Soltando Leite na frente do Espelho

Soltando Leite na frente do Espelho
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-------------------------------------- Part 01: Rejection and payback. -------------------------------------- Denise was relaxing at the pool, as she often did after her workout in the gym.

She enjoyed a bit of peace and quiet, especially after spending half the day being visually raped by horny men, as she trained on different machines that made her all sweaty. Not that she minded that, in fact she quite enjoyed the power she had over men. At 19 years old, she was in the prime of life. She was 5'6 ft, and weighed about 110 lbs. She had long smooth legs, a firm ass, slightly wide hips, a slim waist, 36C breasts, long black hair, and a beautiful face with green eyes that would stop any man in his tracks.

At the gym all kinds of guys would usually approach her. Most were nervous, trying to hide their stares at her. But she also regularly met some men, who were a bit braver, and gave her primitive comments.

She had heard every pickup line from "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past you again?" to "Let's go and play fire truck; I squirt with the hose, and you make a lot of noise!" After she turned 16, she had never had any problems finding willing men.

She just had to flick her eyelashes and start twirling her hair, and they would come running from all directions. Frankly, Denise had to admit that it was too easy, and she was getting bored. There was no challenge in picking up men anymore, and she had recently dumped her boyfriend for the same reason, feeling that he only wanted her for sex. As she was lying in the pool chair, wondering how life had become so boring at such a great speed, she heard the glass door slide aside.

Living with parents who were barely ever home (they both worked abroad), she knew it could only be her brother who had come home. "Hi Adam, great to see you," she said indifferently, not even bothering to open her eyes. "Yeah, I bet it is," he said. A smell of strawberries suddenly hit her nose. Denise knew only 1 person who wore strawberry perfume, and sighed. "Hello Amanda," she said, as she raised herself a bit in the chair, and opened her eyes. True enough Adam was there, wearing red swimming trunks, and his girlfriend, Amanda, was standing next to him, wearing a yellow bikini.

Amanda, who was 17, was actually a nice girl, and with long blond hair, pretty blue eyes and firm breasts (which were a bit smaller than Denise's) she was pretty as well. But for some reason, Denise was never able to stand her. Perhaps it was because she was so damn naïve, and thought everybody had a nice side to them, or perhaps it was the silly way she always looked at Adam like he was the Alpha and Omega in her life.

Not that Denise was denying that her brother was good looking. Just turned 18, he was 6'3 ft, and about 240 lbs. He had shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes.

Since he had been a little boy, he had dreamed of becoming a police officer, so he often worked out in the local gym, and thus had a physically well-kept body, and a handsome face. Denise had heard many of her friends say that their legs became jelly when he smiled at them. Why he would chose Amanda when he could have any other girl was beyond her.

Amanda knew that Denise didn't exactly have her on the top of her list of favourite people, but she had accepted it. She raised an eyebrow as her gaze wandered over Denise. "Wauw, I must say that is a pink&hellip.I mean pretty bikini," she said, as she lay down a towel on the adjoining chair. Denise was wearing a bright pink bikini, which left very little open to the imagination.

Amanda's bikini, while sexy, was far more modest. Denise smiled. "Thanks, I picked it up last week, and I could personally never stand yellow myself, so I decided to go with a pink one," she said. Amanda noticed the hidden jab, and her eyes became colder.

"Well, I am glad that there are guys like Adam who still appreciates a girl for more than just her body," she said. She walked up to Adam and gave him a kiss on the cheek, which made Denise roll her eyes. "The problem with you Amanda, is that you think the world is open to discussion. It isn't. In the real world only the beautiful and smart women survive. This world is a matter of being higher on the food chain, and I am on the very top.

I could have any guy you ever dreamed of, and they would fulfil my every desire without hesitation," she said.


Amanda looked like she was about to give a snappy remark, until Adam placed a hand on her shoulder. "Not another war please," he asked her gently. Amanda shook her head. "I don't know why you are so hostile to me Denise, but have it your way.

