Sila and Sylvia needs a cock for their horniness

Sila and Sylvia needs a cock for their horniness
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Hello, boys and girls.

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Here's my second attempt at a story (my very first one is lost somewhere in the Forums!) I apologise in advance for the length, but I've put much effort in describing everything a bit meticulously, and I think that it's a beautiful reward for those who like to read. I hope you liked it as much as I did. No need to ask for a part 2.

Tough I promise to write it, I can't say when. Let me have your comments! :) A special Wish Granted --- "Mom! I swear to God, this is what I want! I know you may not believe me, but neither of us can't say that I'm not old enough for it!" Amy's mother just sat there, holding her half-burnt cigarette in her left hand, her eyes looking through the kitchen wall into a virtual horizon, trying to process the words of her 12 year old daughter in her thoughts.

They had already been arguing for at least one hour about the subject. "Mom. you're not angry at me, are you? I mean. you were the one that said before that we could speak openly to each other and. well, I did need some courage, but there.

I just said it." Her mother's thoughts snapped back into reality. She sighed and said: "No. no, Amy, I'm not mad at you at all. It's just that." she paused, then took a deep drag of her cigarette in order to buy herself some time and think on how she would answer. "Well. you kind of caught me off guard with what you just said, and probably that's why I yelled so madly at you at first, like, when we first began talking about this. Actually, I'm sorry for that. I mean, of course, sooner or later we all do begin to have this .

certain. instinctual urge, If I can put it this way, I agree with you. But I didn't expect it to develop so quickly in you; Especially in a manner that you would express it with such assertiveness - hence my denial." For about a minute, there was silence. Mrs Griffith broke it again, after inhaling deeply into her cigarette once more: "Look, Amy.

It is, indeed, a difficult thing that you ask of me, but hey, though I first got out of control, after having a second thought I realise that I can't stop you from doing what you want. If I just keep saying'no', you'd probably end up doing it behind my back, which could be a disastrous mess that you might regret forever.

Besides. I for myself would lie if I said that I was a late bloomer." Amy let out a little smile as she looked down on her mug of tea.

Apparently, the ice was finally broken, and mother and daughter could have a truly open conversation on Amy's wishes, and from that moment they probably had a half-hour conversation about the corresponding secrets, tactics and "dos and "don'ts".

A decisive opportunity where Amy could prove that she had learned quite a lot in sex-ed classes at school. "Well", Mrs Griffith said in a gesture of surprise, "thank God there's at least one subject in school where you don't fall asleep during class." - "MOOOM??!!!" Amy protested. Her mother laughed at the reaction and comforted her: "Well, young lady, be proud of yourself, after all, it's not one of the least important subjects.

Quite on the contrary, I might say." They giggled. Mrs Griffith poured herself some tea, and meanwhile, she decided to investigate further into the matter: "So, Amy.

if it is to satisfy this wish that you have, I believe that there must be one lucky boy involved, is there not?" Amy blushed, smiled and nodded shyly. "Oh, sorry, what a dumb question, silly me! Of course there is. No, Amy, the actual question was if you would care to tell me wo it would be. I was thinking of that cute little boy with the blonde curls from your class." Mrs Griffith took a sip from her tea.

Amy felt herself in a bit of an awkward situation because the answer to this question would be extremely difficult to give, but she still managed to keep up the conversation: "What? Oh Mom, don't be ridiculous, that boy can't even tell a kindey from a spleen apart, he's a complete failure! No, no, no.!" Mrs Griffith smiled and playfully asked: "Well then, tell me, who's the man of your dreams, Ms Amy Griffith?" And took another sip from her tea. Amy paused for a moment which seemed like half of Eternity, until she realised that she had no option - consequently, she finally found the courage to say it: "It's.

Daniel Flint." - Mrs Griffith's eyes went wide open, and she choked on the tea that she was drinking, causing her to spit out part of it and drop her cigarette, which went straight into the sink, putting it off instantly. When she regained control of the situation, she screamed: "DANIEL FLINT?

