Mom and son tonight hard fuck

Mom and son tonight hard fuck
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I really needed the job, so I said yes to a summer school job. The principal contacted me asking for a favor and since I didn't have a job lined up, I thought a little extra spending money over the summer wouldn't hurt. I was supposed to do a combination gym/health class. I reported on time on the first day, and noticed that there were only two students on my class list! Both were high school freshman.

. Emma Nicholson and Justin Winters. The class began at 7:30 and Emma showed up on time. We kibitzed a bit and I let her know that there was a good chance the class might be canceled. "They can't cancel the class," she stated.

"My school won't let me go on to 10th grade!" she whined. I was somewhat unhappy about the possibility myself, because although I usually taught high school, this little nymph was beginning to excite my juices. She went on to explain that she had skipped gym during the regular school year, to be with her friends, but realized too late that she wouldn't get credit.

Suddenly Mr. Johnson, the principal, came into the auxiliary gym and walked over to where we were talking. "Mike, I'm sorry about getting you all charged up about teaching this class, but we really felt more students would sign up. And I'm sorry for you too young lady. . you will have to take something else or get your money back," said Mr. Johnson. Emma immediately burst into tears. We were both surprised by her reaction. "You can't do that. . like I've got to get credit, or I can't pass ninth grade!" she sobbed.

"There's not much I can do," said Mr. Johnson. "Your tuition can't pay Mr. Watkin's salary by itself, and we don't have enough students in our other classes to cover it either." Lisa broke down and continued to sob. I always had a weak spot for girls crying and this was no exception. But another idea was entering my mind as I looked at her budding body. She had beautiful straight blonde hair that came down to her small titties.

Her hips had not yet formed, but her breasts were noticeable, and for some reason her nipples pushed out the front of her white T-shirt. As she continued to cry, her chest moved in and out, displaying her longer than usual nipples for a girl her age.

"I've got to get back to the office, Mike. When she calms down, let me know what she's going to do. To help you out, I will need another social studies teacher if the other classes keep growing. . .talk to you later." He left but the word that kept in my mind was "growing" because that's what my 8" cock was doing the more I fantasized about some rather lewd possibilities that had entered my thoughts. This girl needed to take this class. . at any cost. I wondered how far she would go if I made arrangements to teach it.


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on a one on one basis. The more I thought, the more rigid my cock grew. I looked down and it was literally vaulting out the front of my sweat pants. Emma had calmed down and I stood up and walked in front of her. My erect cock would be directly in front of her face if she lifted up her head. It was time to strike up a deal.

. "Emma. . .I know that you are upset. . but there still might be a way this could work out." She lifted her head up from her lap, just missing my deliberately placed cock. Unfortunately, she didn't look straight ahead, but instead up at my face. "Really Mr. Watkins?" she said attempting to compose herself. "Like I would do anything to get credit.

I don't want to be kept back in ninth grade." Those were the words I was waiting to hear. "Well. . I would have to talk to Mr. Johnson and instead of getting paid for teaching you, you would have to do some extra favors for me," I began.

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"Like you name it. . and I'll do it for you. You're the greatest!" With that Emma stood up and gave me an unexpected hug. Because of my 6' 6" frame, when she wrapped her arms around me, she placed my throbbing cock in between her titties and was rewarded by my thick shaft rubbing all over her breasts.

I deliberately pulled her closer and circled my cock from one titty to the other carefully feeling out the goods underneath. "I'm sure we can work this out Emma. . .and you will learn a whole lot about all sorts of things." I felt her tense up slightly as I continued to circle her breasts with my raging hard-on.

I had deliberately placed the underside of my cock on the knob that I knew was her growing nipple. "Why don't we go in the gym office and write down a contract that you will follow while I am your teacher?" I let go as I was talking, and backed away far enough so that she could appreciate the huge size of my cock that was still sticking out obscenely from my sweats.

This time she looked directly at it and stared. Blood began to fill her cheeks as her embarrassment began to show. "Okay.

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. . that would be fine," she said still staring. I turned around and went to the office that was located in-between the boys and girls locker rooms. I adjusted my rod, since it was painfully angled. I took out the single key that Mr. Jenkins had given to me for the summer, and opened the office.

