Young sexy teenager Cadey gets naked and show her gorgeous body

Young sexy teenager Cadey gets naked and show her gorgeous body
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I'm Telling Dad! "Ouch!"…"I'm telling dad!" I heard my daughter say. She raced down the stairs and jumped in my recliner with me, and snuggled up.

"Kurt flipped me on my butt, hard!…daddy." I smiled as usual, and yelled--"Kurt!…you come down here and kiss your sisters butt, and make it feel all better!"… I hear my son laugh up stairs, and yell down: "Sure dad, I'll be down in about a week." Gina looked up at me, with her beautiful eyes, rubbing her butt and grinned.

I asked her why Kurt flipped on her butt? She whispered that he caught her looking at porn on his computer. Kurt was 16, and Gina was 13. With no mom, Gina had two males she liked right at home. I thought I had heard Kurt and her fucking late at night once. It drove me crazy, so I ignored it. Gina was a very sexy girl. Long dark hair, 5'tall, full tits for 13, and a hot shaped ass.

I let Kurt bring his girlfriends home and spend the night, I figured it was safe place to fuck. The lady behind us, her boyfriend was gone all the time, a train driver. He had a girl at every stop he told me. His girlfriend Mandy, would come thru the back gate late at night drunk, and crawl in bed with me, and we'd fuck like crazy.

Poor Gina had to listen to Kurt and I both fucking our girlfriends and she was getting no sex. Then things began to change. It started one evening when Gina came down the stairs with only a sheer night gown on.

No bra, no panties. Her tits bounced as she hopped down the stairs. She ask if her girlfriend Tina could sleep over. I ask her if Tina would be cool with the 'night sounds' she might hear. Gina came over and put her arms around my neck and from behind my recliner. She started kissing me on the neck and feeling my chest. This had never happened before, she was starting to make out a little with me. Her hot breath was in my ear, she was getting excited.

Soon she came around to the front of my recliner and got up and laid on top of me, pushing the recliner out flat. She started kissing me with hot passion.

For some reason, I wasn't stopping her. It just took me by surprise and it did feel so good. I felt her little tongue go in my mouth and she wiggled her tits on my chest. Finally she whispered: ("&hellip.tina is my 'special' girlfriend, she 'wants'&hellip. to hear those night sounds.ok?") How could I say no. I tried to snap out of it, and clear my head.

Gina got up smiling and stood by my recliner. She smiled so sexy and looked at the boner in my pants. She leaned over and whispered: ("&hellip.oooo, is that for me?") I swatted her butt, grinned big and said: "No, that's not for you, you naughty girl!&hellip.and giggled.

(and then out of my mouth came words I didn't plan on saying…I can only describe it as the 'Lust, Taboo and Incest' fairy's, all took their magic wand's and touched my dick, all at once&hellip. sending 10,000 volts of male orgasm into my dick.) I held her sweet face in my hands and whispered: (&hellip."If you&hellip. GASP!…(as the jolt sent the orgasm deep into my dick)…Gina smiled sexy at me…"If you ever (gasp) kiss me like that again, I'll just have to lock you in my bedroom forever!") Gina started panting, and again started kissing me again, sinking her tongue deep in my mouth.

I pulled her away, and sucked some air…now…I said: "Mandy won't be spending the night tonight, did you want me to 'fake it' for Tina to listen to?" Gina's eyes got wide and said: "Oh daddy, that would be so much fun!

Do it!!!&hellip.leave that inner door open a little so we can hear real good!" We both giggled and off she went. The inner door she referred to was a door that led between her bedroom and my bathroom, which I always kept locked,&hellip.until now. ----------- The door bell rang. It was my mom, just happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by. *I'll tell you about my mom in another story, but for now I'll tell you dad told me before he passed on, that she is secretly bi-sexual at times.

(mothers code) Door bell rang again, it was Tina. Tina was 13, very pretty, a slim redhead, 5'5", with short curly red hair, small tits, always wore shorts, and had beautiful long white legs. I had her come in and we hugged as usual. I noticed my mom eyeballing her good. Tina was shy, hardly made eye contact, blushed real easy, but like to hold onto my arm all the time, as I always hugged her. She had no dad. Up she went to Gina's room, and you could hear them giggling right away.

