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Chick bouncing on happy dick anal sex
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010 It is the annual alumni reunion event at the Lauderton High School, which they hold in the large gymnasium in the main school building.

The events in these stories take place at various times during the evening, and to different characters; they are not chapters of the same story, but a series of separate takes. We are the invisible camera, panning around the scene and then zooming in for a close-up . TAKE SIX Catherine Rankine had a preoccupied air as she exchanged small talk with a couple of former students.

She did not intend any impoliteness, but the truth was that her head was in whirl and she hardly knew what she was thinking or wanting or rather, she knew what she wanted but was trying to escape the thought, for it was surely unthinkable! For all of her life she had been certain that she was entirely and absolutely heterosexual in orientation; she had only been interested in, and only had experience of sexual relations with, the male gender. Now, suddenly, everything that she had taken for granted had been thrown into doubt, in the most disturbing and disorienting way.

She was forty-one years old and had been happily and unquestioningly married for the last sixteen of them dear God, she had two sons, now aged ten and thirteen! She had a good and loving relationship with her husband, Steve, and whilst after so many years together they were naturally used to each other and had their comfortable and predictable routines, still that was how she wanted it, didn't she?

The conversation with the former students died a natural death, and with a pleasant if rather artificial smile, Cathy as she was usually known moved away, avoiding another encounter for the moment.

She drifted down the room, ending up at the table of snacks which was being tended by that very pretty redhead in the 11th grade . what was her name?

Good grief, was her memory going as well as her judgement and discretion! Oh, yes Lauren, Lauren O'Rourke, that was it, she recalled in some relief. Cathy rather absent-mindedly picked up a couple of the canapes and bit into one of them, thanking the girl by name, which she had always thought was a good thing for a teacher to do.

Almost without realising it, her eyes were drawn to the vivacious student's surprisingly full bust, all the more evident because in the warmth of the room she had undone perhaps a button or two more of her white shirt than was quite proper certainly an ample cleavage was on display, as well as the top of her bra. Cathy swung away in some discomfiture, hoping that she had not been staring or that the girl had noticed.

What is going on with me, she thought frantically; is this some kind of mid-life crisis? She had not previously really believed in such things, or thought that women got them but perhaps that was the explanation. It was certainly a lot less frightening than the other possible explanation that she was actually bi-sexual, or even (no, no, no surely it was impossible?) a deeply-suppressed lesbian? Her thoughts skittered away from any such conclusion, and she was unsure what alarmed her the most: that she had not succeeded in keeping these feelings repressed, or that she had done so for all of these years and missed out on the wonderful experiences that she could have had.

And it had been wonderful, she was willing to admit this to herself at last quite astonishingly, revealingly, exotically wonderful! She felt a moistness between her legs from even beginning to think about, and to see the cause . she looked across the room to the much younger woman, and her heart raced, her stomach did a flip-flop, and the warmth and wetness in her pussy suddenly grew.

Cathy grasped a glass of the fizzy white wine from a nearby table, and leaned weakly against the wall of the room for a minute, letting it all flow past her whilst her mind went back . was it really only ten days? Donnatella Bardini was a newly-qualified teacher, aged only twenty-three and in her very first, probationary, post. Although there was nearly two decades of age difference between them, she and Cathy had hit it off at once, due to their common ground. Donna (as she told her friends to call her, a category which seemed to include everyone who the bubbly young woman had known for more than five minutes) was a gymnast, specialising in the parallel bars and hand-rings; in fact, she had gone through college on a sports sponsorship, although the late-developing curves of her modestly-sized breasts and butt had been enough to prevent her from competing successfully at the very highest national or Olympic levels.

In her teens and college days, Cathy had also been a talented gymnast, and she had several cups and medals to prove it, though none higher than at state level. For more than a decade she had coached the school's gym squad, and had loved doing so. In fact, she had a talent for it, bringing out the best in both the boys and the girls, and Lauderton High School had been in the top five in the state competition for the last seven years a record in itself which included two wins and one second place.

As Donna also taught the same subject biology it was inevitable that the Principal had assigned Cathy to be the new arrival's probationary mentor, whilst at the same time asking Donna to assist with the athletics coaching. Perhaps, mused Cathy, it was just that they had inevitably spent a lot of time together as a result of this arrangement, and somehow this had given her strange ideas?

No, she decided with honesty, that was not the reason: she had done mentoring before, and had not felt like this . in fact, she had never felt this way, full stop. She had never, ever before had any sexual feelings for or contact with another female . was that perhaps part of the problem, had she been just seething for it under the disguise of an egg-shell skin of normality? After all, it had not taken much persuasion to alter her point of view so profoundly!

Cathy fell into a reverie, barely acknowledging the nods or greetings from students and staff who passed through her vicinity. Her mind went back nine days, to the Wednesday of the previous week, when it all began .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Donna had wanted to show Cathy an idea for some improvements to the routines which they were teaching to the 9th and 10th grades, and so she had booked the small gymnasium for the lunch hour this was something any of the sports coaches could do, if they needed some uninterrupted practice time. It was a warm and humid day, and in the adjacent female staff locker room, Donna changed into one of her lightest and skimpiest bodysuits.

This was a sky-blue racerback leotard, cut high on the hips with a deep V crotch and a thong-style bottom which left her ass almost totally uncovered. However, Donna did not bother to put on exercise tights underneath; after all, it was only going to be the two of them in the gym, and she preferred to feel what circulating air there was on her bare legs. The svelte young woman took a moment to check herself out in the mirror, and was pleased with what she saw the thin spandex fabric of the leotard clung tightly to her trim body, clearly showing the curves and nipples of her small breasts, and the bump of her mound at its crotch.

Donna stepped through the connecting door to the small gymnasium which was used for athletics, and as was quite usual when staff had booked the gym she bolted the door shut on the inside. Just as she was doing so, Cathy entered from the main door into the outside corridor, and Donna moved across to lock that as well, murmuring that she didn't want someone to come barging in when she was concentrating on the exercise. Cathy sat down on the bench that was set against one wall, and watched with appreciative interest as Donna first warmed-up and then demonstrated a series of exercises which gradually increased in complexity, and yet would still be possible and interesting for the younger age groups to tackle.

As Donna's lithe form swung on the parallel bars and then performed a series of cartwheels and somersaults, Cathy could not help but notice how tightly the bodysuit adhered to the young woman's slim form, and how it accentuated her pubic mound to which the eye was irresistibly drawn due to the plunging V-shape of the garment's crotch. Cathy shook her head to clear away this strange interest she would never normally notice another female's body in such a way, but she supposed that Donna was a reminder of herself from twenty years ago, and that perhaps she had a twinge of jealousy.

As Donna finished the routine and completed some wind-down exercises, Cathy rose and walked across to join her. She complimented Donna on the clever simplicity of her suggested innovations, and the younger woman blushed very prettily with pleasure at this approval.

They began discussing the finer details and Cathy was asking about one movement on the parallel bars, gesturing with her hand to illustrate a point, when she gave a sharp wince and rubbed her neck and shoulder. 'Oh! Cathy are you OK?' enquired Donna, with genuine solicitude. Cathy was touched by her protege's warmth and concern, and explained that it was nothing serious she had been over-ambitious the previous day when exercising after school in this very room, had tried a routine which she had not done for years, and of course had pulled a muscle in her shoulder or back.

At once, Donna offered to massage it, saying that she had been shown a really good massage technique by her first-ever gym coach, which had stood her in good stead ever since. Cathy glanced at her watch there was still nearly half an hour until the afternoon lessons began, and so with a smile she answered yes, why not, and thanked her.

The older teacher lay face down on the soft rubber of the exercise mat, and Donna knelt beside her and began to slowly but quite firmly rub the base of her neck and her shoulders, and then working her way down the top of her spine.

Cathy enjoyed the attention and the soothing rhythm of Donna's hands, and they relaxed her and loosened a tension which she had not realised that she had.

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So she offered no objection when Donna commented that Cathy's dress was getting in the way and she could do the job better if was undone. This seemed quite logical and natural, and Cathy lay there rather dreamily as Donna unhooked the top fastening and pulled down the long zip at the back of her linen shift dress, which was a simple but stylish design in a dark purple color with a scoop neck at the front and an under-bust seam that subtly emphasized her figure.

Donna undid the zip all the way, down to the small of Cathy's back, and then she peeled it away to each side off the older woman's shoulders. Donna's fingertips touched Cathy's smooth warm skin, running slowly down her backbone and then rising back faster with her nails pressing harder, giving a delicious tingly scratching effect. This was followed by circles around Cathy's shoulder blades and then rubs over her shoulders, from front to back.

