Espiando una nena bien rica

Espiando una nena bien rica
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"When I'm here I like to hear the local new. Do you mind?" "Not a bit. I'm interested in finding out what's going on too." The weather forecaster said that it was a typical Fort Worth early September evening and sunset would be about 748. It was followed by the local news. The crackle of the radio continued, "This is our top local 630 news story. "Jacksboro prison officials report that some prisoners escaped from the state jail at Jacksboro today.

Authorities believe they are on foot and are reminding motorists to not pick up any hitchhikers and to be on guard. They report three escapees. They may not be armed but they are on the run and should be considered dangerous. "In other news…" He was not listening further. From working together, she knew that he pursed his lips slightly when he became focused. But she had never seen him purse his lips as tightly as before now.

His eyes had become very focused and his face had taken on a stern and hard look. She felt his tension.

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His movements suddenly became quick, jerky, and were no longer those of someone relaxed. Tentatively she asked, "Are we very close to the prison at Jacksboro?" "We're closer than I like. Probably 15 or so as the crow flies miles between Jacksboro and Jermyn. From the prison probably 20 or 25. We are about 10 north of Jermyn. Someone on foot could probably make it in less than 16 hours if they go as the crow flies, know what they are doing, and are well prepared. The likelihood of someone familiar with the terrain completing that trip with no map or compass over that land on foot in 16 hours is small.

For a stranger with no map or compass I think it is practically impossible in any amount of time. It will be a total accident for them to come here. We have a 308 deer rifle in the house.

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I want to get it out after we eat." "Do you really think that's necessary?" "I think it worthwhile to be cautious. And I think I'll go call the sharecropper after dinner.

"He has a better relationship with the prison officials than I do." "I have to admit that this is all pretty exciting," she said. "It doesn't take much to go from a little exciting to downright terrifying." With dinner finished they loaded the dishwasher.

"I am going to call the sharecropper." After hanging up after talking to the sharecropper he turned to her, "They escaped a little before 330.

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Neighbors on both sides of us have dogs. If anything is going on they should let us know. "Excuse me for a couple of minutes. I want to make sure the rifle is here and ready to use." He returned after a few minutes with the 308. After checking the rifle to make sure it was unloaded he examined the cartridges to make sure he had gotten the correct box.

One of his brothers had reloaded some spent casings. They were in a box on the same shelf as the box David had gotten. He looked at the cartridges. These were store fresh 150 grain hollow points. "Those will do it," he reported.

"What can you kill with those?" "These are capable of killing anything in North America if you hit the right spot. For humans, you have a pretty broad target. You can kill turkey with these too but unless you can make a head shot with 150 grain hollow points you may not have much turkey left." "I've got the rifle and the cartridges.

Everything seems to be workable. I'd like to go out on the porch and fire it to make sure everything works. Have you ever fired a rifle?" Her reply didn't surprise him.

"I don't think I have ever even held a gun much less fired one. And for sure I haven't killed anything with one. About the only thing I kill is the plants and fish that are unfortunate enough for me to buy them and take them home. Have you ever killed anything?" "I was raised here around guns and hunting. To answer your question directly, yes.

I have killed just about everything around this farm. I used to be regarded as one of the best shots in these parts. If you want to come out to the porch you can watch." "Will it be loud?" "Quite loud. Here are some hearing protectors. When you hunt you don't wear them." They went to the porch. He took out 5 cartridges, loaded the magazine, and slipped the magazine in the rifle. He pointed out the rock he often used as a target. "I'm going to shoot that rock about 150 yards on the other side of the barn." In the rapidly fading light she couldn't even see rocks behind the barn.

"The weather guy said sunset was at 748. There isn't enough light for me to even see the rock you plan to shoot. How can you shoot it?" "This is a high-power scope. It has a very large objective lens so that it gathers light. You can see well enough way past when you can't see with your eyes. All the way until the end of civil twilight. Tonight that's about 815." "I don't even know what all that means.

About how far is it?" she asked. "We can talk about all that in a while but I need to do this before it does get too dark. It's about 300 yards." Taking careful aim, David fired. The sharp crack of the rifle, whine of bullet fragments, and dust from the rock all seemed to have occurred at the same time. He ejected the spent cartridge and chambered another round. Another shot. And another solid hit. "Well, that's what I wanted to see!


I doubt anyone will expect to find someone armed with a 308 loaded with 150 grain hollow points in an old farmhouse." "Damn! That's loud even with the protection! I hope I never have you shooting at me." It was still almost 35 minutes until the end of nautical twilight. Astronomical twilight would end and it would be completely dark about 915. With another glass of red wind and a cold beer they went to the hot tub and got in.

