Couple swingers swap partner and orgy in Playboy mansion

Couple swingers swap partner and orgy in Playboy mansion
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Dear Husband, If you found this diary, please do know that everything written in here is true. Whatever happened or written in here, no matter what I said or what I wrote, please know that I love you. I always love you and always do.

I want to share this with you, but I can't bring myself to tell you this in person. Thus, the diary. Forgive me, honey. And I love you. Always. Winter, Your loving wife. 12th August 2015 Dear husband, Today is our wedding day. I was so excited about it. Everything goes according to the plan. You and I decided to do the ceremony at the beach instead of a normal church. The setup are all done after dawn, the caterers are setting things up and I was there, sitting in front of the mirror in my hotel room.

Complete with my wedding dress. I look at my watch on the table, 1 hour to go. 45 minutes before my bridesmaid or my friends come back and do some touch ups.

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After helping me out with the wedding dress, all of my friends went off preparing themselves. I blushed alone, imagining my life will change after this that I will be marrying you. At this point we have known each other for 3 years. You have always been charming, kind, and dare I say, good in bed. I stand up and again see myself in the dress, making sure everything is perfect. My blonde hair waves on my back, with that small silver crown sewn with the white veil running on my hair.

My neck wrapped by a silver necklace with the small cute Sapphire stones sparkles like the sea. Matching my blue eyes. The dress is a bit sexy, because I know you are a pervert and I want to low key celebrate that with you.

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It have a V cut neck, pointing down pass my breasts and the pointy V end almost reach my belly button. Exposing the mid-section of my braless breasts. The V neck is decorated with white thin furs. The long sleeved dress decorated with the matching small blue stones with silver sparkles creating a wave pattern. Recreating the element of the sea, as we will get married at the beach. On my back, there's a small hidden zipper hidden under my blonde hair going down from my neck, reaching to my waist, almost touch the starting curve of my bubbly thick ass.

The satin dress squeeze my ass tightly, showing how thick your wife is. And how they jiggles as I walk. And the rest of the dress is a long wavy curtain like skirt almost fitting the curve of my legs.

That might be all for the rest of the guests, but for you. You know there are more. You already know I am braless up there. And under that skirt, my legs are wrapped with a thigh high thin white socks, wrapping my legs.

And a small white Gstring panties barely covers my pussy, minimizing any lines on the dress. Knowing that right after the ceremony, we will head to the booked suite, and fuck ourselves out. Little that I know how this day will turn out. I am just about to sit on my bed when I hear a soft knock. Of course I opened it and guess what. It is Jason! My best friend when I was in high school! And… my ex. At some point.

Honey, I know that we didn't talk much about our past. So you might not recognize him. Well, I did introduce you to him at the wedding ceremony but again there's a lot of guests that day. I don't think you will remember. I am actually surprised he managed to come because a few days before my friend told me that he is in Japan. Across the globe. So I am surprised. Plus we didn't meet for more than a few years. Yes honey I know he is not supposed to be there but he told me he need to see me because that is the only time he get to spend with me.

Almost one hour. And after that I will get busy with the wedding and he had to go back to Japan. So I agreed. I let him in into my bedroom. You should probably know this.

Jason is a black guy. He is a few inch taller than you. Which makes way taller than me. His skin is dark but you can see a glimpse of brown in shades.

He is lean, and he is so handsome in that black and white suit. I sit on the chair and we started to talk. I have to admit I kind of missing his company. I mean, he was my best friend for the whole high school! There's a lot of stuffs that we talked about.

We laughs. Remembering our past together and with our other friends. Until… He mentioned about our sex experiences. God… Baby… Yes. He was the one who took my virginity. We remembered how awkward our first time was. And how hurt I was back then. I mean, he had such a big black cock even back then. But then he mentioned how we both get better, we learned from each other.

How to please each other. At that point my pussy starts to get moist under that white pure wedding dress. Fuck. I know I shouldn't turned on by other guy on my wedding day but I just can't help it. I tried to cover my blushes. We keep talking about how we tried everything that we can find on porn. And have our first everything together. The relationship only lasts for a year.

Because we realized that we didn't love each other. All for the lust. And we more comfortable being friends. We keep fucking though. Until both of us get into college. We barely contacted each other since then. And now when we both remembering our lustful past, I can see the sexual tension in the atmosphere. "Damn.

I wish I could fuck you one more time, Winter." He said as his eyes lingering on my wedding dress. I blushed hearing that. The line that started all this. I chuckles as I noticed how hard he was. His pants is fit, making his thick hard meat bulging obviously on his pants. Honey… I love your 8 inch cock baby. I really do. But his 10 inch cock is something… Extra… It's like you asked for an extra cheese in your cheese burger.

If that makes sense? I know I shouldn't do it but I can't help it. At that time I thought, I was only going to give him a blowjob. I mean, he can't go out to our wedding ceremony with a hard on right…? What will people say? So I slowly kneels between his legs. I rub my fingers on his hard bulge as he look at me, his best friend, all wrapped nicely for you, my future husband at that point.