I am not going to feed your ego. Besides, I don't have to worry about you taking the man I am dreaming about, because he is standing right here," she said, smiling to Adam. Denise leaned back comfortably in her chair and closed her eyes again.

"There is no man I wouldn't be able to take from you. But keep living in your little dream world Amanda. It's obvious that you are not fit for the harsh reality of this world." After about an hour, Denise went back inside the house, and lay herself down on her bed, still wearing her bikini, as she began to read a book. After about 30 minutes, she heard her door open, and saw Adam come in.

"Denise, this has to stop," he said, as he sat down on the corner of her bed. She closed the book, and raised herself on her elbows. "What has to stop?" she asked. "This entire war you are waging against Amanda. I know she isn't your favourite person in the world…" he said, "What gave me away?" Denise asked innocently.

Adam wasn't affected. "But at least have some understanding for the fact that I like her. I don't want to be the peace maker whenever the 2 of you are within 50 feet of each other." Denise rolled her head sideways. "Why Amanda? Why didn't you pick Amelia, or Carmen? Both of them have asked you out at least 3 times!" she asked.

Adam just shook his head. "I am sorry, but they are just not my type." Denise now sat up properly, and her eyes were narrow. "They are like me. Are you saying that I would not be your type either?" she asked. Adam crossed his arms. "I don't really think I feel like answering that." Denise pressed on.

"Come on Adam. Are you saying that if I wasn't your sister, you wouldn't be attracted to me?" Adam got up from the bed, and gave her a long look. Then he shook his head.

"Sorry Denise, but the answer would be no. You are a beautiful woman, there is no denying that. But even though that is enough for some guys, I am looking for something more than that. Think about what I have said," he told her, and left.

Denise brushed his words aside. He might be in denial about wanting her, but she knew better. All men wanted her, and she knew it. The next day, Denise was again lying at the poolside, tanning after a long day at the gym, when Adam came out. "Hey, want a glass of lemonade or something?" he asked her. Denise turned her head to the side, and smiled.

"Thanks, that would be nice," she told him. "And it is even nicer that you don't have that little bitch with you today," she mumbled after he went back inside. He appeared quickly again, and handed her a glass of lemonade with some ice cubes. As she drank, she observed her brother discretely, as he took a dive into the pool. He was glistening with water when he reappeared, and Denise had to admit that she was slightly jealous, that Amanda had managed to get her claws around him.

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After a few minutes, Denise decided to put her brother to a little test, in order to end all this nonsense that he was not interested in her. "Hey Adam, could you do me a favour?" she asked him, as she raised herself up on her elbows. He got out of the pool, and went over to her. "What do you need?" She handed him a bottle of sun lotion. "Could you rub some on my back?

I can't reach," she asked him, as she turned onto her belly. "Sure," he just said. He began to rub the lotion onto her back with forceful, and yet gentle hands, quickly spreading a nice layer across her backside. Denise reached back, and undid her top. "I hate tan lines," she said. Adam didn't seem affected, and kept rubbing lotion onto her back. Denise began to appreciate the hands of her brother, he really seemed to know what he was doing.

Every other time a guy had rubbed her in, they had either been shaking with fear, and barely dared touching her, or they had used the option to grope and fondle every part of her body they could get away with.

Adam simply worked quickly and without hesitation. "Could you do it a bit lower?" she asked him. He didn't answer, and just applied a new load of lotion onto her butt, and proceeded to grease her up. "Alright, you should be good to go," he said, as he dried his hands off in her towel. Denise was a bit sad that it was over so quickly.

The entire thing had probably been more than 60 seconds, from start to finish, and the feeling of his hands seemed to make her relax. She raised herself again. "You can do my front if you would like as well," she said, as she rolled over onto her back, making her top fall out of place, revealing her breasts to Adam. He just smiled, and handed her the lotion.

