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Gay boxing is perfect way to full erection for smooth twink
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WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN Chap. 8 THE DRIVE-IN Dear Diary, UR my BFF and the only one I can really talk to *exhale, breathe!!!!* except Mommy and Daddy, of course, so I'm going to share this with you since I want to remember it forever and ever. Thanksgiving = giving of thanks.

After several months, Daddy and I did it again (fucked our brains out, you know), and Mommy too. Heaven-sent fun! And then the next day after Daddy's birthday was when all our relatives came to our house for the big feast. Believe me, we had everything you could possibly eat! (And nobody, dear Diary NOBODY knew what it was some of us had been really EATING!!!!) It was such fun, and then later all the men sacked out and all us Real Women washed dishes and cleaned everything up, and my relatives didn't know I was a Real Woman!!

Mommy said honey this is the way it will always be, the men just zone out and all us women clean up, it always happens this way after Thanksgiving dinner, but she said she didn't mind since all the women got to gossip together and talk about things men weren't interested in anyway, and I said Mommy, if anyone wasn't watching but us, we could just take Daddy upstairs and play with him whether he's sleeping or not.

She said honey, the best thing about a limp dick is you can fit the whole thing in your mouth, and she giggled, and Dear Diary, I knew exactly what she was talking about because I've had Daddy's erecting in my mouth already and it didn't fit AT ALL.

My Daddy's dick is long! I got the head in a couple of times and about another two inches, but that's it for sure! Nobody, my dearest Diary, absolutely nobody but Daddy and Mommy knows I'm a Real Woman now.

God, if people only knew that just yesterday Mommy and Daddy and I had did it totally! Well, nobody will ever find out, and that's okay with me, too, since they said we need to keep this just between ourselves since I'm only thirteen and my schoolmates and friends won't even be getting this until they're sixteen or older, like real old. Okay, let's just get back to reality here, dear Diary. Later in the day, when everyone was awake again, we were sitting around talking and the guys woke up and drank beers and made their funny jokes.

Mommy whispered to me that when guys start drinking, most of their jokes are about sex and we should be real cool. After about five minutes of their joking, Mommy said, "hey, why don't you go on up to bed, honey?

Kiss everyone goodbye for now." And so I did, on their cheeks of course.


I noticed real quick that Daddy just touched lightly on my forehead. I went down to breakfast and Mommy had pancakes ready. I poured Mrs. Butterworth's syrup on them. Mommy said let's go to the drive-in tonight. We went to the drive-in once before when I was ten. It was a special treat for my birthday. Grandview Drive-In is just outside of town. We went there a couple of times before when I was just a kid, but then we didn't go for a long time, so it was real neat to get to go for my tenth birthday.

And now Mommy said hey let's go to the drive-in. I was like HEY YEAH! Mommy popped popcorn and we had a big bag just like I remembered. We brought along a cooler full of water bottles from WalMart.

We don't drink Coke or Pepsi anymore since they had so much sugar in them and we don't like the diet versions. Daddy said maybe we should all dress in our PJs, so I had mine on Mommy bought me a Joe Boxer outfit from Kmart that was just a pair of tight pink shorts and a loose top -- and Mommy wore her red teddy with the matching red panties, and robe over, it so the cashier wouldn't make goo-goo eyes.

Dear Diary, I already told you that the seventh-grade boys and even some of the eighth-graders try to look down my shirt to see my bumps or my new bra, didn't I?

So I know what goo-goo eyes are!

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Daddy had on his Hawaiian shorts, of course, and a Chicago Cubs tshirt so it wouldn't look so odd when he paid. I watched from the back seat as he paid for us all. As soon as we got inside and parked in one of the back rows, Daddy asked Janice if she wanted to get in the back seat with me.

That's what he said, "Janice, want to get in the back seat and start something with our new Real Woman?" Of course, she said, and climbed in back, and we started taking off our PJs since it was already getting dark. Daddy turned around to watch, of course, and both of us were glad that he was watching. I love taking off my top and showing Daddy my new bumps. They're so small compared to Mommy's, but I know he likes them since they poke out a little bit and are really starting to turn into like breasts, ya know.

I like the way they tingle when somebody besides me touches them. In no time at all, Mommy had my bottoms off, and then I had hers off when she scooted forward. It's always fun undressing Mommy, she has such pretty skin and I really do like seeing all her private parts. I know that hair grows down there on adults, but she's shaved most of hers off so Daddy doesn't get them stuck in his mouth.