After they finished their drinks, he turned sideways on the tub's seat and she lay back against him with her head resting on his shoulder. They watched as the light gave way to dark. She turned to him, took his hand, and kissed it before holding it tightly against her cheek. "You know how to make a woman feel special. I hope I can make you feel as special as I think you are." "You already have." About 30 minutes after it had gotten dark she asked him if she could take a shower.

"Could I take a shower? I like to shower before going to bed?" "So do I. No matter what, I like to go to bed clean. Even if I don't intend to wake up that way." "I like to shower before and after bed. Is that alright with you?" "You are welcome to do whatever makes you happy. If you need or want me to do something and I'm not doing it the only thing I ask is for you to say something.

We have plenty of practically whatever we need. And if we don't have it, maybe we don't really need it." "That's a healthy attitude. I like that." As Karine took a shower, he double checked vehicles, doors, and windows to make sure they were locked. With the rifle and cartridges in hand he turned off lights as he made his way to the bedroom. "Do you like to set an alarm to wake up?" "Out here I like to just wake up naturally with no alarm." "That sounds wonderful. This whole thing is really nice.

I feel so relaxed and happy. Thank you for letting me come." They enjoyed exploring and being with each other several more times before falling asleep happy and sexually spent a little before midnight.

Oliver, Marius, and Terence had reputations as some bad ass if not smart convicts. Mostly they had been punks spending most of their teen age years being stupid. Oliver had been convicted of raping a 40 year mother after breaking into her house in broad daylight. Her pre-teen age daughters were at home and the second charge he was convicted of was child molestation.

He was the only smoker in the group and dearly liked his whisky and cigarettes. A little on the slight side at 130 pounds he stood about 5 foot 8. Marius had been convicted of dealing drugs near an elementary school.

He was the heaviest at 210 pounds and 5 foot 8. Terence was the most dangerous of the three. He was serving a life sentence for killing a police officer during a routine traffic stop. His ruthlessness was well known. Standing 5 feet 6 and weighing 155 pounds with smoother skin, he was the best looking of the three. After distracting the guard, they managed to lock him in their cell while they escaped.

They quickly made their way off the prison grounds to the golf cart garage across the street where they stayed hidden until nightfall. They knew they needed to put some distance between themselves and Jacksboro state jail. A car would be ideal but much harder to get. Bicycles weren't the fastest but they were easily acquired, portable, and offered the key advantage of being easy to hide if needed while something or someone passed.

After observing goings on at the Jacksboro country club from the state jail for some time, they knew that a bicycle rack in front of the golf cart barn would likely have what they wanted. They picked out three bikes that seemed to be in good shape. Now what route? US 281 would be fastest but also more exposed to detection. They decided to stay with good unmarked roads until they felt okay to stop.

After 2 hours of riding and hiding over dirt, gravel, and asphalt roads the trio had made it to 281. They didn't want to get on 281 so they found a road going northwest almost parallel to 281 in spots. After another two and a half hours they were back at 281. Now it was either get on 281 for a bit or back track.

They decided a short distance on 281 was the best choice and set out with the goal of getting to another road on the other side of 281 as soon as they could. After a few miles, they found what they were looking for as a small paved road headed away from 281 to the south. Another hour and a half of riding and the road turned to the west.

1 more hour had them on a big farm to market road headed toward Jermyn. At Jermyn, they found a church with no one around. After a quick rest they resumed their ride. A short distance later and they were on a road from the middle of Jermyn headed north away from town. They rode for 3 more hours. They had been riding almost non-stop for over 12 hours and could tell from the soft light that it would be daylight soon so they decided to find a place to hide for the day.

Two good size lakes and one small lake to the west of the road might be just the spot. They found a small clearing backing up to the west side of the northernmost large lake. From there they could see the road in either direction but wouldn't be easily seen. Of the three, Terence was the only one with survival experience.

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He fashioned a snare from some twine and electrical wire stolen from the garage. A half hour after setting the snare, he heard the snap as it claimed its victim. It was a nice sized rabbit. Another 45 minutes and the snare had a second rabbit. Now to cook it or not? Borrowing some matches from Oliver, Terence assembled a spit with two freshly cleaned rabbits roasting over an open fire.

Fed and physically spent, they managed to find some soft grass and bed down for some rest. After a much needed deep sleep about noon they started stirring. David was an early riser when he was at the farm. He liked to see the sun coming up almost as much as he liked to watch the sun going down. Saturday morning a moderate wind was blowing from the east. On the porch, he caught a very faint whiff of something.

