Beauty is banged on camera hardcore and blowjob

Beauty is banged on camera hardcore and blowjob
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I woke up but didn't open my eyes. I was momentarily confused when I realized I was completely naked but then memories of the night before came flooding back. I opened my eyes. Travis wasn't there. Had it been a dream? No.

I rolled over.


Travis's t-shirt and jeans and underwear lay on the floor. I close my eyes and smile. It had been the best night of my life. Slowly I roll out of bed and look at the clock. 7am. To early for me, I'd never been a morning person. I sit on the edge of the bed for a while, staring at Travis's clothes on the floor and I get an idea. A few minutes later I walk into the kitchen of my little apartment wearing Travis's shirt and some underwear. On the table is a plate of toast and eggs and bacon waiting for me.


I take a piece of toast and bite into it. "Travis?" I call out with my mouth full of toast. He comes around the corner wearing only a towel around his waist, his hair is wet and he has a toothbrush in his mouth. "Yes?" He asked, well his mouth was full of toothpaste so it was more like, "Yesh?" A wide smile spread across my face and I threw the toast back on the plate and ran over to him and kissed every inch of his face. He pulled away and said "Hold on." But it sounded more like "Huh om." He went over to the kitchen sink and spat out the toothpaste and rinsed out his mouth.

While he did that I hopped up and sat on the counter near him. He finishes brushing his teeth and turns to me. "Nice shirt." He says. I smile. "Well in the movies the next morning the girl always wears the mans shirt the next morning, I figured I mine as well do it." He chuckles and then leans in and kisses me. We kiss for a long while and then he pulls away. "You're amazing." He says. "No you're amazing." I say.

"You're more amazing." "Nah." He growls and picks me up and carries me to the dining area. He lays me down on the table. "That's my shirt." He says with a coy smile.


"Well you're just going to have to take it back." I reply. Before I know it he has the shirt off and I'm lying only in my panties on the table. And for some reason I start getting really self conscious.

Even though he had seen me naked the night before (obviously) I just started getting very nervous about my body. Travis noticed that I had tensed up. "Baby? What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing.I just realized I don't have the greatest body." "Baby." He got close to my face and looked deep in my eyes.

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"You are perfect to me. You are beautiful inside and out and I love you so much do you understand?" I was taken aback by his words but I managed to reply. "Yes I do understand, I love you too baby." Travis leaned in and kissed me deeply. His towel came loose and fell off his waist as he took off my underwear leaving us both completely naked. While still kissing me he picked me up and brought me to the couch.

He gently laid me down and lifted one of my legs over his shoulder. He used one hand to carefully guide his now thoroughly hard cock into my pussy. "Mmmm" I moaned as he entered me. "Hmm, you're nice and tight baby." He said quietly as he slid the rest of the way inside me. He slowly started to slide in and out of my pussy. Out of instinct I reached down and started rubbing my clit. This motivated him to go faster and faster until soon he was fucking me so hard that my ass got pushed down into the couch cushions with every thrust and soon I was cumming all over his cock.

He kept on thrusting in and out of me until a few minutes later when he moaned, "I'm gonna cum, oh baby, I'm cumming! Fuck!" I gripped his ass and pulled him deeper as he came.

He shot load after load deep inside me and our combined juices started to drop out of my pussy. When he was done cumming he lay on top of me and kissed my neck and tits all over, all the while keeping his cock inside me. "I love you." I whispered in his ear. "I love you too." He whispered back. Slowly he pulled out of me and got on his knees in front of the couch.

"Here." He said. "Sit up, right here in front of me. That's it.spread your legs baby. Yeah.nice and wide. Mm, fuck." I sat before him, my legs spread wide, as he ran his hands up and down my legs.

He brought his face to my pussy and kissed my swollen clit and then moved his way down and began licking up the juices spilling from my hole. Then he worked his way back up to my clit and began sucking relentlessly. "Oh yes." I whimpered as he stuck two fingers inside me while still licking my clit. I felt him feeling around for my G-spot while he worked his tongue. Eventually he found it. "Oh!" I let out a a cry of surprise as he worked his fingers furiously in and out of me, hitting my g-spot every time.