"I think you can do that yourself Denise. You are a big girl after all," he chuckled, and then walked inside. Denise was perplexed. He had brushed her off like she was a little schoolgirl! She hadn't experienced this since the 3'rd grade, where she had told her teacher that she had a crush on him, and he had responded by saying that she was too "cute" for him. She had not felt Adam even attempt to fondle any part of her, and she not seen any hint of an erection in his pants.

Most men would just stand still with drool out their mouths if she showed them her breasts, but Adam had not reacted at all! How could this be? Frustrated, she got up, and walked to her room, locking the door behind her. She walked over, and looked at herself in the mirror.

Her large breasts were barely concealed by the bikini top, and there was little more than strings covering her bald pussy.

Her entire body was at display. How Adam could pick Amanda over her 2 best friends, who were almost mirror images of herself, were a riddle to her. Even more so, is the fact that he had now turned her down as well. She knew that the fact they were brother and sister had a huge play in this, but somehow she felt that even if they were not related by blood, she would still be unable to twist Adam around her finger like she did with every other man.

The thought both frightened and thrilled her. This was the first time she actually had a challenge. Adam didn't want her. Suddenly the image of her brother's body, glistening with water from the pool, made her pussy wet.

She shook her head, telling herself to get it out of her head. Adam was her brother after all, so it really didn't matter if he was attracted to her or not.

She walked back to her bed, where she tried to read a book. Somehow she constantly found herself wondering how she could get Adam's attention. After an hour of trying to read, and still finding herself on the same page, she had to face facts: She wanted to seduce her brother. With a deep sigh, she closed the book, got up and placed herself in front of her full-length mirror, where she studied herself again. "Well, if I want it&hellip." she mumbled quietly, as she undid her top, and tossed it to the floor.

"I am going to find a way to get it!" She undid her bottom, letting it fall to the floor. She quickly thrust 2 fingers into her wet pussy. As she finger-fucked herself at a furious pace, she imagined Adam pinning her to the floor, panting and telling her how much he wanted her, before thrusting his hard cock into her. She no longer cared the least that he was her brother.

She wouldn't have a man reject her so easily. The desire, and lust became too much for her, and Denise moaned loudly as she began shaking with a major orgasm. She felt her knees buckle, and only barely managed to land on bed when she fell. She panted heavily, as she looked at the white sticky cream covering her fingers. She had not had an orgasm of this magnitude, since the day where she had successfully seduced the male teacher, who had rejected her in the 3'rd grade.

"You are going to do what I want Adam," she slowly said. "No matter if you want to, or not." The next weeks, Denise did everything she could to get Adam's attention. She began to 'accidently' bump into him whenever she wore very little clothes. Her clothing in general became much more daring, than what she usually wore at home. One day she tried eating breakfast with Adam, while only wearing t-shirt and panties, and he had barely given her a look, even when she had spread her legs apart slightly.

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With every day, and every failed attempt at getting Adam's attention, she grew increasingly more frustrated and horny. About 2 weeks after she had started to lust for her brother, Denise looked out of her window, and watched as Adam embraced Amanda at the pool, and proceeded to kiss her deeply. This sight made Denise furious. She decided she needed some help, and she knew just who to ask. She called Amelia and Carmen, who were her best friends.

All of them looked so much alike that they could easily pass for sisters. They all had the same long straight black hair, long legs, full hips, slim waistlines, and nice breasts. Carmen was a bit taller than the other 2, and had slightly smaller breasts, but that was the biggest noticeable difference between them. They were the sexy trio, which every guy at their school had dreamed of fucking. Only few had ever had the honour of tasting their sweet pussies though, due to the high standards of 3 girls.

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They had always told each other anything, so Denise didn't hesitate to tell them that she wanted to seduce her brother, to knock him down a peg. Well, seduce or force if needed, she didn't really care anymore. Amelia and Carmen were a bit surprised that she wanted to get in bed with her own brother, but on the other hand, they too, wanted to get some payback for the way he just turned them down in front of the entire school.

It had been a hard blow to their pride. So, one evening, at Amelia's house, they began discussing how it could be done. "I have heard that Adam and Amanda are going to the party at Leon's next weekend," Carmen said.

