the pictures online were so sexy. I couldn't figure it out at first, but when I put a picture of myself side-by-side with a particularly cute blonde, I saw immediately what I didn't like.

The girls online had small shiny bald pussies and mine was hairy.definitely gross. I had to quit for the day (my mom would be home soon) so I put the camera equipment away and cleaned up. The following day, after my parents left, I went into the shower and completely shaved my pussy. The whole area tingled after I was done but it really felt good. Then I got some wax from my mom's bathroom and waxed my arms and legs. It took forever and it hurt a little, but when I was done, my whole body tingled like my pussy.

I was getting horny thinking about how I might look now. I quickly set up the cameral equipment, and took up my position on the pillows. I was feeling incredibly sexy as I lightly slid my hand over the smooth skin of my shaved pussy and ass. I began to click some pictures while simultaneously rubbing myself.

I spread my legs wider and, with one finger on either side, I separated my pussy lips for the camera just like the girls on the net do. When I did this I felt a little dribble of my juice run down my hand. Then it happened. As I went searching for where the dribble had come from, my whole body shuddered. I slid my middle finger into the moisture and I began rubbing myself. It felt better to move my hips than my finger so, with my middle finger inserted into my pussy, I began moving my butt in circles to increase the friction.

The feeling turned into a frenzy as I moved. I slipped a second finger in and tried to fit a third. It felt as if my whole hand would not be enough. I pumped wildly on my hand for some incredibly long time and finally collapsed with my first orgasms. It was the best feeling I had ever had.

During my frenzy, I had managed to snap off a couple of more photos and I was a little embarrassed when I saw them on the computer screen. My hand was glistening with my juices and my legs were so far apart that in one photo you could see right into my pussy.

I was horny again just looking at them. After a couple of weeks, I began to get the hang of taking the pictures of myself. I was also getting a little bored with it. So, I decided to check out a lingerie shop in a local shopping mall to find some clothes to match some of the sexy stuff I'd seen online. This place was racier than I had ever imagined; I almost walked out immediately but I made the mistake of making eye contact with a salesman and felt committed.

Then, I couldn't figure out what to do. The place was filled with the craziest stuff I've ever seen. I couldn't figure out what half of it was for and was too embarrassed to pick anything up and figure it out. Then a women suddenly popped up next to me clad in a deep vee button up and very tight jeans. She was older but she was easygoing and sensed my fear. She introduced herself as a sales person and jokingly asked me what was my favorite toy.

Shyly, I told her I was only looking for something sexy to wear. I lied and told her my boyfriend liked to take pictures of me in sexy outfits.

She smiled and took my hand to lead me over to a rack which was loaded with leather and silk goodies. We became quick friends as she made me feel relaxed, but she was a bit aggressive and insisted that I try on the outfits that I liked. She scared me a bit while inspecting me in each one. I could tell she liked my young body.

She was constantly adjusting the little straps on me, brushing my hair out of the way, and rubbing the silks and leathers to smooth them out on my body. It felt nice to have so much attention and it didn't feel too threatening so we continued.

I finally made a choice and we went to the register. As she was ringing up the order she said, "wouldn't you like one of these toys to play with when your boyfriend isn't around?". She was pointing under the glass at a large selection of dildos.

I was too curious to say no, but couldn't decide on which one a girl would choose so I coyly asked her which was her favorite. Without hesitating she reached for one and said "Its expensive but it feels like the real thing.except its big.really big." As she pulled this wicked looking, fat, long, but soft rubber bat out of the cabinet, she looked me right in the eye and gave the top of it a kiss.

Smiling she said "I hope you like your new friend".

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Then, without even asking me, she pulled out an X DVD and said, "and you must watch this to learn how to use your new toy". The bus ride home seemed to take forever. First, I watched the DVD which was an outrageous party of girls playing with the exact same dildo as I had just bought. I couldn't imagine the stuff they were doing with it and how easily it went in. I then set up the camera equipment and put on an outfit I had bought. I laid down on my back with a pillow under my butt and began to play with my new toy.

The camera was about three feet away from my crotch and I continued to take pictures while I played. It felt really good to rub the dildo around on my wet lips but every time I tried to push it inside, I could sense that it was simply too big for me.

As I got wetter and wetter, I became more frantic to get this big cock inside me so I began to wiggle. I started wiggling hard enough so that my breasts were giggling and my hips were gyrating. I was trying to out-do the girls in the movie but I couldn't even get this thing an inch inside me. In a last ditch effort I dropped the camera trigger and reached further down the shaft for a better grip.