The older teacher was soaking up the sensations, and feeling that she could just float away. She was aware of Donna murmuring something, but it took her a moment to realize that her young colleague was saying that Cathy's bra was preventing her from really giving a proper massage, as she was constantly having to avoid the backband and shoulder straps. 'Mmmmm . well . get rid of it too, if you like .' sighed Cathy, quite unwound and contented.

This was what Donna had been hoping for and working towards, and at once she unsnapped the backband and let it fall away from Cathy's shoulders.


After a few more minutes of peaceful contentment and murmurs of pleasure from the prone woman, Donna remarked: 'Your legs look quite tensed up as well, you know here, we've got plenty of time, I'll do the full works, just as my old coach used to do for me you'll like it, you'll see!' Before Cathy could put two connected thoughts together and she was so relaxed that that was no easy task Donna had swung a leg over to sit straddling her back, facing Cathy's feet and with her hands resting for a moment on the upturn of Cathy's rump, just below her waist.

Calmly, as if there as nothing at all unusual in such a thing, the young gymnast drew the hem of Cathy's shift dress up to the top of her legs and then over her butt to bunch around her waist, and then she began to massage the backs of the older teacher's thighs, knees and calves giving yet more delicious stimulation to the softly sighing female who was now lying, without protest, just under her spread legs.

The pleasurable sensations were such that Cathy had quite forgotten the original reason for the massage, and she gave barely a murmur of surprise when Donna's hands moved higher and began to knead her buttocks as well, and it seemed natural to spread her legs a little apart in response to the younger woman's encouraging pressure. Unusual sensations of a most delightful kind were washing through Cathy's body, and it seemed nothing but natural when Donna whispered softly that she should turn onto her back so that the fronts of her legs could receive equal attention.

With her eyes almost closed, Cathy rolled over, hardly aware or caring that her dress had fallen from her top down to her midriff, whilst from below it had been pulled to her waist, so that her lingerie was now fully revealed a pair of neat pink bikini panties and a matching full-cup T-shirt bra. Cathy lay sprawled, languorously relaxed.

Donna leaned forward to massage the older woman's thighs, and in so doing the motion rubbed her pubic mound, through the thin spandex leotard, across Cathy's stomach.

The older woman was also afforded a prime view of Donna's trim and finely-honed ass, which pertly joggled in front of her face as the young teacher bent over to reach Cathy's lower legs and knees the motion drawing the thin butt-strap of the bodysuit's thong deep into the cleft of Donna's ass-cheeks., almost disappearing from view. The young gymnast worked her way slowly up the front of Cathy's long legs, kneading and relaxing her muscles and easing her joints, working the stiffness away.

Donna's hands inexorably moved higher still, to the very top of the senior teacher's inner thighs, gently spreading her legs even wider apart. Then her fingers for the first time stroked the crotch of Cathy's panties, rubbing down the groove of her slit. The older woman made a faint sound, a sort of soft mewl but it sounded less like a protest and much more like pleasure. Cathy was so unwound that it took her several seconds to realize what was causing these stimulating new sensations and by then, somehow, she was not as shocked as she would previously have expected.

Even so, she asked more in puzzlement: 'Donna? . Donna what are you doing?' The young Italian-American babe replied reassuringly: 'Don't worry, honey, my coach always used to finish her massages this way it's the best, you'll see! Now, be a good girl, just relax and enjoy it let it sweep you away! You'll get a real glow, I can promise you that!' Looking back on it now, Cathy still didn't understand why she had not refused, had not stopped things there and then, when it should have obvious that a line had been crossed that they were heading into sexual territory, that in fact this was a seduction.

But she hadn't, she had barely made that token enquiry, and then to her later shame and confusion she had just let it all happen, flowing downstream with the current. She excused herself later that she had been just so relaxed, enjoying Donna's gentle and affectionate touch, and that at the time it had not seemed odd or wrong at all. And so, Cathy had said nothing, lying silently as the young teacher had slid her pink panties down her legs, stretching to reach her ankles and pull them all the way off in truth, her eyes had been fixed on the younger woman's ass as it had bobbed up and down whilst she did this.

Nor had she resisted when Donna had spread her legs open, and she had shivered in excited pleasure as Donna's fingers had caressed her pudenda, stroking along her labial lips and then pressing into the suddenly gaping and moist slit between them.

Cathy moaned, and her back arched as the tracing of Donna's fingers along her inner vaginal walls sent bursts of pleasure racing through her nervous system. Donna brought both hands to bear on her mentor's pussy, pulling her cunt-lips wider apart, and then with one hand she rubbed Cathy's clitoris whilst the other hand thrust two fingers like a torpedo into her hole. As the fingers began to piston in and out of her cunt, Cathy began a series of gulping half-sobs which were interjected by high-pitched cries of 'yes!

yes oh! yes!!' Her body began to jerk and tremble, and then with a sudden powerful steam-hammer rush she experienced a shuddering, quaking orgasm, more profound and draining than any she had had for a decade at least, and bringing with it exactly as promised a wonderful sense of release and fulfillment.

As Cathy lay there, gasping like a landed fish, Donna reversed her position and then lay on the mat at her side, kissing her on the mouth whilst simultaneously caressing her sticky crotch. Then she moved her attention to Cathy's breasts, which were now fully exposed, and began to lick around her aureoles and to sick and nibble on her nipples. The older teacher a lifelong heterosexual who had never previously had any girl-girl encounter lay supinely, stunned and amazed at what the lissome young probationer was doing to her body, and perplexed in a strangely distant and detached way as to why she was doing nothing to stop this .

this perversion? But, how could such extraordinary pleasure, delivered with such gentleness and affection, be perverse?

Was it really wrong at all? after all, no one was being coerced or hurt here, no one was doing anything that they did not want to . for it seemed, after all, that she did want this, at least right here and right now, for this one occasion if for no other. Cathy may never have been with a woman before, but she was certainly not sexually inexperienced.

She knew very well what would come next, what the inevitable steps of this choreographed dance would be, how it would reach so apt a word its climax. She also knew that she was going to do nothing to prevent it, and that was the really shocking thing. Sure enough, Donna's face moved downwards, relinquishing Cathy's breasts whilst reaching up to take their now stiff nipples in her hands instead as her tongue moved enticingly to tease around her mentor's belly-button, trailing kisses across her naked torso, over her pelvis, to .

THERE!! The older teacher's back arched and her hips thrust outwards, as Donna's mouth clamped onto her slit and the young babe's expert tongue drove for her clit. Cathy's hands were flat on the floor on either side, and she slapped her palms up and down against the rubber mat as her second orgasm burst over her unbelievably, it was even stronger and more intense than the previous one. Tremors rippled through her light frame, and her head thrashed from side to side, an ululating moan escaping between her clenched teeth.

Donna raised her head from Cathy's crotch, with such an expression of delight and achievement that the older teacher just had to laugh, and a warm current of affection for this cute young bombshell coursed through her. With it, even more astonishingly, came a sudden bright fierce energy, as if some had suddenly flipped a switch and sent Cathy's motor from gently idling to a racing roar.

It carried her along quite heedlessly, never stopping for a second to consider whether Donna actually wanted this or what it meant for their relationship and thereby all her other relationships, professional and family. To her own astonishment, Cathy heard her own voice but rougher, throatier, charged with passion and desire telling Donna that she wanted to taste her, to eat her out, to make her come.

Donna's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open for it is one thing to hope for something, another thing to plan to bring it about, but quite something else when it actually happens.

She had only a second to gasp an affirmative response before Cathy rolled over on top of her, putting Donna on her back. The older gymnast reached down and tugged the crotch of the younger's leotard away from her pussy revealing its smooth shaved skin, one reason why the cameltoe effect had been so pronounced through the thin spandex material. Cathy had never seen another woman's cunt so closely before, not even her own, and she was fascinated by the shape and texture and smell.

She began to rub her fingers up and down both sides of Donna's pussy, before becoming emboldened enough to push her forefinger deeply into the novice teacher's vagina. Encouraged by Donna's cries of pleasure, Cathy began to finger-fuck her pussy, and then taking her courage in both hands she bent down and for the first time ever, at the age of forty-one, she tasted the special spicy flavor of cunt-juice, and like so many before her found it to be peculiar but fascinating and increasingly addictive.

Donna's moans became shorter and faster, turning into a sequence of barking cries, and then suddenly her lithe form went limp she had come gloriously, wetness squirting from her pussy across an amazed Cathy's mouth and cheeks. They collapsed into each other's arms, murmuring endearments and exchanging compliments on how wonderful the other one had made them feel. Suddenly Cathy noticed her watch, and gave a horrified squawk there was hardly more than five minutes of the lunch period left! Time had certainly flown whilst they had been enjoying themselves and, oh yes, they certainly had enjoyed themselves.