After four months of summer heat wildfires were always a fall concern. It seemed too faint to be very close and might be across the road to the east. If it got stronger or persisted, he would go look. While the coffee finished brewing, he went to the bedroom to ask Karine if she wanted some and how she liked it. He could hear the water running and knocked. She turned the flow down enough to be heard. "Hi David. Why don't you come join me in the shower?" He cracked the door open and leaned inside enough to see that she had pulled the curtain to the side and was motioning for him to join her.

"I have coffee brewing and it's just about ready. Would you like for me to bring you a cup?" "That would be really nice." "How do you like it?" "Straight black." As he went to get the coffee, she continued to let the feel of the stream of warm water breaking into small trickles running down her back, flowing along the curve of her bottom, and joining together to drip from her butt to the floor gently wake her.

She was almost as relaxed as she became when she was at the end of her Yoga work out. With two insulated mugs of coffee, he returned to the master bedroom, took off his clothes, and dropped them on the bed.

He opened the bathroom door and pulled the curtain back at the end of the tub opposite the shower head. Once David's parents had gotten along in years they had a fold down seat and several grab bars installed. Karine hadn't put the seat down. He grabbed one of the bars and took a seat. David could have been looking at a carved marble masterpiece in a sculpture garden in the soft light of an early morning mist.

But he wasn't. In front of David was Karine, a beautiful, wet, naked woman. She is beautiful. So beautiful. I wonder if she has any idea how breathtakingly beautiful she is. She turned the water down to the intensity of a soft rain. When he extended a mug to her, she lifted it to her nose, sniffed the dark, black liquid, and took a sip.

"That coffee tastes really good." He hadn't brought his hand back and moved it to rest on her hip. She felt really good. Warm almost hot. Smooth flawless wonderful skin texture. Hard but soft. "You know. There is something else that's here now that I bet would taste really good." She moved closer to him, put her hand under his chin, and kissed him softly on the mouth, "I'll bet there are a lot of things here right now that would taste good.

"Shall we have a treat to start the day?" "Why don't we?" "Let's finish our coffee first. A little stimulation might be good." With their coffee finished, he leaned forward and kissed the top of the matted wet tangle of her pubic hair.

She smelled and tasted so good that he continued down one side and up the opposite side to the top. Using his upper thighs for support, she knelt on the bottom of the tub facing him. The tub's hard porcelain surface was too much for her knees. "That hurts!" She sat back in the tub facing him, crossed her legs into a Yoga fire log position, and used his thighs to pull herself forward between his thighs.

From this position, she could reach any point below his navel. She trailed the fingertips of each hand from his navel to his hip and then down along the inside of his thighs. He didn't do Yoga but the feel of her fingertips touching him was both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his swelling penis.

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He let out a gasp and jerked back in the seat. She thought he might not be enjoying it until she felt his hands on the back of her head pulling her forward. As he pulled her to him, she wrapped her hands around his buttocks and put her mouth around him.

He continued to pull her head forward and push his erection into her mouth as she continued to suck him getting him harder and harder. She wondered if he would cum in her mouth. If he did, it was fine with her. She thought his cum would taste good. He suddenly moved his hands to her chin and pulled his penis out of her mouth.

She seemed confused. He sensed her confusion, leaned forward to kiss her cheeks and mouth, lifted her hands to stand, and slid along the bottom of the tub underneath her. With both of his hands on her waist, he pulled her vagina to his mouth and pushed his tongue inside. He remembered that she had tasted so good yesterday and he wanted to taste her again. His tongue was as deep inside her as he could get it and continued to penetrate her until she raised herself to moved her vagina away from his mouth.

After he slid his fingertips up and down along the inside of her labia from below her vaginal opening to her clitoral hood a few times, she started rolling her clitoris forward and back stimulating her swelling clitoris with his tongue.

Karine wanted him to finish inside her when she came. She used the grab bars to slide down and support her back with the side of the tub and turned him to lay on his side with his body pressed against her. He slid down along her body and moved the tip of his erection up and down between her clitoris and vaginal opening until her labia and his tip were completely wet. As he rolled over to lay with his back on the tub she rolled over to lay on top of him with her legs outside of his, moved far up along his pelvis to position the tip of his penis at her entry, and pressed down to take half of him inside her.

When he responded with his hands pushing down on her waist she pushed down again and took the rest of him inside her. With her head resting against the side of his neck on top of his shoulder, she pulled herself up so that she could press her clitoris down against his pubic bone and started rotating her hips to stimulate them both at the same time.

The movement of her clitoris, hips, pelvis, and vagina along with the deep raspy groans emanating from her quickly reached the limit of his self-control. Her vaginal contractions seemed to be ordering his semen to come into her vagina. In 18 seconds, he was completing ejaculation while the last of more than 2 dozen of her vaginal contractions continued for another 20 seconds. She rested until she felt clear headed enough, moved to the shower flow controls at the foot of the tub, and increased the water flow.

