TsJaniceReine Cute Asian LadyBoy in a SEXY RED Lingerie

TsJaniceReine Cute Asian LadyBoy in a SEXY RED Lingerie
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"Mmmmmm.Oh,yeah!.That feels real,gooood!''.Tina said hoarsely. Mark,was suckling on Tina's nipple.His dick snug,in her tight cunt.She,felt her,stepdad Robert,lube her puckered anus down.Tina astride,Mark,riding his delicious cock,placed her hands firmly on his chest.Awaiting the pending onslaught on her ass!

Robert,eased his uncircumcised prick into her butt.As the knob sunk home.Tina, mewed and clenched it with her spincter muscle.Robert,looked up at the ceiling and opened his mouth,groaning with appreciation!He sunk his dick into his stepdaughter's poophole to the hilt.The two men,started working the seventeen year old,in tandem,rooted in her pussy and ass.

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Their humping,had the desired effect and turned,Tina,into a sweating,groaning,flushed and writhing sperm receptacle.Tina, glanced over her shoulder at her stepdad,shunting her ass.He, kissed her,passionately and she responded with her tongue.Placing it in his mouth and seeking to entwine with his.Mark,had a hand on each tit,squeezing and working them with his fingertips.Where, Mark,was connected to her,their coupling had worked her young pussy into a lather! Stacey,was on her hands and knees on the floor.Her blonde head bobbed as the tub of lard,Patrick assfucked her.His thick lenses all steamed up from the effort.His short,fat cock humped away at her ass.Stacey had popped three ecstacy tablets and the fatman's sodomy,was taking her,to an exquisite level of pleasure.Stacey,was working her own clit.Feverishly,looking to have her second orgasm!The two men working Tina,increased their work rate as they felt the young thing sadwiched between them approaching her release.

Tina,squealed and cried out loudly as her insides melted and she came.She blabbered incoherently and edged the men on."Yes!YESSSS,ah fuck you made my pusssssssy cum!Do me!!Cum in me!Oh,yeah,shoooooot!'' Mark bucked under her,cursed loudly and emptied his sac,deep in her cunt.The groans she heard from the floor,told her,Patrick was getting his rocks off in Stace's,ass!Her stepdad continued shafting her butt as Mark,shrunk inside her .Robert,shrieked,withdrew and squirted hotly all over Tina's ass and lowerback Tina's life had changed,dramatically.Her Mom,Susan the raving,Bible puncher had never returned from the Evangelical Crusade.Instead she had run of with a Peruvian laypreacher.The only word they had got from her,was a short abrupt letter.Telling them where to forward her clothes.Not a word about what Tina,was supposed to do!She had no family and It was either stay with Robert,or life on the street.Robert,took good care of her but his and his friends sexual appetite seemed insatiable!

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They were seated in the lounge,Stace,having snorted a line of coke,now mixing with the E's she had taken earlier.Looked really bombed out of her tree."Listen up people!''Mark, snapped his fingers to get their attention."I got a buyer for the movie,we made!The old geyser,jacked off right in front of me when he previewed it!He thought you girls were AWESOME!His offered us a load of cash for another movie.Thing is,his got a perchant,for Indian chicks and wants a young dark virgin to feature in the movie!'' Patrick sighed and said sarcastically."Not a commodity you can buy off the shelf,is it then?'' Mark,always with a plan smiled thinly.''Correct,Patrick!Perhaps though at the local,corner greengrocer!'' It took a few seconds to dawn on Tina,what he was on about.

''Arusha?!You talking about Arusha?The shopkeepers,daughter!She's a geek!''Mark,looked at Tina and shook his head dissaprovingly.''Tina!Tina!Tina!When will you learn,baby!She's got a hot bod,take off the glasses and let her hair down.A touch of makeup and she will be a Beaut!'' Tina,looked at Stace.Her eyes reminded her,of Twinkle,twinkle little star!Stacey blurted.''And how do we fit into all of this?'' Mark sighed."Really girls!Catch a wake up for fucks sake!You two little darlings,are gonna befriend her and deliver her to us!All of us will benefit handsomely!I'm talking BIG $!'' Befriending her,proved as easy as pie.She was into her books and computers and brushed off,by her peers.Having these 'in girls',Tina and Stacey as friends was a dream come true for Arusha.Who had been a loner before this new found friendship.Arusha's,Dad was conservative and strict.When the girl's visited Arusha,at home [The Hindi family,lived above their shop] they were on their best behaviour.They dressed conservatively and were extremely well mannered and polite.It took three weeks before,Arusha's,father relented and allowed his daughter to stay over at Tina's for the weekend!

