College girls sucking daddys small dick

College girls sucking daddys small dick
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My name is Dan, I'm 32 and I've been married to my wife Gail for 12 years. She is an amazing woman in every way. She is cute and sexy, with the most stunning body you could wish for. Our sex life has always been fantastic and I could not imagine wanting anyone else. That is until something truly shocking happened.

We met while I was 15 and still at school and as a result she knows all of my oldest friends, John James, Martin, Sue and Kate. We would all socialise together and Gail was welcomed as part of my group and together we enjoyed many wild nights out. Over the years we watched as various friends dated and started more serious relationships. Our careers developed and took us to various parts of the country, but we always kept in touch and met up regularly. Gail and I were the first to marry, but despite trying hard, we discovered that we were unable to have children.

This was hard for us both as we were from large families and hoped to enjoy the same. My old school friends also soon followed suit and married over the following few years. They were luckier than us as they all started to have children around the same time. Inevitably and as a show of support from them, I was asked to be Godfather to Alice, the first of my friend's kids.

Sue and Martin had ended up together (we thought they were just too lazy to find anyone else) and after Alice was born they has 2 other boys, Josh and Zack. By this time the group had grown considerably with the addition of 8 kids in total.

Our get togethers took a great deal more planning and although we all saw each other regularly we ended up agreeing to have a group holiday together once a year. The tradition continued and became grander in scale as we could afford better places to visit. The kids all grew up fast and they were great to be around. It was always fun to play games and laugh with them and I felt genuine warmth for them all.

Despite this, Alice was always my favourite and she always played on the fact that I was her Godfather and used this to get me to spoil her. She was a sweet and shy kid who loved the attention. It had been a long and busy year for me and Gail.

We had both changed jobs, as well as move house and had not had much time to see any of our family or friends. The time had come for our group holiday and we had only really communicated via e-mail and text to make arrangements. We had hired a huge villa in Tuscany for 2 weeks as the group now consisted of 18 of us. Gail and I could not wait to take a break and see our friends and we flew out of on a wet and miserable day, landing 3 hours later in the beautiful Italian sunshine.

We picked up our hire car and drove into to stunning Tuscan mountains. The Villa looked like something a rock star or a drug dealer would own. It had 12 bedrooms a huge swimming pool set amongst 20 acres of lemon and olive groves. We arrived to see that everyone was there apart from Sue, Martin and the kids. We all chatted and caught up as various bottle of wine and beer were opened and the kids explored the villa. A few hours later we heard a car pull up and we all ran outside to greet our final guests.

Sue and Martin had only just come to a stop when the kids burst out of the car and ran to meet us. Alice was the last out of the car. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw her.

It had been a year since I had seen her, but I could not believe my eyes. She had always been a pretty girl, a bit gangly and awkward, but she had a sweet face and a skinny body. She had turned 14 only a few weeks before, but the girl getting out of the car was slim and lithe and had clearly developed the curves of a much more mature woman. She was dressed in a pair of denim shorts which showed off long athletic legs and a tight halter top that revealed an impressive budding pair of breasts.

As soon as she saw me her face lit up with a radiant smile. Her skin was smooth and flawless and her face glowed with a beauty that only youth can give. Her stunning blue eyes glittered as she ran towards me and she threw herself into my arms. She felt so small and delicate but her body was firm and toned.

She looked up into my eyes and said "I've missed you Uncle Dan, I've missed my Godfather" "I've missed you too Alice, It's been too long. I know it what all grown ups say, but you've grown. " "I know" she replied "Its what we kids do" "funny" I said "not too grown up for a hug though" "Never" she said as she looked into my eyes. "Never from you" There was a new confidence in her in the way she spoke.

There merest hint of a flirt. After a final squeeze she let go and started to say hello to everyone else. As we all said our hello's I could not help but keep glancing her way as she laughed and hugged the other kids and parents.

I could not help but notice her perfectly pert bum as she bent down to meet the younger kids. I had to force myself to look away. Initially, everyone went their ways to sort out rooms and luggage, until as the first night went on we all gathered on the main balcony that overlooked the grounds and the valley below. The view was breathtaking and only got better as the sun set. There were just enough sofas and chair for everyone to sit together, but even as the younger kids were being put to bed, Alice comes over and sits straight on my lap as she had always done.

Only this time it felt like a young woman rather than a child. "Have you really missed me Uncle Dan, or are you just being nice?" "You know you're my favourite girl in the world. It's just been really busy with my new job." I replied.

"Did you like the present I sent for your birthday?" I had picked out a beautiful silver bracelet with a little heart shape motif around the top. "I love it" she replied, extending her slender for us both to the bracelet on her wrist. There it was again. The subtle flirtatious comment and the softer tone in her voice. Unsure of how to respond, "It looks lovely on you". I said. Alice then sits up slightly so she can look into my face. Those gorgeous eyes just shining in the last of the sunlight as she said quietly, "It's the only thing I never take it off".

I froze as a hint of a smile crossed her heart shaped lips. She never broke eye contact as she slipped off my lap and walked slowly into the house. I sat still as my mind tried to unravel those words, looking for any meaning other than the one I was visualising.

Gail broke my trance as she sat next to me. "Are you okay, you look worried?" She said. She leaned in and whispers in my ear "I'll take away all you worries later my lover". I look into her eyes and say "I can't wait for later. I want you now" "What's got into you. Beer got you horny?" "No" I say. "I just want to fuck you" "But its early and everyone's here" she replies a little surprised "we can't just sneak off, we're not school kids anymore".

I stand up and take her hand. I firmly pull her from her seat and whisper, "well that's exactly what I feel like". I lead her off the balcony with a few strange looks from John and Kate who were seated next to us. As I lead Gail by the hand up the main stairs and her giggling quietly behind me, I see Alice out of the corner of my eye. She is standing in the doorway of the kitchen with one hand on her hip and the other holding an ice cream to her lips.

She holds my look as she slowly licks the pale icecream with her tongue. I also notice that the cool air inside the villa has made her nipples hard.

They are poking out of the thin material of her halter top and confirming that she has nothing on underneath. How can breasts be so pert without a bra? By the time we reach our room I have a raging hard on. Gail turns to me as I quickly shove the door closed. "Whats got into you" she says with a smile of anticipation. "I'm more interested in getting something into you" I say as I pull open her blouse, buttons flying everywhere.

Our lips meet and we kiss and bite each tongues. It's like the first time we kissed. The passion and anticipation is so heightened that you can taste it. We literally tear each other's clothes off until we are both standing naked. My cock is so hard it aches. Gail backs away slightly and slowly drops to her knees, kissing my chest and stomach as she goes. I have always been proud of my body and I have kept in great shape over the years with running and weights.

In particular I have always been quietly proud of my cock which is a good 9 inches long and nice and thick. Gail is also still in great shape.

An athletic body with shapely hips and legs as well as a fantastic bum from all her aerobics classes and years of swimming. She also has a full pair of round breasts that still sit high and firm on her slim chest. I look down to see Gail slowly put her lips around the engorged head of my cock. The sensation is amazing as her now wet tongue swirls around the tip. Her soft hand pulls back the foreskin to reveal more sensitive skin. My eyes close in ecstasy and an image of Alice pops into my head.

Her tongue slowly licking the creamy white icecream while looking me square in the eye. Where her nipples erect because of the cool air or arousal from teasing a grown man? Her Godfather. Gail continues to slowly work my cock with her mouth, but I want more and I want it now.

I grab her hair and pull her roughly to her feet. "My God" she says "you are so hard, you feel huge" as she wipes the pre come from her lips. "Bend over" I say Gail smiles knowingly, turns and kneels on the bed. Her perfect heart shape arse and narrow hips draw me closer until the tip of my cock touches the smooth shaven lips of her pussy.

The soft wetness envelops the tip of my cock and she moans. I push forward to be greeted by a satisfying tightness. Gail pushes forcefully back and my cock slides all the way home. My balls make contact with Gails clitoris and she moans more deeply. In the early days of our sex life I would always have to take it easy while Gail got used to the size of my cock, but she soon learned to love it and sex became much more physical. Now however, all I wanted was to pound away at her pussy to relieve the ache in my loins and maybe my mind.

I began to use my full force to shove my cock as deeply as it would go, only to pull out as quickly and bang it home again. A string of expletives and grunts belied the fact that Gail was pushing back just as hard. Despite the cool air conditioning the sweat was pouring down my spine as I savagely fucked my wife.

My hips slapped into her firm arse over and over again. My hand found the narrowest part of her waist and gave me more leverage to pound her harder. I wanted to fuck her 'till she passed out and I would have carried on where it not for the image of Alice that returned to my mind. It caused an immediate tingle in my balls which grew into the familiar beginnings of an orgasm.

The sensation spread through my groin and up the shaft of my rock hard cock. I rammed my cock into Gails pussy harder than I could have thought possible and then withdrew my cock just as I felt my orgasm hit. I used my hand to pull back on the tip of my cock as the first wave hit me. A thick stream of come burst out and landed high up on Gail's back followed by a second third and fourth equally as powerful. The last one even went over Gails shoulder and landed on the bedsheets and in her hair.

My knees nearly gave way with the release and I could not remember the last time I had come so hard. Finally, spent, I sit on the edge of the bed, not realising how hard I was breathing. Gail rolled over to face me with a glazed expression which I assume matched my own. "Where the fuck did that come form" she said gasping just as hard for breath. "I thought I was going to pass out I came so hard". "What can I say" I struggled out between breaths "you inspire me" "Yeah right" replied Gail as she seemed to be returning to her senses "I recognise horny when I see it." Smiling she added "not that I'm complaining" I smiled back "You know me too well, but It's true, you still turn me on after all these years" "Hold on" she replied, punching me in the arm "I'm not that old.

I still think I'm the same sexy schoolgirl I was when we first met." "You are" I replied quickly, somehow feeling guilty over the reference. "It's just you got sexier" "Smooth talker" she laughed "Although I reckon I might still have my old uniform somewhere.

Do you fancy pretending to be a teenager again?" I laughed off her suggestion and slapped her come covered arse. "I reckon schoolgirls are too grown up these days, too sophisticated and confident. I preferred mine a bit dim and very easy" The release of my orgasm had dimmed the arousal I had felt when I had seen Alice. I wrote it down to stress and an impending mid life crisis.


I was lucky to have a woman like Gail and I was determined to show her how I still felt about her. Plus she was a fucking demon in bed. We got dressed, although Gail had to put on a new top seeing as I had ruined her blouse.

As I sat on the bed putting my shoes on, Gail opened the door saying "we'd better get back or they'll guess what we've been doing" "Let them" I said "they'll only be jealous" Just as I finished saying it Gail had opened the door and was heading out into the corridor I suddenly heard her say "Hello Alice, what are you doing here" in a slightly embarrassed tone.

"Sorry aunty Gail, I don't know where my room is. This place it too big" As Gail guided Alice away saying "let's find your mum and see where your room is" they passed by the open door. Alice glanced my way and gave me a knowing smile. How long had she been there? What had she heard? We rejoined everyone else on the balcony where everyone had lit candles and opened more wine.

There were a few unsubtle comments from James. "Where have you two been as if we didn't know" "Is that a new blouse Gail? What happened to the last one? Did you spill something on it?" James wife Sarah butted in saying "leave them alone James, I only wish I needed to bring more clothes with me" "Ouch" said Kate "no need for stain remover in your luggage then Sarah" as she mimed a blowjob action with her hand and mouth.

