Sexy extreme slavery home porn

Sexy extreme slavery home porn
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I hated this; I knew what my sister was doing in the other room and I hated her for it. She always came up with a reason for doing the things she did, but I hated the feeling I got standing outside as lookout when she was inside.

Being sixteen and living on the streets for most of your life sucked. Going days in between meals and never having a warm dry bed to sleep in was the worst. Breaking into house so you could get some food and what ever cloths you can grab in five minutes wasn't fun, but at least I had my sister. Amber was nineteen and should be in college studying to be a doctor or lawyer, not be homeless with her littler brother.

Our parents died four years ago and when they wanted to split us up; my sister was not having this and took me away. Things were going ok, but that was about to change. "Come on" I called out to Amber "we need to go, I saw a car coming." "One moment bro" Amber replied I had a bad feeling waking up this morning and sure enough I was right, but this time I wish I wasn't.

"Hold it right there" called out a voice from behind. I turned to see a man in his late twenties standing there with a gun pointed at me. "FUCK" was all that was coming to mind as I looked at the gun in my face. The man told me to get down on my knees and put my hands behind my hand. I did in fear of being shot and he enter through the window.

Of all the houses we pick, we get the one with the cop living in it. He put me in cuffs to and led me around back and into his kitchen. Once inside it was a nice house and I see way Amber took so long. She was on her knees to in handcuffs and there were bags of food on the counter. She asked me if I was ok and I nodded yes to her.

At this time a woman wrapped in a towel that was a little too small for her and water falling from her red hair came into the kitchen and told your husband "see I told you someone was here." Wow was she good looking I thought to myself. She was short but had a nice set of big tits and killer legs to go with them. My sister started to beg the couple that we were sorry and that we would do anything if they wouldn't bring us to jail. The man told us that he was a cop and we were breaking and entering not only a house but his house.

Amber told the man that we were homeless and only wanted some food. The woman said that the soup kitchens would feed us. I said that if we go to one they would tried and take me away from my sister and put me in a foster house. I told them also that we would do anything if they let us go.

They both smile and said together "anything" and the fear returned to the pit of my stomach. The man spoke and said that if we wanted not to go to jail that he wanted a blow job. There was a moment of quietness and then my sister said if that is want she needed to do to keep her little brother out of trouble then ok. The man told us that he didn't want my sister; he wanted me.

The woman gave an evil grin and said "yes" I needed to blow her husband because my sister blowing him was too easy to do. I swallowed hard and a cold sweat rolled down my face. What were they saying? They wanted me to suck his dick; now I may have had some thoughts growing up, but I wasn't gay. The man turned to me and said it was this or jail; I could see my sister behind him with some tears in her eyes and I knew that with all she has done for me that I wouldn't let this guy ruling everything.

I lowered my head and told him ok. He came up to me and told me to open his fly with my mouth. I told him I would right after he put his gun away. He put the gun over on the other counter and returned to me and I moved my head in to undo his pants. I could see a pretty big bulge in his crotch even before I started and thought to myself how big was he?

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I got the fly down and started on the jeans; when I got the top of the jeans and boxers in my mouth I pulled down only to be hit in the face with the biggest cock I ever seen. This thing had to be eight and a half inches long and half as thick. There was a big purple vain running the length of it on top and the head was covered by the foreskin. My sister's jaw hit the floor when she got a view of it and told the man that it was too big for me and not to do this.

She would do anything he wanted just let me go. The guy told my sister to shut up and that if I stop now the other cops will be on their way to arrest us both. I looked at my sister and told her it was ok. I opened my mouth and lowered it onto his huge cock. I got about half of it in and started to suck on it as best as I could. It had no taste and I guess I was doing it right because he started to moan as I sucked on his dick. The woman moved behind my sister and told her to watch her little brother suck his first cock.

Amber tried to turn her head away but the lady held her from doing so. I continued to suck on his cock as the guy was telling me how he will be teaching us about the trouble we're in for choosing his house. After a couple of minutes I was getting able to get more of his cock in my mouth and he liked this. He had his hands on either side of my head and he was fucking away at my mouth.

I could start to feel his cock poking at the back of my throat and this was making me gag. He continued and fucked my mouth harder. By now he had his whole cock in my mouth and I was gagging on it so much that my saliva was covering his cock and balls.

The woman pointed to my crotch and told my sister that I must be enjoying sucking cock because I was tenting my pants too. I didn't know that I was getting hard but they all could see it. I stopped sucking his cock and tried to turn so they could see my crotch.

The guy told his wife to bring Amber over here and he opened my pants and pulled them down. My six inch cock sprung off and I didn't know what to do.

My hands were uncuffed and I was pushed on my back on the floor; the woman told my sister that I was sucking her husband's cock so well that she should return the flavor to me and suck my cock. My sister tried to tell them no because I was her little brother, but they forced her head to my cock. Amber opened her mouth and started to suck my cock. She was very good at it and it felt so good even thro Amber was my sister.