But it must be a secret, no one must discover or suspect, and so they hurried to get ready. There was not enough time to take a shower, and they were both aware that they would be having sticky breasts and a sweaty damp pussy as a constant reminder all though the afternoon classes! Quickly, they toweled down, pulled their underwear and outer clothes back on, stepped into their shoes, and washed their hands and faces.

They had just managed this, and were running a comb rapidly through their hair, when the bell for afternoon classes sounded, and the corridor outside was filled with the drumming sound of hurrying feet. With time having run so short before their first lessons of the afternoon, Donna and Cathy emerged from the small gymnasium rather precipitately.

Cathy was still smoothing down her dress, and with her attention distracted she almost collided with an 11th grade girl who was hurrying down the corridor.

'Oh! sorry, Mrs Rankine!' gasped the girl. Cathy had recovered enough breath to reply, still a little shakily: 'That's all right, Cindy it was my fault really, I was rushing.' Cathy and Donna moved off smartly down the corridor, peeling off in different directions at the next junction.

They did not look behind them, and so were unaware that the girl had stopped in her tracks and was gazing after them with a speculative and appraising expression. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Leaning against the wall at the reunion event, with the loud buzz of conversation around her, Cathy's thoughts and memories moved on. If that had been the only occasion of straying from the path, just an isolated mad indulgence the exception that proves the rule then it would have been easy to dismiss.

Cathy had never been unconventional before, had never ventured from the straight and narrow (and would never previously have thought that the straight might also be the narrow). However, once tempted by this taste of girl-girl pleasure (her mind weaving carefully past any use of the L-word), Cathy's need had grown into a consuming desire.

She had found that her concentration was ruined, that she could think of almost nothing else except re-running that extraordinary experience in her mind. This so aroused her that, twice at school and once at home, she had needed to retreat rapidly to the toilet and vigorously finger herself to orgasm after the occasions at school, she had had to wear her sweaty and cum-juice soaked panties for the rest of the day, and had been secretly thrilled by such a down-and-dirty experience.

It troubled her that she felt almost desperate for more of the same, and now she felt she could understand how drug addicts got hooked. Was the scent and taste of female pussy a Class A narcotic? it seemed so, in her case! She had managed to get as far as the weekend, but by Saturday could hold out no longer. Whilst doing the weekend grocery shop at the local mall, she had called Donna's private cellphone number, and then with nervous hesitation anticipating a rebuff had asked if there was any chance they could get together.

The rush of relief when Donna had excitedly said that she would love to, and just to say when, had made her feel dizzy and had drenched the gusset of her panties, indeed some fluid had leaked down her inner thigh, she was sure other shoppers would notice her juices dripping on the ground, perhaps point and jeer at her, maybe call the mall security guard.

Cathy had tightly squeezed her legs together and hastened into the ladies toilet. Once in the privacy of a cubicle, she had pulled her skirt up to her waist, stripped her sodden panties down to her ankles, and sat on the toilet with her legs spread as wide apart as the walls would allow.

With almost vicious intensity, she had rammed two fingers of her right hand deep into her vagina, whilst the thumb and forefinger of her left hand sought her clit and frantically rubbed it. Within two minutes she had come, and more intensely and satisfyingly than she could remember and that, THAT, was the really worrying thing!

Donna had given her an address, and told her to come as soon as she liked and to stay for as long as she could. Cathy finished the rest of the shopping in record time and drove home, coming in and out of the house like a whirlwind. Her older son was doing some school work in his bedroom, whilst her husband and younger son watched baseball on the TV in the living-room. With her heart in her mouth, Cathy mumbled something to the effect that she was meeting Anthea (an old friend) to do some clothes shopping, but would be back in time for dinner she had been sure this would sound patently false, but they had barely lifted their eyes from the screen to wave an acknowledgement, not really taking in the details.

'Have a good time, hon don't buy the store!' her husband called out good-naturedly. It was what he always said, but today she cherished the normality more than ever, and gave her customary reply in return: 'I won't just the contents!' Before leaving, she took a few minutes to get ready after all, what could such a pretty young thing see in an middle-aged mom like me, she thought with mixed wonder and despair as she regarded herself critically in the mirror.

It was true that she still had a very good figure, an athlete's, a gymnast's figure: compact, slender, lithe if her breasts and ass were not that large, they were pert and shapely, and set off by her supple posture, flat stomach and trim thighs.

She had a hasty shower and most unusually first shaved away her pussy hair and then dabbed some perfume around her crotch and on her breasts. She chose some of her finest and most daring lingerie, adding a suspender belt and traditional stockings to a skimpy bra and thong-style panties.

On top she had a casual, but tight and fairly short, denim skirt with buttons all the way down the front, and a scoop-neck three-quarter sleeve top in bright red. The final touch was a pair of rather stylish white ankle boots, and then a denim jacket that matched the skirt. Snatching up her car keys, Cathy had almost fled from the house, her heart pounding with a mixture of guilt for was this not betrayal, deceit, lying to her husband to go and have sex with someone else, even if it was not another man?

and burning, consuming, exhilarating desire . and desire won out, for her thong panties were already damp before she pulled up in front of the block where Donna lived, renting a small apartment on the fourth floor. Oh, dear God, what sort of person was she turning into, what sort of brazen slut had she suddenly become? Donna was renting an apartment in a 1950s condominium, in a part of town that was less fashionable now than when it had been built, but was still quite pleasant and safe.

Cathy rang the buzzer next to Donna's name, and after she identified herself the door catch was released and she entered the cool lobby. Her new lover (oh, Lord, she should not use such a term, should not think it!) lived on the fourth floor, and was standing in her open doorway ready to greet Cathy as she walked along from the lift.

The older woman was reassured by the unmistakeable expression of delight and pleasure on the younger one's face she was not forcing her attentions on someone unwilling, who had to go along with it because of being dependent upon her good report. Donna's smile was too genuine, the sparkle of pleasure in her eyes too unfeigned, for that to be possible, and Cathy's guilt lessened.

Donna seized her hand and drew her eagerly into the cramped hallway of the apartment and, as soon as the door closed behind Cathy, they fell into each other's arms, kissing passionately, their hands running over shoulders, backs, waists and for the longest while breasts. Donna drew back after a moment and spoke shakily, her eyes almost glistening with unshed tears. 'I couldn't believe it when you rang, I'm so thrilled and so glad you aren't ashamed about what we did, you don't regret it.

I've been thinking about you ever since, hoping we could make love properly, somewhere really private and with a proper bed and here you are, it's a dream come true!' Cathy's own doubts eroded in the wake of this statement, due to its admission of both doubt and desire the very two emotions that she had been juggling ever since their Wednesday lunchtime encounter.

The speeches she had rehearsed in her head during the last two days, and even on the way over in the car, all vanished like wisps of mist before a summer morning. 'Well,' she said simply, 'here I am and I'm all yours. It's your turn now, you have to educate me!' Cathy chuckled at the inversion, adding: 'So, I'm the probationer and I rather think that you are the "experienced practitioner" we are told that mentors should be!' Donna kissed the older woman on the lips, and then without a further word led her by the hand into the main bedroom; fortunately, the flat was normally rented to married couples, and so it boasted a large king-sized bed.

Cathy stood still, enjoying the delicate fluttering of Donna's fingers as the younger woman undressed her, and sweetly complimented her on how hot she looked in the denim mini-skirt and white footwear which Donna, who had something of a boot fetish, was very eager that Cathy should keep on during their love-making. Within a moment, Cathy had lost her jacket, top and skirt, and was standing in just her lingerie and the white boots.

Donna stepped back to take a look, and gave an appreciative wolf-whistle which made her older colleague blush like a virgin schoolgirl. Donna had had enough time after Cathy's phone call to prepare the room, clearing the bed of its duvet and putting a fresh white undersheet over the mattress, and to choose her own outfit.

She was wearing a silk kimono wrap, and now it was her turn to stand quietly as Cathy undid the belt and pulled it open, revealing a very sexy set of lingerie indeed. Donna's shapely breasts were displayed in a half-cup underwired black bra, attractively trimmed in black lace, and her pussy was barely covered by the tiny triangular front of a floral lace thong with delicate shoestring sides; it was a matching set from Lepel's 'Fiore' range, her favourite designer.

Cathy's eyes were round with interest and desire, her knees were weak and trembling, and her pussy felt as wet as a gushing faucet. With a tender smile, Donna led the still-nearly-lesbian-virgin to the bed, and they lay down together, arms and legs soon entwining. In the course of the next three hours, Donna introduced Cathy to many of the pleasures that women can give each other as lovers breast-kissing, clit-rubbing, cunnilingus, mutual 69, scissoring and then, finally, the strap-on dildo.