When we entered, it smelled like a combination of various kinds of deodorant and medicine. "Why don't you sit down Emma, and let me see if I can find some paper." I opened up the top drawer and immediately found a pen, clipboard and stop watch. Hmm. . I thought the stopwatch might come in handy. I pulled the drawer out further and found a legal pad. I placed the legal pad inside the clipboard, grabbed the pen and handed it over to Emma who had sat down.

She was looking around the room, attempting to compose herself from my earlier actions. "What's in there?" she asked, pointing into a closet area. "That's a shower." "Wow, like the gym teacher has his own shower?" "Yep, you gotta stay fresh for your students.

You wouldn't want some stinky guy telling you what to do, now would you." She laughed. "I guess not. . .it's like just kinda awesome that someone has their own personal shower in a school." "Well, since the shower room is closed for the summer and you will be working out very hard every day, you'll probably get to use it.

How would that be?" She looked at me with surprise. "Really. . like I didn't know I would have to take showers too. During regular school we don't have to. Most of us just wash up and put on deodorant before going back to class." "Well, during summer school, showers will be mandatory, every day." "That's okay, I don't like to be all sweaty anyway. Like, what do you want me to write down?" she asked. "We are going to make a contract. I want to make sure that if I accept you into this class, you do exactly what I say.

. .understood?" "I always keep my word, Mr. Watkins. Just wait and see." "I hope so. . because if you don't follow the contract, you won't get credit and there might even be some forms of punishment or consequences.

. do you understand?" "Yes, Mr. Watkins," she said with a slight grin on her face. Little did this teen know what she was in for.

"Tell you what, since we will be working together very closely this summer, why don't you call me something different than Mr. Watkins?" "Okay. . .like what. . I don't even know your first name. . .oh yeah I do. . it's Mike.

That was my daddy's first name." "Really? Is he still alive?" I asked. "I think so. He just kinda split when I was little. I live with my mom." "Oh so there isn't really a man around the house, huh? Well, if you want to, you can call me Mike or even Daddy if you want." "Okay. . but it will take some time getting used to it. . are you married?" "Nope, never found the perfect woman yet. I live by myself in an apartment about two miles from here.

It's right on the water." "You live on Proud Lake? You must be rich!" "Oh I don't know about that. . maybe you can come over during the summer and do some community service for me and see the apartment at the same time. We could make it a field trip." She laughed. "Really? This is going to be fun!" "You can count on that! As long as you fulfill your contract, it should be a very exciting learning experience for you.

We only have about twenty minutes until the class is over so why don't we begin our contract." "Great, let's start," she said lifting up the clipboard. "Alright, why don't you copy down what I say and then when we're done, we will both sign it. Number one, I will call my teacher Daddy. Number two, I will always do what I am asked to in order to get credit for this class." "Wait, you're going too fast.

Let me get that down." She leaned over and continued writing. Her beautiful blonde hair looked shiny as I watched her. Her titties were somewhat hidden in this position, but I was focusing in on her blue jean shorts that were somewhat short.

She had on white Nike shoes and the distance between her shorts and shoes showed off her tanned legs. I couldn't help but wonder what type of panties she wore under those shorts, and I just had to see those titties that my cock had felt minutes before.

"Okay, keep going," she said, looking up and noticing me watch her young body. "Number three, I will always wear whatever I'm asked to. . during and after class." "What do you mean after class?" she asked. "Sometimes, when we go on field trips, you will need to wear appropriate attire. We might even go jogging once or twice.

Number four, I will take a shower whenever asked to do so." "That needs to be in the contract?" "Just keep writing. . .Number five all of the activities that I do, will not be discussed with anyone else.

Let me pause for a minute so that you can get caught up." I noticed that she was beginning to blush. . .or was that my imagination.

"Like, how many rules are there going to be?" "Maybe ten. . but I don't know, I'm making them up as we go along. Number six, I understand there will be a community service project as part of this class. My community service will be at Daddy's apartment.

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I understand that I must complete 20 hours of community service, just like the other students enrolled in summer school." She was at the bottom of the page so she carefully ripped the yellow sheet, turned it over and continued writing. "Number seven, I realize that there is a sex education component as part of the class and that we will watch movies that demonstrate various topics covered." I couldn't wait to show her some X-rated films I had at home.

"I didn't know that," she naively said, "we usually learn about sex in science class at our school. Do you know a bunch about sex Daddy?" It was the first time she remembered to call me by that name and my cock lurched forward.