This was the girl that 'wanted' to hear Kurt and I having sex with our girlfriends? I got a little hot thinking about that. Mom whispered: ("&hellip.who is that?") ("Gina's girlfriend, mom. … why did you want to know?") Mom smiled at me and poked me in the ribs.

Mom knew, I knew, she was bi at times. Mom went upstairs later to talk with the girls, and fondle Kurt. (he hated that) She came down later, and had to leave. As she was leaving, she whispered: ("…that little redhead, I told her she had a very nice 'camel toe', the little shit ask me if I wanted to kiss it!!, girls these days are gross!!") Bye mom, bye son. --------- I decided not to tell Kurt that the girls would be listening to him If he had any girls in his bedroom.

I could hear the girls giggle in Gina's room. I sat in my chair planning my fake moaning for the girls to listen to and smiled. My Gina's actions today still put me in shock, wow, she's a sexy girl and I had to admit secretly to myself she got me really turned on today. Kurt quietly came down the stairs. He kneeled beside me and quietly said: "…do you know who that little redhead is?"…I said yes, Gina's girlfriend, Tina. He smiled and said: ("Dad, that's Tina Gill, she a nymph!

She almost got kicked out of school once for masturbating in the girls restroom!, she a little horny dog. She like to give hand jobs to guys behind the school.") I said: "Kurt, you don't know that, It could just be school talk." He said: ("Maybe so, but I heard her brother said, that if you kiss her behind her ear, she about cums in her panties.") "Hear say, Kurt, all schools have it, it's hardly ever true." Kurt smiled and went to bed.

I, of course wondered if it was true, then laughed at myself&hellip.but then…I remember her asking my mom if she'd like to kiss her camel toe&hellip.hmmmmm. Maybe Gina's getting ideas from Tina?&hellip.I'd better investigate. I went upstairs and listened at Gina's door.

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I couldn't make out what the were giggling about. I quietly went in my bedroom and closed the door. Wait!.I remembered the inner door. I quietly went to it and listened. Gina's bed was right next to it and I could hear everything! Tina wanted to know my reaction to Gina's hot attack on me earlier.

Gina was describing it in detail. Tina was saying .' "Oh god Gina! That is so hot, did he get a hardon?" Gina said: "Oh my god yes!, and a big one!" ".did you get to feel it?" "I came so close to just reaching down and feeling it, my heart was pounding so hard, I will next time." "I told you it would work, now he has the hots for you and he'll make a move on you, just like you wanted.

Your dad is so hot, I'd love to fuck him, I'm next if he won't fuck you." Gina said: "We'll both fuck him Tina, you'll see." Well…how interesting.

A planned sex attack on dad by Gina, at Tina's suggestion. Gina has been wanting me to make a move on me. I had to think. Two hot 13yr olds who both want to have sex with me. The taboo and risk was madding.

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It had me by the dick and wouldn't let go. Tina was making me so hot in a different way than my own daughter Gina. Gina had the better figure and charm, but that little redheaded Tina was making me feel pure lust for her. Something about her hot little body was pulling me hard. I had put my arm around her several times, and she always hung on my arm and pulled it close to her.

My arm around her little waist always ended up with my hand on her tummy as she pulled in close to me. I could always feel her gasp a little as she pulled my hand in to her tummy. I never thought about it before, but now I knew, she has the hots for Gina's dad…me. I quietly made my exit and went down stairs. My cell phone rang.

It was Mandy, back early from her party, and plenty drunk. She wanted to come over. I said come on over! Now the girls would hear the real thing. When Mandy drank, she really moaned loud when we fucked. The girls were in for a treat.


I went up stairs and knocked in Gina's door and said: "Goodnight you two." I headed for my door. They came rushing out to hug me goodnight.

Gina had on a little tiny nightie, no bra and a thong…but Tina was wearing a real short robe. I could see some red pubic hair at the bottom of it, it was so short. They both hugged me and Tina felt my leg, then brushed her hand against my dick. She then looked me right in the eye smiling, and gave me a long kiss on my cheek…I felt her tongue glide across it. Gina squeezed and rubbed my butt cheek firm and felt my bare chest. They both giggled and ran back in Gina's room.