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Oh for crying out loud, the med student that lives next door? AMY! Get a grip of yourself, kid! That boy is what, 23? At least ten years older than you!" Amy firmly closed her eyes and lowered her head into a defensive position against her mother's yelling. Mrs Griffith leaned her head on the tips of her fingers, regretting that she had yelled at her daughter yet again, and asked: "Why, Amy? Why him? Would you really think that he could show any interest in having anything with you?

10 years of difference make you both worlds apart. Lord, he might even injure you as you are still a. a." Amy quickly countered: "Technically." - "Technically?" - "Yeah.

Technically. I mean, I never had anything with a boy before, but about six months ago there was a certain incident with the electric toothbrush and." - Mrs Griffith covered her face with her hands.

"Okay, Amy, okay, you can hold it right there." Mrs Griffith sighed. "But still. Tell me more about Daniel. Why him?" Amy thought for a while, and then concluded: "Well, I don't know, I mean, we always did have contact since he moved in last year, and my way to school and his way to university are about halfway the same.

We always talked to each other and he was always so surprised that I was so. how did he put it. "'intelligent but naive, polite but sarcastic, but al in all, a perfect companion for his morning walks to university.'" Amy smiled and said: "That was the most beautiful thing a boy had ever said to me! And he looks sooo cute! All the boys from my class are such bastards and perverts! But Daniel. Daniel treats me like a lady, and not like some kid." Mrs Griffith nodded and looked on the floor.

'Oh dear, she's dangerously falling in love with him', she thought, then said: "Very interesting. I always needed proof for my theory that men become mature much later than us women." She raised her head to look straight at Amy and said: "Alright, Amy, you'll have your reasons that I might need some time to understand, but I won't stand in your way.

In fact, let's see how we can make this work, if it'll make you happy, I'm the first person you can count on. But perhaps I'm gonna need to do some. talking in private. with young Mr Flint first." Amy startled at her mother with an infuriated expression on her face, as if Mrs Griffith would be implying that she wanted to have Daniel for herself first.

Mrs Griffith laughed wildly at Amy: "For Heaven's sakes, Amy, I'm not gonna do anything to him. I'm a married woman and I love my husband; I don't need some college freshman to satisfy my desires. And FYI, your dad still packs quite a punch, if you know what I mean!" She paused.

"Amy, dear, what I want is what's best for you. And while I promise not to interfere with whatever's gonna happen between you and our little doctor-to-be, at least let me arrange the setting for you. This will need some prior work to be done, but if everything works as I plan, your first time will be a night you'll never forget. Deal?" Amy was fascinated by the fact that her mom had become so helpful after all.

And she knew that if her mother gave her a little hand, things would certainly turn out to be perfect. "Deal!" Amy answered. "Good! Now one last thing. You may want to start taking these once every day, at least for the moment." She took out a package with tiny pills from her handbag. Amy was confused. "Huh?? What for, Mom? I haven't got a headache or so." - "Believe me, young lady, these pills are to help you PREVENT a major headache in the future." - "OH.!" Amy had only then understood that she was holding a package of THE pill.

She nodded with a smile. A few days later, the doorbell rang. Mrs Griffith opened it to see Daniel Flint standing in front of it. A not too tall boy, with black hair, excellently combed into a part on his left side. Cleanly shaven, one could notice his extremely dark eyes and the perfection of his facial traits easily.

Yes, Daniel was a kind of person who invested much on his looks, but every single effort definitely paid off. Not to mention that Daniel was a boy with very good breeding, and his good manners were one of his greatest assets.

And on that afternoon he got to prove that once again. In a smile, he greeted Amy's mother. "Good morning, Mrs Griffith! I just saw your note in our mailbox two days ago, and since I don't have any lectures this morning, I just wanted to come around since you wanted to see me." Mrs Griffith welcomed him with a sincere smile.

"Excellent, Daniel. Please come on in. We do really have some talking to do." Mrs Griffith and Daniel went to the kitchen, where she made some tea for both. After the usual smalltalk about how things were going with Daniel at the university and Amy at school, Mrs Griffith got to the point: "Listen, Daniel, I wanted to take the opportunity that my husband's at work and Amy's at school to tell you about a certain.

issue. involving my daughter." And she told him about all the conversation the two ladies had a few days before. Quite ironically, the very same reaction ensued when Daniel heard Mrs Griffith's words: He choked on the tea and spat out some of it.