"Alright, how is that going to help?" Denise asked. Carmen brushed a strain of hair back behind her ear, and continued. "Well, if we could get invited, and that is no problem because Leon is dying to get in Amelia's panties, we make sure that Adam gets drunk.

Perhaps I could even get some cannabis from some people I know, and get him to try it. If we could get him really drunk, or really high, or perhaps both, I would bet it would be a lot easier to have your way with him," she said.

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Denise began smiling. "Girl, you are a little devil. I love it!" she said. Amelia found a bottle of tequila. "Well, we have a plan, let's celebrate," she said.

As they all took a gulp, Amelia turned towards Denise. "Hey, if this works, promise me that you will record it for me. I want to see the moment he crashed and burns." They all laughed. "No problem," Denise said with a sly smile. None of them knew that Carmen's plan would evolve into something much more tragic and successful than they thought. As predicted, they easily got invited to the party, and Carmen got hold of some cannabis as promised.

When the day of the party arrived, Denise felt butterflies in her stomach. "I feel nervous," she said to Amelia, as they were picking out their shoes. Amelia burst out laughing.

"Nervous? I completely forgot that word even existed," she said. She then grabbed Denise by the shoulder. "Look, don't lose your step now. Remember who we are: We are the most desired and most perfect girls in the entire town, perhaps even the entire world.

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Nobody can reject us," she said. Denise smiled. "And the few who can, won't do it for long," she added. They arrived at Leon's house about an hour later, and quickly found Adam. They greeted him, and gave Amanda a stiff nod. The rest of the evening they kept a watchful eye on Adam, while keeping their distance. They quickly realised that he did not need help getting drunk, as he and Amanda were having a drinking war with some friends of theirs, and shot after shot went down Adam's throat.

At one point, Amelia went over to them, and offered them some cannabis. Some didn't want to take it, but many did, including Adam and Amanda. When it seemed like he was under the influence of the drug, Denise decided it was time to make her move. She was about to move towards Adam and Amanda, when someone grabbed her from behind. "Hey Amelia, how about *Hick* a little kisses?" Denise knew it was Leon that spoke, and broke free from his arms. He reeked of booze. "I am Denise you idiot.


Amelia is over in the corner," she said. Leon blinked a few times, and then looked closely at her. "Wauw, you are right, you are not Amelia. I hope such a pretty lady didn't take tooo much offen…offense to an honest misunderstanding," he said, and moved towards Amelia. Denise turned her head towards Adam again. Or at least, where he had last been. Now there were only a couple of empty chairs. She felt panic rise, and quickly walked around the house to find him again.

After searching for a few minutes, she found Michael, who had been sitting next to Adam at the table. "Mike, where did the others go?" she asked him, trying to sound calm. "Oh, Elsa left, and Adam and Amanda went with her," he said.

Denise felt like she was 50 years old suddenly. Adam was gone, and her plans had failed. She went back to tell Amelia and Carmen the disappointing news. She found Carmen alone. "Amelia went out back with Leon a few moments ago," she said. Denise raised an eyebrow, and Carmen laughed. "Don't worry, Amelia just wanted to put him back in his place. She is a big girl." Amelia turned up just as she said it, and grabbed herself a beer.

"I have a suspicion that it will be slightly harder to get invited to Leon's next party," she said. "What happened?" Carmen asked. Amelia took a deep gulp of beer. "Well, as soon as we were alone, he tried to kiss me. So I pushed him away, and told him that being drunk as fuck was not a good way to attract a girl. He laughed, and grabbed my tits, while claiming I was just playing with him, and that he knew I wanted him.

So, I gave him a knee to the balls, and grabbed a water hose, and proceeded to almost drown him," she said with a little shrug. They all laughed. Amelia turned towards Denise. "So, how are things going for you?" she asked. Denise just shook her head. "Leon distracted me before he went over to you, and in while I got rid of him, Adam left with Amanda," she sighed.

