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Attractive beauty gets her spread cunt absolute of warm pee and squirts
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Part 9 Secrets Shoshana awoke to pain. It filled her belly, her pussy, her ass and her mouth. Dull pain that fought to be clear of the drugs and burst inside her. Rachael held her left hand, Michael her right.

She felt unfocused, but murmured, "Mommy, I hurt." "I know Honey, The nurse will be here in a minute," just as the nurse arrived.

Michael said, "She's in pain." The nurse nodded and adjusted the intravenous drip that contained the pain med. "Try not to talk, Shosh. They don't want you to pull the stitches in your tongue." She nodded and then fell back asleep. Michael slipped out of Shoshana's room and back to the waiting room. "God, Dad, it's been almost an hour, we were getting really worried," Beth admonished him. Rachael and I talked with the other surgeons. Noosa will have to wait at least a month. So will the Road Trip.

Rachael and I," he stopped at the expression on Beth's face. "No. Don't even try. We're staying," Beth said, a mulish expression on her face. Beside her, Lynne nodded, her eyes glaring at him. Michael knew his daughter. She would not budge. They wouldn't hide. They would stay with Shoshana. "That's what I thought. Anyway, Shosh woke up for a few minutes and then went back to sleep.

The damage was a bit worse than the first doctor said. The OB/GYN surgeon isn't sure what effect the abuse will have on her fertility. They want to run some tests after Shosh recovers and see if she is ovulating.

The bastards had her on a med that causes infertility and eventually menopause." A haunted look washed over Lynne. "What about me? I'm on birth control meds." Her hand flew to her mouth. Before Michael could answer, a slender young woman in scrubs approached. "Which one of you is Lynne?" she asked gently. "Go with her and find out." Michael said gently. Day turned to night.

Tim's men directed them to a waiting Escalade that whisked them to a luxury, 3-bedroom cottage, set off by itself on a hill overlooking Charlotte. It had been part of a luxury housing development that had gone bust during the recession. New, sterile furniture, freshly stocked refrigerator and, thankfully, a fully stocked bar greeted them.

Take out from a nearby restaurant sat on the counter, still warm. Tim had done well. His men monitored the hastily erected security cameras and sensors from the garage.

Rachael, Beth and Lynne collapsed on the sofa. Michael inspected the rooms and found his luggage in the master bedroom. It was the only bedroom with a television. He frowned. Television had never been his favorite entertainment, except for football and he could watch that in the living room. Shoshana, though, would need both the escape and the attached bathroom. He looked for Beth's brightly colored bag and found it in the room with twin beds.

Shosh's bags were in a small bedroom with a full size bed. He went to the living room. "Girls, it's going to be a bit cramped when Shosh…" Rachael held up her hand. "Michael, I told them to put you in the Master. A new TV will arrive tomorrow for the room with the full size bed. That will be Shosh's room. Whoever is not sharing your bed will sleep in the room with twin beds.

We've all agreed." He shook his head, smiling, "Ok, You win. I've read the manual. Women win most of the arguments." ***** Two thousand miles away, Rafaela sat before her laptop, composing a message to Michael. She wanted it to be perfect before she recorded it. It had been easy to defuse the hit, but now she had to make sure he understood what loving her would really mean. Alice was right. She must have written and reedited her speech a dozen times.

Alice visited her several times, but would not read her words. Finally, Alice had enough. "Honey, just speak from the heart. Let it out. Put some topics you want to talk about, but don't rehearse your speech. He'll know. Michael has "Broken Bird Syndrome", so he may only be thinking of your pain. You have to give him a chance to consider the price." Rafaela nodded miserably. Alice handed her the earpiece. Rafaela nodded and hit the record button. Twenty minutes later, she strode out to the pool in a bright yellow bikini, her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, her hips and hair swinging with her walk.

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She stopped in front of Alice, pulled her from the chair into a passionate embrace, placing her lips firmly on Alice's.

"I need some loving," Rafaela said softly, pulling Alice along to her room. Inside Alice chuckled. Rafaela had ceded control to Michael and she had to reassert her dominance. Rafaela pulled her into Rafaela's large bedroom, pushing Alice down on her back. Rafaela, usually the passive partner, ripped Alice's bottom off, throwing it to the side, exposing Alice's little landing strip of hair pointing to a modest slit beginning to ooze lubricant. Alice's unhooked her top and threw it to the side.