"Hang on guys, there are children present" I said as I spotted Alice getting up from up on one of the chairs. She announced that she was off to bed with an exasperated roll of her eyes headed towards the door.

As she passed me she quietly said "Don't worry about me Uncle Dan, I'm not a sophisticated schoolgirl, so I wouldn't understand". My brain nearly exploded. Jesus Christ, how much had she heard? I grabbed the nearest wineglass and took a big gulp.

"Slow down big fella" said Martin "You'd better pace yourself" "Not like he has to worry about getting it up later" replied James "That's normally your excuse isn't it" said Sarah pointedly Martin and I exchanged awkward looks and raised eyebrows. "So, what have you been up to" I said to Martin while putting my arm around his shoulder and leading him away from the awkward atmosphere.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following morning I awoke with a pretty decent hangover.

The night had been great fun. Catching up with friends and laughing about the things we got up to as kids. Even James and Sarah stopped bickering with each other, although as she predicted, Sarah did have to put James to bed when he got too drunk. He always was a light weight. Gail was in the shower when I eventually climbed out of bed. The bathroom was huge and had a massive shower room, as well as a full size bath and even a reclining sofa at one end.

It was bigger than our front room at home. I could see her through the glass door as I brushed my teeth and checked my bloodshot eyes. Gail emerged just as I finished shaving and she looked amazing. She still had a slight tan from the few weeks of warm weather we had at home and water dripped from her taught body. My god she was gorgeous. "Morning lover" she purred as she leaned into me from behind.

Even in my slightly delicate state, I could not help beginning to feel aroused. "What time did you come to bed" she said in a slight amused way. "No idea" I replied honestly "me and Martin were talking crap until pretty late, I think. Hope I didn't wake you" "No, I was too tired from all the travelling, let alone that fuck we had last night. I can hardly walk this morning" She smile at me sexily in the mirror and added "that's not to say I wouldn't mind some more" "You're insatiable" I said as she worked her hand into my boxer shorts.

I turned and kissed her wet face and lips, my hands exploring her moist skin. Her hands had teased me to a full erection and I surprised myself with how horny I suddenly felt. I picked Gail up easily and sat her on the counter top. It was then my turn to sink to my knees. With her feet on my shoulders, Gail's pussy was open to my gaze. Gail was always fully shaven and her skin was soft and warm from her shower.

A fresh smell of lemon hung on the air from her shower lotion and I felt hungry for her. My tongue explored every fold of her pussy and I teased and toyed her swollen clit as she moaned and groaned above me. We know each other so well that I know what gets her going and it wasn't long before she was bucking and shaking with a strong orgasm. In a husky voice she swears and curses followed by my favourite words "for god's sake fuck me". I stood to my feet and found than my cock was at just the right height to enter her.

I eased myself slowly into her willing pussy and ground my cock as far as it would go. We both moaned and I quickly found a gentle rhythm that gradually built those familiar sensations of pleasure.

Her hand found its way to my balls and she weighed and played them with her fingers. I squeezed and pinched her stiff nipples and drew moans of delight from her. I could sense her climax beginning to build and I let what little control I had fall. We shuddered and groaned as we both came together and I unloaded deeply into her clenched cunt. I remained inside her as we both came down from our climax, my cock slowly softening.

I withdrew slowly, the sensations still heightened around the head of my cock. Come dripped out of open pussy as I stood back to admire my handywork. "Thanks for the fuck" she said in her sexiest voice.

"Anytime" I replied and meant it. __________________________________________________ Everyone was up by the time we arrived in the kitchen for breakfast hand in hand and still glowing. Kate met Gails eyes with a knowing look and shook her head. "Can you two look a bit less smug please" she said to Gail quietly away from the kids "some of us haven't had sex since before the millennium".

The kids were all around the table having various types of unhealthy and distinctly un-italian breakfast. I circled around the table kissing the heads of each of the kids and wishing them a good morning. Alice was at the end of the table and she looked as radiant as she had the night before. With still a hint of sleep in her eyes she actually managed cute as well.

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"Morning Alice" I said as I bent down to kiss her head. She turned slightly to offer her check rather than be kissed on the head like the younger children. My lips touched the softest skin I have ever felt and she smelled of fresh flowers and youth. "You smell nice" said Alice as she gently inhaled close to my neck, "you smell like lemons" she said quietly. I told her she smelled lovely to and turned a little red faced in search of food. I half wanted to say that I smelled nice because I'd just eaten out my wifes pussy.

We all chatted about what plans to make and finally decided that if we all agreed to a group trip to a local village that the kids could all play in the pool for the rest of the day when we returned. The day was fantastic and the Italian countryside lived up to all expectations.

We all managed to get to the right village in our convoy of cars and spent a great morning exploring the back streets and buildings. I had lost track of Martin, Sue and the kids before we left and it was only in the main Church that I caught up with them. It was then that I saw Alice. She had changed from her baggy, functional pyjamas into a light pure white summer dress. It was slim fitting but loose above the knee showing off the most amazing legs I have ever seen.

Her slim shoulders and delicate arms were equally as beautiful and she walked with an elegance beyond her years. She walked confidently towards me with the light shining off her golden auburn hair. Her breasts looked fuller than the day before and I still wondered if she wore anything underneath. She seemed to walk in slow motion as she kept eye contact with me as I took in this vision of absolute beauty. "I told you I never take it off" as she extended her wrist in my direction, showing off her birthday bracelet.

"you look beautiful Alice" I said as if I just could not say it. "You look pretty cute to Uncle Dan" she said looking me up and down "For an old guy" I added. "For any guy" she corrected. Before I could respond she took may arm and linked me like any normal couple would and added "come on, I want to show you off" and she gently pulled me through the entrance and into the main church which was full of tourists. We chatted about all sorts of things from the stunning renaissance art to the odd looking German couple with matching mullet haircuts.

Alice was funny, charming and had a surprising knowledge of Italian art; apparently she had been studying art history in school. An hour must have passed by the time we bumped into the rest of our group and I became aware that Alice had not let go of my arm once. Gail came over saying playfully, "don't you look like a lovely couple" to which we both laughed nervously. "me and Kate are going to check out the shops if you fancy coming Alice?" "No thanks Aunty Gail, I fancy a swim back at the Villa if that's okay" "No problem, Dan can run you back and I'll get a lift back with Kate" Gail said, looking at me for approval.

"sure" I replied as casually as I could, I'll see you later. I leaned in and kissed my wife gently on the cheek, while feeling Alice softly squeeze my arm. We walked out into a dark and vey overcast day. The clouds had gathered while we had been inside. The members of our group headed off in various directions while shouting "see you later". Me and Alice hurried off in the direction of the car as the first drops of rain fell.

The heavens opened as we broke into a run, laughing as the rain fell in torrents. So much for summer in Tuscany I thought as we quickly wound our way through the narrow streets towards where I had parked.

If anything the rain got heavier as we reached the car and the two of us opened the doors as fast as we could to escape the downpour. Still laughing like idiots, we slammed the door to lock out the deluge of water.

I turned to Alice to share a joke only to realise that her light summer dress was completely soaked and was now almost totally transparent. I could see every subtle contour of her slight womanly frame. Her flat stomach was defined by the wet dress and you could see the faint outline of her ribs.

What was clearly visible were the most perfectly formed breasts I had ever seen. They were bigger than I thought for a girl of her age and stature and they stood out proud and firm. The wet dress accentuated the full curve of each breast and the smooth but deep cleavage between.

Her nipples were small but very erect and showed a deep pink beneath the thin material. I looked up into Alice's face only to realise she had been watching me stare. She glanced down to see how clearly her body had been revealed only to look up and continue to return my gaze.

I was stuck for words. "Do you think I'm pretty Uncle Dan" she spoke quietly "I think I'm too skinny" Before I could think of how an appropriate adult should respond I replied "no Alice, you're perfect" A smile lit up her beautiful face.

Even with her long auburn hair plastered to her skin I had never seen such a stunning vision. "I think you're pretty perfect too" she whispered so I could only just hear her above the noise of the rain.

"I think I'd better get us home, don't you" I said reluctantly tearing my eyes away from her near naked body. I started the car and drove blindly towards the direction of the villa. Alice leaned forward to turn on the cars heating on full blast.

I could not help but look at the curve of her spine and the way her breasts swelled and move beneath the transparent material. By the time we reached the Villa and following a silent journey filled only by glances and self conscious smiles our clothes had virtually dried. I parked under a large olive tree as the sun broke out from an increasingly blue sky. "Thank you Uncle Dan" Alice spoke gently. "I had a lovely time" "I enjoyed it too" I responded genuinely "I hope we can do more next time" she said, briefly fixing my gaze.

She turned and climbed out of the car. I watched as she smoothed her now creased dress and headed towards the front door. She glanced back knowing full well I was watching her every move.

Once inside she headed off to her room to change while I sat somewhat stunned by what had happened. What the hell was wrong with me? How the hell could I find a 14 year old girl attractive, let alone my own Goddaughter? I knew, deep down, that I found Alice more than just attractive, she excited me.

All my adult logic failed me. She excited me in the pit of my stomach. I went up to my room and showered. I beat my cock senseless as I recalled every detail and curve of Alice's teenage body beneath her wet dress. I came hard and fast, but despite the release the deep ache remained. The others had returned from the village following their aborted shopping trip and the chaos and noise were a great distraction.

The kids all changed and headed out to the pool while the adults made food and opened a few bottles of chilled wine. The sky was azure blue once again and the heat of the day had returned and we all sat on the patio beside the pool. Alice did not come down until much later and I was surprised at how shy and self-conscious around the adults.

She collected some food and sat away from us on one of the sun loungers dressed in a long t shirt and shorts. She seemed lost in her own thoughts.

Martin joined me and asked if he could have a quick word. Oh shit, he must know something about what happened this morning. "It's about Alice" he started. I half expected him to punch me in the face. "I'm worried about her" he continued. "the last year, she's grown up very fast. Too fast.

She's fallen in with a different group of friend at school who are older than her and she's takes less and less notice of me and Sue. We've found cigarettes and condoms in her room, both of which she denies are hers. She just seems determined to defy us and grow up too quick." "She's a teenager Martin, what do you expect. We all gave our parents shit growing up and as I recall you were no angel" I replied with genuine honesty and maybe an element of relief. "If you try and control her, you may just drive her away further." "I know Dan, but I just worry she'll do something stupid.

It's different these days and I know it's different for girls. Sue and I were wondering if you could speak to her.

She adores you and I know she would do anything to please you." The last comment made me shift uncomfortably in my seat along with a discernable twinge in my groin. What the hell is wrong with you I thought? This is your best friends' daughter! "Could you spend some time with her and find out what's going on." Martin continued "She just won't talk to me anymore and her and Sue just end up arguing all the time. Please Dan, I'm really worried about her." "I'm hardly an expert with kids Martin." I replied.

"I'm not sure if I can help." "I know you don't have kids mate. But you've always had a special relationship with Alice.

She really looks up to you. She once said she wished she could be Gail so she could be with you all the time. She's a good kid; she just needs a guiding hand" The images conjured in my mind were obscene.

I had to shake my head to clear them before replying. "I'll see what I can do." The afternoon faded into early evening and there was another stunning sunset. Alice appeared to have cheered up by the time the younger kids had been put to bed and the grownups were tidying up the usual mess.

She approached me and asked if she could sit next to me on the sofa. "Sure" I said and reached out an arm for her to curl in to. Without a word she lay down next to me and snuggled into my chest with an audible sigh. Her body felt warm and I ran my fingers through her fresh smelling hair as her breathing slowed.

