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Asian waitress orally pleasing the small dick dude well
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Part 16 Jennifer Jennifer awoke with a slight headache. She grabbed her one-piece swimsuit, donned it and grabbed her goggles and cap.

She'd been told that she was welcome to use the lap pool beneath the main house, for her an important perk. Once she figured out how to get in, she was surprised by the size of the pool, but more by the single figure in the pool, moving with languid ease. It was Michael. He looked slow, but then she realized his speed was pretty impressive. His stroke was elegantly simple. She pulled her cap on, tucked her hair beneath, donned her goggles and dove in to the lane adjoining his.

She raced and quickly caught him, passing him enthusiastically. She swam 20 laps and began to tire. Michael continued, slowly reeling her in. She went to 30 laps. Michael was beside her. She pushed herself to 50 laps, desperately trying to prevent him from passing her. She stopped at 50, hands on her hips, her heart pounding gasping for breath.

Michael stopped about ten minutes later, his last lap being very fast. He took three quick breaths and dove back under swimming beneath the surface to the other side. Seconds later, his head popped up at the end of the pool.

He swam a slow breaststroke back to her. "Sorry, it's been a while since I could really swim." She looked at him. Several scars marred his body. "I was a SEAL," he said simply She nodded. She had dated an SAS. "You swim well. Do you dive?" he asked. "Not for a while. Medical school and loans." She paused. "Michael, I know I'm not to ask questions, but is Beth your daughter?" He nodded. "She's also your lover?" He nodded.

"You have sex with your own daughter?" He nodded. She thought for a moment. "When did it start?" "About nine months after she was raped and mutilated. She was in a death spiral, ready to give up.

She needed to believe and trust. She gave herself to me," he said kindly, "If you have a problem with that, we'll get you back into the hospital with no loss of privileges or seniority." She realized she had offended him and reached out to touch him, her fingers brushing his chest.

"I didn't mean to offend. Beth seems so happy. I know what happened to her. It's incredible that she would beg for those rapists. I thought it was bull dung. Most of your women are really cool. Shoshana is so beautiful and so much in love with you. Rafaela is so exotic, carrying your baby and so much in love. Lynne. Alice. Rachael. They're all in love with you. Maria, well she thinks she is dirty and not worthy of you. Nita thinks the sun only rises because you want it to " "Jennifer, your point?" "I guess I need to understand." He took her hands and looked into her eyes.

"My women have been badly broken and had the courage to trust again. They trusted me. Yes, we make love. On one level, it's incredibly passionate sex.

On another, it's about giving their love and trust to me. On another level, we share our souls." Something stirred behind her eyes. "Do they make love to each other?" He laughed a genuine laugh, "Of course! I'm 40 years old. I couldn't keep up with any one of them alone." She giggled, "I hope you still want me to stay." "Of course we want you to stay. Rafaela really likes you.

Maria and Nita need you. So get out of the water and do your job," he said it with a smile and laughing eyes, "breakfast in 30 minute. Main house." He leapt from the pool and went to the locker room.

She went to the women's side. Breakfast was spread on the dining room table. Michael arrived after most of the women had begun to eat. Beth and Shoshana had waited. "I asked Jennifer to join us," he said, "she and I swam this morning." "I guess I have to get up early to keep you honest," Beth said, a little hurt leaking into her eyes. "You want to swim with your old lover this afternoon?" "No.

I want to do some other things with my young man this afternoon," Beth said suggestively just as Jennifer joined them. Maria giggled. 'This is fun', she thought. Jennifer joined them and became an instant hit. As she ate, she was bombarded with questions about the local area.

She described it all. She described the world she knew including the local water parks, surfing, shopping, sailing, the restaurants of Fortitude Valley and, of course, The Great Barrier Reef, all with her charming Aussie accent.

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Finally, she held up her hand. "OK, I'm your doc. I've seen your files, but I want to see each of you today." "Naked?" Lynne asked feigning fear. For a moment, Jennifer hesitated. "Gotcha!" Lynne said, giggling.

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Jennifer examined eight women that day. She subtlety questioned the women, but found all but Maria and Nita extremely happy with their relationship. Michael came for his physical. Jennifer was very professional, but she was clearly impressed. At the end, she sent him back to his women. Before he left, he asked, "Would you like to come to dinner?" "Thank you, I'd like that." She arrived twenty minutes early, her makeup perfect, her eyes sparkling.