"Enough to cover the necessary topics. Why, are you interested in sex?" "I guess so. . .my mom doesn't feel comfortable talking about stuff so I pick up most things in school. . which I know isn't the best place." "Don't worry Emma.

. by the time we finish, you will feel much better about sex, and your cute little body, and boys and men's COCKS. . I promise." Not waiting for a response, he continued, "Number eight, we will have a gymnastics unit in our class and I will bring a leotard to class, when asked." As she kept writing, I imagined what she would look like in a tight leotard, showing off her young titties and maybe even her pussy lips.

Maybe we should start off that way tomorrow. "Number nine, if asked I will bring a friend with me when we do some of the health and gym activities." "That might be fun," she whispered to herself.

"And number ten, if I do everything I'm expected, Daddy will make sure I get credit for this class. That's it!" I watched her finish and suddenly the bell rang.

"Take a minute Emma, and read all of the rules out loud." She quickly raced through all ten. "Good, now let's both sign it and you can go on home.

I will submit it to the principal for his authorization and promise of credit." I deliberately brought the clipboard over to the desk, leaned over and signed it. "Now it's your turn." "No problem, Mr. Watkins!" I was hoping for that small mistake and she satisfied my desire. I waited until she was done and then called her on her forgetfulness. "What's my name?" "Whoops, I mean Daddy." I moved directly behind her and brought my arms around her. As I leaned forward, I drove my erect cock into the crack of her young ass.

"That's better Emma, but don't forget, if you don't follow the rules, there will be different kinds of consequences. . something like this." I immediately cupped and squeezed her shoulders. Gently I slid both hands down to her chest and over her firm flushed and swollen breasts, one by one, gently squeezing them and caressing them with the tips of my fingers. She wore a thin bra underneath, but I was able to trace a spiral circle around each breast, from the base to the tip of each hard throbbing nipple.

. pinching them between my finger and thumb. . rolling them back and forth eliciting gasp after gasp from between Emma's lips as I flicked the tip of my tongue into her cute little ear.

I elected not to plant a kiss on those young teen lips. . at least not today. I felt her nipples begin to grow as I gently pinched them harder. This girl was going to be lots of fun. I stopped suddenly and turned her around.

"Now young lady, I want you to remember to bring your leotard to class tomorrow and get ready for lots of exercises. And one more thing, from now on, leave your bra at home or in your bag. I want to be able to touch your naked titties whenever I want to. . and don't forget rule number two, 'You will always do what I ask you to, in order to get credit for this class', Ok?" She looked up at me and said, "Yes". She turned around, grabbed her bag and left the gym.

As soon as she was out of sight, I pulled down my sweat pants and shorts and savagely grabbed my throbbing cock. I knew it would only be seconds before I shot my load. . literally all across the room. Day Two: Gymnastics, Leotards and Naughty Exercises "Hi Daddy, what are we going to do today?" was how Emma greeted me the next day.

I had talked to the principal about teaching the social studies class and also if it would be alright if Emma could get credit for gym. He was receptive to both ideas, although he was a little concerned about me teaching Emma by myself. I blew it off, saying I was sympathetic to her situation and that I had discussed it with her mom (which I hadn't) and that she was thankful she could make up the class.

Emma had met me in the auxiliary gym where there were mats, bars and other gymnastic equipment. I wondered what she was thinking after my little show of affection the day before. "Today we are going to work out and get you into shape. Have you ever done any gymnastics before?" I looked at what she was wearing, and smiled to myself that she had remembered to leave her bra at home. She wore a yellow blouse with thin spaghetti like straps at the top.

It looked a little loose, but showcased her teen orange-sized titties, which brought some naughty fantasies into my mind. "I was a cheerleader last year for a middle school league team and we did cartwheels and front rolls and stuff, but I've never been on the bars or a vaulting horse before." Her top was neatly tucked in, which wasn't in my plans.

We would have to work out a few minutes before she would be dressed the way I wanted her. "Tell you what, let's do some stretches and other exercises to get you warmed up. Oh and by the way, the principal has Ok'd this summer class for you, and if you complete all 10 parts of the contract, you will get full credit. " "Great. . .Do you want me to put on my leotard?" "Not yet, let's just get warmed up.