He only didn't drop a cigarette because he doesn't smoke. Though she could have a big laugh at the situation, Mrs Griffith understood that she had to tread very lightly on that conversation; nevertheless, she remained quite incisive on her arguments.

"Now then, Daniel, I know that the relationship between you and Amy isn't exactly neutral. You don't have to worry about telling me that you may have feelings for her." Daniel paused, trying to find the right words, not wanting to confess what he really felt. "Mrs Griffith, I don't want to be rude or anything, but still, we do have a certain difference of age.

There. may be. opinions, thoughts, maybe even concepts that we don't necessarily share due to that. And then. let alone have sex with her." Mrs Griffith interrupted the med student: "I understand that. But still, I do see it in your eyes that you have feelings for her.

After all, she's intelligent, yet naive, polite yet sarcastic." she let Daniel finish his own sentence: ". and a perfect companion for.

wait a minute, how. where did you hear that????!" Mrs Griffith laughed. "There we go. Look, Daniel. We may be breaking some taboos here, but I will not take it for granted that you wouldn't want it to happen either. Besides. when was the last time a girl would deliberately want to share her feelings with you, look up to you like the perfect man in the world and just do anything to make you happy?" Daniel remained silent.

Mrs Griffith went on: "Thought so. And I think you two would be so happy together. Amy told me a lot about you, you know. and believe it or not, she already knows damn well what she wants.

By the way, if it was any other man, I would be very skeptical about the outcome and it would be a clear no-go. But after this one year that I got to know you, I think that you are a highly intelligent, emotive young man, not to mention your handsomeness and your cavalier-like politeness.

I sense it that you won't hurt Amy at all. You would never want to. And she also won't hurt you, trust me." Daniel fianlly felt he could gave up pretending and said: "Very well then. Thank you for understanding it, Mrs. Griffith, I believe that I cannot hide it that I do have feelings for Amy. Apart of being beautiful, she's quite cunning for her age and shows true emotions. She doesn't fake or pretend anything, she directly tells me what she wants, what she feels. That's something I never had in my prior relationships.

Being with Amy makes me feel better, it really heals my soul, which - I must confess - has been seriously wounded by my ex-girlfriend." Mrs Griffith nodded, accompanying and paying close attention to Daniel's stream of thoughts.

He finally concluded: "So I believe that this . night with Amy. yeah. Yeah, it would make me feel the happiest person in the world indeed! There may be taboos or so, but it's the inner feeling that counts, and. definitely, Amy has ignited these feelings in me which had been doused for quite some time.

Yes, I'd love to spend the night with Amy." Mrs Griffith smiled triumphantly. Daniel asked: "But uh. you said before that you wanted to. set everything up, or something.?" - "Exactly. I'm going to leave you our bedroom and make sure everything is right for a beautiful night of Friday.

I don't want my daughter having her first time in some shaggy motel room." - "Wait. YOUR bedroom? On a Friday night? But what about Mr Griffith and yourself?" - "Don't you worry about that." Mrs Griffith searched around in her handbag and took out a pair of plane tickets to Canada and a hotel voucher for the weekend.

"My husband and I will spend some quality time in a small cottage deep within the forest. No phone, no internet, no TV, no contact with the outside world. Amy will have the house for herself. oh, and you as well!" She gave Daniel a wink. After finishing his tea and chatting some more with Mrs Griffith, Daniel left the house with a smile, looking forward to that evening with Amy.

Friday finally came. On that morning, Amy and Daniel had their classical ten-minute walk together, as she went to school and he went to the university.

At first, not a single word. Daniel thought he should break that awkward silence and finally said, almost stuttering in his precaution for not saying anything stupid: "Amy. I. your.

mom had been talking to me about you. and your feelings. and especially about what you want from me." Amy froze. She thought, 'oh dear, this is it. He'll think that it would be ridiculous to spend the night with him. I'm never gonna see him again. He'll hate me forever. And I hate mom for what she did! Damn her!' But her thoughts were quickly interrupted by Daniel: "Well, it pains me to search words for the subject, so I'll get straight to the point. It feels kinda awkward but I do have feelings for you too, honest to God.

