Blonde teen gets horny on her massage and pleases her masseur

Blonde teen gets horny on her massage and pleases her masseur
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The Rape of Young Kate Introduction: This story is mainly about the rough, cruel rape of a eighteen year old girl. If it isn't your cup of tea, go find something else. The other thing is.


with all the trash comments out there these days, comments are disabled unless you are registered and logged in. which CAN be traced. Thanx "What's the problem, son?" My son, Dave, came in from school, grabbed a Dr.Pepper and went to the patio.

He never acknowledged my greeting. I knew he had finally found out, what I already knew. "She's pregnant, dad. Kate's pregnant and I'm not the father." Dave and Kate had been dating since they were in junior high. He told me over a year ago that they had decided not to have sex until they graduated.

This was their senior year, and graduation was two weeks away. "Okay, son, you lost me here. Has Kate been dating other guys?" "She was raped, Dad. It was about two months ago. I know she's been upset for a while, but I just chalked it up to being moody and getting ready for graduation. She told me about it today. Her mom knew about it right after it happened, but didn't want Kate to report it or tell anyone else. She's so self centered; she didn't want her church buddies to find out… the bitch." "Watch the name calling, Dave.

Does she know who raped her? Usually it's somebody the victim knows." "No, she was attacked and never saw the man. Her head was covered and he tied her hands&hellip. He fucked her three times, dad. Her mom found her tied to the bed a few hours afterwards. "I've been in her arms for almost four years, nearly every day, but we've never had sex… I've felt her tits and she's rubbed my dick thru my jeans, but that's all.

Now some sorry bastard fucks her and gets her pregnant. I love her, dad. What do I do, now?" I reflected back… back to the first time Dave brought Kate home from school to do homework…&hellip. *********** Her jeans weren't skin tight, but tight enough. At the ripe age of fourteen, her tits had begun to develop and her waist was slender. As Kate and Dave grew older and closer, she finished filling out… those jeans did become skin tight.

With a 36D chest, my 36 year old cock jumped to attention every time she came to our house. I couldn't believe Dave was able to corral his own sexual desires when she was around. He must have jacked off a LOT. I would have been pounding that cunt every time I could. My own wife had left me when Dave was six. At one point, I considered asking Kate's mom out, but Dave advised me that she was a lesbian, but her church group didn't know that, either. "Then some way," I thought to myself, "I'm just gonna have to find a way to sink my cock into Kate's sweet pussy." So&hellip.

It was about two months ago when I heard Kate tell Dave that she wouldn't be able to go out with him and their friends on a Friday night, after the basketball game. Her mother was driving into Tulsa for a late dinner with her area manager.

She was in line for a promotion with the cosmetics company she worked for and planned to get home around midnight or shortly after. Kate also said that Dave and the others couldn't come to her house, since her mom didn't allow it when she was out of town.

That night, I lay in my bed with my thick seven inch shaft in my hand and formulated my plan… It was three in the afternoon when I found the unlocked window in Kate's house. I slipped in and helped myself to a cold beer.

When I heard Dave's car pull up, I was afraid that he was going to violate her mom's orders and come inside with Kate. But, like the good kid he is, he walked her half way to the door and kissed her, pulling against her fine ass and lingering on her lips. I could tell when he mouthed the words, "I love you, see you tomorrow." I had tried all the closet doors earlier and found that none of them had squeaky hinges.

I hid in the hall closet until I heard the television. Peeking out, I could see the back of Kate's head watching the Ellen Degeneres Show. I slipped up behind her and dropped the black drawstring bag over her head. It tied easily and I grabbed her wrists as she tried to remove it. I dragged her backwards over the couch and pinned her to the floor, screaming all the way.

Knowing she would recognize my voice, I told her to, "shhhhh", but when she didn't, I planted a hard fist to her stomach, knocking the air from her lungs and leaving her gasping. I rolled her over and tied her hands behind her&hellip. This was going to be so easy… and so fucking good. It was a kicking, screaming fight as I yanked her to her feet and forced her down the hall. Another punch weakened her enough that she just curled up when I threw her onto the bed.

I undressed as she regained her breath. I climbed over the girl and straddled her waist. With her hands tied behind her, she cried out in pain as my weight settled onto her luscious body. I ripped open her pink blouse, exposing her cleavage, probably the nicest set of tits I had ever seen in person.