Of course, Cathy's cunt was no stranger to penetration she had had quite a normal number of partners as a teenager and young woman, and although since her marriage she had been completely faithful to her husband, they had and, really, more or less still did have a regular and satisfying sex life. Her hole had taken cock enough times since she lost her virginity at the age of sixteen for it to have both the capacity and sensitivity but still she was amazed, slightly appalled, and secretly thrilled at the size of the fake plastic phallus when Donna produced the object from where she had conveniently placed it, just under the bed.

Lying back in the missionary position, her head resting on the pillows and her legs spread wantonly apart, Cathy watch in fascination as Donna buckled the harness around her waist this took a little adjusting because, intriguingly and something the untutored Cathy would never have expected, the device also had a smaller inner rod which was actually a battery-powered vibrator which was inserted into the vagina of the wearer, thus ensuring that both partners received penetrative sexual stimulation.

Donna had explained all this, saying it was made by a small firm who specialised in sex toys for lesbians, based in some obscure mid-west town, and it had been a present to her from her last college athletics coach Cathy's eyebrows rose, for this made it quite clear that that relationship had broken quite a few rules! The older woman still looked a little apprehensive, as the dildo seemed, well, very BIG and well, yes, very LONG.

None of her boyfriends, nor her husband perfectly satisfactory as he was was endowed like this, and she was a little intimidated by it. After spreading some lubricant along the shaft, Donna knelt on the mattress between Cathy's spread legs.

For a moment she stroked the older woman's pussy, separating the labia and probing the gash between. This was quite soft and wet, for Cathy had orgasmed at least three times already that afternoon in fact, she had thought the lubricant jelly was rather unnecessary, but hadn't liked to say so. Still as Donna moved forwards and brought the ridged knob of the dildo to press against her labia, she could feel herself tensing up, and had consciously to will herself to relax.

She swallowed nervously as Donna firmly slid the imitation cock into her its width did stretch her, but in a way that made her feel amazingly filled, more even than her husband at his most ardent.

Cathy's voice caught in the back of her throat, an indrawn shudder and a trembling exhalation, as the dildo sank further and further into her my God!! it's gone in all the way, she thought with shock and a surge of pride. One advantage of Donna's years of gymnastics was that she had no difficulty in supporting herself above Cathy on her hands and arms, whilst her torso rotated at the hips, pulling the dildo almost out, running it back in again, and repeating that process with a slowly building pace.

Cathy had never felt so fucked there was just no other word for it: she was being fucked, utterly fucked, pussy-stretching fucked, vagina-drenching fucked, coming . coming, coming . oh, holy Mother, fucking COMING, FUCKING COMING FUCKED!!!' She had almost screamed as she climaxed, the biggest and best one yet not just of today but, perhaps, of ever.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * And that, Cathy thought soberly, leaning against the wall at the busy reunion event, was the problem. She shivered to herself, despite the warmth that was building up in the large gymnasium. What did all this mean? What should she do? What could she do or not do? Could she even prevent herself from seeking that incredible pleasure again, from beginning a relationship with her young colleague? Christ, she thought harshly, it was next thing to cradle-snatching, the girl was nearly twenty years younger than her quite forgetting that she had been the prey and not the predator.

Cathy felt that she was in a whirlpool, spinning dizzily, and she could not believe that no one had noticed anything amiss with her not her husband, not her sons, not the Principal or the other teachers. As her memory dwelt on these two sessions of incredible sexual fireworks, Cathy's eyes were constantly drawn across the room to the younger woman who had lit her fuses and blown her long-constructed dam so spectacularly apart. Tonight, Donna was a striking figure in a bright red halterneck dress of soft jersey material; it was fitted in at the waist so that it gently flared over the hips, making her slender form appear curvier and more feminine than usual.

The dress was quite skimpy, almost too short for an event of this nature, even for such a young woman as Donna, but she carried it off with verve it was a warm evening in early summer, and the colourful garment seemed natural on the vivacious and captivating young athlete.

Apart from the dress, she was wearing only a pair of matching red wedge sandals, and Cathy shocked herself by wondering if Donna had any underwear beneath the dress for certainly a bra was out of the question with its deep bare back and then she shocked herself still more, for the very thought that the younger woman might be naked under her short dress sent a wave of pulsating wetness through her pelvis, soaking her panties still more and making her feel almost faint with desire.

As if drawn by an irresistible magnetism, Cathy's orbits of the room were coming closer and closer to where Donna was stationed, supervising some tables at which 18 year-old student helpers were pouring glasses of bubbly wine for the guests (fruit juices were available nearby, served by some of the 11th graders). Cathy knew that her recent resolution to remain purely professional in her dealings with Donna, and all of her good intentions to end this now, were evaporating like the dawn mist before the rising sun revealed by the burning heat of her lust for the insubstantial and insincere wraiths that they were.

Although Donna was doing nothing overt to entice her, it was evident from the brief glances that she darted in Cathy's direction that she was constantly aware of where her older lover was.

As Cathy drew nearer, Donna became just that bit more lively in her friendly exchanges with the students, her cheeks a little more glowing and her eyes sparkling with anticipation. 'Dear God, she looks so lovely!' thought Cathy, torn between delight and despair at her own lack of willpower. There was a spark between them of which only the two lovers were aware, with the rest of the crowded hall dropping away into an indistinct background. Cathy thought to herself: 'I can't help it, I don't want to help it', and felt a momentary ache beneath her chest, similar to heartburn (which she felt was rather an appropriate term for what was happening).

She wondered if she was being drawn like a moth to the candle would this flame of passion burn her up, would the heat it triggered in her loins turn into a blaze that would consume everything she loved, everything that she had ever achieved? And if it did, would she be able to quench it, to stop herself or would she even care? With a soft sigh, the older teacher willingly embraced her fate, and walked up to greet her prot?.

With a glowing smile, Donna drew Cathy in behind the serving tables, and the two women leaned against the wall of the gym, in a pocket of quiet where no one could overhear their softly-spoken conversation. Now that she was within inches of Donna, Cathy did not know what to say her mind had suddenly gone blank. But it did not matter, for Donna said the crucial words for both of them: 'You want me, don't you, Cathy?' The older teacher's mouth was suddenly dry, and as her heart raced all that she could manage was a wordless nod but the flush of her cheeks and the hot gleam of her eyes shouted a silent affirmation.

Then she managed to force out a few strangled words: 'I don't know why, I don't understand it, I've never before … I shouldn't, I know I mustn't, but I keep thinking about it … about what we did …' Then she continued with more resolution: 'I can't stop looking at you, thinking about it and, yes, I do want you, I do want more, dear God help me, I do!' Donna took Cathy's hand for a moment and squeezed it reassuringly, smiling comfortingly as if she was the one who was twenty years older and not the other way about.

She glanced quickly around the students whom she was supervising were performing their duties conscientiously and efficiently, and did not really need her constant presence, and she saw that the Vice-Principal (to whom she had made her offer to help tonight, and so who might notice if she was absent) was just leaving the room by a side door with the Principal, their heads huddled together as if they had something important to discuss.

Donna smiled in pleased relief, and whispered to Cathy that they would not be missed for a while and should go some place where they could talk … and maybe more, she added with a wicked grin.

'Do you have the keys for the small gym?' Donna asked, sweet memories of her seduction of her mentor the previous week hardening her nipples and making her think first of revisiting that field of victorious ecstasy. Cathy was momentarily downcast she didn't have them with her, hadn't thought ahead that far, and could hardly ask one of the other staff now without some valid reason for needing them at this late hour. Then inspiration struck, and she suggested instead that they use her classroom, which in any case would be more private as it was much further away from the reunion event, being on the top floor and near the back of the building.

Donna nodded agreement, and told Cathy to slip out first and that she would follow in a minute or two, making sure that no one would associate their departures fortunately, this was much less likely as the Principal and Vice-Principal were no longer stationed near the doorway to receive the guests. Cathy's head was still a whirl of tension and excitement as she walked up the stairs and along the corridor to her classroom she was moving almost on autopilot, her thoughts turned inwards, and she barely noticed her surroundings or registered the fact that the corridor lights were already switched on.

She unlocked her own classroom, which was the second on the left along this wing of ten rooms, and pulled the blind down on the inside of the small window in the door before putting on just one row of the ceiling lights. Cathy took off the four-button jacket of her smart double-crepe suit, the maroon color of which tastefully complemented her shoulder-length dark brunette hair and brown eyes.

Her outfit appeared modestly conservative, yet she must have chosen it for its understated but definite sexuality the slightly nipped-in waist of the jacket made the most of her bust, and the pencil skirt's Basque detail at the waist and back vent drew the eye to her trim figure and the jut of her still-firm ass. As she waited in trembling anticipation for her youthful lover, Cathy shocked herself again by slipping one hand under her skirt to rub the crotch of her tai brief red panties what had come over her, what kind of brazen wanton slut had she become?

