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Softcore Nudes 596 1960 Szene 1
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By popular demand (well&hellip. a couple of readers asked) I'll submit a third chapter for this series. The first two installments were limited, pretty much, to just the widow (Linda) and myself (Don).

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We now have to deal with family and friends… and their reactions to our 'out of the blue' love affair, after the death of her husband, my best friend, Joe. *********** "I've called all over town looking for you, mom. Where in the hell were you?" "Excuse me??? Since when do I have to report my every move to you?" "Well, I was worried about you.

Since dad died, I'm the one who has to look after you." Linda dropped her bags to the floor and wheeled to face her son, "J.J! I'm forty seven years old! I don't need you to look after me. Besides, I needed some time away from this house… and you kids." "Well?" "Well, what?" "Would you like to share with me, where you were and what you were doing?" "I will, but you remember this, I don't have to explain my actions to you.

I went to see Don. We ate (she didn't mention we were eating each other), then we went shopping (she also didn't mention the main reason for shopping… new pink panties to replace those I tore off her when I couldn't hold back any longer). Then we went back to his place and enjoyed the sunset from his patio (what we enjoyed, was a nice long fuck in my hot tub). "GOD DAMMIT, MOM!!!

Dad's body ain't even cold, yet. Are you sleeping with another man already? And… dad's best friend?" Linda's right hand slapped J.J.'s face so hard, it made him stagger, catching his balance on the piano.

"So help me, J.J. Chambers, if you ever cuss me again I'll find the nearest board and knock the shit out of you. I'm your mother and I don't deserve to be talked to like that. No, I didn't sleep with Don, but if I DO decide to sleep with him or anybody else, it will be MY business, not yours or anyone else's. You understand me?" (Linda never lied to her son.

We didn't sleep… There was no way in hell either of us could have slept… too much sucking and fucking to be done.) "&hellip.

I'm sorry, mom, but I'm still your son and I'm going to worry about you." "You're almost thirty, now, son. You have three little girls. There is your main responsibility.

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You go home and take care of your family; mom is going to be just fine. As far as me getting out and spending time with my friends, I'm gonna be doing lots of it. I'm sorry for slapping you, but it WAS the very first time… although I've been tempted." "I can only remember you taking that wooden spoon to my little ass twice.

I probably deserved several more. … and, I deserved the slap you gave me just now.

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How is Don holding up, he and dad were so close." "He's doing well, son. I think it did him a lot of good to be able to spend some time me (What a fucking understatement that was). We, kind of, have the same type of loss to deal with. Carly left him, then your dad died. People don't realize how the loss of a friend can make it really hard on a person (the word 'hard' triggered an image of my rigid cock, causing Linda to begin getting a tingling in her twat).

I'm sure we'll share more time together, talking over better days (ain't no God damn way ANY day could be better than the one we just had together)" J.J.


hugged his mother and apologized again, "I do need to get you a cell phone, though, just in case you need to call me, or Gary, for anything." "I'll call you… don't call me.

You said you called all over town looking for me. Well… you didn't call Don's or you would have found me. And I don't want you boys calling all over just to see where I am. If I'm not home, try again later. I'm not your little kid, so don't treat me like one… okay?" J.J. kissed Linda on the cheek and apologized again. "When you see uncle Don again, tell him hi for me. I gotta hit the road to Nashville in a couple of hours with a truck load of cantaloupe. Love you, Mom." ************ In the meantime, I was dealing with my own situation.

When I called Sharon, she insisted we meet at her place after she got off work. I knew she'd try to get me in bed, but I'd had so much sex today, I wasn't even considering what she had to offer… which really was damn good. "No, I'll meet you at Squeegies. We need to talk, not fuck." "Look, Don, I've been screwed and left hanging several times. This definitely sounds like a break up, to me. I need to know why and who's the cause of all this. I'll meet you at Squeegies, but don't order anything for me, I may not stay." Sharon was a nice woman with a fantastic body.

