Sexy Ariel Ferrera horny on Christmas for sweet love

Sexy Ariel Ferrera horny on Christmas for sweet love
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"Unghh" "Unghhh" Once more he grunted, timed with his thrust. "Alright, set." Jeffrey said as he popped the bar back onto the rack. He reached out his hand for me to pull him up. As he got up, I took his place on the bench. Jeffrey swung around behind the bar to spot me, his legs near my head.

I took a quick glance upward at his body. His crotch was resting almost level to my eye and his cutoff tank showed off his cut triceps. I glanced back at the bar and grunted.


After we finished benching, we swung back to the locker room. "Good workout today, Ryan," remarked Jeffrey, patting my butt. "You wanna hit the sauna?" As he passed me, he slipped his shirt off over his shoulders, revealing a sweaty, muscled back. Jeffrey had been my best friend since high school started, but it wasn't until the summer before senior year, this year, that he started hitting the gym. I joined with him since he complained about having to go alone, but he was the one who had seen the most progress.

He had been somewhat lanky since I had known him but now, he had a strong chest, visible abs, and large, defined arms to compliment his 5'9 frame. All the girls had swooned over him when he walked into school the first day of the school year. Me, I was a little taller than Jeffrey, just by an inch, but he was bigger than me in every other way. However, I wasn't doing so bad for myself either. I was lean, but my arms and upper body had pretty good definition, which I needed since I was a sprinter in track.

That, along with a face most girls called cute, made me not so shabby with the ladies. Of course, at the locker room, there weren't any ladies. Just me, Jeffrey, and a few naked, wrinkly old men.

I took a longer look at Jeffrey's shirtless body than I cared to admit, not realizing I hadn't replied to him. When he turned his head to check why I hadn't answered, I quickly darted my eyes up away from his body.

"Uh, I don't know," I responded. "I have that paper for AP Lit due tomorrow and I have to finish up my personal statement for college apps." "C'mon," Jeffrey prodded. "It's only 4. We'll chill for half an hour, and then I'll drive you home." I paused, then nodded. "Alright." I took my shirt off too and followed him.

The sauna was hot. Obviously.

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I didn't really like heat, so I was hunched over, sweat rolling down me in beads. Jeffrey was rested beside on the wooden bench, leaning back. We were the only ones in the room.

"So personal statement, huh," Jeffrey said. I grunted in affirmation. "Sucks," he said. Another grunt from me. "So you finalized your list yet?" he asked. I nodded. "Alright." Jeffrey changed the topic, knowing that neither one of us really wanted to talk about the uncertainty surrounding our college applications.

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"You know, I think Kara might finally put out. She's been hinting about wanting to be alone." Kara was Jeffrey's current romantic interest and greatest chance to lose his virginity. It was surprising, but he had never actually had sex, choosing to focus on school rather than girls the past couple years. However, since we were almost done with high school, Jeffrey decided he wanted to finally get the full teenage experience.

"You know, she's crazy sometimes. I can never get a hold of whether she actually wants to be in a relationship or just wants something physical," he continued. "But if she wanted something physical, you think we'd have done more than just a couple blowjobs in the past month, right?

Girls, man." "Hey, you okay Ryan?" Jeffrey leaned forward to look at me. "You've been pretty quiet for a while." He turned to look at me, but all I could really think of was how hot it was as my head started nodding slowly and my eyes closed.

I snapped my eyes open but instead of seeing the wooden walls of the sauna, I was looking into the bright ceiling fixture of the men's locker room. I turned my head to see a concerned Jeffrey. "Did I pass out?" I mumbled groggily. "Yeah dude," Jeffrey nodded. "Here." He brought a water bottle to my lips. "I'm sorry about that.


I'll get you home." "Okay," I responded. He helped me slowly get up and put my shirt on. After grabbing our bags, Jeffrey helped support me as I stood up. "You feeling better?" I got my orientation back and nodded. "Okay," he said, becoming less concerned. With him slightly supporting me, we exited the locker room." "Can't believe you fainted, dude," he laughed.

"Such a pussy." The fainting incident at the gym didn't really have any effect on me once I got home, though I did get teased by a lot of my friends when I went to school the next day. I spent the remainder of the school week at the gym, at the track, and working on my college apps.

