Fresh legal age teenager knows exactly what this babe wants and how to get it

Fresh legal age teenager knows exactly what this babe wants and how to get it
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I couldn't believe my parents, the last thing I wanted to do this summer was spend it indoors, in a coffee shop. At least I would be getting paid, but the fact they went an did it behind my back and didn't tell me until the owner phoned. It wouldn't be completely terrible though, I tried to tell myself, I'm getting paid, I don't have to work super early or late, and I don't work on weekends. The alarm clock went off again as I failed to shut it off properly, I ended up unplugging it in the end, I started to get ready.

I had medium length dark brown hair, that just went a little past my shoulders, that went all wavy if I didn't straighten it, which I didn't. I was quite tall, 5'10, well it was quite tall compaired to the rest of the 16 year old girls Around. I looked at myself in the mirror, my generics made me naturally thin, but my breasts came in nicely, I had a nice pair of c's.

I didn't show off my body that much but I was proud of it. There was no specific uniform, but I didn't feel the need to dress up, my legs wouldn't be seen behind the counter, and whatever top is wear would just be covered up by a green apron.

I went downstairs and ate my cereal in silence, my mom and dad were already gone to work. I thought of the idea of having a little "alone time" but it would probably just tire me out.

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But on the way to the coffee shop, I realize I shouldve just masterbated, I was turned on and needed to take care of it. I felt like a teenage boy sometimes with how many times I needed to. I had never been to this coffee shop before, and was impressed with the space, there were many tables set up.

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Couches, lazy boy chairs and a platform that could easily be turne into a stage when needed. Nobody was around thoug, it was almost 10, and not a customer in sight. I waited for a minute until finally the owner came out. I was totally expecting some grey haired 60 year old man, but instead, a tall, dark haired man that couldn't be older than 35, I didn't know if it was the lack of satisfaction this mourning, or just my hormones, but instantly I wanted him to fuck me.

I had a bit of trouble consentratng through the newbie seminar, but eventually I worked through it and got the hang of things, by noon it got super busy, but "mark" helped out. Surprisingly I was the only other person who worked there.

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I couple times when grabbing things from the pastry section, I intentionally rubbed his crotch with my ass. I could have sword he got harder everytime, but my plan to slowly seduce him was starting to backfire, I was so horny I was about to burst, when it finally slowed down again he said I could take my lunch hour, but instead of eating anywhere, I parked my car in the middle of a parking lot and went to town.

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I was moving around and moaning like I never had before, just imagining his big cock sliding in and out of my pussy made me so wet. When i did cum it was so intense, I knew that it could only get better if I got the real thing.

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I made a plan, tomorrow, I would do a bold thing, short skirt, no panties, and I knew he would be crazy not to get the hint. I got back to the coffee shop a bit early, and when I went to go clock in, I heard some heavy breathing from around the corner, I slowly and silently creeped around, and didn't expect what I saw, he was at his desk, back to me, on his computer jerking off to porn.

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I knew I turned him on too I was about to interrupt him, when he shot his load, it would be pointless now, I creeped back away slowly and went behind the counter, pretending to have never gone back there. When I got home that night I fucked my dildo so hard pretending it was him, I wouldve been yelling his name if it weren't for my parents in the other room, one time my mom walked in on me masterbating, and I've been even more careful to much noise I make now.

The next mourning I got up early. I decided on a normal black shirt, and a super short floral skirt, as soon as a bent over slightly, he would be able to see my pussy, and that's when it would all go down.

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I had to take care of myself then just thinking about it. I didn't see him much the first hour, he hid away in his office, and during the second it was so busy I didn't have a chance to make a move. But then it slowed down completely. He complemented me on how much better I did today when I unintentionally knocked over a stack of coffee cups, and when I went to retrieve them I didn't even realize what I had done. I just began to restack them when I heard his jeans zipper, and then barely a second later he grabbed me and threw me against the counter, taking me from behind, he shoved his dick in me, I let out a moan.


"you like that?" he said "yes" I moaned, he felt so good, he pushed it in harder and harder, pushing me against the counter.

"you saw me yesterday, and it turned you on, disnt it you fucking whore." "yes, it made me so wet." he then moved his hand and started rubbing my clit, I couldn't help but moan even more.


He took his dick out teasing me. "you want my cock?" "mark yea, please mark, put it back in." He guided it back in, his thrusts started getting faster. "call me daddy." he said, an that made me even hotter. "fuck me daddy.

Fuck me." It didn't take long after that to cum, I let him cum in me because I was on the pill. Having his warm load in me just made me cum even harder, I almost passed out, and after I finally came down I figured this job would be alright