I can feel his thick hard black cock throbbing underneath that sheets of pants and underpants. And slowly, I take his pants off, revealing his thick 10 inch black cock.

Honey… I gasped on how huge and thick he is. Even bigger than I remember. I wrap my fingers around his big shaft using both of my hands. Up and down, stroking it as I looked up at him. Knowing he love seeing me in that position. Like you always do. With my veil on top of my head, my blue eyes and stones sparkles.

I keep stroking his hard cock before I told him that I will be giving him only blowjob.


And nothing more. He more than agreed with that offer. I slowly slides his cock into my mouth, remembering how my mouth stretched from that very cock. I take half of it in before I slide it out a bit, then taking that big black cock into my mouth again.

Feeling his black veins brushing my lips and tongue is turning me on more. I look up at him as he moans and groans. Loving the mouth surrounding his cock. His first mouth. And my first cock. I start to bob my head up and down, barely breath with the size of his cock.

Tasting some kind of sweet familiar musk in my mouth. Loving it. I keep bobbing as my saliva drools on his shaft, on my fingers. The very finger that you will put the ring on. I blushed thinking of that. Then I feels his hand on my blonde haired head. Carefully not to ruin my veil, he pushes my head down, taking his cock deeper into my mouth. His cock of course pushes into my throat.

I gagged a bit but I keep taking him. He told me that I took deeper before. And that I am out of practice. How dare he? I then shove his cock deep until my lips touches his base.


Then he groans, impressed. My eyes widens when he told me that was just a lie to get me going. Furious, I slide his cock out and give his cock a hard squeeze as I feels my saliva drools all over my chin. He groans and apologize. I then take his cock back into my mouth again, bobbing faster and harder. Making wet sloppy naughty noises that I should only do to you.

His cock hits the end of my throat everytime I slide him in. My blue eyes meet his dark brown eyes naughtily. I guess that did the trick. Because with that he grab my head, shove his cock deeper back into my mouth and explodes in my throat. My eyes widens as I realized his cum might drips on my wedding dress.

Then I tightens my lips around his shaft as I swallow as much and as fast as I can his thick hot creamy loads in me. He keep cumming and cumming. And I keep swallowing. I almost gagged a few times but I managed to hold it back, thinking it will ruin the wedding dress.

After he stopped unloading in my mouth, I suck his cock just to make sure before he pulls his cock out. I lick the tips as I smile at him. I can feel the aftertaste of his sticky thick cum in my mouth. Oh baby. Do you remember when you said my mouth tasted weird when we kissed on the altar? Urm, that was why.

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I didn't realize that my hand still holding his cock. And his cock was barely soften from the orgasm he had. I look at the watch, 30 minutes before my bridesmaid comes and do my touch ups. I asked him if he wanted another blowjob. But he said no. Plus it's not fair for me. And I told him I can't let him fuck me because I am going to get married.

It's wrong. "But it's hot" He said. And oh boy he is right. I can't believe how wet my pussy is down there. I don't need to slide into my panties to know how soaked I was. Just with a slight move of my thighs I can feel it. I blushed. And before I know it he pulls my hand, pulling me up onto the bed. He climb on top of me as he squeeze my rounded plump tits.

And Oh honey… His fingers dug deep into my breasts, as like that thin satin wasn't there. I breath heavily as I can't believe how turned on I was.

He leans in and kisses my lips. It's not our first time kissing each other's mouth with our cum in eithers. His tongue slither between my lips and swirls around mine. With his hand slides down on my waist, pulling me closer into him with his other hand keep groping my perfectly juiced breasts. Then he break the kiss as he kisses my neck, my chest. His lips trails down to between my breasts.

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Just kissing them all over before he gave a few licks on my exposed cleavage. I moans. I wanted him to lick, suck and devour my breasts but I know it will ruin my wedding dress. And to take it off and put it back later on might give away to the others on what happened there. Luckily, he knows that too. Then he slowly pulls up my dress skirt, luckily the skirt was designed so it looks wavy and crusty. Both of us doesn't have to worry about that. I look down at him as I feels his lips, and mouth, kissing, licking, and sucking my thin socks wrapped thighs.

Yes, honey I put them on for you. I'm sorry. I can't help it. His hands roams all over my legs, feeling me as I feels his fingers digging every inch of my thighs.

He slides his head under my skirt, and with my moans, he licked my pussy over that panties. I gasped baby.

Oh. He told me I was soaking wet down there. And I shouldn't wear that moist panties walking on the altar. I agree but I decided to keep it on. He smiles as he… As he slides my panties to aside, and then… Oh honey… I can feel his mouth, lips, and tongue are all over my pussy. My wet throbbing bride pussy. His tongue flicks my clit as fast as he can as he sucks my sweet naughty nectar that haven't stop leaking since he came in.

