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Japanese housewife  Noeru Mitsushima is dating and fucking men  uncensored
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My first attempt at a story.

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I tried my best to format it correctly. Please tell me what you think. The second and third chapters are going up at the same time.

Snow Story I should have known something was going to happen. It always does when my bosses go out of town for any length of time.

Their week in florida, we had a flood. Their trip to the outer banks, major ventalation failure. This time was no different. I didn't intend to end up the general manager of a restaraunt.

I wasnt one for grand dreams, but I thought my business degree would at least get me out of the fast food business. Even if said business had paid for the degree. The bad job market in my area had left me kinda desperate coming out of school, so I went back to my roots, so to speak. I started working in a fast food job at 14.

I worked my way up to shift leader before I graduated high school and started college courses. When the loans and various scholorships I had scraped together fell short, they even let me pick up a few shifts to keep myself above water.

When I returned after getting my degree, they offered me an open shift manager position. The pay was decent, and I really needed a job, so I agreed. Three years later I was made the general manager when the owners decided to retire from active management.

So here I was, 30 years old and running a very successfull business. A business I was preparing to purchase and make my own, along with another location a few miles away. I considered myself pretty successfull. Financially. Personally, things were a different story. I was always a bit shy through high school and even college. I had friends and girlfriends here and there, but never any serious relationships.

I had little time over the last several years for "mate shopping", and had seen even less action than during school.


Honestly, I was a bit lonely. A large portion of my work crew were teenagers. And being a guy, I stole the occasional glance at some of the girls, but I never touched any of them. Beyond the whole jail bait issue, I just didnt feel anything towards most of them. And the ones I did, it was more of an uncle kind of thing. I knew I had been the subject of the occasional crush now and then, but none of the girls ever acted on them. My female managers did a decent job of blunting the relationship dramas that popped up from time to time.

The kinds of things that happen when a bunch of teenagers spend a lot of time together. It was late January and I was working an evening shift. My usual assortment of teens running around, trying to look busy while doing as little as possible. I knew they did this, but I didnt say much about it often.

As long as my to-1do lists got done, I was pretty lenient. The kids were talking about the weather that night. Would it snow enough to close school tomorow? (It was a Thursday.) The report I had seen before leaving for work had said we were in for a decent covering, but it wasnt supposed to start till after close.

I had the walks salted and ready, so when it did start early, I didnt really give it any thought. Other than it would hurt my business for the night. I already had the crew working on a bit of an early cleanup when I got a call from one of the parents I knew a bit better than the others.

"Hello" I answered, recognizing the number on the CID. "Jimmy, it's Laura, Kate's mom" she said. "Bill is on his way to pick up Kate. Tell her not to try to drive herself home." "Is something wrong?" I asked, a bit confused.

"You havent seen the weather alert?" "No, last I saw we were just in for a couple inches late this evening." "Oh my," she said "Its all over the news and weather channels. Some kind of freak front collision is causing this storm to go nuts. They are talking about feet of snowfall. Snow emergencies have already been announced. People are supposed to be getting home as fast as they can safely." "Damn," I said as I looked outside for real, seeing 5 or 6 inches already and heavy fall.

"OK how far out is Bill?" "About 10 minutes, at this point" "I'll have them get a rapid cleanup going and get her and the rest ready to leave as fast as I can." "Thanks Jimmy, be safe getting home." "Thanks Laura, good bye" Hanging up the phone, I called out to the crew. "OK guys, the weather has turned really bad all of a sudden. Get finished on the cleanup as fast as you can and call and get rides as needed to get home. You may use your cell phones to get the calls done as quick as possible." 10 minutes later I had 3 who lived pretty close together headed out the door to one of the boys' truck.

He was a bit older and had some offroad experiance. I was resonably sure of their safety. Bill came in as they left. "Kate ready?" He asked. "Hey Bill, yea shes ready. Would it be possible for you to drop these 2 off also? They live pretty close to you." As I pointed at a couple of the other girls. "Sure," he said. "If nothing else, Ill at least take them to our place. We have a couple extra beds. They will be safe till this mess can be cleared up." "Thanks a lot bill" I said as I looked around.

"wheres Tina?" Kate said, "she's over there, still on the phone." "Need me to take her too?" Bill asked. "No, she lives completely the opposit direction from you. And Im not sure what her ride status is yet. You guys get going and drive safe. Ill look after her." "Be safe your self.