And as for what your mom said. I can only answer that. well. to put it simple, I would love. to spend the night with you." Amy's eyes began to shine. She suddenly forgot about all her troubles, hate, and negative feelings. Daniel then came closer to Amy and smoothly touched her lips with his own in a short but deliberately sincere kiss.

Amy was overflowing joy and could hardly believe this was actually happening. Daniel broke Amy's trance by saying: "I'll see you tonight then. Hope you know where and when." Amy answered: "I certainly do, Daniel. I can't wait for tonight." - "Me neither." On that Friday evening, it was cold and windy, and Daniel was exhausted from university. He took a hot shower before he went over to Amy's house. As he wanted to leave, he saw a note, that had been slid under his front door: "The keys are under the doormat.

Don't ring. Just come upstairs. I Love you. Amy." A big red heart filled the rest of the space in the note. Following the instructions, Daniel entered Amy's house and went straight to the parents' bedroom. It was magnificently decorated, with dim lights and the aroma of wild flowers filling the room. 'Very welcoming', he thought. He knew what he was there for, and decided not to wait. Putting away his coat, he sat on the bed, which was covered with petals of white roses, and took off his shoes and socks.

Then his trousers and shirt, leaving him only with his boxershorts on. At that moment, Amy entered the room. She was wearing nothing but a white T-Shirt, and small pink panties underneath it, which could still be seen for an inch or two from a dinstance. Her shoulder-long blonde hair was neatly put together in a ponytail, and her green eyes were shining like two perfectly cut emeralds in the dim lighting of the bedroom. Daniel was astounded about how simply dressed she was, but still how she could look so gorgeous in that little amount of fabric.

"Hey." Amy shyly said, looking down on the floor with an innocent smile. "Hey." Daniel echoed the greeting back. "Wow, Amy. You look fantastically beautiful." Amy giggled. "Thank you, Mr Handsome Person. You look great yourself." Approaching Daniel, who was lying in bed already, she said the few decisive words that she never thought she would say: "I do hope, however, that we are not here only to stare at each others good looks." She touched Daniel's leg, and swept her hand upwards until she reached a little bit above his knee.

Then she stopped. "I can't believe this is happening." she said. "It feels so different. Usually this kind of situation just happens out of a coincidence, like my first kiss or so. Or a cousin of mine who eventually got laid with a girl because she saw him jacking off. This is different. There is no coincidence. We both want this to happen and deliberately sought each other for that!" Daniel couldn't agree more with Amy's logic.

"You're right, sweetheart. It feels even better like this because we're so full of expectations and just couldn't wait anymore for it to happen." - "Then let's not wait a minute longer, Daniel.

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Take me! I want to be yours tonight." Daniel's face then showed an impish grin, when he said: "Then come closer. Let me start by sharing a long, passionate kiss with you." Amy's innocent smile quickly changed into a lustful one as she put one leg around Daniel's body, mounting him on his torso, and descended her half-open mouth unto his lips.

Words could not describe how the kids kissed. Daniel's promise of a long, passionate kiss had not only been kept, but even surpassed by far. Amy's tongue was dancing inside Daniel's mouth while his own tongue accompanied the rhythm of the dance. Amy put her arms around Daniel's head and pulled him closer as strongly as she could. He responded by clutching his arms around Amy's back and arching himself up to a sitting position, thus taking the lead on the kiss, burying his tongue deep into her mouth and furiously swinging it inside.

As the kiss parted, both gasped for air. The position in which they were, Amy sitting on Daniel's lap and her pussy mound massaging his crotch, not surprisingly made him get a huge hardon, causing the tip of his cock to appear over the waistband of his underwear.

It was then when Daniel noticed that Amy's panties were perhaps a size too small, since they were quite tightened to her body. Whether it was intentional or not, the effect was a perfect cameltoe with little bulges of her lips protruding from the sides, so that Daniel could see the outlines of Amy's snatch easily. Amy eventually noticed the situation and deliberately started grinding her pussy and panties on Daniel in a very slow and lustful motion, until she made his dick spring free from the boxershorts.