It seemed to be an age, but in fact was only just over two minutes, until Donna slipped quietly through the doorway. Her smile broadened at the sight of her mentor leaning against her desk, with her skirt pulled up halfway to her waist. Cathy's right hand was now inside her panties, groping her pussy, but she quickly snatched it out and smoothed down her skirt, blushing with shame. She covered her discomfiture by hurrying over to lock the door from inside, and then turned back to Donna with a sudden lurch in her stomach and a gulp in her throat.

The young woman's face lost its innocent happiness as she realized that Cathy was on the edge of tears, perhaps even of hysterics, and she quickly sat the distressed teacher on her own desk, perching next to her with a companionable arm around her shoulders. 'What's the matter, Cathy, sweetie?' she enquired with tender concern.

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The older woman swallowed, and then the flood broke and all of her fear and turmoil poured out. From the partly incoherent tide, Donna deduced that Cathy was bewildered by her newly-discovered sexual interest in women (or, so far at least, in one woman), was lost and afraid in this unfamiliar territory, and most of all was terrified that she would be discovered destroying not only her career, but still more her marriage and her family.

Donna was visibly shocked, and hastened to comfort her. She assured Cathy that there was no question of wanting her to leave her husband, that breaking up a family was the very last thing that she would do. Donna explained that she was not in the market for a partner or even a steady girlfriend; she was not looking for a commitment of that sort at this stage of her life, and just wanted to be free to play the field, to respond to any opportunity for sexual pleasure which presented itself as this had.

She wiped away a tear that had leaked from the corner of Cathy's eye in her relief at this news, and her fears hitherto unvoiced began to recede as Donna fervently assured her that their relationship was just one of special friends who were enjoying their bodies together purely for fun and relaxation, almost innocently.

'Really, it's just an extension of the massage I did, you know think of it like that, Cathy!' declared Donna. 'It's what's sometimes called "fuck-buddies", though I always think that's a rather crude-sounding term for something that's, yes, it's hot, but it's also tender, y'know? It's like a relaxation and release that close friends can do for each other, out of kindness … it's not love, and it certainly doesn't mean that you don't love your husband or your family, of course you do, just as much as ever before!

This is something different, and I know it's new for you and that always causes anxiety, but you know most women are actually bisexual I'm entirely lesbian, of course, but that's much rarer. Anyway, the point is that it's quite natural and nurturing to get warm and cosy with your female friends they reckon that stone age women did it all the time, under the furs, keeping body heat warm that way for the little children, they didn't have our stupid modern hang-ups about some cuddles and some mutual coming!' 'Oh?' breathed Cathy, feeling a great weight lift from her shoulders as she shed her guilt and saw matters in a new light.

'You mean, this is just like a bit of fun between friends? but, obviously, we don't talk to other people about it, right?' Donna assured her not, and pointed out that doing so would be just like revealing an important secret that you had been entrusted with by a friend. She rubbed Cathy's back gently, and could not help but stroke around the shape of the bra straps under the elegant older teacher's thin and silky white ruffle-fronted shirt.

'Think of it just like meeting up for coffee and cup-cakes!' Donna concluded brightly. 'Hmm', replied Cathy consideringly, warming to the idea. With mischievous pleasure, she slipped off the desk and turned to face the young woman, reaching out and fondling Donna's breasts through the thin jersey fabric of her dress. 'Well then', she giggled, 'these are the only "cup-cakes" I want to nibble on right now!', and she gave the nipples a firm tweak. Donna's expression mixed delight with relief in a wide smile, as she slid off the desk and into Cathy's open arms for a long, passionate French-kissing session.

When they came up for air, laughing and smiling, Cathy remembered a comment in their conversation which had struck her as odd. She was briefly distracted by Donna unbuttoning and removing her silk shirt, leaving her nude above the waist apart from a small and lacy red bra and her necklace of large fake pearls.

However, as Donna stroked and squeezed her breasts preparatory to removing the bra, Cathy asked: 'Donna … umm, oh! that's nice! … Donna, I meant to say, you said just now that you're entirely lesbian but you have a boyfriend, in fact I've met him, and aren't you engaged? Does he … aaah! yes, oh, squeeze them like that, harder, mmm, yes!! … does he know you do this, how does he feel about it?' Donna lifted her mouth from where she had been hungrily kissing the base of Cathy's neck, whilst her hands had been roving all over the older teacher's upper body, massaging and fondling the breasts which she had just adroitly scooped out of their brassiere cups.

The young athlete laughed merrily and said that she would let Cathy into a secret, if she would promise to keep it. When Cathy solemnly assented, Donna revealed that both she and her 'boyfriend', Carlos, were 100% gay and always had been, and that the pretend relationship was valuable camouflage for both of them but especially for Carlos, who was just starting a career in professional football; being known to be gay would still be a major problem for him, even in this apparently enlightened age.

Donna described how they had met at college through working together on a charity fund-raiser, and had become good friends before they had realised each other's orientation. When this dawned partly because they had got on so well yet neither had shown any interest in hitting upon the other it had been a great relief, and from that reaction the idea had developed of pretending the existence of a relationship to take the heat off them both.

Donna explained that they made sure of spending enough weekends together to keep this convincing to their families as well, as neither had come out of the closet. It was on one such occasion that Carlos had attended an inter-school athletics competition, and had met several Cathy and several other Lauderton High teachers.

Donna finished by describing how when she and Carlos met up, they both would bring some good books with them and have a quiet relaxing time, which also gave Donna a chance to catch up with her lesson preparation and marking; the two supposed lovers would make a meal, have a friendly chat, read or watch a movie on DVD, and then retire to separate bedrooms. 'Don't worry!' she concluded, and deliberately quoted the title of one of her favourite films, which Carlos had given her as a birthday present: 'it's going to be "a very long engagement"!' Cathy nodded her understanding and smiled in relief, before reaching behind Donna's back to pull on the bow tie of her halterneck.

Then, taking one side of the undone halter in each hand, she slowly peeled the dress down Donna's front, in the process revealing her small breasts and their stiffening rosebud nipples. The older teacher felt like she was unwrapping a birthday present and so perhaps it was, she mused, that this was indeed the first day of her new life, now that she was no longer repressing part of her nature and was a wholly-rounded person.

She could be bisexual and enjoy uncomplicated and uncommitted fun with other women, and yet keep quite separate and undiminished her love for her husband and children. In fact, going by the experience of the weekend, she would probably be more fulfilled, more relaxed, and better with Steve in bed for she had come back from Cathy's apartment still feeling very aroused, and had almost dragged her surprised husband into the bedroom, where his astonishment had turned quickly to delight as she had first taken his manhood into her mouth and then ridden him hard and long, for their best and most uninhibited sex for a long time!

Cathy was not very surprised to find that Donna was indeed naked under the eye-catching little halterneck dress with its deep cut-away back, there could self-evidently be no bra, and the naughty young temptress had no panties on either, nothing but a pair of natural-color hold-up stockings.

As she admired the slim, fit, attractive and youthful form in front of her, Cathy was struck by renewed doubts. She still could not really believe that a stunning young thing like Donna could possibly want her so much, until the novice teacher explained that she had been initially seduced at the age of thirteen by her first athletics coach, who was then nearly thirty-five, and that her lovers since then had been her other trainers and their friends, nearly all of whom were in the 35-45 age bracket.

'Of course, I have had some younger lovers particularly some of the other girls in the athletics squad, and some of the tennis players at college Christ, they are a bunch of horny dykes, I can tell you! But I just don't find them as capable, as satisfying, or as alluring it's a mature woman who really turns me on, makes my head swim, in fact around forty is what sends me the most, so you see, Cathy, you really are just my type, just perfect for me!' Donna had affirmed, before burying her face between Cathy's spread thighs, and making actions speak a lot louder than words until Cathy's squeals of orgasm spoke louder still!

Cathy was determined to give as much pleasure as she received on her weekend visit to Donna's flat, she had been the recipient of most of the attention, although Donna had fervently assured her that she loved demonstrating lesbian love-making techniques to her. Now she was confident enough to lay the younger teacher's naked body across her desk, and plunge her mouth into Donna's vagina whilst simultaneously rubbing her clit with a thumb.

The pretty young babe was intensely turned on by the sight of her older mentor's uninhibited enthusiasm for pussy-worship, and she came both quickly and intensely, gripping Cathy's hair and rubbing her face against her bucking crotch as she climaxed. After a short pause to recover their breath, Donna announced with mischievous glee that she had 'a surprise' for Cathy.

Wearing only her shoes and the hold-ups, she walked over to the bag which she had brought in with her retrieving it from the security of her staff locker was the reason why she had taken several minutes longer than Cathy to reach the classroom.