There's no way I can say that I loved her, but she probably would have made a faithful, willing wife. We had dated a dozen times, more or less, and all but one of those dates wound up in the sack, naked. She was enjoyable, alright, but Linda had blown my mind and clenched my heart, today. Squeegies was a nice little bar, built in an old car wash building. I got there ahead of Sharon and was nursing my second double whiskey when she walked in.

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As usual, her fine ass drew attention from every man in the room. She knew it, and it was just a natural reflex to accent her 'swing' as she strolled across the smoky room.

Being brought up to respect a lady, I stood and pulled her chair out.

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Before she sat, she bent down to place her purse on the floor. I could hear a few whispers as her tight blue dress got tighter across her ass. "(mother fucker, I'd like to ram my cock up that… shit! Did you check that out?.

damn! I'd suck that cunt 'til her head caves in.)" When she straightened up, she grabbed my shirt and drew me in for a quick kiss. "(lucky cock sucker)" We sat, she ordered a Coke… plain.

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"Okay, Don… Why are you dumping me?" It was hard for me to get the words started. If Sharon had been a real bitch, or even if I didn't like her, it wouldn't have been any chore at all. "Something happened today that I wasn't expecting, at all. An old friend stopped by to see me today.

We re-connected after all these years and she absolutely blew my mind. Quite frankly, we both realized that we've loved each other for years. Other things in our lives kept us from knowing it, until today.

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We're in love, Sharon, real love. I'll marry her someday, and I hope it's not long until I do." "Did you fuck her? I guess that's a silly question; of course you did." "Yeah, it is a silly question, I guess. We fucked, we ate, we fucked again, we showered, we fucked again. We went shopping, because I tore her pink panties to shreds, then we fucked again. We watched the sunset from the hot tub, where we fucked again.


I'm really, really sorry, Sharon. You're a fine woman, and I like being with you as much as anybody… except her.


I promised her today that she'll be the only woman in my life, and in my bed… from now on." A tear was easing its way down Sharon's cheek. She smiled and told me, "Don, she's a lucky woman. Someday, I want to find a man who can talk about me that way, and promise that I'll be the only one for him. But until then, I'll keep shopping around. You see the guy with the grey hair at the end of the bar? He'll be getting some of this redhead's pussy tonight… but I'll be thinking about you." I stood when she did.

Again, she bent over, displaying her ass to all interested parties. Picking up her purse, she leaned in and kissed me again, "Goodbye, Don. I could have loved you enough to be your exclusive woman. Tell Linda I'm sorry about Joe, and I'm sorry she's the one who got you instead of me." "How did you know&hellip.?" "Since Joe's funeral, she's the only one you've been concerned about. You even called me Linda once. If it would have been when we were having sex, I would have bit your balls off." With that, she made her way to the end of the bar… *********** It was almost one a.m.

when I rang Linda's door bell. She welcomed me with open arms, but told me, "You've been drinking. You need to get some sleep, but I'm not fucking you in this house.

This was Joe's house, and it was Joe's bed. You can sleep in the boys' room or on the couch." I chose the extra bedroom. Linda came up with a tooth brush for me and told me I'd have to be out of the house before 9am.

J.J's girls were coming to spend the day with their granny.

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They always took their naps on the bed where I'd sleep. She sat on the side of my bed and played with my cock while I told her about my meeting with Sharon. She talked about her discussion with J.J.

She kissed me goodnight and left me lying in the dark with a massive hard-on. Five minutes later, as I was trying to jack a load of cum out of my balls, the light came back on. Linda stood there, naked, rubbing her pussy. "Don't dump that sweet stuff into a Kleenex, it's mine." She stepped to the side of my bed, then crawled in, on top of me. As she guided my shaft into her slick, tight tunnel, I questioned her actions.

"But… uh. oh, my… uh. uh. I thought you said we couldn't do… uh. ah… this in… oh, God you feel good. You said not in…" "Shut up and fuck me, dumbass. Remember? Joe died&hellip."