"Lay down, bitch," Rafaela growled. She pounced on Alice, grinding her smooth labia against Alice's strip, her mouth locked in wanton need on Alice's lips. Breasts rubbed against breast, hard nipples against hard nipples. The smell of raw sex filled the room as they interlocked legs, rubbing their pussies together. No words, just sounds, grunts, moans and whimpers.

Rafaela broke the embrace and lay on her back on the bed lewdly spreading her legs, "Eat my pussy, bitch. Make me cum!" Alice moved to comply. Her lips encircled Rafaela's clit, alternately sucking it hard and whipping it with her tongue bringing screams of pleasure. She jammed two fingers into Rafaela's pussy, palm up so she could stroke the g spot. More screams. Alice lubed two fingers of her left hand with her own juice, rubbing it around Rafaela's anus.

Rafaela wailed gibberish as she approached her climax. Alice bit down a little harder than she intended while jamming two fingers into the younger woman's ass and felt Rafaela release a shattering orgasm, pulling her head hard against her labia.

Alice was stunned, not by the ferocity of her climax. As Rafaela came, she was screaming, "Michael." They lay beside each other as Rafaela's breathing slowly returned to normal, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally Alice levered onto her side to face Rafaela.

"How are you doing?" Alice asked kindly. Rafaela glanced at the laptop, then back at Alice. "You didn't get to cum," Rafaela replied. "I will later, " She said chuckling, "I know you, remember?" Rafaela blushed, remembering how Alice helped her to put the pieces together after her second rape.

Alice realized that it Rafaela would probably never fully trust any man again, so she had glued her together with her female love. As Alice tried to get her mind off the laptop, she realized it was no use. Rafaela's mind continued to be filled with just one thing. "Okay, I give up," Alice said, "What did you say?" Rafaela began to sob, "I told him what life would be like with me, the dangers and the isolation.

I told him Beth was safe," she began to wail, "I told him to take a couple of days to think about it! I told him it would take many months before we could be together. I can't stand it!" Alice soothed her friend, gently stroking her shoulder. After eating, Michael grabbed his briefcase. The red light hidden in the base of the vibrator / transmitter flashed weakly.

He quickly set it to charge and plugged in his headset. He pressed, "Receive". My darling. Do not worry.

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The men have agreed to remove the contract and the contractor has refunded ½ of their money. The families of the Beth's other attackers also understand that to threaten you or the girls is not wise.

Thank you for sending Alice to me. She is working with Maria and Juanita and, of course, me. We speak of you and my new sisters often and I am learning to love them as I hope they will one-day love me.

She will tell me only about things outside her cabin, so you can reassure them that their secrets are safe. When I was in prison, I had a lot of time to think and plan. Like you, I have enough money. Now I need love. I was so frightened when you took me to bed.

I need a man who wants me, scars and all.

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And I found him. Love, think hard. Even if I leave my business to be with you, I have enemies. Miguel will try to protect me, but we would never be completely free to live as we choose. We will always need guards. Talk with Beth, Rachael and the girls. Explain this to them. We would have to live in a small world. I know my voice is trembling. I do not want to lose my one chance at happiness, but I cannot let love blind you to reality.

Please take a few days to consider. I will love you always whatever your choice. Goodnight my love He listened to it several times, thinking 'no more secrets.' When he returned to the living room, the TV was on. Rachael's head was in Beth's lap. Both slept peacefully.

Michael went to the bar. He needed a drink. Lynne's head popped out from the room with twin beds and waved. Michael opened the bar fridge and found a chilled bottle of champagne and two flutes, holding them up silently in invitation. Lynne eagerly nodded yes. He moved silently to his room, followed by Lynne in her robe, trying desperately to suppress a giggle.

She felt delightfully naughty, about to play while her mother and Beth slept on the couch. Michael popped the cork silently, slowly releasing the pressure of the contents.

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He handed one flute to Lynne, searching her eyes. She smelled of soap and freshness. "To a new beginning, Princess," Michael said softly as he raised his glass. Her eyes were a curious mixture of fear, relief and lust. Michael realized he hadn't showered for many hours and put his glass on the dresser.

Time for a quick shower. "Honey, I'm just going to take a quick shower," he said as he rushed to the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, he returned, the taste of toothpaste in his mouth. Lynn was sitting on the bed with the earpiece in her ear and the transmitter in her lap. She was confused and a little angry. "What's going on Michael? All of it." "OK. I was going to tell all three of you earlier, but I didn't want to wake Rachael or Beth," he paused, "Tim found out that the fathers of two of Beth's attackers had taken out a hit on her." "We couldn't hide again.