Both Amelia and Carmen sighed as well. "Well, it was a good plan. We will figure out something else, don't worry," Amelia said. They all sat in silence, drinking a few beers for the next half hour or so. Denise sighed, and put the 3'rd empty bottle down. "I think I am going to go home, I just want to sleep," she said.

The others wished her goodnight, she ducked out of the way of a wet and couching Leon, and proceed towards her home. Leon's house was about 2 miles away from her own house, and while she could easily have hitched a ride, she preferred to walk home.

When she reached her house, she went straight to her room, and threw herself on the bed, falling sleep almost immediately. She woke up a few hours later, due to the sound of hushed voices. She got up to investigate the source, and walked up the half-open door to Adam's room, where she heard Adam and Amanda speaking together in somewhat upset voices.

"Whaat are we going to" Amanda sobbed. Hoping to find something useful, Denise pulled out her phone, and started the voice recorder. "We…we are going to go to pri…prison for this. I can't go to prison, what would mom and da& say?" she sobbed. Adam's voice sounded concerned, even though it was clear that he was also fairly drunk.

"Look sweetie. I already told you, it was not your fault. A deer ran out in front of the car, that is not your fault," he said. Amanda began to cry loudly. Adam hushed her. "Shhhh, be a bit quieter Mandy. Denise is drunk, not dead, and I don't want her to hear us!" "It was daa…dads car. It cost him over 60.000 dollars!" she sobbed. Denise began to smile to herself.

She knew that Amanda's father had recently purchased a brand new Mercedes, and knew that it was his pride and joy. It was doubtful that he would have let Amanda use it, especially since she still didn't have a license. And if they had stolen it&hellip. "Why did we even come up with such a stu…upid idea?" Amanda sobbed.

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"We are going to go to jail. Dad will have my head on a platter!" Denise mounted her courage, and nudged the door slightly more open. She could now see Adam and Amanda on the bed, neither of them noticing her in the slightest. Denise turned on her video recorder, and made sure to get their faces on video. "Your dad will never know. We put the keys back where they were, and nobody saw us getting in or out of the car.

Besides, you guys never lock your basement window, so anybody could have broken in and gotten the key. Your dad will never know," he told her. "What about our finger prints? They are all over the car!" she asked.

"We will just tell them that we were having a make out session in there, before the party," Adam said. Denise was amazed at how great her brother was at making up stories.

There were only sobbing sounds for a while, as Amanda cried into a pillow. "What if he does find out it was me?" she asked him with a muffled voice. Adam seemed to think for a bit. "Then I will take the blame for you," he said. They embraced each other, and hugged for a while. Denise smiled to herself, as she turned of the video recorder.

Now she had him. She had him by the balls. She went to her room, went back to sleep, with a wide smile on her face. The next day, she transferred the video and audio recordings over to her laptop, and also to a USB drive, which she hid away behind a picture on her wall. In the afternoon, she called Adam to her room. "What?" he asked her.

"I just wanted to show you something," she told him with a little smile, and handed him her phone. Adam's face turned pale when he saw the video. "How did you&hellip." Denise snapped the phone from him. "Well, that is not important is it? The important thing is what I can do with it now that I have it." Adam tried to plead with her.

"Denise, I beg you, delete that video. Amanda's father is going to kill her if he finds out she took the car for a drive while drunk. She hit a parked Audi, and she does not have insurance or a license. It would ruin her life if you show this to anybody." "Ruin her life you say? Sounds tempting&hellip." Denise teased, as she played the video again.

"Look, I know she is not your favourite person in the world, but think about this. She will be in endless debt if anyone finds out," Adam pleaded. "I thought you wanted to be a police officer?" Denise asked him. "I don't think they would approve of a man who has been hiding evidence in a case like this.

Your career path is in my hands as well I bet." she teased him again, as she turned the video off. "I also doubt that dad would buy you that car he promised you for your 20'th birthday if he found out," she continued. "Denise, I am shocked by you to be frank. I know that you can be a bit&hellip., well, high on yourself, but I always thought that you had more to offer than that," Adam said.