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As I grabbed the end of the thing I felt the on/off switch for the vibrator and clicked it on. In one slippery tight shudder, at least half of the entire vibrating shaft slipped inside of me. The vibration and the tightness were sending wave after wave of orgasm through my body.

At first I just lay there, amazed. Soon though, I grabbed the camera trigger again and I found myself moving my hips to a steady rhythm and shooting away. Even though it was incredibly tight, I was so wet that it slipped easily in and out of me. I pushed up against it harder and harder and withdrew it further with each stroke.

The full length of its rippled vibrating shaft was now driving me wild. Exhausted while reviewing the pictures, I clicked off the lights, and fell into a deep sleep. I awoke with knocking at my door. It was my friend Carmine.I had slept for hours.

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I wasn't really awake and sleepily said, "come in". The only light in the room was from the computer screen with a picture of me impaled by my new foot long friend. And I was too sleepy to remember it was up. She came in to the dark room and accused me of sleeping through our exercise routine. She was working out to become a gymnast and I would often coach her during my workouts in the early evenings.

She walked across the room, and as she was reaching for the light, my stupor receded and was replaced with frozen panic. When the light snapped on all she saw was that I was completely speechless and tears were welling in my eyes. At her age, Carmine couldn't possibly understand. Not seeing anything in the room, she sat down on the edge of the bed, looked at me so sweetly and asked me what was wrong. I was still speechless and after what seemed an eternity, I felt her attention leaving me and scanning the room.

She had first seen the camera but I could see that she was looking all around. Even the dildo was sitting out in the open. She looked kind of sideways and spotted the computer image.

"Doesn't it look sexy" I stammered.

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Some weak thought had tried to convince me that I could act as though it were normal for older girls to try this. "Is this you?" she whispered. "Who took this?" she continued while staring steadily at the computer. "I you think it's sexy?" I had no idea how to get out of this. She began to giggle. "I can't believe you do this" she said as her giggle grew into laughter as she moved over to have a closer look. I began laughing too; it made me feel a little better.

I was now fully awake and starting to think desperately of damage control. "Let me take some pictures of you" I sneaked with as much confidence as I could. I thought that maybe I could turn the tables. As I said it, I realized that she might actually be a little sexy. She is younger than me but she isn't one of those stick-like girls. She has this small but strong body and her hips have developed which gives her a tiny, narrow waist and an upturned ass.

Although her face is just a little girls, her lips are very pouty and naturally red.

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Even for her age, her little tits have developed nicely. I could see a torn look of curiosity and fear, then a nervous smile, and then suddenly she said lightly, "Ok, but I can't possibly look as sexy as this one". She pointed to the computer where I lay with the dildo. I couldn't believe my luck, I was going to get clean away with this. We began to pour over some of the other pictures I had found on the net and found one with two girls posing together.

"We are cuter than these girls", she said, and then with one quick motion, pulled her t-shirt over her head.

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Her light brown nipples were so small and hardened and her breasts seemed to stand out; they were larger than I remembered. She rubbed one hand over her boobs and the other across her flat tummy then licked her lips in the sexiest way a girl could.

Then she began to giggle uncontrollably. "We have to get photos of this" I said as I jumped up to operate the camera. I knew that if I had photos of her she could never tell on me. Her natural uninhibited attitude was both turning me on and making me angry. She began to try to put on a real show for me.


At first she was laughing too much to be sexy but the more she moved around the less she laughed and the sexier her little writhing body looked. Soon, she was slinking around like a snake. After snapping a bunch of photos, I figured I had to fully expose her to be certain she could never tell on me. With a sudden urge to control her and make her feel the fear I had had, I commanded her to get on her hands and knees with her butt to the camera.

She looked at me with surprise at the tone in my voice, then obediently and sexlessly got on her hands and knees. She reminded me of a dog looking over its shoulder for attention.

Then, as if to defy me, she moved her knees wider apart and arched her back a little and with a giggle said, "like this?". I flicked the computer to a photo where a girl's head was hanging half off the side of a bed. She was belly down with her ass up in the air and her legs spread wide. In the same commanding voice, desperate to assert control over her, I told her to keep her butt up in the air and lay her chest and belly down like the girl on the computer.