The transformation was startling!Arusha,looked truly beautiful.Stacey,had a deft hand at applying makeup.She had done the Indian girls face,beautifully.The eyeliner,placing emphasis on her doelike,hazel eyes.Red lipstick made her full lips look luscious.They had been pampering and making each other up in Tina's room.Blowdrying and brushing Arusha's,thick jetblack hair straight.Mark had been fairly spot on.If anything he had underestimated how gorgeous the girl with abit of TLC,could look!

It was 11:15 and the girls were sitting on the floor,wearing pj's and discussing,amongst other things.School,teachers and how hard Arusha,had to work in her Dad's store.


"Sooooo,have ya ever kissed a guy?''Tina asked questioningly. Arusha,giggled."You jokeing right!?My Dad would kill me!He watches me like a hawk!''The girl had a wonderful smile.Cute dimples,Tina noted!

"Have ya ever masturbated?Like pleased,yourself?''Stace chimed in. Arusha,blushed.''Ummm.Personal!.Kinda,only once though.It was'nt so great!'' "That's because ya don't know how!''Tina said knowingly.

Arusha giggled.Tina and Stacey thought the sixteen year old was really childish and unstreetwise! Arusha,looked at the two of them and whispered.''Have you two,kissed a guy?'The way the girl said it made the two wiser teens blurt out with laughter.This chick was sooooo naive and innocent!

Stacey,was warming to the task.She wanted to see this kid fucked!."Yeah and blowen them and screwed too!Many times!'' Arusha's,eyes grew wide and she looked disbelievingly at the two of them!."What sex!?You pulling my leg right!Come on be serious!'' Tina,got to her feet and pulled her pants down."Does this look like a virgin,vagina to ya?'' Arusha's eyes grew wider still and she choked!She giggled nervously."Ummm,OKAY!Ya did'nt have to show me!''She laughed loudly.

Tina,kicked her pj pants off and sat down again her bottom half buck naked.Tina saw the girl eyeing her pubes."Why ya so entranced?'' The Indian girl's perpetual giggling was working on their nerves.''Ahhhh,this is just REALLY strange!That's the first white vagina I seen in real life and you seem to have no inhibitions!You girl's are CRAZY!'' "Seen that we on the topic.''Stacey raised her butt from the floor and pulled her pants down over her legs and feet,tossing them idly aside!

The girl,chuckled and blurted out.''You two chicks,are just toooooo much!''She hit her hand on her leg.

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"Sooooo,then lets have a peek at yours!''Tina said mischieviously. Ha,ha,ha."Aw come on guys!.Nawh!.Next time maybe!'' Tina leaned over to Stacey and their mouths met.Kissing,gently and lovingly.

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Arusha's,eyes threatened to pop right out of their sockets.she gulped and took in the sight of the two beautiful teens,smooching."Ummmm,guys!.Like hello!.It's me Arusha!''She waved at them.Fuck she's a twit!Stacey thought! Tina,moved her glistening lips from Stace's mouth."Come on Arusha!I can see ya all flushed.Take ya pants off!'' Tina was right.Arusha felt warm and had butterflys in her tummy!She hesitated a moment, then stood.Pulling her pants and pantys down together.Tina and Stacey turned,cheek to cheek and looked her up and down.Arusha,was dark,almost black and had skinny long legs.Her fanny was clean shaven and had a rather large meaty hood.Her vulva,was tightly sealed.Lips,pronounced and a droplet of glistening juice was seeping from her entrance!

Tina,moved over to her,holding Arusha's chin gently in her hand.Arusha was blushing a darker shade of pink!Red rings under her eyes."Hey,Tina what ya doing?!''.Tina slowly kissed her full lips,parting them with her tongue,the tip met the Indian girls pearly white teeth.Tina tasted a trace of spearmint on the chicks breath.Tina,placed her tongue in Arusha's mouth,lashing out with it.The teen's body shuddered violently!

Stacey,moved behind the girl,placing her hands on Arusha's hips,under her top.She moved her hands up the kids sides.The girl moaned.The sensation gave her goosebumps!She was incredibly flatchested,Stacey,discovered when she encircled the chicks breasts.