When Friday swung around, Jeffrey and I headed to a house party at our friend, Austin's. It was the first big party to kick off the school year and as I drove up with Jeffrey in the passenger seat, we were forced to park a block away since there were so many cars.

It was about 8 when we entered through the front gate to the backyard, which was pretty large. As we made our way around the back of the house, we were greeted by a crowd of at least 100 people and music blasting from near the pool. We looked around for people we knew until we spotted some girls that were our friends, Jasmine and Tiffany. They were both girls a little shorter than us, with great curves. Jasmine especially had amazing tits that I had been eyeing for several years.

Tiffany, on the other hand, had a great, thick ass that I had personally experienced back in freshman year. "Hey guys!" they greeted us. "Way to show up late," Jasmine teased. "Well, at least we didn't miss anything," I replied, "We're the main attractions." The girls laughed as we exchanged hugs. After some small talk, during which I noticed Jeffrey incessantly texting on his phone, I asked "Are we just going to keep standing around or are we going to take some shots?!" The three of them quickly exchanged a look, then responded, "Shots." It had been a little while since I had drunk much and I planned on driving later than night so I made sure to limit myself during the party.

Jeffrey, however, kept knocking back shot after shot. As we continued partying, playing beer pong and finding new ways to consume alcohol, Jeffrey kept getting increasingly disoriented. I knew he was a lightweight, so midway through his third game of beer pong, I pulled him away.

"Hey, I think you've had enough drinking for tonight," I told him, holding onto his arm. He pulled away from me. "It's fine, just let me party," he slurred, alcohol dripping from his breath. I held onto his sleeve. "No, no, just sit down with us for now," I said, motioning behind us where Jasmine and Tiffany were sitting on lawn chairs in the grass, hammered. They waved at Jeffrey flirtily. "No." He tried pulling away again but I still didn't let go. "C'mon, you need to stop drinking." He snapped, "Kara broke up with me." I let go of his arm.

"Yeah," he mumbled angrily. "Fucking just texted me earlier." I paused. "Alright," I shifted my tone softer. "Let's take you home, come on." He resigned himself and, after waving goodbye to the girls, I led him by his shoulders to the car.

I opened the passenger door and he slumped into the seat. I drove him to the front of his house, where the lights were off. It was a little past one so I needed to sneak him into his room. By this time, Jeffrey had almost fallen unconscious so I was dragging his body across his lawn to the basement entrance.

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I fumbled through his pocket for the keys then entered through the door and into his room below the rest of the house. His room was small, but clean. I dropped him softly into his bed and got up. "Hot," he murmured. "Take off clothes." I sighed. I bent over and started sliding his shirt off, revealing his muscled abs. "Lift your arms," I said. He flopped his arms up and I slid his shirt over his head then tossed to beside him. "Okay, dude," I said.

"Feel better, I'll see you tomorrow. Funny how one of us always ends up unconscious, right?" I looked at him, but seeing that he was knocked out, I didn't expect a reply.

I backed up a step, ready to go, but my eyes were drawn toward Jeffrey's sleeping body.


His face was content and his muscular upper body was relaxed. The little light coming from his lamp illuminated every curve and I felt a primal stirring in myself. I must have stared for only a few seconds but it seemed like much longer. I dragged my eyes away and left. That night, I couldn't sleep.

I turned over and looked at the clock, which read 3:10 a.m. I decided to just fuck it and rub one out. I pulled out my modest dick in all of its 6 inch glory, closed my eyes, and started stroking. I found myself in a semi-state for a few minutes, not really coming close to cumming or even being hard.

Without thinking, images of Jeffrey started playing in my head.

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Details of his body, his muscles gleaming and rippling. I began to imagine me feeling his chest, rubbing my hands along his arms, and my cock turned rock hard. Not controlling myself, I imagined kneeling and sucking his cock and his body wrapped around mine, on top of me. Cum burst out of my dick as I had a rippling orgasm, one of the best I had in a while. Afterward, I felt shame as I cleaned myself up. I had thoughts about other guys before and I knew I wasn't completely straight.

But I never imagined I would masturbate to my best friend.

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I felt like a pervert, but I couldn't control my current obsession with him. Even after my release, images of him kept appearing in my mind.

I turned to the clock again and saw that it was 6:00 a.m. before I finally fell asleep.