Glaring at the immense member, Amy put her hand around it, lightly at first, but then took a firm grip and started stroking it. Daniel was in Heaven. It had been so incredibly long since he had a female hand around his cock - plus, the velvety skin of a 12 year old even made the feeling more magnificent. Amy paused and decided to take off her shirt. A flat chest, with small protruding nipples was the sight, and Daniel now had a clear view of Amy's panties which were clinging to her body.

Returning her attention to Daniel's dick, Amy opened her mouth and let her tongue slide through every corner of her lips and then hang out, in order to lick every inch of it. The licking led, in a natural manner, to a slow, but insecure blowjob. Amy was just wanting to make Daniel happy, and she would take everything for it - including his dick into her mouth. However, her lack of expertise made her gag and choke a bit, and she was puzzled about the reason why it was being so difficult to suck Daniel's dick.

Not being able to do it properly, she resigned and stuttered: "I.I'm sorry, Daniel. I. I've never." Daniel caressed her by letting his hand slide through her hair and cheeks. "Don't feel ashamed, sweetie. It's only natural for the first time. Let's not worry about that. Come on, get over here with your pussy and let me show you something special." Amy smiled at Daniel, happy to know he was so caring and followed his orders.

Taking off her much too tight panties, Daniel now saw the beauty finally revealed: A tremendous mound, with two extremely fat and swollen pussy lips, and absolutely no pubic hair - an almost intoxicating odor of her pussy juices filled the air, making Daniel even more horny. Amy innocently asked: "Do. you like what you see, Daniel?" Daniel's response wasn't verbal. Instead, he started licking the outside of Amy's pussy up and down. Amy moaned.

And it was just not any ordninary moaning. It was for real. She started having indescribable feelings jolting through her body like a tidal wave of the purest bestial lust. The feeling grew more intense as Daniel parted her lips with his thumbs and began drilling deep inside Amy's mound, using his tongue to fuck her.


At this point, Amy was slowly losing control. Her body started to shiver, and her moaning became louder and longer. Daniel took the hint of the decisive moment when his tongue focused on her clit, so that it swept over the little bulge in all directions. Amy could only scream Daniel's name as hard as she could while she was being driven to her first orgasm caused by a man. She clinched her teeth as she started cumming, as if an uncontrollable lightning surge crossed her body. While a bit of her juices gushed out of her cunt, she sat still on Daniel's face, entrapping his head with her legs like a pair of plyers and forcing her pussy down on Daniel's mouth, while his tongue continued licking everything around it.

She paused, took no air, made absolutely no sound or move - one may say that her heart perhaps even skipped a beat on that second. And then, she relaxed, moving away from Daniel's head. The area around Daniel's mouth was moist, due to the wetness of Amy's pussy. He licked her juices away and wiped the rest with his arm. "Daniel, that was. awesome." Daniel smiled and responded: "I'm glad you liked it. I felt great myself." Daniel finally took off his underwear and they drowned into another kiss, perhaps even more passionate than the first one, with the difference that Amy was much more sensitive and willing due to the spice that the recent sexual experience had given her.

Daniel was surprised by her stamina - while in other cases a girl might want to slow down at this point and focus on some more foreplay, Amy became more and more horny and perverted by the second. Perhaps two hours passed as Daniel and Amy just took the time to explore each other's body, rubbing each and every square inch against each other in every imaginable position. After one last kiss Daniel rubbed his dick on Amy's tummy and tits.

Amy then gave the decisive command: "Now, Daniel. Do it now. Please fuck me as deeply, lovingly and intensely as you can. I want you inside me." Daniel decided to lie on his back and let Amy be on top so that she could measure how much she could take in.

Kneeling over his crotch, Amy took Daniel's dick in one hand and aimed it at her pussy hole. As her lips touched the tip of his dick, she rubbed the head against her cunt, so that she could have a first feeling of what was about to come. Slowly, she lowered down on his cock, her eyes firmly closed, and inch by inch, felt his meat entering her. Soon enough Daniel's dick was more than halfway in. Amy's breathing became heavier and louder when she finally inserted everything into her.

