Standin and Jerkin and Cummin

Standin and Jerkin and Cummin
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I have taken some 'inspiration' from a few different stories for this. If you want more, you better post a comment, because otherwise I probably won't add on to the story. Far less violent then my previous 'works' but don't worry, new parts surely would have some torture. We just moved into the new 'neighborhood.' We had moved out into the country, for god knows what reason.

My parents wanting to rekindle their love or our family relationship, or something bogus like that.

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I was 12, and pretty much pissed that we had left all my friends behind. It was spring and school was ending so we just didn't bother enrolling me for the last two weeks. So I had nothing to do and no one to hang out with. We had a pretty huge new farm, I wasn't to interested in being farm girl, so instead I picked up a book and walked as far away as possible. I found a really pretty tree orchird. I sat down under an apple tree, and opened my book.

I had lost myself within it for hours, my locks of curly golden hair spilling over my face, and shining in the sunlight—when something blocked that sunlight. I looked up, it was a boy.

Looked pretty young, probably 7 or 8. He was a little cowboy, with boots, a plaid shirt, and a cowboy hat. "Who are you?" he said. "I'm your neighbor, Angela, what's your name?" "Josh. We don't have any young neighbors." "Well you do now, we just moved in." "Huh. You want to be friends?" "Sure.

I geuss." "Then let's play a game." "I think I'd rather read." "How do expect us to become friends, if you won't even play one single game with me?" He said, frowning. "Ok" I sigh, "But only for a minute," I say, putting down my book.

"Okay," he says "Your the lose cow, and I am the cowboy, I'm trying to wrangle you with my rope," Which he picks up off the ground "And your trying to get away. Okay? Go run!" surprised I jump up and lightly jog away from him but almost instantly feel the rope fly around my head, and over my upper torso, wrapping around my arms. He pulls me tight, and pulls me back to him, quickly, he runs his end of the rope around the tree, and then back around me, and pushes me to the ground.

"Hey! You didn't say you would tie me up" I yell falling to the ground, he continues tying me to the tree "Ow, this is too tight, okay the games over, untie me!" I say, struggling.

He leans forward smiling, "Your my cow now. I caught you fair and square." "You never said this was apart of the game." "This ain't a game no more." He says coldly, and suddenly leans forward and kisses me.

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"What the hell is the matter with you?" I shriek, spitting him off my mouth. "I don't think your in a position to protest. Look, if you don't like what I am doing, just get up and leave." He smiles, leaning in and kissing me again, supressing my screams and squeezing my devolping boobs with his hands through my shirt.

"You see, out here in the country" he says, stopping kissing, "We start things a little bit earlier. Kissing, dating, sex. All that fun stuff." "Untie me right now, you little perv, wait tell I tell your parents." "For some reason I don't think they'll care much," he says, grinning. "Now let's get these clothes off of you!" "No fucking way, let me fucking go, this is against the law! It's rape even!" He pulls off his boots, while I continue to scream protests and insults, pulls off his socks, and shoves them both into my mouth, holding them in, he takes the end of the rope and ties it around my head, securing them in place, and stopping my screaming instantly.

"Those must taste pretty bad, huh?" he smiles, moving down to my legs. He unbuttons and unzips my jeens. And, with a quick yank, pulls them off, so I am sitting there with just panties on.


I am just glaring at him, and he smiles up at me again. Staring at my eyes, grinning still, he grabs my underwear, and starts to pull them off. Slowly I am completely exposed. I pull my legs tightly together, but he still has a pretty nice veiw. "That's just lovely.

I like the natural look, with the hair and all." he says, patting my bare mound. I blush as embarrassment of the situation floods over me. I am tied to a tree, by some kid who is probably 4 years younger then, and completely naked from the waste down, and he is in complete control. I stop screaming into my gag, and just start whimpering, instead of glaring, pleading with my eyes to let me go. My arms are starting to burn, my shoulder just aching with agony.