After the orgasm, the flow of the water hitting her was unbelievably relaxing. She sat up on the bottom of the tub, scrunched back closer to him, and handed him the loofah. "I knew we would get there. That was some great loving. I know it's what I was hoping for and I hope it's what you wanted. Thank you so much. Would you mind scrubbing my back?" He leaned closer to her ear and whispered as quietly as he could, "Anytime and anyhow I can touch you, I will.

You will probably have to ask me to stop touching you before you ask me to touch you." She let out a deep sigh. What could possibly be better than this? He put his hand around her waist and held her while he started scrubbing her back.

"Harder please," she asked. After completing their shower, they dried themselves and went to breakfast in the kitchen. "I know one of the things you want to do is to practice with the bow. After we finish breakfast, you can go shoot and I'll stay here if you want. It's up to you." "Why don't we do this? "We go together to the practice range, shoot for a couple of hours or three, and then come back here.

It's pretty where I shoot so you might want to join me. And the walk is nice also. I have another bow. If you want to learn to shoot I'll help you learn." "That sounds like fun!" "I want to unload the rifle and take the cartridges with us. If there are escaped prisoners in the area, I don't want to leave a loaded weapon just lying around." The practice range was about a 3/4 mile hike to the west of the house situated at the bottom of a generally dry red sandy bottom ravine where the bed made an abrupt turn.

A layer of sand on top of the rocky bottom and occasional torrential rains had caused the bottom to be flattened over time so that at that point it was flat and level for 150 plus yards and only a very sparse amount of scrubby grass grew there. A steep bank on the downstream side at the bend provided a back stop to prevent loss of an arrow due to an errant shot.

Deer, wild hog, turkey, and bobcat targets were in place and shots could be taken from a variety of angles and up to 150 yards. Rocks buried in the sand showed the estimated range to each target. Easiest access to the range was down a path about 75 yards west of the house and then a hike along the flat bottom for the remainder. "You're right. The range is pretty and so is the hike here.

I love the smell of the ravine and it feels a little cooler. Probably because we're at the bottom of a ravine. Why don't you shoot for a while and show me how it's done. Then you can talk me through taking a few shots myself." "Ok." His first shot was with the new bow from 50 yards at the hog.

The trajectory of the arrow was flat and fast as he had expected but he was off target and hit the bank. After 6 more shots, he was getting more comfortable with the compound.

The next 6 hit a target with an audible pop but not in the right spot for a likely kill. 12 more shots and his skill level was almost at the level that he felt he needed. 10 of the next 12 shots hit a one kill spot with 4 in the deer, 2 in the turkey, 2 in the hog, and 2 in the wildcat. After retrieving the arrows, he went to the 75 yard marker. 8 out of 12 successful shots.

2 in each of the four targets in a kill spot. "With a little more practice I think I'm ready. I think that's enough for now." "You're a good shot.

I'm glad I won't be one of your targets. "I hope you aren't expecting me to have that level of skill." "I don't but it isn't any skill you can't develop if you want. "Do you want to shoot some? Maybe we should move up closer." "I think that would be smart. I don't want to shoot and lose an arrow." "You don't need to worry about that.

The bank behind the targets will stop anything you shoot." They moved up closer. "Okay. From here it's about 25 yards. "First you have to string the bow. I'll show you, then unstring, and you can restring it. After he strung and unstrung the bow he asked her if she was ready to do it herself. He said he would talk her through the process. She told him to just let her and proceeded to string the bow listing the steps he had just told her. "First put loops on either end of the string so that they are loose around the bow.

"Put bottom string loop in notch on the bottom of bow. "Put leg between the string and the bow. "Bend knee using your body weight to bend the bow enough to bring the loose end of the string up and slide the loose end over the bow so that it is in the top notch. "Slowly take weight off so that the bow is now holding the string tight in place. "All done!" "That's incredible.

Are you sure you haven't done this before? "Are you an engineer?" She laughed and he continued. "Now to put an arrow on the string. "First tilt the bow a little off vertical. Horizontal with the side you want to put the arrow on up is the easiest. "Now move the arrow so it is perpendicular to the string here where the string is reinforced. "Now move the arrow up so that the nock can slide over the string and pull it back so that both sides of the nock are around the string.

"To pull the string back there are a lot of different ways. One of the fastest is the way I first learned to shoot. It's pretty fast and easy. A woman at one of those adult vacation spots made fun of the way I was shooting and said she had never seen anyone of note shoot that way in a tournament. She had some of her experienced coworkers come watch. They said it's the way people sometimes shoot when they speed shoot and it's considered to be shooting more instinctively and more the way that a lot of people shoot when they're hunting.