Michael and Beth came through the entrance to the main level from the lap pool and headed for the shower while Jennifer held court, describing the area in her lovely, understated Aussie accent. She described the Australian men, Aussie Rules Football, the casinos and the restaurants. She was the perfect tour guide. Little did the harem know, but their love and acceptance was having a powerful effect on Jennifer. She wasn't broken as they had been. She had, though, missed out on life, dedicating herself to her profession.

She'd had lovers, some distant friends and a couple of cousins, but essentially she had lived her life alone. Their honest adoration really thrilled her. She had been powerfully attracted to Michael. That was unusual for her. She usually preferred women. She had shaken a bit when examining the women, enjoying their scent so much that she had masturbated wildly fantasizing about the harem before joining them for dinner.

Jennifer marched purposely to the main house, knowing the conversation would be difficult. She had conducted basic physicals and blood work on everyone three days ago to establish health base lines. She had done more thorough exams of Rafaela, Maria and Nita the previous day. She found Rafaela and asked her to get Michael and Alice so she could discuss the results.

Shortly after, Rafaela brought her to the lounge pool patio overlooking the ocean. Alice had spent a harrowing day with Maria and Nita. She looked tired and angry. Michael brought Beth. Looking at his eyes, Jennifer did not object. "This may be difficult," Jennifer started," First, you are doing great," looking at Rafaela, "everything looks good." Rafaela's eyes sparkled.

Michael's hand covered hers. She smiled warmly. "Maria on the other hand had Gonorrhea for a while and may have other STDs. I won't know until the tests come back." "HIV?" Rafaela asked fearfully. "We won't know until the tests come back, but the ELISA tests were negative. I sent the girls' blood off for the Blot test to confirm. Unfortunately, those tests require the patient to have contracted the disease three to six months before." She turned to Alice.

"Well, Maria has been inactive for nearly six months." "Her gonorrhea is still in her uterus which can cause sterility, scarring of her fallopian tubes and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. She also had it in her throat and anus.

The antibiotics I gave her should take care of the disease. I've put her on a heavier dosage now that I know how bad it is. She should be free of it within about a week.

The damage that's been done is really the only medical concern." Rafaela was pale. Michael squeezed her hand.

"Nita has no disease that I can detect. Her initial HIV test was also negative." "On the physical side, Maria has significant vaginal and anal scarring. While it's not debilitating, I recommend it be repaired as soon as possible since it could significantly impair her enjoyment of sex. I can make arrangements with a good surgeon. The surgery could happen as soon as she is disease free." "Nita, on the other hand, has fresh tearing at the six o'clock of her vagina.

She was brutally used. The beating she took also did damage to her clitoris. I tried to downplay it, but she may need to have it drained as blood may have accumulated inside.

Her vaginal floor needs repair as well. That's not uncommon for rape victims." "That brings us to their state of mind." Alice took a deep breath. "As you know, psychology is not an exact science. Still, I can formulate some initial conclusions." "Their father began abusing them before they entered puberty, first orally and then anally.

Though despicable, he apparently was relatively gentle. They accept the abuse as almost normal. Essentially, they've accepted the loss of their childhood." "Miguel, on the other hand, used Maria badly.

He took her hymen violently. With Miguel, it was about power and pain. When Maria became wholly submissive, Miguel increased the humiliation to get her to resist so he could break her further. When she did not resist, he discarded her.

She's sure she'll be OK, but this will hit her hard. She already feels she is diseased and worthless." Rafaela's squeezed Michael's hand hard. "Miguel began abusing Nita when you fled.

She is a pure victim in the sense that she does not have feelings of rejection. She's in the fourth stage, depression. Her self image is badly damaged as well, given their cultural imperatives surrounding physical virginity." Rafaela nodded sadly.

"The girls will need time and comfort, but not coddling. I'll try to direct them into positive development, but Maria may be a problem. She believes she'll be cured if she can make love with Michael. And she is a very stubborn young woman." "Nita, on the other hand, seems to be elevating you to sainthood for her rescue." "What's next?" Rafaela asked. "A drink," Michael said and fled. He returned with two bottles of wine, a carton of juice and six glasses.