This time she was un-phased by my command. She was trying to outdo the pictures that I had taken of myself and she was clearly competing with me for control of the situation. She began rubbing her hands smoothly all over her back side in complete defiance. Partly in some weird anger I felt, partly in pure curiosity, and partly to gain physical control, I put my hand on the small of her back and crawled over to straddle her.

Facing the camera and looking down at her small butt and legs slightly spread, I pulled her waist up in the air with one hand and began to poke at her with the dildo. The touch of our flesh together was both sweat and sick. I was trembling and very uncertain of myself. I was trying to control this little girl and instead went out of control myself. I wanted to lower myself down so my pussy could touch her back, but I was too frightened to do it.

She, on the other hand, began moving her hips ever so slowly against the dildo to show me that she wasn't afraid. As her tiny waist wiggled against the inside of my thighs, a tremor shook through my whole body. To gain my composure, I began to press the dildo against her, but there was obviously going to be more trouble getting the dildo into her than I had had getting it into myself. On my DVD I had seen how the girls wet down the dildo with their spit so I tried it out.

I sucked it into my mouth, spit on it, and then quickly pushed the wet tip against her tiny pussy. As it slipped around on her pussy, I saw that she had shaved herself, too.

At first I was angered because she seemed to be ahead of me at every sexual step. I felt as if somehow this little girl was so much older than I. Then, with both relief and amazement, I realized that her bald pussy was totally natural.

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I reached under her belly and softly touched above her pussy and felt some fuzzy hair, but I could see the lips were hairless - bare and smooth. Still not entering her, I began alternating the dildo between my saliva filled mouth and her tiny wet pussy. Her little voice began commanding me to push it harder and finally she reached between her own legs and holding my hands pushed it into herself. It stopped with only about 2" inside her.

She was to small to take any more. I held her butt firmly up in the air for the camera, turned the vibrators switch onto low, and started clicking photos for proof.

The vibration made here pussy lips quiver and she began to wiggle, but it wasn't doing to her what it had done to me. She was moving hard to keep the thing sliding in and out of her, and to prove to me she was a woman, but her movements were mechanical and it didn't really fit.

At first I didn't care, I had my photos. But then I felt challenged to awaken something inside her. I tried letting it go deeper inside her then come almost all the way out, but she just kept up this non-committed up and down motion she'd obviously seen somewhere. I thought she was trying to prove her sexuality that wasn't really there.

Finally I was feeling in control again. I was feeling like a teacher. With one hand I held the dildo and with the other I grabbed her butt and tried to get her into a real rhythm. My hands were so slick though that the dildo came popping out onto the bed and made a sound a bit like a cork coming out of a bottle.

We both laughed, and she began moving out from underneath me. I think she was relieved that it was over. But being a little bigger and much stronger, I pushed her back on her belly. I had my pictures but I wasn't ready to quit. I snatched up our big friend and decided to try poking at her clit. But, to my disappointment, she reacted with the same sort of mechanical up and down motion. Maybe even less than before. I thought that she might even be bored.

Still not ready to give up, I put the whole vibrating shaft up against her slippery crotch, sort of like a fat, wet bicycle seat, and began rocking hard onto her clit then back, then onto her clit again trying to tease her.

This began working. As I rocked it back and forth, on and off her clit, her breathing accelerated. But I was confused because she was reacting backward.

As I rocked it away from her clit she'd tighten up and when I returned the pressure forward directly onto the clit, expecting her to take off, she just sort of relaxed. On the fifth or sixth time, I decided to try rocking the shaft back and not return it to her clit.

As I rocked it off her clit and onto the back of her pussy, she began to tighten up. Her breathing slowed and I was determined not to go back to her clit until she begged me. To tease her, I began rocking it again, but keeping the shaft back on her pussy and not going far enough forward to touch her clit. Her breathing started up again in short, sharp little breaths and she strained to spread her legs wider.

I was confused as she seemed to like it so much better when it wasn't touching her clit. This thing had already been as far inside her pussy as it could go and that did nothing.

Now she was getting off with it just flat up against her. Something wasn't right. The whole shaft was getting really messy with all of her juices, so I decided to hold both ends to be able to apply a little more pressure. Still straddled on top of her back and facing her ass, I had been holding the thing on her clit with my right hand which was under her belly and between her legs. So, with my left hand above her ass I grabbed the slimy tip.

This pulled the shaft back even further from her clit and began spreading her ass cheeks a little. She became suddenly animated and jerky and kept trying to push at the shaft with a downward then upward rotation of her hips. A thought came over me that was so rude that the blood went to my head and made me dizzy. I wasn't sure whether I was more frightened by her guttural sounds or the thought that it was her asshole, not her clit that was making her wild.