Let's start off with some jumping jacks while I go over and close the door. Face the office, and count them out for me." I began to get a hard-on as I watched her young titties bounce inside her top. She knew I was watching and begin to grin as she counted off, "1. . .2. . 3. . ." I left her for a moment and headed to the door. There was only one entrance to the auxiliary gym. . a set of double doors. I had planned ahead and purchased a two-foot section of chain and a lock. I walked up to the doors, pulled them shut and then quietly looped the chain around the panic bars and clicked the lock in place.

I wandered back as she was finishing up. Her face had begun to turn red and there was a trace of sweat on her cheeks. "Good, now let's do some stretches, ten on each side. You look like your hair is all wet." She stretched out on the floor with one foot under her cute little ass and the other stretched out in front of her. "I just got out of the shower a few minutes ago. I didn't have time to blow dry it." "That's Ok.

. ." I said as I moved closer to her, "you smell very nice". "Thanks Daddy," she smiled, and then she bent forward to begin her stretches. What she didn't know, was that I was eagerly waiting for her blouse to come out of her shorts so that she could do some cartwheels for me. She finished on both sides and sat back with her legs spread (on purpose?).

"Ok, let's do a few forward rolls. Line up on the edge of the mats and see if you can do three front rolls in a row." "I'm kinda rusty, so don't laugh if I fall over." She squatted down, with her hands at her sides, and then began to roll. She finished one rotation and I noticed her blouse was beginning to inch up her tummy. After her second rotation, about six inches of stomach and back showed. By the end of the last rotation, her cute little titties were the only things that kept me from watching the material go up past her breasts.

She adjusted her top and sat back down. She was beginning to pant. . .the exercises were taking their toll. "How about a few cartwheels?" "Ok, how many?

"How about five in a row and I want you to remain real straight and do them nice and slow, I don't want you to get too tired." She went back to the edge of the mat and placed her right hand on the mat and began.

What I was about to see, was a voyeur's delight in slow motion. As her legs hit the twelve o'clock position, two absolutely adorable bare titties came out to say hi to me. The orange-sized orbs were topped with pink puckered nipples and were in full view of my lusty eyes. As her legs came back on the mat, the top covered up her titties.

I quickly raced down to watch the next rotation. "Nice and slow Emma, and show me correct form." She slowed down slightly, giving me a longer view of her naked titties as she circled around again. Her firm chest barely moved as her bare breasts made their last appearance as she stopped before leaving the mat. She suddenly realized what she had showed me and pulled down her top. "You nasty man! You were looking right at my bare boobs weren't you?" she exclaimed. I laughed. "At first I was looking at your form, but I must admit towards the end, your titties did sneak out.

Oh well, why don't you go in the locker room and put on your leotard. We've only just started working out. I'm going to change too." Emma grabbed her gym bag and entered the girl's lockers. I went in the office and found the silk-like white shorts I had brought from home. They were somewhat loose, which would later serve my lusty purposes.

I took off all my clothes and admired myself in the mirror. My cock was fully erect as I put on the shorts, without anything on underneath of course. I knew when these got damp, you could see my thick cock and pubic hair with little difficulty.

I wondered how she would handle that sight. I left the office and went back to the mats. Soon Emma entered. "Hey Daddy, where's your shirt," was how I was greeted as her voice slightly echoed in the gym.

I looked up to a somewhat surprising and delightful sight. Emma was wearing just the leotard top and as best as I could see nothing else. The top was a light shade of pink, which looked adorable with her long straight blonde hair which she had brushed it back.

"I thought I'd work out with you and I usually get kinda sweaty. I hate it when my shirt sticks to my chest so I thought I would just leave it in the office. You're not afraid of my hairy chest are you?" She was looking me over and was obviously a little nervous about being with an almost naked man. I could tell she was slightly turned on by my muscular but rather hairy chest.

"You look yummy. . .I mean.

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. . I've never seen that much of you before. What do you want me to do next?" I wanted to say, get down on your knees and eagerly suck my cock but. . "I want us to take turns holding each other's legs down so that we can do some sit-ups. Do you want me to go first?" I asked. "You can if you want.

Why don't you sit on your butt and I'll try to hold down your ankles? You're so big, I don't know whether I can do it or not," she said looking at my slowly growing cock. "Fine," I said as I plopped down on the mat. She knelt down in front of me on her knees. It was the first time I noticed her titties in the leotard top.