The man got behind her and ripped off her pants and rammed his cock into her with all he had. My sister screamed out from the size of his cock and I could see the pain in her face as the tears ran down and dropped onto me. The guy kept at it ramming his cock into my sister's pussy. His wife walked over to us and pushed my sister back on to my cock and told her just because she is getting fucked by her husband's big cock she could stop sucking my cock. My sister continued sucking my cock as the woman removed the towel and I saw a fire red bush over her pussy.

She lowered herself onto my face and told me to lick her as well as I sucked her husband's cock. Now there was a taste to her pussy and a sweet one at that. I licked and sucked the juices from her pussy as she rocked on my face grinding her pussy into my mouth. I could not see anything but I knew that the guy was still fucking away on my sister. After what had to be ten minutes I felt my sister stop and the guy telling her to mount my cock and to fuck me as he undid her cuffs.

The woman was still on my face and I was licking away at her pussy as she cum for the second time. I felt my sister's pussy take in my cock and it was wonderful; it was better than her sucking it. It was warm and wet and I could feel her public hair rub against mine.

She was riding me for a bit when I heard her saying "no, no anything but that" and with that I heard her scream out as loud as she could. I couldn't do anything with the lady on my face and I knew what was happening to my sister was hurting her.

It was then I felt it; her pussy seemed to get tighter as she rode me and I knew that he was pushing his cock into her asshole. Amber told the guy to take it out, but he only pushed it in more.

The woman got off me for a moment when she turned around to face Amber and told me that she didn't want her asshole to be left out.

She told me to lick it and not to stop till she says so. I did as I was told and started to lick my first asshole. Amber stilled cried out and the lady slapped her across the face and told her not to be such a bitch and take his huge cock like the slut that you are. I could feel my sister lying on my chest now crying as the guy destroyed her asshole with his big cock. He started to slap her on the ass cheeks as he drove his cock into her. I was wet with tears and with Amber screaming out in pain; this only made him fuck her harder.

I continued to lick the lady's asshole and she came squirting Amber in the face because as she was crying out from the anal fucking it sounds like she filled her mouth with water. Amber was still riding my cock and I was about to cum, so I told them with my mouth full of ass that I was about to blow my load. The woman told me to cum in her and I did.

Living day to day on the streets you don't get to jerk off a lot so when I came I had a big load to give. I was moaning as much as I could with an ass in my face. I could believe I was cumming in my sister and thought maybe this was bad, but it felt so good. I heard the man let out a big moan as he must of be filling Amber's ass now with his cum. Amber was yelling even more now, I guess because there wasn't much room in her ass and now he was cumming in it.

I heard some more hits to her ass and I knew that they were hard ones. After he was done he pulled his cock out and I felt all his cum run out onto my balls. The lady got off me and told my sister to turn so that her pussy was at my face and her face was at my cock.

When she did this I could see what the man did to Amber's asshole; you could fit a tangerine into the gapping hole and the whole area was red and covered in cum. They told us to clean each other and we did. My sister was still in tears as she sucked on my limp dick covered in cum and pussy juice. I stuck my tongue out and licked up some of the cum that was coming out of her abused ass. At first I didn't want to be after the thought of where it was coming from was over it wasn't that bad.

As I was finishing up the man came over and stuck his still hard cock into Amber's ass and pumped it in and out a little and pulled out. This made some more cum come out and I licked and sucked that up; he then put his cock in my mouth I clean it too.

When we were all done the couple told us that since we did so well they wouldn't call the cops on us. They told us to head down to the shower and clean ourselves off and get dress.

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I got up and tried to help my sister, but her legs were weak from the pounding she took. I lifted her up and walked her down the hall to the shower; when we got in the bathroom I got the water running and Amber asked if I would come in with her and help because her body was still weak. I told her that I would help her with anything and we got in the shower.

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As I was washing her; she put a hand on her ass and felt her asshole. She started crying again and was saying how sorry she was for getting us into this. I told her that it wasn't her fart and they we would get through this like we always do. We finished up and got out; I dried us off and wrapped the towels around us and we walked out to the hallway. In the kitchen the couple sat and greeted us as we entered.

I thought that this was not the same way they acted before and wondered what was up. The man started by telling us that we had to options; one was that we could take the two bags of food and get out of their house and never return if we didn't want to go to jail. Or option number two was that we would move in off the streets and live with them but… I was afraid of the "but" even before they said what it was. The woman told us that we would be their slaves and would anything they told us to do.

We could share the guest bedroom because it had its own bathroom and a queen size bed. I looked at Amber and told her that I would do anything to stay with her and she turned to the couple and told them that we would become their slaves. They couple told us that they were the Jones, but for now on we would only address them as "Master and Madam" and we would never wear cloths unless we were told to.