To the hilt. She opened her eyes and proudly looked at her achievement, her teeth biting her lower lip in pure lust; on this moment, Daniel couldn't resist the tightness of Amy's pussy anymore and made an upward thrust with his hip, making his dick slide a few inches more to the inside of Amy, which caused her to give out a short but very high-pitched squeak.

That was the starting point for Amy to begin humping Daniel's dick, to put it simple. At first, Daniel let Amy set her own pace and remained still, but as the fucking went on, he grabbed both of Amy's thighs with his hands and furiously drove his dick in and out like a piston.

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Amy didn't feel any pain. If there was any, it was being completely overwhelmed by feelings she had never had before. There was no time to think about pain. As for Daniel, he was almost reaching sexual insanity since he had never had such a tight fuck in his life. Amy started calling Daniel's name again. Daniel knew by then that Amy was completely comfortable with the pace and size of his dick, so for a moment he stopped thrusting and pulled out slowly.

He then put a hand on Amy's chest and asked her to lie down. While she did that, he positioned himself on his knees to get on the missionary position, his dick poking on the entrance of Amy's pussy. He then began to part her legs until they reached a small angle in which he thought Amy would feel comfortable.

Understanding the motion, Amy started to giggle. "You silly little boy" she said in a lustful voice. "Do you really think that's all I got?" And then Amy put into practice her long experience from her ballet classes, fully stretching out her legs into a perfect 180-degree straddle position, making her swollen, pink-coloured and precum-soaked pussy protrude in the center.

Daniel couldn't believe what he was seeing, but when he finally came back to his senses, he saw this as the perfect invitation to start pounding Amy's pussy wildly. And so he did.

Entering her pussy again with relative ease, he thrusted with all his energy while holding Amy by the hips. Amy's pussy felt like a tight burning ring around Daniel's dick, while Amy had the very same sensation of an incandescent lance penetrating her.

It was marvelous for both. Never had any of them felt the taste of sex in such an intense manner. Amy's moaning turned into a succession of wild screams, not of pain, but of pleasure. At a point, she could olny restrict her sentience to bring out few, but decisive words: Deeper!, faster!, harder!.

Daniel couldn't believe that Amy was so thirsty for a fuck, so he mercilessly continued pounding Amy's pussy with all of his strength of will, feeling her tight twat massage his dick with every thrust. The final stage ensued when Amy couldn't even form a word anymore and just let out whining screams of pleasure, arriving at her climax. Daniel also signaled that he was close to his apex when his moans became more animal-like.

Amy made one last effort to keep her thoughts focused on the fucking, and uttered: "Cum baby.cum, cum, cum!! Inside me! All that you want!! Cum, baby!" Daniel was fascinated. Listening to those words coming from a 12-year old nearly drove him mad. Every time Amy said 'cum', his approaching orgasm was incredibly potentialised, and for sure he was about to cum very, very hard. With a final, extremely deep thrust into Amy's hole he splurted an enormous load of cum inside her.

And another. And another. And yet another. Amy was also cumming at that point, and she repeated her spasms and gasps while her juices became one with Daniel's sporge inside her. One second of tension - Then they both relaxed.

During the afterglow, Daniel left his still rock-hard dick inside for a moment. He wanted to feel it. This beautiful feeling of a pussy enveloping his cock, that he hadn't had for years. He kissed Amy, and she frenetically returned the kiss. "I love you, Amy" Daniel finally confessed.

"Oh Daniel, I'll never grow tired of listening to these words from you, baby." Amy quietly said, with a legendary smile on her face that Daniel would never forget. Daniel then pulled out his softening dick, and shot one last jolt of cum on Amy's lower belly, while all the rest oozed out of her pussy, making the perfect creampie. As everything came out, they made themselves more comfortable in bed, under the thick winter sheets.

Amy whispered at Daniel: "You have just made me the most joyful, happy, delighted, satisfied and blissful girl in the whole wide world!" She softly closed her eyes.