My jaw is sore from being stuffed full of stinking socks. Now I just really want to go home and forget all this happened. "Aw, you want to play nice now? Too bad, I don't play that way." He says, pulling my legs open with some force.

I push them together as much as I can, and he continues to pry them open. "Bitch, stop resisting.


Are you really going to make me tie them open?" I start to cry feeling totally hopeless, as he takes a second rope, and ties it around my ankle, its fairly long, so he simply pulls it around the tree, and ties the other end to the other ankle, spreading me really wide open.

"That's so much nicer. You look so much better this way, then you did about 20 minutes ago, you have no idea how much better." Now my legs were aching in pain. I was stretched so wide open, they already hurt just like everything else. Now I was just hoping it would get over with as quickly as possible, so the pain would go away.

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He grabs me by the hair, and inspects may face, I breath heavily and tears begin flowing freely, he smiles, yanking harder on my hair. He let's go of my head, and returns to looking at my now, wide open pussy. "God that is just asking to be fucked. You ever been fucked before?" he asks. I just let my head fall down, lower my eyelids, and stare at the ground.

He grabs my hair again, hard.

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He pulls my head up, staring into my eyes, inches from my face and screams "Slut I asked you a question!

You fucking answer when I ask you a question, you can still nod your head." he drops me again and I just slowly nod my head 'no' "Fun, that means the first time will be with an 8 year old." I'm still crying as he reaches down and strokes my pussy.

I try in vain to pull on the rope holding my legs so wide apart, but quickly give up, and continue to stare into the ground, as he molests my virgin pussy.

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"Don't worry, slut, you'll grow to love it." He looks down at his watch "I'm supposed to report to my brother when I get you under control" He rubs his groin "but I know he is going to take your virginity, which really isn't fair, considerin' I did all the work. Just this once, I'm going to fuck you first." He says defiantly, as if he wasn't even talking to me anymore, "I don't care what in the hell he does to me." He unbuckles his belt, and pulls down his pants.

His cock seemed huge. I mean, for a kid especially, and I had never seen one in the flesh before. He moves towards me, moving his cock directly towards my face, rubbing it along my lips "You like that baby?" God it was so humiliating!

How could this kid be doing this to me? I was older then him and he was putting his thing on me, it was just plain disgusting. He let it drool along my face pulling it away, and brought his attention to my pussy.

"I'm not one for much foreplay, my brother is, he has all kinds of foreplay; but for me, I just wanna get to the fucking." He says, positioning himself in front of my virgin pussy. No, I try to say, through the gag, but it just comes out as "Nmph!" "What was that darlin? If you don't want me to fuck you, all you gotta do is say "no." He says, grinning again. "Nmph, nmppppphhhh!" I moan, "Looks like you do then," He says stabbing into me.

As he pushed in, it was so painful. This fresh pain, awakening the pain I was feeling all over my body again. I kept crying out through the gag, begging him to stop, but he ignored me. He came up to my resistance "Here we go!" he yelled, quickly pushing through, and breaking my hymen. Blood came out around his cock, and he started to fuck me, juices mixing with blood.

I felt no pleasure. It was all pain. My shoulder, neck, jaw, legs, and the pain from my first fuck. I just wanted to roll into a ball and die. Please god just kill me, get this kid off of me! He fucked me for what seemed like forever, then painfully yanked on my feet as he pushed deeper in, shaking all over, I felt warm spread throughout me, and I wanted to puke, I almost DID puke, but I had a gag in my mouth and quickly swallowed.

Finally he went limp and pulled out of me. "How was that for a first fuck?" I just glared at him, trying to kill him with my eyes. "Don't worry, slut, you'll grow to love it. Now I really ought a go find my brother now. He is going to be pretty mad that I fucked you first, but I don't care no more. Don't go anywhere." He said, patting me on the head, and left.


To be continued. based on response. Next part would be longer, this is just a trial run.