Hot Tranny Aubrey Kate hardcore sex with Zoey Monroe

Hot Tranny Aubrey Kate hardcore sex with Zoey Monroe
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We always text and call during the day but today he had told me that he had a surprise waiting for me when I got home, and since I usually beat him home, he is expecting me to use it. I wanted to leave work right then to go home and see what it was but there was still four to five hours to go so I had to wait it out. The traffic seems to take forever but I finally get home. I go in through the garage. The house is empty, there is nothing in the living room, the dining room, or the kitchen.


I make my way back through the house to the bedrooms. I open the door to our room and there it is. He has pulled out his kennel and added the carpet to it. I smiled. He left my collar and some handcuffs out on the bed.

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I strip, head to the bathroom and buckle my collar into place. Placing the small lock on it. Master has the keys around his neck. Once this is on, it will be left on until he takes it off. I left the cuffs where they were and got inside my cage.

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The kennel is very large, almost the size of a queen sized bed. It is made of steel and he even polished it so it would shine. I closed the door behind me and it secures itself. I laydown in it. Just getting used to it. I wanted this, so it's a very welcome surprise. My clit is throbbing, my wetness is growing. I am rubbing myself. I have a couple of small orgasms then lay down resting my head on my arm.

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My wetness is growing. I am dripping onto the new carpet. I am thinking about all of the things that will be done to me, now that he has given me this. I have wanted it.

There are moments when this will be a pleasure palace for me. I will restrained to it, and in it. I will be touched, teased, and locked up.

He will give me bowls to eat and drink out of while I am in here. I will be his pet and treated as such. There will also be moments when Master will punish me by locking me up in it. He will spank me until I am close to bleeding and then lock me inside to think about what I have done.

I masterbate thinking, fantasizing about all of this. I can feel the carpet below me getting very wet. I fell asleep. I'm waken by the sound of his voice and the feel of his hand against my skin as he reaches through the bars. I wake, turning to see him, smiling. "I thought you would like this." he said still touching her.

"um hmm" she nodded.

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"Let me see my pussy.I want to see how wet it is." he commanded. He saw the wetness on the carpet below her, and told her that she would be cleaning up any messes she makes. He said he should rub her nose in it, teaching her not to do that again.

She smiled at him. Part of her would like that. Part of her needs that. He understands and there may come a day when he does just that. She turned her ass toward him, the bars touching her. ass She was pressing against them as far as she could.

He was fingering her, moving his fingers deep inside, moving slowly until he worked his fist inside. She was moaning and groaning and pressing back against him.

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He slowly begins to pull his hand out, leaving her wanting. She turns to face him. Licking his hand, through the bars. He tells her, "good girl." He moves quickly to the bed and comes back with the handcuffs. He tells her to get on her knees, facing him.


She reaches through the bars giving him each of her wrists. He cuffs her. She closes her eyes, and waits. She hears the cage open and feels is hands on her ass and hips.

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He tells her he is going to take his pussy and he does. He feels warm and hard and filing. She wiggles to meet him. He tells her to be still. He fucks her, hard and quick until he comes.leaving her wanting. Her clit is throbbing to be touched, fingered, touched byanything. He just pulls out and leaves her. She hears the door latch shut and begin to moan and whimper.

He is unlocking the cuffs, and tells her to lay down on her back. She does as she is told. He tells her to stretch her arms out. She does. He cuffs her hands to the bars, leaving her in a heat that cannot be satisfied. He goes to the treasure chest of vibrators and dildos that she has, taking out her favorite he place it beside her, telling her, she can use it if she wants to.

She begins to cry. He tells her if she keeps that up he will let the dog have her. She gets quiet, He then turns to leave.

He says he will be back. He has some things to care of. She watches as the he leaves the room, leaving her alone. He is going to get a couple of bowls.

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He will have her slave name engraved on them, so she will know that they are just for her. She moans quietly as her need goes unmet and untouched. Her toy is so close, if only she could touch it, play with it. She struggles against her bonds trying to break a wrist loose, but the handcuffs and holding her hands firmly.


He will be back, she knows, he will play with her, he will satisfy her, but right now he wants her to suffer through it, letting it grow, so when he returns, she will be ready to give him whatever he wants.