Sexy young pak girl showing her boobs and pussy video

Sexy young pak girl showing her boobs and pussy video
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First off this was just a fantasy until now. I guess I should begin with a little history first. I was 18 years old 6'3" about 205 lbs with a thick 7 inch cock.I have chosen a Military career and consider myself to be a lifer.

I came from a poor background and have worked hard from the age of twelve. When I turned 19 I married the most beautiful woman in the world. She was a petite little thing of about 5'2" blonde hair and deep green mesmerizing eyes.

She had a perky set of grapefruit sized tits and a hard little bubble butt. I know all the stories start out like that. Well anyway she was a bit shy And not very adventurous in the bedroom. Hell it took me almost 6 months to finally fuck her and after I bursted her cherry she just couldn't be satisfied.

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Soon after we were pregnant with our son which made things even better for me. She just wanted a raw fucking Every time I walked in the door.

It seemed like she was getting more daring in her sexuality the bigger her belly swelled. She started telling me of one fantasy after another which made for a good cum for me in the end. Well 8 months into her pregnancy she started producing a copious amount of milk from her now cantaloupe sized mellons. What a beautiful sight to behold. She would start to straddle me in our fuck sessions now because of her size and comfort level.

I really got appreciative of her tits in that position and could actually see a drop of milk leak from her nipple when she raised her hands above her head and ground down on my cock. I was going nuts watching them when she leaned forward and fed a nipple to me and told me to drink her in a very throaty whisper. I did as I was asked and was instantly hooked on her sweet mommy milk. Her normally sensitive nipples that could once barely stand a little pinch were progressively shoved into my mouth very hard.

She felt her orgasm coming on and I started chewing her nipples.First one then the other as her eyes rolled back and as she screamed bite, bite, bite me she came a flood on my cock. From that point on there was no being to ruff with her tits. Fast forward to after the baby was born. Everything was perfect and I managed to get a good supply of blowjobs and shared milk with my son for the first three month's. Then she couldn't stand it anymore and needed to fuck.

I went through her usually foolproof way to make her cum but nothing seemed to work and we fucked for what seemed like forever with me cumming twice but her left dissatisfied. The next night we went at it again to no prevail. Finally She got on her knees and told me to fuck her like a fucking animal and I was only to happy to oblige.

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I was hitting her pussy with eveything i had and making pussy farts pulling all the way out and ramming forward enough to drive her to the head board. She reaches between her legs to rub her clit as I was pounding her pussy and then I felt her put a finger in her pussy as I slid back in. I was a good feeling and she started to moan a little.

I told her to put another in and she came to life and started bucking back on my cock as hard as I was driving her. She was having multiple orgasms and finally just slumped over exhausted.

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My wife just needed a little more beef in her pussy to makes things work and that was fine with me as it felt great. This routine went on for a while and things got even better.At this point she had 2 fingers buried in her pussy while we fucked. When we would finish, her pussy would be a gaping hole so much that I could see my cum inside of her. Things were really getting interesting and I was in heaven.

As we all know when things get good the Military has got to fuck them up and I received orders for a 12 month deployment. Less than a month later I was sitting in Iraq missing my wife's pussy. Time just seemed to drag on but finally my year was up and I was going home. Homecoming day was great and very busy. So I finally get my wife to the bedroom and I see her beautiful shaved pussy, her lips seem to be a little bigger and puffier than I remember.

I didn't waste much time with foreplay and I dive right into the pussy. It seemed a lot looser now than when I left. We fuck like animals for a long time and her fingers went back to her pussy.

It felt great again and I didn't take long cumming and damn near over filled her pussy with so much cum. At that point I fell asleep from being exhausted.

Then I awoke to a strange noise that sounded like a moan. As I slowly opened my eyes it was a sight to behold my wife was fisting her sweet pussy. I couldn't believe how much that turn me on. When she pulled her hand back I could see her Knuckles pushing against her lips from the inside out it was beautiful and I was rock hard instantly. She told me she learned that while I was in Iraq and that it felt really fucking good. I asked her to make room for my cock and she pulled her hand out and cupped it just leaving her four fingers barely at the entrance.

I line my cock up with her fingers and as my cock went into her pussy she pushed her fingers in at the same time. I couldn't believe I had my cock and her whole hand in her pussy and felt light room for more. So just curiosity prompted me to reach down to see if I could fit a finger in which did then the next finger maxed her out.

