Pickedup european ginger gets cum on tits

Pickedup european ginger gets cum on tits
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Horns honked, lights reflected off chrome and glass as they passed. Far away a siren wailed, announcing to the world that another accident had taken place, perhaps another life ended.

People walked the dirty streets kicking cans and bottle out of their path. Paper blew into the gutters by a cool fall breeze adding it's bulk to the trash already collected there. The streets and sidewalks were filled with people looking for a little action. In a mundane life where every day was the same, any action was better than no action. The old Centurion theater showed the latest in a three month old movie. Blow was advertised in huge letters. Blow was another name for cocaine, which was one of the few drugs which had no place here.

Cocaine was for the very rich. This was not a rich part of town and hadn't been since the early 1920's. Prostitutes plied their trade on the corners, or in front of the adult book stores. The letters S - E - X, flashed on assorted signs for as far as the eye could see.

Pimps strutted up and down the sidewalks, looking for clients, or watching out for cops. There were few cops in this area, and those who did show drove through quickly without stopping. A cop would be crazy to be seen in that part of town. A cop had a gun for protection. The citizens of this part of town had many. No cop would be crazy enough to mix with the scum of the Earth. No cop. except one. Sarah Jane Haines, a two year veteran who specialized in prostitutes and prostitution, the least favorite part of police work.

Sarah Jane herself would have made a fantastic prostitute.


She had the looks to match even this highest of high paid call girls. The passing lights reflected off her creamy complexion. Her blonde hair gleamed in the twilight. Her beautiful face showed some concern at the moment. She licked her dark red lips as she watched the object of her attention. A cute, short-haired prostitute, something of an air-headed, perhaps, but a strikingly beautiful brunette who now danced and laughed across the street in a fake fur coat and fishnet stockings.

She hung out with her partner, a light complected black girl with beads in her hair. Sarah Jane had kept these subjects under surveillance for many hours. She was not there to bust them, she wanted something else. But it must be at just the right moment. Now was that moment. "Dispatch, this is 12 Alpha 6, breaking off, actor has identified this unit as UC," Sarah lied. She was breaking off surveillance, but she had not been spotted by the prostitute. She simply didn't want to be seen with the girl while on duty.

"Roger, 12 Alpha 6. Go EOW." "Affirmative, I will be EOW at my home 20," Sarah lied again. She had no intention of going home. Sarah had a small idiosyncracy. Some people might call it a character flaw or perversion. Some may even call it sick. Whatever they call it, it was as real to Sarah as compulsive anxiety disorder or nymphomania. Sarah stepped out of her unmarked car, slid the baton into the belt loop, and put on her blue hat.

She stepped out into the street so she could be seen by the prostitutes. They grew alert, about to run, but Sarah stopped the brunette by crooking her finger. "What!" the girl yelled while still half way across the street. She side-stepped a taxi and approached Sarah.

A black man in a real fur coat hurried across the road to intercept them. "Is that your pimp?" Sarah demanded. "Yeah." "Tell him to go away, or I will shoot him in the knee caps. "Go, Joey, it's all right," the girl said in her nasal voice. "So what do you want, cop? You here to roust me?" "No, I'm here to hire you." "Really? Is that uniform for real?" "It's real, but I'm off duty." "Oh. Ok," the girl said happily.

"Joey, I'll be ok," she screamed in annoyance at the young man, still hovering on the sidewalk. "She's a customer." Joey looked skeptical, then dismissed them both with a disgusted wave of his hands. "Are you really a customer? I've never done a girl before," she said with a smile. "Any objections?" "No, that's fine with me, as long as I get paid." "You will, but this is something special. It's not quite what you think it is." "Yeah. Well what?" she asked, suddenly interested.

"It's hard to explain. The first part is just fuck a guy, but not any guy, a clean guy, nice looking, no tracks." "Down here?" "I know," Sarah smiled, "that's a tall order, but I'm sure there is one such guy here somewhere." "If he is, he's probably gay." "Let's hope not. If it's impossible we can go somewhere else." "Hey, the IGA closes soon. It's full of delicious young boys who will be going home to mommy." "Perfect, absolutely perfect," Sarah gasped.

"When?" "In 23 minutes," the girl looked at her watch.

