Cherry and her stepmom fucking their bfs

Cherry and her stepmom fucking their bfs
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SISTERS ENVY By Blueheatt ___We all had showered and this time I put on a girl on girl movie. We had had a nice dinner and several glasses of wine. We all had on our robes but this time we got on a big thick soft blanket on the floor in front of the TV.


I lie between them to start. This time we wasted no time in opening our robes and playing with ourselves. __We had all the lights out, and opened up the sliding glass window drapes. Only a cool faint light lit the room from the night sky. Sister couldn't wait to start in telling me about what her and wife use to do.

___ She giggled at she told of the first time they felt each others boobs, and got themselves hot. Wife was the bolder one, and feeling sisters boobs started to kiss them. Sister said she moaned so good that wife started to suck them. Soon she got bold and thru a leg over sister and moved her pussy on top of sisters pussy.

They got real excited and told each other how hot that felt. Wife started slowly moving up and down on sisters pussy hair and they liked it, while still sucking on sisters tits. She whispered to sister."Do that to me now." Sister couldn't get on top of her fast enough, only as her to spread her legs wide open. They both giggled but quietly not wanting to wake their parents up. Sister pushed her clit right into wife's and that started it. They panted and it got to feeling better and better.

Sister said: "pull your legs up high." Wife gasp for air, and did it. They both told me how hot it was and the moaned quietly. They had never been so wet before and now they could hear the clicking of their pussy juices as they fucked harder and harder. Soon the said they both got a super good feeling in their pussy's and pushed themselves to each other tight.

Wife likes to yell, so she put her mouth on sisters neck and yelled a muffled '…oh god oh god oh god! As she had a orgasm for the very first time. Sister said: "What happened, did you cum????"&hellip.not needing an answer but wanted one herself. Wife flipped her over and lifted her legs way back and rubbed her clit on sisters as fast as she could hump. Sister started to scream, so wife put her hand over her mouth and let her scream it out.

The laid in each others arms and shuttered and panted as they couldn't talk yet. "Damn", I said."you guys really got a good orgasm for the first time…wow." By now they were both facing me with one leg raised up rubbing their pussy's.

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Next time wife started kissing sister on her tummy and worked lower and lower. Sister moaned and said she couldn't take the tingles as they were to much. Wife went right to her pussy hair and started sticking her tongue in sisters slit. They both said sister just froze in place. Wife continued licking her pussy and put fingers in her till sister relaxed and moaned long moans.

They turned 69 and wife went into a licking frenzy with sisters pussy wide open to lick. Sister started bucking hard as she came and the juices flowed.

It was then that wife started to tell how sister wouldn't lick…and sister interrupted&hellip."that was then, but now I want to suck your hard and wet clit." Wow. I thought wife was going to faint with joy at those words.

She said: "Oh baby.I love you.and jumped across me to kiss her sister big time. I slid down and let them at each other while I got to watch wife's dream come true at having her sister lick her pussy.

They moaned to each other and mmm'ed as they kissed in a rage. I helped them off with their robes and watched as they locked up legs and arms in a frenzy of hotness. The were like animals, sucking lips, feeling boobs and pussy's. "Come on baby"…"I've wanted to feel free to do you for so long, cum to me and we'll lick and suck all we want, together." I was loving this was so hot right in front of my eyes!

___Wife jumped around to rush to the 69 she had longed for. I got on my knees and kissed them both as they went into a wild tiger fit, growling and moaning and pulling legs and hair to get inside the other's pussy. They both reached out and pulled me close to them.

I licked with wife and with sister as they pulled at my head to join the frenzy. They both grabbed my dick and stroked it, taking air long enough to suck on it, then return to their pussy faced licking and sucking. __ Now they started getting real aggressive. Moaning and at first mumbling…'fuck me sis'…and ' you better lick me hard'&hellip.I watched and listened as they started to pull each other into themselves real tight and grunt with the pressure they applied.

The pulled hair and said: ". your gonna get fucked so hard little miss bitch."…sister jumped on top of wife and held her wrists down and kissed her on the lips and said: 'I'm gonna lick and suck your clit so hard you'll yell for hubby here to come save you!!!'.

