Vanessa is a wild Latina

Vanessa is a wild Latina
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White pt.III Nikki woke up feeling better. After having to manually unburden herself the previous night, she was relieved to wake up dry. She prayed that it was a fluke and that it would go away as quickly as it had arrived. She was more than ready for things to get a little more normal and for the moment, she actually felt that way. She started by making coffee.

While it was brewing, she woke Chase by running her fingers through his hair. It was his absolute favorite. He moaned a little before coming to. His moan was a dead ringer for the night before. She winced and shook her head. "Silly boy." She mused. "Eh?" Chase sniffed, prying his eyes open. "I said you're a silly boy." She kissed him on the nose and shook as much of the night from her mind as she could. "Coffee sound good?" He rubbed his eyes.

"Yeah, smells good too." Nikki returned to the coffee maker and poured him a cup. "Thought you'd never wake up." "Yeah I crashed pretty hard." Chase replied. "Well you were sleeping like a baby. You do anyone exciting last night?" "What's that?" "What?" Nikki asked, confused.

"Didn't hear ya." Chase said, folding his blanket. "I asked if you did anything exciting last night. Hard of hearing already?" Nikki handed him a mug. "Just not awake yet, I guess. .I pretty much hung out and laid in the sand all day. Fell asleep a few times. It was pretty late by the time I came in here." Nikki choked, inhaling some coffee. "You alright?" She nodded, composing herself. "How about you? How was your day? He asked. Nikki's eyes were still watering as she lifted her mug for another sip.

"You know, work-work-work.!" "When did you end up getting off?" Chase asked, lifting his. She choked and began coughing again. She took a quick breath, ".About the same time you did." Chase spit his coffee out and began coughing also.

".When you got off the beach i mean." Nikki added quickly. "Took me awhile to get back here though. .Is the coffee bad?" "No!.Its um. Just a little strong is all." "I'm sorry hun, I only gave you sugar. You want some milk? "Yea, that might help." Nikki took his mug to the table near the coffee maker and removed a cup from the mini fridge.

"When did you get milk? Better yet, where on earth did you find it? Hell, I can hardly find the bar here." NIkki grinned over her shoulder, "I got it last night. Found it just off the boardwalk." She handed him his mug and sat down next to him on the sofa. Chase took a long sip. He sighed and leaned back into the cushions. "Mom, you make the best coffee in the world." The two of them set out for the shoppes not knowing or caring where they'd end up.

The mood was light and the weather was beautiful. Once a cab had dropped them off, they immediately set to the task of shirt shopping. Nikki picked out the shirts and delivered them to her son over the the dressing room door.

Chase finally settled on one particular type of shirt but in a number of different colors. ".Okay, lemme see the black one now." Nikki called to him. "Mom, they're all the same! Just different colors." "How is it you ended up so man-like and difficult without a father around to make you that way anyway? Just get out here and let me see the black one." "Eh, I think It's a little too small." "Chase, move your fanny. Let's see it." Chase opened the door and walked out.

Nikki's eyes widened. HELLO! The shirt was almost translucent. It clung tightly to every ripple, to every shape his torso had to offer.

The seam at his neck was taught. The cuffs around his biceps were smooth. It pronounced his pecks, his shoulders, his abs. ".Oh my." Nikki Murmured. "What?" Chase cocked.


"You look gooood, baby boy." Nikki purred. "It's a little snug." Chase complained. She reach behind him and flipped his collar down exposing the M for medium. "Oh I see. This must've been on the wrong rack.

.So you liked the blue, the white and, the red right? "Yeah but the others fit fine so they must be in the next size up. " "Okay hun, give em all back to me so i can make sure they're all the same before we go." Taking the four on their hangers she made her way back to men's shirts. Finding the black shirt in a large almost immediately, she stopped short of picking it up. She stood there for a second thinking. She turned and hung all three larges back on the rack in one swift movement. Quickly, she snatched up their replacements.

Blue, white and, red. All mediums. Draping them over her arm, a look of satisfaction crossed her face. For good measure, she ran her hand along each pair of shorts she passed on the way back to the fitting room.