I checked the inner door, it was unlocked. I lay in bed thinking. My head was spinning. My sexy daughter wants to have sex with me, her hot friend Tina is making advances to me, and say's she wants to fuck me too. My male urges were flooded…but&hellip.Tina was the most intriguing.

Something about that girl was making me hot. I wanted to fuck her the most. I figured those girls would open that inner door and want to peek at Mandy and I fucking, not just listen…I was right. I had a sheet over me and I bunched it up over my dick like I had a really big hardon. I quietly waited. I heard the inner door open. It went into my bathroom. My bathroom door was open.

I laid with my eyes looking like they were closed. I see two girls standing in the dark. They were watching. Soon I heard Mandy stumbling up the stairs.

She quietly came in my bedroom. She took of her robe and was completely naked. She giggled and squeezed my fake giant dick, pulled the sheet back to my real hardon. She crawled on top of me. She was drunk as can be, and started in kissing me and moaning. I glanced in my bathroom and both girls were rubbing their pussy's. but&hellip. not with their own hand, they were rubbing the other one's pussy's. Mandy began moaning more and reached down and put my dick in her. She slid back and forth in top of me and she started to get loud.

Moaning and calling me Phil, her boyfriends name. We started fucking like crazy as she became more vocal. I looked at the two girls in the dark…they were kissing and feeling each others pussy.

Tina's hot little body was driving me crazy. Did she know just how sexy she was? Mandy grunted out an orgasm and moaned. I didn't even cum.

She got up mumbling what a great fuck that was and went home. I couldn't get Tina's white robe with a little patch of red pubic hair showing at the bottom out of my mind.

She did that to tease me on purpose. I woke up about 2am thinking about Tina. As I was going back to sleep, I heard the squeak of the inner door.

Either Gina or Tina had to be the one opening it. I pretended to be asleep. I felt someone slowly crawling in bed with me.

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I slightly opened one eye. I saw a white robe next to me. It had to be Tina. I laid there on my stomach and let her keep making her moves. She moved in tight to me.

I felt a hand under the covers doing something. She was taking her robe off and let it drop on the floor. I was naked and now so was she. She started rubbing my back very softly, and put her warm breath on my cheek. She started with little soft kisses all over the side of my face and neck. She smelled so good, a mixture of peach shampoo and her natural scent, which was intoxicatingly sexy.

She snuggled closer and I heard her, just barely a whisper: (' daddy') I needed to adjust my boner bad, as it felt like it would punch a hole in the mattress, but I was in a trance and didn't move. Her hands softly moved over me, going a little further out each time.

She was good in the way she slowly, inch by inch worked her head under my arm. I felt her curly red hair under my arm now. The aroma of her hair was making me light headed. She kissed my hand softly and I felt her tongue skim around my fingers slowly. Then I heard Kurt and one of his girlfriends starting to moan.

Tina froze. We both just listened as our hearts were pounding. I could only take so much of this. Feeling Tina next me naked, and Kurt fucking across the hall. I rolled over sideways and pulled Tina tight to me.

She gasp! I whispered softly in her ear: ("…can I be your daddy?"…) I didn't know a 13yr old could kiss with such passion. Her hands were all over me as her tongue drove wildly in my mouth. My hand went to her sweet little tits. We were on fire with pure lust for each other.

She immediately went for my huge boner and then she-- gasp! She whispered: ("&hellip.oh daddy! fuck me now!"&hellip.) She didn't wait for an answer and I felt her warm small hand start putting my dick in her. Oh damn!, she was wet and her pussy had such a hot feeling on my dick. It went right in, nice and tight.

I rolled on top of her, my arms shaking as she kissed me over and over and moaned …"oh daddy&hellip.I've wanted you for so long.(gasp) .make your little Tina happy, (gasp)…I want to feel your hot cum in me so bad daddy…oh god.I'm cumming so fast." As she dug her finger nails in me, her whole body started shaking as I shot a load in her like I had never felt before.

She buried her face in my neck and screamed as she climaxed. My dick just kept cuming and cuming in her as she squirmed and kept fucking me fast. We felt all kinds of wetness between our legs. We both trembled and couldn't stop. Tears rolled down her face as she kept squeezing my dick with her pussy.