By the time the others came back out onto the balcony, she was asleep. Martin gave me a knowing and grateful look as he saw his daughter asleep in my arms. If only he knew the turmoil I felt inside. Gail came and sat next to me, obviously moved by the site of my sleeping Godaughter.

"Why don't you put her to bed? Poor girl looks exhausted." "She's a bit too old for that" I replied. "Sue told me the problems they are having with her.

You two have always been close. If you asked me I think she'd love you to take her to bed" Gail said innocently. I flinched at her comment and was desperate to appear normal.

"I suppose you're right, why not" With that, I managed to get one arm fully around the sleeping Alice and my other arm under the crook of her knees. She was as light as a feather and I lifted her with little effort.

She woke slightly with the movement, purred softly and put both her arms around my neck. Sue smiled at the picture of her daughter in the protective arms of her Godfather as I walked passed her and into the house. I took her up the stairs and down a long corridor to her room. She was so light that I could hold her in one arm and still open her door. The room was dimly lit for the outside lights and I walked over to her bed and placed her gently on the sheets. With her arms still around my neck, I reach across her to pull over the bedcover.

As I looked back, her eyes were open and looking straight at me. "I love you Uncle Dan" she whispered sleepily. "I love you to Alice" I smiled. Alice used her arms to pull herself closer and she pushed her lips against mine. Sparks flew through my brain as her soft mouth opened and her tongue gently found its way into mine. Our tongues met and she pushed more forcefully against my lips. I found myself retuning the kiss with equal force and I gently bit her tongue and probed her mouth.

Our faces rolled against one another and our hands ran through each other's hair. I didn't remember 14 year old girls being able to kiss like this. After what felt like an eternity, but could only have been 30 seconds, we pulled apart and looked into each other's eyes. "I'd do anything for you" she said "Me too", not sure if we meant the same thing. "Good night Alice. Sweet dreams." She gave me a satisfied and knowing smile.

"Oh I will" I turned and left, glancing briefly at her lying curled up on the bed. I returned downstairs and poured myself a drink. ________________________________________________________ The following morning I got up early and went for a run. I ran for about 6 miles and the effort and exertion helped clear my confused mind. This was ridiculous. I am a grown man with a beautiful, sexy wife. I have all the trappings that go with hard work and great friends and family. Why would I risk it all for an infatuation with a 14 year old school girl?

This was crazy. As soon as I got the chance I was going to talk to Alice and let her know how much of a mistake this was for us both. By the time I got back to the Villa I was starting to get warmer and I was sweating hard.

I went straight to my room and jumped into the shower. Things were beginning to get clearer and I was determined to overt this potential disaster. I towelled myself dry inside the huge shower room and stepped out into the main bathroom with the towel around my waist. I froze as I saw Alice sitting on the large recliner at the end of the room.

She slowly stood, but stayed where she was, some 10 feet from me. I was rooted to where I stood; trying to find the words I had been practising during my run. Before I could speak, her hands slowly went to the knot in the towelling robe she was wearing. With the knot released, she slowly shrugged the robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Now completely naked, she looked even more perfect that my glimpses of her could have possibly predicted.

Even though she was only 5ft 3inches tall, she looked slender and elegant. Her skin glowed with the kiss of the sun and it was stretched taught over a flawless figure. Her tiny waist accentuated the soft flare of her hips that led to long athletic legs. Her shoulders were narrow and well defined which made the roundness of her perfect breasts seem large for her tiny frame.

Between her legs only a few tiny wisps of hair prevented me from seeing the tiny slit of her adolescent pussy. I could only stare, burning that picture into my mind for all eternity.

I don't know what came over me, but I dropped my towel to join her nakedness. Her eyes dropped to my crotch where my cock was rapidly beginning to harden. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open slightly as it reached its full size and angled slowly towards her.

I hear her barely whisper "Oh my god" as I too glanced down at my now fully erect cock. She never took her eyes off my rock hard manhood as she slowly walked towards me.

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I thought I would burst out of my skin when as she closed toward me, her hand extended in readiness to touch my obscenely swollen dick. Just as her hand was millimetres from my raging hard cock, I heard the door to the bedroom open and Gail shouting. "Are you out of the shower yet?" she said in a raised voice. I was amazed at how quickly my brain reacted, despite the severe lack of blood available. I turned and opened the door to the shower room and pointed silently for Alice to get inside.

She passed me in a flash of smooth brown skin and disappeared around the corner. I grabbed my towel and made out that I was just coming out of the shower just as Gail walked in. "There you are, I thought you'd run to the Swiss boarder?" she said with a smirk. "Just trying to run off all this food and drink" I replied coyly "I want to stay pretty for you my love" Before she could respond she raised her eyebrows in mock surprise and pointed at the obvious lump under my towel.

"Are you just pleased to see me or were you planning some alone time" she teased. "You got me" I said defensively, raising my hands in mock surrender. My towel was too loose to stay up and it fell to the floor revealing my enormous hard on. "Wow" she said "what's gotten into you, it must be the Italian air!" A look of mischief crossed her face as she walked towards me.

"Seems a shame to waste it on your own. I could put that to good use!" Her hand closed around my eager cock and she led me to the reclining sofa against the wall. Alice's robe still lay pilled where it had fallen only a few minutes before. I kicked it away across the bathroom floor. Gail was oblivious as she turned me and sat me on the sofa. I now faced the whole of the bathroom. My eyes fell to the open door of the shower room looking for any indication of movement. As Gail knelt before me and slipped the swollen head of my cock into her mouth.

I let out a loud moan and instinctively closed my eyes. Feelings of intense pleasure ran through me. When I opened them again I was met with the site of Alice looking at me from around the wall of the shower room. I moaned uncontrollably again as Gail sucked me deeper into her mouth, but this time I kept direct eye contact with Alice.

A wicked smile crossed her lips as she moved into the open doorway and stood in all her naked glory. There I was with my cock in my beautiful wife's mouth and a stunning naked teenage girl standing only a few feet away. Gail really started to work on my cock, pushing her head down as far as she could before pulling back and licking and biting the crown. She had never managed to fully swallow my whole cock, but she said she loved trying. The noises she was making were matched by my own as the pleasure intensified.

I watched as Alice then put her fingers to her mouth and wet them. She then spread her legs slightly and began to explore her own pussy with her finger tips. She let out a moan as she pushed two fingers deeply into her cunt and I swear I could hear how wet she was. Our eyes never left each others as I used my hands to move Gail's head up and down my cock to the same rhythm. Gail was making vague gagging noises, but it just drove me on. Alice's eyes were half closed with the pleasure she was giving herself and I felt the slow boil of an approaching orgasm in my balls.

As Alice showed signs of a slow and uncontrollable shake, my orgasm built to its peak. I watched as Alice nearly buckled at the knees while letting out an alarmingly loud moan. With our eyes still connected, I pushed hard on the back of my wife's head with the result that her lips were firmly embedded against my pubic bone.

I felt my cock expand cruelly in Gail's throat and begin to twitch as my cum flooded out. Despite her struggles, I held her firm as I continued to spew my load. After what seemed an age, I released my grip and Gail fell back while taking an enormous gasp of air. Her face was bright red and covered in saliva and cum. She wheezed and fought for breath as I noticed Alice duck back behind the shower door with a grin on her face.

"Wh…at…&hellip.the……&hellip.Fu…ck……………" She gasped. I sat staring at her with no emotion, watching her wretch and cough. She spat enormous globs of come from her mouth as she tried to breathe normally. She looked up at me, with the colour returning to her face. "You nearly choked me you bastard. I nearly passed out" she spat the words out with come still all over her face. "I'm so sorry" I said, faking real concern "I thought you were enjoying it" "I was until you tried to fucking kill me with that thing" she said accusingly.

"You forget how fucking big you are" "I guess I got carried away" I said, managing real regret in my voice "I don't know what got into me" By now she was on her feet at the sink drinking water as well as splashing it on her face. I got up and stood behind her, my cock still dripping with her efforts. I put my hands around her waist and said "I'll have a wank next time" She turned and smiled grimly. "You're a dirty bastard sometimes" she paused and smiled more sincerely, "but I suppose that's why I love fucking you".

She slapped my arse playfully and said. "Now get dressed, it's our turn to make breakfast" We both freshened up and I put on a t shirt and shorts, all the time aware that Alice was still only a few feet away in the shower room. We headed down to the kitchen together as I tried to get my head around what had just happened.

______________________________________________________ There was the usual chaos in the kitchen as everyone slowly drifted in from various parts of the Villa ready to be fed. Cooking breakfast was a welcome distraction. Much to my relief, Gail seemed as happy and as cheerful as ever, although not surprisingly she sounded a little hoarse.

I sensed Alice's presence before I actually saw her. She was leaning in the doorway of the kitchen watching me cook, her hand running through her still wet hair. At least she had managed an uninterrupted shower. She wore a pair of faded denim shorts that were cut low on the hips and even shorter on the leg. Her washboard stomach and hip bones were perfectly on display. She wore a blue bikini top which hugged the contours of her breasts and accentuated her sparkling blue eyes.

We exchanged a knowing look as she took her place at the table with the others and I found I had never concentrated so hard on cooking bacon. Plans for the day were being discussed; the most popular was a trip to the coast where a friend owned a house overlooking a secluded bay. He also owned a substantial boat which he had offered to take us out on. To be honest, I would have gone anywhere which involved seeing Alice in the rest of that blue bikini.

After breakfast I started to clear away the dishes with Gail. Sue and Martin stayed to help as everyone headed of the get organised for the trip. Sue and Martin exchanged looks as though they wanting to speak, but not sure what to say. Sue managed it first. "Dan, Gail" she began "Martin and I were hoping to ask a favour" "What" I replied, jokingly suspicious. "We can't help but notice how much happier Alice has been since she got here and spent time around you" Sue continued "we were wondering that it may be an opportunity for Dan to spend some time with her and talk about what's been troubling her recently.

I know it's a big ask Dan, but I think she would talk to you more than any of us. The problem is that it's crazy here with everyone around so Martin and I were wondering if you would stay behind and spend some time with her, maybe take her for dinner and treat her like a grown up." I exchanged a quizzical look with Gail, looking for her input. I knew that if I appeared too eager, my feelings for Alice would be obvious.

Gail looked at me and said, "I think it's a great idea. She loves you to bits Dan and I think spending time with her would be good for you both. What good is being a Godfather if you can't help your Goddaughter out?" "It seems a bit obvious" I replied "like were setting her up for a therapy session or something, I'm not Oprah you know" "I know" Gail responded enthusiastically "why don't you take her on a date?

You could tell her you want to get to know her better as we've not seen her for so long and take her out for dinner. Treat her like a grown up and talk to her like an adult." "Me, talk like an adult to a 14 year old girl? I wouldn't know where to start" I replied, not too convincingly. Martin and Sue exchanged a smile and Martin said "I think that's a brilliant idea.

Alice wants to be taken seriously as an adult and spending the night with you is a perfect way to do it. Take her somewhere nice and spoil her. We just don't get the opportunity at home. Please Dan; you'd be doing us a huge favour.

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Dinners on us!" I tried to look conflicted, but inside my mind was a whirl of possibilities. "Oh okay, I'll take Alice on a date." I said convincingly reluctant. "Great" Sue responded delightedly "I'll go and tell her." And with that she hugged me and scampered out of the kitchen.

