Cachando ami mujer con su mes

Cachando ami mujer con su mes
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Thank you to those who commented on parts 1 & 2.

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Recounting this experience passes the time I'd otherwise spend alone in another hotel room. For the person who noted that there was sexual contact when Rachel briefly touched me (Part 2), I don't disagree but I'd point out that she never promised not to touch me and that brief touch definitely doesn't fit our (my wife and I) definition of fooling around or cheating. To better understand how we define cheating read part 1 and the conversation between Lisa, my wife, and Kim after Kim came.

Now onto the last part of this adventure. "Ohh, that was hot," she said! "Believe it or not, that was the first time I've played in front of someone like that.

Not even my husband has seen me do that and cum in person." She finally used the word! "Really?" "Ohh, that was really good," Rachel said as she lazily continued to caress along her pussy lips with one hand and up and down her belly and over her breasts with the other, catching her breath.


I excused myself and went to the tiny bathroom to clean up. When I returned a minute later Rachel was exactly as I had left her, still idly caressing her body and her sex while reclining on the pillows she placed against the headboard earlier. I just stopped in my tracks to admire her beauty and wrestle with the conflicting thoughts in my head.

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She looked very fuckable but I wasn't about to throw away a fantastic marriage (I may share some of our married sex life in other stories) and have Lisa walk out for a few minutes of sweaty humping. I was about to gather my clothes, get dressed and leave when Rachel looked at me standing just outside the bathroom door and smiled that half smile I saw over dinner.

"I'm still horny," she grinned.


I didn't want to have to turn her down if she was suggesting what I thought she was. "Now who is suggesting funny business?" Rachel laughed. "Do you know how funny that sounds with you standing there naked and me with my legs spread?" I had to share the laugh, half hoping that would allow me to bid her goodnight and avoid a potentially awkward situation.

"Paul, I almost never climax just once, and playing with myself in front of you was such an incredible turn on. Would you mind if I did it again for you?" Rachel bit her lower lip in anticipation of my reply. Mind? What red blooded man, or woman for that matter, would mind watching a sexy woman bring herself off? I just smiled and walked over to the bed, but this time I laid down beside her, propped up on my side facing her.

I lightly traced my fingers up and down her arm as I said, "Be my guest." Rachel turned her head to look at me and there was a sharp intake of her breath as she applied obvious pressure to her clit. I briefly thought of moving forward so our skin touched or my penis would rest against her hip but concluded that could lead to problems so I just continued to run my fingers up and down her arm feeling her muscles twitch as she played with herself, rubbing her hand side to side and then up and down over her clit.

She was a beautiful sight. "Your fingers feel nice," she cooed. "The second one always takes a little while longer.

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Too bad I don't have one of my toys here," she continued softly as she closed her eyes; I think to better concentrate on the sensations. Now there was a surprise. I hadn't asked Rachel if she had or used toys. But why wouldn't she?

I don't think many women don't have at least one in their bedside table. My wife, Lisa has a small collection in a box under the bed she calls her "toy box".

There are a couple of dildos, a glass dildo she swears by and a Rabbit vibrator with ears that send her into orbit when they tickle her clit. Lisa tells me it is like the Rabbit is pulling the orgasm out of her, it is so intense. "So you like vibrators?" "Hmm, hmm. The vibrations just send me over." "I'll be right back. Don't open your eyes. Just keep doing what you are doing but wait for me." I slipped off the bed and in a minute I was back, but this time I sat next to Rachel. "Now Rachel, trust me, ok?" "OK." "Take both your hands and hold yourself open." "Are you going to do what you did with Kim?" Rachel said as she spread her pussy lips as instructed and wiggled her bum in anticipation.

"Are your fingers going to be my toy?" I didn't answer her. Instead I flipped the switch on the electric toothbrush I spied when cleaning myself up in the bathroom and placed the back of the head on her clit (using the brush side would just cause pain).

Rachel's eyes flew open to see what I was using on her as the battery powered brush strummed across her most sensitive part. "Ummm, I'd never have thought of that," Rachel said before settling down to the sensations running through her body again.

"You are inventive, aren't you?" I moved the toothbrush around teasing her, running it over her clit and then down the sides of her lips before returning to her button. I could feel Rachel's hips lifting from the bed and then start a circular motion as though she was grinding up to her lover. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat because I was controlling her pleasure raising the heat and then moving the head away from her clit, down her pussy lips so her excitement mounted and then hit a plateau.

Rachel was moaning and grunting, grinding her hips in the air. With my other hand I started caressing her stomach and then her soft firm breasts, slowly circling in ever smaller circles around the fullness of her breast until the circles were just around her nipple.

Then I'd move to the other breast and repeat the process in reverse, but not before giving her nipple a pinch that caused Rachel to groan in pleasure. After some time, when I thought she was very close to cuming, I pulled the brush head away completely just an inch or two.

Rachel opened her eyes and stared at me with an expression of lust and frustration.

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Through her glazed look I swear I could almost read her mind. The look said "You Fucker". She knew I was in control of her climax. That was what we both were waiting for, I think.

I know I was. But when I touched the head back to her pussy, she jammed two fingers in herself making a very wet slurping sound and immediately came -hard, clasping her legs together trapping her fingers inside her and the toothbrush in the cleft of her pussy.

She rolled onto her side away from me and then back to the middle loudly saying "Ohh, god" over and over again and panting like an overheated dog. If the first one was a big orgasm, this was seismic. It seemed to roll over her again and again. She push my hand holding the toothbrush away from her, an indication that the sensations were now too much for her sensitive skin.

Her breathing changed to a series of "Ha" sounds matched with a slight convulsion as each subsequent tremble passed through her.

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When her orgasm faded Rachel laid there, eyes closed and with a very contented smile. "Thank you" was all she could muster saying. "You are most welcome. Thank you for sharing that with me. You were so beautiful and so sexy." With that, her smile widened as she snuggled into the pillows. I got up to return the toothbrush to the bathroom and clean it.

I also had to pee like a racehorse after all the wine and scotch. A few minutes later I emerged from the bathroom to find Rachel curled up in the fetal position breathing softly." Rachel?" I said quietly. No answer. So I slipped back into my shirt and pants, grabbed my jacket and slipped out of her room. A short elevator ride and I was back in my room. As I masturbated remembering what just happened I also made up my mind to buy Lisa a webcam for our home computer. I know she'll go along with it and it promises to be fun.

The After Story. I did buy a couple of webcams (one for each of our computers) and explained how we could use them on future trips instead of just panting into the phone.

Lisa immediately took to the idea and it has made my business trips much more enjoyable. I've even scrolled through a few webcam sites and think I may have seen Rachel playing with herself one time, but because I didn't see her face I can't be sure.


And as I said earlier, I've tried inviting other women to join me for dinner (with great success) and engaging them in sexual questions ( a little less success, but I am amazed at what people tell me); but I have yet to repeat the erotic evening with Rachel.