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Group Sex With Dirty Amateur
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Grinning Man: Prequel Year: 43AD. Location: Scotland. "The demon is coming! The demon is coming!" A roman legionnaire screamed springing from the bushes with his gladius swinging widely. The beast fell from the tree tops tackling him to the ground as he screamed in horror.

The monsters mouth widened as its head twisted and lunged down biting into the back of his neck. The mans body seized in terror, his fingers and toes spread forth.

The creature twisted his head again with a quick deadly snap. The man went limp as the monster began to suck the mans spinal fluids. Three roman soldiers behind men with tower shields fired three arrows.

The arrows hit the pallid thin creature in the back. It looked to the air crying a scream fouler and more dreadful then the wolves of the full moon. It's long sharp teeth having bits of spittle arching from them. There were no eyes or nose nor hair. It has slits of shivering flesh is it cried like a banshee.

It looked at them with a gaping bloody and yellowish maw. It's mouth hanging a foot down as it breathed in a snarl on all fours. It's long lanky arms spread wide. The monsters gums were lined red. His fingernails thick, long, sharp and bloody. The monster quickly began to crawl forward. His shoulders zigzagged as he slithered across the grassy plain as arrows pelted the ground around it. It jumped into the air. The roman soldiers lifted the tower shields with spears up.

The "demon" easily dodged the spears as it landed on the shields ripping them aside. They immediately backed away as it grabbed one shield pulling him to itself. It ripped the spear from his hand running its maw into his throat. He bit down shearing his throat from the mans neck swallowing the mouthful and all.


He jumped to another shield ripping it from his arm whipping it at the other roman soldier hitting him square in the face. A splatter of blood as the man fell dead. The last roman infantry pulled his sword swinging harshly. The monster seized the man wrist twisting it back with a sickly snap as blood sprayed into the monsters face.

His tongue came out licking the blood from his face. He opened his mouth wide lurching his head forward biting the mans face followed by a sick crunch. The man went limp. He swallowed as he jumped at the archers as arrows jabbed the ground near him. He stuck the last two pieces in his mouth. A hand. He swallowed. Then a sword, biting chunks of it at a time. He swallowed the steel handle and all.

A noise came from behind as the monster jumped to his fours roaring with its wide maw. It's maw clicked back into place as it stared oddly at this human. A woman. She wore a short skirt and a black hood with a white blouse holding roses tight. "You killed all of them demon of the Hunger. The gods thank you and I offer myself to you as tribute." She said, It sniffed the air. It could smell her sweet young untouched pussy. It wanted to taste her tender flesh. Lick her sweat.

It began to growl standing on its two feet and standing straight. The monsters phallus between its legs massive then began to get bigger as it grew and became hard. It stood all but five feet from her when she threw the roses at its feet.

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Her hands filled with salt. The monster looked down seeing what it stood upon. A pentagram drawn into the dirt. "And let the creators turn this spirit of evil to nature. Cure it of its sins toward man. Blessed be." The monster began a deep hardy laugh as its skin began to turn to wood. His mouth closed suddenly with a snap of its jaws.

It's face freezing in the position of a wide, truly, amused grin. So it was for years. The witch threw him to sea as the tides took him. As fate would have it. By unknown circumstances he emerged in America.

He was let loose by unknown ways and laid carnage and horror upon the Native Americans who named it 'It Who Eats Our Young'. He was defeated again.

English settlers took him from the Natives. He was let out once more on accident upon a Christian family. After he was stopped a rich family took him think him to be furniture. There he sat in storage for years upon years and years.

All Hallows' eve. Everyone was dressed as a their favorite monster and creature, hero or villain as they ran around getting candy, pulling pranks. And of course partying. Kayla wore a slutty maid costume.

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She had the bonnet, her skirt fluffed out and stopped half way up her thighs. Her cleavage showed large and thick. Her thighs were succulent. Her wavy brown hair was all tussled up behind her bonnet. She had long white gloves covering the skin of her white delicate arms. Fishnet stockings and long heels.

She was with three friends. Two guys and one other girl. The guys were friends of hers since high school. The other girl was in high school. She was a French foreign exchange student in whom her friend Kyle was trying to get inside of, but she said she was saving herself for "the one." They all went into the attic. All a bit drunk.

The game of the night was truth or dare. Kat, the French girl, was dressed up as a slutty cat. Kyle was dressed up as Robin Hood. And Marshal was dressed up as a gangster with big fake gold chains and a spray painted air soft gun. The attic was filled with boxes and old stuff with sheets draped over them.

They sat in a circle, with a lantern in the middle. "Kayla, truth or dare?" Kyle said, "Dare." She said with an anxious smile, "Ok. Um, I dare you to." He had to think about this, "give me a lap dance." Everyone started smiling and laugh going "oooo!" Going red she pulled her iPod as the rest couldn't believe she was actually going to do it.

Kat looked a bit annoyed at Kyle but she knew he was drunk. Kayla pressed play on a song as the beat started blaring 'Everywhere we Go by Hollywood Undead.' She began to sway her hips a little facing Kyle. Her pelvis only feet away from his face. He had a wide smile as she began to get into the song.

Her stripper legs began to move as she began to round her hips. She swayed her tits in his face brushing them across. It was easy to see how hard he was as she spun around rounding her ass in front of his face. She wore a thong.

He smiled wider. The song came to an end as she hopped straight up with a joyed smile. They all began to clap. She began to laugh a bit losing balance. She stumbled over grabbing the nearest sheet covered object. She pulled the sheet off as fell to the floor. "Wow." Kat's accented voice came. Kayla stood up seeing a carved statue with an eerily grinning monster man in the form of a chair. At the very back of the chair coming out at an angle was a long obsidian phallus perfectly round.

