Twink video Cooper loves seeing that chisel in action striking his

Twink video Cooper loves seeing that chisel in action  striking his
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Moving down to Georgia was one of the worst things I could imagine. My dad got a new job down in Atlanta and me, my little brother and mom had to go with.

I was very happy in Ohio I was a good player on the football team and had some of the hottest girls falling all over me. And they had some good reason. I may have only been about 5'6 I was in really good shape.

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I was sort of buff with crazy brown hair and strong facial features. When we moved it was in middle of the summer and in the middle of the drought. It was getting close to the school year and I was not looking forward to it.

The only thing that made me want to go to school was seeing all the Georgia Peaches there. School started a month later and my story begins The first day of school was very confusing but made it to homeroom. When I got there I had to say I was disappointed from what the girls looked like. None of the girls there were very good looking. Then coming in late, my peach came running in. She came running in and out of breath. She kept apologizing for being late and sat down.

Later I learned her name was Britany and she was gorgeous! She was about 5'4, about my height (now that's embarrassing), straight blond hair, sea blue eyes. She had a small frame and was skinny. Even being only about 105 pounds her ass popped out just perfectly. She didn't have small breasts for her size, in fact they were bigmaybe around a B sized cup.

She also had a golden brown tan from the hot Georgia sun and was just about my dream girl. To my surprise she was in my first period class and so was her not identical twin sister. Two days later they passed me a note that said Your Sexy Baby. I was in amazement even though Britany's sister was laughing she had her head on her head and shaking it.


I took the note to be serious and that she liked me. A few months went by I was talking to Britany in first period and starting to like her from her personality and not just for her looks. As we left for Winter break I was happy about finishing off the semester and I didn't know of the surprise I was going to get. On Christmas Eve I looked at my phone for the first time in about 3 weeks and found a text message. The text didn't have a name next to it and I hadn't given my number to very many people that don't text me at all.

I decided not to text it back. Being 16 years old and a junior in high school I was sleeping on Christmas Eve. Around 4 o' clock I decided that I'm not going to sleep for a while and texted the number back. I hated the idea if it was one of my friends that would get pissed and kill me later but went for it. About two minutes later my phone went off the screen lit up and I saw the number again.

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The person on the other side answered the simple question Whose Number Is This? The text came back its Britany Mueller from lit class. OMG I almost died when I saw the name. I was going to reply back that I was sorry but didn't. It would be ok. We said merry Christmas and we didn't talk for the rest of the day. About four days later I heard back from Britany she wanted to know if I wanted to go to the mall with her and some of her friends.

I said that's cool and see her then. I forgot I didn't have a car about 2 seconds after texting that. But she did have a car and she would come and get me. At the mall I asked the stupidest question. "Hey where are all your friends at?" She gave a blank stare and look a little embarrassed. "Well Collin" she started, "I was hoping it would be just us two here today.

You know to get to know each other a little more." I've got to say that did sound really good to me and I wasn't about to ruin that.

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We went around the mall and soon found ourselves looking at girl clothing, and she decided to try a lot on. She went though shirts and jeans and everything you can find at JcPennys. She started to go around the store looking for something but I couldn't tell what, and when I asked her she's said she was looking for swim wear.

I almost shit my pants when she said that. Know what she found it and tried it on. Once she put everything on she told me to look. She was wearing a sexy red bikini and look great in it.

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Then she asked me something totally unexpected. She asked me to help her take it off. I looked around for people who work there and went in after her.

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She turned her back to me and told me to undo her top. As nervous as I was I got the top untied and it feel to the floor. She looked down and turned around, looked at the door of the dressing room. She smiled and asked if I like what I seen, which I did. She noticed something working in my pants and I was getting turned on. Britany keeled down right in front of me and then undid my pants a good sized penis fell out, around 7 inches and 2.5 inches thick.


She started licking it and slowly engulfed it into her pretty little mouth. As an inexperienced teen I knew I wasn't going to last long. She didn't want me to. Nonstop licking me as she bobbed her head back and forth. She did everything she could do to me that she could think of, all I was trying to do was hold out as long as I could.

She slowly taking in most of my dick getting it to back of her throat. About 10 minutes after it all started I felt my ball tighten and then I exploded into her mouth.

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She was surprised at first but swallowed most of it. She looks up and gave me a wink and continued to suck on me. Some of the white milky cum dripping out the sides of her mouth as she kept going. Once she was done we helped each other get dressed and we moved out secretly. We made our way out of the store and made our way back to her car. Before getting in the car we looked at each other and just stared into each other's eyes and at that point I knew that living in Georgia just might be fun.