Good night and good luck" he said as he herded the girls out the door. I walked over to Tina, who was still on the phone, and tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped and spun around.

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When she did, I noticed tears in the corner of her eyes. I had a hunch why. Tina was a good kid, but her home life was a bit rough. I had taken her home several times when the parent who was supposed to come pick her up had been too drunk. As far as I knew, they didnt beat her, but they didnt exactly lavish her with attention either.

I had even been helping her with her homework a bit when I had some extra time. "whats wrong?" I asked. "No one is answering" she nearly sobbed. "Im sorry, I cant find a ride." "Its alright. I'll take you myself." "But its so far out and in this weather." "Its not a problem. My truck can handle this. Lets get going." We bundled up and headed out to my truck. On the way out, I notice that there was a good 3-4 more inches than when I had looked not 20 min before.

This is gonna get bad, I thought to myself. I brushed off the windows and we got rolling. Before too long I was flagged down by a police officer. As he walked to my window, I recognized him as a friend of a friend. "Hey Scott, bad night" "Sure is Jimmy. Where you headed?


People are supposed to be getting home." "I'm taking this one home before I get myself in. she couldnt get a ride." "Where does she live?" he asked. When I told him, he shook his head. "I was afraid you would say something like that. They had to close down the bridge.

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You wont be able to get out there." "Damn," I said "Now what?" "They have a shelter for people who are stranded set up at the high school. Drop her there on your way home" he said. "OK thanks Scott, stay safe" "You too" I turned and headed toward the high school and beyond that, my little house.

" Ill get you set up there before I head home. They should be able to get in touch with you parents eventually." "Do I have to go there by myself?" she asked. I could hear the wobble in her voice. "The only other option I have right now is to take you home with me, and." "Can we do that?" she interupted.

"I'm not sure thats a good idea." "Please," she begged. "I dont want to sleep on a cot with a bunch of strangers around me." "Well." I said, thinking to myself. Its not that big a deal, and I wouldnt want to be there if there was another option.

"ok" "Thank you." she beamed. We made it to my house and trudged inside. The trip had been no more than 10 min, but there was already at least 3 more inches on the ground. This really was going to be a freak storm. The thought now occured to me that I was alone with a teenage girl in my house. I would need to be on my best work behavior to make sure nothing would happen that could be taken the wrong way.

I had plenty of food, so I knew we wouldnt starve if I couldnt get her home the next day. "Make yourself at home" I said. "I'm gonna change out of this uniform." I went into my bedroom and changed into a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Not my usual lounge wear, but I didnt think boxers would be appropiate under the circumstances. Coming out of the bedroom, I said "See if you can find a weather report on the tv please. Are you hungry? I can make some snacks." I went into the kitchen and started rummaging around.

She came over to the counter. "Um, Jimmy?" "Yes?" I said absently while looking in the pantry. "Do you have anything I could change into? My uniform is kinda dirty." This one stumped me.

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Im 6' 200lbs. Big, but not pudgy. She was 5'2" at best. 110lbs. soaking wet. There was no way anything I owned would fit her. "Well," I said. "I might have something. Lets look." I lead the way into my bedroom and pointed out the dresser where I kept my t-shirts and pants with drawstrings. "See what you can find in there. I'll work on some food. Bring me your uniform when you get done changing and I'll throw it in the washer so you'll have something to wear." "OK" she said as I closed the door.

I went back to the kitchen and put a couple things together. As I was setting it on the coffee table, I heard the door open. As I turned around I froze. She had on one of my longer t-shirts, which came to about mid thigh on her, and nothing else. Her legs were shapely and smooth. Her feet were small with cute little toes, the nails painted blue.

The shirt hung on her like a poncho, with the sleeves coming well below her elbows. It was hard to tell because of how big it was, but I could swear her breasts looked bigger than they looked in her uniform. Shaking myself out of my stare, and hoping she hadnt noticed, I said "You're gonna get cold dressed like that." "None of the pants would stay up" She said. "Ill be fine like this" I didnt keep my house real warm, Prefering to put on a sweatshirt than pay a higher gas bill.

I picked up a throw and handed it to her as I took her uniform. "Here, wrap this around you so you dont catch cold and help yourself to the food.

I'll take this and get the washer running." As I headed down to the basement, I was thinking. I had always been carefull to not get myself into any questionable positions with any of my female employees. Now I had one in my living room half naked.