I didn't know what to do. I was grossed out and I was angry. I'd seen some of this on the net, but I wasn't prepared. I tested my idea with some more pressure and rocking and found there was no doubt. Every time I pushed the vibrating shaft tighter between her ass cheeks she'd go wild. The further and harder I rocked it back, the more intense she'd get. At this point, her ass cheeks, her pussy and her legs were completely coated with the sweetest, slickest lube, and I thought for a moment that maybe I could exert the ultimate control and push this huge thing inside her butt.

I removed my arm from under her belly, gripped both hands at the base of the thing, pointed it right at her ass, and began pushing the fat tip against the hole.

She gave a sharp "nooooo", her legs clinched together and her belly and butt dropped flat down. I tried softly but persistently to press against her clinched ass cheeks with the tip of it, but she just squirmed and tightened up more.

It was too big, but I felt in control again. I began glancing around for something smaller. Then, the grossest thought I've ever had came to me.something I saw on the DVD in gross amazement.and now I couldn't help myself. I set the dildo aside and lowered my face to her clenched-up slippery ass cheeks. I drove my mouth and nose up and down her slippery, clenched crack. With each pass I wiggled my tongue in as deep as I could sneak it. As my tongue and nose ceaselessly plied her she began to open up again.

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First she just relaxed her cheeks, but slowly she began to push her ass back up a little and even spread her legs a little bit. With utter abandon I buried my face in her wet ass and began probing my tongue against her little hole. I pushed and pushed and imagined it was going in. But there was no way, she was simply too tight for my soft tongue. I backed off to look at what was now a pool of pussy juice and saliva. With anger that she might continue to refuse me, I gripped the cheeks of her still slightly clenched ass, pulled them open and began pressing an index finger against her little asshole.

It took some pushing, but my finger began to slide into her. The smoothness of her walls and her soft, intermitted moaning left me no choice but to continue pushing. Once the tip was in, my first knuckle slipped in easily behind it, but it stopped as I penetrated her slowly up to my second knuckle.

Her tightness was so intense I could feel it squeezing the blood from my finger. As my second knuckle finally passed inside and I pushed my finger all the way in, she began sobbing like a little girl.but then slowly began grinding her hips like a woman.

I slid the finger back and forth against her motion and every time the knuckle passed in or out, she'd give a little groan of pain and pleasure. After fingering her for a while, the knuckle began sliding more easily past her tight opening and she was increasing her pace. I had to try a second finger. Even though she let out a yelp, with not much more pressure than with one finger, the second pressed snuggly through her flesh.

I realized that she was relaxing to take it in, and I became suddenly re-determined to make her take the dildo. As I pulled my fingers out of her hole she begged me not to stop.


I took my time preparing the dildo with my saliva and the slippery mess that was dripping out of her pussy and she began begging me, almost crying, to finger her more. But, when I finally pressed the big fat tip of the wet dildo against her asshole she clamped shut again. She cried that it was too big and began close her legs even more. But at the same time she was closing up, she begged me to finger her more. Instead, I wrapped my left arm under her belly, and gripped the end of the dildo with my right.

I was still straddled over her back, but I now sat back on her, pulled my legs out which had been folded under along her sides, and put both my heals over the backs of her legs and inside her knees. Using my heels, I parted her small, struggling legs again and with my left arm pulled her ass up to my mouth. My tongue slipped in a bit this time and although she struggled against what she knew was coming, she was trapped.

And she couldn't help relaxing as my soft tongue plied into her little hole. In one strong move, I pulled hard with my ankles to spread her almost into a split and lifted her butt higher with my left arm. My right fist gripped the dildo which was hovering above her. I could see her sphincter muscle twitching as the only defense she had left. I set the tip of it against her with just a light touch, but could feel her struggle with all her little might. Then I began to press.

Just a little at first, but then, with a slow rhythm, I began pressing harder and harder. Her little hole began to stretch as she squirmed and cried. I pulled back the dildo, sucked on it to make it wetter, wiped it across her pussy to get the juices from there, but before trying again I leaned my head down for another lick. This time, my tongue slipped in easily and I felt her relax and push up against my face.

Then I started a rhythm of bringing the dildo up against her and pressing, then releasing it and burying my tongue into her slightly widening hole. Each time I applied the dildo she'd tighten up and squeal for me to stop. Each time I'd bury my face and tongue her she'd relax and whimper for more.

