Redhead babe anally banged from behind

Redhead babe anally banged from behind
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Stranded at the mall. Lisa Looked around her in a panic when she realized that her purse was missing from her bag which contained all of her money and cards. Her mind raced trying to figure out where it could be, because she knew it was in her bag last. "No this can't be happening where can it be no,no,no". Lisa was in a frenzy she knew that without her money she would not would be able to take a cab home because she lived quite far away and all she came to do was meet her best friend Becky and watch the release of their favourite movie which started at 9pm and ended at 10pm.

"gosh I think I dropped it in the movie theatre!" After the movie Becky took her cab home and left while Lisa decided to stay behind and run into her favourite book shop and treat herself to a new book, only when she had went over to the till to pay for her new book pick she then realized that her purse was not in her bag.

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Feeling embarrassed she left the book back at the store and ran off to look for her purse. She entered the movie theatre and she searched her row where she had sat but to no avail did she find it.

She then felt even more worried now that she had no idea how she was going to reach home tonight. She exited the theatre after and was making her way toward's the exist of the now almost dead mall with a very few people still there. She paused at the exist and cupped her hands on her face and bowed her head in hopelessness.

Lisa snapped out of it when she felt a hand on her shoulder, she jumped and turned around seeing a man with a concerned look on his face. " sorry miss I thought you was crying." "Is everything okay?" Lisa was a shy beautiful 19 year old girl who did not get out much.

She looked at the man and found herself oddly enough attracted to him, he looked to be in his mid 30s and rather attractive. She realized that she was staring at him with out replying and she quickly said "I'm okay, thanks just a bit worried about something that's all." The man looked at her and replied "oh dear what's worrying you?" Lisa then began to explain her problem to this man of how she had misplaced her purse and had no money in order to get home. Her voice sounded shaky and nervous as she spoke this stranger.

"I'm sorry to hear that miss, perhaps I could help you out? You won't get a cab now at this hour the malls about to close too and its not safe for you to be out here alone. Could I offer you a lift home I'm about to leave now anyway." Looking at her watch she realized it was 11:45pm and it was late indeed.

This man appeared to be decent she thought to herself and what else could she do she had no other option her phone was dead she had no money and the mall was about to close. "Yes thank you sir I would not mind a ride home, but I stay a bit far from here tho." He smiled at her sweetly and said "not a problem miss just give me the address and I'll drop you home." She then gave him her address.

LIsa followed him out into the parking lot.

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The cold nights air got to her causing her nipples to harden under her top. She cursed herself for not wearing a bra and jacket. "this is it jump in." He said unlocking a black Jeep with dark tinted windows.

They got into his car and he started the engine driving out of the parking lot and on to the quite high way. He glanced over at Lisa who sat in the passengers seat of his jeep and noticed straight away how hard her nipples had gotten under her tank top and caught him self licking his lip. He realized that she may be feeling cold so he turned on the car heater. "here is that better?" He asked. "Yes thanks. What's your name by the way." Asked Lisa.

There it occurred to her that she got into a car with a man who she did not even know the name of. Lisa was rather naive at her age. "The names Johnathen but my friends call me john for short. And what may yours be miss?" "My names Lisa" she said in a low voice." "Well then its nice to meet you Lisa, I must say you a very pretty young lady. How old are you, you appear to be around 17-18." Lisa blushed her checks went pink and John noticed that and smiled.

"Thanks you look good to and i just turned 19 last month." The intoxicating smell of johns perfume filled the air the scent of him was so masculine that she could not help but enjoy it, being locked in a car with the windows up, heater on and next to a hunk stranger. Lisa looked at his hands gripping the starring wheel and noticed he wore no wedding ring and she assumed he was unmarried. "My phone is flat dead do you a car char." Before she could complete her sentence john had turned the car to the left on the quite high way fast and with out warning.

The jeep began to swivel uncontrollably as john tried his best to get the car straight.

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Lisa gasped and held her breath as she realized what was happening. John had no control over the car and he was scared that they mite crash into a tree luckily he slammed breaks and both Lisa and John went slamming forward as the airbag's deployed.


"LISA ARE YOU OKAY? ARE YOU HURT?" "Ahhh oh gosh what happened? I'm okay I think just hurt my neck." "I'm sorry the car just lost control all of a sudden I think something may have punctured the tyre's" john unbuckled his seatbelt and jumped out of his jeep to inspect damage and rite enough his two front tyres had been punctured with sharp nails which had been on the road.

"Arg some idiot had dropped these nails here it almost cost us our life's!" Lisa waited in the car for john to return as he began calling road side assistance. She rubbed her sore neck with her left hand and began to feel worried in this situation as she had no idea what it is to come next and how she was going to get home now.

John jumped back into his jeep which came to a stop at the side of the road of the rather quite highway. He shut the door and took a deep breath to calm himself and then he turned his attention to the beautiful and teen girl who sat besides him and he thought to himself perhaps this situation is not that bad at least I have some female company here.

"I called for road side assistance they said they will be here in at least an hour or so, I'm sorry this had to happen hun I'm not sure how I'm going to get you home now the car is pretty damaged and they will have to tow it back to my place. Maybe you can stay over and catch a cab in the morning I'll give you some cash to pay the fee?" Lisa just sat there slowly rubbing her neck looking at him as her mind drifted off as she thought about how sexy he was and then she realized what he had asked.

" he wants me to spend the night at his place omg what." "I don't know about that and I don't know what to do everything is upside down and I just want to go home rite now but I can't." Said Lisa. John reached his hand over to Lisa's neck and began to slowly rub on her neck while she removed her hand and allowed him to do so. "Your neck is red I think its caught let me rub it for you that would relieve the pain." As he rubbed on her neck gently with his big strong hand she let out a small but audible moan.