"What did I miss?" "We need to arrange for the girl's surgery," Beth said, "the question is should Nita have hers first?" "From a physical point of view, it doesn't matter.

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Recovery time is about six weeks." "I think it might be better if they had the surgery on the same day. That way, Maria won't have her disease thrown in her face." Alice said after taking a minute to consider. "What about her clit damage?" Beth asked, "Can that wait?" "I'll check this evening. If it is a clot, I can remove it here." When she examined Nita that evening, clitoral swelling had responded to the anti-inflammatory cream Jennifer had given her three days before.

Several days later, the test results came back negative for HIV, confirming the ELISA test. Ten days later, the girls had their surgeries that went well, without complication. They fell into a routine. Beth, Jennifer and Michael swam together each morning, their competitive nature driving them to increased fitness.

Michael never won the sprints, but never lost the long distance swims. Following one particularly long race, Michael just out touched his daughter.

"Old man's still got it!" he laughed. Beth jumped on his shoulders trying to dunk him. Jennifer joined playfully.


Michael could easily have thrown them off, but he was in a playful mood. They wrestled, tickled and wriggled as he tried to turn the tables on him. Jennifer found herself upside down, her face pressed against his cock for just a moment.

He was semi erect! Then Beth unintentionally grabbed her crotch and immediately released. Jennifer was in heaven. Michael surrendered to his lovely captors, having succeeded in planting the thought he wanted. Michael was well aware Jennifer was just shy of homosexual. Tim's investigation had been very thorough.

She ate her meals with them, her kitchen still virtually unused. He had discussed Jennifer with Alice, explaining that Jennifer brought a unique perspective and vitality to their new home.

Alice sounded out the other women and reported a unanimous desire to explore the possibilities. Sensuality smoldered below the surface for some time. Beth and Lynne were very attracted to Jennifer and her to them.

The night prior to Rafaela giving birth, it burst into flame. The harem except for Rafaela lounged in the living room. Maria and Nita were in their room playing some Spanish movies. Michael was in his office. Lynne put on sultry, rhythmic music. She and Beth began to dance, a slow sexual dance.

They pulled Jennifer onto the floor between them. She faced Beth and swayed to the music. Lynne began to rub her breasts against Jennifer's back, pressing her pussy against Jennifer's ass. Lynne's hands traveled down Jennifer's arms. Beth swayed almost touching her breasts. Jennifer leaned forward to initiate contact; her breasts and straining nipples grazed Beth's. They moved to scissor legs, thighs rubbing pussy. Lynne moved forward sandwiching Jennifer. Beth kissed Jennifer slowly, teasing her lips, then her teeth and finally her palette.

The sensations from being captured between two lovely female bodies were too much. Jennifer lost conscious thought and surrendered to her libido, grabbing Beth's head, grinding her lips against Beth's and grabbing Beth's ass. They broke for air.

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Shoshana led them to the master bedroom and its enormous bed. Rachael and Alice followed. Rafaela lay in a corner, smiling. Clothing flew everywhere. Jennifer felt she was being eaten alive. She was.

Beth strained to drive her tongue deep in Jennifer's steaming pussy, her technique gentle yet demanding. Lynne thrust her tongue into Jennifer's mouth while Rachael and Alice feasted on her hard pink nipples. Jennifer's legs snapped flat when Beth sucked on her clit. She screamed her first climax, her cries muffled by Lynne's covering lips. Beth let Shoshana feast on Jennifer's pussy. With her mutilated and practiced tongue, Shoshana brought Jennifer to heights of pleasure she had never dreamed existed.

Jennifer came over and over. Finally, whimpering, she found herself in Beth's arms. "I love you all," she said softly. Then a thought hit her, she bolted upright. "What about Michael?" "Dad knew something was going to happen, probably tonight. That's why he's in his office. To give us a girl's night." Beth said, hoping she was doing OK. Rafaela nodded. "Shosh will go to him and make sure he's happy," She paused, "or you can invite him to make love to you and join the harem." Jennifer's head spun as she realized she wanted to be part of this family.