The last one she touched was it. Without a liner, they were the thinnest, softest shorts in the store. Returning to the fitting room, she caught Chase just coming out. "Hold it there, buster. Go try these on." Chase took the shorts from her and shrugged. Upon returning to the the dressing room and dropping his cargo shorts, it was soon apparent that he had no underwear. It hadn't even occurred to him since all of his 'electric shorts' had brief-type liners.

He shrugged again, pulling them on. They were a lot like boxers in a way but they were real shorts. They had single tiny snap button securing a ridiculously over sized opening in the front but, they were comfortable. "Chase, lets see em." Chase walked out of the dressing room and stood in front of her. The thin white material of the shorts lay beautifully over him.

The definition they offered was breathtaking. Nikki wanted to see what had been in her panties and there in the department store as her son stood before her, she found out. Her eyes glazed over as she soaked in his unmistakable image. His overall silhouette running down to a pronounced ridge. The best and most prominent of all was his perfect pouting bell. Swaying with his every step, it distorted the plain of material as it moved but, forever it remained embossed.

Outlined. Pushing through the material. Pushing through to her. Begging her. Nikki tried to lift her eyes. She tried to focus on what to next to say. She tried to right it off as just another piece of a man. Her eyes didn't move. She tried it all but, DAMN he was pretty. Eventually, she managed to nod her approval.

"I like em too!" "You do?" She asked, a little surprised, "Yeah. I think I'll buy em. They feel really good, like I'm wearing nothing at all." "I'm sure it does. Ready to go?" Nikki asked, a bit flustered. "Absolutely." He said, returning to the dressing room. They exited the store and began strolling down the sidewalk.

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It was cobblestone with shops and restaurants in every direction. There were patio tables and palm trees and of course the ever present din of Jamaican rasta music. Nikki picked out one of the small cafes with tables on the sidewalk. Chase was eager for a change of clothes so he made a bee-line for the restroom. Upon his return, Nikki glanced up, seeing he was wearing his new white shorts and the clinging white shirt.

She grinned. "I ordered some drinks. Nice duds, stud." Chase flopped down in his chair. "I thought since you were in white, I might as well join in. You know, now that I have this shirt on out in public, it feels a bit tighter than it did in the store." "Maybe your new shorts are just looser than the ones you were wearing when you tried it on?" "I never thought of that.

That kinda makes sense." "Well I'm sure it'll loosen up after it's been washed." Nikki lied. "But don't things get smaller in the wash?" "Sometimes." Chase was now thoroughly confused. Their drinks arrived and they relaxed, taking in the atmosphere.

He looked at her.

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"You look great in white. You like it a lot don't you." "Yea. .Well, it's kinda something my girlfriends started a long time ago." Nikki laughed. "When we would go out, we would all try to 'out-white' one another.

It kind of became our color because we all ended up owning so much of it!" Chase chuckled, taking a pull from his drink. He watched her as she read through the drink menu. She was beautiful. She was in a scooping spaghetti strap top with a thin white skirt that ended with frills just above the knee.

She had a sun hat cocked to the side and a silver heart shaped necklace. The necklace was long, suspending the two entwined silver hearts just between her breasts.

Chase stared in wonder at how they never seemed to lay flat against her. Her cleavage just wouldn't allow it. They would always lay to one side, propped up by one breast or the other. "I like those sunglasses on you." Nikki said, not looking up. "Hmm?" "Can't see your eyes though.

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How do I know you're not staring at things you shouldn't be?" "If I was, would you wanna know?" She started smiling, shaking her head. Putting the drink menu down, she leaned back in her chair and looked at him.

She crossed her legs. ".Maybe." Chase stumbled for a second. "Well in that case, I was admiring your." "Hi neighbors!" A woman chirped. Startled, Nikki flinched spilling her drink a little.

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Looking to the next table she saw a man in a Hawaiian shirt and a woman with short blonde curls in a pink tube top smiling at her. "We saw you at the hotel!" The woman whooped in a Jersey accent. "We're in the chalet across from yas!" "I guess we ARE neighbors then aren't we." Nikki smiled. The man, obviously from the same area and seemingly just as excited, chomped on a cigar. "Hey Mimi, look at it. Check it out. Look at da tables! We're even neighbas heea too!" "Yeeea!" The woman replied.

