Two bad guys bang a girl in a double penetration

Two bad guys bang a girl in a double penetration
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Back in my school days I was always the outcast and generally got on better with the girls than the lads, though I was always boisterous, playing footy with the boys and basically the traditional teenager.

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Now I'll admit I wasn't the best looking guy at 12 stone 12 i was a bit on the chubby side, but people could tell i worked hard to try to get muscular. I stood at 5 "10 and had short brown hair.

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Now Sam was similar always up for a laugh, kind of tomboyish, but still pretty with long brunnette hair and a cracking body. She had great legs and the best arse of anyone in my year and she suited her petite body perfectly. However most of the boys knew this girl was flirtatious and so everyone took it and gave it her back. To begin with I never sensed anything between us and she had the gots for 2 other guys, not being able to choose i gave her advice ad she eventually chose 1.

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Now one day I stumbled upon Sam in town and she was just sat on a bench looking down, I approached her and asked "What's wrong Sam? You seem upset" "That's cos I am" She bit angrily "Jack and I are through and so are my chances with Dan" "Well why?

What's happened?" I asked "Because I wouldn't put out for him he dumped me" and she began sobbing heavily.

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"SSSShhhhhh" I whispered and placed my hand gently on her back and rubbed softly. "Oh Pip" she started and turned to look at me "You've always been here for me, Why?" "I don't know "I answered" But I suppose us being great mates has got something to do with it" "Well yeah" she said "But is there anything more in your heart, deeper feelings" "I I I I I don't know" I stammered "I've always found you really attractive and I reckon you'd be a great girlfriend but we're friends, just friends." "Walk me home Pip?


Please?" and till this day I know that when i heard her utter those words, I just knew that today was going to be all about me and her. Now admittedly, in recent weeks I'd just had a few one night stands with no strings waiting for something but had fantasised vigorously about what Sam would be like in the sack.

I also happened to know that Sam's favourite place was her neck and i would jokingly touch it to watch her reaction, often i did it to her when she was stood opposite me. I loved the idea of her leg rising outside my pelvis opening up her hips and groin to me in a most sultry manner especially as she was in her uniform and often wore a skirt.

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On the walk to her house I put my arm around her shoulder and I felt her respond by bringing her head close in to my torso and I felt the urge in my trousers to put Sam on the floor, whip her clothes off and screw her brains out right there but trying my hardest not to show the feeling I had I sighed loudly and said "Now I'm wondering if I should follow through." "Follow through on what?" She asked, "On my feelings for someone," I explained "In particularly you, I don't know why but recently I've just taken a shining to you and have had several urges to strip you naked where you stand.

"I dare you to," she responded with. I coughed and spluttered "Excuse me," "I said I dare you to," She continued "Unless of course your chicken." With that I grabbed her arm and pulled her into an alley and ripped her trousers down leaving her standing their in a pair of SpongeBob girly boxers and her shirt and tie which I yanked off so ferociously I seemed like a tiger ripping apart a zebra.

I then proceeded to stroke her hair and pulled gently so she leant it back at which point i took full advantage of her exposed neck and began to lick it and nibble on it gently to which she gasped and I felt her leg brush inside mine and she pulled me closer forcing my pelvis into hers. She could feel my rock hard shaft through the trousers and lifted my top off before kissing my chest and moving slowly down my torso watching my erect cock grow harder and longer the closer she got.

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She pulled down my trousers gradually pausing as she exposed my boxers with my rock hard length bursting through my boxers. As I pulled up her head to meet my lips with hers I drew back and inquired "Are you sure you wanna do this, I mean it's not a mistake you'll hate me for?" "No of course not, I want my first time to be with someone I know who will be a partner for a long time afterwards and someone who knows what to do and to take control.

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Someone I can trust to be gentle, caring and will do everything I need/ want and not care about how I do." She answered. "So what you're saying is you've never even touched a boy's cock before?" I asked "No, I've tossed a boyfriend off before but nothing else." She replied sheepishly to which i replied "Ok I'll be gentle and just trust me I'll guide you through it all, I can also teach you how to give a blowjob if you want" I suggested.

"Sounds great," she said as our lips met again and we kissed more and more passionately exchanging tongues, and I began unbuttoning her shirt as I returned to her neck kissing, sucking, licking and nibbling on it. "OOOH," she gasped "Ummm," That feels great and I pulled her shirth away from her arms and dropped it to the floor as i allowed a hand to drop from her face down to her breasts massaging her bra and fondling those small 22 Bs in my hands as I slipped my hand underneath the red material and felt her warm skin of her nipples touch my hand as i pinched her right one.

"Oww I thought you were going to be gentle?" she started, "Ooops sorry I forgot your not use to it," I replied as I finished undoing the back and watched it drop. As i explored her breasts with my right hand I allowed her left to massage ,y crotch and i felt her try to cup my 7 incher and play with it, I put her hand inside my boxers with my left and put it own inside her s and felt her moist knickers and soaked pussy lips as I tried to focus on massaging them whilst she beat out a slow paced rhythm with my drum.

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I slipped a few fingers inside as she groaned loudly through pleasure and I pulled her knickers down as she pulled down my boxers and pulled me closer to her and i stroked the tip against her lips and she stopped and demanded "Hang on, teach me first" as she dropped to her knees and began to open her mouth.

"Ok pull it in there thats good now close your lips, Ow less teeth, thats it ok now slowly begin bobbing your head back anfd forth. Very good" I moaned "Now take a little more in that's good" I exclaimed as she engulfed my entire shaft into her throat.

"Pick the pace up a bit" I instructed as she began to do just that and I could barely control myself as I exploded and left a jet of cum in her mouth as she gulped and I said, "You could just spit it out you know" "Oh rite," and she explained "I thought guys liked watching a girl swallow" "It depends on the guy," I said End of Part 1.