Our new master told us to drop the towels and we did; he also told us that they invite the neighbors to dinner every weekend so we were to cook a good meal on go and get them when it was done. With no choice in the matter we did was told and started making dinner. As we were cooking the lady of the house enter and told me to come to her. I did and she grabbed my cock and balls with one and hand and place a tight rubber ring around the base of my cock and under the balls.

It hurt a little but she told me to never remove it on my own. She said it would keep me from cumming too quickly and she didn't want that. We were finishing up the meal and I told my sister that I would go and get the neighbors and that it wasn't that bad for me to go nude. I walked out the back door and headed to the far end of the yard. The sun was already setting so there wasn't much light for people to see me. I went through the fence and up to the back deck of the house.

I knocked on the door not really know what to expect from them being there naked. I stood there as the door opened to revile a girl wearing a short red dress and black high heels standing there looking me up and down.

She was so pretty and sexy; she had blonde hair and perky tits and long legs. I turned red for being naked, but my cock turned rock hard for how sexy see was. She reached out a hand and grabbed my cock and pulled me into the house. She called out to her parents that dinner was ready at the Jones.

Her parents enter the back room of the house and they were dressed only in matching robes. The girl was slapping my cock around and was hitting it quit hard. She struck it very hard and leaded over from the pain and she pushed my head back and slapped me across the face. She said that it sucked that she had a date with one of her teachers and she wouldn't get to join us, but not to worry that she would join them one time.

With two slaps in the balls she turned gave both her parents a kiss on the lips and headed to the front of the house. I was left with her parents and they told me that I was only to address them as Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I turned and lead them to my new owner's home and into the kitchen.

The smell of food entered my nose as we enter; before my parents died my mother was a great cook and Amber learned everything from her. My masters were in the dining room sitting on either side of the table that had a wonder spread of food on it. Amber was nowhere to be seen, but Master had a big smile on his face.

I walked my owner's guest to the table and pulled their chairs for them to sit. I turned to my masters who had on the same matching robes of the neighbors and waited for my next order.

Mrs. Jones told me to join my sister under the table and to do anything anyone at the table tells me to do. I got under the table and saw Amber sucking Mr. Jones cock as Mrs. Jones ran her feet through her pussy. I took my place and I didn't wait long before I heard my orders. Mr. Smith opened his robe and said that he wanted a blow job and he didn't want to wait long. I turned to him and moved my face up to his lap and took his cock into my mouth.

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It wasn't as big as my master's but was bigger then mine. I sucked on it and licked the balls; not long after I started I felt a foot go between my legs and rub up on my balls.

It rubbed them for a bit then I felt the big toe poke at my asshole. My sister was told to spit on my asshole and then started on madam's pussy. With the lube from the spit Mrs. Smith got the toe in and started to fuck my asshole with it. It hurt a little but I knew it was nothing to what Amber went through. I kept sucking the cock and then I heard something I didn't want to hear; Mrs. Smith said that my ass was ready now and I was told to come out and get on all fours.

My sister looked at me as I was leaving and had I face of "I'm sorry" but I gave her a look of "its ok" back. I took my place and waited; it wasn't long. I was told to keep looking forward and not to move. I heard the two ladies talking about how nice my balls looked with the ring on, and then I heard Mrs. Jones tell Mr. Smith to hold for a moment as she went to get something.

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She can back in a few seconds and I felt some hands on my balls pulling them down even more. Next some wider rubber rings were place on my balls and made them stretch farer.

They told Mr. Smith to continue and he did; he place the head of his cock at my asshole and pushed in. it hurt like hell and I was so close to screaming but held it in. He pushed a little more and held it there. A slap hit me on the ass and Mrs. Jones said that what I thought I was a tough guy taking the fucking with out screaming. I said "no ma'am" I'm not. Mr. Smith started to fuck my ass as the two ladies slapped my ass and pulled on my cock.

The pain was intense at first but after my ass stretch out a little; I found myself liking it. This made my cock get hard and the ladies saw this. They cheered and told Mr. Jones that I was a truly great slave. I could suck some cock and pussy and take a dick up the ass. Something came over me and I found that if I pushed back when he was pushing his cock into my ass. That his balls would hit mine and it felt good; I was pushing back as he continued to fuck me.

He came in my ass and I loved it; the feel was wonderful and I could feel it shot deep inside me. He pulled out and I turned and cleaned off his cock. I waited there for my next command and I was told to make a plate of food and head to my room for the night.


I made a plate and as I was walking out of the dinning room with cum running from my ass I saw Mrs. Jones walk back in carrying a huge dildo; much bigger then master cock even. The last thing I heard was Mr. Smith saying "that was a wonderful meal, but he and Bill needed to get going to make the card game tonight." Mrs. Jones told them that Nancy and herself had some plans for their new slave that would pickup where Bill left off at with her ass and not to drink too much.

I left thinking what did we get ourselves into…