Gallery fan service sexy anime girls slideshow

Gallery fan service sexy anime girls slideshow
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Ever since he could remember Richard wanted his daughter. When he saw her walking around the house in her tight little hot pants and tiny little tops, he knew he had to have her hot 18 year old body.

He fantasised about her tight her pussy must be, He hadn't heard of her having any boyfriends, she must be a virgin right? One night while lying in bed next to his ugly old fat wife he could hear his sexy little girl typing away on her computer, it was then he had an idea.

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When Abigail was at school the next day he snuck into her room and rumaged around her computer. He found her IM files and got hold of her email address. He couldn't resist looking around her files some more. It paid off. He found naked photos of Abigail, legs spread on her bed, her fingers working her soaking wet pussy, a look of ecstasy on her face.

Seeing this only made him want her more. He managed to sneak a laptop from work and set up an email address. He then added Abigails email address to his IM account. "Hi daddy!" Abigail said breezily as she got in the door from shopping. "Hello honey" Richard replied. Looking at her now he couldn't stop thinking about those photos, Her beautiful slim legs open, wishing him to come into her. "I'm going upstairs to try on some of the things I brought, is that okay dadd?" "Yes sweetheart, i'm just doing some work in the laptop anyway." Abigail bounced upstairs with her bags and closed her door.

Richard signed onto the IM account. And sure enough Abigail came online.

Whosethedaddy: HI abi. I hope you dont mind but Tracy gave me your email address cutieAbi18: Hi! not a problem I love talking to knew people!

Whosethedaddy: Oh really. and whys that cutieAbi18: Coz I just LOVE showing guys when i've brought some new panties.

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Whosethedaddy: Wow. I've love to see them! cutieAbi18: I'm wearing them now. Whosethedaddy: What else are you wearing Abi cutieAbi18: Nothing ;) Whosethedaddy: I see. Are youo wet Abi? cutieAbi18: Absolutly soaking. I need a good hard cock Whosethedaddy: I've got one i'd be more than willing to put in you.

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cutieAbi18: Ooooh tell me more. Whosethedaddy: I'd love to walk into your bedroom and throw you onto your bed, your dripping wet pussy lying in front of me, willing me to enter it. Would you like that Abi? cutieAbi18: Oooh yes. I'm touching myself now. Would you like to see? Whosethedaddy: Definatly babe (Abi sent Richard the photo he had already seen, but couldn't get enough of) cutieAbi18: You like? Whosethedaddy: Oh i love.

Your such a beautiful girl. cutieAbi18: Hehe. thats what my daddy says.

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Whosethedaddy: Does he? Well he's not wrong. cutieAbi18: You know sometimes I catch him looking at me. I think he wants me Whosethedaddy: And do you want him?

cutieAbi18: Sometimes I touch myself, thinking of his tongue lapping up me sweet wet pussy. Whosethedaddy: He's a very lucky man. cutieAbi18: I fantasise about him coming into my room at night and putting his fingers all over my virgin pussy, making me orgasm in my sleep. Whosethedaddy: Sweetheart, come down stairs, that could happen. (Abi logged off) Richard could hear her coming downtairs. She stood at the doorway in her panties and bra.

They were baby pink with white flowers on. Her lovely slim waist was completely on show, her long slim legs were slightly covered my baby pink stockings, her long blonde curly hair fell seductivly over her shoulders and tits.

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Her tits heaved against the bra. Making them seem so much bigger than they were when she was in clothes "You thought I wouldn't know it was you didnt you Daddy?" "Yes sweetheart, i'm sorry" "Its okay Daddy.

But you were a naughty Daddy, and naughty Daddys need to be punished." Abigail walked towards him and straddled him, Kissing him softly on his lips.

His fingers reached into her panties, she pushed them away. "No Daddy. I said you need to be punished" "But sweetheart, Daddy wants to touch his little girls pussy" Abigail giggled "And I want you to aswell Daddy but I'm going to torture you first." Richard sat with his arms around Abigails slim waist while she kissed his lips and neck, Grinding her hips into his.

It lasted for what seemed an eternity before she stood up and slid off her bra.


Her pert magnificant boobs right in front of Richards face. "Do you want to lick my nipples Daddy? I like it." "Oh yes sweetheart" And without hesitation Richard placed hi8s lips around Abigails beautiful titties. SUcking and slurping at her erect nipples. He looked up at his beautiful daughter, Her stunning face showing a look of sheer pleasure and enjoyment at what her Daddy was doing.

His moved a hand down her flat stomach and over her panties, feeling her wetness already. She breathed heavily as he worked her clit through her panties, he rubbed and rubbed until she came, screaming "Oh daddy!" over and over. He threw her on the sofa and pulled his trousers off "Daddy can I suck on it?" Richard thought I would faint "Yes baby you can" He shoved it in Abigails mouth. Her slurping sounds partnering her moaning, When Richard looked at her pussy he realised why, Her fingers where in her panties, Toying with her own pussy as she sucked him off.

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He pulled his manhood from her mouth and got on his knees, he peeled off her panties and sniffed them. Taking in his daughters scent. He looked at her pussy, so small and so wet and licked her pussy lips. Abigail moaned slightly before pushing her daddys head down so his face was buried completely in her pussy "Lick me Daddy, please!" He did as she said, Her moans making him lap at her faster and harder until she came, all over his face and tongue.

The wetness increasing.

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"Daddy needs to fuck you now sweetheart" "Okay Daddy, but this is my first time. I wanted you to have it." RIchard smiled "Thats fine baby but this might hurt a little bit then." "I don't care Daddy, I need your cock!" RIchard positioned himself in between Abigails legs and slowly pushed himself into her.

Her lovely face showed signs on pleasure AND pain. "Are you okay baby?" "Yes Daddy, please fuck me!" He did as his daughter wished. His throbbing dick moving in and out of her soaking cunt.


Her face moving from pain to utmost pleasure. Her hips matching his movements til they were fucking each other with such force and passion they screamed the house down. "FUCK ME DADDY!" Abigail screamed over and over until they came in unison before collapsing on the couch "Thank you Daddy." Abigail smiled "Anytime baby" Richard replied. Abigail stood up and picked up her panties and bra before bounding off upstairs.

Like nothing had happened. Richard sat and thought about what had just happened. "Wait til shes asleep.Then she'll know what a real fuckings like."