She leaned toward Nikki, "Don't ya just love the place?" "I really do. it's very nice." As the two women gushed over. Whatever they were gushing over, Chase was staring at the man who seemed to be parroting or adding to whatever the perky curly woman said.

He was about middle aged. Maybe 45 or so, he guessed. He had black Elvis looking hair and side burns too. His Hawaiian shirt was red with white flower shapes. What chase was trying to figure out was, if his lapels were actually longer or if it was just the Elvis look that was making them appear that way.

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He was astonished at how hairy the guy was. The man's chest hair was out of control and looked like it was trying to subdue a massive gold chain around his neck. Chase looked back at his mother's necklace. Then, back at the hairy Elvis. Then back at his mother. Then, back at Elvis. One necklace appeared to have it all. The other was on the verge of being written off as a total loss.

It was being deprived of oxygen and sunlight! 'Somebody do something! Save the chain!' ".Chase.Chase!" "Hmm?.What?" ".This is Mimi and her husband Joe." She said, introducing them. "Hi, I'm Chase." "Nikki tells me this is your first time in Jamaica?" The woman asked. "Yup! First time." Chase replied. The waitress arrived and delivered more drinks. Eventually, Mimi and Joe joined them at their table.

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Joe kept the drinks flowing and they exchanged stories and covered topics of all types. Joe did most of the talking but he was very entertaining. ".Chase, tell me sumtin," Joe said. " You two been married for what, a couple a yeas right? So when anotha lady hits on ya. Does ya wife Nikki, get all homicidal like Mimi heea?" Mimi hit him on the arm. "Well.


We're not married so." ".Yet." Nikki interrupted. ".But no, I don't get too crazy. .Unless they touch him. If they touch him, Mama's claws come out." "Awwe.

So ya engaged?" Mimi cooed. "Ya not married yet?? Joe stammered. "We just haven't decided when or where or how." Nikki said. She grabbed her drink and took a few large gulps to look busy. "Haven't even talked about it." Chase added. "That's perfect! Joe could marry ya!" Mimi sang. "He's a bonified minister you know." "Come again?" Chase said with a twitch.

He glanced at his mother, who had returned to gulping. ". Yup! Got it on the intanets! The truth is I lost a bet to my brotha. Anyway, so I took the test, bottabing, couple hundred bucks latah, and boom. They even sent me plaque. I got it on the wall in my office!" Joe laughed. "Oh. No, that's really not necessary." Nikki managed. ".But thank you. Thank you very much." She looked at Chase. "Yeah. Thank ya vera much." Nikki kicked him.

"Oww! What you tryin ta do ta me, lil mama?" She kicked him again. Mimi caught on and started cackling hysterically. "Ya know, ya might wanna wear ya rings at least. That resort'll kick ya out if ya aint got ya rings on." Joe said, his eyes wide. "Really?? .They didn't tell us that when we checked in." Nikki was dumbfounded. "We've seen it happen." Mimi said, nodding. "We didn't really think to get any.

Chase managed. "Ha! We'll vouch for ya!" Joe belted. "At the very least, you can buy some cheap junk ones in da gift shop there!

What a racket eh? Haah!" The afternoon flew by and they laughed and carried on. Chase and Nikki liked their new friends. They liked having some fun and down to earth people to get to know.

Before any of them knew it, they'd already made plans to meet up with them the next day.

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The sun was about to set and all four of them were a bit more than tipsy. The consensus was to catch a cab back to the resort and sleep it off. The waitress came back around and Joe insisted on covering the tab with the enormous wad of cash he'd been pulling from all day. Leaving the cafe, they walked to the curb. "Share a cab?" Joe asked holding up his arm.

"Sounds good." Chase replied.

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A taxi pulled up almost instantly. Joe theatrically flung the door open and turned to his wife. "I certainly hope you don't mind sittin on Daddy's lap for awhile." Mimi walked up to him seductively and giggled.