The lycra fabric clung to her chest, causing her nipples and titties to be displayed for my horny eyes, since she had nothing on underneath. She tentatively placed her small hands over my ankles. Her touch shot bolts of excitement right to my slowly growing cock. "Okay, you hold on tight and I'll try fifty. I want you to count for me." "I'll do my best. . ready?" she asked. I placed my hands behind my head and tilted forward to start.

I pulled myself up and began. "One. . two. . three," she began. As I came up, I noticed she was having a little trouble supporting my weight. I also watched as she began to notice that she could see up my shorts to my naked balls and cock as she was holding me down. "Seven. .

eight. . nine," she called off. I wondered how the sight of my cock would affect her concentration. I kept coming up and each time I watched her eyes look directly at my bulging cock.

Her undivided attention was creating an erotic feeling and I was already getting three-fourths erect.

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As I came up, I knew I'd have to adjust my cock or when it became fully erect, my sit-ups would be painful. "Let me adjust my equipment here a minute, I hope you don't mind?" I said as I laid back, reached inside my shorts, grabbed the head of my cock and pulled it centered, next to my stomach.

"There, that's better. . .what number were we on?" I asked. "Uhh. . .uhh. . I think it was thirty-two. . how did you get so hard all of a sudden?" she asked innocently. "I get all excited when a freshman girl is looking at my cock and balls.

But don't worry, it's very normal.

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Let's finish up." Emma turned completely red as I began again. A few minutes later, I realized that my 8" cock was now just about to push its way through the elastic at the top of my shorts.

We were just past 46 when the purple head snuck its way into Emma's view. As I came up, she stopped counting and stared at my cock. I completed the last few, and leaned back, somewhat exhausted.

I was beginning to sweat and I looked down and saw that two full inches of my cock had worked its way out of my shorts. Also, the sweat was beginning to make the white material look transparent, showing off the rest of my thick prick.

"Wow, I had no idea a guy's thing got to be that long," she said, sitting back on her tight little ass, but still staring at my rigid cock.

"Tell you what Emma, I want you to refer to my manhood here," as I reached down and circled my dick with my sweaty fingers and thumb, "as a 'COCK'. Can you say "cock" for me?" "Cock," she whispered, still staring. I leaned back up and more of my rod came into view. "That was pretty pathetic. One more time, in fact why don't you say this sentence for me. . "Daddy, I love to look at your cock!" I waited for her reaction, but she still just stared in disbelief.

"Come on now, Emma. . I don't want to have to spank you. . ." She suddenly snapped out of her trance and looked me in the eye. "Daddy, I LOVE looking at your COCK!" she said, with extra expression and a mischievous look on her face. I was tempted to rip off my shorts and show it to her up close, but I didn't want to scare her.

I stood up, and yanked my rod back into my shorts. "Well I'm glad to hear it. . but let's switch places, and it will be your turn to get a little sweaty." Emma just laid back where she was kneeling with a smile on her face. I stood over her for a minute, looking down at that perfect teen body. She looked up and once again viewed my cock through the insides of my oversize shorts.

I knelt back down at her feet and placed my hands over her ankles. I looked up her legs to her lycra covered crotch and fantasized about the tight little moist pussy underneath.

There were three snaps holding the leotard in place, all located at the crotch area. Since she wasn't wearing any tights, I could look and see the imprint of her pussy lips. . and because of the light pink color of her top, it looked like she was damp. Maybe that cock of mine got her juices going as well. "Are you ready?" "Yep. . here goes." She lifted her head with the same smile on her face as before, and worked her way up to a sitting position.

As she continued to move up and down, I noticed that her titties jiggled slightly when she got to the top. I shifted my angle so that I could look down the little valley in between her titties. Once we got to twenty-five, it began to get more difficult for her. . since her goal was fifty. On her next trip forward, one of the snaps on her leotard accidentally popped open.

She was struggling so much, she didn't notice. Since she had already worked out prior to the sit-ups, Emma's face was now flushed and sweat was dripping down her cheeks and on to her top. What was gradually happening (thankfully) was that her chest was becoming all wet and her nipples were almost visible, being of course darker in color than the light pink of the fabric.