In hunting, you have an area where you're trying to hit like the heart or lungs area and the spot on the animal you're hunting isn't going to stand there like a target in a tournament. The instructor and I had a contest. I shot 10 arrows by the time the instructor had shot 3 and hit the target from 40 yards with 9.

When we moved back another 20 yards and did the same thing she asked me to show her. When I do it I use just 2 fingers with one on either side of the nock. The good thing about using only 2 fingers or the thumb and index finger is that you can use the hand you use to pull the string back to hold some arrows. If only 2 fingers gets too hard you can use 3 fingers with 1 above and 2 below. "The other way is more the archery range way. If you plan to shoot at tournaments you would probably want to learn that way.

I don't think it's as easy or fast but it's probably the way most instructors would guide you. But then again they probably don't use a bow to hunt. "Do you have a preference which way you want to shoot?" "I kind of like the sound of learning the way you shoot first and if your skill is any indication, I'd like to start out that way." "Sounds good to me. "Just a couple of things more. "To aim the arrow to shoot.

"With the instinctual way, as you are pulling the string back raise the nock end of the arrow to your cheek. "Then raise the tip of the arrow up a little above the target and slowly lower the tip until it's lined up where you want and just as you are passing the top of the target release.

"Why don't you try a few shots?" The first 5 shots were in the general direction of the targets but off either wide left or right and either high or low. "Darn." "Don't be discouraged. It takes some practice." The next 5 shots were correct for right or left but either high or low.

10 more and she made the first hit. The next 10 all hit a larger target but not in a kill spot. Another 15 and she had the first kill spot hit. She shot another 12 times making 2 kill shots. "My fingers are getting really sore and I don't want to get a blister. I think I should stop now." "Oh that's one other thing. If you use a glove it'll help keep your fingers in good shape. After you've been shooting a while you will develop callouses and then you can shoot with no glove. "It's almost 1100.

Why don't we go back to the house and get a cold glass of lemonade?" "That sounds wonderful. Do you want to leave the bows?" "Nope. We might need them.

Help me gather the arrows and then we'll head back." "This is a lot of fun. I'm really glad you let me come this week end." "It's just getting started. But I'm really glad you're here. "Arrows gathered. We can talk on the way back.


"Until now we've been shooting with target arrows. They are good for learning but when you hunt you want a different tip to make a kill. "I have a lot of target arrows. Probably over 12 dozen. But for hunting I only have about 24. They are more expensive so when I'm target shooting I don't use them in case one gets lost or broken. "When we get back I'll show you the other arrows." Back at the farm house, he made a suggestion. "If your fingers are sore you might want to get a bag with ice and just hold it for a while.

It'll help prevent any swelling.

It doesn't look like you have any blisters which is really good." With an icy glass of lemonade, they sat on the deck to take in the view and talk. Friday after work, Susan broached her idea to Jerry, "I think David and Karine are going to a family farm this week end. "What do you think about us going to get some evidence of their little love tryst that we can use to blackmail them into doing something we want them to?" Jerry was a bit of a wimp but as long as he didn't have to put forth much effort or get hurt to get something of benefit he could handle it.

He was on the heavy side at 210 pounds and 5 foot 10. His scraggly beard had been grown in hopes that it would hide his backward sloping weak chin. Unless he could talk others into buying some stylish clothes for him, he wore cheap.

The one coat that he had acquired over 15 years ago in college hadn't been cleaned since he bought it and since he smoked it always smelled stale like old cigarette butts. Not having graduated college with his degree, he was relegated to the status of top notch gopher. He did have some computer skills which was why the company kept him around. Susan and he married after she got knocked up while passed out at an underclassman fish fry.

Since she was one of the few women he had been successful having intercourse with he married her even though he wasn't sure it was his kid. Susan was easily the homeliest woman in the office.

Short, dumpy, overweight, with bleached out, thin, teased red dyed hair, and at least one hairy lump on her chin a picture of her could have been used as a comic book depiction of a witch. Like Jerry she dressed cheaply. A recording of her cackling voice could have been used for a haunted house.

Fortunately, her ugly behavior was not wasted on someone pretty or at least not ugly. Jerry assumed his usual posture when he wanted to appear wise and thoughtful. He leaned back in his chair, rested his clasped hands on across his belly, stroked his beard from time to time, and grunted. Finally, he spoke. "I think it's a good idea. How are we going to locate the farm?" "I made a copy of a map he gave Karine.