The movie hadn't started yet, even though it was dark. Daddy parked in a back row and there wasn't anyone near us. It wasn't nearly as crowded as I thought it would be.

Daddy said, "You beautiful naked girls, why don't you just cuddle awhile and enjoy each other?" He certainly didn't need to tell us that since I'm a Real Woman!

Mommy and I were totally naked and we just hugged and hugged, and started kissing too, one of my new favorite things. When Janice pushes her tongue in my mouth, it makes other parts of me tingle, dear Diary! I put my hand on Mommy's pussy and rubbed, and after a little bit, she said did her oohs and aahs and then honey, let's wait for awhile, maybe Daddy will want to play too, so I just left my hand there with one of my fingers in her and she went "that's nice, honey, just stay still like that." I had my head leaning on her shoulder, right into her neck and she smelled so pretty.

I kissed her neck on the side and tried my hardest to keep my finger still, even though it was right up her pussy. Well, Daddy went to get something from the refreshment stand, I guess, or maybe he went to pee.

Mommy and I kissed a little bit while he was gone, and she moved my hand to her mouth, to taste, and then to her titties and pressed there, so I knew she wanted me to squeeze.

I liked it more when I had my finger inside her pussy, but then she was in charge, so I did what she wanted. She started kissing my neck and then pushed my face down to her nipples. I know she likes watching me suck her nipples. I know what that feels like now, too. I like getting felt up. Some of the girls at school talk about that so much, you'd think they do it all the time! My best friend Shelly says she's been felt up twice. Boy oh boy, dear Diary, if she only knew! It took about ten minutes, and of course, dear Diary, in my imagination I started making up things, like watching Daddy pee into one of those ceramic urinals that are in men's bathrooms.

Yeah, I've been there in school. Me and Shelly went in once when we had a hall pass while classes were going and we were in study hall. We both said we had cramps and needed to go to the bathroom. I thought it was real funny to stand in front of them and pretend I had a penis and was peeing in them, and Shelly just laughed and laughed at me.

Anyway, the commercials started and then those dorky refreshment trailers and then Mommy and me watched the start of some cowboy show. He said it was a spaghetti western revival, whatever that was. Mommy raised my head from her boob. My arm was around her back and her arm was around me and that felt so good. I liked the music, it was cool. Mommy really liked it, too, and she even whistled along with it.

She said for me to sit on her lap and lay my head beside hers so we could both watch. I liked that, because her hands played all over my little titties and even my clit, and that's how Daddy found us when he got back. He had hot dogs and hamburgers! Mommy went why don't you move up to the passenger seat honey so you can eat better, so I did and I giggled like a little kid when she kissed my butt as I dived between the seats.

I don't think I've told either one of them, dear Diary, but I like it when they do that. It's just naughty, you know?

Daddy handed back a dog and burger to Janice, and she already had all the drinks back there with her, so she handed some water bottles to us.

Yum, it was all delicious. Daddy took off his golf shorts and then his boxers after he handed out the food, and then we all started eating while we watched the movie. I like seeing Daddy's prick when it's soft like this. I was wondering if I could get the whole thing in my mouth. Mostly before, it's been real hard and long. This guy with a Mexican serape smoked small cigars and was real cool. I liked him.

He hardly said anything, and boy! Was he handsome! Daddy got some mustard on his finger and wiped it on my tip, then he leaned over and kissed it off. I said, "hey, I can do that, too!" I got some mustard from my hotdog on my finger and wiped it on his penis, then I leaned down and licked it off. Ha! I love going to the drive-in. Now here's something I haven't ever mentioned yet, dear Diary. Mostly, Daddy's dick is hard and sticking out.

I can make it do that real easy and quick, since I'm a Real Woman, and Mommy can, too.

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But every once in a while, like now at the drive-in while we're eating, Daddy's cock is little, it's soft like a piece of cooked spaghetti, and that is so neat, too.

I hardly ever see it like that! Even when I smeared some mustard on it and then licked it off, it still stayed soft. I am like so amazed that it can be like that sometimes and then be so long and hard sometimes. One time in Cassie-School, Daddy said, "You know what a good thing is about a soft dick?" I said no.

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He said, "You can get the whole thing in your mouth!" And he's right, dear Diary. That's exactly the only time you can get his whole cock in your mouth! I guess!!!! Well, I guess I'm speaking for myself. I've seen Mommy get the whole thing in even when it's erected. I can't believe she doesn't choke herself!