My arms gave out finally and we squirmed together as we held each other as tight as we could and let the continuing twinges of pleasure play themselves out. We had lost our hearing a that point, but slowly it returned to us hearing Kurt and his girlfriend fucking like mad. I don't think they even heard us. To say we were 'spent', would be useless word to try and describe us. All I remember from this point was feeling her underneath me with my dick deep in her, as we both passed out.

I woke up with her still underneath me and Gina shaking me saying: "Come on you guys, it's 9am…get up!" I opened my eyes slowly as Gina smiled at me, then pinched my butt cheek hard!, then she giggled and went out the inner door.

I looked at Tina. Her smiling eyes were closed. My semi hard dick was still in her. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled. I said: "Are you ok?" I felt two squeezes on my dick from her pussy. --------- Tina's mom was a drunk, and didn't care anything about her. Her dad left a year before and just never came back.

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Slowly we had Tina move her 'stuff' in with us and now I had two daughters. Gina loved it as they were already BFF's. Kurt was reserved at first, but Tina said: "I'll handle Kurt." It didn't take long and Tina's sexy charm had him chasing her around the house giggling. Soon I noticed Tina and Kurt sneaking kisses, when they thought I couldn't see them. I just smiled. Gina didn't let up on me and gave me back rubs and fondled me when no one was looking. Soon the inner door was always unlocked, and I would get night visits from Tina.

Kurt was no match for Tina. Gina and I both watched and listened to them. Late at night Gina would crawl in bed with me and we would tell the latest of what we saw or heard with Tina and Kurt. Gina just had to rub my chest while we talked. I knew Gina wanted to have sex with me and she began to wear me down. She was so beautiful in my eyes. Kurt would not pay any attention to Tina outside of the house.

He feared all his buddy's would put him through teasing hell&hellip.but at home, it was a different scene. Kurt told me one Saturday evening, how he wanted Tina so bad, to get my reaction. I told him he was free to do as he wished, and Tina was too.

He knew Tina and I were fucking a lot, and it was driving him crazy. Now he had an ok from me and that started the fire in him and Tina. He hadn't had sex with her&hellip. yet. Gina came to my bed that night and said that Tina told her that tonight, she was going to fuck Kurt crazy.

They had waited long enough, and Kurt's fear that I wouldn't like it, was over. Tina asked Gina to sleep with me if she could so they could have Gina's big bed to fuck in. Gina and I looked at each other and grinned. We both thought…'the inner door', without saying a word. There was small bathroom between my bedroom and the inner door.

Gina arranged her bed so we could see the action perfect through a slightly cracked open inner door. I checked it out, and at night, no one could see us even with the inner door open. It was just too dark. I smiled at Gina and said: "Look's like a storm is coming in, you'd better sleep with me tonight, you know how scared you get." At 11pm I heard the inner door squeak and Gina slipped into bed with me&hellip.(naked!) I didn't notice at first as Gina lay beside me.

She always wore skimpy little nighties and little panties. She rubbed my chest as usual, but when she snuggled up to me I realized the had nothing on at all. I laid on my back with one knee up to hide my boner I had, from thinking about Tina. The thought of Kurt fucking Tina was tormenting my head.

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It brought back the times I had such mind blowing sex with her. Tina knew how to fuck like an animal in heat. Gina knew I was turned on and she took advantage of it. I felt her little leg slowly come over my legs. Then I felt her little patch of pubic hair on my hip. She gently rubbed it on my hip. My mind went crazy between the two 13yr olds. Gina whispered in my ear: (".daddy, did you and Tina have oral sex?" ) Oh my god, she was getting to me and fast.

I smiled and said: "Where's your night clothes little girl?" She giggled and pushed her little pussy up against my hip. "I wanted to feel us naked together daddy." Poor little Gina, had been listing to me fucking Tina, and Mandy. She also had to listen to Kurt fucking his girlfriends, while she got nothing.


Now Kurt was going to fuck Tina right in her own bed. She was cleaver and 'suggested' we have oral sex as a start for what she really wanted…sex with her daddy.