They probably went today after work. They don't know I made the copy. We will have to make overnight arrangements. David told me that it's over a half day's drive southwest close to Bracketville." "That's a really long drive. Can I see the map?" Susan handed Jerry the map. "This is the map? Ain't no way that's a half day's drive. Looks more like about 2 hours.

And it's northwest near Jermyn, not southwest near Bracketville." "That fucking asshole. He lied to me. Now I am really going to screw them over. I'll chew a hole in his ass for my dinner." "He's smart not to trust you.

I don't blame him. I don't trust you either. But that's not important. This is an opportunity to get some money from them. How are you suggesting we acquire the evidence?" "We get close enough to walk from a road to the area of the farm house and take some pictures. You know how to work the camera with the long-distance lens and I will use my smart phone.

Once we have the pictures we come back and when the time is right hit them right between the eyes. Those two are people I would love to take down a peg or two. I really want to see the looks on their faces when they find out their little secret love weekend isn't so secret." Jerry's eyes changed into a glare and he clamped his teeth tightly. It wasn't often he got the upper hand on anyone. Even though they had always treated him cordially if not reverently, he vowed to crush David and Karine like a couple of bugs and bleed them for every last cent.

Rolling out of bed before 10 was an early start for the Beckers on a Saturday. 730 was unheard of for a work day. The weaponry in his car included a 9 mm pistol in the glove box, a 357 revolver in the console, and a 12 gauge sawed off double barrel behind the front seat.

Having all the weaponry gave him sense of superiority. He could kill someone if they bothered him too much! With the car loaded with photography gear he had to move the 357 from the console and the 12 gauge from behind the front seat to the trunk but so what?

He still had the pistol in the glove box. After dropping off the kid at the day care at 930 they headed out with map in hand. After entering the GPS info on Susan's smart phone they set out on their treasure hunt. A little after 1120 they found what they thought was the right farm from the sign on the mail box. After stopping on the road so they could see the house, Susan used the binoculars.

She noted the barn on the other side. 10 minutes after stopping she spotted their victims, Karine and David, on the porch. "There's David. And there's Karine. Looks like they are making out. She's rubbing herself all over him. Disgusting." Jerry thought, Hardly.

She has better tits than you by far. I would love to have her pushing those against me. Susan continued to study the situation. She told Jerry about what she thought they should do next, "There are woods to the east and west of the house.

In some spots, the edge of the woods to the east are over 400 yards or so from the house so we will be hard to be seen from the house.

The west woods are over 1 ½ miles from the house. So, it looks like we should make our way to the edge of the woods to the east of the house and take our pictures from there." A quick study of the GPS showed it wasn't too far from the west side of the three lakes to the west side of the woods to the east of the farmhouse. They drove to the west side of the lakes and decided that between the north side of the small lake and the south side of the lake just to the north would be a good spot to leave the car.

From there they would walk to the west side of the east woods and get the evidence they were after. With camera and phones in hand they headed out toward the farm house. With no hats, water, food, or decent hiking gear, they were taking a beating from the brambles and thick brush. Susan's sentiment was wrapped up in two sentences, "Damn it! We are going to make those two pay for putting me through this shit!" 2 hours later they were in the woods east of the house.

From there they could get some good pictures both with the camera and the smart phones. Susan hid in the woods out of sight. Karine was just coming back out on the porch. She could see Karine even without the glasses now. With the binoculars, she could make out the details.

"Her blouse is out now. From the looseness of her blouse, the smudged lipstick, and the messed up hair I think she has just been fucked. I hope it was worth it you whore." Jerry told her to pass him the glasses. "What for? Just take the pictures, you dork." "I know you would fuck her in a minute if you could.

Maybe when we confront her with the evidence you can get that from her too. It's fine with me. Fuck her silly for all I care. I figure you have never figured out how to really treat a woman. The only way you get any is to beg for it and then you get some so that you will shut up.

Maybe I will make David fuck me too you fucking loser!" Jaw set, Jerry snapped away. He had taken over 20 pictures of Karine by herself.

David had just come to the porch. Jerry's thoughts resumed, Naked to his waist and shoes off. Yep! They probably just finished. I wonder how many times they've already fucked? Karine was hugging David. 9 more pictures. Now Karine was unzipping his pants.

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As she took his dick out and started jacking him off, Jerry felt himself getting hard. 12 more pictures. Jerry wondered if he was going to cum. David lay on the hammock. Karine lay down on top of him sucking him off as he licked her clitoris and stimulated her G spot.

"Holy shit!" Jerry had stopped taking pictures. He told Susan, "Take some pictures with the phone. I want to watch this show." Susan happily snapped away.