Each time the dildo pushed ever so slightly further against her willpower to keep it out. Finally, I gave her no option. I began pressing the dildo without mercy.

She sensed that she could not resist and her tiny sphincter stretch to its max. I was in. I could hear her panting but everything else went silent. She was splayed out with this huge dildo about two inches into her ass and I realized she couldn't move. I relaxed my grip around her waist, pulled back my heals from her knees and began straddling her lightly again. I softly rubbed all over her wet ass cheeks and teased the area of skin stretched around the shaft. Without pushing in any further but keeping constant pressure on it to keep it from slipping out, I began to twist the fat cock slightly.

Finally, she let out a little squeak, ".more.". I grabbed the camera trigger and caught my final photo proof. She was lying there so perfectly still with these barely perceptible little jerky breaths that I actually dismounted her and moved carefully around behind her. As I moved around her I twisted the dildo a bit like a drill. With a little pressure on the top I imagined it sinking every so slightly deeper. Even without my holding her, she remained in the same position, but with my new vantage point and the bright lights, I could not believe how it looked and how powerful I felt.

She had her little legs wide apart and her butt was so far up that the dildo was pointing straight at the ceiling. With the bright lights from the camera equipment, I could see with such detail her glistening skin stretched around this huge cock in her tiny young ass.

The dildo was in so deep now and stretched her so wide that even her little pussy was stretched open. But although her pussy was open, it was shallow and looked almost like puckered up lips with a little tongue just inside. I couldn't resist going in for a kiss. Still holding the dildo gently, I flipped over and slid on my back up between her legs and began chewing gently on her stretched out pussy.

I found her clit and this time it gave her some fire. I began pushing and pulling the dildo, but she was too tight for it to slide in or out. Instead, it pushed her tightly wrapped skin in and then released it out as I pulled back. As I sucked on her clit and pushed in on the dildo, her clit would gently tug away from my lips. Then as I pulled back on the dildo, her entire pussy would roll back down to my waiting mouth.

With each gyration of this incredibly slow torture, I would lick more and more of her pussy juice up toward her ass, and with each new lubrication, I imagined the dildo was sneaking further, but ever so slightly, into this little girls ass. Soon though, I realized that it was still only in about two or three inches and I felt disappointment that it would probably not go much further. But just as I was considering giving up as I had had to on her pussy, she began to press up her butt and whimper for more.

Being afraid of hurting her I said, "No, I'll hold it make it go in". She remained perfectly still for the longest time, then she started by sucking in her breath and pushing up from the bed a bit with her hands. Her head bent back slightly and her chest came up just far enough for her tiny nipples to lightly tug at the sheets. Then she lowered her head and started a slow wave in her body.

As her head went down her shoulders rose slightly but then they followed her head down as her belly rose up, finally as her belly began to go down her ass rose slightly. The wave seemed to end as her belly pushed down into the mattress.

But as the wave dispersed from her falling hips, her head and chest began to rise up with new energy. Although the dildo might have slid out of her, I sensed what was coming and held it firmly as she fell away from it.

The second wave came faster and started just as the fat head of the dildo slipped out of her ass. In a matter of a short moment her head rose way up with her small tits jutting out and then began to dive, her neck and shoulders followed the dive and flowed down in a serpentine motion, the belly rose, and as the small of her back began arching, pushing her belly down, the hips forcefully rose up.against the slick fat waiting cock.

As her ass rose up against the dildo, it pushed back into her tightness. She didn't stop. Her ass rose right up and in another serpentine motion forced another inch inside. Each time just as she pushed in a bit more, she'd raise her head and chest even higher for the next wave. I held the slick pole as best I could while her lithe body snaked up and down, taking then expelling this thick cock faster and faster, deeper and deeper into her ass.

At the end of each wave her ass would fall off tip of the fat cock and quickly tighten up, but with each successive wave she took the shaft another inch deeper. Finally, with one very slow and exaggerated undulation, she pushed until she felt my fist against the tight cheeks of her firm little ass.

Releasing the dildo I just sat there watching as her body slowed to a mazy motion. Her little hand slipped between her legs and she fiddled with her own clit and moaned. From the inside of her, and ever so slowly, she began pushing out. I could see her breath in.push.breath in.push.breath in.push. When it finally slipped out she rolled over and reached up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist, and as I held her almost like a baby, with tears streaming down her face she began kissing me deeply.