"Ahhhhhh,hey stop!What you up to!''Arusha moaned.The girls were seducing her and they went about it expertly!In no time and with only token resistance they had her on her back.Dark body stretched out,like a flower.Legs spread and a blonde and brunette working at her puss.Heads bobbing between her legs! The whole delightful episode,had been caught on tape and viewed live by the men waiting in the passage.They burst into the room lusty and sweaty! "What the fuck is going on here!''Mark bellowed!Arusha,felt her heart pound in her chest.She turned crimson with embarrassment!She placed one hand over her still spread mound and tried to cover her non exsistent clevage with the other!

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"Enough of this shit!I'm fucking horny!Gag her and spreadeagle her on the bed!''Mark spat out. As Arusha,felt greedy,prying hands on her flesh,she realized the girls had set her up!She was so shocked and taken aback that she uttered not a word.When a big fat guy,stuffed a rag into her mouth and tied a scarf around her head she was demure!Arusha, was more afraid of her father than these people.She knew that whatever they did to her,she could never tell a soul!Her Dad,was from the old country and her rape would tarnish their family name!He would kill her to reclaim their dignity.Honour killing was part of their culture!

Tina and Stace,were holding the traumatised bitches arms.Stretching and forcing them down on the beding.Mark,watched as the chocolate delight,pounded her feet against the bed.The soles of her feet were white in stark contrast with the rest of her body!With no niceties.Mark grabbed a hold of each of the girls ankles and shoved her legs far back.He,forced them down,against her plum nipples.Her,position opened her, up.Lifting her,butt from the covers and stretching her anus.Mark got exquisite joy out of the girls,terrified and pensive stare as he manouvered her youthful,skinny body.Her eyes latched on to his hard,strutting and throbing cock!Widespread terror flashed in her eyes!

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The gathering watched,as Mark took up position between her legs!."Umm a condom?''Robert said gulping.Mark,chortled."Nope!Let's impregnate the young cunt.that way we will have more control over her!She will have to come to us to abort!'' Robert swopped places with Stacey,restraining,Arusha's arms.Stacey knelt down and took her dad's manhood firmly in her hand.She moved it against the Indian girls vulva.Inundating the dickhead with moisture!Arusha tensed as she felt the man's penis rub against her privates.Her whole body seemed to tighten from his member touching against her extremities!Stacey,feeling her own arousal mounting,stuck the crown clean into the girl.Arusha,yellped into her gag as she felt him enter her!

His crown,rooted,Mark,fed the struggling bitch his shaft!Her back arched off the bed,Her hazel eyes stretched wide in their sockets.Her feet up,on either side of his head,wriggled.Her toes clenching.Her whole body spasmed as Mark,with unashamed brutality tore her virginity.Her hymen gave way to his invading cockhead and her vaginal walls expanded as his thick girth put pressure on them.Mark wriggled,his ass to get the last two inches in her and buried himself to the hilt!

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Arusha,gasped for air,being gagged did'nt make it easier.She was hyperventallating,from the pressure of the man anchored in her body.She could feel his cock stretching her open.She,began shaking her head violently as he began to use her furiously.His balls banged noisely against her parted dark buttocks.Her legs ached from being held at such an unusual angle.His meat worked in and out of her and she felt searing pain deep inside her!

Mark,was enjoying breaking the girl in.He looked down at her dark body,doubled up beneath his surging.She was a real Turkish delight,dark on the outside and bright pink on the inner.He liked the look of his pale shaft,slipping in and out of her black pussy!He was rooted glovetight,and screwed the living shit out of the whineing bitch.His orgasm was intense and powerful and he unloaded,heavily.Deep up near the teen's uterus.Spraying her procreation organ with his seed.Arusha,feeling the man spitting inside her.Closed her eyes and cried quietly.

Robert,having watched the rape was overcome with raging lust.He forced the kid onto all fours and pumped into her jism leaking puss.He shagged away at her like a man possessed.Mark, took her gag off and her wails filled,Robert's ears!Arusha,was sweating.She could smell herself and copulating smells on the air.The man up behind her,was bringing forth a moan from her gut,with every strike he landed on her twat.Robert was being held,vicelike by Stacey,where his cock met his testicals.She was helping him along.