"Do you need to rest for a minute. . .?" I offered. She laid back down on the mats. "Wouldn't that be cheating?" she said breathing hard and with some difficulty. "You've been a great sport so far Emma. Not too many girls or boys your age could keep up with what I've been having you do. Would you like a little massage? "Maybe that would help.

Do you want me to sit up or turn over?" "No. . you just relax for a few minutes, and let my magic fingers do their stuff. "Close your eyes and just enjoy what I do. Okay?" "Yep!" "And don't forget, you must keep your eyes closed to get the full effect." The fluid inside my balls had begun to boil over in anticipation of what was cumming.

I gently spread open her legs, so that I could move up closer to her body. She didn't say a word as I placed my hands on her bare feet and began to massage her toes and the bottoms for the first few seconds. I gently squeezed and kneaded her skin as I was taught by a friend, that use to live in our apartment complex.

Slowly I worked my way up her legs until I was just past her knees. I slid up closer to her crotch allowing my knees to touch her inner thighs. I looked up to make sure her eyes were still closed and gradually worked up to the material of her leotard. I devilishly snuck my fingers under the fabric, but then teasingly backed away. I placed my left hand on her tummy and began to make big circles, just missing the base of her titties.

She had begun to sweat so much that there was almost a thin lubricant of moisture aiding my venture. Each time I went upwards, I would just miss touching her titties. What was beginning to happen was that her adorable little nipples were beginning to rise higher and higher with each near miss. I leaned over and blew softly on each nipple. She suddenly jumped, but managed to keep her eyes closed as instructed.

"Like. . what are you doing you nasty man?" she whispered. "How does this feel Emma?" I said as my thumb came closer and closer to her tight little pussy and my fingers began to move up the base of her orange-sized titties to the rigid nipples on either side.

"It feels kinda naughty. . but good. I just don't want to do something I might regret. Is this exciting for you too?" "Let's just say I'm about as excited as I've ever been in my life. I love touching your body." "I'll bet your cock is all hard again, isn't it?" "Yep, it sure is. . in fact, let me let you feel something." I was on my knees and I very carefully stood up making sure not to make a sound or vibration.

I quickly pulled off my soggy shorts and placed them on the mat. My 8" cock was pointing straight upwards as I knelt back down. "Let me take your hand for a second Emma. I want you to feel the answer to your question." She lifted her hand, which I gently grasped at the wrist. I leaned over so that my cock would be within her reach.

"Open up your fingers. . that's it. Now close them back up." Emma did as she was told, and her moist fingers circled around the purple head of my rigid cock. I immediately surged forward, allowing my cock to begin to move back and forth in her dainty hand. "Ohhhhhhh. . .Emma. . what do you think, is my cock hard enough for you? Move your hand up and down. . ohhhhhh yeaaahhhh.

Shitttt. . that's perfect!" Almost like a pro, Emma began giving me the best hand-job I could ever remember. It might have been even better since she kept her eyes closed and her mind was attempting to imagine what she was feeling. Her grasp was somewhat loose, but I made up for it by slowly fucking her hand.


After a few minutes, it was time to stop or my juices would shoot off all over her young body. . .which was in the plans. . just not so soon. I carefully grasped her hand and let it fall back down on the mat. "Didn't I do it right?" she asked. "You were doing it so well, I wouldn't have lasted very long. Let's go back to making you feel good and finishing up your sit-ups. Do you know what they call. . what you were just doing to me? " I asked. "Uhh. . not really.

. like feeling you up or something?" "Naw that's more like when I guy does this to you." I leaned forward, took the tips of my fingers and lightly touched her protruding nipples that had somewhat shrunk while she was grabbing my cock. She jumped at my forwardness, but soon relaxed as I opened my hands and engulfed both titties in their grasp.

I gently pinched my fingers over her tiny buds, and watched as they grew in size. As they got bigger there was more firmness too them, and I began to lightly pull her nipples away from her chest. She began to lightly moan, as I spent the next few minutes, squeezing and teasing her young titties.

"How does that feel?" I asked. "Ahh. . kinda kinky really. . I've never let anyone do that to me before. . .it's just making me a little horny, I guess." "Oh, and feeling horny is what it's all about.