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"Hey, I've tried before and they won't spend a dollar on a whore. Believe me, I really did try. I think their mommies count their money when they get home." "Did you try giving it away?" "Hell no, Joey would kill me," she snorted. "Well I'm buying. You fuck the first good looking young man you see, and I'll pay for it." "Yeah, I can do that," she said with more confidence. "Should we move?" "Yeah, there's an alley beside the store." Sarah stood at the back of the alley.

The bulk of a dumpster hid her from sight. It was dark in the alley, but it was a blind alley with only one way in and out. Sarah wasn't worried about an attack. She watched Julie plying her trade. She really was very good at it, her body alone gained the attention of every man who walked out of the store. It was only a matter of time before she talked one young man into fucking her. "I'm Julie," her voice echoed down the dark alley to Sarah. "Bradley", the young man said nervously. He looked around the dark alley.

For a moment he stared directly at Sarah, but he couldn't see her. Still, it made her nervous. The car door slammed and the car began to move back and forth, as they disrobed and made themselves more comfortable. For a moment the car steadied, then the familiar rhythmic squeak of the springs let Sarah know that it was safe to approach the car.

She snuck forward one foot at a time, until she could see movement in the front passenger seat. She moved slightly closer and found Julie in the seat, naked with her feet up on the dash, while Bradley pounded away at her pussy from where he knelt in front of her.

Julie seemed to be enjoying herself, but you never could tell with a whore. They could be great actors, if they cared enough to fake it. Julie left her coat in the car. There were times when looking like a whore was beneficial. Otherwise a man may be afraid to ask if she was a whore or not.

You couldn't sell much pussy if you looked like a high school girl who would yell for the police. There were other times, like now, when looking like a whore was bad. She wanted to attract one of the delicious young men who wouldn't buy a whore if their life depended on it. It was a macho thing. Some men when through life without ever having fucked a whore, the pathetic bastards.

They would rather jack off instead of sinking their stiff manhood into the soft, wet lips of a beautiful young woman's pussy. What was the matter with those losers? You only live once, you want to grow old and senile and remember all the good times when you spurted your cum into a toilet? There was something wrong with that. Julie suddenly spotted her man. An 18 year old coming out of the store, with a jacket thrown over his left shoulder. He really needed a good fuck, in Julie's opinion. "Hey kid, you want a little action?" she asked with a friendly smile.

"Fuck off," he said in disdain. "I'll kick your fucking ass, you little weasel," she glared as he hurried away. Another young man pushed through the glass doors. He was followed by a customer. Julie let him pass without speaking. The customer, an old woman, was giving her the eye as she pushed a cart of groceries to her car. Julie could wait. The third teen looked promising. He had blonde hair, a perfect complexion, and the muscles of a football player.

He looked buff. "Are you Tommy?" she asked, pretending to be embarrassed. "No. Can I help you?" "I'm supposed to be Tommy's birthday present. I'm all paid for, but I'm afraid I've come to the wrong store. I hate to go home without fucking somebody. The young man swallowed quickly. His eyes bulged out as he looked her over from head to toe. She was beautiful, of course. That's why Sarah had picked her.

"I. I could be Tommy," he said with a shrug. "Could you?" Julie said hopefully. I have a car back here, it's not a palace, but it's better than screwing in the alley," she said, leading the boy back to Sarah's car. "I'm Julie," Julie said, extending her hand.

"Bradley," he said nervously, taking her hand and holding it until they entered the car. Bradley locked all the doors before they started. Julie had to admit that she felt better with the doors locked, but what would Sarah say? Hell, she didn't even know what Sarah wanted, which excited her a little. She was also excited about the prospect of doing Sarah. She had always wanted to experiment with other women, but had never had the chance until now.

There was little that could excite her and any excitement in her life was welcome. Sex for her was as exciting as taking a shit, and gave her the same amount of pleasure. It was just another bodily function to a street walker. But mystery and excitement, those were sexy. "You are a very big boy," Julie said as she released the passenger seat button and leaned back.

This gave her a little more room. "You are beautiful," the boy said in wonder. "Hey, that's what I get paid for. You don't get paid for being ugly." "Yeah," he laughed, while taking off his shirt. He paused when he saw Julie sliding down her skirt.

As she sat white and naked in the half darkness, he leaned down and ran his hands over her smooth legs and soft stockings.

