Pole dancer in naughty school girl outfit new)

Pole dancer in naughty school girl outfit new)
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I looked down into the valley towards the temple, surrounded by statues of naked gods and women. The sun shone through the clouds and the lone oak tree, which sat atop the hill I was on, swayed gently, leaves glittering in the sunlight. "Going well?" a voice asked behind me, "Not bad, well, pretty good, actually," I said, smiling to myself. I sat down amid the roots of the tree and turned to face my mother, with the sun behind her, her body was framed with an almost angelic halo and her hair, which she'd made gold since I last saw her, flickered like tinsel on Christmas.

"Oh really?" she asked, smiling knowingly, "Do tell." She sat beside me in the roots of the tree, the sun slowly crawling lower in the sky on its arcing path.

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"Well, there's Jess, whose now got a new girlfriend, the ex of the guy who was originally bullying her. There's Hannah, who despite my demands, still remains a slut," I smiled thinking ahead, "She'll probably need another visit," I added. "What about you?" my mum asked, smiling kindly. "What about me?" I replied, turning to face her a bit more. "Have you seen anyone yet?" I thought about it for a while, flicking through all the girls at school, I'd nearly reached the end of the list when I realised there might actually be someone.

"I dunno, maybe," I said finally. My mum just sat there smiling. "Oh god yeah!" I cried after a minute, "How's Emma?" I asked, feeling guilty I hadn't thought about her in such a long time. "Oh she's fine," my mum said brightly, "She's really settling in well," ever since, that fateful night when mum had bumped into my eating out my sister's friend, and my sister's lips wrapped around my cock, Emma had gone to live in my mum's mansion type house, in Olympus.

"You can see her soon, if you want?" she said, "Oh yeah please," I nodded enthusiastically. "Good," my mum paused for at least two whole minutes, "She misses, you," my mum said quietly, "Every night she asks if she can see you, this time I can say yes." We both sat in silence as a remembered my little sister, I hadn't seen her for nearly three years, she'd be eleven by now.

"Oh that reminds me," my mum said, sitting up. "You're other powers, I forgot all about them!" I sat expectantly, "Right," she started, "You already know about the ones I've already told you. You know, invisibility, teleportin', the voice thing. . ." she let the sentence fade. "The ones you don't know are much, much cooler," I grinned in anticipation. "There's a problem though," she said, my grin didn't so much as die as had a catastrophic stroke. "In the same way you unlocked your original powers, you have to unlock new ones," she paused, "By honouring me," "By shagging?" I asked, "Yeah," she said slowly, disliking my crude description.

"Like, for example," she said straightening back up. "If you wanted to be able to converse with animals, you would have to honour in a specific way, let's say, by masturbating in a certain position, or something like that," "Oh, right," I mumbled, damn rituals!

"Can I actually talk to animals?" I asked a little les glum.


"Yeah, I think so," my mum said, "Anyway, next time, when I come talk you to see Emma I'll show you another temple so you can get a few ideas." I grinned, "Yeah, that'd be good." "Good," she repeated, "I'll see you in a bit then," she smiled.

A second later I was stood in the middle of my room, hearing weird giggling noises next door. I changed out of my school clothes and into some footy trackies and a Man U top.

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Stepping outside, I knocked quickly on Jess's door and leaned inside. "You two still at?" I asked smiling. Suffice to say, they were. Jess was lying on her bed, her boobs bouncing as she giggled, a bed sheet covering Becky, who was between Jess's legs doing something I'm sure involved tongues. "Oh my god!" exclaimed Becky who fell of the bed, sheets unravelling and leaving her naked on the floor. "Hi Ry," said Jess, un-fazed.

Becky however, had scrabbled up some sheets and had made a desperate effort to wipe Jess's Juices off of her face, and cover her naked body. "Wh.

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. . What the. .

omg!" Becky managed, "God," I moaned, smiling, "Calm down," I looked back towards Jess, "I've got football in half an hour, you wanna come?" Jess frowned for a second before nodding, slowly. "Yeah, yeah okay, I'll come," she looked questioningly at Becky, still on the floor, "Yeah okay whatever!" she cried, desperate for me to leave, "Right okay then, half an hour, yeah?" I looked at Becky one last time before I shrugged to Jess and went downstairs.

By the time Jess and Becky had showered and dressed I was on seven hundred and sixty three kick-ups (yes. . with my powers = P). "You ready?" I asked, looking the girls up and down. They were both wearing jeans, and Becky had borrowed a top of Jess, they'd both grabbed two coat-like jackets from jess's room and made their way downstairs. "Yeah, were ready," nodded Jess, Becky arm hooked around hers.

We walked to the astro-turf pitch we trained on, and on the way we talked about random stuff like which actors they thought were fit, and their favourite celebrities and other meaningless gossip.

When we got there, Jerrad probably the closest thing I thought of as a friend, called out to me, "Hey, Ryan, You scored pretty good there mate!" he was grinning like a fool as he saw my face, "She's my best mate, you retard," I laughed as his face dropped, "an' that's her friend," I laughed as his joking melted off his face, "Oh well," I consoled him, "Unlucky there." His face rose a bit and we headed off to the rest of the team and the manager, who everyone called the 'Chief'.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After the warm-up and we were three nil, down, (I try not to use my powers too much at football, I want to be good, but not a cheat.) Jess laughed as Jarred, who was on the other team, slipped past me and a defender and slotted one right in the top-corner.