Donna made an imitation fanfare sound, and then produced from the bag the strap-on dildo! For a moment, Cathy was aghast the sober realism of four decades' experience of life making her first reaction rather different from that of the girl two decades her junior. Cathy fretted that it might have been discovered, that the bag might have opened and let the lesbian device fall out, with all the questions and trouble that would surely flow from that although, really, the chances of such a disaster were very remote.

Donna shushed her, kissed her lips and cheeks and eyelids, soothing and reassuring her. Cathy's brief wave of panic swiftly passed, and was replaced by renewed arousal. 'What are you going . ? Umm, I mean, how are you going to . well, you know, going to use THAT here, I mean . gosh! right HERE, is that what you have in mind? 'Well', admitted Donna, 'I wasn't expecting we'd be doing it in this classroom, no, I was expecting that we could slip away to the exercise gym.' She added, with a lustful gleam in her eye: 'what I had in mind was you holding onto the parallel bars, spreading your legs, sticking your gorgeous sexy ass out for me, and I'd take you from behind!!' Cathy nearly swooned at the mental image which this conjured up, and her pussy oozed with sexual juices; she made a mental note that they would definitely have to do it that way, in the gymnasium, perhaps booking it for 'athletic team practice' after school one day .

one day soon! And, after all, the booking would be true it would be a pretty athletic way to fuck, they sure would be practicing, and she and Donna were certainly dovetailing (or was it cunt-rubbing?) into a very good team . a very close team. 'So', said Cathy huskily, her voice hoarse with the anticipation of getting good and hard fucked once more, 'where do you want me, then?' 'Everywhere!' laughed Donna merrily, and she kissed Cathy's breasts; 'I want you everywhere, every time I see you, you hot sexy bitch!

But, right now, Ms Mentor, it's time for you to take it from your probationer; so, bend over the desk, take a grip its edges, stick out your butt, and SPREAD 'EM!' Cathy was thrilled; no one had wanted her with this much passion and lust for at least ten years oh, her husband loved her, she was sure and secure in that, and sex had been good between them and still was .

well, fairly good, at least . but the fact was that after several years of marriage, and with young kids running round the place (and tiring you out), it became, well, just a little bit predictable, rather routine whilst this, oh baby!

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this was anything but routine! The older woman followed the instructions of her experienced junior, and Cathy's trim ass was an alluring sight as she positioned herself across her own desk.

She let her breasts rest on its wooden top, gripping the further side with both hands and pressing the front of her thighs against the nearer edge. I'm gonna be fucked on my own desk! she thought with amazement and a sparkling desire that wound her mental clock back for at least ten and maybe twenty years.

Whilst she had been getting in place, Donna had stepped into the strap-on's harness with the adroitness of frequent practice, and was tightening the final buckles. Cathy wet her lips, still slightly anxious, as Donna moved purposefully up behind her rump, lining-up the long pink rod of the dildo on the older teacher's slightly gaping vagina, like a torpedo that was about to the launched. Cathy felt two warm hands take a hold of her on either side, just above her hips, then she felt a firm pressure against her labia, and then Oh!

Fuckit! Fuckit-fuckit! OH, FUCKIT!! she was entered, so wide and so deep. Ooooohh! she moaned, her head tossing from side to side, as she was taken deeper than her husband had ever gone into her.

Donna pulled the dildo backwards, and Cathy like her whole guts were being vacuumed out with it. As the younger woman drove it in again, far faster and harder than the withdrawal, Cathy gasped aloud. She felt more filled and penetrated than she had ever known before, and it was turning her mind and body inside out. As the young gymnast stepped up the tempo, with the vigour of youth and the supple ease of the very fit, her older mentor clutched desperately at the edge of the desk, as if she was the sole survivor of a shipwreck and was about to be washed away from the only life-raft in sight.

And perhaps it was a little like that, as the whirlpool of sexual enlightenment that Cathy had experienced in the last two whirlwind weeks swept her away into new currents, carrying her towards some new harbour that as yet still lay concealed over the far horizon.

Cathy's mouth was hanging open, and her glazed and unfocused eyes were fixed on the bare wall in front of her. Her hair was unkempt and sweat-soaked, and rivulets of moisture ran down the groove of her spine and the valley of her cleavage. She trembled and shook, her flanks quivering under the impact of each penetration, and yet she strove to arch her hips wider apart, to push her ass up higher in the air by standing on her toes, and in every way to make herself more open and more accessible to this mind-blowing fucking.

Her breath was a mixture of deep pants and gasps, mixed with shaky and wailing exhalations. She began to give utterance to broken imprecations and exhortations to go faster, to drive deeper, and to fuck her with complete wild abandon. As her climax started to build from somewhere way below her solar plexus, acquiring the momentum of an earthquake, she began to whimper and plead to be made to come.

Donna knew that the decisive moment was at hand not that it took a genius to spot this, given Cathy's broken pleading and lack of restraint and she also knew what to do. To the older woman's bewilderment, Donna slid the dildo back and did not immediately reinsert it, instead waiting for an appreciable interval. As Cathy hung on the cusp of climax, her nerves stretched in a near-ecstasy that was hardly distinguishable from near-agony, Donna relished for a few seconds her dominance and her total sexual conquest of this attractive forty-year-old lesbian ingenue.

Then, unable herself to resist the erotic charge of the moment, she slid the dildo in again but not fast, not hard, not with the pace which had been built up previously, but with a slow spearing that felt to its recipient even more powerful, more inexorable, more immense. 'Oh, aah! Ooooh, yes aahh! Fuckame, ooohh, fuckame now, do it now! Fuckame, yes, FUCKAME NOW, FOR FUCK'S SAKE NOWWW!!' The mature woman felt not so much entered as excavated, she had just never felt so fucking penetrated before, never in her whole life!

Cathy's back arched, her ass jerking up in the air and her tits mashing down on the desktop, and her eyes were screwed tightly closed as her orgasm arrived like an express train bursting out of a tunnel. Donna drove the dildo in again and Cathy almost fell to pieces, giving a high-pitched scream of orgasmic shock and then collapsing like a puppet who's strings have been severed, bonelessly flopping down across her own desk. Her head was in a daze, exhaustion mixing with euphoria. So this was what she had been missing all those years?

How could she gave been so foolish, so unimaginative, so fixed on her own narrow little pathway that she had spared no glance for the fields of wild flowers on either side. Cathy made a silent resolve to herself with Donna's help, and perhaps also of other women in whose discretion she could trust, she was going to make up for lost time with a vengeance.

Steve would never know, and so it would never hurt him or endanger their marriage she would simply have more weekend shopping sessions (which he loathed) or evening movie outings to chick-flicks (which he loathed even more if it didn't have blood everywhere and a body count in the dozens, it wasn't a movie worth seeing in his lexicon) with female friends, and if he was at all suspicious and checked with them he would find her telling the truth, and no other male in sight.

Of course, none of them would mention that they had never got to the mall, never got to the cinema, never got further than her friends' bedrooms! All this passed through Cathy's mind in an instant, and she began to speculate who else might also be interested in some bisexual or lesbian fun and games.

She knew almost certainly that the Vice-Principal, Jacquelyn Drake, was in the lesbian category not from any incident at school, where Jacquelyn was discretion itself, but because just over twenty years ago they had attended the same small college Jacquelyn being a senior when Cathy was a freshman and there had been plenty of rumours about the older girl's tastes, for in those days any overt lesbianism was still a cause of shock and comment to many.

Cathy smiled to herself Jacquelyn was going to have such a surprise when Cathy made a pass at her, in fact Cathy had better take care or she might cause a heart attack! But, handled right, it would be good to have a pussy-friend (this was the term which Cathy had coined for herself) of her own age, as well as the lithe and nimble Donna for, deep down, Cathy still couldn't really believe that she was sufficiently attractive to the young woman and that this would last.

Of course, mused Cathy, if the Principal . I mean, Lord above, those tits that woman has got, it's a wonder she can walk upright with that weight on her chest . if SHE was 'inclined', wow!, if she AND Jacquelyn would .

but, despite an aroused tingling in her pussy, Cathy knew she was really heading into fantasyland here, it was pretty clear that the Principal was neither gay, nor bisexual, but in fact a workaholic married to the job.

Still, that left Jacquelyn, and she had always got on well with her . now she could get on even better! Whilst she was preoccupied with these happy thoughts, Donna rolled her over onto her back and then took her in her arms, and for a few relaxed moments they rested in the friendly embrace of each other's arms. Suddenly, Cathy stiffened with a return of her old anxiety there were footsteps in the corridor outside! Dear sweet Jesus, someone was coming!!

but how? why? who could know they were here? She stifled a sob, in her panic forgetting completely that the door was securely locked. Cathy and Donna froze into immobility, and then released their breath with a soft sigh of relief as the light steps pattered past without pausing in their progress.