Denise laughed. "Well, you obviously don't know me as well as you thought then huh? I must say that I am a bit saddened by the way you react. You make me seem like a monster or something, when it is actually you and Amanda, who are the lawbreakers in this case." Adam seemed crushed. "Look, let me go to the police and tell them it was me who did it then. Just keep Amanda out of this!" Denise shook her head.

"How can I keep her out of it when she is the cause of it?" Adam sighed. "Alright, what is that you want then Denise?" he asked. Denise smiled, knowing she had almost broken him down. "First, I want you to admit that I am way better looking than Amanda," she said. "Alright, you are better looking than Amanda," he said in an indifferent tone.

Denise shook her head. "You have to mean it. Say it with passion!" she ordered. Adam looked at her. "You are incredibly sexy, and Amanda doesn't stand a chance with any man when she is standing next to you. Happy?" he asked. "Somewhat," she answered. "What else do you want?" he asked. Denise licked her lips. "I thought it was obvious. I want you little brother." Adam seemed lightly confused, raising an eyebrow at her.

"What do you mean by that exactly?" he asked her. With a seductive smile, Denise slid her hand inside her shorts. "Guess," she giggled. Adam jumped out of the chair, and just said "No!" before quickly leaving the room. Denise ran after him, and found him in his room. "Where do you think you are going?" she asked him.

Adam looked furious. "I don't know what game you are playing here Denise, but I am not interested. Forget it!" Denise crossed her arms. "I don't recall giving you an option here. You are going to do this, otherwise your precious Amanda is going to have a little chat with daddy down at the police station," she told him. Adam seemed to be at a loss for words. "You can't actually be expecting me to have sex with you?" he asked her.

She simply smiled back as an answer. Adam shook his head. "I can't," he said. Denise went over, and sat down on his bed. "Either your dick is going inside my pussy, or your girlfriend is going inside a jail cell.

Which one is it going to be?" she asked him. Adam looked over at his desk, where he had a framed photo of Amanda standing. His eyes lingered at the photo for a while, and then he finally sighed. "Fine. Let's get it over with," he said. Denise smiled. "Mom and dad's bedroom in 5 minutes she told him," and left him alone.

She quickly went to her dad's study, where she grabbed his video camera and the tripod that fitted it. She went to her parents' bedroom, and quickly set up the camera in the corner, so that Amelia and Carmen would be able to enjoy her brother's downfall as well.

Denise knew it was a risk to use their parents' bedroom, but it had the biggest bed, the best light and quite frankly, it was the naughtiest option as well, which turned her on. There was obviously the risk that their parents might come home and catch them red handed, but the risk was extremely small. They had last been home about 3 weeks earlier, and usually it was about 2 months before they came home.

Denise quickly walked to her room, and stripped naked. She then found the sexiest lingerie she had, and put it on.

She observed herself in the mirror. She was wearing a black semi-transparent corset, which barely covered her breasts, and ended just above her small black lace panties. She had also put on some black stockings, which ended midway up her thighs. She finished the set with a some black high heels. Looking at the clock, she realised that it had been 10 minutes now, and she quickly walked to her parents' bedroom, where she found Adam sitting on the bed, looking at the camera. "Please tell me that you are not going to tape this," he said.

Denise giggled. "It's only for me. I just want a memory about this special moment. I won't show it to anyone, I promise," she said.

Adam sighed. Denise smiled at him. "Alright Adam, here are some basic instructions that I need you to follow. When I tell you to do something, you do it, without complaints or hesitation. You are not allowed to talk unless I ask you to do so. And you won't cum before you've made me cum," she told him. "Understood," he said. Denise walked over and turned on the camera, and then walked over in front of the bed. "How do I look?" she asked him. He looked at her, lowered his head and mumbled "Heavenly." "Take off your clothes Adam," she ordered.