Gail turned to me and smiled. "You'll make a little girl very happy" and she hugged me too. I hoped she couldn't feel my cock starting to grow. ___________________________________________________________ Everyone took an age to get organised, but eventually all the cars were packed up, ready for the long journey to the coast.

I sat on a stone bench in the front garden and watched the final bags being stowed away. I had seen Alice skip down the stairs earlier following the news of our plans.

She had squealed with delight and had thrown herself into my arms. "I can't wait" she whispered, before softly kissing my cheek. She dropped back to the floor and added "I've got so much to do to get ready. Aunty Gail is helping me plan my outfit and Mum says I can wear makeup." She turned and had run up the stairs two at a time and disappeared across the landing.

I sat on the balcony in the warmth of the sun, wondering what lay ahead. I felt genuine excitement for the strangest date I would ever go on. We had agreed on an early dinner at a Trattoria in a nearby mountain village.

A table had been booked on the outside balcony and a car had been arranged to pick us up at 5.30pm. The convoy of cars had left around noon and the place felt strangely quiet. I had decided to leave Alice to make her preparations, while I swam in the pool and sat in the sun before getting ready myself.

I showered and shaved and put on my favourite linen suit. Looking in the mirror, I looked handsome, tanned and healthy and nothing like a potential paedophile. I had long since given over to my darker, base feelings and was now about to step beyond the point of no return. I went downstairs and poured myself a drink and wandered through the empty rooms of the Villa. As I walked into the main hallway I heard a quite but confident voice from somewhere above me. "Well, what do you think?" I looked up to see Alice standing at the top of the stairs.

She wore an emerald green evening dress which was cut low at the front, showing more than a hint of cleavage and hung midway up her smooth glistening thighs. A pair of high silver sling back shoes, that I recognised as Gail's, made Alice's legs look even longer and more shapely. Her hair was set in large soft ringlets which were pinned up at the back showing off her tiny neck and prominent collar bones. Her face was simply breath taking. She wore only a little makeup, but what there was made her eyes pop and her lips look full and sensuous.

Unlike your typical teenager, she had not tried to look like a 25 year old woman, she still looked like the fresh faced beautiful girl she was, only better. I was almost lost for words as she elegantly descended the stairs towards me. "You look stunning Alice" I managed to stumble out. "Gail said you liked simple. I just didn't realise that simple takes longer" her smile lit up her face as she saw my reaction. Just then, I heard the car pull up and sound the horn.

"Your carriage awaits my princess" I said as elegantly as I could muster. As Alice took my arm and my nostrils were filled with the scent of summer flowers, she turned to me and said "just the wrong side of corny Uncle Dan" teasing me with a laugh. "Fair enough" I said "one uncorny, but very romantic date coming up. But only on the condition you drop the 'Uncle'" "It's a deal" she said as we walked out of the front door. Our driver was standing by the open door of a spotless BMW.

His slightly bored expression changed immediately when he saw Alice. I swear if he had not had kept his mouth closed as he guided us into the back of the car, we would have tripped over his tongue.

The restaurant was just lovely. We were led out onto the small balcony by the waiter, who shared the same expression as our driver.

The heat of the day was fading and a cool breeze blew the fresh smell of lemons from the surrounding groves. As we sat, Alice was staring over the edge of the balcony and said "The view is just amazing Uncle Dan" I corrected her "Two things Alice.

Don't call me 'Uncle' and whatever view you're looking at can't be anything as good as the one I have" She actually blushed but replied "that's just the right side of corny Dan" emphasising my name. We had a stunning, but simple meal. I also ordered a bottle of local red wine which I allowed Alice to have a few glasses of. It seemed to quickly relax her and we easily and comfortably talked about all sorts of things.

After we had eaten and were sharing a small bowl of homemade gelato I remembered my brief. "Your mum and Dad are worried about you. They think you're trying to grow up too fast" Alice paused for a moment and fixed me a stern look.

"They just want me to stay 'their little girl'. Anyway, I don't see you complaining about how grown up I am." She got me there. "I know I'm the wrong person to give you any advice considering what's happened over the last few days, but please just promise me you'll be careful and I'll tell your parents to trust you more" the hypocrisy was clear to us both, but she kindly shrugged it off.

"Dan, I'm not a kid anymore. I'm not even a virgin in case you're worried. I drink and I smoke, I just want to experience new stuff which excites me." Hers eyes implored me to understand. "I just don't want to see you get hurt Alice. You can have all those things; just don't put yourself at risk. And by the way, what do you mean you're not a virgin!" "I thought you'd get back to that" she smiled "I've slept with a couple of guys, don't worry I'm on the pill." "And how was it for you" I enquired.

She looked down at her hands and said quietly "not great if I'm honest. It was over so fast" she looked up again and fixed her eyes on mine adding "I want to be fucked by a real man.

A real man like you. I heard how you fucked Aunty Gail the other night and I've seen how she goes wild for your cock. I want that too." Her language shouldn't have shocked me, but I was still taken aback. I paused and looked into the face of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and something just clicked in my brain. "Then let's get back and I'll see what I can do" my cock twitched as I said the words. Alice's expression changed instantly and a warm glow rose in her cheeks.

She placed her napkin on the table and pushed back her chair. "take me home now" she purred. The journey back seemed to take forever and the driver seemed more intent on checking out Alice in the mirror as she curled sensuously in to me. The heat of Alice's skin seemed to burn through my clothes. I felt my phone vibrate in my jacket pocket.

The text message was from Gail and I could scarcely believe my luck. It read; Kate's hire car broken down. Decided to stay here overnight and sort in the morning. Should be back tomorrow afternoon. Ring you in the morning. Hope you had a great time with Alice.

Love G XXX. I looked into Alice's upturned face and said "looks like we've got the place to ourselves tonight". She smiled as she snuggled back into my arms. We eventually pulled up in front of the Villa. The driver could not get out of the car fast enough to open our door. I watched his eyes widen as Alice slowly stepped out of car causing her dress to ride high up her stunning legs.

His eyes turned with bitter envy in my direction as I got out of the car and guided Alice towards the door. Even I could see the obvious erection in his pants. Once the door closed, Alice turned to me as said. "What do you normally do next on one of your first dates?" I took her hand and led her into the lounge and replied "let me show you" I led her to the large soft couch and set her down next to me.

I looked into her deep blue eyes and sensed her nervousness. Her moist pouting lips drew me in and I kissed her gently, her response was eager and immediate. My hand touched her face and delicate neck as our kiss became more passionate.

I undid her hair and it fell to her shoulders and the air was once again filled with the scent of flowers. My fingertips then slowly traced the outline of her breast and I felt her gasp quickly for breath.

Her nipples were hard beneath the thin fabric of her dress and I rolled them playfully between my fingers. It became apparent how sensitive they were as her breath turned to small gasps against my lips. Alice broke the kiss and leaned back slightly. Reaching behind her neck with both hands she undid the halter neck of her dress and it immediately fell to her slender waist.

Her breasts were simply perfect. The upturned nipples were puckered and erect; the swell of each breast drew your eyes to ever subtle curve. I leaned forward a placed a kiss on her left breast, while my hand found the right. She sucked her breath as I rolled my tongue around her nipple and squeezed her full breast with my other hand.

I continued to gently bite and kiss hers tits as my hand moved down to her exposed thigh. The skin was incredibly smooth and soft to the touch as I explored her slender calf and thigh. Her breathing quickened again as my hand worked its way higher, until my fingertips touched delicate lace.

I could feel the heat through the thin material as I ran my fingers slowly over her covered pussy. This was something I needed to see as much as feel and as I gently lay Alice back into the sofa, I slid my way down to where here dress barely covered her thighs. I lifted the hem of her dress to her waist and exposed a pair of tiny white lace panties that hugged every contour of her sex.

I drew my face closer and my nostrils were filled with a sweet sensual smell. My hands reached for the thin waistband of her knickers and I slowly drew them down. With one final movement her pussy was exposed to my gaze. The sparse hair was fine and soft and the baldness of the skin made the slit of her pussy seem even smaller. I slid her panties down her long legs and over her ankles which I then drew up bending her legs slightly.

This exposed her to my gaze and more importantly, my tongue. I traced the tip of my tongue up the short slit and immediately realised how wet she had become. A low moan escaped her lips as I delved more deeply. I touched the swollen nub of her clit and her body jerked in response. I pushed my face firmly against her and increased the pressure of my tongue against her clit. Alice moaned softly "Oh god" as I tasted every fold of her pussy. She tasted honey sweet and smelled just as delicious and I fed upon her like a starving man.

Her movements became more pronounced and her hands found the back of my head as her hips began to convulse. She shuddered and shook as she came and while my ears were filled with load moaning and cries my mouth was filled with her sweet nectar. As she slowly twitched and her breath became more even, I kissed my way down her flawless thighs leaving wet lip marks as I went. Alice sat up on one elbow and watched me kiss her finely tapered calves and ankles. "That was amazing" she said, still finding her breath "I've never felt anything like that before in my life" "That's just the beginning" I said as I slipped of the shoes she had borrowed from my wife off her delicate feet and kissed each of her toes.

I slipped the remains of her crumpled dress from her waist and continued to kiss her amazing body. My lips worked over her flat, taught stomach and upwards past her pert breasts to her eager mouth. She tasted her own sex on my lips and purred as her tongue found mine. My cock was as hard as I have ever felt it and it pushed obscenely against my trousers.

"This is unfair" Alice said, the words muffled between kisses. "I'm naked and you're fully dressed". She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. "Take them off" she said hoarsely. I rose to my knees and then stood back while the entire time keeping eye contact. The sight of her nakedness made me swell even more if that was possible and I began to undress.

Finally, I undid my trousers to release the pressure I had felt since we had left the restaurant. Alice's eyes immediately flicked down to my groin as I lowered my trousers to the floor.

Her eyes grew wide as I too glanced downward. My cock was rigid and swollen, as big as I had ever seen it and it immediately crossed my mind that I would be far too big for this petite 14 year old girl. I saw no such reservations in Alice's face as she slowly slid from the couch and knelt at my feet. Her hand slowly stretched out and grasped the base of my cock.

I watched as her tiny hand held the shaft, her fingers barley reached half the way around. She slid her hand slowly all the way to the tip and back down again, pulling the foreskin back to reveal the swollen, purple head. I gasped at the sheer pleasure of her touch.

She repeated the movement and it elicited a deep moan from my lips. She glanced up hearing my response and grinned with lust filled eyes. I returned her gaze and said "suck my cock Alice" She grinned wickedly and knelt up further on her knees.

She tentatively touched the tip of my cock to her mouth as though kissing it. The softness of her lips was in stark contrast to the hardness of my cock and as they parted around the bulbous head. Her mouth was stretched to its limit as she pushed on further and she could barely fit even the head inside. The sensation however was mind blowing. Her tongue danced against the underside of my cock and the pressure of her mouth made my toes curl.

The sight of this girl at my feet with my cock in her mouth nearly made me cum right there and then. Alice began to use her hands to stroke up and down the long length of my shaft all the way down to my swollen balls. She would then take a breath while rubbing both her hands firmly around the tip and then try to force as much of my cock into her mouth as possible and repeat the process all over again. This girl was a natural and I suddenly realised that I couldn't hold off my orgasm any longer.

"I'm going to cum Alice" I said as a warning. Rather than back off, Alice attacked my cock with extra vigour. I felt to the tip of my cock slip past her lips and touch the back of her throat for the first time. That was too much for me to handle and I felt my balls begin to contract. All my pent up sexual tension exploded as I came and my knees nearly buckled. I felt my cum bursting out of my cock and into Alice's mouth. I came hard and long and I deposited what felt like a gallon of sperm into her mouth.