The last time I saw her do this, she even winked at me. I hope she'll teach my how to do this someday, since I know Daddy likes it.


SECRET, DEAR DIARY!!!! One time I even managed to get his whole soft cock AND his tentacles in my mouth. Now if you haven't been paying attention, my dear little Diary, that's what Mommy and I call his testicles, since I goofed up that one time and called them by the wrong name. I really like sucking his tentacles in my mouth.

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I have to be real careful. A while after we finished eating, Daddy asked Mommy if we wanted to change places, and she said oh I know what you mean, honey, and then she said Cassie hop in the back here, and then she went in the front and Daddy moved into the back seat with me. It took about one whole minute, dear Diary, before Daddy had me on his lap and his hard cock slid right in my pussy.

He wasn't really fucking me, he was just inside me while we watched the last half of the movie. His hands were around my waist and our heads were together. The end of the movie was neat -- it had a terrific part about the three guys in a graveyard in some desert and their watches played music and then they shot it out and of course the handsome guy with the Mexican serape won. I really liked that movie, especially since Daddy had his cock in me all during that last part.

It felt so good, and I loved his arms around me holding my titties and rubbing my stomach and he was kissing sometimes on my neck, too. He's my hero. I hope hope hope he'll want to fuck me always like this, even though it wasn't really fucks.

At least I don't think so. Oh, I don't know, dear Diary c'mon, I'm still learning!!! And sometimes now when we're all at home, he'll say "I'm the Good" and I'll say "I'm the Bad" and Mommy is left with "I'm the Ugly".


It's always a contest, but dear Diary, I'm remembering every time that cemetery and Daddy's cock right up in me and I'm sitting on his lap naked and he is too and how wonderful all this is.

Every once in a while, Daddy would say, "Janice, are you okay up there?" She'd say, "yes, don't bother with me," and sometimes we'd hear squishy sounds coming from her in the front seat and knew she was masturbating.

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I just sat there with Daddy inside me, watching the movie; I hope she'll teach me how to do that right, too. When the second movie came on, it was called "A Fistful of Dollars", she said that I might want to move up to the front and eat some popcorn while she and Daddy played in the backseat. I thought that was fair, and the popcorn smelled really good and I wanted some, so I hopped up there and once again, don't you just know it, Daddy held me for a minute halfway up so he could kiss my butt.

She went in the backseat.

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I saw her sit on Daddy's lap like I did, but I know when I got offhis prick was soft and fell out, so I don't know if he was having fucks with Mommy or not. I think she was just sitting on his lap. I liked the second movie, too. I would like to live in that place, even though it seemed real dry.

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I imagined that Mr. Mexican Serape would come into my bedroom and throw his serape off and then he'd be naked and put his big stiff prick in me just like Daddy did.

But not with that cigar thing. Well, my dearest Diary friend, I know you won't be surprised one bit and neither was I that about halfway through the movie, I got all that popcorn eaten and these noises are coming from the back seat and of course I know it's Mommy and Daddy trying to get fucks.

Mr. Mexican Serape was winning on the screen, so I wanted to watch what they were doing, you know, so I might learn something more. Mommy was on top of Daddy in the back seat, just pushing away into his face and moaning now like she was gonna explode any moment. Gosh, I love seeing them do this sixty-nine thing. I lost all interest in what Mr. Serape was doing. Mommy's mouth was going up and down on Daddy's penis, and his hands were clutched around her butt. I sure wished it was me on top right then, dear Diary, 'cause I know just what it feels like now when Daddy's tongue is inside me.

Well, anyway, it only took about two more minutes of my parents eating each other out like this before they started their OOH OOH OOH AAHs. I really like seeing Mommy's thighs shiver when she comes. Oh my gosh, dear Diary, they stayed like that for, like, ten minutes, I guess, just on top of each other like that. The movie was almost over, Mr. Serape was piling the bodies up in a wagon and counting them, and then Daddy said, hey honey come sit back here with us, so I climbed in the backseat and they plopped me in between them and dear Diary, that was about the second-best time in the whole double-feature.

Mommy and Daddy both had their arms around me while we were sitting up in the backseat, and of course none of us had any clothes on so it was warm bodies pressed together. As the movie ended, they both had fingers in me, and that was like the first time ever for that!

I was like Wow! Mommy and Daddy were kissing on my neck, too. I love the drive-in. I hope we go there again soon.