Rachael began to explain. "You obviously like girls and there are six of us. We love you, your vitality, and your honesty. Be honest with yourself, Honey. We've all seen how you look at Michael. Now you know what it would be like to be with us. Do you want to make love with him?" Jennifer knew this moment would change her life. She could go back to her solitary life, filled with loneliness or she could surrender her love and join this family. It wasn't a hard choice. She nodded eagerly.

Shoshana grabbed her robe and began to run through the house to Michael's office. When he entered the bedroom, Beth and Jennifer were in a bathroom. Michael lay beside an enormous wet spot, chuckling. Shoshana kissed him tenderly. "I love you, Shoshana," he said stroking her face, "I always will." She pounced on him, her breasts squashing against his chest looking deep into his eyes.

She began to writhe her way down his body. Soon she was kneeling between his legs. She flipped her dark hair to one side, slowly licking his cock from base to tip, her eyes never leaving his. Shoshana had a rare natural sensuality. Michael's cock hardened with each teasing lick until it felt like steel.

Still Shoshana did not put it in her mouth. Concentrating on Shoshana's incredible tongue, Michael missed the bathroom door opening.

Beth presented Jennifer to her Dad. Jennifer stood naked, smiling nervously. Michael stared at a vision of slender beauty.

He knew her curves from swimming, but her skin was exquisite. Michael knew she would be nervous, so he and the girls had decided on an "Alice" harem initiation. Beth had Jennifer lie beside Michael, so she could snuggle against him. He pulled her close while Shoshana continued to excite him, taking his formidable cock into her throat. Lynne gently parted Jennifer's legs and licked her very wet pussy. She nodded to Shoshana and the choreographed dance began.

Beth and Alice helped to position Jennifer. Though very wet, Michael's shaft was large and it had been years for Jennifer, so they took things slow. They lay her on Michael's chest on her back. They positioned her so Michael's cock lay just inside her tunnel. This let her wiggle downward to impale herself while hungry mouths sucking her nipples and caressed her breasts.

Shoshana hovered above her pussy, her tongue caressing Jennifer's engorged clit. "We love you Jennifer," Michael whispered, then kissed her just behind and below her earlobe.

She squealed softly, reveling in being the center of attention.


Jennifer screamed another orgasm into the night while Michael's cock was still only partially in her sheath. She relaxed after her orgasm and squirmed lower more quickly. She had never felt so full…or so loved. Finally fully impaled, the other women began to work in earnest. Shoshana retained her spot between Michael's legs, pleasuring both man and woman. Her tongue started at Michael's balls, traveled up to trace Jennifer's stretched lips, up to her clit.

Shoshana flicked the little button as it emerged from its protective hood, back down the other side of Michael's shaft. Lynne and Rachael feasted on her breasts, caressing and sucking her nipples, gently biting, sending shivers through Jennifer's body. Beth claimed Jennifer's lips.

Their tongues engaged in a dance of lust. Alice moved opposite Beth and claimed Michael's lips. Despite her earlier orgasms, Jennifer climbed the mountain of pleasure, reaching the pinnacle. She gave an incredible wail of pleasure as she came, her pussy fluttering around the invading shaft. She tried to bolt upright, a move delayed by Michael's arm with practiced precision.

Kind hands helped her fall back gently. After a moment, they moved her off Michael's chest and into Beth's welcoming arms. The other girls took their turn. After Alice finished, Michael still hadn't cum. "I know I'm gonna hurt bad in the morning," a beautiful Australian accent, "but I want to feel you cum inside me." She swung her leg over him, facing him. Shoshana guided his cock into Jennifer's dripping pussy.

Jennifer worked the thick cock back into her stretching tunnel, her arms straight out, her hands flat on his chest. His hands went to her small breasts and their incredibly sensitive nipples. The other women pulled back. This was for Michael and Jennifer. Finally she was again fully impaled, rotating her hips, feeling his cock twist inside her channel. She rose up a bit, then slammed down, rotating her hips.

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They found a rhythm, her moving down, him moving up to meet her. Michael was close to his climax.


So was Jennifer. He placed his hands flat against her belly. His thumbs captured her clit, one going right, the other left, sandwiching her clit between them. It took only a few thumb strokes and she exploded again. Screaming her pleasure into the night. He felt her fluid running down his balls. Her climax caused him to begin shooting semen directly against her cervix, rope after rope of cum.

She collapsed on top of him. 12 hours later, Rafaela went into labor.