Kate yelled, "NO! PLEASE, NO! DON"T DO THIS! PLEASE!" I simply followed up by ripping the straps on her bra and tearing through the fabric holding one breast. One tug and the thing was completely out of the way.

I leaned forward, laying my hard rod between those smooth globes and began titty fucking her. She complained about her arms hurting so I lifted my weight a little. She tried kicking me in the back with her knees so I dropped back onto her belly. I really had to hand it to Kate, she knew what she was going to get, but she would fight it… as long as there was fight left in her.

I crawled off her and stood beside the bed, watching quietly as she rolled back and forth, wondering where I went and what was next.

With the scissors from her bathroom drawer, I cut away the remains of the pink blouse. I couldn't resist sucking her nipples, but I had to slap her to make her hold still as I did.

God, they tasted good. Dave didn't know what he'd been missing out on. (Please excuse this writer for a few minutes while he takes a jack-off break&hellip. Oh, yeah, much better now. Thanks for staying with me.) Now it was time to lose the jeans. Once again, the kicking and pleading reached a level that hurt my ears. Since she had no way to see it coming, Kate was never prepared when I would hit her with another punch.

This time, it was in the middle of her chest, right between her beautiful tits. Not only would her breath be taken away, but the pain would last longer. Although she gasped for air and rolled slightly back and forth, there was no more kicking as I pulled her jeans and panties off.

I stared at the sight before my eyes and couldn't wait any longer. The bottle of baby oil from her dresser was all I needed to coat my dick and her unshaved pussy. I climbed between her legs and ignored her as she screamed, "NOOO!! NOOO! PLEASE DON'T… AAIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!" It was too late, now.

I had shoved my cock through her cherry on the first thrust and hit bottom with the second. I smiled, knowing how hard this girl was going to get fucked; for as long as I could hold out. Kate constantly cried and begged for me to stop as I began sliding my shaft in and back. After the first couple of minutes, I started withdrawing completely, waiting a few seconds, then jamming her full again… all the way to the hilt. As beautiful as her naked body looked and felt, I knew I wouldn't last long.

I raised her legs over my shoulders and clenched her waist. I pounded that virgin cunt harder than I had ever fucked any woman before. It was extremely hard to keep from talking dirty and groaning out my pleasure as I emptied my balls. I never dumped so much cum before; it felt like my entire guts were spilling into Kate… God it was good… I guess she had resigned herself to accept her fate, which was entirely in my hands.

She lay still as I washed her genitals with soap and water. A towel under her gorgeous ass caught most of the water, but there was still a wet spot on her bed. I figured that since her first penetration would have produced the most blood and my biggest batch of cum, I'd move to her mother's bed for the rest of the evening. But, first, there were a couple of other things I wanted to take care of. I found some three inch square Band Aids in the bathroom and slipped them, one at a time, under the black bag and covered her eyes.

I really wanted to watch the fear in those pretty brown eyes, but I couldn't let her see my face. Next, I found scissors and a razor. She started to protest as I began working to eliminate her pubic hair, but a hard thump on her sore sternum brought complete cooperation.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy fondling the luscious teenager's body as I cleaned her up and shaved her cunt.

I fingered her pussy and forced a couple of digits up her ass. I sucked on her tits and tweaked her hard nipples with my fingers. I decided that, if I could get hard a third time, she was going to get ass fucked, too. On her mother's bed, I sat on her stomach and untied her hands, placing one of them under me as I tied the other to the rail on the headboard. Once both were secure, I took my time fucking her tits again.

Although she shed tears the whole time, she had quit her vocal protests. I moved a little higher and rubbed the head of my cock across her lips.

She tried to turn aside, but a hard slap reminded her who was in charge. I pulled at her chin and she knew what was expected. Her mouth was the size of Julia Roberts' and I knew she would be able to accept a very large dick inside it. Kate took my dick in her mouth and tried to suck it. The position was kind of awkward so I moved higher to provide better access… it worked.

I face-fucked her mouth for several minutes, even shoving far enough to gag her a few times. Again, she didn't resist; she accepted what was happening with soft whimpers and tears. I removed my rod and laid on top of her. It would soon be time to fuck her tight pussy again but first… I couldn't get enough of Kate's fantastic set of tits.