I put my hand on his head as he eat me hungrily. He still remember how to touch me. How to eat me. It didn't take long before I grinds my trimmed pussy on her face.

I moans as I grab the bed sheet. And with that, my body jerked with my pussy explodes with orgasm all over his mouth. He sucks me hard, and lick my bride pussy clean for you.

As I thought that was it. Oh honey… How I was wrong… "I'm sorry Winter… I really need to fuck your cunt…" He groans. And I didn't say no. I'm sorry. I know I'm supposed to say no and push him away or something. I'm about to get married to you! A person that I love. A person that I really, really like. We look into each other's eyes before his hanging hard cock touches my wet pussy lips. The panties was slide securely aside he grab my waist, he pulls my socks wrapped legs up as he get in the position.

I bite my lips knowing that was wrong. And at the same time I know I cannot stop myself. "Ohh Jason…" I moans. I grab his arm as I feels his thick hard cock enters me. Inch by inch. My wet tight pussy squeeze his cock tight as I feels it stretched me out. Perhaps he was right.


I am out of practice. Oh honey! It's not like you're small or anything but I mean for his size. He is big. And wide. My jaw dropped as he keep pushing inch by inch without pausing until he hits my womb. I didn't know how I missed being filled like that. Being filled to the point he can barely move in there.

Jason grab my legs, as he started to pull out, and start to push in again. Filling me up. Filling my pussy up. Oh honey… I know your cock goes as deep. But his 10 inch gives his cock a harder thrust. I grab the bedsheet tight as I squirms. He starts to pound me, fuck me like I am his slut.

I mean, I was his slut back then but at that moment, I am his again. I am his white bride slut. He grabs my waist tighter as he start to pounds me harder. I moans and gasped in every thrust he made. As my breasts jiggles hard. I would never have thought I would be doing this on our wedding day. Having a big black cock pounding me deep and hard.

Slamming me hard. Like I am his. In fact I am yours. I will be yours always. He suddenly pulls his cock out before he turn my body around.

Getting me on all four. He pushes the dress up. Since the dress is tight on the ass, perfectly. He decided to pulls up my skirt just enough so can he slides his big black cock in. I am on my four on the hotel bed. In my wedding dress. Having a big black cock pounding me from behind.

Fuck baby… It was so good. His cock pounded me hard just as I remember it. My ass jiggles with that skin tight dress. As I can feel he spank my ass hard as he fuck me. Oh my dear husband… I moans and moans like a slut. The feeling of his big black cock in me, on my wedding day, in my wedding dress, is just turning me on more and more. Even as I write this my pussy is soaking wet. I begged him to fuck me more and he did.

His big black cock slammed deep in me with his balls slapping my wet bride cunt. I looked up as I realized that my face is facing the mirror now. I can see myself, on all four for Jason. He keep pounding me. Our eyes meet on the mirror as he grins. I smile back naughtily as I look at myself. A slutty bride. A slutty wife to be. Bouncing back and forth with my veil on the back of my hair. I squeeze the bed sheet tight watching my own tits jiggles with the rhythm. As my ass being pounded by his lean body in that black suit.

Oh baby… What a slut I am… Then he leans in and kiss me. He is close, he whispered. I didn't know where to ask him to cum. And in that state my mind can't think of any better spot other than inside. "Cum in me Jason… Fill me up with your thick hot cum" I begged. He grins as he hold my waist and pulls his body back.

And with that his big black cock pounds me harder and harder into me. Making my body bounced back and forth as the wet slapping noises echoed in my room. My toes curled inside that socks as both of us groans and with that my pussy bursts all over his thick hard black cock. At the same time his big black cock throbs before bursts with loads and loads of his thick creamy cum inside of me. Oh honey… My pussy milked him up, making sure that every drops is in me.

Both of us pants. Breathing heavily. Then slowly he leans in and whisper. "Congratulations on your wedding, Winter&hellip." I blushed hearing that as he kissed my cheek. He pulled out his big black cock and cover back my pussy with my panties. He pulls down my skirt covering my legs as I then slowly lay down from the surprise sex by my black best friend. He smile at me before he leaves me alone. Still panting with his seeds in me. His wedding gift. I didn't even get to clean myself up when my bridesmaid comes in just a few minutes after he left.

They asked me why my face was red and almost sweaty. I told them I was nervous. Which is true. Because in the same hour, I walked down the aisle, made my oath, and kiss you with my best friend's cum pooled in my pussy. Hoping that his seeds won't sprout in me.

Oh baby&hellip. I'm so sorry for being a really bad wife. Even before we made our oath. But somehow that turns me on. The thoughts of fucking another man, another cock… While at the same time married to a person that I love is turning me on so much.

And I am really hoping this is my first and my last entry in this diary.

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I'm sorry baby. And I love you. Always. Winter. Your loving wife.