I felt my orgasm approaching. "What? No! Please god don't let this end." I thought to myself.

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But before I knew it I was cumming on his face. "Travis! Oh god Travis! Yes! Yes! Fuuuuuck!" I gripped the back of his head. I Was bucking and moaning like some kind of wild animal. I hopped I hadn't suffocated him in my pussy but at the same time I didn't care.

It felt to good. My orgasm faded and I released Travis's head and settled back onto the couch panting and shaking. "Holy shit." Said Travis, laughing. "That was amazing." I laughed as well. "I've never cum so hard in my life." Travis climbed on top of me. "I've just made it my personal goal to make you cum even harder." He smirked. "If you do that I might pass out." I said. I gently pushed him off of me and slid to my knees before him and admired his cock. It was very hard.

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I reached out and grabbed it. Squeezing it gently. Then, very slowly and while looking into his eyes I slipped his cock into my mouth.

I only got halfway but I swallowed and was able to get more down. Then I started sucking. With one hand I lightly squeezed his balls and with my other hand I rubbed my clit in time with my sucking.

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I sucked faster and harder. My moaning increasing and so was his breathing. "You gonna let me cum in your mouth again?" I nodded slightly and squeezed his balls a little harder.

"Oh fuck, baby, run your tongue around the tip. While sucking. Yeah. That's it! Oh. Ah! Fuck!" His cum hit the back of my throat. I couldn't contain myself anymore. I came too. Moaning on his cock as he came in my mouth.

It was amazing. I sucked every last bit of cum out of his cock. Some of it dribbled out of the corner of my mouth. He slid down on the floor next to me and kissed me passionately. He chuckled.

"You've got some of my cum on your face there." He wiped it off with his hand. I grabbed his wrist and brought his fingers to my mouth. I looked into his eyes as I sucked the cum off them. "Mm, you're sexy. I'm already all horny again." I smiled at him and stood up. "Good" I said, "Because I love it when you take me from behind." He stood up as well and watched me intently as I gripped the backrest and stuck out my ass. He came up behind me and grabbed my hips. "So sexy." I heard him say as he caressed my ass.

I felt him searching for the hole with his cock. I reached back and guided him in. He slid inside me with no effort, I was so wet that my pussy juice dripped down my thighs.

When he was all the way in I looked back and flashed him a smile. He smiled back and then slid almost all the way out of me and slammed back into me. "Oh!" I cried out. He did it again. And again. And again. Each forceful thrust sent a jolt through my body. He held onto my hips tightly. "Tell me what you want." He said and thrust into me again. "Oh! You baby, I want you." "What part of me?" He thrust into me again. "Oh fuck.

All of you." I moaned He gave a particularly hard thrust. "You have to be more specific." "Your cock! I want your cock. Oh yes baby!" He thrust in and out of me fast and hard, pumping away at my pussy like an animal. "Mm mm mm. Ah. Ah. AH. Fuck me! Yes! Fuck!" I came for the fourth time that morning.

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My cum coated his cock and dripped down onto the couch. He fucked me harder. "Oh yeah, fuck. I'm gonna cum baby. I'm gonna cum in your pussy. That tight.wet.Fuck!" He shot his cum deep inside me.

Filling me up. When he was done he pulled out of me and plunked down on the couch. I sunk down next to him and leaned against him. "We've made an awful big mess of the couch." I giggle. "So we have." He laughs. I wrap my arms around him and snuggle as close as possible to him.

"We need to get cleaned up." I say. "I guess I'll be taking another shower this morning." Travis says. "I'll take it with you." I say shyly. He laughs again. "Sounds like fun to me." "Uh huh" I reply. He holds my face in his hands and brings his lips to mine for a long kiss.

"I love you." He says when he finally breaks the kiss. "I love you too." ~The end