Without hesitation, he pulled his shirt over his head, and unbuckled his pants. Denise licked her lips in anticipation, as she watched him take them off. He was now standing in his boxers. The outline of his cock was clearly visible, and Denise could see that it was not in the small end of the scale. She got her estimation confirmed when he quickly pulled them down, leaving his semi-erect manhood free from its confines. Denise estimated it to be 8 or 9 inches, and fairly thick.

"Do you want me to take my clothes off as well Adam?" she asked him in a teasing voice. "Yes, please, take your clothes off. I want to see you naked," he said in a fairly convincing voice, although she could see the flames in his eyes. Denise didn't really care though, and reached back to start untying her corset. A few moments later it fell on the floor, letting her breasts sway naked in the air.

Adam looked at them, and Denise noticed that his cock wasn't getting noticeably harder. Any other man, who had seen her breasts, had been hard as a rock right away. She hooked the waist band of panties, turned around and bent herself over. She made sure the camera got a nice view as she slowly slid the panties down her long legs. Denise wriggled her ass a bit before turning to face her brother again.

It might be wishful thinking on her part, but she thought his cock seemed to be harder than it had been before she turned her back on him.

She approached him again, as he sat on the edge of the bed. "Do you want me to take your cock in my mouth huh? You want a BJ from your dear sister?" she asked him. He nodded without saying anything. "I can't hear you," she said. "Yes I would like that.

Please Denise," he said. With knees trembling with excitement, Denise dropped to her knees, and lowered her head towards his cock, which amazingly was not completely hard yet. Sucking the tip inside, Denise quickly found that she had to open as wide as she could to accommodate her brother's meaty rod. She sucked more of his cock inside, massaging the underside of it as she did.

She could feel it growing harder with every second, and knew that Adam's body was taking over the control from his mind. She began bobbing her head up and down on his cock, making him moan slightly in delight. She trust a finger into her soaking pussy, and began stimulating herself as she worked on Adam's cock.

About a minute later, she had a huge orgasm. She pulled her mouth away from Adam's member, and looked at her finger, which was covered in sticky white cream. "Here, have a taste of your sexy sister's pussy," she ordered him. He seemed tempted to object, but instead chose to suck her finger clean without protests.

"Did it taste good?" He forced a smile. "Delightful," he said. Denise could now see that Adam was fully erect, and pushed him back onto the bed. She kicked off her shoes, and straddled his thighs. "Do you want to feel your cock inside of my pussy?" she asked, as she started playing with her pussy with one hand, and fondling her breasts with the other.

Adam took a deep gulp. "I…" he said. Denise moved her hand from her pussy, to his cock, rubbing her pussy juice all over it. "I didn't catch that? Do you want to feel that nice big cock of yours, inside your sister's tight little pussy?" she asked him teasingly.

Adam closed his eyes, and then nodded. "Yes. Please, I need to feel my cock buried inside your pussy Denise," he said. He didn't need to ask her twice. Denise's pussy was now literally dripping with juices, and she placed herself over her brother's throbbing member.

Their eyes met for a moment, and then Denise plunged herself down onto his cock. "Ooohhh. FUCK!" she exclaimed, she felt her pussy being split wide by her brother's cock. She had fucked one guy who had a cock longer than this before. That had not been nearly as thick though, and this was stretching her far more.

She felt both immense pain, and immense pleasure, as she forced herself even further down on her brother's breeding tool. "Fuck. Jesus Adam, you are tearing me up!" she gasped, as she looked down, and noticed that she had only gotten about 2/3 of the way.

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Adam didn't say anything, and Denise found it impossible to read his facial expression. She turned her attention back to her own pleasure, and after a few short moments, she had all of Adam's cock buried inside of her. "Oh god. You are so fucking big! I love it!" she panted, as she began to ride him, slowly rocking her hips back and forth. Adam still didn't respond. "How does it feel to fuck your big sister Adam?" she panted. "Wonderful," he answered, in a somewhat distant voice. Denise started fucking Adam at a furious pace.