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We had to stay here to take care of Shoshana. Tim couldn't guarantee he could protect Beth here.


I asked Rafaela to get a message to the fathers. As you heard, she did." She shook her head, "I didn't listen. I just figured out it's a radio. At first, I thought it was a vibrator we could use tonight," she giggled, "I mean why does it look like a vibrator?" He hesitated, and then told the truth, "Because it was designed for a woman to hide and use.

I took it from her." He watched her mind work. Finally, "Alice?" He nodded sadly. "Alice was working for Rafaela?" "In a way.


She actually was working to get Rafaela out of prison." "She's the one who told them where we were?" "I'm not sure. There was another leak, but Alice never intended to let anyone hurt you." Little pieces continued to fall in place for her. He watched as she fit the pieces together into a complete picture.

"That's why you never said goodbye! That's why you have her laptop! Her hand flew to her face, as she turned crimson. "She taped our sessions. I told her EVERYTHING! My God, and now she has all that stuff, " she said almost screaming. He smiled, totally confusing her.

"Tell me!" she demanded just as the door opened. Beth and Rachael stood in the doorway. Michael waved them in. "Alice gave me all her notes and tapes and to prove it, she also gave me her laptop. They're in my briefcase." He pointed to it. "Since everyone's up, I better explain," a pause as he gathered his thoughts, "Rafaela was one of Alice's first patients and is now her good friend. I found out when I went to Mexico.

Rafaela was dragged over the border into the US, arrested and imprisoned under the Patriot Act." Beth knew how he felt about that law! "Now some of this is a little guesswork. Miguel Zapata contacted someone who knew our plans and who suggested to Tim that Alice come along to help all of you. Tim vetted her and found no connection with David or his cronies. At that time, we didn't know about David's connection to the Zapatas.

Alice kept them informed using that vibrator looking radio. Tim's men missed that. The rest you already know" "Dad, who sent Tim to Alice?" Beth looked confused. The plan had been so secret, even she didn't know until almost the day they ran.

Beth saw the pain in his father's eyes. "I think it was Peter." "Why didn't you tell us about Alice?" Rachael asked softly. "Because of just what happened with Lynne. I didn't want it to destroy all the good she did. She was a spy. Yes. She was also your friend. She knew that if you found out, it would break your trust in her and might do even more damage. That's why I have all her tapes and notes," he said, fudging the truth a bit, "every secret you told her is safe." He looked at the dubious women.

"Michael, can we listen to the message Rafaela sent you?" Lynne asked softly. He removed the memory card from the vibrator device and took it over to his laptop that was in "sleep" mode. He inserted the card and clicked on play. They listened to Rafaela's voice in silence. "Dad, please replay it." Beth took the lead. After listening a second time, "What did she mean by scars?" "Rafaela was gang raped twice.

The second time, they tried to cut off her right nipple and sliced up her breast pretty bad, they cut off parts of her vaginal lips and branded her back. They beat her about as bad as those animals beat you, but she's had her face fixed. They also took away her ability to have children.

Her two nieces are more like her children. They were also pretty badly abused by their real father." Now Beth understood.

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Rafaela's voice seemed exotic and enchanting, her trembling tones real and frightened. Her love of Michael obvious. Another broken bird. "Michael, we've pissed off some pretty dangerous people. If Homeland uses David's information, they'll be more people that will want us dead," Rachael said firmly, "We're going to have to live a closed life anyway, so from where I'm standing, if you want to offer to have her join us to see if we get along, I am OK with it.

She did, after all, get the contract on Beth cancelled. I'm sure Shoshana would agree." Beth just nodded.

Lynne did as well. "Dad, don't make her wait. She sounded really scared," Beth said firmly. He reinserted the memory card into the transmitter. First he handed it to Beth and showed her how it worked. "Rafaela, this is Beth. Thank you so much for your gift and for protecting me. My Dad played your message for us.

I am really excited about meeting you and getting to know you, Sister." "Rafaela, this is Lynne. I'm the runt of the harem," she giggled, "I've never made love with Michael or any other man. That was about to end tonight when I found what I thought was a vibrator," another giggle, "couldn't you have made it look like something else?' a third giggle, "seriously, you are soooooooo welcome to be with us. I want so much to meet you and to laugh with you. Thank you so much for the pendant.