She would use those pictures to get Karine and David to do whatever she wanted and she would enjoy calling Karine a cheap slut and easy fuck. It was after 330 when they decided to return to the car. As they walked back they boasted about how smart they were and how they would crush those 2 losers. The prisoners had been exploring their new surroundings when they found the Beckers' car. A few minutes with some of the wire and the lock was picked. Along with the pistol from the glove box they opened the trunk, found the revolver, a partial box of 357 wad cutters, and the 12 gauge.

Now they needed some money and credit cards and they would be set to resume their escape. After closing the car back up so it looked locked they took their positions to ambush whoever had come there in the car.

Oliver sat in the rear with the 9 mm pistol. Terence hid in the woods at the edge of the clearing with the 357 and Marius hid in the woods on the opposite side with the sawed off 12 gauge. As the Becker's loud talk got louder and louder they prepared to spring the trap. "I'm really hungry. I hope we can find a burger joint or something." "Me too." "Not too long and we will be enjoying some good steaks with some of the money we get from the sweet hearts." As the Beckers entered the clearing, Terence was first to step out of the east side woods.

He still had his prison garb on. Jerry decided to haul ass and started to make a run for it. He stopped as soon as Marius stepped out from the west side. Jerry yelled to Susan to make a run for the car.

As they opened the car door Oliver sat up and they stopped short. They were trapped with their own three guns leveled at them. "If it's money you want you are welcome to what we have," Susan offered. Oliver was out of the car now. "Put all the money, your phones, keys, your credit cards, and anything else you have on the trunk." Shaking like a leaf, Susan took her phone and keys and put them on the trunk. "Look man. We didn't do anything to you," Jerry pleaded.

"If you want her, take her. She's pretty much a bitch as far as I'm concerned." "Just put the goddamn stuff on the trunk you sniveling shit. You're our prisoner now so shut the fuck up before I put a bullet between your eyes." After putting his keys and valuables on the trunk Oliver picked up the money and keys and put them in Susan's purse.

He knew if he left them out Terence and Marius would want a cut. He looked at the camera. It seemed expensive but with the long distance lens it was too big to fit in the purse so he left it out on top of the car. Jerry's last hope was to use his phone. He felt in his pocket. I wonder if I can make an emergency call without looking?] "You got a phone?" Oliver asked. "No", came Jerry's reply. "Lean against the trunk with your legs spread." In less than 20 seconds, Oliver's pat down found the phone.

"You ain't too smart are you fat boy. One more stunt like that and you are dead." Jerry wanted to make a deal, "I can help you guys!" "How dick head?" 'I can help you get away?" "I think you should just shut the fuck up!" "You fucking assholes!", Jerry screamed as loud as he could. "I'm gonna call the police. And when I do it will have your asses." Terence didn't take too lightly to being threatened and stepped in, "I tell you what bright boy.

Let's go talk in the woods there. Maybe we can make a deal. You walk ahead." Jerry was impressed with himself. [i]Cool! I'm gonna make it out of this alive! And maybe I'll get rid of my bitchy wife! I'll use the pictures to get Karine in bed and fuck her brains out. After 4 steps, he found out how deadly wrong he was. Terence's shot was accurate and fatal.

The slug lifted Jerry completely off the ground and he fell to the ground face first like the trunk of a dead tree as blood, skin, bone, and brains exploded out of the baseball size hole that had just been blasted in the front of Jerry's face. "357 wad cutters. Not as good as hollow points but it's a great caliber.

One of the best for killing ever made." Terence continued his boast. "That was a good shot. He never saw it coming. You told him to shut the fuck up but no." Susan's couldn't believe what had just happened. She screamed. "What now? "What have you done?" "Shut up bitch and pull yourself together or you'll get worse." What could be worse?

Oliver was asking the questions now. "Now if you are calmed down and you can give me some answers you might make it out of this alive. As far as I can tell you are only out an asshole of a husband right now. "First, what are you two doing here?" "We came here to get some pictures." "Of what?

There's nothing here except scrubby trees and grass." Marius had retrieved Susan's phone from her purse. "Show me the pictures you were taking." Susan flipped through the pictures on the phone. She tried to pass off some of her kid at a birthday party. Marius tone hardened, "Do you have a kid with you? No. "Do you look like you have been to a birthday party? No. "You got at least one more chance to show me the pictures you were taking. Do you think I'm stupid?" "No I don't think anyone is stupid.

Okay. Here are the pictures. Now will you let me go?" she pleaded. "Show me how to go from one picture to the next. And if you try to trick me again you will regret it." As he moved from picture to picture he let the others know what he was seeing.

"Those are some hot photos. That chick is a hottie. "Are more pictures on the camera?" "Yes but I don't know how to work the camera. It belonged to my husband, the man you just shot." "Okay. Next question. Where are these folks that you can walk back from taking these pictures?" "Go west from here about two hours.