I sucked, kissed, kneaded, squeezed, rubbed and pinched them for ten minutes. Next, I kissed and licked my way down her body, dwelling on her lower abdomen and freshly shaved mound. If Dave knew how luscious this young woman was, he'd be in heaven every night with this naked body. I found her love button and directed my attention to making it feel good. To Kate's credit, she never issued a moan of pleasure nor responded to my tongue's probing.

When I inserted two fingers into her pussy and one up her ass, she quietly asked, "Why? Why are you doing this? Please leave me alone now." My answer was a slap to her left tit and I pushed her knees toward her chest. Her cunt muscles tried to clamp tight as the head of my cock started pushing at her opening.

I simply dropped a little baby oil onto the hard shaft and thrust all the way inside. By emptying my nuts earlier, I knew this one would last a while. The poor girl had to be hurting from losing her virginity, getting punched in the stomach and chest, twisted and pinched nipples, the sensitivity of her freshly shaved pussy, and being pressed to the bed with over 200 pounds of horny man.

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But she only vocalized the light whimpers and an occasional, "please stop." I rode her hard for ten minutes or more. Then I twisted her onto her side, which wasn't easy with her hands tied to the head board. Once on her side, I made her pull her knees up and re-entered her from behind, lying on our sides. Good fit… very good fit. After another four or five minutes, I couldn't hold back. For a second, I was afraid she recognized my voice when I let out a groan of pleasure.


I was cumming so hard that I had temporarily forgotten to stay quiet. As I emptied my second load into the sexy redhead, she began crying harder, "Why?

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Why me? What have I done to you? Why are you doing this to me?" I set the alarm for 8pm and went to sleep beside her. Waking up next to a naked woman is one of the best feelings in the world. When I aroused, I started running my hands all over her body, appreciating the fine specimen lying there.

She had managed to return to her back so I helped myself to her sweet tits, again, while fingering her vagina. I took a piss and untied Kate's wrists from the bed. Her arms had been in the same position so long that it was painful to move them. I held them behind her back and led her to the bathroom. When I helped her sit on the toilet, she pissed like a horse, "I'm through, now, can I wipe?" I washed her with a soft washcloth and marched her back to the bed, placing her on her stomach this time.

I kissed, licked and lightly spanked her beautiful ass for a few minutes before I reached for the baby oil again. When Kate realized I was getting her asshole slick for fucking, she began pleading, again, "OH, GOD, NO! NO, PLEASE, PLEASE, NOT THAT!" Once again I told her to 'shhhhh', just before I jammed two fingers through her sphincter. Once I got both knuckles inside her, I pushed and twisted for several minutes. Her asshole remained slightly open when I pulled them out.

But I quickly replaced them with my rejuvenated cock. Her groans of pain just turned me on more and made me harder. I figured that I would go soft before I could cum again, considering how much my balls had already been drained.

But my stiff dick didn't fail me. I hammered Kate's butt cheeks and the hole between them for almost twenty minutes.

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I detected a couple soft moans which sounded like she was enjoying the feeling of ass-fucking. That little bit of satisfaction sent me into launch mode. I jammed all of my meat inside her and held it there for a few seconds. As I repeated the action, over and over, my finger tips dug into her hip bones as I pulled her and pulled her against me. My asshole and butt cheeks clenched as I shot seven or eight streams of 98.6 degree cum into her bowels.

Again, I thought I heard some whisperings of pleasure as I emptied. The clock was showing 10:30. It was time to go… I left Kate tied to the bed, face down and with a leaking asshole. Her mom would find her in a couple of hours. *********** (It's been two days since I started this story and It was getting hot enough to jack off again.

Fortunately, I just had a visit from my sister-in-law… Best damn cock-sucker west of the Mississippi. She was looking for her sorry-ass husband, who SAID he would be here, helping me with the lawn. I haven't seen him in weeks. So, now… with that pressure relieved, back to the story.) "Alright son, you say you still love her. How much?" "Huh?" "You heard me, Dave.

How much do you really love Kate? Do you love her enough to marry her and raise another man's child? Do you want her to get rid of the baby? Do you just want to walk away from a precious girl that you have been in love with for four years? I repeat, how much do you love Kate?" "I love her more than life, Dad. I'd do anything to keep her in my life." "Then I have a suggestion. You and Kate need to sleep together. She needs to know if she can accept having sex… with someone who loves her.