"I wouldn't want this moment to end. It felt so good. Daniel, you're an angel." - "Amy, what happened between us was sensational. I never thought that you would have this.

this." - "Instinctual urge?" Amy asked back, remembering her mother's words. "Yeah. Exactly. You gave an amazing performance. Much better than any sex I've ever had." Amy blushed. "Thank you, noble sir. It was my pleasure." she ironically replied.

There were a few moments of silence. Amy then broke it by asking: "Daniel? Do you think you could put on some music? Just to avoid the mood getting dull by all this silence?" Daniel smiled and went to the CD Rack - after briefly searching through the Griffith's collection (and giving horny little Amy a perfect view of his round and firm butt) he found the perfect track.

"Ne me quitte pas". Daniel smiled, admiring the fact that Amy's family and himself shared the same taste for music. As the soft acoustic piano and cello intro began, he got back to bed and tucked himself in, embracing Amy in his arms in the spoon position.

A timid female voice sang the main melody, which Daniel accompanied with his deep, bass-baritone voice. Daniel's low-pitched and velvety singing was the perfect way to soothe Amy after the wild, brutal sex session they had.

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Amy carefully listened when Daniel sang more loudly or softly. She paid special attention at the point where he sang the loudest, which felt like the stanza with the most intense load of feelings.

When the song finished, Daniel turned off the CD Player with the remote. "That song was beautiful, Daniel. It felt even better with you singing along like that. Too bad it's in French. I wish I could understand that part when you were singing loudest, when you were so carried away!" Daniel let out a quiet and shy laugh. "Oh. Heh. Well, it's my personal favourite part of the song." he said, and recited: "I shall offer you pearls of rain which come from countries where it never rains.


I will cruise through Earth, even after my death, to cover your body with gold and with Light. I shall make a kingdom where Love shall be Law, where Love shall be King, and where you shall be Queen. Don't leave me, don't leave me, don't leave me, don't leave me!" A tear ran through Amy's face, half of excitement, half of surprise about Daniel's knowledge of the French language and singing talents.

"Simply. beautiful. Oh Daniel, I will never leave you. Swear to God." She clung herself to Daniel's arms, which were holding her whole body like a pair of tentacles, while the tips of his fingers playfully fondled her pussy lips, which were still very sticky from all the cum that had been unloaded inside. Meanwhile, he continued by sliding his tongue through her neck, and giving small, loveful bites on her ear.

"I love you, Daniel." Amy said while she let herself be caressed to sleep. Daniel only smiled, and while he kept his hands where they were, he eventually also fell asleep. Morning came. Daniel woke up in the same position which he had slept.

Also Amy did not make a move in the whole night. Apparently, the kids just wanted to stay in that spoon position, their bodies clinging to each other like the opposite poles of two magnets. Daniel spent a few minutes thinking back on that spectacular night, then closed his eyes and fell asleep again.


Though he was asleep, it should be said that he had the biggest morning wood of his life, and it was poking at Amy's butt crack, which woke her up. After a few moments feeling the tip of his cock at her backdoor, she was fully awake, and then turned over to face him.

No response. She then had an idea. Unbeknownst to him, Amy began to loosen herself from his arms. Seeing him in his light sleep, she took a peek at his cock. It seemed even bigger than on the night before, nevertheless Amy boldly began to take a closer look at it.

With an identical approach like on the last night, she began stroking his member again. A quiet moan came from Daniel. Amy smiled and carefully removed the bedsheets to reveal Daniel's monster hardon in all of its glory. She took the invitation and approached her head towards his dick, slowly licking its tip.

Daniel's moaning became more apparent. Now that he was sleeping, she thought she could practice her head-giving skills a bit. Very cautiously, she inserted the first few inches of his cock into her mouth and stopped. The strange taste of cum was still noticeable, but that didn't stop her from letting her tongue explore the texture of his member. Up and down her tongue went, as if she was licking on a popsicle.

As soon as she felt comfortable enough, she slowly allowed herself to go down a bit further, until his dick reached a spot close to her throat. That was as far as she could go. Very slowly she did the same motion backwards, raising her head. She was proud of the fact that she didn't gag or choke this time, and repeated the procedure.