I opened the washing machine and started unrolling her clothes to feed them in. As I undid the bundle, I got another shock. This one made my neglected member really awaken. Her underwear was in the bundle. As I picked them out of the ball, I could feel some lingering warmth. Unable to resist, I lifted them to my nose and took a deep wiff of the crotch, inhaling her wonderfully soft aroma.

As the material touched my nose, I noticed an ever so slight dampness to it. Reganing myself, I dropped them in the washer. Under her shirt I found her bra. It was one of those sports type deals that squeezes everything in.

That expalains why her breasts look bigger, I thought to myself. The head on my shoulders came to the realization at the same time the one in my pants lurched up. Shes naked under that shirt! Starting the washer, I took a couple minutes to bring myself and the bulge in my pants under control. I went pack upstairs and sat in a chair next to the couch.

I grabbed a plate full of food and tried to keep my voice even as I said, "anything on about the weather?" "Yea," She said. "They said that the fronts causing this are getting stronger.

The snowfall is actually going to get much worse." "Worse? It's bad enough now" I said. "Oh well. I hope the rest of them got home safe. We will be fine here. I have plenty of food and blankets." "Thank you for letting me stay here.

I just didnt want to be stuck in the school gym in this." "No problem" I said. "I dont blame you." We sat quietly and watched tv. I let her chose what to watch, as I didnt watch much tv and hadn't any real clue about what was on. I glanced over at her once in a while, thinking about how little she was wearing. This caused me to have to adjust myself a couple times. I eventually gave up and retreated to the kitchen under the excuse of doing the dishes just to give myself a second to calm down again.

Being a bit of a night-owl, I didnt realize how late it was getting till the movie we had been watching ended and I noticed that she was dozing. I sat looking at her for a while. Her head canted to the side on her slender neck. She really was very pretty, I thought. Her cute little nose above her full but not over-large lips. Her strong, but not high cheekbones. Her almost elfin ears.

It's a shame she's so young, I thought. I reached over and shook her gently. "Tina, why dont you go ahead and go to sleep in the bed? Ill crash here on the couch after a while." "I couldn't do that" she said. "I'll be fine here on the couch." "You sure?" I asked, a bit relieved. I didnt fit along that couch very well. "Yes, this is fine here" She said as she adjusted herself to laying down.

She put a pillow behind her head and covered up in the throw. "OK then. Im going to go in and read for a while before I sleep. Come get me if theres anything you need." "Thanks" she yawned. Shutting off the lights, I went into my room and sat on the bed to read a bit. After about an hour, and not making any real progress in the book, I decided to call it quits. I checked on Tina, who was sleeping soundly, and then shut the door before I took off my shirt and sweatpants and climbed into bed.

Thinking again about the nearly naked girl in the next room, I had to will myself to calm down enough to sleep. I woke to the sound of the bedroom door opening. I glanced at the clock and realized I had been asleep for maybe 3 hours. Tina was standing in the doorway, though I couldnt see her well in the dark.

Im not sure she realized I was awake because she jumped a bit when I spoke.

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"Is something wrong?" I asked "Im cold out here," she said. "And a bit scared. Can.can I come in here with you?" Slightly stunned, I answered, "Im not sure thats such a good idea." "It'll be alright.

The bed is plenty big. I dont take up too much room. Please." Rationalizing that the bed WAS big, and she WAS small (a rationalization that probably came more from my little head than my big one), I said "well, OK" "Thanks" She said.

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I thought I caught a note of triumph in her voice as she padded around to the other side of the bed and climbed in. "Good night." "Night" I said.

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I lay there for a long while. Judging by the sound of her breathing, she was fast asleep again almost emediately. I, on the other hand, was having trouble sleeping. Now the nearly naked teenager was in the bed next to me, and my cock knew it too. I had to force myself to calm down again, which took a lot more effort this time, so I could get to sleep.

I awoke several hours later. As soon as I was awake I reallized she wasnt on her half of the bed anymore. She was laying damn near on top of me. My left arm was trapped down at my side. she was laying with her head on my left shoulder. Her breasts pressing into my arm and the side of my chest. Her left leg was draped over my legs. I nearly jolted upright when I noticed that the shirt she was wearing had ridden up. I could feel her smooth pussy against my leg.

My cock instantly went from half mast morning wood to steel rod hard. Her head being right below mine, I could smell the intoxicating scent of her hair. The stimulus of her there and the throbbing of my sex deprived member drove all reason out of my head.