To the west of the edge of the woods is an old farm house. That's where they are." "Cool! "Well honey, those pictures have me hot. Take off your clothes! "Grab that blanket and lets you and us have a little love fest. What do you say?" "I say let's do it! It won't be the first time I've taken care of a bunch of guys." "I'll bet it ain't. "Now get yourself down there on that blanket. Make yourself comfortable. It's going to be a rough ride.

"With your cunt in the air waiting for me to fuck you, you ain't too bad looking bitch. This shouldn't take long." After entering her, he let the others know, "She's a little loose but she has a good fat pussy. Not too bad." Finished he got up. "Keep yourself down there. Terence, Oliver, and me are buddies. They haven't had any in a long time and you can take care of them too. And I'm gonna want another round." Oliver was next.

Finished he withdrew. Terence told her to lay on her stomach. As he entered her asshole she screamed. "You could use some lube you prick!

We have some in the car console." "Oliver get me some lube," Terence ordered. "I want to show her I know how to treat a fine lady like her!" With an extra shot of lube, he reentered her. "Now ain't that better?" "Yes it is," she answered. "Thanks." "Damn! You guys should try her asshole." Oliver thought to himself Those two are nuts.

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And not too bright. They just killed one.

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We could death for this. The purse has the keys and money. They got two guns and I got one. If I shoot Terence with the pistol I can escape. They will probably want to fuck her again. I'll wait until Terence is fucking her again and make Marius drop the shotgun.

I should be able to take off in the car and leave them behind before they can stop me. "Marius! It's your turn again." "I'm good for now. Go ahead and have another turn." "Okay bitch. Let's see if you can give good head.

On your knees." Terence ordered. Susan protested. "You just fucked me in the ass. Now you want me to suck your shit covered dick?" "Shut up and suck. And you better make it good." The thought of tasting her own crap as she started revolted her. She thought she should just bight his dick.

As he pushed it all the way into her mouth, she clamped her teeth down as hard as she could. The blow from the revolver cut a gash in her scalp. Combined with the vile thought of her own shit in her mouth, she threw up on Terence. His reflex reaction was automatic. The 357 slug hit her in the middle of her forehead and exited the back of her neck just below the base of her skull. She sprawled on the ground like a bucket of wet sand.

Terence fell on the ground moaning. Oliver saw that he was laying on the ground holding his aching cock with both hands and made his way to the driver's side of the car. With the purse and keys ready he jumped in, cranked it up, slammed it in gear, and gunned it.

He crouched as low as he could in the seat. Marius unloaded the two rounds from the shotgun at the driver's side. With the shortened barrel, they had little accuracy beyond 20 yards. Terrence wasn't able to get off a shot until the car was over 30 yards away and moving fast. With a freshly bitten dick his aim wasn't the best. He got off three rounds. Two hit the air. The remaining round passed through the trunk and penetrated the gas tank below the fill spout. Oliver was pleased with himself.

"I just need to get back to a big road and head out. It looks like I got a pretty full tank, money, and credit cards. Those two aren't going to be calling to report the car missing anytime soon." He had been driving for about 10 minutes and had just entered Jermyn.

It seemed crowded so he turned east, came to 1191, and headed south. 10 minutes more and he had reached Bryson. He couldn't believe the reading on the fuel gauge.

It was down to just over half a tank. He got out and smelled gasoline. Fuck! I can't go back. I need to find a gas station and change clothes. He had the option to go east or west on 380. It looked like a good size road. To the west it looked too built up so he headed east. 12 minutes later he saw the distance marker showing 4 more miles to Jacksboro.

He had been so close to freedom. Maybe he could make it to a gas station. The car was out of gas. 75 yards ahead was a gas station. Maybe he could get fueled up and continue without being seen. The car coasted to a stop on the way up the drive to the self-service pumps. He set the brake, took off his prison garb, and took off away from the station. The sight of a man dressed only in underwear carrying a weapon walking away from a gas station close to a state run correctional facility could not go unnoticed.

A local cop car swung around and approached him from the rear. "You walking down the road carrying a gun. "Back up is on the way. Soon there will be 4 high caliber weapons aimed by expert marksmen at you. "Unless you are just set on dying right now, drop the gun, get on your knees, and don't move. "And by the way, you look ridiculous walking down the road carrying a gun in your underwear." 40 minutes later, he was being led into the prison welcoming center. Another 30 and he was being led to a new cell.

The cat calls were enough to make him wish he had made a different choice. "Hey dumbass! How far did you go?" "What now? Do I get to fuck you next?"