Laughing a bit more, "thees eez zo weird." Kat's heavily thick accent came up. With a smile Kayla turned around, "Kat truth or dare?" She asked quickly. "Dare." She said casually, "I dare you to act like a slut on to the chair." She said with a growing smile. Kat's eyes narrowed a little as she looked over to Kayla. "Of all the zee sings you could ask me to do.

what the fuck?" She asked, Kayla smiled shrugging, "You said dare." She said, Kat looked almost betrayed, "com'on! It'll make the thing look less creepy!" Kayla went on. Kat rolled her eyes. "Fine." The young women playing Stella in Drama class closed her eyes putting herself in character. She opened her eyes with a renewed vigor. Putting one fish netted stocking in front of the other tussling her hair Kat walked toward the chair. "Oh bonjour, Monsieur.

Her corset lifting her cleavage. Her hair black curving outward then going straight down. Her had on a short skirt with a thing underneath. She put her fingers on the obsidian phallus with a crooked smile. She held on to the member spinning a little throwing her leg over the other side sitting on the chair. Her private right up against the black member.


"You are ever zo hard Monsieur." She said seductively. Her pelvis beginning to thrust upon the black member as she gave a light moan as her apple ass rubbed against the old wood. Her delicate fingers all over its smooth wooden face. Closing her eyes she actually got a bit wet. She suddenly opened her eyes in embarrassment standing up.

"Well?" She asked, Marshall was the first to start clapping as he watched in amazement. Then the other two quickly joined in. Kat walked up to the circle, "Who eez next?" "Perhaps I shall partake in this little game of yours." *click* he said with an eloquence in his voice. they all began to turn to where the chair was.

There a pallid tall man stood. The monster. Naked as the day of his incarceration. "What the fuck?!" Marshall screamed, Kay was the first one to run. She screamed as she followed the steps down. Marshall followed her as Kyle also ran. Kayla didn't move. She couldn't. Her legs wouldn't move.

The creature walked forward with its wide smile that it adopted over the centuries. It walked forward, its slippery figure lurching forward. It's lanky arms lifted as its long fingered hands lifted her hair a little. "What a delightful little slut. I've been waiting for a long time for my chance to get out.

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And your friend just released me by offering her body to me. And having learned about your culture being a piece of furniture for so many years I will enjoy my dine!" *click* its fingers slid up her leg from her calf going up her thigh. His smile widened as she began to quiver and shake. She gasped in horror feeling a sharp point at her folds. The point pressed cutting through her cotton thong. She gasped as a year fell down her cheek feeling the finger penetrate her folds.

The monster pulled the finger out smelling the finger then licking it. The creature stopped. It's smile turned into a smile of fury as it roared into the air. It grabbed her ripping the top of her costume off with ease. She screamed at the top of her lungs that was overshadowed by the music beating from below. It grasped her breasts forcefully growling as it licked her neck savagely. His teeth scratching her neck. Her voice raised as a quiver as its member lifted. The monster lifted her by her legs pinning her up to the wall.

He forced his member between her legs. She cried out in horror as it spread her velvet folds with its massive member. She cried trying to take it from her privates. Her pussy was so soft as it growled madly. She may not have been a virgin but she was definitely tight. Feeling her vaginal walls sliding against the head of it phallus getting wetter as it pushed inward.

It pulled out just to thrust back in. He could taste her fear as he lick her breasts. The monsters lust being insatiable as of this moment.

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Its hands gliding up her thighs soft squishy thighs. It grabbed a handful of her ass shoving its tongue into her ear and the tip of a pointed finger into her little asshole.

She gasped feeling the cold finger in her tight warm slick asshole. She cried out for help staring at the shivering wet folds of flesh rippling at its face. He lifted her pounding her back down on its pelvis. It pulled all the way out as it rubbed it shaft the length of her pussy before shoving it back into her. "Stop!" She cried in horror, her body beginning to betray her as she screamed in a forced orgasm.

His pelvis violently ramming her pussy as her back arched and another orgasm overthrew her. her voice cracking and tears falling. He pulled out pulling her pelvis from the wooden wall, her back still on the wall.

He slid his head backward as it centered over her asshole. Her eyes widened in terror, "No!" She screamed "You'll tear me in half!" She cried as he pulled her tight asshole down upon his meat. She shut her eyes feeling her ass stretch. She widened her legs which already rested on its shoulders. She opened her mouth screaming as it plunged its long hard dick into her warm slick ass.

Her fists pounded the wall. Her ass widened and stretched as she screamed "wait" over and over. "YOU TEARING ME APART!" She cried in extreme pain.

He smiled wider, literally ear to ear lusting after her cries. One hand pulled back slapping her ass. Her butt jiggled turning red fast. He kept pumping over and over. She cried out in pain as the monster pulled the full length back just to shove it all the way back in. It looked in the air. It's mouth widening impossibly wide roaring inhumanly. As it shot deeply into her asshole. She cried out in shock. Her back arched as her hands quivered and shook.

Wide eyes she looked at the ceiling, one eye twitching. It dropped her to the floor. The monster turned around seeing a pinstriped suit hanging by a hook. "I like the new look of this age." *click* "but first." It started evilly and vilely as it took a step towards the girl, "I haven't eaten in ages. And I am incredibly hungry." *click* she went on all four trying to crawl away. He jumped on top of her with little effort starting at her ass cheeks.

He opened his mouth throwing his head down biting into her ass.

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She screamed at her peak. Minutes later a grinning man with a pinstriped suit with a wide brimmed hat covering the top portion of his face, walked down the stairs seeing all of the people at the party dancing and listening to the music.

His hunger far from over he smiled wide. "I believe I will like this age. However I must find the rest of my little free makers. Especially my little French one." *click*