Do you touch your titties like this when you are alone?" I asked as I continued to manipulate her cute little breasts. "Uhh. . sometimes when I'm in my room and mom's at work. . .ohhh that feels great." I gradually increased the pressure on my pinches and pulls, watching her reaction. "What else do you do Emma, to make yourself feel good?" I asked as I let one hand gently move down her body to her hips.

Her face gave away her embarrassment. "Well. . lately after I touch my breasts like you're doing right now, I also touch myself down there. . you know." I kept feeling her titty with my left hand, but slowly moved my right hand until it was just above her clit.

"Oh you mean right here then," I whispered, as I let my fingers travel the last few inches to the indentation in her leotard that we both knew were her pussy lips. Ever so lightly I ran my middle finger over these lips and noticed the moisture that had oozed through the fabric. I created a circular motion with my finger, making sure to gently rub where I knew her bud of excitement was beginning to grow.

"Oh Daddy. . .yes. . .you're making me so hot and excited. . that feels great." For the next few minutes I kept pinching her titties and rubbing her little pussy. She began to buck slightly, as I knew she was approaching a climax.

. but I wasn't going to let it happen just yet. It was time for me to pop open the snaps and touch her naked skin. "We're going to stop for a second Emma, because I want to show you something else that feels even better." Before waiting for her response, I quickly found the snaps at the bottom of the leotard and yanked them open. I had been gentle long enough, I wanted to see this girl stripped naked.

I pulled up the material all the ways past her cute little hips. "Noooooo," she said, her eyes beginning to open. "Emma, shut your eyes! You know I won't hurt you." She followed my instructions as I continued to pull the material up past her navel, lifting her ass off the mats. I wanted to see her bare titties and naked body. . I also wanted to drive my tongue deep inside that pussy I had been feeling for the last few minutes.

With both hands I yanked the material up past her young breasts, up to her neck and over her face. I had to stop as her titties jiggled into view. I couldn't help myself and leaned over and began to savagely kiss her bare nipples. Her pink little buds were rigid with excitement as I grasped each nip with my lips and pulled them outwards.

I took my tongue and painted long wet licks back and forth, enjoying every moment. Her titties were on the small side and I was able to suck them inside my mouth and continue my oral assault with my tongue. I continued with as much voracity as I had ever felt in my life, and brought my hand down over her naked skin, past her navel and into her cavern of love. To my utter delight, not a single hair did I pass as my middle finger gravitated to her waiting lips.

I continued to suck her titties with pangs of joy as I moved into her teen "V" and gently drove my finger inwards an inch or two, not wanting her to feel any pain. This had the effect I wanted, as Emma began to moan with pleasure as I finger-fucked the little nymph, making sure to stimulate her bud of joy.

My long body allowed me total control as I continued to excite her as best I could. I had to touch that virgin clit with the head of my throbbing cock. I took my hand away, leaned forward and aimed the rock hard, purple head right at the moist "V" of her pussy lips. I would wait to enter this deep valley on another day, but the sensation of my glans rubbing against her hairless lips brought me to within seconds of cumming sweet oceans of joy all over her naked skin.

Up and down my 8"cock touched her virgin lips and clit and I knew she was going to cum. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. . .shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt!"she yelled as her body began to shake with joy. I looked down and watched my little nymph quiver in pleasure for the next minute or so. I wanted so much to join her and decided it was time! I carefully took my cock out of her moist hole moved forward and straddled her stomach moving upwards to her chest.

"Emma, open your eyes and look at the COCK that's going to fuck your titties and shoot cum all over your face." Emma tossed her leotard over her head and looked downwards in time to see the entire 8" length of my ready to explode purple veined avenger.

I took it by the base and ran it around both erect nipples, and gently into her titties. The feeling was sensational and the shocked look on her face added to the excitement.

"What am I doing Emma? And I want you to say it. . very naughty for me girl," I asked as I continued to circle each nipple with the purple head of my straining boner. "You're holding your big purple cock in your hand and touching my boobies with it, driving me crazy. It feels so nasty. . .and exciting. I love to watch you touch your C-O-C-K. . .OHHHHH I love to have it touch my titties that way." "Pinch your nipples for me Emma. . .I love to watch girls pull on their taunt buds." Emma reached upwards and grabbed each nip with her finger and thumb.