I caved in. I whispered softly to her: ("…would you like to turn around for daddy?.") She immediately knew what that meant, and kissed me so out of breath and excited. We kissed as I let it happen. Her little tongue darted in and out of my mouth as she would have to stop and gasp for air, then continue.

She whispered: (".oh daddy…I've wanted you.(gasp) for so long…I'm going to give you the best oral you ever had.") She started kissing me.


She started down my body with my neck and just kept going slowly savoring every second of it in her excitement. Her little hands trembled and the feeling of her warm breath on me was causing my head to pound. I for the first time felt my daughter as her hips came around next to me. Young, smooth skin to my touch. She shivered as I rubbed her firm little butt. I felt her little hands fondle my dick. She took her time feeling every inch of it. She went for my balls, kissing them and feeling them gently.

She began to stroke me slowly. I could feel her breath on my dick. I felt her little tongue start to lick me, up and down slowly. I squirmed as it was a major turn on. Her little tongue ran around the head in a teasing lick. I pulled her legs over on top of me. I was staring at her little pussy for the first time. Sweet, wet and begging to be licked.

I rubbed her legs as she shivered and opened her legs wide all ready for me. She knew what was coming. I started licking the insides of her legs. She twiched now and again as I let my tongue get ever so closer to her pussy.

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I heard her moan, and gasp for breath. We heard noises. We both froze. It was Kurt and Tina in the bedroom next door. They were getting ready to fuck. Gina stopped and looked me and smiled. We got up and tip toed to the inner door.

We listened in as the door was open just a crack. Kurt was on fire, as he moaned and kissed Tina. She moaned too and whispered: ("…oh yes baby…it's so overdue for us to get it on…I want you bad…let me get on top baby…") Gina had arranged the bed so we could watch Tina's face and all, if…she was on top of Kurt. Tina noticed the rearrangement right away, and knew Gina would be watching, so she got on top of Kurt. Tina teased Kurt by rubbing her pussy on his dick, kissing him, then moving up so he could suck on her tits.

She would smile at the inner door when Kurt couldn't see her face. Tina also knew I would be watching and we both knew it was a turn on for her to be watched by me.

Tina tilted her head to Gina and smiled. That indicated to open the door. Gina opened the inner door slowly when they were moaning& noise at all. Now Gina and I had a real good view of them fucking. Tina took her time as she winked at me and proceeded to lick Kurt's dick slowly.

Kurt squirmed as she began to turn and put her pussy in Kurt's face.

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You could see the trembles in Kurt's hands as he held Tina hot legs and dove his face in Tina's pussy. Gina shivered, and squeezed my dick. As they went at it in a 69 position, the moaning increased.

Tina knew just how to rub her pussy on Kurt's face and started humping steady. I could tell she was going for an oral cum from Kurt. She sucked and jacked him as her climax was building. Her timing was going to hit it's mark for a duel cum and climax. I knew only to well how she could tell when I was going to cum, and time her climax to match.

Kurt could take no more, just as he was about to cum, Tina pumped her clit on his tongue super fast as they both let out howling moans and bucked over and over. Moaning and twitching as she swallowed his many shots of cum as fast as she could. Kurt got a face full of her pussy juice as he licked her over and over. Gina orgasmed. She was standing in front of me and held her pussy and squirmed. I smiled at her sweet face.

Next thing I know, Gina is on her knees sucking on my dick. I see Tina looking back at us and smile big to me. Gina caught me off guard and I couldn't stop her even if I wanted to.

She had me good and I felt my balls pull hard as I grabbed the wall and her head to steady myself. I wanted to moan so bad, so I just held my breath as I unloaded a huge mind blowing cum in Gina's mouth. Her eyes went wide as she was not expecting it, and cum went everywhere on her face. She tried to get as much as she could, but smiled so proud of her self as she knew she had given me a super cum.

Tina had Kurt all coved up and napping as he was spent. Tina stepped through the doorway and whispered to me: (".how'd ya like that daddy? I miss you&hellip. I need you tomorrow night. ") and kissed me so hot. If I had one drop of cum left, she just made me shoot it out, as I went dizzy. That's a hell of a thing to put in a man's mind for the next 24 hours. (see part II, already written)