"Ryan you moob!" she laughed, "I could do better than that!" I looked at her for a second, and then at the chief, "Hey, Chief, we're a man down, can Jess play," some of the other lads laughed at the thought of playing a girl, but the Chief just shrugged so I yelled to jess and soon she'd thrown of her coat and ran through the gate that led onto the astro-pitch. "Bring it." She said, grinning, as we kicked off.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Soon after we were four three down and Becky had been invited by the Chief's wife to sit in the car with a coffee so she was happy. Two minutes later a played a cross through the air to the feet of Brad, one of our players, who then lobbed it into the box.

To our entire amazement, Jess leapt in the air, spun, volleyed the ball in mid-air, and landed, spinning as the ball shook the netting behind.

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All of us stood in a kind of stupor as we replayed in our heads what had just happened, before the Chief clapped his hands and had us finish. Me and Jess laughed along with the rest of the team as we walked back to the Chief's car.


I got there and was taking to Jerrad when Jess came up and tapped me on the shoulder, "Where's Becky?" she asked, worried." "Dunno," I shrugged and asked the Chief's wife where Becky had gone, apparently she went to find a bin fifteen minutes ago, but then she'd been stopped by some lad, and they'd gone the second she looked again. Jess looked at me, thinking the same thought 'Tyler'.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fifteen minutes earlier. "Thanks, Mrs Heath," said Becky stepping out of the car, "I'm just gonna' go find a bin." Becky stepped out and saw Jess slide tackle the ball away from someone almost twice the size of her and then hit the crossbar.

The carried on walking, not really watching anything in particular, when she bumped into someone. "Oh my god, I'm sorry I didn't " she stopped as she saw Tyler in front of her.

"What, d'you want?" she asked, half afraid, half annoyed, "You!" he growled, and the half afraid flooded her entirely, "Wha-" Becky managed before he grabbed her with both hands, clamped on hand over her mouth and hauled her into a side-alley. She tried to scream as his hand went between her legs but his other hand was still over her mouth. As if sensing her intent, her pulled out a roll of tape and clamped her jaw shut. Then, with his other hand freed, he tore the coat of her shoulders and attacked her shirt.

He ripped it in two in his violent grabbing and her large boobs flopped out got pressed against cold brickwork as he spun her around and bit off the clip of her bra.

He resistant her attempts to defend herself and grabbed her jeans pulling them too her knees, he pulled her frilly white panties (also borrowed off Jess ;D) down to her knees squeezed her shivering butt cheeks. He got to his knees and ravaged her butt hole with his tongue, revelling in every movement she made to stop him, causing him yet more pleasure.

He stood after a minute and released his cock, seven inches long and easily two wide, he entered her from behind, pounding against her and grunting every time his balls slapped against her cheeks. He felt the blood pumping around, and she clenched to try and keep him out, but it only heightened his pleasure. She writhed against him like a trapped snake but she struggled to move at all. He groaned as he launched his seed deep into her arse.

Her grunted again as he spun her around to face him and began playing with her tits. He bit them hard and nibbled them so that squeals of pain escaped her mouth, even taped up. He squeezed them as hard as he dared, and then, when his cock had re-filled itself he aimed his rod into her as-yet, un-penetrated-by-cock vagina.

He grunted as he ploughed back into her and her clenched muscles squeezed him. He violently licked her tits and she whimpered in fear, a fight having fled from her limp body as soon as he had rammed himself inside her. The pleasure of finally taking her after so many un-fulfilled breams was beyond imagine. Every movement, be it the heartless attempts of defence or the pump of blood heightened his pleasure and he cummed deep inside her after only two minutes.


He re-dressed, her and himself, whispering in her ear, " "There's more where that came from!" "FUCK IS THERE!!" someone roared in the entrance of the darkened alley, and rugby tackled him into the garbage cans behind him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I can't remember what I yelled as I took out Tyler from the side, I just remember thinking 'I'm gonna kill this bastard'.

I found myself kneeling on top of him and threw I punch at his face, I felt a satisfying 'crunch' follow my knuckles, and a launched another furious punch to the side of his head. I was about to lay him a third before Jarred, who had seen me and Jess run off, grabbed my shoulders and with a grunt haul me off of him and step between us.

In my anger I shoved him aside and kicked the kneeling Tyler in the ribs, sending him crashing to the floor. Some more hands grabbed both me and Tyler and hauled is out of the alley. I remember the chief yelling in Tyler's ear that he'd never get over this!. And when I saw someone, brad, I think it was, tie Tyler up with his own tape I began to calm down. I leant against the bonnet of the Chief's car and answered the dumbass questions some copper was asking me.

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Soon enough Me, Becky and Jess had all lumped into the back of Chief's car and were following the cop car in front. all coments welcome as always, any advice whatever. also any ideas on ryan's powers would be greatly appreciated, i got kinda stuck on that part =) oh yeah, i nearly forgot, enjoy!