She swallowed deeply several times and gagged briefly releasing my cock from her mouth. A final couple of blasts landed across her nose and cheeks.

She must have swallowed most of my load, but there was still plenty covering her face. She gasped for breath and looked up at me smiling. "Was I as good as Gail?" she asked cheekily, her face still covered in cum. It was a mental picture I would never forget. "Better" I replied, with no hint of a lie or any guilt.

She wiped her face with my shirt and smiled at the compliment. Then she said the greatest words I had ever heard "Take me to bed and fuck me Dan" I bent down and scooped her tiny frame effortlessly into my arms. "With pleasure Alice" I carried her effortlessly up the stairs and into mine and Gail's bedroom. We fell onto the bed and kissed passionately. She felt so small against my large frame I felt I would break her.

I was worried I still might. My hands explored every curve of her young body. Her bum was small and perfectly rounded and it truly had the softness of a peach as I caressed it. My fingers found their way back to her pussy and again I was amazed at how wet she was. I was relieved as she was going to need all the help she could get if I was to get my fat cock inside her. I worked her clit with my fingers and watched as she closed her eyes with pleasure.

I also worked my fingers deeper into her to gauge how tight she would be. I worked two fingers into her up to my first knuckle and marvelled at how her pussy gripped them. I continued to finger fuck her as she became more animated with pleasure. There was only so much I could do to prepare her. Finally I removed my fingers and knelt between her now outstretch legs. I gripped her behind the knees and pulled her easily towards me. With her knees bent and open wide, nothing was between her pussy and my now very erect cock.

I held my cock in one hand and touched it against the lips. They parted slightly against the large engorged head. Alice continued to moan loudly as I continued to rub myself against her, using my pre-cum as further lubricant.

I felt the small pussy opening against the very end of my cock and I began to slowly increase the pressure. Alice's eyes flew open wide, but rather than cry out in pain she just moaned "oh yes, yes, yes". With this encouragement, I increased the pressure using my hips, but nothing happened. I used more of my weight and pushed harder. The head of my cock was still visible and the delicate little lips around Alice's pussy seemed to be stretched to the limit.

Then, as I watched, my cock slipped forward and was enveloped by the delicate pink skin. Alice moaned loud and deep "oh fuck yes". Her eyes were wide and glassy. Over the first hurdle, I wondered how much of my 9 inches Alice could take. I pushed on further, keeping up the same kind of pressure.

The tightness around my dick was incredibly, but rather than stopping me, it seemed to draw further in. I watched as I slid a good 6 inches inside and carry on going. The tightness around my shaft increased further and I was amazed that Alice wasn't screaming in agony.

Her face was flushed red and I could see her gritting her teeth with the effort. I stopped immediately and withdrew my cock slightly. Her eyes flashed to mine. "I want it all inside me" she almost spat out the words.

"Are you sure?" I replied gently. "If that's what you want" "Please Dan, just fuck me" she replied, her voice full of lust. I repositioned myself between her legs and rose up further on my knees. In this position Alice's legs widened and I could use my full weight to push into her. This time I was not going to stop. My cock forced its way deeper and deeper inside, her cunt lips were no more than a tight, thin seal around my shaft.

I continued to bear down with all my weight. Alice screamed, but I didn't care. I needed to fill her with all my cock. Alice was making noises like an animal, but she was not resisting my onslaught in any way. With a final thrust, the last few inches slid home and my balls came to rest against her perfect little arse. I couldn't believe this petite little girl had taken my entire cock inside her.

Her whimpering began to subside and she became calmer as she became used to the sheer size of my organ. After a short rest, I began to withdraw a little at a time and then slowly return to filling her up.

I found I could withdraw a little more at a time and then slide fully home with a little less effort each time. I carried on doing this until over half my cock was exposed, glistening with our combined juices. Alice was responding to each thrust with guttural noises punctuated with words I could just make out.

"Fuck, Yes, God, Yes, Fuck" was all I could hear. I decided to go for broke and slid my cock almost all the way out, leaving just the tip at the entrance. I then put my back into the return stroke and found myself slamming the full length back up to the hilt. Alice wailed out loader than ever, but it was not in pain.

"Yessssssssssssssssssss" She hissed. "Fuck me hard" I watched the glazed expression on her face as she bucked and writhed under the onslaught. Her small hands slapped tamely against my chest as she both fought and encouraged me to fuck her. It had taken months before Gail had gotten used to the size of my cock and I could fuck her with such force.

A sheen of sweat made Alice's stunning body glow and shine and the site of her in such sexual abandon aroused me even further. I took hold of her ankles and lifted them to my shoulders. I shifted my weight onto my arms and began to stroke more slowly, but more deeply. The sensation around my cock was nothing like I had ever felt. Her pussy gripped me along every contour as I pressed myself deep inside. Our pubic bones ground together and she continued to whimper and cry out in ecstasy.

I felt a familiar feeling begin to build, but I was not done yet. I quickly pulled my cock out, with an audible 'plop'. I effortlessly flipped her over flat onto her stomach, her arms and hair flailing about around her.

I took in the site of her perfect peach of an arse as I re-entered her now gaping cunt from behind. The soft round cheeks shuddered as I plunged all the way in and Alice emitted a guttural grunt. I then began to relentlessly pound into her, accompanied by a satisfying slapping sound. I tried to control my breathing and fight off my approaching orgasm while I sensed that Alice was on the verge of coming again.

Even with her face pushed deep into the pillow, she screamed her way to her biggest climax yet. I held myself still as she bucked and shook against my engorged cock enjoying the way her tiny body moved uncontrollably.

I was so tempted to try fucking her up the arse, but I sensed she would not be able to handle that just yet. When she eventually stopped twitching, I withdrew and lay back on the bed next to Alice. She lifted her head to see why I had stopped. She was gasping for breath and her hair was plastered against her flushed face. Her eyes remained unfocused as she tried to speak. "Wha…&hellip.Wha……ts wrong?" she spoke in a daze.

"Absolutely nothing" I said as I pulled her on top of me. She smiled as our lips made contact and our tongues pressed hard into each other's mouths. "I want you to fuck me" I managed between kisses. I felt her smile against my lips as she slid her leg across my waist. My hands found her breasts as she sat up and threw her hair back behind her.

The sight of her continued to take my breath away. She closed her eyes as I squeezed and pinched her nipples. Her hand slid between us and she grasped my cock. She unsteadily raised herself up and I felt the hotness of her pussy envelop me once again.

The tightness remained, but she effortlessly slid back on top of me until she was fully impaled. A self-satisfied expression spread across her face as she slowly ground her slender hips back and forth. As she continued to fuck me, I raised myself up onto my hands. My hungry mouth found her breasts and I chewed and sucked her hard nipples. I felt her hands in my hair as she pushed my face firmly to her chest. I was now sitting up with Alice on my lap and my hands were free to explore every tiny curve of her young body.

She pulled my hair and raised my face towards hers. Her mouth found mine and we kissed hard and I felt her muffled cries as she fought for breath.

She ground and squirmed on my rock hard cock and I could feel her begin to tremble again. Her gasps deepened as she continued to kiss me with increasing ferocity. She felt small in my arms as I held her tightly. I pushed hard against her and her tiny pussy twitched around my cock. She suddenly broke our kiss sucked a lung full of air using it to form a loud and guttural scream.

I just could not hold back anymore. Any control I had was gone and I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell.

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As Alice writhed and bucked against me I exploded with one of the biggest orgasms of my life. She must have felt me coming inside her as the tone of her moaning deepened. I felt my cock twitch and tighten over and over again as I released everything I had deep into Alice. Over the years many woman had struggled with the size of my cock and it was one of the reasons that attracted me to Gail, as she was eventually able to take all of me and enjoyed being fucked hard.

Yet here I was, buried deep into a 14 year old girl further than I had ever been before and I watched as she came harder than any woman I had been with. My own vision blurred and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The powerful sensations running through my cock and balls were pure ecstasy and they continued longer and harder than I have ever felt.

We collapsed back onto the bed and Alice was holding on tightly to my chest as we both panted for air. It was several minutes before I was able to speak. "Are you okay?" I breathed heavily.

All I got in return was a positive sounding grunting. I could actually feel her heart racing. She struggled back into a sitting position on top of me, my semi hard cock still inside her. Her tanned body was covered in a sheen of sweat and her hair was plastered to her face. She looked incredibly sexy as her muscles tightened and relaxed as she breathed heavily causing her breasts to rise and fall.

She slowly refocused her eyes to mine and palmed her hair from her face. Her smile was one of deep satisfaction. "That was fucking amazing" she said seductively "That was amazing fucking" I replied "I think I passed out" she said quizzically "I can still see stars" I laughed at her innocence and said "That's a coincidence, cos' I can see an angel" She looked at me with mock disappointment "You do have to smooth talk me Uncle Dan, you've already got into my knickers" "And more besides" I replied, my eyebrows raised.

"A lot more" she said as she gently wriggled her perfect bottom. I leaned over slightly and drew Alice towards the bed next to me.

My cock slowly withdrew from inside her as though reluctant to leave its new favourite place. As it "popped" out sloppily, it was followed by a torrent of come, still hot from the combination of our bodies. I shifted us out of the "wet patch" and lay back exhausted. She settled into my arms and purred softly. There was a short pause before I heard her speak quietly.

"Was I okay& know&……you know&" I shifted slightly so I could look down on her face; her eyes seemed reluctant to meet mine. When they did I said. "You were amazing. No. You are amazing.

That was……er&hellip.amazing" "So in summary" she smiled broadly "amazing?" We both laughed hard and I felt her hug me tightly.

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We lay there for a few minutes and rested. I think I must have dozed off as the sound of a shower gently woke me. I looked at the clock it was 3.30am and I realised we only had until the morning before the others got back. I stretched and yawned, then suddenly felt awake as an image of Alice in the shower bought me to my senses. I jumped from the bed and padded across the floor to the bathroom. The door to the shower room was steamed up, but I could see a small figure slowly moving about behind the glass.

She was humming to herself as I opened the door and stepped inside. She turned a little startled. Just when I though Alice could not look any sexier. Her hair was wet and slicked back over her head and behind her back. Her body looked spectacular, half covered in soap and her skin glistening in the overhead lights.

She looked small and petite, but with a body any woman would die for. If she looked like this at 14, what would she be like in a few years time? Despite all my exertions, my cock began to swell.

"Need anyone to do your back" I asked "I'd rather you started at the front" she replied cheekily. I stepped closer and reached out to touch her wet breasts. The nipples hardened instantly in my hands as I massaged them softly with the soapy water.

The difference in our height meant I had to lean down to kiss her and the shower water ran over both our faces. Her small hands began to soap my chest, torso and abs, her touch sent shivers through me. She slowly kneelt down before me. Her hands soaped my thick thighs and hips and my cock began to harden. By the time she had rinsed the remaining soap from my body I was fully hard again.

She stood back and rinsed herself under the shower, I watched as the water cascaded over her supple body and noticed the firm muscles beneath her skin as she stretched and rinsed herself. I could not wait any more and I moved towards her and lifted her effortlessly off her feet and into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she kissed me deeply and her legs slowly folded around my waist. She weighed next to nothing and we stood easily together under the shower of water.

