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This is what you are provoking . I want you to stand at the window in my apartment and gaze across the river. I want you to feel my lips on the back of your neck, to turn and kiss me, to feel my hands running up your legs lifting your skirt.


I want you to be guided back to the sofa, to feel the coolness of the leather on the backs of your legs as we kiss and caress. I want you to feel me guiding your knickers to one side and find you are already wet with anticipation, to gently wrap your legs around my back as I slide my fingers into you, as I want to make you mine… We stop and I ask if you would like some Veuve Cliquot. You ask what I've got as you are very particular … Bolly, I reply, some of the Widow of course, a little Crystalle, a bit of the Dom and of course the Grande Dame of Veuve Cliquot .

I think the Grande Dame is appropriate (1989 or 90, without doubt) as you are a great lady of distinction with exceptional potential. You teased and aroused me throughout the evening and brought me near bursting point, but knew how far to go all evening with your toes, without pushing me over the edge. Not that I was backward either, as I had slipped off my shoe in the restaurant, caressed your legs and thighs and slipped my foot in between the top of your thighs and worked my way in and out of the outer edges of your engorged pussy but still managed to gently tickle and stroke your clit so it became as engorged as you had managed with my cock … Both of us were definitely in need of refreshment.

I pop open the Grande Dame and pour out two crystal glasses of ice cold delight. We toast each other, I take a sip and lean over and kiss you …… you accept my lips, my tongue and my cold liquid willingly into your mouth … the rush of liquid, a little unexpected almost causes you to gag &hellip. But it is most enjoyable .

We both put down our glasses; I caress you, kiss you, stroke you and fondle your breasts through your satin blouse and the flimsy fabric of your bra.


Whilst kissing each other, having exchanged mouthfuls of champagne between each other, I undo the buttons of your blouse, unclip your bra, to expose your wondrous orbs with their marvellously erect nipples. I take another sip of champagne and dribble and lick it into your nipples&hellip. The bubbles burst on them, the coldness makes them more proud and the bubbles penetrate the outer edges of your ducts, sending quivers down your spine.

At this point you are a proud Amazon who has me enraptured and paying homage to your magnificent tits. I lay you down on the leather couch, unzip your skirt, whilst all the time stroking your legs, neck, back and brushing your bush &hellip. But still kissing your nipples with champagne .

I remove your skirt. So that you are now seductively reclined on the sofa, wearing only high heels, barely black stockings, black suspenders which frame your mound of Venus, and your pert ass, barely covered and made demure by your flimsy black knickers… I take the bottle and pour a little bubbly into the perfect pool of your belly button&hellip.

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You shiver again and I have to lick out your little pond&hellip. I'm a little messy at doing this so there is some overspill down between your thighs&hellip.

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You shudder, you squeal and you hug me&hellip. Your knickers are sodden now, with the overspill and with your own wetness. I attempt to remove your panties, but I need your assistance … your raise your buttocks off the sofa and help me slip the knickers off.

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You put your bum down again and shiver imperceptibly as the coolness of the leather touches your warm skin. I take a large mouthful of bubbly and press my mouth at the opening your damp engorged pussy.

I gently release the cold liquid onto your warm pussy and the bubbles burst upon your clit, mingle with your own sweet nectar and invade you… my tongue gently follows the bubbles and teases and taunts you to ecstasy&hellip. I accept back the mixture of your juices cream and champagne and kiss you on the full of your lips and let you taste pussy cream nectar and champagne … you taste yourself as transported by my mouth&hellip.

All the while you have been taunting and teasing me … and you reciprocate by torturing my nipples with bubbles … but your piece de resistance is to take a mouthful of bubbles and bathe my cock and balls in bubbles… and languidly suck and blow me off with bubbles&hellip. But not to the point of cumming &hellip. At this stage you have made me very hard&hellip. So there is only once place I could possibly go .


Afterwards . We rest sated and replete in each others arms and I ask if you would like a massage… you say yes, and I ask you to turn over on your front.

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Instead of oil, I use champagne as the lubricant. I rub it into the small of your back, but a few drops escape and trickle down into the cleft of your arse&hellip.

Your legs are wide apart and the champagne breaches the entrance to your arse and explodes within your tight hole … my fingers follow … .XXXXXXXXXXX You see what you do to me .

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you have opened the flood gates .