Slowly, so as not to wake her, I moved my right hand over and placed it on her perfect round ass. Feeling the smooth, supple skin beneath my fingers. I rubbed her softly a couple times before moving up and lightly feeling her left breast. Her firm but pliant mound more than filling my hand.

I could feel the nub of her nipple through the shirt material. I moved my hand back to her bare ass and rubbed it a couple more times. I jerked my hand away as a moan escaped her lips. "please dont stop" she said as she looked up at me. "No Tina, this isnt right" I said. Struggling to grasp my reason before I went too far. "Please get off me." "I've liked you since I met you my first day at work.

You've always been so nice to me. I've been trying to find a way to be alone with you for a long time. This storm was my lucky break." As she was saying this, she was gripping me tightly with her arm and leg and grinding her pussy into my leg. "Please dont push me away from you." "But I'm so much older than you" I protested.

"Surely someone closer to your own age would be more appealing." I never really had considered myself all that handsome. More along the lines of plain. "I've never met anyone as kind as you before.

I dont care how old you are. I want to be with you." With that she reached up and kissed me. My willpower blew away like smoke in a huricane. I kissed her back, deeply, our tongues dancing. I brought my hand back to her ass and gripped her to me. She moaned softly into my mouth with every squeez. After several minutes of passionate kissing, she broke off and started kissing and licking her way down my chest, pushing the blankets out of the way as she went.

When she got to my boxers, she pulled on the band as I lifted slightly. My cock bounced free of its prison, harder than ever. She grasped it lightly before licking from root to tip very slowly.

Then she took me into her mouth. Keeping up a wonderfull presure, she swirled her tongue around my head before plunging down my shaft. When my tip hit her throat, she simply swallowed me down. Her lips clamped around my base as her togue lapped at the bottem of my shaft. Her throat seemed to ripple around my head.


Pulling back, she lifted up till only my head was still in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around again before plunging back down, taking me deep in her thoat again. She repeated this proccess only a few more times before I felt the surge coming. "Unh, Tina. Im gonna cum" I grunted. she didnt even slow down. taking me deep in her throat again, she hummed around my head. That was all I could take. I practically exploded down her throat. The first couple shots shooting staight into her belly before she backed off and caught the rest in her mouth.

She swirled it around in her mouth as I continued to pump. She swallowed then sucked at my cock, getting the last few drops. "That was amazing" I panted.` "I'm glad you liked it" she said as she crawled back up my body.

She kissed me deeply again. I could taste the last bits of my seed as I explored her mouth with my tongue. Suddenly I rolled her over and said with a grin "my turn." I grabbed the hem of the t-shirt and pulled it up over her head. I stopped to just stare at the beauty of this naked 16 year old in my bed.

Her full, C cup breasts topped with rosey pink nipples, surounded by perfectly round areola about the size of a quarter. Her flat tummy and little belly button. Her smooth pussy, with a very light landing strip, pouting at me.

Cupping her left breast in my right hand, I kissed her again before starting my journey down her body. I kissed my way down her neck to her colarbone, then down to her right breast. I kissed and licked her breast all over before finaly reaching her already swollen nipple.

As I sucked the nub into my mouth, she moaned deeply. With my treat firmly clamped in my mouth, I nibbled softly on her nub and lavished it with the tongue lashing it deserved. As I moved to her left breast, to repeat the treatment, she gound her pussy against my leg, which was between hers.

I could feel her juices leaving a wet trail on my thigh. Finishing with her other breast, I continued my way down, pausing briefly to lick her belly button. As I got down to her mound, she spread her legs up and back, giving me better access.

I kissed the inside of each thigh before moving to the valley on each side of her labia. I kissed and licked my way all the way around before planting a kiss on each side of her swelling lips, top and bottom. Reaching in and spreading her with my fingers, I ran my tongue up her inner lips slowly, savoring her scent and flavor.

I gave her several long, slow laps from near her asshole to the top of her slit before plunging my tongue into her tight pink hole. By this time, she was panting and nearly vibrating.

When I finally relented on her love tunel, I clamped my lips around her clit and gave it a gentle but firm suck while jabbing it with my tongue. That was all it took. She went completely rigid, clamping her legs around my head as she let out a long wailing moan. Her love juices flowing freely into my lapping mouth. I was trapped like this for nearly a minute, and loving it completely, before she relaxed and let me go. "Oh my God" she said, breathlessly. "I've never cum like that before." "I'm glad you liked it" I said with a smile before returning to her mouth for another passionate kiss, giving her a taste of herself in my mouth.