My cock was pressed between us so I placed both hands under her pert bum and lifted her gently. My cock felt as hard as steel as I slowly lowered her onto the end.

I felt her pussy lips brush against to bulbous tip of my cock and I lowered her down. A warm velvet sensation enveloped me as the first few inches slipped inside. Despite wanting to impale myself in this girl I lifted Alice easily until just the tip remained and repeated the process. Each time I penetrated her further.

A silky wetness greeted every thrust and it wasn't long before my balls squashed against her ass. I continued to lift and drop Alice with increasing force. It took little effort to lift her small frame so I ploughed on and on.

Alice threw back her head and shouted "Fuuuuuuck" over and over. Our pace quickened and I felt Alice Begin to shake. She no longer shouted words I could make out, just grunted and squealed loudly. She came hard and violently and it took all my strength to hold on to her as she writhed in my arms.

Suddenly she stopped and collapsed like a ragdoll against my chest, her breathing deep and hard. Holding her close, I managed to turn off the shower and carry her out into the main bathroom. As the cooler air hit us, she mumbled "please don't stop" I lifted her off my cock and stood her back on unsteady legs.

She looked up at me questioningly. Instead of saying anything she walked over to the couch in the corner of the bathroom, where only the day before I had seen her naked for the first time as I fucked my wife's mouth.

Alice crawled onto her knees and looked back over her shoulder to me. Her eyes were bright a shiny and full of mischief. "Fuck me now Uncle Dan. I need your cock in me" she said in a throaty rasp. Who was I to argue? I stepped forward to find her small perfect ass was at just the right height. I rubbed the bloated head of my cock along the small narrow slit.

I thumbed her swollen clit and she moaned deeply. "Say please" I said jokingly. Her response was instant and graphic "Please fuck my pussy Uncle Dan.

Use me any way you want. Please. Please." "Okay" I responded eagerly "You asked for it" I immediately positioned the head of my cock against the tiny opening and pushed hard. I watched amazed as her pussy lips yielded and stretched around the thick shaft of my cock. They tightened further as I slid deeper. She reached behind her and grasped the cheeks of her arse and spread them to accommodate my girth.

As I pushed the last inch home, I marvelled that such a small body to take such a huge cock. Savouring the sensation I began to slowly withdraw until I pulled out completely. I watched as her pussy gaped wide and then slowly closed around the missing cock. I plunged back in forcefully and heard the air being forced out of Alice's lungs. I used all my weight to drive home and repeated the process each time watching it take longer for her pussy to recover from my withdrawal before ploughing back in.

Alice was screaming louder than I'd heard before and I realised I needed to retain control before I came too quickly. I looked up to regain concentration only to see the reflection of us in the bathroom mirror.

What I saw was a grown man fucking the living daylights out of a small girl. Alice looked tiny and part of me realised what I was doing. Unfortunately this was not the part of me that currently controlled my actions. I looked away only to notice a tube of aftersun on the counter at my side. An evil thought crossed my mind. She did tell me to do what I want. I took the tube, as I continued to pound into Alice and squirted some onto my fingers.

I then smeared it in the crack of Alice's ass. I then used my thumb to work the lotion into her anus. Alice could obviously feel what I was doing even if she did not know what I intended, but once I pushed my thumb into her arse I think she may have guessed.

Rather than cry as I worked in deeper, I heard her muffled voice "Oh god yes, yes, yes." I worked as much lotion in as I could and now felt the outer muscle of her anus relax a little. I could sense Alice reaching another climax and I waited for it to rise. As she began to peak, I took my cock in my hand and pulled out. I then pressed it against the tiny bud of her arse hole and pushed with all my weight.

I was surprised at how easily the bulbous head pushed past the outer muscle and slid further it. Alice screamed at the top of her lungs, but I carried on pushing harder. I must have been halfway in and I watched as her ass stretched obscenely around my rock hard cock.

I should have shown some mercy, but I just could not stop myself. I held Alice firmly around her tiny waist, both hands nearly touching and pushed harder. My ears pounded with blood and I ached for sweet release as I felt my swollen balls come to rest against her pussy. I was aware that Alice's moans had turned to sobs of tears, but I just didn't care. If I was to be thrown in jail, at least let me enjoy all I can. I pulled out a few inches and slipped back again, feeling an incredible feeling of tightness the full length of my cock.

This was a new and amazing sensation and I wanted more. I repeated the movement, but with a little more force. Alice's sobbing grew louder. But I continued. Each time I withdrew a little further and pushed back a little harder. As each thrust build I sensed Alice relax a little more, her sobs were now replaced by more familiar moans of pleasure. This spurred me on and soon I was pounding Alice's ass as hard as I had done her pussy.

I felt like a man possessed and I hammered Alice's ass remorselessly. I once again glanced at our reflection in the mirror but this time felt no guilt. The image of this little girl getting banged hard in the ass just pushed me over the edge.

I felt my balls squeeze and tighten, but rather than ram home one last time, I released my grip on Alice and let her fall forward onto the couch. I grasped my now twitching cock and pulled my foreskin tightly back. I saw Alice turn her head to see what was happening just as my cock exploded.

White ropes of cum jetted from the swollen purple head of my cock. It flew in long strings through the air one after the other.

The first went way over the couch and hit the wall, while I aimed the rest at Alice. She was hit continuously. In her hair, her face, over her back and arms, across her thighs and buttocks until I began to subside. The sense of physical release was phenomenal and I can truly say I had never felt anything like it before. I continued to stroke my cock until the intense sensations began to subside and my breathing became less ragged. Alice too was still breathing hard with her face buried into the cushions of the sofa.

I slumped down next to her and reached out to stroke her hair. I was beginning to wonder if I had gone too far and really hurt her. She raised her head in a daze, her face mostly covered in wet hair.

To my relief she had a subtle smirk on her face.


She shuffled closer and leaned her head into my lap. I stroked the hair away from her beautiful face. "Are you okay" I asked cautiously. "I think so" her voice was quiet and soft. "I hope I didn't hurt you" I replied gently. She turned her head and looked into my eyes. My semi flaccid cock lay against her cheek as she smiled.

A more erotic site I have yet to witness. "It hurt like hell at first" she winced at the memory. "But then it was weird. It sort of began to feel good." She paused as if confused, then said more clearly, "I'd let you do anything to me." The look of shock on my face must have been clear to see as she laughed at my reaction. I couldn't help but laugh along with her, my mind a turmoil of guilt, fear and possibilities.

"Come on" I said "lets actually have a shower." I stood and held out my hand. She took it but responded laughing "I don't think I can walk." "No problem" I said reaching down and easily picking up her small frame. "You may have to carry me around for the rest of the holiday" she breathed against my lips before kissing me gently.

"Who's going to carry me?" I smiled against her mouth. I carried her back into the shower room and turned on the water as we kissed.

The water played over us as our lips caressed softly. I lowered her to the ground and we slowly soaped each other's bodies. My hands ran all over her perfect body.

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She was firm, taught and soft all at the same time, a stunning young girl. Her small hands ran over my skin at the same time, washing away the ache in my muscles. Our clean bodies rubbed together as we rinsed off under the warm water. Clean and smelling of soap we towelled each other dry before I wrapped Alice in dressing gown that looked far too big for her. God she was cute as well as sexy. We both fell onto the bed. Sheets and pillows were everywhere, but we were too tired to care.

I propped my head on a nearby pillow and Alice snuggled into my arms. Before the thoughts of guilt could take a grip, I was asleep. When I woke again it was fully light. A strange but familiar sensation was invading my mind. I opened my eyes and rapidly blinked the blurred sleep away.

I could feel a warm, soft sensation around the end of my cock and I looked down. Alice was naked and lying between my thighs.

Her hand held my semi soft penis in one hand while running her tongue ran over the rapidly swelling bell end. Her other hand played across my balls. She glanced up as she sensed me stir.

"Morning lover" she said playfully as she kissed and licked the lengthening shaft of my cock. "Morning yourself" I replied. "I thought I'd help myself to breakfast "she said smiling up at me. "Most important meal of the day" I grinned back.

I know I'm not getting any younger, but I defy any man not to get the biggest hard on when faced with the picture that now faced me. Her eyes fixed onto mine as she ran her tiny hands the length of my now rock hard cock. She played her tongue over the crown and tip. She squeezed and toyed with my balls in turn and then ran her hand lower.

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Her fingers played across my ass until she found my anus. She only tickled and rubbed at first until I felt the pressure increase and she slipped a finger inside. It felt like my cock grew another inch as she pushed her slender finger inside. I closed my eyes and my head rolled back at the sensation.

Alice began to thrust her finger in more deeply and the feeling intensified. The usual sensations ran through the end of my cock as she worked me into her mouth, but they were heightened by a deep tingle in my balls and ass. Alice rubbed both the full length of my cock and thrust her finger in and out of me at the same time. Her lips were clamped around the plumb sized bell end. She swirled and played her tongue across the sensitive skin.

How the hell does a 14 year old know how to do this? I fell back onto the bed and revelled in feeling. I relinquished any control and felt my orgasm begin to stir. Just as it began to build Alice withdrew her finger from my ass and released my cock from her mouth with an audible 'pop'. She continued to run her hand over my cock, but now her fingers curled around the wetness of the head.

She pushed my thighs apart and I felt her tongue against my now hyper sensitive ass hole. She delved inside as, deeper than I thought possible, my balls clenched hard. Her hands squeezed around my expanding cock as I felt myself let go. I swear I could see stars as my orgasm ripped through me and I felt the first splash of boiling come land on my chest, followed by my face and shoulders. It felt like a continuous stream bursting out of me as it burned into my skin.

My balls clenched and released as I pumped over and over and it seemed like it would never stop. Eventually it subsided. My cock now revelled in the now heightened sensitivity as Alice continued to stroke me tenderly. I heard a soft voice with a distinct grin attached.

"I wanted to see how you liked it". I laughed deeply as the last of my orgasm lingered. "I feel so used", I managed to say dramatically. Her face appeared above me, a satisfied smile behind her eyes. "Good" she replied. "Now you know how I feel!" "Is that a complaint" I enquired "Hell No!!" She laughed "I never want to leave this bed" although I sensed she was only half joking.

"We have to eat at some point" I observed. "True" she said "looks like I spilled my breakfast, clumsy me" I touched her cheek and ran my hands to the back of her head.

I drew her towards me and before kissing her I said. "There's plenty more where that came from!" "Yumm" she said licking her lips "when's lunch?" Then she kissed me hard. Our embrace was interrupted by my mobile phone ringing on the bedside table and reality came crashing back. The caller ID said GAIL and I mumbled "oh shit" quietly to myself.

I stood next to the bed as I pressed answer. "Morning gorgeous" her voice was bright and chirpy, "you missing me?" "Always my love" my eyes watched as Alice's face fell. "Everything go okay last night with Alice?" Gail enquired. "It was a fantastic night" I replied while making eye contact with Alice again. "She's truly amazing.

We had a great time together" A proud smile spread across Alice's sweet face. "Careful gorgeous" Gail responded "I think she might have a school girl crush on you" My stomach churned a little but I controlled myself. "She's not a little girl Gail" I retorted. "There's more to Alice than you think. Anyway what would she want with an old man like me?" I jumped as Alice reached out and squeezed my semi hard cock with raised eyebrows.

I listened as Gail spoke "Just be careful Dan. You're the perfect school girl fantasy. At least you were mine. Still are." She paused briefly before continuing in a sexier voice "I can't wait to see you!" "When are you coming back?" the thought of another erection seemed an impossibility. Alice in the meantime was now biting my nipples and squeezing my empty balls. "Should be home by five o'clock. The hire company are bringing a new car out to us. They couldn't fix the last one." "What time is it now" I panicked.