Shunting him, into the groaning Indian girl.What made Robert,spew was when Stace,skewered the girl's bunghole with her middle finger! Arusha,cried out as the second man came like a hose in her depths.She felt the patter of him hot against her canal and the girl's finger glued in her ass.Robert,withdrew sweaty but wanting more!Patrick,got on top of her.His weight,was smothering the teen and she begged him to get off her.Merciless,he drove into her.Her screams,muffled by his meaty shoulder against her mouth.The man having viewed the men before him,did'nt last long he ejaculated in her now jism riddled cesspit,gash.Groaning,with the effort!


Arusha,lay curled in a ball.She looked fragile.Mark glanced at his watch 1:33am,he placed five lines of coke on a small sheet of glass and they snorted it up.

The cocaine drove the five of them into a frenzy and Arusha bore the brunt of it!Mark,finding his idea extremely funny.Howled as he handed the girl's the two truncheon like dildo's.Feeling on a lofty high,the girl's stood dazed as the men strapped the cocks onto them. Tina and Stacey opened the girl up.Straightining her arms and legs.Arusha,tried to resist but with the aide of the men they had her up on her hands and knees.Tina,dreamlike looked down as Mark,rubed the huge red rubber cock protruding from her groin.It was a monster.!Arusha,had rough hands all over her body keeping her in place.Having seen what they wanted to put inside her,she became hysterical.Mark slapped her real hard,nearly making her pass out!Tina smirked and went for the bitches ass!

Even with the liberal smearing of lube.Arusha's ass was just too tight!Tina had teasingly inserted the head of it into the girl.The fit was way too squashed and hurt Arusha bad.She started begging them in earnest.Then.beseeching them that she could'nt take it."I'm tearing!I can feel my skin,Plllleeeaaassssse!'' Mark,saved her.He saw little jagged tears shoot out from her tight anus and just as Tina,was about to drive full force.He grabbed onto the dildo and pulled it out with a wet plop sound."Hey!What ya doing!I want to do her ass!''Tina shouted angrily and drug crazed!

''It's physically impossible.Those things are way too much!However.move aside!'' Arusha,listening felt relieved.Her anus throbbed in pain like a rotten tooth but her relief was short lived because the man they called "Mark''.Decided to take her virgin ass aswell!It was the most painful and utterly humiliating and degrading experience,Arusha,ever indured!Mark's cock already larger and thicker than most.Reamed her shithole.He pounded it.Smearing and squashing the shit in her gut.He turned the Indian teen into a writhing wreck.The cocaine in his bloodstream prolonged his orgasm and Mark was burning himself out!He beat his cannon into the tightfisted bitch.His body dripping sweat,heart roaring in his ears.The girl wrapped in pain just shuddered under his thrusts.Robert,eyeing the way Mark,was thundering into the tiny dark chick even felt a pang of sorrow for her.She was being debased,abused!Robert felt relief for the girl when Mark's face twisted comicaly and he ejaculated in her chocolate box!

It was the dogs that drove the Indian to the edge of the abyss!She had a major aversion to them and the sight of the Dane,King froze her in pure terror.She became putty in their hands.They placed,Arusha's butt on the edge of the bed.Mark handled the engorged doggycock.He twisted the blood pumping organ and stuck it into the girl's well lubricated cunny.It drove into her untill her vulva squashed against the hard knot.Mark pumped at her vagina with it.Patrick looked down at the pretty dark girl.She was really cute!Big hazel eyes wide and unfocused.Little button nose.Her lips sexy and slightly apart.A flash of her amazingly white teeth.He forced her mouth open further and placed his knob against her tongue and proceded to jack off!

King,panted rhythmically,he sounded like a choo choo.The dogs eyes squinted and he humped back madly.Holding the doggycock,Mark felt the jism race up the shaft and explode in the girl.It was a heavy gush that just kept cumming!He waited until he felt the hound was completely drained and then yanked it out.First,they just saw the ho's gaping cunnyhole.Bright pink and welcoming.Then the flow of cum started,a trickle that became a torrent.The jism spurted out of her,running down her ass and collecting wetly in her bunghole!Her thighs were splashed with the shit!She gagged and choked as Patrick,rained his thick sperm onto her tongue!

Rufus,the shepherd was next.He claimed her on all fours.They pinned her hands and feet to the floor for the dog.Rufus,humped away,eventually sinking his knot into the Turkish Delight.His dick was the same hue as her canal and he copulated for an age. Savouring his victims body!His race run.Rufus dissentangled himself from his bitches slit.Leaving a copious amount of his ejaculate and urine inside her,to mark his turf!


End,more to follow.