I witnessed their animal instincts come out in hot sex. "You bitch", wife said, "You made me wait for years to have you eat my pussy, so it better be good!!!"…"fuck you I will, you little slut, I'm gonna eat you and eat you good!" Then they kissed and growled as they fingered each other and said: "I'm gonna rape your little cunt, and you'll like it" as they turned to quickly bury their faces in their wet pussy's.

I sat back like watching a cat fight as they grunted and growled while eating their pussy's hard and sucking clits till they both started to cry as they were peaking at the door of a screaming cum event. Humping and spurts of moaning were coming on big time&hellip.oh…oh…oooo…oh came out of both of them.

Sis grabbed my dick at they peaked and squeezed it hard as she let go a load of pussy juice and yelled out in joy&hellip.OH GOD BABY, FUCK ME HARD!!!…wife was in heaven squirming her face in sis's pussy while sis licked her pussy hard till she froze, shook and shuttered and yelled 'OH GOD YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OH HONEY YESSSSSS SUCK YOUR SISTER GOOOOOOD…AHHHHHH.

___ Sister licked wife's bucking pussy and the sucked her clit as wife came to a super climax cum, yelling her name over and over. Sis stroked me super fast as she came hard and groaned as I creamed all over her face and wife's pussy as she licked it. I shot loads of cum all over sis's face and in her mouth as she sucked wife's clit hard. I rubbed my dick on wife's pussy as she licked my cum and wife's pussy.

Wife continued to buck and push he pussy up to be licked as sis tasted us both.

Sis put my dick on her mouth and sucked for all she was worth as wife humped and froze as each cum peaked…&hellip. ________________ *We all took a little nap, except wife who was out like a light. I was awakened by sis with her hand over my mouth. (those beautiful eyes was a hot wake up) She whispered …'look at wife'.

Wife had the cutest smile on her face of contentment as she slept soundly. Sis whispered…'I want you so bad, right now.' What sis didn't know is that wife knew her sister well and told me she would want to fuck me at the first chance she got, and didn't care if we sneaked one in, but wanted us to tell her all about sneaking it while she played with her pussy, then would want both of us to fuck her real good with sis licking her pussy in the final.

I whispered back to sis…'I've been dreaming of this day when we could make wonderful love, and fuck our brains out'.

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Sis's eyes closed and she shuttered as her pussy quivered in joy. To fuck sis while wife was just a few feet away was awesome. We quietly started kissing our bodies and played for a long time, kissing, sucking, licking satisfying our long time lust for each other. Damn, she made me to hot!!, her eyes were closed as I put her in heaven. She shook, shuttered, purred, locked me up with her hot legs and arms and muffled her moans as I felt her sweet pubic hair. She had the hottest pussy ever.

Beautiful pussy lips, natural pussy hair, and a sweet pussy taste and aroma. She responded to my every touch, kiss and lick. I just had to spend all night licking, tasting, and kissing every spot on her hot body. I carried wife into bed and left her a note&hellip. 'we'll tell you all about it.' and closed the door. I took sis into the guest bedroom with a big bed and got her naked as did I.

* I was going to fuck her sister and she wanted it for a hot story to get off to. Years later we would fuck again just for the fun if it&hellip.

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We lay there just feeling our bodies. She has smooth skin all over. Her tits were soft and so suckable. She went on the attack, and held my head and kissed my lips wet and hard. Sis was really breathing hard now as I lay on my back and let her do what she wanted. Sis licked me all over as I played with those tits I had looked at for years.

Squeezing them and sucking on those hard nipples. She went wild for me, and started saying how she wanted to fuck me so bad and for so long. How she would look at me across the room and just picture us wrapped up in each others arms naked. Wife was mean, and use to tell her how we made super hot love till she would climax and cry tears of joy. Sis was with a dud and it tore her apart inside wishing it was her loving me and fucking my brains out.

"Your going to get it now mister, I will make you cum so hard you'll scream out 'SIS.OH GOD SIS"&hellip. and she meant it.