The white lace of her stocking tops fell a foot short of reaching her pussy. The vast expanse of bare skin between the stockings and her pussy, was very exciting to Bradley, and very beautiful.

He rubbed her soft skin in awe. She giggled, then slid her panties down and off her feet. When she was done, she spread her feet wide and placed them on top of the dash. She was now open and ready for his adventure. "That is so damned sexy," he laughed, while pushing down his pants with both hands. "Does it look good enough to fuck?" she asked playfully.

"Oh yeah," he gasped. With his pants off he leaned forward and hugged her body, while burying his face in the cleavage between her breasts. She opened her shirt and allowed him in between her tits. He sniffed around for a moment, then claimed her right nipple with his mouth.

He sucked painfully, with obvious inexperience. She liked first timers, although they didn't give her the thrill they used too.

"Oh yeah, that feels real good," she gasped loudly. Too corny? She didn't think so. She would have laid off a little with a more experience man, but this boy probably believe that she was in love with him.

He was probably in love with her by now. "Oh yes, suck my nipples," she moaned in his ear. His breath was coming out in snorts, similar to an angry bull. He slobbered and sucked for several more minutes before he sank down and checked out her pussy. This was another sign of inexperience. No man familiar with whores, would ever eat her pussy. But newcomers always did.

Probably because they had fantasized about it so much and just couldn't hold back when their first time came. His mouth opened wide and engulfed her pussy. She felt a real thrill when he began licking her salty pussy flesh. "Oh yeah, that feels so good," she moaned, watching him go down on her wet pussy. She also liked the feeling of his mouth pulling on her cunt lips.

As she said, it was rare when a man when down on a whore.

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He was always worried about who had been there before him. That was stupid, of course.

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Any whore who wanted to live, washed her pussy the moment she finished fucking. It was good sense, especially if they didn't want a disease or kids. Prostitutes used to use a vinegar and water solution, now they used bleach and water. It worked, although it hurt like hell for a while. "Oh my God, that feel so good," Julie said, while searching for Sarah in the mirror. She couldn't see her in the dark, but she knew she was out there. The fogged up windows didn't help. "Oh, stop, I want to feel you inside me," Julie heard herself say for the 100 thousandth time in her life.

Long ago it had been true. She could fuck all she wanted, enjoy it, and get paid. Now she just got paid. "Oh God, you are so big," she pretended amazement as he held his throbbing cock in his hand and pressed it against her spread pussy. She had once known a man with a 14 inch cock, which was all of two inches wide.

He could actually give himself a blowjob. Now that was big. This guy was barely adequate. Julie felt a thrill as Bradley finally inserted his cock and pushed slowly. She enjoyed the soft hard fullness of his cock gently parting her swollen lips and creeping down her moist hot tunnel. If he had proceeded in the right way at that very moment, he might have given her a legitimate orgasm. But he fucked up right from the start.

Once his cock was lubricated he started pounding away inside her pussy. She relaxed with her legs widespread, and her heels resting on the dash, while trying to figure out what to have for dinner. It was girl's night out tonight. Tonight it was supposed to be Gissepies. "Oh yes," she gasped. She was suddenly frightened half to death when a ghostly face appeared in her mirror.

She gave a little cry and jumped, when she looked up to see a blue uniform, then relaxed when she saw that it was Sarah. "Did I hurt you?" he asked in concern.

"Yes," she lied, "just slow down and enjoy it, don't worry about me." "I don't want to hurt you," he said in concern, and a little pride. "A little pain is good. Just fuck me," she insisted. She wanted to get this part over with, so she could see what Sarah had in mind.

Was it really kinky, she wondered in excitement? Something really dirty and perverted? She would soon find out, the boy was about to become a man. She could see him gritting his teeth in an attempt to hold back. It wouldn't work. It never did. The thought of Sarah watching was beginning to give her pleasure.

Bradley himself couldn't thrill her, but Bradley fucking while Sarah watched was something else. Her pussy began to glow, and her moans began to take on a real quality. If only Bradley could go the distance. Sarah moved up by the car and looked inside. It was very exciting. There was just enough light from the street light to show her everything. Julie's legs were slender and beautiful, partially encased in white stockings. She had her shoes off and feet up on the dash. Her feet were small and perfectly sculpted.