She twirled them around, almost like they were naughty toys. Then she cupped a titty in each hand, almost presenting them for my inspection. I re-positioned myself closer to her young neck, dancing my cock and balls all over her young chest, observing her tan lines that showed where her bikini top covered her chest. She tilted up her head to watch what I was doing.

This also brought her sweet lips closer to my throbbing cock. It was time to plant an idea in her head.

I bent down and kissed her gentle lips. At first she didn't reciprocate, but my eager lips and tongue began to work their romantic magic on her quivering mouth.

Slowly I dipped my tongue inside and played tongue tag with her. Soon she was sucking on my stabbing muscle, relishing in the sensation it was creating throughout her body. Deliberately I mimicked the actions of an out of control frenzied COCK, as she continued to suck my moist and insistent tongue.

I didn't know if the message was translated to her lusty thoughts, but I knew my 8" warrior wanted to release its venom. "Cup your titties together Emma. . I want to FUCK them for you." The now naked passionate girl smiled and gently pushed her breasts together the best she could. I immediately dropped my aching cock into the small valley she left, and began to drag its immense length back and forth.

. .back and forth. Both of us were sweating, and her chest was coated with a thin layer of moisture that felt great on the underside of my COCK. She laid back with her head on the mat, but continued to push her young titties as close together as possible, sandwiching inside my steed. It would only take a few more seconds and I would release the load she deserved all over her. " Emma, I'm just about to cum. . .and I want you to watch it shoot out.

But I need one little favor. . ." Lisa, almost exhausted from our love making tilted her head and looked at me and my approaching cock with her gleaming blue eyes. "You name it Daddy. . and I'll do it for you!" "The head of my cock is getting a little dry and I need it all slippery wet.

I want you to lick it all over, like you were doing to my tongue a few minutes ago." "But. . ." and that's all I let her say.

I lurched forward and sunk my cock into her warm moist lips. "Curl back your lips and learn how to suck a hungry man' cock." I looked down and she did as I said, as I continued to drive my cock in and out of her mouth.

The erotic sensation was almost staggering. Suddenly I felt gallons of cum begin to leave my balls and journey through the length of my cock.

I quickly pulled my throbbing prick out of her mouth, re positioned it back in between her titties and slammed it back and forth. Instantly the first ropes of hot cum shot out and landed on her chin, pretty pink cheeks and blonde hair. I wanted control at that point, and took my saliva dripping cock and aimed it directly at her dainty lips in time for the second eruption to blast itself on her lips and chin.

It began to drip down her face in an erotic display, which charged me up even more. She opened her mouth and gray traces of my hot cum entered the opening and dribbled on her tongue.

She gently licked my hot juices into her eager mouth. "Shoot your stuff all over my titties, Daddy. I want to feel your hot cream all over my chest." She hadn't talked that dirty before and as if I wasn't turned on enough, this brought me over the edge one more time.

I took aim and shot my next load first at her right nipple and then the left. The force of the eruption continued so that once again it ended up on her cream covered face. I knew I had one shot left and it was going to go right into her waiting mouth. I moved onto my feet, lowered my cock right over her face. With some difficulty I pushed the head of my cock downwards and into her open mouth. "Drink it all. . my little pussy!" I backed up and shot the rest of my load down her throat.

I pulled it out and luckily she swallowed it without gagging. I fell over onto her in total exhaustion. We sat that way for several minutes, gaining our energy back. Finally, she broke the silence. "Do I still have to finish my sit-ups?" We both laughed. "No honey, you treated your Daddy and his big cock extra special today and we'll hold off until tomorrow.


Unfortunately, I've still got to teach a social studies class in 10 minutes, so we've got to get cleaned up. I want you to run over to my office right now so that I can watch your cute little ass jiggle all along the way. . and enjoy a hot shower. " Emma giggled as she stood up. "Daddy, you are like so kinky. I can't wait for tomorrow's lesson." "Wait, show me that tight little hairless pussy of yours, one more time.

And tomorrow it's going to get a good work out." I was lying on my side and she came up to me and spread her pussy lips lewdly in my direction. Then she squatted down, almost close enough for me to touch.

"I can't wait. Maybe you can even lick it right here, like I licked you. . .you nasty man." She laughed as I tried to grab her cute little ass and as she ran off into the office. When she finished her shower, I had dressed. I handed her a piece of paper. It was tonight's homework assignment. And that's where we'll begin next time.

. .