Soon enough, she eventually managed to blow Daniel's cock with little trouble. This is when she realised that giving head was no big magic trick - she was just too nervous and over-excited on the night before. Nevertheless, she was happy that it was working this time, which only ignited an even bigger appetite for some cock in her mouth. She then began sucking so intensely that Daniel woke up.

"Amy!" he could only say in his surprise. After all, waking up with a morning wood may be one thing, but waking up getting a blowjob is near paradise. Amy stopped sucking, but left his dick in her mouth, then gave him that epic look upwards.

She slowly removed his dick from her mouth and playfully said: "Good morning, big boy. Hope I'm not messing things up this time." Daniel giggled and happily said: "Not at all, sweetie. You are a quick learner when it comes to making a man happy." - "Mind if I carry on?" Amy said, giving Daniel a wink. "Nobody's stopping you." Daniel made himself comfortable and allowed himself to focus entirely on Amy's sucking, which she was about to continue. With a slow but stable pace and incredible vigor, Amy's mouth engulfed Daniel's member, and she sucked Daniel's dick with remarkable dexterity.

Daniel tilted his head back and closed his eyes, feeling the silky texture of Amy's warm mouth working together with her tongue, which was dancing up and down his cock.

That was perfect bliss. Daniel didn't want anything else, and just let himself work up to orgasm by Amy's blowjob. Precum started to mix with Amy's saliva, and she knew he would be close anytime soon. Daniel moaned a bit louder, and held Amy's head with both hands, accompanying the up-and-down movements. He felt an urge to throat-fuck her, but he diddn't want to hurt her, so he just let her do the job, moaning her name many, many times.

Soon enough, he announced: "Amy, I'm close, I'm gonna cum!" - "Do it, baby!" Amy quickly said after she stopped sucking, and began stroking his dick as hard as she could. "Cum on me baby! I want to taste your cum! Gimme everything you got!" Daniel didn't want to believe that Amy was commading him to splurt all over her face, but she confirmed it by shutting her eyes and opening her mouth as wide as she could, sticking her tongue out.

Daniel couldn't hold back anymore. He came hard and had an immense orgasm, and started gushing his cream all over Amy. The first rope of cum covered her left eye and cheek.

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The second one landed on her right cheek and upper lip. Three or four more bursts of cum, however, went straight into her mouth and tongue, and the last one finished the work of art by landing on her chin. Amy patiently waited until Daniel finished cumming over her, and when she noticed that there was nothing more to come, she felt his sporge oozing down on her face.

This scene would be a complete humiliation in other cases, but Amy was loving that feeling, and Daniel saw her closing her mouth and making an effort to swallow everything that had landed inside her mouth. So there she was, a 12-year old girl covered in cum, licking off what was left on her lips while the rest of the cum dripped from her chin and edges of her mouth. Amy carefully scrubbed away what landed in her eyes and then opened them. Her dark green eyes looked up at Daniel's face.

They were shining a thousand times stronger than the sunlight which entered the room. Daniel gazed at her face, which showed a mixed expression of innocence, submissiveness and plain and utter love. Indeed, in Amy's opinion that was the best way to prove her love for Daniel. And Daniel accepted this proof with all of his heart. For a long moment they stared at each other.

Nothing needed to be said or done. Amy then smiled. She quietly whispered: "I hope you liked it. At least it seems so." - "You never cease to surprise me, Amy. You will soon become a real pro in giving head!" Amy let out an impish giggle.

Daniel's way of speaking was so arousing, especially when he started mixing his almost Shakespearianly high-leveled English with low-level, pornographic words.

"Mmmm. I loved your taste, Daniel. Makes me feel real horny. But I suggest we get ourselves a bit cleaned up, sweetie." Daniel agreed and they both went for a steaming hot bath in the tub, where they would spend the next few hours kissing and fondling each other to prolong their feeling of sexual bliss. After all, they still had a full day and a whole night to continue fucking in every imaginable way. The End. PS: Here's a Link for the song "Ne me quitte pas", which Daniel sung for Amy in bed, for the curious among you who want a musical setting ;)