She needs to know it's not a terrible thing and it's not meant to be hurtful. If love can get her comfortable with having sex, there is hope for a wonderful future for you two. "You and Kate need to talk things over and discuss it with her mom. If you want, she can stay here this weekend and whenever y'all feel comfortable with it, you can screw like a couple of rabbits." "Dad! You make it sound almost dirty. But I'll talk to Kate and her mom." Friday evening after the kids arrived, acting shy and giggling.

I excused myself and went to my favorite bar for a couple of beers. When I got back home, I could hear the sounds coming from Dave's bedroom… "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I'm gonna cum, Dave, I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmm!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH. AHHHHHHH. OOOOOOOOOOOHH. Oh God, Dave. ahhhhhhhhhhh&hellip." I could hear my son groaning as his little swimmers filled Kate's young, tight cunt. I knew right then they would be okay.

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I'm not sure those kids slept at all that long Friday night. Each time I woke up to change positions in my bed, I could hear them. I don't think they even were aware of how much noise they were making.

Around 5am I finally got up, took a shower and jacked off, thinking about all the things I had done to Kate's young, luscious body. I was drinking coffee in the kitchen when Dave staggered in around 7am, "Andy called, he's sick and I have to work in his place today. Thankfully, Saturdays are kind of slow… I didn't get a lot of rest last night," he looked around and grinned at me while he poured himself a cup. "Yeah, me neither. There were lots of strange sounds coming from the room down the hall." "Uh… sorry about that, Dad.

But I think your idea must have been a good one. Kate and I are more in love than ever, now. We want to get married before the baby's born. We'll talk about it later, Kate's sleeping and I have to shower and get to work." Just before ten o'clock, Kate stepped to my office door, "Good morning. Thank you for inviting me to spend the weekend, Don; or should I call you 'Dad'?" "Whatever you want is fine, Kate.

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Did you get a good nap?" She sat in the chair at the end of my desk with her sexy legs exposed from the bottom of her robe. Of course, my dick saw them as soon as my eyes did.

In seconds, I was as hard as the first time I had raped her. "I think Dave and I settled any questions about whether or not we'd be able to have sex comfortably.


Last night was wonderful. He was moaning and saying things and he didn't even realize he was saying.

"One of these days I'll have his child." "Don, his child will be raised along side this one I'm carrying… your child." My cock wilted… "What?" "Dave's not the only one in this family whose mouth runs when he's fucking. I knew it was you during the second time you raped me. That was about the same time, it began feeling good to me. I've been wanting Dave to take my cherry for a couple of years, but he's quite the gentleman and wouldn't do it." She stood and dropped her robe to the floor.

Her nakedness was even more beautiful than when I had spent hours violating every hole in her desirable body, "Kate&hellip. I&hellip." She pranced to the opposite end of my desk and bent over it, "Don't worry about it, Dad, all is forgiven if you'll grant me a couple of requests." Rigidity was returning to Ol' Fat Boy. As I stood and pulled my sweat shirt over my head I asked, "And just what would those requests be, my dear?" "First, I guess Dave just didn't quite figure it out when I kept sticking my ass up in the air in front of him… I want some more cum up my butthole.

how 'bout it, Dad?" My shaft was buried in her guts within seconds. In less than a minute, she began having the first of multiple orgasms, maybe as many as ten or twelve.

Her head pitched from side to side and she literally screamed for more and more. When I finally pumped my nuts dry, we collapsed onto the floor.

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"Dave can never find out about this, Dad. It would absolutely destroy him." "Honey, there's gonna be plenty of time for this in the future. Dave will be going to college and working. You'll be here with the baby for a little while, but when it's big enough, you need to get a degree, too, and I can take care of him… or her.

But for now, let's clean this up, eat breakfast and spend a couple of more hours in bed. "You said there was two requests? What's the other one?" She dropped her head into my lap and sucked my dick into her soft mouth. After a few long, wet pulls, she looked up at me and said, "I want you to rape my mother, too… just as hard and mean as you did me… I think it's just what the snooty bitch needs." Comments are disabled unless you are logged in, to keep out the trash.