Her white stockings were extremely sexy. The tendons stood out in her naked thighs, near her crotch. Her pussy hair was light brown and trimmed. Bradley was naked from the waist down. He was still wearing a white t-shirt. Sarah felt like laughing, but she was too excited. Her pussy was sopping wet and thrilled to the core. She could almost feel Bradley's cock sliding in and out of her own pussy, but she was not there to cheat on her husband with another man, she was here for Julie.

Bradley now pounded away with his hands on his hips. "Where on earth did he learn to fuck?" Sarah mumbled. Nobody fucked with their hands on their hips. They used their hands to explore, tweak, twist, and prod. He was treating it like a gym class exercise. She leaned against the car and watched breathlessly. It was so hot, so exciting. Watching was a sexual experience all by itself.

Some people called it voyeurism. Sarah was one of the people who enjoyed such a pastime. Maybe all cops were. After all, what did they do for a living? They watched others. Sarah could see Julie's lubricant on Bradley's cock. It glistened in the half light. Sweat shined on his forehead. Julie was cool, of course, Bradley was doing all the work. "Oh God," Julie cried, suddenly clamping her legs behind Bradley's ass. She pulled him into her. He caught his balance by grabbing the back of the seat.

His cock never stopped pelting away in her pussy. But Julie was now enjoying it. She needed Bradley to fuck her hard and fast. He did, but he came seconds before she had the opportunity. Holding his ass between her thighs, she ground her pussy against his pelvis, bringing on her own orgasm just seconds behind his. Despite his protests of pain and sensitivity, she pumped her pussy against his pelvis and rubbed her tits, while looking into Sarah's face. Grinding her pussy into his deflating cock, she brought on a massive orgasm similar to what she may have felt when she was a teen.

Finally she released him.

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He fell back, panting and exhausted. Then he saw Sarah. With a squeak of fear, he tried to dress every part of his body at once. "Relax, she's my guardian angel," Julie said, relaxing on the seat with her legs spread again. "What!" "She's my friend. This is her car. She's not here to bust you." "I. oh," he said, dressing as fast as he could.

In a moment he reluctantly opened he door and slid out. He sidestepped around Sarah and ran. "What a fucking show," Sarah said as she sat on the door sill and began touching Julie's naked body with gentle, female caresses.

Julie looked so beautiful in the dim shine of the dome light. "I fucking came!" Julie gasped. "Can you believe it?" "I noticed. How did it feel?" "I felt like a schoolgirl. Can you believe it? I actually fucking came," she gasped in awe. "You will again, too. I can promise you that." "How?" "I've done this before.

But my last contact retired." "No shit? So I'm your new contact?" "If things work out." "Fucking A," Julie said happily. "Are you ready for round two?" "Oh yeah," Julie said, running a gentle hand up Sarah's arm. "Where do I start?" "By letting me into the car and turning around on your hands and knees." "Wow, kinky," Julie laughed. "You don't know the half of it." "I'm so excited my nipples are hard," Julie giggled. "Mine too," Sarah said as she struggled to get into place.

Once she was resting on her knees on the floor, she reached out and pulled the door closed. She was relieved when the dome light went out. Now, to her intense excitement, she found herself facing another woman's pussy. It was fairly small, smaller than Sarah's, and it smelled strongly of sex.

Sarah knew that it would, she counted on it. "Wha. what are you going to do?" Julie sounded a little nervous. "You'll see. Relax." "I'm trying, but this is a fairly vulnerable position.


You aren't going to shove your night stick up my ass, are you?" "Not unless you want me too." "Hell no. So what. Oh fuck!" she shouted as Sarah's lips touched her naked pussy. Sarah's mouth felt so hot, so fantastic on her sensitive pussy lips.

But she didn't just eat her as a normal person would, she opened her pussy, shoved her tongue inside, and began sucking. "You're eating his cum!" Julie was amazed. "That's.

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that's sick," she said, feeling instant excitement. The tongue felt wonderful inside her cunt. The sucking lips were absolutely heavenly. She could feel the suction clear up inside her. To her added pleasure, she suddenly felt Sarah's hand enfolded the bottom of her pussy pouch, holding it while her thumb snaked up inside and began twirling her clit.