"It's half nine lazy bones. You'd better get out of bed and get Alice some breakfast." Gail joked. "I don't think Alice eats breakfast" I said smiling down at the naked vision in from on me. "But I'll do my best to rustle up some lunch later!" Alice grinned.

"Just get your sexy ass out of bed" Gail replied "spend as much time with Alice while you can. Just be careful and don't break her heart Dan." "I don't think Alice is as fragile as we think Gail. She's more grown up than I thought." I said as Alice wrapped her small arms around my waist.

"I know Dan, but just be gentle with her." Gail added. "Okay" I replied. "I'll see you at five. Any change of plans, let me know." "Later gorgeous" Gail signed off and hung up. I looked down at Alice a she raised her face up to me. "I've got to be gentle with you apparently" Her chin rested just below my chest. "A bit late for that!" she smiled. "Maybe your right" I laughed. We both laughed.

"You might not, but I need some breakfast. I need to keep my strength up." We both donned our bathrobes and headed for the kitchen.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We chatted over scrambled eggs and toast, sitting on the balcony. After a brief lull in the conversation Alice eventually said what we both felt. "I don't want them to come back. At least I don't want to be here when they do" Despite the feelings of guilt that were trying to invade my head, I wanted to make the most of this time together. A thought crossed my mind.

"then let's go out" I concluded. "Great!" Alice replied enthusiastically, then her face dropped slightly and she added "but I want to fuck some more" I raised my eyebrows and explained "you can fuck outside the bedroom too!" A mischievous smile crossed her face. "Where do you want to go?" "There's a lake not far from here" I replied "let's go see what we can find" "Great" Alice exclaimed.

"I'll go and put some clothes on" "Not too many I hope" I added as she jumped up and ran into the Villa "Few as possible!" she shouted as she ran through the kitchen. I went up to my room and had a quick shower and shave. Put on my swimming shorts and a clean t-shirt. 10 minutes later I heard Alice shouting "ready when you are" from the hall. I put on my flip flops and went out to find her. She was standing in the hall as I came down the stairs. I took a sharp breath as I saw her smile at me.

She looked beyond gorgeous. She wore a pair of tight cut off denim shorts that hugged every subtle curve of her perfect ass while at the same time making her legs look amazing. They were slim, tanned and smooth and finished off with a delicate pair of silver sandals. She wore a thin, slim fitting, white linen blouse that was tied high up on her waist. Her washboard flat stomach was exposed down to the very low waistband of her shorts. You could see the swell of her pert, beautiful breasts against the material of her blouse straining slightly against the few buttons holding it together.

Her brown skin was translucent beneath the material and it was clear from the definition of her nipples that she wore nothing underneath. Her hair was tied back in a high ponytail and it showed her slim neck to perfection. Her features were beautifully defined and her eyes shone bright with anticipation. "Wow" was all I could say. She blushed at the compliment and bit her lip in the sexiest way imaginable.

We went to the car and I could not take my eyes off her ass as she walked slightly ahead of me. It was even more exciting knowing now what it looked like naked. She threw her bag of "less slutty clothes" in the boot for the return home and off we went. The Sat Nav took us towards Lake Monterello which was only a half hour drive. It had looked small on the map and the roads became increasingly narrower as we got closer. By the time we glimpsed the water we were on nothing more than a dirt track.

The poplar trees that had lined the road for the last few miles began to thin and the surface changed to sand. We continued along the edge of the lake looking for somewhere to park. After a few more miles the track led us onto a beech area with a small beech hut at one end. Looking across the lake it appeared to be the only area that did not have trees all the way down to the water's edge. We parked the car and looked at each other.

"Looks deserted" Alice said scanning the scenery. "Looks promising" I replied as she met my eye knowingly. We got out of the car and walked down towards the water. As we passed the beech hut that I though was closed, a voice called "Buon giorno Signor". I turned to see two Italian guys sitting at a table facing the lake. They were both in their late 50's and dressed in dirty old shirts and shorts, so much for stylish Italian fashion.

"Buon giorno" I replied in my poorest Italian, aware that Alice had frozen in her footsteps and stood close behind me. "Ahh, you English no?" The guy nearest to me said as he stood. "Si senior erh I mean yes sir I am" I stuttered. The guy approached with his hand extended. He was quite short and very stocky although despite his age you could tell he was quite fit. His skin was dark from working outdoors and his hands were hard and calloused as I shook it.

"Welcome to you English" he said "we no see people here. They all go beech at sea now. Only me Carlo ever here" He gestured toward the other gentleman still sitting at the table. "Nice to meet you" I said. My name is Dan and this is Alice. Alice grunted quietly from behind me as she stood closer. "My name is Leo Arruzo" he said releasing my hand and taking me by the arm.

"come, come have a drink with us. I'm tired of listen to Carlo here. He very boring" He increased the pressure on my arm and I tried to resist. "No, No Leo. Grazi Mille, Thank you but I'm driving" I protested. "This Italy. Polizia more drunk than drivers" Leo laughed loudly. "Me good host, you good visitor, no" I had no choice. I let Leo drag me towards the table where Carlo sat impassively. "Buon giorno Carlo" I said as Leo disappeared inside what I now realised was a very small bar.

The bar opened up to face the water and there were a few other tables and chairs which had seen better days. Carlo nodded at me with little expression until Leo appeared and spoke quickly at him in Italian.

He reluctantly shifted in his seat and I could see he too was a short stocky man, but a great deal fatter. "My brother is rude" Leo said shaking his head at Carlo. "Here, sit, sit" he said pointing to the 2 chairs he had arrange opposite him and his brother. 2 beers had miraculously appeared in front on each empty chair.

I tried to refuse again. "Please Leo. You are very kind but we came down for a swim" it was the first thing I could think of and I quickly realised it was not a good excuse. "Too cold. Warmer later.

You swim later. Have a beer with us." He responded quickly. I knew that they were just being friendly and ordinarily I would love to sit and chat with these two. But I wanted to find a secluded spot for me and Alice and get into those tight shorts.

Before I realised what I was saying, I responded "okay, just the one Leo". I then remembered that Alice was not just dressed in very little, but she was naked beneath her blouse. It was too late, as Leo guided me to the furthest seat, leaving Alice in open view. I saw Carlo's expression change immediately. His previously deadpan expression was replaced by surprise, followed quickly by lust. As Alice sat with her arms across her chest, Leo too noticed her.

His eyes quickly took in her stunning body beneath the minimal clothes. Leo stumbled back to his seat and raised his glass.

I noticed that Carlo's eyes never left Alice. "Salute" Leo raised his bottle and held it above the centre of the table. His brother already had a half empty bottle in his hand and was quick to follow. I glanced at Alice and she returned my look. She looked a little scared, but she reached out and took her bottle and raised it against the others.

Not sure if Alice had ever really drunk before I followed suit. "Salute" we all repeated. Even Alice. I watched as Alice took a long draw from her bottle, only to take a short breath and take another. We all took a mouthful and I watched as Alice drained her bottle and put it firmly back on the table.

"Woah, Signorina." Leo commented "You have thirst?" He reached into a cooler next to his chair for another bottle, pop the lid and replace Alice's beer. "We have plenty beer for friends, especially beautiful friends" Alice blushed slightly as she reached for her second beer and took another long pull.

Carlo said something quickly in Italian to Leo while gesturing toward Alice, who was now in the process of finishing her second beer in as many minutes. Leo replied animatedly to his brother while opening a third beer for Alice. I'd only taken a brief taste of the beer and I took another. The beer was clean and refreshing, but I could tell it was strong.

Looking now at Alice, she was visibly more relaxed.


As she put down the remains of her third bottle she straightened herself in her seat and put her hands comfortably in her lap. From where I was her breasts were clearly visible and both Leo and Carlo were sitting directly in front with a much better view. I studied their response as they quickly noticed Alice's near transparent blouse. Their jaws nearly hit the floor and I swear that Carlo was drooling. Can't say I blame them. Leo eventually stuttered out "your daughter, very beautiful, no" Before I could respond, Alice interjects.

"I'm not his daughter, I'm his lover" Leo's face was a picture. He flushed visibly as his brother asked what Alice had said. Leo's reply resulted in the same expression on Carlo's face. Leo was slowly regaining his composure and without his eyes leaving Alice he says to me, "You are lucky man, lucky man, yes." All I could say was "Yes I am." Alice seemed to be gaining in confidence. She leaned forward as she finished her third beer and placed it on the table. Her blouse opened up as she did so and we were treated to a fantastic view of her young full cleavage.

Without being asked she leans further forward and reaches into the beer cooler next to Leo and helps herself to another bottle. Leo alone must have been treated to an amazing view, as his eyes grew wider. On leaning back in her seat, Alice crosses her legs and pulls her shoulders back, showing her body and outfit to maximum effect. Before anyone can speak she adds. "We came down here to fuck." She lets the words hang in the air for a moment before Leo translates and Carlo lets out a grunting sound.

I glance over and can't help but notice the growing bulge in Carlo's shorts. To be fair, I've developed a semi just from watching Alice. Carlo speaks directly to Alice like she can understand. I don't understand what he says either but the lust is clear in his voice. Alice turns confidently to Lea and asks, "What did he say?" Leo does not hesitate. "He says if you want fuck, he want to fuck you" adding quickly "me too". Alice didn't even flinch. She turns to me and says slowly "would you like to see me fucked by these two men Uncle Dan?" emphasising the word 'fucked'.

By now my brain is fighting a losing battle with my hard cock. "Yes Alice. I want to see you get fucked." The words come out effortlessly. Alice turns back to Leo and says "tell your brother, it's your luck day." As Leo translates almost dumbstruck, Alice slowly undoes the few buttons on her blouse and unties the knot of material.

The two sides fall apart to reveal two perfect tits topped by erect pink nipples. The brothers realise that Alice is serious and there mood changes. Longing looks are replaced by sexual lust and they both rub their own cocks in their pants in anticipation. They rise together almost simultaneously and step towards Alice. Carlo pushes his bulk past me like I'm not there and they stand either side of her looking down.

Alice reaches out a hand and places one on each of the impressive bulges. She gasps slightly as she gauges their size, they must be big. Each brother moans loudly and their hands go to their belt buckles and zippers.

I move around to get a better view, just as Leo's shorts and underwear slip past his knees. Alice understandably lets out a small squeal as his cock springs forward and nearly hits her in the face. Leo is blessed with a very large cock. It looks at least 2 inches longer than mine and although it is about the same thickness, his circumcised bell ends is huge and purple.

A few moments later, Carlo removes his pants. Initially I assume he is not as big as his younger brother as his cock is not jutting out like Leo's. When I do catch site of it, I'm dumbfounded. His cock is huge and gnarled and hangs down nearly to his knee and it's not even hard yet!

Thick veins run the full length of the enormous shaft which is topped with a massive circumcised head Alice glances from one to the next, clearly shocked at the display.

Her hands slowly reach up and take hold of each cock at the same time. I half expect her to grunt with the effort as she raises them towards her face. She turns to Leo first and flicks out her tongue over the head and tip. This draws a deep groan from his lips which gets deeper as she pushes her lips over the end.

As she does this Leos brother reaches down a takes a handful of Alice's tits. She in turn releases a muffled moan. Alice spends several moments sucking the head of Leo's fully erect penis.