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She had a look in her eyes of glee that was scary. She jumped on top of me and ground her pussy on my dick hard, right on her clit. She jammed my dick in her wet pussy and slid back and forth on me forcing my dick in and out the way she wanted it, and at the same time rubbing her clit on my pubes and public bone.

She had a wild look in her eyes as she worked herself up to a panting fury. She cry moaned, and huffed as she moaned out …"I'm coming baby…oh god …I'm cuming so good.oh god .oh baby .cum with meeeee…yesssss… yesyesyesyesyes oh…OH&hellip.BABY I'm coming now.YESSSSSS.ARGGGGG .AHHHHH OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD…EEEEEEEEEE and froze and shuttered and shook as she finally had the super climax she had dreamed about.

She made grunting sounds…and pushed my dick hard into her cervix and shook some more. I couldn't hold out any longer and rolled her over and began to lick her wet pussy as she shook with pleasure. She took my dick in her mouth as I did this and I sunk it down to my pubes as she sucked it so good and tight.

I wrapped her legs around my head and sucked her clit till she screamed out and climaxed again and again.

My face in her wet and jumping pussy was so hot to suck on. I licked her butt spot and she puckered it and yelled "OHHHHH BABY&hellip.YES!!!!. Another first for her and I kept it up as she started bucking her pussy on my face for another cum. She reached down and put her finger in her butt a little, yelled and puckered and came hard, groaning and groaning.

I took over and put my tongue in her butt, and she went wild and fucked my tongue with her ass and pussy. "CUM BABY CUM FOR SIS…NOW!… and sucked me so hard I exploded in her mouth over and over as my cum flowed out the sides of her mouth with a squirting sound coming from deep in her mouth as I yelled: &hellip.OH SIS …I'M CUMING FOR YOU…NOW!!!…AHHHHHHHHH.

Damn her mouth felt good on my dick as I eat her wet pussy over and over. Her eyes were glazed and kinda red as she grabbed and kissed me as we were both covered in wet faces and we relished in it and licked and kissed and tasted and sucked our faces. I got down and sucked her pussy for a long time as she started to recover and push her pussy to my tongue. Her pussy started dripping with her juice and I moved up to put my dick in her wet slick pussy, I just took a look and her content face with sleepy happy eyes and the beautiful bush and slit she had.

___ I wanted to remember this moment forever. She opened her legs to invite me in. It was so hot looking I took a long mental picture of it as I slowly came up with my dick so big and throbbing to get in her pussy.

____I inched closer. She started to shutter. I inched more as she started twitching and humping the air for my dick to come on in. She dug her finger nails in my arms and trembled waiting for my full head to enter her wide open wet slick pussy. She pulled hard on me, groaning and bucking her hips and pussy. I inched closer&hellip.she started moaning…fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME FUCK ME.DAMN YOU FUCK ME NOW!!!!!! I inched real close to her pussy and she started to beg&hellip.


Sis was shaking and lifting her wet hot pussy up to me waiting for my dick. I rubbed it over her slit and on her clit. She yelled as her clit was bright pink and big. She grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me in.


I pushed in a far as skin would let us as she screamed "OH GOD". I felt her pubes against mine as she did too. We just enjoyed the moment for a second. I put my thumb on her clit and started to pump her slowly. She locked her legs around me and thrusted up with each stroke. "Fuck me good" she said. With my thumb on her clit, and a finger on her butt hole, I started in machine gunning her as fast as I could.

We screamed together as her pussy squeezed down on my dick as we came and yelled out. I kept on fucking, adjusting my dick to rub on her G spot. She thrashed, shook, yelled and shuttered as she yelled my name. I felt wonderful load after load plunging in her and so much that it was running out around my dick and down her slit in a flow. "Damn you, I knew you would make me super cum, but I never imagined this!" She rolled me over and kept fucking me like a machine. She pulled out and started sucking my dick, licking up all the cum and juices.

She rolled me on my side and let me suck her pussy over and over as she moaned. I licked and licked that beautiful pussy, all wet and hot. She kept jumping as I did it.

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With my dick still in her mouth, and my tongue still in her pussy…&hellip. …&hellip.we passed out&hellip.