Her hand my cock and two of my fingers we're in her pussy and it felt unbelievably perverted but great. My wife at turn into an insatiable slut that couldn't be filled up. Life was just getting fucking awesome and I wanted more. I started shopping online for big toys for her pussy.


I started out with medium toys which did her no good and went to very large toys and she loved. I turned my petite little wifes pussy into a cavernous fucking pit. She became Shameless and would put anything into her worn out pussy.

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I became addicted to shoving bigger and bigger things into her and at one point had wine bottle in her pussy all day. I could actually feel the bottle through her stomach when it was inserted. Things just started getting crazier from there with her fantasies.

It went from the typical tying up to hog-tie her tits until they turn purple. She even got to the point where she wanted to lactate again and amazingly enough she was able to accomplish that.That was sexy as hell when I bound her tits tight and she ooze milk all day.

I could get a nice taste at any time. So my time to fantasize and asked her to fuck some friends of mine.


Oddly enough her first question was how many. I told her 4 or 5 would be plenty. She asked when they could come over. They? I asked with a confused look on my face. She said I want them all at once. That was one big fucking surprise from my once meek wife. So I decided to surprise her and have 10 guys show up of all Races. We made plans for a nice dinner and then come home to our friends for a nice long fuck. I wanted her to go to dinner looking like a total fucking whore and wear as little as possible.

She did an excellent job wearing a little black mini skirt and 5 inch heels. Of course no panties or bra were a must. Dinner was great and everybody stared at her fine body.

She told me she was soaking wet and was showing everybody that would look her way her bald pussy.

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That shit was about to drive me crazy so I told her to hurry up and finish dinner so we could get home to our five friends and get some serious fucking going on. when we arrived at the house all 10 of my friends were waiting. She almost seemed a little embarrassed when she walked in and I introduced her as the whore for the night. She was confused as to how 10 people were there. I told her if she wanted to be my whore she would do it right and I had her explain to them anything they wanted to do to her was fair game no matter what it was.

For some reason she must have been turned on enough that her milk started leaking from her tits and making the front of her shirt wet. I basically tore her shirt off and fed her to the dogs. Within five seconds she was stripped completely naked and being carried to the couch.

Everyone stripped and Cocks were hanging everywhere. Two guys latched onto her tits with their mouths and she had two cocks in her hands. Soon somebody was between her legs eating her bald pussy and it didn't take but a minute for him to stand up and drive his cock into her guts in one stroke.

He seemed amazed at how loose her pussy actually was. I yelled to her. Your whore hole is too loose help him out. I thought she would show her fist in beside his cock but instead she asked for another cock in her pussy. with just a turn of my head she had another cock in her pussy.

I guess the idea of two cocks in her pussy at one time drove her nuts because she started flailing around like a woman possessed and I walked up and shove my cock in her throat. Now if you notice I never said anything about fucking her in the ass. There was a good reason for this. Her ass was still virgin and she never wanted it fucked.

I looked over to one of my biggest buddies. A black guy named Donald. His cock was a good 9 inches and very thick. I told everybody to stop and flip her over ass up. They did and I have one buddy underneath of her entering her pussy while the other guy was on his knees adding a second cock to her pussy. I asked two guys to come over and hold her arms and told Marcus to come over and fuck her in the ass.

Her head picked right up and she turned around and gave me the evil eye but then an even eviler smile. So with two cocks in her pussy and a big black man getting ready to go deep in her ass she bent her head down and accepted her fate.

Marcus took no time sinking his cock deep into her ass. Her body tightened up so much I thought she would break. She tried to break her hold but the guys kept her tight. Marcus took no mercy on her asshole and started going deeper with every stroke.

She began sobbing and almost gasping for her next breath. She was so distraught I asked her if she wanted me to make him stop. She screamed at the top of her lungs to fuck her harder. Seeing my beautiful petite wife with 800 pounds of male flesh pounding into her from all directions and in all of her holes made me throat fuck her until she passed out. However that didn't stop the fun as there was a line of men waiting to use her.

For the next four and a half hours she was banged in every hole and was overflowing with cum. Her poor pussy was destroyed and nothing left for any man to enjoy.

She lay on her back legs spread. Everyone was completely spent and she had cum bubbling out of her pussy and ass. My mission was complete.

I lie next to my wife sucking the milk from her tits dreaming of our next adventure. Oh at the time we didnt know she was pregnant again with my daughter. The next chapter will involve my daughter and no wife but that's a long story in itself.