She then turns to Carlo. Clearly inspired by the site and feel of more of Alice's body, Carlo has grown harder. Alice's fingers reach less than half way around the base of the shaft which now extends at least 12 inches to the tip. The angry looking head is swollen and bright purple as Alice puts it to her lips. The head is so big that Alice can only fit half of it in her mouth. Her lips are stretched taught and it crosses my mind what it will do to her little pussy. Alice begins to become more animated and she firmly strokes and rubs the cocks of both men while alternately sucking and licking each in turn.

My own cock strains against my swimming shorts. The brothers exchange glances and reluctantly step back. They reach down and lift Alice to her feet and while Leo removes Alice's blouse, Carlo quickly undoes her shorts and wriggles them down hers legs to the floor. Leo then lifts and sits Alice on the edge of the table where his brother immediately drops to his knees and buries his head between her legs.

He must have found the spot quickly as Alice grips the edge of the table so hard that her knuckles whiten. Carlo places Alice's legs over each shoulder and proceeds to eats her pussy like a man possessed.

Alice moans loudly and lies back on the table where Leo immediately moves around to get his cock back in her mouth. Alice is beginning to squirm and writhe under the ministrations of Carlo's tongue and I begin to recognise the signs of her approaching orgasm.

Leo has managed to work a few inches of his dick into Alice's mouth as her muffled cries increase. Not wanting to feel left out, I remove my shorts and t shirt just as Alice comes. I watch as Carlo feeds almost in a frenzy. As Alice calms slowly, he gets to his feet slowly, his face covered in pussy juices and a smile. "Dolce, Dolce" he repeats. Even my Italian can translate the word 'sweet'.

Seeing his opportunity while Carlo catches his breath, Leo moves around a takes position between Alice's legs. "I fuck you Italian way little child" Leo rasps as he pushes his cock into Alice's soaked cunt. Leo is as surprised as I was when he sinks deeply into Alice on the first thrust. I can relate to the warm tight sensation he is now experiencing and he clearly wants more. He pushes harder again and again until his hairy balls rest against the flawless skin of Alice's tight arse.

He bellows loudly and he begins to thrust in and out of Alice. "Fuck la sua buona" his brother shouts, "Fuck la sua buona." Carlo is now standing next to his brother and he is banging his fist hard on the table as he encourages him to give it everything. The sweat is pouring off Leo him with all the effort; he removes his old shirt without missing a beat.

His hairy body is darkly tanned and solid with muscle and despite his age he uses all his strength to bury himself in Alice. Alice is rolling her head from side to side while gripping the wooden table. Her eyes are closed and she both mumbles and shouts a stream of obscenities. I can see Leo begin to stutter and lose his rhythm. He raises his head and bellows even loader. He drives home one last time with all the strength he has left. Alice's eyes fly open and her mouth makes a perfect 'O' without actually making a sound.

Leo is twitching and flexing every muscle and he grips Alice in a vice as he empties his ball deep inside her. Eventually, Leo steps back and a flood of come spills to the floor. I can see her cunt gape and slowly close. Carlo slaps Leo on the back in congratulation then ushers him aside as though to say 'let me show you how is done'. He struggles out of his shirt to reveal a body much more out of condition. He is covered in tattoos which are hidden in places by a matt of thick body hair.

His chunky legs shuffle him forward and his fat belly rolls with the movement. Despite his ugly body, I can't but marvel at his cock which hangs obscenely down to his knees.

I realise that the sheer weight of his organ is holding it down. I can see by the network of bloated veins and the shine on skin that he is as hard a rock. He moves between Alice's legs and takes a hold on his massive cock. I fear for Alice as he places the enormous head against her swollen lips. He grunts with the effort as he pushes forward.

Alice's eyes are wide and glazed. Her hands flail and punch against Carlo's fat chest making a wet slapping sound. There is a pause as Carlo's does not move forward. Alice face is frozen in a picture of pain and fear. Suddenly, Carlo's cock pushes past the entrance to Alice's little pussy and bullies its' way inside. Alice makes a noise like and animal in a trap and through clenched teeth the words "OH FUCK YES" are hissed.

Carlo needs no encouragement, but his brother gives it anyway. "Give her your horse cock brother" he shouts wanting Alice to hear. "Fuck her hard, fuck her all in." By now Carlo is straining hard, forcing more and more of his monster cock inside poor Alice. She however is also encouraging him on. She hisses at him "come on you ugly bastard…fuck me." From where I'm standing, all but a few inches of Carlo's thick shaft are visible.

Leo is now slapping his brother hard across the back and shoulders. The fat shakes and shudders with each blow. I can only assume the brothers know each other's preferences as it seems to drive Carlo on. Finally Carlo shuffles himself against the edge of the table and pushes his substantial weight down on Alice.

His fat wrinkled balls rest against Alice's sweet behind. Carlo withdraws only a few inches and then bangs back home repeatedly as the onslaught begins. For a man of his age and size, he gives it everything. Sweat spills out of every pore and drips all over Alice's body.

His back is soaked and the hair sticks to him everywhere. He continues to bang away as I see Alice approach another orgasm. She lets fly with another stream of expletives as she reaches her climax and she again punches and beats Carlo's chest. I see him begin to slow and I assume he is about to come. Instead he lifts Alice from the table and slumps back onto the sand. She is now impaled upon 12 inches of Italian cock and Carlo grasps her around her tiny waist.

He lifts her with his huge arms and grinds her back down into his lap while thrusting upwards at the same time. Give this guy credit, he knows how to fuck. Leo takes the opportunity to stand over his brother and grasp Alice by the hair. He pushes his now half erect cock into her open mouth and starts to fuck Alice's mouth. Alice gasps for breath between each thrust her face is covered with spit and tears. Fixated by the site, I become aware that I am stroking my cock and I feel the need to relieve the ache.

I take the only option open to me and kneel down behind Alice between the splayed legs of the prone Carlo. I reach out and try to hold Alice still. Carlo looks up, his face bright red and covered in sweat. He grins knowingly and stops his thrusts for a moment. I can see his enormous cock buried deep inside Alice. Her pussy lips are no longer visible, they are stretched so much. His cock is as thick as my arm, let alone Alice's!

I can see the remains of Leos cum all over Alice's ass so I use it to help lubricate her asshole. The skin around her ass is much tighter than before I begin to doubt that this is possible.

It's then I hear Alice's voice. I look up to see her looking over her shoulder at me. "You can do anything you want to me" she grimaces. "Are you sure?" I replying, realising it's a stupid thing to say considering. "I want you inside me" she says it in a deep and husky voice. I place the swollen head of my cock against Alice's tiny asshole and I begin to apply an increasing amount of pressure.

Despite my cock being so hard it begins to buckle and I used my hand to guide it. I feel an imperceptible movement as the muscle of Alice's anus separates and I begin to slide inside. I push at least half of my cock inside Alice's arse when Carlo begins to fuck her again. I can feel his cock sliding deep inside her next to mine.

As he fully impales himself again, I can feel myself being pushed out to make room. As he slides out again, I take the chance to drive myself deeper and as we alternate our thrusts, I eventually find myself fully inside Alice. Alice is held in a vice like grip between 3 men as we fuck every orifice. She is shaking and squirming against each of us and all of us at the same time.

I can feel the blood rushing in my ears and my heart pounding in my chest. It's Leo I hear first. His now familiar bellow confirms his lack of staying power versus his brother. I hear Alice gagging and coughing as he empties himself into her mouth. He holds her head as he tries to make her swallow every drop before stepping back dazed. Alice is gasping for breath and on the verge of retching when I feel Carlo's cock jerk and swell.

I hold myself tightly in Alice's ass as I hear Carlo utter what I assume to be a string of Italian swear words. His hips jerk violently and I hold on while he bucks and pushes into Alice.

I then feel Alice begin to twitch. The muscles in her groin begin to spasm and contract. I can hear her even above Carlo's cries as she comes. The sensation of Alice's orgasm, while feeling a huge cock come inside her is too much to bear and I start to squirt my load deep into Alice's bowels.

I can't hold on any more and I sit back and slide my still throbbing cock out of Alice. A few more spurt of come leap out and land on her smooth arse cheeks. I rub the end of my own cock to prolong the pleasure and I watch as Carlo lifts Alice off his lap. I watch in fascination as inch after inch of dark skin appear out of Alice's pussy. It seems like it will never end until finally the still swollen head appears and falls away from her lips making and obscene slapping sound as it lands on Carlo's fat belly.

I then watch as about a gallon of thick slimy come cascades out of Alice's gaping hole. This guy mustn't have fucked in about 10 years. I stand and try to catch my breath. Alice seems to be at the point of unconsciousness, while Carlo and Leo lie flat out in the sand struggling for air. I go to Alice and gently lift her head to see if she's okay. Her face is a mess. Sweat, cum, snot and tears cover her entirely.

"Are you okay?" I asked gently. No response. "Alice. Are you alright" I shook her shoulder. When she speaks a mouthful of cum rolls passed her lips, runs down her chin and falls on her chest.

"I'm fine" she mouthed so quiet I could hardly hear her. "I could do with a beer" she smirked. I snorted loudly and said "You're crazy Alice. Seriously, you're crazy". I picked her up once again in my arms and I walk into the lake only a few feet away. The cool water immediately refreshes and cleanses me. Once we were waist deep I lowered us both into the clear water.

We both hold our noses and submerge beneath the surface. Alice emerges running her hands across her face and through her hair, washing away the last traces of cum. Her skin glows and her eyes sparkle and a wicked look take over her face. "My mum says I shouldn't drink" she said.

"Maybe she's right" The two of us laughed out loud and we carry on laughing when I look back towards the bar where Carlo and Leo are still lying flat out on the ground. "I think you broke them" I said turning back to Alice.

Her smile lights up her face when she responds. "I think they nearly broke me!" We swim for a short time, laughing a joking about what just happened, before walking out of the water to retrieve our clothes. As we walk I watch the water drip down Alice's naked body and once again marvel at her beauty. The two men has managed to get themselves to their feet at we approached the bar.

Their eyes never leave Alice and I can still see the animal lust in their eyes.

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Their cocks swung limply, but still impressively between their legs, but I doubt their ability to do anything more about it. Alice remains naked as she helps herself to another beer "for the road" she says before draining the bottle and washing the taste of cum out of her mouth.

"Thanks for the beer boys" she said teasingly and walked back towards the car. We all watched her perfect arse bounce firmly as she walks away. "Ciao Leo, Ciao Carlo" I say in farewell, smiling to myself at the dumbstruck expressions that remained on their faces.

Back in the car Alice changed into her sensible clothes as I drove back to the main road. I try my best to keep focused on the road as boobs, bum and thighs writhe next to me in a struggle to get dressed. By the time we get back to the Villa the cars are outside and the others have made it back. My heart sinks as I realise our time together was over.

I pull the car up next to the new hire car and turn off the engine. I turn to Alice, whose expression reflects my own disappointment. "I guess this is it" I say sadly. "I guess so" Alice replies. Alice leans over and kisses me softly on the lips. "I think I'm ruined for the boys at school now" she laughs quietly as our lips part. "I doubt they're good enough for you anyway Alice" I reply honestly. "I'm just going to have to come and visit you then, aren't I" she says with a devilish grin.

I smile at the thought "I can come up during the school holidays next month" Alice said, her eyes fixed on mine. "I can bring Megan from school if you like. I think she'd love to meet you" I smile even more at that thought. (To be continued?)