It was like she had been possessed by a wild animal. She had to mate. She had to fuck this cock to submission. With every rocking motion, she felt a wave of pleasure rush over her, as Adam's cock touched her inner most depths. Denise always wished that Amanda could have walked in on them right at that moment, and seen her perfect boyfriend cheating on her with a woman far superior to herself. Soon Adam began to pant as well. "Oh fuck. I am going to cum!" he exclaimed, and tried to push her off of his cock.

For some reason this action angered Denise. "What the fuck are you doing?" she asked him, as she wrapped her legs forcefully around him. "Did I tell you to pull out Adam?" she asked him, as she stopped moving. Adam looked nervous. "I don't want to cum inside you Denise," he said. "Why? What's wrong Adam? Am I not good enough for your cum? Is that honour reserved for that little blonde bitch?" she asked him. Adam shook his head. "You haven't been on the pill since you broke up with Carl.

It would be a bad idea," he said, as he tried to pull her off again. Denise was not intending to let Adam have any say in the matter. She was the one in control, not him. She clasped her thighs tightly around Adam's hips, and wrapped her legs tighter around him, so he would not be able to push her off. "And how exactly would you know if I am on the pill or not?

Are you spying on me little brother?" she asked him curiously. "Come on Denise. You always keep the pills on the top of your little mountain of bathroom products when you are using them.

Figuring out when you are not taking them doesn't exactly require a degree in forensics," Adam told her. "So, you are afraid you'll knock up your sister with a little baby huh?" she asked him angrily. He didn't answer and just looked away, which made Denise even angrier. "You know what?" she asked him, as she began a slow rocking motion again. "Perhaps I should make you fuck a baby into my belly." Denise kept fucking Adam, enjoying the fear that was now showing in his eyes.

"Is that something you would like Adam? Would you like to see your sister's belly swelling with your little bastard baby squirming inside?" she hissed at him, as she picked up her pace.

Adam just looked pleadingly at her. "Please Denise, I beg you. Stop this," he said quietly. Denise reached to the side of the bed, grabbed her panties, and brutally showed them into Adam's mouth, silencing his protests. Denise was now fucking Adam at full speed again. "Come to think of it, my period was almost 2 weeks ago, so I should be pretty fertile right now. Talk about a happy accident huh? There should be a little egg inside me, just waiting to be fertilised," she panted, growing more excited by the idea with every second.

Denise didn't know what had gotten into her. She had never planned for, or wanted, any children. She only now realised that this could have been a disastrous weak point in her plan, but she hadn't thought about it even once before this point.

And yet, for some reason, making Adam breed her with his baby seemed appealing to her. Perhaps it was because it would be an undeniable proof that she had gotten him. And with her entire body now yearning to reproduce, she found herself hit by a wave of pleasure as she tried to accomplish her goal.

Adam began panting rapidly, and started to squirm underneath the rocking hips of his older sister. A few moments later, he began groaning, and Denise felt his cock twitch inside her burning hot pussy. She felt the faint wet sensation as Adam came inside of her, filling up her fertile young pussy with his potent sperm. "Yes Adam, that's a good little boy. Make a baby with me!" she panted, as she began shaking with another major orgasm, making her convulse and causing her pussy to almost milk her brother for every drop of cum he had to offer her.

She collapsed onto Adam's chest, but was almost immediately pushed aside, as Adam got up from the bed, grabbed his clothes, and left. Denise felt pretty happy with herself. She grabbed the camera from the tripod, and made sure to get a close up shot, showing her pussy dripping with Adam's sperm.

Afterwards, she found herself in the shower, where she was hit with the full realisation that she might have gotten pregnant. The idea terrified her. But there was also another feeling: The weird feeling of power, control and lust. She stepped out of the shower, and observed her wet reflection in the mirror. "I know what you are thinking. And I like it," she told the reflection. She then proceeded to dry herself off, get dressed, and walk back to her room. I have part 2 (the last part of this story) lying on my computer as well.

Let me know if you like part 1, as I can quickly upload part 2 as well.