Straight into gay gallery He sells his taut backside for cash

Straight into gay gallery He sells his taut backside for cash
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intro: The story of my sisters"s and my birth was actually wierd. At 11:30 pm on april 30th I was born and exactly 1 hour later my sisters were born, the next day.

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That was in 1997 so we're all 14 now. They are almost exact twins while I'm barely different from them. We are mostly mexican but barely tan. No we don't speak spanish. My name is Benjamin. I'm 5'10" and a very straight foward, no bullcrap, kind of guy. While my sisters's names are Tracy and Katherine(Katy).

Tracy is a little older. They are both 5'8" and have a reletively happy attitude. Katy is more timid than Tracy and they are always together.One of the only things that I find fault with is when they use their synchronized voices.

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It's hard to explain but I guess you could say it's hypnotic? They can get you to do anything when they talk like that. Tracy one day when Katy was at their freind's house, had me go into her room to go to sleep with her so she wouldn't feel alone. She was actually tricking me into screwing her was part of it. Ever since every once in a while we would have sex.

Anyway the beginning of my bodygaurding to them started on the last day of 8th grade. I guess it was the schools idea of a joke that they put us all in the same classes.

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It was our last peroid of the year and we were having one of our mini partys in P.E. then a whole bunch of people were going to the park after school for a huge last day of school party. While we were finishing our school conversations I overheard one of the popular girl groups plotting some sort of plan. The leader of the clic was a brunette named Tiffany. I never realy liked her she just had that bitchy negative air about her.

" Alrite this will show them to try to get more attention than me." Huh? When the bell rang pretty much everone went across the street and I met up with my freinds and we started talking about our plans for the summer. Robby said" Alrite first thing i'm gonna do when I get home is get ready to go to The airsoft battlegrounds." Diego said" I'm gonna finish up my family's tree house." After that I heard my sisters scream.

Don't ask how but I have a sense for knowing when my sisters are in trouble, and with that sense I also can hear them yell from over a mile away. I took off running towards the sound."Hey Ben where are you going?" Diego said and they started after me. I got over to see one of those ghetto firehydrant sprinklers shooting water a good 7 feet in the air. Then I saw Tiffany and her group laughing and pointing over to my sisters, Who were soaking wet.

"What the hells your problem!" I yelled over at them and started walking toward my sisters, a dark scowl on my face as I did. " Come on girls let's go home we can cuss them out later." I said. " THERE'S PLENTY MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM!" Replied Tiffany.


' Better watch your ass bitch." I thought. We started walking home in silence except for the angry mumblings from me,draging my sisters along behind me by their hands. When we got home they washed up and changed. I used the other shower then got on my computer to see how the rest of the party went from Robby. " It got pretty wierd after you guys left." He said. " Except for some over kids were sliding into eachother through the water." "Alrite see you later." I said.

After that the phone started ringing and I saw that it was mom I put on my fake peppy act and answered," Hi Mom." " Hi sweety how was the party?" " It was good we just hung out and talked' I exadurated. " Alrite well I'm calling to tell you that your father and I are going to be out of town for a couple days while we visit your uncle for his aniversary.

We left enough food for at least 4 days even though the max should be 3." " Alrite mom love you see in a few days." " Love you to bye." After that I started laying down and watching family guy.

Someone knocked on my door and I said" Come in." Tracy slipped through and dropped onto my bed and said " Whatcha watcin?" "You can see. What's Katy doing?" " She's out in the living room pouting about getting sprayed." " God she can be such a little girl sometimes." "I know. But that's not what I came in to talk to you about. I wanted to see if you could do us a favor?" Ughh great "What do you need." "Okay remember when Tiffany said there's more where that came from." " Yeah." " Umm.

We kind of need you to be our bodyguard." "Like make sure they don't play anymore jokes on you right?" "Well actually more like walking around with us whenever we go outside." "What? That's a little extreme don't you think." "Well. You are the older sibling.

You should be protecting us anyway." "Uggh fine but I swear if you girls go overboard like making me carry you places I will stop." "Deal.


Now are you ready to have some fun?" She said as she started rubbing her dark brown hair across my bare chest. That put a smile on my face. I didn't see her lock the door when she came in but she did. I turned off the light so the blue glare of the tv shone on us. We wrapped our arms around eachother and got right to the kissing. As we started moving our toungues against the other person's, she started moving her hand down my chest and stomach down to my crotch. Which already gave my shorts a tent.

I helped her take off her pink night gown, then I unstrapped Tracy's bra and through it aside to the floor. Her boobs were about and inch from her regular chest size, and I liked how her tiny pink nipples felt against my chest. She started moaning as I started to caressed her left breast.

She worked her hand across my waistline and worked my shorts down. She grabbed my erection and started moving her hand up and down it. I pulled away from her and pulled her pantys off while she took my shorts the rest of the way off.

I flipped Tracy onto her back and held myself above her. I started moving the tip of my dick along her pussy which was already getting wet. This was my silent way of asking her if she took her birth control pill. "Ughh Yes I did." She moaned "Mmm please stick it in." I gladly oblidged and quickly sank the head in with a groan of pleasure from the both of us. I slowely started pushing more in and pulling some out. I pushed all the way in so we were touching hips.

Already I got a "UGHH!" and shutter of pleasure from Tracy and I felt her juices squirt all over my cock.

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"Fuck Tracy your pussy is soaking me." "Oh please keep fucking me." I started slamming so hard and fast that I was gliding in and out of her so she was moaning with every push and pull. "Oh man, you liked getting fucked by your big brother don't you?" I asked Tracy " OH YEAH I'M SO DIRTY I LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY YOU, PLEASE DON'T STOP!" She screamed. I did as she wanted and kept pumping into her and she screamed in pleasure as she soaked my waist in her cum.

" Damn I'm gonna cum!" I told her " OH YEAH FILL ME UP, I WANT YOU TO SHOOT ALL OF YOUR HOT STICKY CUM IN ME!" She shouted again. I finally could'nt hold back any longer as I let stream after stream loose in her pussy. " Oh I love it." She said. After we both came down from our orgasms I pulled my deflated dick out of her pussy.

We put our clothes back on and held eachother. "Good thing you can't hear anything through these walls, or we'd be dead." I said "Sorry" Tracy said with a giggle. "It's okay, the more you scream, the more I know how much you like it." "Okay, so starting tommorow your the bodyguard right?" "Of course" We slept the rest of the knight we could in each others arms.