"As long as you promise me a smooth ride." Kissing him. Moving to the rear driver's side door, Chase opened it and looked at Nikki. "Well? How bout it Mama?" Nikki smirked, rolling her eyes. Her heels clicked over the pavement as she walked up to him. She kissed him with a peck on the side of his upper lip. "Take a seat, little boy." Chase got into the cab next to Joe followed by Mimi and Nikki.

As she climbed in, Nikki pulled her skirt up to make the maneuver a little easier. Chase blinked, seeing the tiniest glimpse of a white thong. Taking her seat on his lap, she let her skirt back down. It occurred to him almost immediately that her skirt wasn't beneath her. Effectively, she was now sitting on his lap in nothing but a thong. In the shorts he was wearing, he wouldn't be able to hide much of anything. He felt himself slightly stiffening. This was going to be a long cab ride.

As the taxi started down the street, they slid forward to allow the girls more headroom. Mimi and Joe continued to display their affection for one another, giggling and grabbing. Joe began kissing her neck and soon they were whispering dirty nothings back and forth. On Chase's side of the cab, there was trouble brewing. No matter how he tried to think it back down, his unit was coming to attention at an alarming rate. The bumpiness of the Jamaican roads were only adding to his growing dilemma.

Suddenly Mimi reversed her position and straddled Joe. A necking session of epic proportions broke out with the sound of smacking lips and heavy breathing. Listening to them make out like ravenous teenagers further worsened things for Chase. His little problem had turned into a big one.

He was now at full throb. Thankfully, his mother sat a bit to the right and not directly centered on him. Already, he knew he was pushing against her. He knew he was flat against the underside of his mother's left thigh and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

The cab took another direct hit from a manhole cover and Nikki bounced. It was a close one. He bit his lip knowing full well that with the wrong bump he'd pop up like a flag pole on a spring. And if that wimpy little snap gave out. He tried to put that out of his mind. Maybe she hadn't noticed. She didn't appear to be aware of anything. Maybe, If he could stay exactly in the same place she'd be none the wiser. Nikki looked over at Mimi and Joe.

She leaned back to Chase, " I think they need a little privacy." With that she went to change position. .To sit sideways and face the window instead of straight ahead. That's when it happened. As she began to turn, moving her left leg to the left she set Chase's trapped hard on free.

It catapulted upward with tremendous force, impacting her in the pubic bone with a thud. He clenched his eyes shut as he felt her pause for the briefest of moments.

She continued turning, his pole still pinned against her. Once she was fully repositioned, her legs naturally came back together, closing him in. He wanted to crawl into the trunk and hide. She leaned against him and ran her fingers through his hair. "Today was fun. It was nice to get out and enjoy the area, ya know?" Chase was beside himself.

He honestly couldn't believe she hadn't noticed! A wave of relief washed over him. "Yeah it was great! It was fun hangin out with them, too!." The cab continued lumbering along hitting every bump and pothole along the way. With each bump they were all tossed. Chase took in the view as his mother's breasts bounced and swayed. He was rock hard and could barely think straight.

At least the snap hadn't let go yet. If she wasn't aware now, she couldn't possibly be oblivious to feeling his bare shaft against her skin. Looking down he saw that he was slightly propping up the front of her skirt. Her legs together, her bouncing was almost stroking him.

How could she NOT know? Was she THAT drunk? Or was he just THAT damn lucky?" The cab finally came to a stop in front of the hotel.

Mimi jumped out as Joe leaned forward to pay the driver. Chase opened the door for his mother. Before moving, she gently kissed him on the forehead while running her fingers through his hair again.

She moved her mouth next to his ear and patted him on the head like a puppy. In the softest, lightest voice he had ever heard from her, she whispered, ".Down, boy." She quickly stood up and walked toward the hotel. Chase's cock swung wildly from her departure and came to rest pointing straight up. The material around the head of his penis clung to him, soaked through to near transparency with his pre-cum.

Joe turned back around after paying the driver. He looked at chase sitting there with his shorts tented to the extreme.


"Ha! Good ride fa you too eh?"