Julie stiffened and gasped. This was all totally unexpected. Pleasure shot thorough her pussy, ass and the rest of her body. She shuddered, feeling her legs weakening, threatening to buckle. This was so sick, so erotic. Sarah was a real pervert. "Oh my fucking god, that feels so amazing," Julie gasped.

She stiffened her grip on the back of the seat. Her knees were shaking violently now. She knew the inside of her pussy must be exceedingly clean. Not a drop of that boy's cum could possibly exist in her pussy now. This was so fucking perverted. She loved it. "Oh yes, Sarah, eat me good sweetheart. Lick my clit," she begged, looking back at the beautiful woman feasting in her ass. Sarah used her thumb on the very bottom of Julie's v, in an area that few people knew was as sensitive as a clit.

She massaged it brutally with her thumb, while she sucked Julie's clit into her mouth. She had a large clit, one that was used to taking abuse. Sarah clamped her teeth around it and pulled. Julie squealed, trying to jump forward. This pulled her clit out of Sarah's teeth and turned her entire body to water. She began to shudder violently. Sarah held her ass in a firm grip and continued feasting on her womanhood.

With ever-increasing moans of pleasure, Julie began to cum. She came over and over, felling the thrills of pleasure shooting through her loins and ass. Her body hunched, mashing her ass back against Sarah's face.

Molten fire shot through her loins. She shuddered, hugging the back of the seat for support. But Sarah would not stop. Julie squealed and cried for mercy, thrusting her pussy back against Sarah's face, but Sarah's eager, relentless mouth continued stimulating her until a second violent orgasm followed the first.

She licked and pulled at Julie's pussy flesh until the second orgasm slowed, shuddered impotently, then still. Reluctantly, she released Julie's ass and allowed her to collapse on the seat.

Julie cried softly, curled up on the seat in the fetal position. She finally sat up and pulled Sarah's face down to her own. Sarah came willingly. They kissed passionately for nearly ten minutes. Then it was time for Sarah to get relief. She dropped her gun belt beneath the steering wheel and transferred over to the driver's seat. She put the seat back and began taking off her shoes and trousers.

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Julie helped. Julie had been totally trilled by this woman and now she wanted to taste pussy. Sarah was a very manly woman, but she didn't have a cock, so she would eat her pussy like it had never been eaten before. "Nice legs," Julie whispered as the blue trousers slid down off Sarah's ankles. The white panties practically glowed in the dim light. Julie laid on Sarah's warm legs and pressed her nose against Sarah's subtle mound. It smelled strongly of woman.

Julie loved her smell. She inhaled deeply and shuddered with restrained passion. "I can't believe I'm doing this," Julie gasped. "You're doing great. I'm so fucking horny I could die," Sarah whispered.

"This has to be the kinkiest day of my life," Julie said, before kissing the gently rounded mound between Sarah's legs. "What made you start this?" she asked, dying of curiosity. "My husband fucked a neighbor girl," Sarah tried to talk with Julie's face nuzzling between her legs. She watched Julie pull the crotch of her panties out and aside. She kissed her pussy eagerly but gently. "I caught the girl leaving just as I got home. I stormed into the house and found my husband in the shower.

He had saved the girl's panties as a souvenir. I found them on the hamper. I stood there watching him wash that girl off his body, then for some reason I held her panties up to my nose. I know, it sounds disgusting now, but it was a turn-on then. I loved that smell. It was a combination of a sweet young pussy and my husband's cum. I couldn't resist it. I watched my husband take his shower and left just before he was done. He still doesn't' know I was there, or that I had caught him.

I tracked down that girl. She was home alone, so I raped her right there on her own living room floor. I mean I raped her for an hour. I ate her pussy, ate her ass, then I forced her to eat me, finally, we fucked each other with my night stick. I came a dozen times. Luckily, I was gone before her parents got home. Now I find girls like you. It's easier, less complicated." "I'm glad," Julie said before filling her mouth with softly scented pussy flesh. She sucked the lips into her mouth, while licking it gently.

She wiggled her tongue up and down the length of the blonde's sweet puffy lips, causing her to squirm and pant. Sarah raised her right leg high, with her heel on the seat. Julie opened her pussy lips with her thumbs and began licking diligently. Sarah loved the awesome feeling of the tongue flickering in her pussy, but the sight of the beautiful woman between her legs was even more exciting.