However, the scare had the effect of recalling the two teachers to their senses, and they realised that over twenty minutes had passed. Although they paused for some final strokes of breasts and several quick and sweet kisses, they quickly put their lingerie and outer clothes back on, and brushed their hair. Just as they were doing so, they were disconcerted to hear another and heavier tread in the corridor, and glanced at each other in surprise.

As these also continued on past the classroom, Cathy tiptoed to the door and peeked around the edge of the blind, no longer frightened and with her curiosity piqued. She was in time to catch a good view of the back of Raquel Fuentes as she walked calmly towards the stairs, switching the lights off behind her. Raquel's classroom was further down the corridor she must have come up to her room for a break (all of the more senior teachers knew that Raquel hated these reunion events), which explained why the lights were on, although not the other set of footsteps … but Cathy swiftly dismissed the puzzle from her mind.

She felt in a state of relieved and satiated euphoria, and decided to head for home she was still feeling quite randy, and had it in mind to take another hard ride on her husband's stiff cock, assuming which, with her renewed confidence in her oral skills, she thought she could that she could persuade him to be 'up for it'. They exited the classroom and walked cautiously together until they reached the main foyer; it was deserted, which allowed Cathy to give her lover a quick squeeze of her ass before strolling out into the parking lot, humming contentedly.

Donna was also feeling a pleasant 'just-been-fucked-real-good' glow as she re-entered the reunion event, where it seemed that no one had remarked upon her absence. Her first priority was to scan the throng for the Vice-Principal, Jacquelyn Drake; at the age of forty-three, Jacquelyn was still a fine figure of a woman mature but slender and well-toned, her age not apparent in her figure and only from a closer look at her face.

She was the other teacher to whom Donna was greatly attracted, and she was nursing hopes that something might happen there as well. This was the reason why, to the Vice-Principal's pleased surprise, the newly-appointed teacher had offered to help at the reunion where, of course, she could know none of the guests.

Donna intended to get closer to Jacquelyn, hoping that there would be an opportunity to indicate her sexual availability. Unlike sweet and innocent Cathy's buried bisexual feelings, Donna was much surer that Jacquelyn was experienced in girl-loving and was quite probably entirely lesbian in orientation it was a matter of certain glances, certain nuances, and as much a question of when she did not look as when she did. However, there was no sign of Jacquelyn in the room.

Puzzled and rather disappointed for it would be an anti-climax if such a wonderful evening just dribbled away now Donna asked Jenny Neustein, the other main organiser of the festivities, where the Vice-Principal was.

The busty brunette explained that the Principal had suffered from a bit of food-poisoning or something similar, and so Jacquelyn had kindly offered to give her a lift home; the Vice-Principal would not then be coming back, as it wouldn't be worth it, it was already time to get on with the clearing up.

Donna felt thwarted, but then determined to try her luck after all, she was on a roll tonight, having just established a secure 'fuck-buddy' relationship with the entrancing Cathy. She asked Jenny if she was needed any more the busty teacher seemed to be rather preoccupied and distracted, but quickly answered no, adding: 'Off you go, and thanks for helping out it's appreciated.' Donna left the school premises in her small silver-grey Datsun, and drove to Jacquelyn's house she had been given the address, just a few days previously.

This had been the result of a conversation which she had deliberately initiated with the winsome Vice-Principal, and which after an awkward start had become quite warm and animated. They had discovered that they shared the same reading taste in fantasy and science fiction, even to the point of having several of their most favourite authors in common Catherine Asaro, C.J.

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Cherryh, Elizabeth Moon and they both especially enjoyed Mike Shepherd's feisty heroine 'Kris Longknife'. The older woman had warmly recommended the first book of a new author Peacekeeper, by Laura E. Reeve with another strong female character, and then, almost shyly, had said that Donna could call round some time if she wanted to borrow it, and had given her directions. Well, thought Donna, it would do as an excuse: she could say that she couldn't sleep (ho, hum!!) and had thought of the book Ms Drake had mentioned, and hoped she didn't mind her calling at this hour?

After all, half of the point was for it to be fairly transparent as a pretext, hopefully sending a signal clear enough that the accomplished Vice-Principal would act upon it or at least, invite her in, where she could make her availability even more obvious. Donna felt that the skimpy and sexy red dress was her lucky charm, and knew that she looked hot in it.

She was certain that if she made herself appear the delectable ingenue, an experienced lesbian like Jacquelyn could not resist scooping her up. However, the Vice-Principal's house appeared ominously dark and deserted, and when she rang the doorbell there was no response.

Donna concluded that it must be taking longer than she thought for Jacquelyn to go by the Principal's home to drop her off, wherever in the town that was. She was not yet prepared to discard her hopes for more lesbian delights from this sweet summer night, and so she decided to wait for the Vice-Principal's return and then innocently ring on her door about ten minutes later this plan was calculated to give the elegant Jacquelyn time to get partly undressed, but not yet to have gone to sleep.

Donna parked her car across the street and a few yards further down, under a tree, and switched off its engine and lights. She put a CD of the Rolling Stones 'Black and Blue' album from the 1970s one of her favourites into the car's stereo system, with the volume turned down low, and slid down a little in the driver's seat, rucking her red dress around her hips and slipping her hand inside her panties to play with her pussy whilst she waited in hopeful anticipation.

After only about ten minutes, a car pulled into Jacquelyn's front parkway, and Donna sat up with interest as the Vice-Principal came round to the passenger's side and helped the unsteady figure of the Principal to her feet. Just before Jacquelyn unlocked the front door of her house, Donna clearly saw under the porch-light the Principal turn towards her deputy and kiss her passionately on the mouth and in return Jacquelyn groped Ms McIver's ample breasts.

Donna gasped in thrilled amazement, her head swimming with visions of these two sexy mature women fucking each other, and then she savagely rammed two fingers into her sopping cunt, pistoning them in and out of her vagina in a short and furious masturbatory frenzy, bouncing and juddering in the car seat as she climaxed.

After this, Donna slumped back and shakily caught her breath oh, what wonders, what joy, what delight! This was truly her evening, she could hardly believe what she had just seen! Not only had it confirmed that Jacquelyn, who was just the age and type to really set her juices flowing, was a lesbian and an active one at that but also that the Principal was a femme-fucker too, either bisexual or lesbian but it hardly mattered which.

Although Ms McIver was towards the lower end of the age bracket which really rocked Donna's world, her stunning figure more than compensated for that the combination of that amazing bust on an attractive woman nearing forty was heaven on earth for Donna, but she had never dreamed that it might be available. She had not picked up even the echo of a hint of sexual interest from her boss, and had reluctantly accepted that the Principal was out of reach, due to being either heterosexual or completely chaste and evidently wedded to the job.

She realised that there was no point in approaching them now they were probably rolling around in a wild 69, or maybe Jacquelyn was relentlessly ramming a strap-on into the Principal's cunt or ass! from behind, doggy-style; that was certainly what Donna would be doing in her place!! Donna was not disappointed by this, for incredible new vistas of opportunities for sex with forty-plus women were unfolding in front of her.

She switched on the car engine, turned up 'Memory Motel' (her favourite track on the album) to full blast, and drove back to her own apartment. After entering it, she swiftly undid the red halterneck dress and swept her duvet off the bed so that she could lie on her back on the mattress. With a satisfied moan, she slapped her biggest vibrator into her wet and warm pussy-hole, switching it to its highest setting, and gave herself a series of orgasms as she mentally pictured what she devoutly hoped was happening inside the Vice-Principal's house.

At last, exhausted from her sexual marathon, she pulled the duvet back over her naked body, and fell asleep. On the following Sunday morning, refreshed after ten hours rest, Donna got up, showered and breakfasted.

She dressed with care, and shortly after 2.00 p.m.

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she drove back to Jacquelyn's quiet suburban neighbourhood. Inside Jacquelyn's house, the revitalised and relaxed Principal was sitting in her deputy's cosy and sunny kitchen, dressed only in a loose wrap which her host had lent her. Moira cradled a cup of Earl Grey tea in her hands as she enjoyed the sight of her new lover moving around the room, admiring both the woman's figure and her calm methodical movements.

Jacquelyn had revealed another unexpected side of herself at lunchtime she was a very good cook, and had made a delightful light lunch for them both of poached salmon in a lime and dill dressing, with boiled new potatoes, broccoli and minted peas, and a green salad.

She had uncorked a bottle of chilled Chardonnay wine genuinely French, Moira had noted with approval; yes, this woman had style and class. In order to cook, Jacquelyn had put on slightly more clothes, but her trim figure was shown to advantage in denim shorts and a cheesecloth short-sleeve shirt that tied at the waist. The front door bell of the house suddenly sounded, and Jacquelyn looked up from the sink in surprise she was not expecting anyone, and had few friends, none of whom were likely to turn up unannounced.