I am wearing it now. What is your birthstone? Come soon." "Rafaela, this is Rachael. From what Michael has told us, you probably know a lot more about us than we do about you, but I will tell you what is in my heart.

Come to us. The life you described is the life we live already. You have suffered as we have. Please tell Alice that she can share with you anything Shoshana or I talked about in "group". Shoshana cannot be part of this recording because she is in the hospital and cannot speak well yet because of repairs to her tongue.

The unspeakable things done to her body by her father and brother are slowly healing, but she needs the strength of an older sister. Thank you for the pendant. Like Lynne and Beth, it is close to my heart right now. Shoshana asked me to bring hers tomorrow. Come soon. Please come soon," Rachael was pleading. Beth grabbed the microphone, "And tell Alice she can share anything I said in "group" too." Lynne grabbed the microphone, "Me too," and handed the ear mike to Michael.

Michael inserted the earpiece, "Love, I think you have your answer. Sleep well and come soon. Goodnight." He looked around and all three women nodded. He clicked the send button. Rafaela was showering. Their second lovemaking session with Alice had been a disaster. Rafaela's preoccupation for a message that wouldn't come for days kept her distracted and distant. The next few days would be difficult.

Seconds later, Alice noticed the red light flashing on the laptop screen and smiled. Rafaela came back into the room, her wet hair wrapped in a towel.

Another towel wrapped around her body.

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She saw the warm smile on Alice's face. Her hands flew to her mouth as she hurried to the magic box that held her answer. She was so nervous that she mistyped her password the first two times. She forced herself to calm down and finally got access to the program. She put her earpiece in. She looked over her shoulder at Alice. Alice nodded faintly and Rafaela hit "receive".

It took her a few seconds to understand, since she had been expecting Michael's masculine tone. She leapt from the chair. Fortunately the earpiece was a wireless device. She put her hand to cover the earpiece so she could listen better. Alice walked over and pulled the wireless connection from the USB port in the computer. Instantly she heard Lynne's familiar voice on the laptop speaker. She turned and pulled Rafaela into a hug filled with years of caring and love.

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Together they listened to the message many times, sometimes crying, sometimes pausing it when Rafaela had a question about the person speaking. Finally, Rafaela asked about Shoshana. Alice paused trying to separate what had been private and what had been said in "group." Fuck it. She stared into space as she started to speak. "Some of the most important parts I cannot tell you. It's pretty sick shit. Much worse than what happened to Maria and Juanita.

Shoshana caught the brunt of the abuse the last couple of years. Her brother and father raped, tortured and mutilated her. Rachael was away on a business trip, so they had time to break her sexual identity and implant one that is self destructive, all for their pleasure.

Over time, a doctor got involved. He "modified" her body to give them more pleasure. By the time I met her, she was completely submissive, thinking she had no value other than a fuck toy. Yet she is the kindest, sweetest girl." "She always puts herself second or last.

Everyone agreed she would be with Michael the night before I left, but she gave her night to Rachael." "We had no idea she had so many health issues. They must have done things inside her." "She will certainly accept you. She really does need a big sister," Alice hesitated, as she didn't want to mislead Rafaela since Shoshana already had a big sister, but Alice kept her ethics, "She has a hero complex for Michael and does not feel she is worthy of him.

If he is as good as you say, she will be totally devoted to him for the rest of her life." Alice turned to face Rafaela. "As for you, you'll have to share and not compete. It's the only way. Those women have bonded into a family with Michael belonging to all of them. If you go to them, you will not be first. As much as Michael loves you, he loves Beth just as much if not more. Remember who invited you first. That was not an accident. Can you accept that?" Alice searched Rafaela's translucent eyes.

Rafaela smiled, "I already have." "Then what's this BS about it taking you months to get out of the business? They need you and you need them." Rafaela looked down and confessed, "I wanted to have my scars removed. I found a man who loved me with my scars. I don't want them anymore. I want to start fresh." After transmitting the message, Beth ducked out of the room, returning with two more flutes. "Guess I'll wait until tomorrow night," Lynne said with a hint of sadness. Putting her arm around her shoulder, Rachael said, "Beth and I will go see Shoshana tomorrow.

You and Michael stay here." Lynne's sad eyes instantly exploded into excitement, a broad smile on her face. As they toasted their new harem mate, Michael knew he had missed something. He put it aside and joined in the hugging. That night all four slept in Michael's king bed, intertwined.

Just after four in the morning, Michael awoke. His subconscious had been processing information as he slept, a not unusual thing for him. He knew what he had missed.