She reached down and petted Julie's short brown hair, while the beautiful face bobbed between her open legs. "So beautiful," Sarah murmured.

Julie's cheek felt so soft against her warm inner thigh. Julie's right arm was wrapped Sarah's left legs, hugging it desperately. Her left arm encircled Sarah's right thigh. Her finger tips traced delicate lines on the upper part of her thigh. Her mouth nuzzled eagerly against her womanhood. Julie's tongue now plunged deep into Sarah's sex.

It tasted and probed, to the intense pleasure of Sarah. She could feel every little detail, the warm lips, the tongue inside her, the gentle suction of her mouth. It was pure heaven. Fire flowed through her veins, working it's way up from her pussy and ass, to her chest. "Oh God yes," Sarah gasped. "Eat me good, baby," she whispered. Julie slid her hand under Sarah's firm ass cheek and mashed it in her hand. She wished she could see Sarah's tits. She had never sucked on another woman's tits before.

It must feel fantastic. She had once seen a movie where a woman knelt above another woman and they sucked each other's tits at the same time. She desperately wanted to try that. Maybe she would experiment with one of her friends. Maybe someday, Sarah would invite her to her home. She didn't want to have sex in the car for the rest of her life. "Oh God, that feel so good," Sarah shuddered. Julie returned her attention to Sarah's pussy. She found that she was flicking Sarah's clit with her tongue.

She didn't intend to do that, she wanted Sarah to take a long time to cum. She knew it would be more intense if she held off for a while. "Oh Julie, that's so good," Sarah said emphatically, petting her cheek with a warm hand. The smell of pussy was very strong in the car. It was a wonderfully erotic smell, a smell that could drive men, and most women, crazy.

Sarah gently humped her pussy against Julie's mouth. She felt the fires building in her loins. It would be only seconds before she came. She steeled her nerves, trying to hold off for one more second.

But Julie's fabulous mouth just felt too good to ignore. Tremors began deep inside her loins. They intensified until her pussy began to spasm. "Oh fuck!" Sarah screamed. She clamped her legs tightly against Julie's face and hunched her pussy against her warm lips.

Time after time she brutally mashed her pussy flesh against Julie's soft lips. Julie did her best to tongue and suck Sarah's climaxing pussy.

It was hard to maintain contact. She bucked and rolled from side to side. Finally, Sarah began to relax. Julie sucked gently until it was obvious that Sarah was too sensitive. She held her mouth in place, unmoving, until Sarah gently opened her legs and lifted her mouth for a long, passionate kiss. "Wonderful," Sarah sighed. "Absolutely perfect." "It was probably the most exciting thing I've ever done," Julie admitted. They sat side-by-side for a moment, naked and satisfied.

Finally Sarah began to redress. Julie reluctantly joined her. "When. when would you want to do this again?" Julie asked nervously. "Next week, perhaps." "Oh good," Julie said. "I. well I didn't want to do it tomorrow, or wait too long.

I just wanted time to think about what happened. Do you know what I mean?" "Sure, I guess. What part bothers you?" "The lesbian part, I guess.

But I did love it. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I just need a little time to get used to the idea." "I thought nothing bothered a whore," Sarah smiled. "Actually, everything does. You start out as just another teen who can fuck and get paid for it. Soon you find that you are not enjoying it. Next you may be fucking for drugs and find yourself broke and out in the street.

You meet a guy who hasn't taken a bath in a week, or one with warts on his cock, hair on his ass. Pretty soon everything bothers you. You know what I mean?" "Sure, it's an ugly world and you live in the armpit." "Yeah." "Can I help with anything?" "No, it's my problem and I have to deal with it. There is one thing I would like though." "What?" Sarah asked guardedly as she straightened her uniform. "I want to do what you did." "What?" "I want to eat your pussy after your husband fucks you," Julie said bravely.

"I. you." Sarah paused, thinking hard. She liked the idea. "I will pick you up on the same corner next Thursday," Sarah said, eagerly licking her lips. She REALLY liked the idea. "Wednesday?" Julie asked eagerly.


"Tuesday," Sarah said with finality. "It's my day off. You can spend the night." "I can't wait," Julie gasped, getting out of the car. Sarah laughed and waved. She pulled out of the alley, watching Julie walk back to 5th street. Tuesday was such a long way off. She couldn't wait.