'Leave it, honey', Moira suggested hopefully, wanting no interruption to their fuck-fest, but regretfully Jacquelyn shook her head it must be one of her neighbours, and they could see that her car was in the driveway and the upstairs' windows were open to let in the gentle breeze it would be pointless to pretend that she was not at home, and would only give offence.

She walked through the house to the front door, and Moira heard a surprised exclamation and then a murmur of voices.

However, the Principal was unprepared for the shock that followed, as Jacquelyn returned to the kitchen, looking rather pale and shaken and was followed into the room by the new biology teacher, Donnatella Bardini! Moira blanched, clutching the thin wrap across her heavy bosom, and looked at her deputy in shock.

Jacquelyn shook her head, and said in a toneless voice: 'She knows that you're here, there was no point in denying it she says that she saw us arrive together last night, and kissing.' Donna realised that her superiors were afraid that she would spread the news of their relationship as sensational gossip, or might even try to blackmail them, and at once she hastened to reassure them.

She promised that their secret was completely safe with her, and was sufficiently emphatic and convincing that the older women began to relax. 'So . what do you want, then? Why did you come?' enquired Jacquelyn shrewdly.

'Oh!' gasped Donna, 'Isn't it obvious, haven't I said?' She was standing in the kitchen doorway, dressed in a full-length coat that seemed to be a curious choice for a warm summer day until she undid the front buttons and let it fall behind her. This revealed that the lithe young athlete was wearing a pair of white plastic boots, white traditional stockings and a scarlet suspender belt to hold them up and nothing else at all!

'I want you both to fuck me, fuck my brains out!' she declared, one hand rubbing at her cunt and the other offering up one of her tits small, but youthfully pert for their inspection.

'I think you are unbelievably sexy, both of you there's nothing that gets me going more than an experienced woman!' And then, to the delight of the older lesbians, Donna sank to her knees on the floor legs apart so that her pussy was still in full view and held her hands out in submissive supplication. 'Please, don't say no we could have such fantastic times, I'll do anything you want, take it anyhow you like, please don't say no!' Moira and Jacquelyn looked at each other in surmise and delight what an unexpected bonus, it seemed so auspicious for their new relationship!

There was no doubt that Donna was attractive and clearly very, very willing, and they were both turned on by the prospect of enjoying her sweet slim youthful body, and having her service their mature appetites with her tongue, tits and cunt.

It was Moira who moved first, setting down her cup of rapidly-cooling tea and decisively swivelling her chair away from the kitchen table and towards the beseeching young woman. The Principal pulled on the tie belt of her wrap, letting it fall open on each side and shrugging it from her shoulders to tumble behind her.

Her massive breasts were revealed, their nipples engorged from her arousal, and Donna gasped with delight they were even more magnificent in reality than in her imagination! The Principal spread her legs apart, and gestured to her tits and her cunt, speaking with mock authority and severity. 'You're on probation here too, young lady I want to see how good you are, before I offer you a permanent position!

So, suck my tits and eat my cunt, and make me come for you real good!!' 'Oh, thank you, Principal, thank you', gasped Donna, transported with delight, her own vagina gaping open and drooling with wetness. She did not get up, but shuffled forward the few feet on her knees, and then squatted on her haunches and buried her head between her boss's soft thighs. Her tongue eagerly slid where she had fantasised ever since she had first met Ms McIver into the Principal's vaginal cleft. As Donna began audibly slurping on Moira's pussy, Jacquelyn swiftly dropped her shorts and discarded her shirt and panties, and then moved round to kneel behind the young teacher.

The Vice-Principal trailed her fingernails down Donna's spine, eliciting a moan and shiver, and the lithe gymnast responsively arched her back, thrusting her butt out further and opening her legs wider. This was just the effect that Jacquelyn had intended, and with a lustful expression she gripped Donna's left shoulder with her left hand and then using this leverage both to brace herself and hold Donna firmly in place the older woman rammed two fingers into the younger's vagina, thrusting all the way home in one powerful and fluid motion.

Donna squealed like a stuck piglet but from delight rather than agony, although she had felt almost split apart by Jacquelyn's forceful penetration. As the Vice-Principal began pistoning her fingers in and out of Donna's dripping hole with almost savage intensity, her boss gripped the young teacher's head and drew it upwards, away from her cunt and to her huge breasts. Donna needed no more encouragement, and as she felt herself being driven towards a shattering climax by Jacquelyn, she buried her face first into the deep valley of the cleavage between Moira's jiggling mounds, and then she eagerly sucked the nipple of the Principal's left breast fully into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it and nibbling the surrounding aureole with her teeth.

She was rewarded by a groan of pleasure from her normally cool and collected superior, who spread her legs wide apart like the lesbian harlot that she was now revealed to be. Donna gripped Moira's right breast with her left hand, accompanying her oral attentions to its companion by rubbing and pulling on this nipple, and she used her right hand to thrust between the Principal's open thighs and to spear her vagina. Moira's head went back with a throaty scream as she was entered by three of Donna's fingers, the rise of her chest thrusting her vast mounds of flesh out even more.

The Principal began to gasp out incoherent instructions to Donna, all along the lines of fucking her harder and deeper, as Donna's finger-fucking of her cunt matched the rhythm and intensity of the pounding that the young teacher's own pussy was receiving at Jacquelyn's adroit hands.

As the moment of climax approached, with both Moira and Donna shaking and shuddering in passionate desire, the Vice-Principal reached forward with her free hand and seized the short curls of dark hair on the top and back of Donna's head. Jacquelyn rammed the young woman's face even harder into her new-found lover's swaying mammaries, and in the heat of lust almost snarled at her: 'Go on, you cunt, you little slut do her, fucking do her, take the bitch, take the cow, make her come, make her come hard, make my bitch come for me!!

Such dirty talk was the final straw for both the Principal and the novice teacher, and they simultaneously shrieked and spasmed in the full spate of an earthquake orgasm, with amazingly a jet of cunt-juice squirting from Moira's pussy to splash onto Donna's small sweat-coated breasts.

The two women almost collapsed, but Jacquelyn was the dominant here and she was having none of this. Still gripping Donna by the hair, she pulled the young woman backwards onto the floor and swung her pelvis over to straddle her, dropping her cunt onto the young woman's face, which was already wet and sticky with her lover's pussy-juice. 'Eat me, you little bitch, you pussy slut you are ours now, we own you, so you'll fuck me like I want, when I want . and I want it now, bitch!!' All of this went to the core of Donna's submissiveness to predatory older lesbians, and she writhed in transports of ecstasy under Jacquelyn's body, eagerly thrusting her face against the Vice-Principal's pussy and driving her tongue between her dark pink and parted labia.


Moira was still slumped in her chair, gasping from the pure pleasure that she had experienced all the sweeter an oasis after her long sojourn in a sexual desert but she opened her eyes to gaze in joy and wonder at the scene before her. Jacquelyn's slender back was towards her, her cunt grinding down on Donna's face, and her right hand still entangled in the young athlete's mop of curly black hair.

This left all of Donna's lower body exposed and vulnerable, as her legs attractively displayed in the white plastic 1960s-style boots and the white traditional stockings were spread wide open, making her pussy very available. Moira got down on her knees between them, and bent her head; as the Principal's tongue began lapping at her vagina, Donna gave a sobbing gasp of delight that was muffled by the fact that her own tongue was speared into Jacquelyn, as her teeth found the Vice-Principal's clitoris.

'Yes, oh. YES! Now, you slut, you dyke cunt, eat me now, eat me NOW make me come, shit! I want to come, COME ME NOW!' yelled Jacquelyn, and then with a grunt she climaxed, sending another wave of female sexual fluids onto Donna's mouth and cheeks.

Moira had also found the young woman's clit, and only seconds made her back arch as her hips jerked up from the floor, and she climaxed again from the cunnilingus administered by her adored boss. Out of breath, but blissfully happy, the three women collapsed on the floor together (fortunately, Jacquelyn's kitchen had a wooden floor which had been warmed by the summer sunshine). Donna was in seventh heaven as she lay between these two wonderful mature females who had so ably demonstrated their lesbian experience and athleticism.

To be their fuck-puppet on the weekends and whenever else they wanted her, and in addition to enjoy the sweet pleasures of Cathy Rankine's new-found bisexuality nothing could be better than this, she thought, nothing at all! The Principal bestirred herself after a moment, rolling on top of Donna so that her breasts were pillowed on either side of the young woman's cheeks.

Moira kissed her gently, and then said: 'Get your breath back, honey, it's going to be a long, long hot afternoon!' If you enjoyed this, check out my other stories . you might like them too . (to find them, follow the author link at the top of this story)