John knew she was enjoying it and he got a bit braver and pulled himself closer to her and allowed his hand to slide down the back of her top as his face was rite neck to her cheek. She turned quickly when she felt his hand going down her top. And his face so close to hers that her hips met his and for a second it was awkward until it turned into a deep passionate kiss whit there lips locked together his tongue entered her hot mouth and he began pushing his tongue down her throat in lust.

Lisa's body began getting excited as she felt herself getting wet between her legs.

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Suddenly she didn't care about her situation all she knew was that she wanted him bad. His hands were now on her flat tummy under her top and it was slowly moving upwards toward's her hard nipples, his fingers danced around her nipple teasing it slowly as he kissed her even harder and the pulled on her nipple and then let go and gave her breast a squeeze and began alternating from one breast to the other.

Lisa moaned loudly into his mouth as she muttered up some bravery to move her hand towards his jeans where she felt his hard cock under the fabric of his jeans. She gasped as she felt how big and hard his manhood was. John pulled away from the kiss and moaned as he felt her hand give his cock a little squeeze.

He lifted up Lisa's top and put his mouth to one of her nipples and began sucking on it hard in his lustful state, Lisa moaned and said yes and he repeated the same thing on her other nipple.

She held his head in place as he did so. Johns hand found his way to her jeans zipper and he pulled her zip down unbuttoned her jeans and felt the fabric of her silk under ware.

He cupped his hand onto her wanting pussy gave it a squeeze and then found her clit and began rubbing onto it in circular motions while he bit on her nipple slightly. This drove Lisa crazy and she began to moan out loudly. John sensed her need to be filled and his index finger slipped its way down her pussy and felt the wetness coming out of her, he dipped his finger inside her wanting pussy and began to slowly finger fuck her wet hole deep inside her. As his skilled fingers went to work Lisa's eyes where rolling to the back of her head as she was lost in total pleasure, her breathing was heavy and fast and she was biting onto her bottom lip to try and stop the moans of pleasure from escaping her.

The windows where all steamed up dew to her ragged breathing she no longer felt cold john had made her body feel soo hot. John began kissing Lisa's neck gently as he continued fingering her. He slowly pushed another finger inside her and Lisa felt the need to cum. "Please I wanna cum I can't handle it anymore." With that being said john placed his hand on her abdomen and applied slight pressure to it and he began moving both his fingers inside her faster and faster as he rubbed onto her throbbing clit with his thumb.

He felt her Pussy mussels contract as it calmed down on his fingers and she semi screamed and half moaned in reaction to her orgasm. Beads of sweat had some how formed on her forehead and her body was shaking as he pulled out his hand from in between her legs and brought it to his nose where he inhaled the scent of her sweet juice's. He kissed her cheek and gave her time to recover from her orgasm which he had given to her.

" ha from a neck rub to it turning into this he thought and chucked." "Oooh my god that was . Amazing!" Lisa said as she turned and looked into his dark ocean blue eyes as she blushed in uncontrollably. John had to admit he was surprised that she didn't even attempt to stop him. He looked at her face and thought about how innocent she looked and then he felt his hard dick twitch as he wanted to fuck her soo badly.

"Mm you are soo beautiful and sexy dear, you irresistible.


I want to be in your hot pussy." The air between them was sparked with sexual energy and their need for each other was both equal." Lisa whispered "take me john, I want you so bad." John then hopped out of his jeep and went into the back seat which had enough space. Lisa followed him. They shut the back doors and began kissing each other hard her hand traced down his hard mussel's and she felt his abe under his sweater her hand fumbled with his belt and he removed her hand and unbuckled fast and pulled down his jeans and boxers abit.

Lisa gasped when she saw his hard slightly curved cock stand up tall it was thick as well as long. She couldn't help herself she just had to have a taste of his meat. She raped her lips around his cock head and began sucking on it slowly. Pre cum leaked out of his cock and Lisa gladly licked it clean savouring the taste of him.

Her mouth moved over his cock and she took all of him inside her warm wet mouth. John held her head and moved her head up and down on his shaft while he moaned out loud. "Aaaah Lisa i want you rite now." John pulled her head up and kissed her forehead and he told her to get on top of him.

He quickly removed her skinny jeans and her purple silk panty and threw it down. He reached for his wallet in his jeans and pulled out a studded condom and slipped it onto his hard cock.


Lisa got on top of him as he sat there waiting for her, she took hold of his cock and positioned the head towards her entrance. She took a deep breath and then pushed down on his cock the whole thing slided up her wet pussy. Her eyes opened up wide in pleasure, having him inside her made her feel completely full.

John held her hips and moved her body up and down on his shaft, he was granting in pleasure and moving her faster and faster over him. Lisa felt her pussy mussels contract as she felt herself coming to yet again another orgasm. Her Pussy squeezed his cock hard and this caused john to have a strong orgasm of his own.

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He lost control and began squeezing her ass cheeks as he came deep inside her into the condom. Her head rest on his shoulder as he became limp inside her.

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And as if it was perfect timing the bright lights if a tow truck could be seen in the distance from behind them. Lisa saw this and quickly got off of him and dressed while he did the same.

"So I'll make us some Bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow?" Asked john as he smiled at her and winked.

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Lisa bit her lip and replied "sure." With a cute smile followed. "How kinky would you say you are on a scale to 1-10?" Asked John. Lisa replied I'll say 7.

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John smiled and said " then we going to have some fun tonight my dear." The end.