Girl in leather boots does anal scene

Girl in leather boots does anal scene
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"Are you sure we're not lost?" Ashton adjusted his hands on the wheel, glancing over at his girlfriend, Lana.


She had a slight worry in her eyes and truthfully, he didn't blame her. Not only was she seeing her parents for the first time in a year, she was hoping that they would approve of Ashton and could see how much she loved him. "Don't worry." Ashton replied, calming her with a gentle smile. "We're not lost." Lana nodded but he could tell she was still nervous.

Taking notice of the road signs, he turned the wheel, sending the car down a dirt road, trees seeming to be creating a canopy over them. The road looked a little lonely, and Ashton found himself wondering how many people actually travelled out this way. Slowing the car down, he shifted his eyes toward Lana, who seemed to be taking in the scenery. "So why did you want me to meet your parents?" The question had been on his mind since yesterday.

He had no problem with it, but Lana seemed very eager for it to happen. Turning to face him, she smiled. "I just want you three to get along." Ashton shrugged, supposing it was as good of an answer as any. He missed the way her smile turned mischievous then. "And if you happened to fuck me in my old bedroom, that wouldn't be so bad either." A shock went through him at her words, but he forced himself to remain composed. "Come on, baby." Lana purred, reaching a hand out to stroke down his chest.

His grip tightened on the wheel as she reached his belt, moving even further down to cup his cock, encouraging it to become even harder. "Or.maybe I could play with you. My parents will stay ignorant if I'm careful enough. But would you be able to hold it together if I wrap my lips around you?" Ashton's breathing had increased as she started talking and he bucked his hips up to gain some friction.

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Anything other than the feather light touches she was giving him through his jeans. "If you want to have to explain to your parents why it looks like you've been fucked in the back of my car and can't walk, be my guest and keep going." Ashton said lowly, smirking at the way his girlfriend suddenly withdrew.

"We're almost there anyway." He said, watching her nod. In a few minutes, they had arrived.

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Lana's parents rushed out to hug her and give a warm welcome. He got almost the same treatment except for the standard protective speech from her dad.

It was a good few hours of talking about a wide array of topics. Sports, how they met, interests, all sorts of things. Then when it was night time, a marvelous dinner was prepared. For Ashton however, it was difficult. Lana had decided to be rather suggestive, sending him looks filled with longing and maintaining eye contact with him while she wrapped her lips around her fork, licking her lips. Ashton sent her a half hearted glare, but she shrugged it off.

Her parents were none the wiser, and he was silently grateful. Finally, it was time to go to bed, and he heard Lana say goodnight to her parents from the room her father had more or less demanded that he stay in. Once he was sure that her parents were safely inside their room and out of his view, he opened the door, and walked across the hall as quietly as he could.

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Opening Lana's door, Ashton narrowed his eyes as he heard his girlfriend whimpering. She was sprawled out on the colorful bed, her dark hair fanned out above her. Her hand was shoved inside her panties, and her fingers quickly moved in and out of her causing her back to arch from the pleasure she was giving herself.

Quickly closing the door, Ashton grabbed her hands and pinned them above her, ignoring her cry as he straddled her stomach, effectively pinning her down.

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"No, baby, I was so close!" Lana whined, trying to buck her hips up to get the extra friction she was craving.

"I dont know if I should let you cum at all, since you've been teasing me like a little slut all day." Ashton replied, watching as her face turned desperate. "Take off your clothes." Once he let go of her, she scrambled to do so, tearing off her nightgown to reveal her gorgeous figure. Ashton took his time removing his own clothes and he could see how impatient she was.

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"Fine." Lana huffed, "If you won't fuck me, I'll take care of myself." Ashton grabbed her, pulling her to sit on his lap. "I'm getting there." He whispered into her ear, wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Just making sure you're aware of what you're getting into." Without another word, he lifted Lana up, bringing her body down so she fell perfectly on his cock.

She inhaled sharply at the feeling of finally being full, and he tightened his grip on her. Getting up, she wrapped her legs around him and he laid her back on the bed, not wasting a moments time before he began to slam into her. Her moans gradually turned into shrieks and he breathed heavily, moving a hand to cover her mouth. "Shh." Ashton said, kissing her neck before removing his hand momentarily.

He got up and positioned his girlfriend so she was on her hands and knees. Bending over her, he pushed back into her roughly, enjoying the lustful whimpers that were slipping out of her.


"You like this, huh?" Ashton asked, making his thrusts a little harder than before. "How I'm fucking you inside your childhood room, where your parents could walk in at any moment?


See their little girl acting like a total slut for my cock?" "Fuck! Ashton!" Lana's back arched higher than it had before, and he noticed she had been shoving her face into one of the many pillows to keep herself quiet. Ashton could feel her pussy squeezing him tightly, and he dug his fingers into her sides as his own release hit him and he came inside her with a groan, pulling out of her to lay down.

Lana smiled sleepily, but looked satisfied. Before the two fell asleep, Ashton heard Lana mention something about an old treehouse her dad had made for her once.

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What an idea that would be.