I lay partially on top of her as we kissed. My right hand running back and forth between her pussy and her chest. After a time (couldnt even tell you how long), she pushed me back a bit and reached for my renewed erection. "Please" she breathed. "I need you in me. Please fuck me." Im not a big guy really, only a little better than average, but I could tell from my time in her tunnel that I was going to be a tight fit. I knew that she had had at least one serious boyfriend while working for me, so I was reasonably sure she wasnt a virgin.

Not to mention that amazing blowjob. This is also the point that my reason tried one last desperate attept to stop me. 'I havent actually fucked her yet,' I thought. 'If I stop now I'll be safe.' My little brain knew that it was bullshit just as much as my big brain did. And it was getting more of my blood flow at that moment, so it won the argument.

"I don't have any condoms" I stammered while at the same time getting positioned between her legs. "It's ok" she said. "I told you Ive wanted this for a while. Im on the pill. Please, I need you. Just go slow." And with that, my very last barrier was breached.

I positioned myself at her entrance and slowly pushed in as I leaned down to kiss her. She moaned into my mouth as I pushed my head all the way in and started a slow back and forth motion sliding a bit more of my length in her with each push. I was in heaven feeling her stretch around me to let more in. Then, all of a sudden, I hit her barrier, and froze. My eyes snapped wide open. "You're a still a virgin?" I asked with suprise in my voice. "Yes, is that a problem?" she asked.

"I wont be in a minute if you just keep going." A lustfull look in her eyes. "It's not a problem. It's just. are you sure you want me to be the one who." "I'm sure" she interupted.

"I want this. I want you to have my virginity. Please, make me a woman." "As long as you're sure" I said, unsure I could have stopped myself anyway. "This is going to hurt a bit." "I know. I'm ready" I took several slow strokes. Pulling almost all the way out before pushing back up to her hymen. As I pulled out for the last time, I said "here we go", and plunged into her.

Tearing through her barrier and seating the rest of my length in her to the hilt. She yelped as I broke her and tears began to seep from her closed eyes. I didnt move inside her. I just held her to me and kissed her tears. "I wont move till you tell me you are ready" I said. She nodded into my chest. Her tunnel holding me like a velvet vice. It was pure bliss just being joined like this.

After a while, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. "Ok" she said, "but go slow." I began long, slow strokes. Taking nearly 10 seconds per trip either way.

Her soft panting carried both painfull and lustfull tones. I could feel her tunnal getting used to my intrusion. The slippery friction driving me up and over the wall.

It didnt take long for her to start to thrust her hips up to meet me. I quickened my pace, panting with the exertion and bliss. "Oh my God" she practically growled. "You feel so good inside me. Faster, harder." I sped up till I was hammering into her. Her breasts bouncing with each thrust. She was nearly screaming each time I hit bottom.

All at once, I pulled out and flipped her over. I pulled her up to her knees and drove back in, slamming her hard from behind. She was yelping "yes!" with each thrust. Suddenly, she clamped down on me like a vice. I couldn't move in or out of her. The convultions running through her pussy were like lightening running up my shaft. I swear her wail would have shattered the windows if she wasnt face down in a pillow. When I could move again, I pulled out and rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me.

I re-entered her pussy and continued pistoning up into her. I hugged her tightly to my chest as she seemed to have gone semiconciouse after her orgasm.

I could feel the tingling building as I got closer. She seemed to come around after a bit and pushed up on her elbows, looking into my eyes. "I'm getting real close, baby" I panted. She started rocking her hips down to meet my thrusts. "Give it too me. Fill me right up" she moaned. "I'm getting close agaaaaaaaa." Her pussy slammed down on my cock again, just as I thrust in as deep as I could.

The vibrations of her pussy were all I needed to finish. my seed blasted out of my cock in blazing torents deep in her love tunnel. We both just sort of clung to each other as we rode out are respective orgasms. Then collapsed, her laying on top of me. My member defalting slowly while still in her. Both of us gasping for air through the euphoria.

"Thank you." I heard her mumble before her breathing took on the slow rythm of sleep. I had just enough energy left to pull a blanket over us before I passed out myself. My last thoughts were of how wonderfull it was to have this lovely young thing lying on me with our juices running out of her pussy between us.